Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 5, 1973 · Page 2
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 2

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, February 5, 1973
Page 2
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PAGE 2 Erttirtd n mend elm malttr. Pott Offict, Tucmi, ArllMtt T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1973 Here are polling places Bond election is tomorrow Following is the list of polling places for tomorrow's city bond election. City residents may vote at any of the 43 places between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. · -Menlo Park School, 1100 W. Fresno; Cholla High, 2001 W 22nd St.; Tully School, 1701 W El Rio Drive; Sam Hughes School* 700 N. WUson Ave:; Catalina High, 3645 E. Pima St.; Cragin School, 2945 N. Tucson Blvd., and Mansfeld School, 1300 E. 6th St. --Whitmore School, 5330 E. Glenn; Duffy School, 5145 E. 5th St.; Hudlow School, 6900 E. 5th St.; Wheeler School, 1818 S. Avenida Del Sol; Schumaker School, 501 N. Ma-, guire Ave.; Safford School, 300 S. 5th Ave.; Cavett School, 2120 E. Naco Vista. --Pueblo Gardens School, 2210 E. 33rd St.; Lineweaver School, 461 S. Bryant Ave.; Corbett School, 5949 E. 29th St.; Trans School, -1456 W. Prince Road; Amphi Junior High, 315 E. Prince Road; Liberty School, 5101 S. Liberty Ave.; Sunnyside High, 1725 E. BUby Rd.; Levy's East Mall, 3435 E. Broadway. --Roosevelt School, 1201 N. 9th Ave. Pueblo High, 3500 S. 12th Ave.; Blenman School, 1600 N. Country Club; Wright School, 4311 E. Linden; Doolen School, 2400 N. Country Club; Jefferson Park School, 1701 E. Seneca; Miles School, 1400 E. Broadway; Brown School, 1705 N. Sahuara. -Marshall School,'9066 E. 29th St.; Kellond School, 6606, E. Lehigh Drive; Steele School, 700 S.'Sarnoff Drive.; Spring-School, 300 W. 2nd St.; Elizabeth Borton School, 700 E. 22nd St.;.Robinson School, 2745 E. 18th St.; Keen School, 3538 E. Ellington PI.; Vail School, 5350 E. 16th St; Naylor School, 1701 S. Columbus; Keeling School, 435 E. Glenn; Holaway School, 3500 N. Cherry Ave.; Mission Manor School, Santa Clara and Santa Rosa Roads; and North Swan Baptist Church, 4626 E. Glenn. -- Al Wirephoto .9··:.·:''., Mideast- The first model of Israel's 32-knot "Reshef" (Flash) will be launched Feb. 19. Completion plans for the missile carrying gunboat were announced in Tel Aviv. Israel builds . TEL AVIV (UPI) -- Israel has announced it is'building a, fleet of high speed missile boats named "Flash," a ?10 million craft the builder calls the first of its kind and one of the world's most sophisticated types. · The announcement moves Israel a step nearer its declared goal of not relying on foreign countries for weapons. Ever since France decided in 1987 to halt the flow of its equipment to the Middle East, the armed forces have striven to become self-sufficient. France was the leading sup- Plan to freeze rezoniiig loses and instnict the planning and zoning department not to accept or process any more zoning applications" for at least a year. Priscilla Kuhn, of 5934 E. 3rd St., posed the question: "At what point is bigger no longer better -- for schools, for transportation, for jobs, for water resources, for the economy, for government? Where is the point of diminishing returns?" Police see link in two holdups Armed robberies at two 7-11 convenience markets within 40 minutes yesterday morning apparently were the work of the same man, police said today. The market at 5457 E. Pima St. was held up at 4:24 a.m. by a gunman who escaped with ?50. At 5:10 a.m. the store at 2025 S. Craycroft Road, about 3 J A miles away, was robbed of $100. Clerks at both stores described the bandit as about 25 years old, of medium height and stocky build, and with long, brown hair. He wore a blue denim jacket with patches. Most residents attending the board session represented area homeowners associations and environmental groups that have supported the proposed moratorium. Among the organizations were the Shadow Rock Homeowners Association, Coronado Foothills Association, Arizonana for a Quality Environment, the Rillito-River Road Association, the League of Women Voters and the Saguaro Forest Associates. Theft is a honey BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (UPI) -- Thieves have perpetrated a honey of a crime. They made off with 135 hives containing an estimated six million bees from a pair of Kern County farms this week. plier of planes and boats;to Is-' rael until then. .''..-.' Rear Adm.'