Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 11, 1966 · Page 23
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 23

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1966
Page 23
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MENMARRtEP TEN YEARS-I 3UESS YVORKEP OUT THEIR OWN BRAND OF HAPPINESS. I CANT STAND THE^XV PARENT ' - " THIRSTY TREATS " IMWH " IRMA.' HI AND LOIS IRMA.' MW SWEfT- HEART ·UT TMHR-BRAND , MAKES Mf UfJUAPPy..*! TELL ME WHY Li iTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE CITIZEN COMICS FRIDAY, MARCH II, 1966 THE ROOF IS LEAKING AGAIN ·IHWV ' 'aa"iaios ' 9 '3snoHcraifl"f 'aid H3N3*M '01 '3NY83 '8 'AOflMOD ' 'VDY«nv -i-- " e -°v NANCY THEY SENT OVER THP5E BWCINS GIKU5 /NO HALF OF THE? TROOPS WENT OVCK-THE-^LL. WITH THEM. ENEMV IS USlNS PIOLDGIC4L. WIZARD OF ID MoKS MY$TIFI£l? MWei/fftr BRBWA ffJTEfff THE CAPTAIN* CASM- ' PLEASE (SOSA6Y IS mar eu/$iv£ CAPTAIN PEAVY-TO SEE MET ·WILL YOU? HE'S A KAT GUY- STAP You' CM (30 !U YOUABT SCKAMMG, LETM£ EXPLAIN! BRENDA STARR IT JUST 60 I'M- MOBOPVS. FOOL. MR, DITHERS, HOW CAM YOU SAY A'THING LIKE THAT I HATS TO ADMIT IT, BUT I'M AFRAID VOU'RB MIME I MOPE YOU MAKE A LOT OF *ILLY MISTAKES ONl THAT REPORT THE MOLECULES OF PSYCHO ENERGY ARE AT WORK . A80UTUSATALLTIMES/ / A-FEW OF US HAVE MEN ABLE TO HARNESS THESE /WLECULESANDITISMY PURPOSE TONIGHT TO HEP YOU-LEARN THE WONDERS PSYCHIC REVELATION/ MY FRIENDS... JUST A MOMENT, PLEASE/1AM RECEIVIN6AN UNUSUAL MESSAGE FOR SOMEONE IN THIS , AUDIENCE/ MY DEAR FRIEND5..,WE ARE LIVING IN AN EXCITING ERA...A SCIENTIFIC ERA...BUT, UNFORTUNATELY WE ARE STRESSING THE PHYSICAL SCIENCES.. .COMPLETELY IGNORING THE MOST IMPORTANT...THE ·SCIENCE-OF PSYCHIC REVELATION.. AND NOW, MAY I PRESENT TO YOU.;: PROFESSOR LEONARDO ' PETTIGREW/ KTURING PROF. PZYT5GR REX MORGAN I DON'T WAKT TO HEAR ABOUT IT// THE BOYS IN BARRACKS SAID I WAS A / TATTI.ETAU6 / BEETI.E BAILEY KAYT REAU2ES THAT SHE WIU. K PESCUEP AHEAP OF5an-H6-ANP THAT THS NATIVE 6IW. HAS PMNNEP IT THAT WAV... THE ASTOONDEP ENEMY TTOOPS THRASH A50UT INTHECOWEALINSMtIP AS STEVE CANYON OKP£fK ·me itescuB AiwitAFr STEVE CANYON Who Started National Parks? Wii · valubto prtxe. Semi year question, name, address ud H« to TELL ME WHY! care of this paper. The Britauka JoJor, IS- votamt eacytkDedl« for ·ctool uA MUM wID bt awarded for the letter selected. !· the case of d«pM- cate question, the Mtfatr ol 'Tell Me Why!" w i l l ·elect the wiaaer. Today's winner h: MICHELE PERRY, li La JoUa, Calif. One of the greatest pleasures in traveling through the United States is to visit a national park or national monument. Just think what a loss it would be to us if these lovely or historic places weren't preserved and guarded, and kept up in good condition. Natiokal parks and monuments are areas of great scenic, historic, and scientific importance thai; have been set aside by the United States government For the use and enjoyment of the people. Every year millions of people visit the parks, monuments and other areas that make up the National Park System. The national parks in Canada are also popular with tourists. The National Park System had its beginning in 1870. A small group of men had just completed a month-long exploration of the Yellowstone region. They were gathered around a campfire, and after hours of discussion the men decided that they should not claim this wonderland for themselves. They : elt thai it should be set aside for the use and enjoyment of all the people. So they started a campaign, and two years later, in 1872, an act of Congress signed by