The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 27, 1957 · Page 8
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 8

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1957
Page 8
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Pag* 8 THI FACTS BRA20BIA COUNTY LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL STANDINGS Throuffh Tuesday. Jun» JS B-C-V L*arua face Hut to Saturday .... LJ Opens Home Stand Tonight j Velasco 5 — Jones Creek 0 Boasting a mark of 33 wins who pitched on several Gator'Brazoria 3 Braves l against only four setbacks, the,championship teams in the' . Coming Garnet Lake Jackson Gators open a'pasf. retired from the soft ball Friday. June 28: three game home stand tonight Igame last year but agreed to and Oonnt,y, Team Velasco Brazoria Tones Creek ! Clute Braves j Clute Dodgers W 7 5 4 ,1 i Legion 1J — Tailtwisters 'Dodgers II — Braves 0 jTailtwislers 10 — Braves J ; Dodgers 7 — Legion 2 L.— Comlnf aamas j'Firday, June 28: 4, Dodgers vs Tailtwisters 51 Braves vs Legion 71 Tuesday, July 2:: BJ Tailtwisters vs Legion Dorgers vs Brave* ft, 198t Audrey (.eaves Soaked fields .,. More Games Cancelled | A German eoupl* v»« ft*-4 j cued fro man »rmy firing rang*':* where they had wandered to jtof| courting. Love may laugh its locksmiths hut not at nasiook-" Team 'Yanks iRolarv Jones Creek at Chile (Brav- n cr t '«„„ by taking on Houston's Eman-irejoin his'old team when Wel- uel Baptist Church in a singlejdop. Hane.v left to join Dallas.! Dorigtrs at Volasco contest. | Haney and Mladf-nka hac;'Tuesday. July 2: On Saturday night the Ga'orsi t^en 'he 'op chunl;»rs on (he i Velasco at Brar.orla K'iil step up the pace by fac-!- ?Flor °o.iiad and between them, JC at Clutp 'Dodgers' ing a strong Hutto nine in a " ao ' suffered only two setbacks' W*«t Columblii Leajua twinbill, starting al Webb-^n 34 games. However, liancv, Team W Schmidt Field ?t 7 p.m. ' i'pft the LJ squad recently to-'Braves in The game tonight will bej r( '.ioin his former Dallas rluh.'Dodgers fi free, while a small charge will' Lake Jackson promptly |CHants 4 bn made ror me Hutto double-Cropped a doubleheader to;Cards 2 header. ,San Antonio following Haney's LotwU Rotullt Lake Jackson grabbed their' cxi; - Haney w&s also the clean-;Cards p — Giants 6 33rd win last Tuesday night.' up bstter in thp Gator lineup.!Braves 4 — Dodgers 2 when they pinned a 6-?. detent witb Leu -~ back "> tne 'Gtor! Coming Gamw on Hillard's Cafe. The K; fo ' ri ' thc >" are si S''e<J to once:Friday, June 2fl: was win number anine against <1Rair be cne of th e strongest! Brave vs Gi*nt.< no lossses in fri-Coumy league : tean "'-' "" lnt> Tex? Coa5t foi '| Dodgers vs Cards play for Lake Jackson, who i rcjtul! "' sras "' 1 P |n . v - i Angl-ton L«!,<ru» hava alreadv claimed tnat ti-i Tournament time should i (National) tie. " | also P llt ;ne Oators in a prime,Team W L In winning over H,!lardV p !'l itio . n . to f epea ! as regional i DotlgPr , his 'Kin-ant ; (Amsritan) W 8 I! 4 1 L 1 4 6 9 Hurricane Audrey may not, played as loop officials try lo hammer the Brazosport area ; finish the season in time for) with its full force,' but it did llie numerous tournament;-.. ! j leave a wet cAlling card Wed- 1 Games tonight woiv sinted < 'nesday afternoon and nighti'?' be . ree '™ O'f. in the Biazoria thus forcing ou! all ba^ball"^ 0 "" y , • lor rare w:lh We!l ' T action Columbia taking on Velascs in !