.'r... Benjamin Telem,- the navy commander, said that the boat will triple Israel's sea strike range'. to several thousand miles while increasing its waterborne firepower and accuracy. "We have gained two important points," Telem said. "First, we have added to our navy a very important ship. "Second, and no less impor- .tant," he said, "we, have reached an advanced stage of independence in design, development and construction of a modern weapons system almost without any need of help from outside sources." The "Flash" was described by its builder as "the first of its kind, in my opinion, in the w o r l d . . . in its size, the most sophisticated so far in the Western world." Measuring 191 feet in length and displacing 415 tons, the vessel is said to cruise at 32 knots with an arsenal of two 7GMM guns and seven homemade Gabriel sea-to-sea missiles. It carries a crew of 45. Up to now, Israel's navy has been based on 12 faster but less powerful and shorter range French gunboats, five of them spirited out of the port of Cherbourg on Christmas eve, 10R9, after Palis imposed its arms embargo. "No doubt the embargo had something to do with our intentions concerning this (new) boat," Telem said. "We insisted, of course, on minimizing our dependence on foreign production or foreign aid." Even so, he said, Israel consulted European experts on the design and construction of the steel-hulled boat while German engines were imported to power it. Eighth girl strangled at Boston Boys discover nude body BILLERICA, Mass. (AP) An autopsy on the body of a young woman found in a wooded area indicates she died of strangulation, the eighth young woman killed in the Boston area under similar circumstances since last summer. Authorities said yesterday that Demaris Synge Gillispie, a 22-year-old Boston University honor student, apparently had been strangled with a white bra. Her nude, decom-' posed body was discovered in a wooded area Saturday by two young boys out to set rabbit trap*. ' Police said the body was found in a sheltered depression in a wooded area about 30. feet from a narrow dirt- road called Lennox Street. The bra was bound around the girl's neck. . Dr. John J Karbowniczak, northern Middlesex County medical examiner, said "I feel sure the body has been there ever since she disappeared," from her apartment in Cambridge on Nov. 29. The seven other young women who have died under similar circumstances!! were either strangeled or suffocated. Two had been beaten and found with broken jaws. No arrests have been made in any of the eighth deaths. Police have 'indicated that one person might be .responsible for several of the deaths. Miss Gillispie was last seen when.she left her apartment to hitchhike to her part-time job as a waitress in a Boston nightclub.' . Hitchhiking has been linked to some of the killings. The bodies of several of the women turned up miles from where they disappeared. Ten days ago, police found a blood-soaked car and speculated that some .of the victims might have been slain in it. Acting on a tip, police found the vehicle just before it was to be destroyed. They said the rear seat and trunk were covered .with blood. The discovery of Miss Gil- · lispie's body ended a 67-day wait for her family. Her mother is a school teacher in Bedford, N.Y. A few days after her disappearance, two telephone calls directed to her family were received at the Boston nightclub where she worked. The caller demanded $25,000 for the return of the girl, but after the second call did not call again. Several other ransom calls were received by the family. In December, police arrested a 16-year-old girl in Sanford, Maine, and charged her.with, trying to exiort $25,000 in ransom for Miss Gillispie's return. However, police said they did not believe the teen-ager was involved in Miss Gillispie's disappearance. TUCSON DAILY CITIZEN MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Astocioted fna a entitled «· dustve'y to the ui« for rppublication of all local news printed in this newspaper at well as all AP newt dispatches. 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KevOiVing Charge, News Four banks' statements wanted WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Nixon administration's Committee on Interest and Dividends has requested full information on costs and earnings from four banks that raised, their prime lending rate from 6.to 6% per cent. The prime lending rate ; is the interest that commercial banks charge their most creditworthy customers. Consumer interest rates are scaled upward from the prime rate. The Nixon administration has been reluctant to move into any kind of controls on interest rates or credit. It has power under tiie law to do either. Some teacher strikes continue By Associated Press While 140.000 Cleveland children returned to classes today for the first time since last Tuesday, thousands .of pupils in St. Louis, Philadelphia and Warwick, R. I., entered another week of no classes imposed by