President Ulysses S. Grant made the Yellowstone region a "public Mirk or pleasuring ground." This was the first national park in tfce whole world! In the years that followed, other beautiful regions of the country were set aside for the jeople. To manage these parks, he National Park Service was set up by act of Congress on Aug. 25, 1916- In a national park, park rangers are on duty at all times to answer questions and to help visitors in any difficulty. Nature walks, guided tours and campfire talks are offered by specially trained staff members. The Park Service also protects the animals and plants within the parks. » * * FUN TIME The Riddle Box 1. What fruit is red when it's green? 2. When is a door not a door? 3. What is it that never was and never will be? Answers 1. Blackberries. 2. When it's ajar. 3. A mouse's nest in a cat's ear. * * * The Trick Box Tell your friend to hold a penny in one hand and a nickel in the other- Now ask him to multiply the coin in his right hand by 13, and then do the same with the coin in his left band. Now he adds the results and tells you the answer. You Icnow in which hand the nickel Is! The trick is to notice which takes him longer to multiply by 13. That's the hand with the nickel. Adding the two number^ is just to confuse him. * * * Answer to yesterday's Crossword Puzzle. ACROSS. 1. Open. 4. Roar. 6. Ice. 7- Ate. 9. Pan. 11. Pond. DOWN: 1. Omit, 2. Ere. 3. No. 5. Ant- 7. And. 8. Err. 9. Po. 10. An. Send your tricks, riddles, or puzzles to TELL ME WHY! Give your name, age and address. A Britannica World Atlas or illustrated Year Book of important events in every field will be awarded for fte letters selected each week. Copyright 1946 TONIGHT! Pueblo Ford brings you "The Three Worlds of Gulliver" fn Co/or starring Kerwin Mathew* and Jo Morrow CHANNEL 9 8 P.M. Watch the Best of Big 9 Movie each Friday PETER SCRATCH B.C. SNUFFY SMITH ·w« * t w»b*»4i ii MP i i-y^ « nWT~WVl FMN6 AROUND UPTH6RF. ABOVE TH£CLOOP5 SOMEPLACE HAVIN6 A 600DT1ME., MM LEAVE HCWE SO SCON (^f you CANT §0 THS1J ( I'M BESINNIN' TO WONDER \ ABOUTTHAT WEIL SHORE HAVE TH 1 LAST LAFF ON THAT VARMINT TONIGHT VONDER 60ES THAT THIEVIN' SNUFFY SMIF-- SNEAKIN'TOWARDS OUR HENHOUSE MEANWHILE, THE REBELS PLAN THEIR COUP, WEIL STRIKE THE PAY AFTER ACADA IS SWORN IN. REVOLUTION OURPUNES ARE RtADV. EVERYTHING'S 601M6 PINE, MEM. PREPARATIONS FOR ACADA'S INAUGURATION GO "FORWARD. REVIEWING STANDS ARE BUILT... INVITATIONS ISSUED...FSRADES ARRAN6EP. BUZ SAWYER .( NATCHERbTT HECHEERS SMALLWONDERTHEV CALLS HIM *· "TH'OREATtST/rHE'S ONLV NUMBER ONE ON TV.//" 'rW ISTH'ONLV ONE IN TH' COUWTW WHO DOtfT HAFTA WAIT TlLLSATTICry NIGHT TOSEEHM/. r AM IS MK3HTV BLUE,) EVERVONE BUT IF AH COULD ' fc ' VriC SEETH'*FLABrMN SHOW/'IT'D CHEER ME UP"" TALENT SCOUTS LIL ABNER The service crew baked at the touch · Baby" baked, wraps and stores them in · warm oven for V instant deliyerg? it filled with batter .' "B and flavoring; "Baby does the rest/ GASOLINE ALLEY OkAV-VtJU'RE A DOC PUSHING A PATIENT, SEE? YOU'RE HEADED FOR SURGERY, s. SEE? KEEP THAT -GREASE GUN" HID UNDER YOUR ROBE--YOU DUMMY. ELEVATORS OUST INSIDE THAT DOOR --ROOM 312. YEAH, YEAH, YEAH. FINAL LOOK OPEN DICK TRACY FIVE YEARS?. 1 MY SOSH, WHAT PIP THEY PO TO YOU IN THAT HOSPITAL? WHEN DO THE POCTORS EXPECT YOU TO BE FULLY RECOVEREP ? X HAP AN AUTOPSY! SMIDGENS : STAY WHERE YOU ARE/ cafe. UP 4 IPONOT TWO ^ UNPERSTANP- FLIGHTS- WE'LL BE C?OWH FOR GU/ ISAID WHOISfT? I AM SORRY.' I AM LOOKIMS- FOR MY UNCLE/ MR. PAFASORAS APARTMENT 3-G

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