• si=.',i • iu , Freepotfs Lions FieU. : ' ' "•"IS^^rrior,-- -' •* * * * * * Teen-Ag* Standing , Steady rains "'night arid this ~ Lat«| 'Red Sox 10 — Yanks J : Rotary 8 — Kiwanis 2 1 Yanks 2 _ Kiwanis 5 L [ Rotary 6 — Red nox 2 1, Coming Gam** 5, Thursday, June 27: .7| Rotary vs Yanks 9 1 Kiwanif vs Red Sox Monday. July 1 : Yanks vs Red Sox Rotary vs Khvania Fruaport L»itru«i 'Second Half (Majori) W 0 probably cancel n'l Tern-Age l ; and Little League i night and Friday. due to be in Clufa fr.t the see ond game, >:nmes to- Counlv Tecn . ARC n!ll( ,^ ]f The cancelled Ws ,v.!l put '" in ™ n ^ thai |h« June 20 iv^u^Li^L^i^w^.r "^n e s s ^™o^ i s Inrn^heV^Vchte^VevrrM >"^ d . «r,« *«* ^"« «P' BRAZORIA COUNTY TEEN-AGE BASEBALL STANDINGS Thruoth Tutsdaf, Juna II Mljer T«»n-A»t mini -iiit-ii >tmnuie. .15 several larpill I lilts, have already hern rained ',i|« ' iTesm !Red Sox Dink Mlarienka picked up 16th pitching win of the season. Mladenka is slated to BO •gainst Emanuel Baptist tonight while he will share thel tnound duties wnn veteran "" •"«<* , " as theylTajitwisters Haney, Gene I Legion 'Silver, ,Leus and Mladenka for I rj rav ps I their mound staff. ! '__ This staff would be tagged) as one nf the top pitching line- 4 4 in lout. I Last night's toil «ain-> hail [matched the Freepori Opti- j mists against We-; Columbia iin a Major Teen-Ago brawl. •This was the 2nd Fri>;port-WC game that has been rained and jthe fifth cancelled namr for the jWest Columbia crew. j Several doublehrMrtt-r.; in 1he |Teen-Age« arc exp-.'cte'l to be takes. made- Schedule mis- TV es **Columbi« Lnk« JacKson Krccporl wa? ready and wait- Freeoort ed al Lions Field while the Ve- in«v ritv °° "' 1 "**™w*; • '" Ve ' Freeport 3-B.y Cily J W ,1 3 2 I Velatco 6—Clut« 1 -_. Comlnf Thursday—June 27 WC vf Vel. «t Fpt. Warrior* at Clute Mondaj'—July 1 Redskin* it Glut* WC Vi Warriors at Ppt. P-.. ,..-, ,, , , , Lake Jackson It—Bay Cit" . 1 l ay ., C "£ '^.l^gir; leaders C omlr.» G.m.i been slated to move over to ^Friday-June 8 Bay City at We«t Col. « i , i . . oav i^nv HL vrei C °^l l " n .!T?!). i "!/.;_<"! :satu,day-June » Lake Jackson at Freeport | Jf Jl . Meet Toninht u, j t - j UP 5 through the Southwest. Hutto! aga ' nS 'i From the Satllrd ' va twinbi11 ' : the Gators move over to Pasa_Leus^_^ Nredville rc^idfntjdena for a July 4-5-6 tourna-! m«nt m which 24 of the top; Coastal teams are entered. i It had first been hoped ihatj Houston - s Pllblic Schoo i s)a . ; Silver would be able to pitch dium wjll be , he center of , t - Tesm for the Gators in this three- , raction tonighl. as the second ;Brakes day test, but