Independent from Long Beach, California on January 23, 1975 · Page 82
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 82

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1975
Page 82
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Thejkfhd pfi carpeting to buy depends upon use -i ^ -·? V * « ^^ r_- *"_ · _ _ » iiAvn** ,,«!.. » A H A A i: A f . " i A h A l*i*1 ThaoA kannaH ii Kioto Pnrmtila ** whirl Q: \Vhat type of carpet-, ing is best to -use in 8 bedroom, 14 by 20' The present a!! wool carpeting is worn out and I would like to buy something new. i A: There is actually no such thing as the "best" carpeting, because it can only b» "best" when it meets the buyer's individual purpose, budget and preference. First, decide how much traffic the bedroom carpet will get. If this will be light, you can safely buy a lighter- weight carpet, more delicate in color ami with IMS resilient swface fibers than would be needed in a hallway or living room. WOol will probably last longest, so far as recoverable resilience is concerned, but nylon, polyester and acrylic fibers have good durability and are much less expensive. Q: We h a v e several stoves in our home this year. One is wood-burning, one is for cpalj anotlv er is electric. How do we use these properly and take care of them? Can you recommend any leaflet? . A: There are a number of good ones, but the most comprehensive comes -free of charge -- from Office of Information and Education, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Washington, D.C. 20207, entitled "Fact Sheet No. 34 -- Space Heaters and Wood and Coal Burning Heating Stoves." Q: I suppose everyone else knows the answers to these questions but could you outline the answers for me? In handling fabric* what are the meanings of drip-dry, wash- "address, since all Extension Service groups arc part of the USDA. For IIIIIIMItllltllUIIIIII III till It IHIII HIMIIIIIMIIIItt Question Box ., By Margaret Dana IIIIMIIMIMIIIIIllllllllllllllllllMllllllllllllllHll and-wear and permanent press? W h a t temperatures are indicated for washing; drying and ironing? · · · ' , : ·'·· A: The term "drip-dry" meaas the fabric or garment shraU be hung up, indoors or oat, literally to drip dry. "Wash-and- Wear" is an older term used with the first items treated with a no-iron finish. It was not as durable or complete as the later process termed "permanent press." This, term in fact is also incorrect -not permanent, it should be called durable press. As for temperatures at which to launder any.of the products, this is where the manufacturer's "care label" is a must. It indicates correct procedures and temperatures, for best results. Q: A recent column discussed drying fruits and vegetables at home. I live in a rural area and asked the Extension Service ; here for an'address of the U.S. Department of Agriculture to write to them for information on how to dry fruits and vegetables, but to no a v a i l . It is practically impossible for me to find this information. Can you help? A: I am surprised that your Extension Service office did not give you the information on where to get the series of reports on how to dry fruits and vegetables at home, write the Office of Information, U.S. Department of Agri- Army man chef By TOM HOGE (ffl When M a u r i c e Moore-Betty served as Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery's aide during World War II, he occasionally took time out to ; whip up a meal for his boss. The