Independent from Long Beach, California on February 26, 1964 · Page 28
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 28

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1964
Page 28
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F.;-: f 7 ~riO:?£NDENT Television Log MIST Cunerf J r»C CtM. · I KXJ CUnM « ^ « I I » {UriM l Ctmtl » CMUM * WEDMSDAY, FEBRUARY 26,1964 if PAID ADVERTISEMENT 5:45 2 Fun and News Report 6:00 A-M. 2 Sunrise Semester "Art"* 6:50 2 Amer. Political Heritage 4 (Color) American Family i fclS i 7 Daily Word; Farm News 7.-00 AJL . 2 Captain Kacgarod 4 Today. Hugh Downs with report on Ustoa-CUy fight, profile oMthaca. '. N.Y, as typical college town. i 7 Cartoon Capers 5 7:38 · 7 Zoorama (San Diego) · 11 Columbia Univ. Lectores , 7:4S : 5 For Kids Only (cartoons) ', 9 Cartoonsville 8:00 A_M. 2 Panorama Pacific. R. Ro*« 7 Cartoon Capers 9 Pancake Man (cartoons) ! 1 The Chucko Show 30 7 Love That Bob! Cummlngs 9 Big Babysitter (cartoons) 9:00 AJM. 2 News with Mike Wallace 4 Say When. Art James 5 The Romper Room ' 7 I Married Joan. J. Dans · 11 The Jack LaLanne Show : 13 Morning News MS 13 Guidcpost to Science (4) 4 Edwin Newman (25) 7 Genl Hospital, J.Beradino 3 Felix the Cat (cartoons) 330 2 My Little Margie. G. Storm 4 Movie: -Woman of the River," Sophia Loren 7 Queen for a Day, J. Bailey 3-1 RetoJ Musical (variety) WO 9 Wayne Thomas, News 4:00 P-M. 2 Life of Riley, Wm. Bendix 5 Just for Fun. Tom Hatten 7 Trailmaster. Ward Bond 9 (Color) Mighty Hercules 1 Superman, George Reeves 34 Un Canto de Mexico 420 2 Movie: "One Night ia Lisbon." Fred MacMurray 1 Lira' It Up. Al ToTim?n 34 Escuela KMEX (English) 4:43 13 Rocky and His Friends 5.-00 P-M. 7 Hawaiian Eye, A. Eisley 9 (Color) Engineer BUI Show 13 The Lloyd Thaxton Show 34 Novela Juvenit Beugeste 530 5 Whirlybirds, Ken Tobey 11 The Mickey Mouse Club 14 Club del Hogar (women) 4 (Color) KNBC News 13 Bill Johns. News 6.-00 P-M. 2 Bi» News. Jerry Dunphy 4 (Or) KNBC News. Latham 7 News Hour. Baxter Ward *30 2 I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball 4 (Color) Word for Word 7 The Pamela Mason Show II Movie: "Sunday Punch,TM William Lur.digaa f 42) 9:45 13 Guidepost to Music (4) 10:00 AJM. 2 The McCoys. W. Brennan 4 Concentration, H. Downs (Carol Tyler's appearance before the Senate committee investigating Bobby Baker's outside business activities may preempt regular programming at this time) 5 Restless Gun, John Payne 9 Movie: "Murder My Sweet," Dick Ppwell f 44) 13 Guidepost: IndiMtrial Arts 10-.23 * 13 Guidepost: Soc. Studies (4 Top Viewing Today 7 JO PAL-- CHRONICLE on channel i A tour of The Players, New York theatrical club. 8 PAL-- KNXT REPORTS on channel 2. Documentary on crippled Mexicac children helped by two Los Angeles doctors. fcSO tM.-- SURGERY t4 on channel 13. Hour documentary showing actual dental surgery correcting Jawbone malfunction. R A D I O WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 26,1964 SPECIAL BROADCASTS-830 jua, KHT-- NBA Basketball: Royals at Lakers MOBILE SERVICE SERVICE CALLS 121" Picture Tubes I ONI cv/tcn KII| TIAt 3 I* CUAL D f sm EACH TY | OA 1-30*1 · OK M117 | tin IH2I C. MABKffT hlMrM tlvt liof (uc* ncrara by TtBEY YERNON 7.