is opening up a Gulf coast Junior Olympic ' \\mjtp Sox new cafe in the Texas Valley,Track and Field Meet will be Yanks ' [and will not b« able to play.'unreeled (here. Redskins Howe\»r, Silver will play for; Brazorra County's strong T 'Cuhs 0 2 ;Eagles ., n *; "Red Sox Winner In 1st half \ L«t.i« Rctultf _, Bobcats 10 — Eagles S Red Sox J — Cubs 0 Coming Gam** Thursday, June 27: Cubs vs Bobcats IfrirtsT. June 2H: i Bobcats vs F.agles , Monday. July l: | Bobcats v* Hed Sox (Mineral Senior Tt«n-Af* W 1 1 n o _ cause of rains tfnd wet grounds, i ; The leading Bay City ninei have run thrir winning sti-eok! Tiim (o live straight in the Senior Bay City i race with wins over West Co- i We*t Columbia ilumbia, Freeport, Lake ,la^k- Alvin son and Alvin twice.. In their Freepori jla«t outing they knocked over Lake Jackson jAlvm by a 13-2 count. i Little League game* had Bay City IS—Alvin 2 • been slated in Freeport, Lake : West Col. 7—LJ 0 Jackson, Angieion. West Co- Alvin 11—Freeport I ''Bo Decnnan faces Bonnie".' 11 *.^. f n<J th(k B-C-V leagues! Coming Oam« Ray, while Cyril Fields goes tonl 8ht but they will all prob-: Thursday—June 37 against Billv Wade in todays ab '>' be , cancelled. Bay City at Wert Col. finals of a Brazosport Summer . shoul( l Freeport cartel Iheir Saturay-Jun« 20 Recreation match plav K0 if 'wnbill tonight it will b« the, treeporl at Bay City tournament " ' flf » h i" s »ven tries in their sec-! Finals Today In Recreation Golf Tourney Lab* Jaekaon Junior Tatn-Afa Taam ^ Red Sox ( GiinU ; Cubt ; PiratM ; Lalafl Ratultf Had Sox 1J—Cubs 3 Pirates 13—GianU 1 Coming Qamaa Thursday—June 28 •j: Cub« vi Giants J Friday—June 29 J' Pirates v« Red Sox * Monday—July 1 * I Giants vi Cubs * Tuesday—.July 1 Hed Sox vs Pirates Knjoy Th* IMM! MATtl ANO HI* FrM»r. -'«n« M t p.m. (• II MMnlfht «H _ KITCHWN OPEN TIM, * — AFTim It THI OAKS ,!nn« Ornik Ph. t-> tournament. Deerman and Kay Latet Jackson at Alvin hp ond half of LL play. League of- -Monday — July 1 THIS IS DAIRT MONTH SANITARV FARM DAIRIES "at .rour store or al rnnr door" *«« E. Maln-Ph. S-2C15-Clul« enc! Houston tourney, a favorite. be 55 DODGE 56PLYMOUTH 56TFORD jlh* Gators in regional tourna- team, V/hicb claimed the Pa**-:Braves "• _T*v t* u "* ment, which will be on Labor.dena championship, will be " whit. «' < var j«' S Day and in Housion. ! big favorite to pick up their n " f ""* * — Redskins The Pasadena meet will be second title. Thiirsriav 1 }! S," 1 "" a single elimination affair with 1 Brazosport and Angleton v.i'.I , w hj , a> ' June 2 ' : a consolation bracket. The Ga-: hav ? ^ v »n\t teams eiitered ' «» « Sox vs Braves tors, winners of a recent week wllile Bra T™K W<>St C ° V m °'u i BraV r ', , J*\ Sw»eny and Wharton will work ! "raves v » \anks under the county banner in the Lak« Jackson L . Houston carnival. —Majori (Am«rie«n) I Team 'Indian.