hobby became a career and today he runs a cooking school in New York City and has written four food books. "I ahyays had an interest in the kitchen," said Moore-Betty as we sat in the spacious -living room of his home, a former carriage house in upper Manhattan. "And I firmly believe that food, to be delicious, does not have to be extravagent or fancy." During the Allied thrust through Normandy, Capt. Moore-Betty would use his off-duty time to shoot rabbits and fowl escaped f r o m the barnyards of France. Soon troops in the area were saying, "If you want a good meal, join Moore-Betty's outfit." AFTER THE WAR, Moore-Betty was lunching in one of London's top rest a u r a n t s and a whim prompted him to ask the manager if he could get a job in the kitchen. "He imagined I had over-indulged in wine, but he introduced me to the chef," Moore-Betty recalled. "I worked for him for a year learning to prepare everything from hors d'oeuvres to sauces and desserts. Most important, the chef did me the honor of letting me use his library, I learned in one year what usually takes seven or eight." So well did he master the culinary art that no less a master than author- lecturer J a m e s Beard came a w a y deeply impressed f r o m a dinner party at Moore-Betty's house. "There was no visible display of dinner being prepared, no air of unease," said Beard. MOORE-BETTY'S cooking classes concentrate on simple but often elegant food. Typical dishes are poached salmon, cucumber salad and potatoes boulangere, a delicious dish of paper- thin potato slices, onions and butter baked in a casserole. Some of Moore-Betty's 'dishes are designed for those who watch their calories and avoid too m u c h spice. Like the lemon roast chicken he served me d u r i n g our interview. Lemon chicken 3 pound chicken Juice of one lemon Coarse salt Freshly ground black pepper One clove garlic Wipe inside / of chicken with damp cloth and sprinkle generously with salt. Peel garlic, cut and rub on inside of chicken. Dust with pepper. Rub tablespoon of salt into chicken skin and follow up with cut garlic clove. Truss or tie chicken for oven and stand on rack in roasting pan. Pour half the lemon juice inside chicken and remainder over it. Dust with a little more salt and pepper. Cook in preheated 400- degree oven 1 hour without basting and do not open oven door till finished. · Wieners frugal It's almost time to mail income tax returns which means most of us are money conscious right now. Here's a wiener meal in a skillet that's easy to fix and makes fine family fare. Tomatoes, rice and Ana Qiivos give a Spanish accent. Peas add color, cheese good flavor, Spanish skillet 1 pound wieners, cot to bltc-sbe pieces 1 onion, chopped 1 tablespoon salad oil 2 eight-ounce cans (two cups) tomato sauce ft cup water _ · 3 cops cooked nee 1% cups canned peas, drained, or 1 package (10 ounces) frozen peas, thawed 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce Vt teaspoon salt Dash pepper 15 pitted ripe olives, halved 1 cup shredded sharp nrncMs American cheese Saute wieners and onion in oil. Add remaining ingredients'' except cheese and simmer about 30 minutes. Sprinkle on cheese last few minutes, cooking till cheese almost melts. Makes six servings. culture, Washington, D.C. 20250. Q. ! have that some things should not be put in a dryer because they can catch fire. I do not understand this. A: Intense. heat can cause certain materials, cleaning solvents and flammable