-00 A-SL in-m »ihoo snort KABC--*r«A* Hvninvtltf MJ.M«»t. toft Fr««4 1030 2 Pete and Gladys 4 (Color) Missing Links Guest: Joan Bennett 5 Yancy Derringer 7 Girl TaDc, Virginia Graham IO-.4S 13 Guidepost to Spanish 1! 11:00 A-M. 2 Love cf Life , · 4 (Color) First Impression 5 The Cheaters, Jltin Ireland 7 Price Is Right. Bill Cullen 11 The Jean Majors Show 13 Social Security in Action Guest Michael O'Shea 11:15 13 Guidepost to Spanish I 2 Robt. Trout news (1125) 11 JO 2 Search for Tomorrow 4 (Ctr) Truth-Consequences 5 Peter Gunn.Craie Stevens 7 The Object Is, Dick Clark 9 Contemn. Latin America 11 The Phil Norman Show 13 The Ann Sothern Show 11:45 2 The Guiding Light 4 Ray Scherer News (11:55) 12.00 NOON 2 Bums and Allen Show M (Color) Let's Make a Dea " 5 Thin Man, Peter Lawf ord 7 Seven Keys, Jack Narz 9 Community of Condemne 11 Sheriff John, John Rovid 13 Movie "Uneasy Terms." Michael Rennie (Br.-'4S) 1225 4 Floyd Kalber, News 1230 2 As the World Turns 4 The Doctors. J. Pritchett 5 TV Binpj. Colin Male 7 Father Knows Best. Your 9 Mr. DA, David Brian liOOPJVL 2 Password. Alien Luddcn 4 Loretta Young Theater 5 Movie: "Never Take No for an Answer." Denis OT3ea (Br.-'51) 7 Tennessee Fjnie Ford 9 Cartoonsville 11 Movie: "Hoodlum Saint, William Powell C45) 130 2 ArtUriletter House Party 4 (Color) You Don't Say 7 The Mike Douglas Show Howard KeeL Annette Funictllo, Village Storppers, Ernie Adler 1J Robin Hood, R. Greene 1:45 9 Feature Page, Joe Dolan 2:00 P-AL 2 To Ten the Truth. Lewis 4 Match Game, G. Raybum 9 Movie: "Yes, My Darlin Daughter," Priscilla Lane 13 V»g»bond: Mardi Gras Z2i 2 Douglas Edwards News 4 Sander Vanocur, News 2 JO 2 The Ed*e of Night 4 Make Room for Daddy 5 Movie: "Rough, Tocgh and Ready," Chester Morris f45) 7 Day Is Court: Adoption I I Movie "You're Only Young Once," Lewis Stone C3S) 13 The Ana Sothern Show £55 7 tin Howard the News 3.00 PJM. 2 The Secret Storra r 4 Bachelor Father, Foriythe 9 Follow the Sun, Gary Lockwood. Icger Stevens 11 M-Squad. Lee Man-in 13 (Color) Touche Turtle 34 La Madrasta (serial) 6 JO 4 Huntley-Erinkley Report 5 The News, Joseph Benti 11 George Putnam Dateline 13 (Color) Rod Rocket Show 34 Notitiero 34 (News) 6:45 7 Ron Cochran, News 7.-00 P-M. 2 Walter Cronkite. News 4 Death Valley Days: "Red Gfost of Eagle Creek." Paul Birch. Unseen killer stalks frontier town 5 Leave It to Beaver 7 World cf Giants 9 People Are Funny 11 Gallant Men. Wm. Reynolds. Robt. Ridgely. Psychosomatic blindness. 