* : Red Sox 'Yanks White So T LaiMi Hwulls Indians 3 — Yanks 2 W.'iite Sox • — Red Sox 2 Hert Sox 12 — Yanks 4 Indians 12 _ White Sox 8 Coming Gamts Friday. June 1R: Yanks vs White Sox Monday, July 1: Braves \t Redskins Indians vs Red Sox Tuesday, July 2: Red Sox vs Whit* Sox Yanks vi Indians n playing for the 14 and over ti- , (lcials over th<? county are "»P n tie while Fields and Wade plav '"* lhat P lav can resums Fri- 1 for the 14 and under crown " da - v wlth sf>me makeup games ,: First round results in the u^ommg Saturday in th» Little and under group found Fields I Leagucs ' i winning over Bert Dahl, 1 up °~ jin 19 holes: Terry Bond over <_iuie ^r^H^spil^a^'vV^^ 8 AaV « ^eW 0^!^and Wade over Pike Tcinert, 8 Mr . and Mrs . Peter Paul | Warrior, (F) Franks Jr. or rreeport sre busy Redskins <F> Freeport at West col. Lake Jackson at Bay City Braioria County Junior T».n-Ag. AnpUion Junior Tctn-Af* Clute and 7. ' In the older class Ray look w-clcoming a new daughtei in' Lit»i» W 4 1 } 2 1 T»«m Eagles Stirs Jiyceei Bankers Jayceej Stan 10— Bankers 1 Coming Q*m»t Friday — June 29 Jaycees vs Stars T Bankers vs Eagles 1 Tuesday— July 7 1 1 Jaycees vs Bankeri 0 ' Stars vs Eagles W 4 2 2 1 l-5 W e i- w » i " titui tiniat; o ni,-^\ uniituiTi in- , **m*wmi .P,mnn - V ' '" . 4 ;,,u- 3x ">'«heir home. The baby, Mary ;Clute 4—WC 3 PRICES SLASHED! FROM S100.00 TO $300.00 THOtJOELY REDUCTIONS ON THESE RECONDITIONED AND FULLY GUARANTEED USED CARS AND TRUCKS. V-H Ro.Tkl l.door itdluu Pcirtr Illtt triMtmli- »lon. nrdla. h»ter om owner, low irn«a(e. nit ratt. Looki jood and runs Ilk* n*w. On Vhti •ale /or ONIY slon. Kadlo, Heatfr. M«ny other «tr«. No nut. One owner. Like n«w. Onlr $1495 $1695 funlomllne V» i door sedan. OrtrrirlTe. Radio, A_ _ -_ ._ Hfntcr. Thundcrblrd Knslnf. Many other «xtru. S|nO'> IJmranterd »k. get li. Drive It Onl» slWy»ja? Only V-* Rojal 4-door Sedan. Power rllte tranimli- C.A |%a^^|i^^^C *' on ' r>l " n > hratrr. on* owner, low mllrai*. no V*t laf \JW\J E '"«'• Looks rood and nina Ilkr nrw. On thl« mile '»r ONLY 56 PLYMOUTH 55 FORD 50 DODGE 51CHEYROLET 51 PLYMOUTH 51>LYMOUTH^ 5U)LDS SSTOJ t, Club »f<Un. Piuhkutton trin«mls*lon. K.idio, llnlcr. M»nv otlitr eitnis. No nMt. Ont owner. Very low mlleafe. $1195 $1595 V8 C'uitomllne « door. Overdrive, H-it-r, SUny othfr nlr». No ru«t. One owner. Beautiful J- tnne finlch. I-door Srdan, .No ruit. e»tr» clean, very low mile«g* one owiifr. A perfrft buy for ONLl 4-door Sedan. No' ruit. one owner, very low mll-aj-f. radio and heaUr. Plenty of lr«n»piru- tlon 4 door sedan, runs |ood t looki good, M rood, On Sale Only $1395 ^295 $395 $295 w n 7 J 2 ;Fulton won over Jimmy Whita. Ann , weigrltd five , lounds all d '>v"£ «.^ ,Deerman nested , , hre( , ounces wnen ,' ne tin , ,_. Keith White, 3 and 2. pearcd on June 24 at Brazos M Second round play found port Hospital. 1 Fields winning over Bond 4 J and 3 while Waed got past V Nicholson. 1 up in 19. Consols- 10 tion play had Day beating ! Dahl and James Bullard m-cr 1 Teinert. I Ray handled Fulton 7 and fi iin the nlder group wnile Deerman .'