liquids to either explode or eaten fire. Never put anything into a dryer which has been, treated with a cleaning solvent or flammable liquid, or which is made of or contains foam rubber. if a selling of "AIR" only is used, foam products can be safely dried. Q. I am not supposed to take aspirin in any form but! just heard that some of the arthritis remedies labeled "aspirin-free" have something in them which has the same effect as aspirin. Our doctor knows nothing about this. A: The Food and Drug Administration recently released a caution to consumers on this subject, advising consumers not to use two new arthritis remedies labeled "Aspirin-Free Arthritis Pain Formula*' and "Saloxium Analgesic- Anti-Inflammatory Tablets," produced by Whitehall Laboratories! These are being recalled voluntarily by the company. They contain a pain reliever called "salsalate" which turns into sodium salicylate in the body, and the FDA fears that consumers might use ^ these drugs along with aspirin and get too much salicy- late which could be seriously damaging. These banned tablets resemble the other tablets made by Whitehall labeled "Arthritis Pain Formula," which does contain ordinary .aspirin T and is so labeled: These' : are not being recalled;. /,. FOSTER FARMS For the market nearest you' that carries Foster Far-rns 1 . guaranteed fresh chicke'rtsv call this number.:-,X. (213)598-8791 The real beauty of is super low prices. ! · ·; - 'P^pj _ · · gjpj ' . - .^·a.vC^%?^K'*!£* 1 " The real beauty of shopping at .Ralphs., is the number of ways you can save, on food. We build bigger stores that hold more items, more selection and more ways for you to save. On the average, Ralphs has thousands more items than an ordinary market, so Switch to Ralphs, there's more in it for you. Meat Master Meats It's like a market and a half. Super Produce Ralphs Exclusive-A Blend of Ground Beef and Soy Protein ite ier Burger .^f .49. Porte Shoulder-Picnic Style Fresh Pork Roast Ib. Full Cut-Bone-In Beef Round Steaks Major Bones Removed lor Easy Carving Semi-Boneless water added Super Deli Ralphs-Cole Slaw or Potato Salad , Large Texas Ruby Ib. ·· Fully Cooked Ham whole or portion b. ·· Boneless Tenderized Round Steaks Ib. 1.19 Poppy - Fresh California Grown Roasting Chickens it.. Thighs or Drumsticks California Fryer Parts ». Ralphs-Savory-USDA Orate A Basted Hen Turkeys * Fisherman's Cove Ocean Caught-Center Cut Salmon Steaks n. . _ _ Uncooked-Shell On Large Shrimp i». Fresh Northern Pacific ·. Tru Cod Fillets · ' . » . 1.29 1.38 ,.79 1.49 Beef Round-Bone In Rump Roast \b. Beef Chuck-Clod Cut Rolled Beef Roasts m. Beef Chuck-Center Cut . 7 Bbhe Roasts « Quick to Fix Beef Cube Steaks ib. Beef Loin-Bopeless . · Beef Braising Strips n. Beef Loin-Tall Removed - __ T Bone Steaks *.'· 1.78 Beef Rib-Spencer Cut ' · ' _ _ _ Rib Eye Steaks 2.29 Pork Shoulder- .. _ Fresh Pork Steaks m 1.09 Pork Leg- Sharik or Butt Portion Fresh Ham Roasts ib. .99 Center Cut _ ---.*' Pork Loin Chops * 1.59 Small Size-Porte ft _ Fresh Spareribs it, 1.09 Beef Plate-Sliced Ib. 1.54 . _ _ Pastrami ib 1.49 Pork Loin--Center Cut Rib ' - - «^** i»%.m--»nj --^--.. - ,,,..,, .-.,, Smoked Pork Chops ib 1.59 Straight Bourbon Hickory Smoked-1 Ib. pkg. _ _ JuanValdez Harvest Bacon ea. .99 Imported Tequila Cooka Skinless-8 oz. pkg. . -- _ Green Hungarian Beef Link Sausage - .39 Weibel Wine Prices effective January 23 through January 29 Ralphs-Aged 6 Months Sharp Cheddar Oscar Mayer- Meat or Beef Bologna Lake to Lake-Jack or .69 Longhom Cheese Farmer John-Sliced .99 Ham Steaks Plump and Juicy Ball Park Franks Galto-From"Old San Francisco" Salame Chubs Lascco Shrimp Cocktail _ _ VltaPakt-rPure 1.99 Orange Juice _ All Flavor* 1.59 Ralphs Yogurt .47 , 1.59 2oz. .98 Grapefruit .15 9 or. .1 12 u. .59 1. 