deadlocked negotiations and teacher strikes. The three schools in Farmington, N. H., closed today as the community's 45 teachers voted unanimously to strike over · "an endless stream of issues." They said the issues included the school board's refusal for the past four months to negotiate an initial contract. About 1,000 pupils are affected. American Motors lists brake pedal as recall cause - DETROIT (AP) - American Motors Corp. is-recalling 270,815 of its-1972 and 1973 cars because; of a possible brake failure problem.; ; ·; ·; A company spokesman-.said the recall involved Gremlins, Hornets, Javelins, Matadores and Ambassadors built at the company's Kenosha; Wis., plant between Nov. 1, 1971, and Nov. 30,1972. · The spokesman said the brake pedals of an estimated 30 per cent -- or 81,000 -- of , ..-.-- UPI TlltphotO Favored Lindy.Boggs'Is'a strong favorite to win next month's special election in Louisiana to fill ·her husband's vacahtllouse scat. The wife of missing Rep. 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S.ii-fa p i"ir ( ,n (;inriiri!«erf m Your Money KTC'K. * ^s/ vs^ * * ^"/T -- 4. ^ ^9"^ -t '* J f^ £f^t* ^^ · · jC^tNrftffff rH n y i ^fcTlffrr* SP6RKL6 Four Hour Cleaners* * El Con Shopping Center Stone A Drachmon 450O t, Sroorfwoy *S23 t. Broodwoy 446T S. oth Ave. 1101 I. 4*$f. 60 - day limit intr WASHINGTON (UPI) -Sen. Sam J. Ervin Jr., D-N.C., introduced a bill today to force federal courts to try a defendant in 60 days or free him. Ervin, chairman of a Senate judiciary constitutional rights subcommittee,, said his proposal to insure "speedy justice" might appear as a "drastic strategy" to break the log jam in the federal courts. But he added that the present full-year delay between arrest and trial in many federal criminal cases means that "citizens^ cannot depend on the legal system to pre: serve iheir civil liberties, and personal safety." ' Ervin said his bill has 45 cospbnsors in the Senate and' that several committees of the American Bar Association have reached the same conclusion. Ervin said the real solution to the "essentially dilapidated state" of the nation's criminal courts is modern management techniques and added resources: Ervin said his bill would "create initiative" for the federal courts to speed up trials because if a defendant is not tried on schedule, the charge against him would be disr missed. ; " , NOW HEAR MSI Zenidts Hearing Aid is the fashionable modern look (o better hearing. The Carlyle, a combination of design and technical excellence, will give!you years of ,; ( exceptional performance. It's light in weight and features .. Zenith's advanced Micro- · Lithic® circuitry. Choose the" Cariyle model best suited^to your hearing needs. Test-hear . it today at your authorized , Zenith Hearing Aid Dealer. . *.,tht nY»tty of hiirinj ttis DO-MAR HEARING AID CENTER 1221 N. Stone 622-8740 the models may be attached with the wrong kind of nut, which could come loose. "This could permit separation of the linkage from the brake pedal resulting in complete loss of hydraulic brake action without any prior notice," read a letter sent by AMC to its customers last week. The brake difficulty, AMC said, has occurred nine times, causing five minor accidents involving property damage. In any case, use of the parking, or emergency, brake is not involved. . . · " . . - . - : . The letters; said the checkup would take less than an hour, and would;be free,of cost, AMC .gave .no explanation for not making; a -public announcement of the recall, a practice followed by the other carmakers to .speed notification; It did -- 'as required, by law -- inform the National Highway Traffic Adminis- tration'in Washington:, T · ;... The:^pmpany;has based its recent sales campaign on a. "Buyer Protection Plan" that covers. practically' everything · on the ; car for 12,000 miles, including free Ipaners when cars are kept for repair overnight.. AMC ..officials' have;" cited that . campaign as;: Instrumental in attaining in- creased'car sales and profits. Final Clearance, . . Limited Time * * Open Friday Evening Downtown Only! Two Pairs for the Price bf One Pair* BUY ONE PAIR AND RECEIVE ONE PAIR ABSOLUTELY FREE* THE FREE PAIR CAN BE MOST ANY STYLE. COLOR OR SIZE THE SAME PRICE OR LESS IN CLEARANCE SHOES* There are many thousands of pairs of JOHANSEN, LEWIS Designs, CAPEZIO, VALLEY, PAVILLA, PARADISE KITTENS, DEBBIE LEWIS®, PENAL- JO, and other shoes ... New Fall and Winter Fashion Shoes, many perfect for all-year wear. You'll find your sixe'in many but not all ityhi. Wt r«Mry« th« right to limit colon and to jivi hon*o«« at th* fr**. Htm: Si« ZVi to 11'-^ width. AAAA »· '». H.aulor »h« prk« Of* 11.95 to ;i4.9S and more. 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