Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 8, 1968 · Page 28
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 28

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, March 8, 1968
Page 28
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PAGE 28 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N FRIDAY, MARCH 8, 1968 FOR FREE If you have something to give away, the Citizen will prini your offer at no charge. MAIL YOUR NOTICE -- do NOT phone it in -- to "For Free," Tucson Daily Citizen. Please include your phone number, street address and signature. The Citizen reserves the right to cut the length of offers. o o o KITTEN -- Lovely black and white, long-tiaired kitten. Female. Has tiad Shots. Trained fa cat pan. Bowls cat pan and collar arc included. Cannot afford 1° keep ihe kitten. Conlacl Miss Smith at 622-0162. o o o TREE, BUSH -- Large arborvitaa tree. Green bush. Bring tools. Saturday B a.m. to 5 p.m. only. Call 298-3937. 0 0 0 DOG -- Mixed breed female. Small, Ocntle and very gocd with children. Red sold in color. Has had no shots and is V/s years old. 2913 E. 19t St. After 4 p.m. on Saturday. o o o CATS, KITTENS -- Desperate to lind Bood honrvss for our cats and kittens Phone 2?8-2524. o o o DOG -- Siberian resistered husky, I 1 : years old. Must have fenced yard and children to play with. 431 E. Alluras. o o o If-you cannot fird a suitable home for your pet, you'll find a helping hand a1 Ihe Humane Society of Tucson, 3450 N Kelvin Blvd. Phone 326-6611. o o o PLASTER -- Materials tor mixing wal plaster. Call after 6 p.m. Phone 325-0968 o o o CACTUS -- Agnavi cactus. Already dug Up and ready to plant. Call 326-9717, after I p.m. o o o TREES -- Three 6-foot elm trees and several small ones. Bring tools to dig 4038 E . Hayhurst Lane. Phone 326-3839. o o o DOGS -- Twc small rat terriers. Both females. Full grown. Call 2?i-6S33. o o o TREES -- Small trees for firewood. Cut down and haul away. 3S2o E. Presidio Road. Call 326-8061 after 5 p.m. o o o DOORS -- two sliding aluminum doors. Call 294-7769. o o o CAT -- Home needed for a 4-year-old spayed female. She has smoke gray and white thick, shor; hair. Housebroken to use either sandbox or outside. Owner in hosoital. Call 327-0377. o o o CATS -- Long-haired s m o k e gray, 7-month-old male. Long-haired 7-month old, oranee and wtiire female. Both very affectionate and good with children. Cal 624-1534. o o o DOS -- Purebred, year-old female Ger man shepherd. Musi have good home Has all shots and license. Call 326-3502 frosn S to 9 p.m. weekdays; all day on weekends Family moving away. o o o HEDGE -- Large hedsa to be dug up 1155 N. Magnolia Blvd. Call 7?3-S416. o o o Everything listed in this public servic column is offered fre« of charge. The Citizen assumes no responsibility lor the condition of items offered. STAMPS IN THE NEWS \ Swiss, Aerospace Days Covers Being Issued By DOROTHY GALLAGHER Four strikingly colorful com- nemoraiives will be released y Switzerland next Thursday, lie first "publicity" stamps of 9C8. A 10-centime issue marks he golden jubilee of the Swiss Women's Alpine Club and pic- ures snow-capped mountain peaks in a stylized drawing. The 20-centime value is the Swiss issue marking the CEPT- EUROPA 1968 meeting. The motif for the 1968 issue by member nations shows a key with the CEPT emblem in it's handle to symbolize "the open ing the way to a unified Europe" through international cooperation through postal anc telecommunications media. , T h e 3 0-c e n I i m e commemorates the 18th Olympic Tournament of Chess Mastet^ to be held in Lugano in OetobeiV November. The 50-centime issue notes the dedication of the