1.09 * 1.15 , 1.38 .,,,, .43 48 OZ. ./W quart .8w Select Quality, Baking Size Russet Potatoes New Crop Arizona Juice Oranges Large Mineola Tangelos Fresh, Tops Removed Carrots Mild, Sweet Brown Onions P«n». .12 .15 T.25 ,, .10 .10 t Super Fl 3" Pot-M.V. 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Hold-Unscented White Rain Hair Spray Dial-Spray Antj-Perspirant For Baby t You Johnson's Shampoo 10 oz. boltle 4.6 oz. tube 12 oz. bottle 13 oz. can .97 .63 14 oz. can 16 01. bottle .99 1.39 1.89 Frozen Food Chopped Beef or Meat Loaf Swanson's TV Dinners Blrdseye-wlth Cream Sauce--Peas of Peas Potatoes Wllh Imitation Blueberries Eggo Waffles Birdseye-with Onion Sauce Mixed Vegetables Birtseye-Assorted Varieties Stir Fry Vegetables Ore IO-Frozen Potatoes O'Brien 10 oz. pkg. 8 DZ. pkg. 10 or. pkg. .59 .43 .59 .43 .53 .95 Pantry Fillers Sunshine-Large Size Graham Crackers Duncan Hines-Assl Varieties Layer Cake Mixes Mllanl 1690 French Dressing Slops Food From Sticking Pam Spray-On Sklppy-Nuggets Dry Dog Food Gebhardt'3-Wlth Beans 'Chili Con Came 16 oi. pkg. .59 .79 .97 9oz. can 10 Ib. bag 2.05 'n .52 Pantry Fillers Nabisco-Premium Saltine Crackers Special .10 OH Pick Cheer Detergent Large Size Boltle Huntfe Ketchup Special 40 OH Pack Dash Detergent t Vita Pakt ' Lemon Juice Greenwood Brand 'Harvard Beets 16 oz. pkg. 49 oz. pkg. 32 oz. bottle .57 1.97 .79 p*9, SOL bottle 16 oz. iar .29 .42 p a Bayer Aapirtn tottto-waihclotti ( Dabaways For Baby Razor Blades Compir* i Sv* Ralphs Aspirin Albtft* 8»rl»ffl , Hair Conditioner um. _ · ' ' ; « . ·-. 1.09 Orange Juice B»nqu*t-Frottn Meat Pies NKx1on't-Fro«n Apple Pies Mtt-Piuri-Ftoiet Fish Sticks Qlno 1- Smtfl Sl. -f fOMn Sausage Pizzas. .', .29 -29 f-79 1.11 1.27 Ralphs Everyday Low Prices Sandwich Bags tV -45 Salad Dressing Mixes'ou 73 Instant Coffee '"; 1.39 'pTefl'liing'' "««-69 Hurril - Sm*1 Su* Tomato Paste Prtuni-TVniFlivot Cat Food Fo4^*f| - Rt^. - Ortp - Dtt Hit Ground Coffee Srtott TITO* "HormelSpam Si.25 r. .29 1.12 r, .87 Skim Milk rolgt('i-Uig« S'rt Instant Coffee »»V^.I»» Crisco Shortening foiJtr-i-Rtfl-Ortp-ttacrt Ground Coffee LtqvtO V»* Ct*tnlr 'Woollte £ -25 2.07 2.0S 3.30 £ .78 Hunt's Snack Packi Mlr'ac'l'eWhlp * .73 ,1.78 Moll's Apple Sauce i« -71 Lorn* UrvJ* - EHoM ' Gravy Quik ^ 1B Brown 4 S*r» -1 M pig Swift Link Sausage .. .89 'Asterisked items not available in the following stores: LM Atftttt. MV, ,r ' r; i I i i Save .261.02 Tax with Coupon *B2i UltT3 BtgJ»0'C«HMInl Brite «· 07 ·u/ Ltmfl On« ll*m *nd Orn Coupon PCI Cutlomtf Coupon ED*cttv« JtnuifY 73 thru Jinuary 3t ·COUPON.* T r ! I !! I I I I $«ye ,16 with Coupon SiiGuD A-1 SnaohRtti · ------.------ LHnN One Dem ind On* Coupon Ptr Cuilomer. Covoon irtfcltvt Jinyiry » nru jimixy » .COUPON. Better Homes Gardens *^a Encyclopedia .49 VI Voi. #1 VoL#2 ^_» --^ IIIIM^IIII I --"- = The Super market t Del Amo A Poramount, Lakcwood* · 3380 lei Coyofei Diagonal, Long fttach · 7930 ValUy Vl»w, u*na Park · 44101. Compton · 10th J. Chorry, long Itach » OoloenWwt and Wara«r,HuntlngtonB«Kh ,, 1574 S. Irookhurst at MtFadden, w««tmlmt«r t "60 !. 7rh St. Bsllflower Bivd.

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