3 (Color) ThisFjccitingWorl Miyoshi Umekl. who guests on tonight's "The Virginia," started in show business as a singer. She sang American songs to entertain our occupation troops in her native Japaa after World War IL When she came to this country, she encountered a major surprise. "American men were wearing business suits," she said. "For some reason I had expected to see an of them ia Army uniforms." · · · * L\ TAPING "Surgery '64* which airs 30 p.m. today on channel 13, the cameras and microphones had to be sterilized. One camera was just behind the oral surgeon's shoulder for closeups and the other was the operating room doorway. At the time, in addition to the tape for tonight's telecast, the operation was closed-circuit televised for 200 oral surgeons who flew to Southern California to study the new dental-surgery technique. · · · * KENYA Is the setting for tonight's "Espionage" drama and actor Nigel Davemport, who is featured. Isn't surprised. 'Kenya Is always cropping up in "fay life." he said. "My ex-wife's mother lived there, and I went out there to meet her. "When my marriage collapsed. I fell in love with another girl--and found that r . K.CER--H««v«fl ft Horn .-00 A5L ; Hit iTK ttoti MIYOSHI UMEKI "Virginian" Guest 1*0 PAL U»C-- KAIC "m M«t HJ-- Xm Cw Show - Brutt H»v** (10 4 OBC-- Bob Frrrti: Soort* K.NX--B05 Cr«nt Sho« i a K.FI-- Heooner; Ntwi t*BC-- fra ain* (I «1 K-- VBict 0* Chin* I S 9:00 AJL KFT--Mew*; Hit ttil Raid l»BC-V«-« WllliKTn; Nw KM X--Mewl JOCt-Cumeni Hour KJ.8C--JWvrtm t Bmnm ICNX--Boa Cr«nt Sfto« t:» KGER--John Brown Hour t:*l UBC--Wendell ·KNX K«!eioosceM :SE«--KM. AJ H«n«i i S "·=-" i rii -FMI ;--Tarn Mihr. Sear!* P-M- uig t «rt i CEK-- Uft Lm« *»x-tc:ft H**3 Motrt 3.-00: C«i PikiSficw 8C~J«ck'w*fU Show X-- Tht Sfor-Lln« . C C«cJ it EH-- hew* 10:00 AJM. -- tiew*; Ladirs' 0*v C-- **i; Br-kftsJ Cub -^aui comoton (te )l KNX-- «wu Arthur Godfrey KFOX-- LM FIWS ttO 12. X) KGE H-- Rrscu« UVIuioa KFI-- mph«rt; Tht Swingin' Y«»r» (10:35) K.CER-- Overcemirg Lit« lt:4S R-- K«. Lf ROY KOP9 RFI-- «ws; Swing in* Vt*r» KABC-- Newt. Don Ann Art tASC-- C«r!ton KFU-F«t B:shoo: Soort KNX--Kuttl * f«* ^0« ' 12$Q Kx5 KABC-- *«gJ Harwv Nrwt KKX~Naon Hour Mrwx K.ER-- +1iflfi Noon ft D t 12 II K.J.BC-- Bnb Ferrli; N«wi 7.-00 P3L TV Roy Ttempiei HE 2-2022 1 3 EXPERT SERVICE HOST UUS Roy Tiompioi TV Co. ~ u:s L 7tk ru · Hour -- CASC-ft«n fH-ntvr tto 13 Wit^-* JadLMfl World W-*« Scorti CFI-- Morgan Beittv H««s CHX-- Weoalooolis ft Mitf* -- R«». vidor Ciena wciodv Tin- · Du 00 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SEAL KLABC- Nws; F KMX-- City Ed: tor Report Sl KABC--Bm Mufr*er thow K.MJ-- L«k«i-s W»rm-UD KNX--O.SK M»vor Yarty «LC;EII~-A.U. Mic KFl-- "German y"s Golden Era" played Edgar Wallace fihn opposite 4 (Color) The Virginian, Douz McChire, Miyoshi Umeki, Richard Carison. A mix-up during a stage* turbine-powered car. 8 PJkL ia Kenya. I "Sara Benedict" (11) takes In 'Espionage · Tm not ** a client » ^oinan charged only pUyiug against a Kenya ^^ attempted murder. Ih.SwiXln. ri'HT 4*0 PJL f 1--Newv; D*v« Sfi** ABC--**w»; tot) Const- B;nt; Aa Ateut r KH.JIm Cw (W 71 KABC-- F»t VcGi/inn«si K N X -- Th* STOTK -Lln» KGER--World WUxsJon* tA BC--*!