Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on November 3, 1950 · Page 11
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 11

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1950
Page 11
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Mikado' Makes A Hit Gas Pipe Line ; ijy/BiCHARD c. oisoy ·if-the old-saying about all being ·well, that, ends well still goes, las night's*-'opening performance 0: "The'Mikado" by the Opera Work shop, of Tucson was-good enter tainmenf'.' , ··But'if it is necessary to look back upon some 'of the earlier por tions of the show, and if one chooses to loolv at the thing as a whole, rather than at the perform ances 'of ; "a few good troupers, a somewhat different, picture is presented. . . - . - . . . . It was.a show of enormous con trasts'. A few members of the cast played their roles exceedingly well 'The rest were hardly worth having on the stage. 'People like Burton Mustin, Samuel Goddard and Connie McConnell, playing leading roles, were responsible''for the degree of-success .ivachieved. As for the chorus, it might, better have recorded its part and stayed at home. Never has this reporter seen a chorus of singers with so little animation. While singing gay and amusing songs they looked like a crowd of high school students sitting through.the second hour of a speech on gastro-intestinal rnotility. As if that were not enough, they had almost literally to be pushed around and off the stage by the principals when the appropriate time came for them to move. 'High Degree 1 And when they -were singing, most of them kept their eyes glued on R,olljn Pease, the director. That maka; for a high degree of dramatic immediacy, indeed. . But perhps it is unjust to dwell too long upon a weakness not uncommon among operettas, and, in fact, not unheard of in the grand opera field either. There are many favorable things to'.repbrt about the show. For one ithing, the music was, for the most ·part; '-gocfd;- Even the chorus did all right when It came to singing. As fbr the principals, almost air of them 'hadffine voices .and' sang ·their,- numbers well T .' Biirtffn Mustin ivas probably the: headiiner of,.the evening.' His sing Ing vpice'ilsn't the best, 'but that didn't{ftatter. It -was his acting that ^counter-particularly in the pinches when^there was need of a little adrenalin "to get things going Samuel Goddard, who 'didn't appear In-hls role of the Mikado until midway ; inrthe second act, also dl'd very welll- From'the 'moment''he stepped onto--the stage there wa£ R change nr the entire company. He provided'.the spark that molded it into a unit probably for the first time In the evening, : A Wish Is A Wish Other excellent performances were made by Mrs. .McConnell, Larry Wilson, Lore'n . Hollenbeck and Sara Durazzo. Credit for the worst acting job' of many a season must golto:Clay- ton Niles, who played the'part-of a hero threatened with execution;. You found yourself wishing · fervently that he would, indeed, meet «uch a fate--and soon. - However,' Nilcs was undoubtedly chosen for his voice and not his histrionic ability. His voice was fine, and he took part in several uforami Safin CUtlbwt 11 Friday Evening. Nov. J, 1950 Reaches End NEW YORK, Nov. 3. (IP}--Manhattan got its first glimpse yesterday of the terminus of an 1840-mile long pipeline which will carry natural gas from Texas to New' York. The. Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corp. said the 4,6SO-foot crossing of .the Hudson river from Edgewater, 'N. J,, to the metering pier at 334th St., here, was one of the most difficult engineering feats of the whole system. As the -specially designed pipe emerged from the river, final weld-; ing processes were started. "Delivery of the first natural gas to the metering'station is expected] early in December. New York, Brooklyn, Long Island and Westchester utilities will receive ; the gas deliveries. ;·- ( Northern New Jersey utilities will start receiving natural gas. about the same time. · ' Preparations for the crossing have been under way since the spring of this year. i Originally, the c o n t r a c t o r s planned to lay the pipe beneath the river bed 'by a high-pressure jetting process. However, explora-j tion of the river bottom revealed a compacted silt which resisted efforts of x the jets. · jl Finally, a deep trench was dredged across the river to B depth' of- 25 feet, and a width of 30 to.