mod evnized Cointrin Internationa Airport in Geneva, one of the busiest airports on the conti nent. First day covers, each with an engraved cachet producec by the postal administration are available: one for the en tire set, and four others for th individual stamps. The set which has a face value of 2 cents, will be available her iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMM The 1%8 St. Patrick's Day cover features a two-color cachet of Dunsany Castle, County Meath, Ireland. The covers will be mailed in Ireland on March 17, with an attractive Irish commemorative stamp postmarked Dunsany, where the castle is situated. This is the 17th consecutive cachet of the historical Irish castle series. Collectors in this country wishing covers may write to Ir- ish Cachet Covers, 947 E. 32nd St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11210. Cost per cover is 65 cents. o o o A new, enlarged edition of The Traveler, a loose-leaf world stamp album specially designed for the beginning collector, has just been published. The 1968 edition still retails for $2.95 and is available at stamp dealers 'and stores, or may be ordered from the publisher, H.E. Harris Co., Boston, Mass. 02117. The Canal Zone is isssuing a 10-cent (yellow) and 25-cent (green) airmail, and a 6-cent i, blue-green) regular postage stamp, on March 15. The airmail stamps will be the same as the present airmail series in design, but of different denominations and colors. The G-cent ordinary postage stamp will have the Goethals Memorial located at Balboa, Canal Zone, as its main subject. Four Anglers Rescued, 5th Won't Leave PORT CLINTON, Ohio (AP) -- The Coast Guard rescued four fishermen from an ice floe about 1,000 yards off shore in Lake Erie near here, but another man decided to stay and fish. "We can't make him come off," said one officer. "Those fish sure must have been hitting prelly good. As far as we know, he's still out there." Justice Department Probes Books On Making Firebombs WASHINGTON (AP) - The Justice Department is investigating a pamphlet distributed to antiwar groups which blueprints a nationwide campaign of harassment against the more than 17,000 members of local draft boards. But while confirming existence of the pamphlet, a department spokesman said Wednesday night: "We know of no activity being taken or planned to implement 'the plan of the publication." The Selective Service System said, in addition to confirming the pamphlet is being distributed, that instructions have been circulated on how to make firebombs and other destructive devices. The Selective Service spokesman did not detail these instructions. He said he was unaware of any actual harassment of draft board members other than a few incidents previously reported. :hrough dealers or directly from Bern through the Philatelic Service Office, 10 Parkterrasse, Ch-3000 Bern, Switzerland. o o o "Aerospace and Arizona Days" is the theme of a special souvenir cover available to collectors. Particularly of interest to specialists in aerospace lopic- als, the cachet depicts a precision flight formation by the Air Force Tlumderbirds. The eighth annual Aerospace Days program will be held tomorrow and Sunday. A single cover of the event will; cost 35 cents. A set of covers, one canceled on each date, is 60 cents. Airmail postage is used \ o n the covers. Order from: Aerospace Covers, P.O. Box 5121, Tucson, Ariz. 85703. Art Show Entries Due On March 22 The Tucson Art Center has announced that entry blank and fees for the 18th annual Tucson Festival Art Show are due March 22. Final date for actual delivery is March 26. The Festival Art Show is open to rll artists