. : a 6 and b win over Edward Hoberson DARIMIX "URIVE INN" HWT. iM N. rREGPORf NOW OPEN Vot« For 0. L. "Mac" McKay Candidate for CANAL COMMISSIONER Brain* River Harbor Narl- (atlm DMrM paid political a4r»rti«m«fi« Jiilf <, IMT AnnoniMlr* Tha Openltif of BROWN'S Service Station and Trading: Post Bwy. JIM and Main Rt, date Formerly Slntm's lerrlw Station "Wa lh»f' and MR anythinf KNJOY A HEAL ITALIAN PIZZA. PIE F*p*rnnl: ItilUn pork wit Mg«; anchflvftu, mtmlir or pl*ln. Orders Mr n<i CHUCK'S RAINBOW INN Rolf Blvd. Ph. J-UI1 N. Krooport , PAT'S OUTBOARn SHOF ATITHORIZKD HF.AI. DREAM BOATS • FIPHING - TACKLE • OPEN T . DAYS A WEEK Surfildf Rmd Ph. J-47J1 Hardtop Radio, Heater. Ooe owner, l.lttlt rust. Plenty of (ood lrmn«port«tlon. 81 4 door. l.o»d« of eitraa. In rood ihape. A fine rar on tale al this new low price. 395 52 FORD 54DODGE 55 FORD 53CHEVROLET 53 DODGE 48CHEVROLET VH Half Ton. Panel, Courier, Delivery far, Fer- Ittt lor Clcanlni or Grorrry Deliver; burlncu. $49.5 V8 Pickup Half ton. One uvner. In real food condition. Iteadr to work. YD Mainline. 4 door. Badiu. Heater, l.o»di of eitr»«. One owner. No runt. Guaranteed on. 210 Ha/dlop, Powerjllde. Heater, Other estraa. >o runt. New /Iniih. V^rj clean. --V* Coronet, 4 door »edan. O?erdrtve. rerjr new life*. On* owner. No Rust Orijinil flnifh. '.'i ton truck. Licenced and readj to go. Oa »»le for ONLY $1295 $795 $795 $195 Jay Guarantees What You Can't See! Jay Handles His Own Papers; Therefore, Payments Can Be Arranged To Fit Your Own Budget. Ask Your Friends Or Neighbors About Jay's Reputation For Fair Dealing And Honesty. We Will Not Misrepresent The Car Or It's Value. JAY motors "26 Years Experience in Transportation Engineering" We Recondition ANY MAKE OF CAR ON Time Payment Plan 113 W. MYRTLE ST. ANOrELTON PHONE 6126 (Mationall Team W L T Dodgers ft 3 , Card, 7 „ - Bravw j (, j Phillies 490 Lalaat H*tults Cards 12 — Braves « Dodgers 18 — Phillies S Dodgers l _ Cards 0 Braves 7 — Phillies A Coming Games Thursday, June 27: Cards vj Phillies Brave* v« Dodgesr Lak« Jackson Minors (Amtrican) Team W L T Rojghnecks « 4 j SnorU d , „ Missions s 5 ] Ea?les < 7 o Coming Gam*r Saturday. June 29: Little League Field' 'Morning' Snorts v.t Fcasles; Roughnecks vs Missions (National) Comnlete Standings not available Coming Gam»« Saturday. Jur>» ?0: Lidle League Field 'Night i Reporters vs Buffs; Cats vi Oler« ; T»xas Laayua Team ^y r Senators 7 ", H?dlei!.| , , Athletics ' 3 « Tigers j ? Announcing the July 1st of a new service in Brazosport... ,^/m FIESTA Sponiored By Freeport Jayoe** JULY 4-7 B» ready U entth th» "Bit Prixe Wlnnari" jou'll (In.) the rlfht Tackle tad gtippllei at FUmtr'i Authorlitd Utakr Johnwa Outboard Motor* Biles * Settle* 8|>ort» UcariauArUrs Palmer's Clutf i-Mli BRADSHAW TRAVEL BUREAU LOCATED AT 508 NORTH GULF BLVD. FREEPORT PHONE 3-3308 R«iervationi on any * Airline « Railroad * Steamship THIS SERVICE IS FREE TO THE PUBLIC * CALL TODAY Brad show Travel Bureau Help You In Planning Your Vacation, Bus/ness, or Pleasure Trips. Owned and operated by- JACK BRADSHAW

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