| 30 feet. The 3(/0-foot lengths of }ipe were floated by barge from welding yards, and pulled into the During the past week, the pipe was moved at an average rate of about 600 feet every 24 hours. Finally, the - company said, the velding · hook-up o£ the pipe in .he river with the pipe on the Tersey ·shore will be accomplished and 'all will be in readiness for urning 011 the natural gas about Dec. 1. R e a l E s t a t e Sales L i s t e d Tfie total value of real estate! sales in October, the Tucson Title | Insurance; Co. reported, today in its' monthly Realty Financing Re-, view, was 51076,823. The S4,076,S23 monthly total was above .the $3,758,090 total reported for September - and the $2,425,419 total for October ,bf last year. Deeds filed were 1,020 during the past month, 1,037 in September, and 764 .in October .of 1S49. j Mortgages filed were 564 with a tota'i value'' of $3,080,903 in Oc-' tober, compared with 601 of total value ; of $3,316,972 in September. and 452 of total value of $2,276,04? in October of 1949, The information is collected from records of-the county recorder by the title insurance company. ; ·xcellent numbers. One of those ·was the b e a u t i f u l madrigal, "Brightly Dawns Our. Wedding Day," in which he sang with Miss Durazzo, Margaret Hoskins and Hollenbeck. , Another good number was a duet, "Were You Not To Ko-Ko Plighted," sung by Niles and Miss Durazzo. A very DOlid acting job and some excellent vocal .work was done'by Mrs. McConnell, particularly in her «olo, "Alone, And Yet Alive." There were several amusing numbers in the show which were done exceptionally.well..One was the Eolo.and chorus,'"A More Humane Mikado," in which Goddard had the spotlight. It brought the best applause of the evening before the finale. 'So Proud' Another amusing number was "I Am So Proud," a trio by Wilson, Mustin and Hollenbeck--one of the redeeming features of the first act. In conclusion, it might be said that Sullivan did better than Gilbert in this performance. The music came off quite well; the story, somewhat less well. But in the last few numbers the inadequacies o the show seemed to disappear am be forgotten, and you found your self more than wjjling to give the cast a good hand at the final cur tain. ' The operetta will be performec ·with a different cast tonight and tomorrow afternoon and a somewhat similar cast to that of last night, tomorrow evening. Denies Fraud Senate Candidates Report Expenditures WASHINGTON 1 , Nov. 3. OT ' Campaign expenditures of $1,436 have been listed by Sen. Carl Hayden (D-Ariz.) in a preliminary report to the secretary of the senate, Bruce Brocket!, his Republican opponent In the senate race, reported expenditures of $4,2S2. - Brocket! reported his expenditures included $1,978 for radio time, while Hayden listed outlays of $623 to the state Democratic committee and S500 to the Maricopa county committee. · , . I Hayden reported no. contributions. Brockett said'~?he .received $1,635, including $1,000 from -the senate campaign committee. : Weekly Grows Up ; Into Daily/ Sheet) BEDFORD, Pa.,'Nov. 3;' The oldest weekly newspaper in' Pennsylvania, · the ..Bedford- -Ga-j · zetts. hit the streets, today as a: morning-.,daily'-newspaper with the Associated Press, leased-wire; news report. The newspaper was; founded Ip 1805. ' ' · ' · · · ' . - . : '. JUCSON MORTUARY .'.· i A'.Fflcndlf, SlncrrV v' ;; . ;--'.-V(' Service' .· . . .' ' . t o t o t h r d r a ] f- · ' '": "202 s. DETROIT, Nov. 3. OF)--The National Cancer Hospital of America: asserted today that it'never misused s "single dollar" of Its collected funds. The Detroit group, headed by Miss Loretta Mary Gibson, was ordered yesterday to appear in the New York supreme court Nov. 10 to make an accounting of its assets. Justice Joseph A. Gavagan restrained the group from dispos-J ing of any New York assets before the date. Its drive for funds was attacked by Nathaniel L. Goldstein, attorney general" of -New York, as a "wild-, cat speculation in human generosity that is little more .than a fraud on the public." He said the, group claimed to have collected $600,000 but could not now produce "even as much as' $100,000." ! Miss Gibson, long identified -with cancer fund drives in the Detroit area and operator of Mercy Hall nospital here, called Goldstein's' statement "a He." Later the group's, board of directors said "the figures . quoted and statements-made'are complete- y inaccurate and misleading." Goldstein said tha group sent out !etters asking. for contributions, and enclosed dollar bills as "bait."| He said the dollar bills were de-scribed as "dramatic evidence" of, the need of' the organization and, -ecipients were invited to return :he bills with their contributions. J, ,. The' Detroit and national better, business bureaus. have assailed' the mail solicitation. Miss Gibson, 49, founded Mercy j Hall hospital.. .At the institution r he wears a religious habit and Is' tnown as "sister." She has long ought to establish a hospital to je devoted solely to cancer. ,| GOLD SEAL REMANUFACTURED MOTOR BLOCKS; NEW GAR PERFORMANCE 6LARA1NTEE. PRICES INCLUDE GASKETS, .OIL INSTALLING. BUTCK .40 50 , _ JS49.00 Head Assy. W^TR.A. ...... 57.00 CHTCVROJ-ET. (AJ1) 139.80 Head Assy. .W/R.A 42.00 CHRys. DE SOTO 6 :i-!4S . .... 183,75 DODGE , PLVSI, 33-48 .. 375.05 FORD 90, GO, 6 Merc. ....143.80 HUDSON 6, 40-47 /..; 243',30 NASH'i Ambassaflor 6 ...... 244.00 Head Assy. :... 21.65 OLDSMOBILE 6, 3M8 21B.OO PONTIAG r, SMS 207.00 STUDEBAK ER : CHAMP. 3 63.70 WILIA'S '4, 4(V48 ' '154J10 10% di.scaunt for remaDiifjictDr ing yonr bid block; Install your own and:' save 'Installing charges. Your Old Block In Exchange Terms Arranged on Approved Credit ORO MOTORS 1800 N. 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