of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Utah. Any painting, collage or print media is eligible. Artists may submit two original, recent works not previously shown in T-jcson. Three cash prize purchase awards total $1,000. ·The Tucson Festival Art Show will be previewed by members and guests on April 16 at the Art' Center. The exhibition will be open to the public the following day through May 19. There is no admission charge. Young Demos Meet David Ginsberg, chairman of the Civil Service Commission, will address the Young Democrats meeting at noon Monday at the Santa Rita Hotel. The . public is welcome. COME IN TODAY Hung on to Your Money! LET BLOCK FIGURE YOUR INCOME Many times we can sove trie o v e r a g e t a x p a y e r more Irian the imall cost of our service. Bring your tax problems to us. You'll save time, worry and often money! Don't delay. Set Block today. BOTH FEDERAL AND STATE LIFE = G U A R A N T E E : Wi junranle* accuroli preparation ef w» mak« any effort that toil you any w« will pay trie penolty or inter«»t. ·very fax return. lf ! .i penally er inleieit. y rrr CO. America's Largest Tax Service wirh Over 2000 Office* 2237 E.BROADWAY 2748 N. CAMPBELL 5S03L22NDST. 4406 E. SPEEDWAY 4302 S. 6TH AVE. 8421 E. BROADWAY · "" -.0-5 Phone624-6651 I NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY! SKAGGS CENTER BROADWAY-WILMOT GRANT RD. -- 1ST AVE. STORES ONLY 1 .., fit LATEX Pain WOOD M A S O N R V louse 'ii lii LUCITE HOUSE PAINT SC79 Now a fong«f-Iasting paint job with less work, because the primer's in the paint. Lasts even longer than the original LUCITE. Soap and water clean-up. Save now on all colors. LUCITE WALL PAINT Special $ /I 69 Sale Price -^B^ Doesn't drip, run or splatier .like ordinary paints. No stirring necessary--just lift the lid and paint! Cleans up with soap and water. This special pric« on all LUCITE fresh, decorator colors. mm VAIL PAINT Compare PRICE QUALITY On All Gardening Needs · You'll Buy At PAYLESS And SAVE! SAVE!! THERE'S NOTHING MORE DELICIOUS THAN YOUR OWN FRESH GARDEN VEGETABLES HARDY VIGOROUS NEW VEGETABLE PLANTS ONLY TIME FOR * Tomato * Eggplant * Parsley 'Pepper Cabbage Many Others Dozen or Push-Up 6 Pack Value 89- 55 YOU'VE WAITED FOR THESE FABULOUS FLOWERS HERE ARE NEW, FRESH CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITES! "AGNES GAULT" "SINGLE PINK" "CROWN OF BOHEMIA" "DOUBLE- GOLDEN" "KONA" "DOUBLE- A PINK" "BRILLIANT" "SINGLE RED" VALUE $1.25 69^3 Or More Send Your Suggestions For The PA YLESS NURSERY AWARD-OF-THE-WEEK Each Week Payless Awards Gifts of Fine Trees, Plants or Shrubs to Deserving Individuals, Institutions Charities - Mail Your Suggestions to PAYLESS NURSERIES, P.O. Box 12-6-12 Tucson. Fabulous Top Quality Trees - These Are Carefully Selected PRODUCING Trees. Grown In One Of The Southwest's Largest Producing Orchards! * ORANGE * LIME * GRAPEFRUIT * TANCELO * LEMON * TANGERINE OTHERS BIG 5 GALLON SIZE '" VALUE ?£?? WORLD'S MOST BEAUTIFUL PALM TREES Picturesque, Aristocratic FAN PALMS Healthy Hardy Evergreen - Top Quality 54 EXQUISITE, NEW Big 4" Pot - Red, White, Salmon, Pink Lavender - EXCELLENT TROPHY ROSE FOOD Assists In Early Growth and Promotes Blooms of Lovely Quality 20 Lbs. LIST $2.35 REG. 79 VALUE It's Perfect Planting Time. Gallon Size--69' Value $1.19 3 or More 5 Gallon Size Reg. $3.99- $2.69 STATELY ELEGANT PHOENIX PALMS Truly Distinguished Appearance - Excellent Healthy Trees 5 Gallon Size Value $5.00 $2.88 Gallon Size 69* 3 or Mo re 64 BIG HANDSOME ~ 4 Ft. By 8 Ft. ~ TRELLIS VALUE $2.29 HERE ARE\LOVELY VINESFOR YOUR Very Fast Growing - Makes lovely living Shade Screen · Takes Full Sun Very WeR Exotic Lovely Blossoms 69 * Value $1.25- ~~ " 3 or More HARDY BEAUTIFUL LANTANA One of Our Really Lovely Tucson Favorites - Bloi.ms Profusely From Karly Spring Til Karly Winter. Choose BUSH oi-TIUIUiVG Gallon Size VALUE $1.29 69 3 or More Grows RopkVy - Covered _,, with Glorious Yellow P I a n t IV A Trumpet Shaped Now! V "B Blossoms. There's Q oo \ Hi No More Beau- J*« Dl tiful Vine . $1.25 I _ .. Only rwi 3 or More CQ _ 69 Tucson HONEYSUCKLE VINES Famed the World Over ' For Lovely Foliage and Wonderfully Fragrant and Beautiful Blossoms. 