«« brti er, Tom H«rmon uorti (4.4C1 tNX--Oi«r:ei Coliinawood; TheSTorv Lrni N:3S KGEB--Rr». Ab» Schne-der K.F1--O»et Muntiev |4.4tn i*Ti Counseling K.NX--Tom Kirlv f 00 P^L n--Reporter: fcttw, KA8C-- N«; U*rkrt M«wi KMJ--Crfi Robcrlx M«wt KNX--*.ew*1 Trwnas; SFl-- Vln lcyrrv,Soor*» , K.A8C-- S*m fi'tw; lurws K.NX-*jgfi McCmr; Krwt 6.-00 PJL KFI-- Nw»r BirtJrwsa: tVtti K*BC-- Etfwsrtf p. iAorpsn KKJ-- Cleft Rotwrtx. Kewi K M X -- N?wi; Binrrrns KER-»«cttoth*Ebr« *:tS It Ft-- F«tun«fire Cinclnn*H l«k*n KCER-- J. Verrwjfl KLAC-- Jo« ^V i-- News; L. KC-- NWI; Fi*r Rears KKX--Wrwl KrOX-- JcrrvJKjrs ROE R-- Rev. Lw srnil f» KFI -- Tr'neo. Bat Kerr KABC-- Ben Hunter ihow BAlaooJis «t Ni« '25' mnoa Anromotie Troos. OVERHAUL ·, OCT. ft,bit 10:00 PJVL ;Ft_»ir«r»; L. OvaTTertoi LAftC--News; Fl*r Si pcrti: Cortstrwctiofl Mr T--J1 ·'C*C» Wirt $39.50 Ubor + Prn NO MONEY DOWN · fill TOWING · 2 LOCATIONS · fill LOAN CAU QUALITY TRANSMISSION IOITH l»G ICJkCH 59ES AtUatic ATI. 121417} CCWKT 11021 FannoErt I'.iL TD 2-9131 AT; BURKS 356 Lone Binh Bt}d. RCA VICTOR:" 'orlabli rv irl'i Prici NO TXJLDC HEEDED GENERAl ELKTRIC Port- lit! rv Priei I irk't 99 TUlDt KEECCO 1964 23" TY ·· Trad* letdtl 148 WHY PAY MORE? m COLOR TV $ 318 in Twr Onl'IfM Tridi ·s 356 LonjBtaeh Bird 5372 LCD: Beach Bird, 'TV TECHNICIANS NEEDED! Tick Trade Scinls RFT--New*: toorts Final KABC--«*WI ~ T--Fulton L*wti Jr., KKX--N*ws; M«sa!CDeUt RFOX--Kino Jchraoa KAftC--m WHH*BT »*»/ .. -X--Mirtfctrt D*wn f ICFOX--J«rr txtr\ ~-|--CicfcSirrclkr (11:403 rtrss RFl--Thlrto C«tled Lift IfcOO MIDNIGHT KFl--RonMcCw HB S) « OBC--RKJio Thertrt I «.H--Stutf a X rmmcj KNX--Jlfluvc tTt 0*wn r FO X--+»ug* Cfierr* Ha I) K E a--D«n pLkt r« 5) setting, but In the play I'm married to Maureen CormelL 4 Divorciadit (drama serial) Zena Marshall, who was bom 7:30 2 Chronicle: The Players dub--Edwin Booth's Legacy," Charles CoIIing- wood. Howard Lindsay. Dennis King. Marc Connelly and Jason Robards Jr. guide fellow Players member Collingwood on « tour of the famed theatrical club at 16 Gramercy Park South, founded in 1 ESS by actor Booth. Kenya.' Divemport, incidentally, was born in Shelford, Cam 9 Pit ·The Beverly HiUbfflies" (2) She, of course, was bora In go deep-sea fishing at Marine land. IOPJH. "Eleventh Hour" (4) stars 2 News; Danphy-Hart-Story^gSg 4 (Or) KNBC News, Latham ""»· 5 The News. Joseph Benti bridge. England. several Rip Tom as a 4year-o!d * B3D YounK News Final i« T««t^»t^«i'* 10:15 II nSHHAH NEWS AKHTSIS ·k COAST FEDERAL SAV1HES t(h23 13 Aim Sloane. Sports 10-.30 13 It's Country Music Time FM STATIONS iS K8CA 1_ ll « » r * r u io 7 KBVS ^.^ , 10 man stiH tied to his mother's apron-strings. coach robbery finds a r . o ,, wounded Tram pas accused 'microfilm. cf his own murder. 5 Addograms, Jack Barry 7 Ozzie Harriet Rick and Kris agree to put Watty's TV set in their living room, but find he comes with it as a visitor 9 Dobie Gillis, D. Hickman 3 (Color) Adventure Tomorrow; "The Turbine Car." Dr. Martin Klein looks at the new Chrysler car of the future. Automeot Presents (music] 8:00 PJVL 2 KNXT Reports: "The Smatl. Twisted Image' (repeat). Two LA. doctors help crippled Mexican children both at their Mexicali homes and at the LA. Orthopedic Hospital 5 The Lawman. John Russell 7 The Patty Duke Show. Fast-talking salesman taUci Cathy and Patty int buying a vacuum, with at tachments. for $163. 