3 or More Value 7( $U9 _ Uf BOUGAINVILLEA j VINES III A Tucson Favorite. Choose V "Barbara Korst" or "San t Diego Red"! m BLOOM! 3r Reg. $1.29 LOn's 79« 3 or More EXQUISITE CHOICE CAMELLIAS Re g .$2. I Lovely Lush Folage · Suptrb Flow ws J of Unusual Beauty · Deikate Reds, (P'nks: White-Some of the Plants 1 are Ar«ady n Bud. Gallon Size 3 for OtilyJ2.53 99, "Selloum" - Most Hardy of PHILODENDRON Bold Dramatic - Linh Tropkol Look - You'd Love K! Vqlue 3 or S1.29 79- More 74 BEAUTIFUL EVERGREEN b ALL-STAR VALUES 74' * * * * * *-· PAYLESS r A^ I kE^U^ The Arizona Leader * BROADWAY At CRAYCROFT * GRANT ROAD At 1 st AVENUE TRAIUNG ROSEMARY »· - 54 Some In Bloom! Beautiful Evergreen Ground Cover Blooms a Lovely Blue. Each H°« Gallon Size Reg. $1.19 SALE DAYS · Sat. - Sun. . Mon. - Tues OPEN DAILY B o m t o s j o p m * INCLUDING SUNDAYS Every Ptent. Tree Shrub Protected By The Payless Guarantee HURRY! IT'S TIME TO SET OUT BEDDING PLANTS For A Profusion of Lovely Early Flowers (Some Bloom Until Frost) HEW ARRIVALS - Many Varieties * Petunias * Zinnia * Carnations * Cetosia * Per- iwiikle * Violas * Pansy * Moss Rose * Marigold * Verbena * Snapdragon * Stock, And Many Others! Full Dozen or Push-Up 6-Pack . FANTASTIC SAVINGS i on SOIL CONDITIONERS OTHER GARDEN SUPPLIES- HERE ARE SENSATIONAL SPECIAL VALUES Eliminate Unsightly Growth With ORTHO-TRIOX Prevents All Plant Growth For a ^ Year or More - Full Quart A *f Fabulous Low Price WONDERFUL SOIL CONDITIONER! Use Thh Long Lasting Redwood Sol Conditioner For Planting Trees and Other, Long-Uved Plants. Use A LHtle "ORTHO Upstart" With it for Best Results. list Price $2.49 3 cu.lt Excellent For Bermuda Gran. Contains Fast Acting NITROGEN AMMONIUM SULPHATE Extra Saving-Big 80 Ib. $4% fiO Bag Compare at $3.29 ^ m +9 ^ 2 16-20-0 with Sulphur - General Purpose Plant Food - Pelleted for Long Term Feeding (Don't Confuse with Sulphate) FANTASTIC SAVINGS! Get Your Complete Season's Supply Now Before the Price Increase! Reg. SA.4S 80 Lbs. 3 PERFECT ALL-PURPOSE PLANT FOOD! [AMMONIUM PHOSPHATE] 89 TERRIFIC SAVINGS! A Fabulous Fertilizer! DICHONDRA FOOD "WITH INSECTICIDE" Bights insects" Promotes Lush Growth, Fights Insects In One Application. Stock Up Now and Save. , 40 Lbs. Reg. $3.98 ARISTOCRATIC DECORATIVE BARK Hot only Adds that "Finished" Professional look to Trees, Shrubs and Flower Borders - actually Protects Growth Conserves Moisture. Medium or t«f QQ Coarse. 3 Cubic Feet - * I ** 1/ Reg. $2.49 X COMPARE-WEIGHT, COLOR TEXTURE -Ours is the Market's finest! STEER MANURE No. 1 Quality-Compare at 49 s 1 1/2 Cu. Ft The Beautiful Finishing Touch for Your Lawn Garden or Patio! Only 5 9. STEPPING STONES 10 or More 12 Inch Diameter 2" Thick · Color Clear Thru. Choose Square, Hex or Round - Red, Green, Gold, Brown, Black, Gre) COMPARE AT 79« An ORGANIC Fertilizer WILL NOT BURN MILCRGANITE Finest Quality CANADIAN SPHAGNUM v 50 Ib. Bag - N Use Now For Vig- ^ o r o u i ^ Growth $3.49 2 Hn«it AvaJabl. A Real Need For Conditioning Hard Desert r J. »S' eotty W'o»»» Growth 8 Cu. Ft. Comprau to Reg. $3.99

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