9 (Color) Movie: "Cap*. Horatio Homblower," Gregory Peck (SI) II Sam Benedict, Edtnond O'Brien. Paul Lckas 13 Story o f . . . » Jockey. Bill Harmatz is followed through a work day. 34 La Desconocida (stria0 830 2 Ten It to the Camera 5 Stump the Stars. Mike Stokey. 7 Farmer's Daughter, Inger Stevens. Foreign potentate (Edward Mulhare) becomes enchanted with Kathy and decides to make her governess for his daughter. u suxtm '((--I HIL int. * HEW SURG1CU TECHI1QUES New oral surgery techniques correct painful malfunction of the upper jawbone "hince." Actual surgery is performed by the method's developer, Dr. Robert W. Christensen at Hcrflywood Presbyterian Hospital (Operation, ia Ics5 detail, was first shown by dete Roberts on KHJ-TV.) 34 Miercolei Musical 9:00 PJM. 2 Beverly HilKllies. Buddy Ebsen. The CUzipetu go deep-sea fishing--at famed Marineland of the Pacific, flrer-e Ryan. Dccna Douglas and Max Baerofthe-HiIIbmies- thousand miles from the African nation. 7 PJVL -World of Giants" (7) en- f 16).D.W.Griffith. counters s spy r i n g csing34 Novilladis (bullfights) pigeons to transport stolen 7:30 P.M. "Adventure Tomorrow" (13) wfll join the Smothers Brothers as stars of an' hour-long "Marineland CamivaF* special on Easter Sunday at 7 p m ) 4 Espionage: "Snow on ML Kama." Bernard Lee, Minreen Connell, Nigel Davenport. On the eve of Kenya's independence, the emerging African nation is threatened by a racial civil war. 5 Wrestling Championship (Olympic). Dick Lane 7 Ben Casey, Vincent Edwards, Harry Gcirdino. Casey faces the hospital board of inquiry to answer charges that he per mitted a doctor whose Ii cense was revoked by a manslaughter conviction to perform surgery-saving three lives--during an emergency. 11 I Search for Adventure, Jack Douglas: ·Eskimo* 34 Agonia de Amor (serial) 930 2 The Dick Van Dyke Show (pt. 2). Rob reluctantly hires Laura as a typist to fill need left by Silly's new career as an on- camera performer. II Bold Journey, J. Douglas *Speed Across Europe" 13 Silents Please: *Fall of Babylon," Constance Talmadge, Wallace Reid 9:43 9 Clete Roberts, News 10:00 PJM. 2 The Danny Kaye Show. Buddy Ebsen sheds his hillbilly togs to join Kaye in z song-and-!ance" number, with other guests in chiding singer Marilyn Lovell and comedian Howard Morris. 4 The 11th Hour, Ralph Bel Nellie Burt. Elinor Dona hue. A 49-year-old "mama's boy." enjoying his first temporary freedom from her apron strings, is overcome by guilt feelings when her plane crashes. 7 Charming, Henry Jones, Triry Savalas. Leora Dana. Larry Gates. Brilliant political science professor arouses suspicion by declining post. 9 (Color) Movie: -Call Me Genius." George Sanders (Br.-'61) II George Putnam, News 13 Bill Johns. News -ABOVE SUSPICIOI- ·itk Ion Crtvferl 3 Boston Blackie, K. Tajlor 11:15 4 (Color) Tonight. Johnny Carson with Cerbett Monica. Nick Adams, Joe and Eddie 5 TomSnyder.Stout/Duggan . 11^0 2 Mortei "Happy Landing.' Sonja ^lenie. Don 5 Steve Allen Show, Kirk Douglas* "press conference," Cliff Arquette, Hans Boepple, Gene McDaniels ·- 7 New Breed, Leslie Nielsen FM HIGHLIGHTS Rene Touzet in multiplex at 10 a-m. on KMLA... "Student Prince" in multiplex at 11 a.m. on KRHM ... Stanley Black in multiplex at coon on KGGK ... Discussion. "Cigarettes," at 2 p m on KPFK... David Rose at 4 pxm. oa KBBI . Machito Orchestra at 5 a. oa KNOB . . . Phfladel- ia Orchestra at 6 run. on at 8 pun. on KRHM ... Co- umbia Symphony Orchestra at 10 p.m. oa KFAC lamy.Jack Ging.Rip Tom, 13 Movies "Invisible Stripes," Humphrey Bogart ("39) 34 Noticiero 34 (News) 9 Clete Roberts, News 12:03 9 Movie: "Murder My Sweet." Dick Powell (M- 1230 7 Movie: "Death at the Broadcasting House," Ian Hunter (Br.-'SS) rmn GDA1AKTKB sanci NE 9-8537 inn.'""." TV NEW FACTORY -DIRECT FORDS · i X l«nlr Trim · M« Hirt rrnswri · s«f tn« c«*d £wi UN UNSEIL WALT JENSEN ED COUSINS 3S80E.Pae.Csf.Hwy, rio.« 61 44111 A Oftfl«o« 01 Htfi Young Forf 1KX) 4 Changing Tunes, Ed Hart 11 All-Night Movies: "7 Sweethearts," "Dr. Ki!dare's Strange Case" 13 Movie: "San Antone," Rod Cameron f52) 1:15 2 Movie: "Doubting Thomas," Win Rogers ("35) 103 9 Contemp. Latin America We Now Hove Paris To Service Your VW1500 RICKETO MOTORS ad fond* D*d«r far li« LB. HaAa Ai«l 999 LONG BEACH BLVD. SESYICE K£ I-24EI SAIXS HE 7-7(91 Y * IT'S I N T H t C A R D S . . . Hmmm! n«n'i Hncaint felatk a snwkr In r=or ife. Uck. [kt R Cut Wliti ToUVt r"( l» Joi* C-^ clu» tl ctOirtt C 4W37 cr Gnirt t» aa Uni luck (M. i Ah. Curt tttttr. I ufmai lcv« «nj long c*t tM trois tt» power *M M t» CJUM ef Urtf IMC* login *·· t«3dtrj tcnrifie dn| * nlvt it*- tut PX.-H tsSS). ·t.-rt 6431 -- - luck ckardBell NEWi 1964 REMOTE CONTROL COLOR FREE DELIVER Y and GUARANTEE LOW TERMS-- 90 Days Same as Cash Witt Dm fijfBiid and Appnrtf tnlil -- Kijan tilt *t Mon Who says you're too old to get medical, surgical hospital protection? Get f nil details before March 21 aboct this tew plan for California residents. Up to age 89 eligible to apply Now, this crw iufroveJ plan «-21 pay you ia i JditloB ta a--.y other insurance or incocne you cay Juve- It C'TCJ joa yoor osre cf !octor o.* hospital You Buy ^aanf/ foe inanediate ftatectioa tt Jo» nontHy cost, oo i icheiiile cooTealent to jour drcffinstancet. Protect joorjelf it once from the nectJkss m-wry cf oceipecttJ erpense. Send for fret Sodil Security booJdet »Ika iaalxt t3 teneTtft iae you cnr t Soaal Seccrify Act. CONTINENTAL CASUALTY CO. ORIGINATOR OF THE GOLDEX 65 FLAN BLUE SEAL AGENCY IMAIL THIS COUPON TODAY I BLUj: SEAL AGEXCY, I 22: W. Olympc Bird, Los Angeles 6, CaEf. J Pleue scad me cocnpTct: (m infocmitibn iboct this CecH- j cental Hosriitil Sorpol-Meiol flia- DP 18596-AY. I - cndentaaj cx-.c a tso ci!i£2tico. IName _ . _ Street _ _^__ ay. I « odj lie free Social Secsriy teoUci. L2-2 J

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