Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 17, 1967 · Page 21
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 21

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 17, 1967
Page 21
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I DON'T CARE HOW LATE I AM, THEY LET ME GO TILL ' EVERVBODX/ I THINK MISSED ONE OF BOV, ITlSTOUSH OUT OF THE HOUSE IN THE MORNING/ TELL ME WHY HI AND LOIS LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE CITIZEN COMICS WEDNESDAY, MAY 17, 1967 PAGE 21 Win a valuable prize. S«nd your question, name, address and age to FELL ME WHY! care o* this paper. The Brittannira Junior, 15- volume encyelimpj^ for school and home will be awarded for the letter st- lected. In the case of duplicate questions, the author of "Tell Me Why!" will select the winner. Today's winner is: JOHN KELLEY, 9 Arlington, Mass. FOR YOUR HOMEWORK, DO IT 5OO TIMES NANCY--YOUR LETTER "C" IS AWFUL I'M C SICK ) AUNT FRITZ]-I FEEL ILL SftCRQSl WHAT'S WRONG? -01 ' 'H3ULO - S--UMOQ '3NVD '51 'XNA1 * L l 'NflO '6 ' 9 'HV3i 'S 'TIIW 33JJOD 'I-- SSOJS V : SH3MSNV IPBWANP A HURRY OP WITH THATMILK- TIME FOi? MY MAPI HAPPENED? BEFITTING JSTOCR MATURE-' WIZARD OF ID WHAT MM? OF A \ W/TH'OUR' fflUDOF i'AKDO YOUTHIHK\ POUU. BABY- WE SHOULD GET* f tAV GET THE HOTTEST PARL.M we NEWLYWEPS ants MOMS. £t/eCKCASHED 1$ A NV CAR' BRENDA STARR WELL, THEN, WHY PON'T VOU GET -4 A CREDIT CARD,TOO, SO VOU CAM Srs V JOIN IN THE FUN? THAT MEANS I CAN 1 till BUV ANVTHINS I vVANT IM THEIR STORE, MEF2El_y BV SHOWING THE CARP LOOK, SRIBLEV'S DEPARTMENT STORE SENT ME ONE OF THEIR CREDIT CARDS BLONBIE iU SHOULDN'T HAVE A5KE C4JESTION SEEM A DEPRESSED TON WENPY/ AMYTH WRONG ·· IT'S ALMOST ONE O'CLOCK/ SHE'S FINISHED HE!? LAST SHOWANP SHOULP BE IN HER ROOM BY NOW/ YES--ASK HEKTC CALL MFT. WEST- MARLOW'S KC3OM\ WOOOAS SOON A5 DOESN'T ANSWER/ 15 1. SHE GETS IN/ THERE A MESSAGE? REX MORGAN fg| JUST WriAT I WriV MUST you PSYCHIATRISTS ANALYZE EVEKVTHlNe? OH, WMAT'5 U5e.,,you'izE IMPOSSIBLE/ BEETLE BAILEY KCA1KE HE WILL 60 TO NIGH C]T/,ftV J=T, AND IF H£ 15 PICKED UP HE'L CLEAN...THEN HE'LL WAIT fOB N7596R.TO PITT-PUT IN--ANP COLLECT HIS HOT £ TO P£LIV£R TO HIS WE KNOW THAT IS T2ANS- ...... HEROIN.. WHY PONT WE GRAB HIM ANP WRAP IT UP..* HE WAS INSIPE FO fIVE MINUTE.1T15 A55UMEP THAT HE CONCEALED QOOP IN JfEAd AREA OF THE VEHICLE... $0$JECT IS OPENING LOCKED POOPOFAI- CHAFT WITH HB ENTERS THE PLANE (ZEGIS-TfJATION NUMBER 15. N7596P.. OWNEP ANP PILOTEP BY B. BEEKMAN OF HI6H CITY SUBJECT APFPOACHIN6 A 5INGLE-EMC-INB TRANSIENT AIRCRAFT STEVE CANYON How Do We Grow? The growth of our body is controlled by certain glands. One of the most important of these is the pituitary gland. It enables a certain hormone, the growth hormone, to function. How we will grow and our size are determined by our heredity. We can't make ourselves grow bigger or smaller. We also have to go through certain stages of growth. These are the embryo and fetus (not yet born), infant, child, youth, mature adult and old age. At birth an infant already has all the nerve cells he will ever have -- the cells in his brain, in his spinal cord and those that reach out into every part of his body. The growth of the connections between these nerve cells will enable him to control his movements. While all human beings are much alike in their growth, there are important individual differences. Each human being follows the same general pathway, but follows it in his own particular way and at his own peed. People's bodies grow faster n the early weeks of life than at any later time. Even before he end of the first year they a r e growing less rapidly. Throughout the whole period of childhood they grow at a moderate rate. Then growth starts to speed up again. For girls this usually begins between ages 11 and 13, and for boys between 12 and 14. For a while they grow faster until they reach a top speed. Then they slow down again and grow more slowly until growth height stops altogether. They have reached full size. Growth in height and growth in weight often take turns in person. First he grows upward for a while, then sideways. For many people there is a "chubby" period that happens around i 11 or 12 years. But then in the next few years their height begins to catch up. FUN TIME The Riddle Box 1. Why is it important for a doctor to keep his temper? 2. What can go all around the world and still stay in one corner? 3. What has a ring but is not round? Answers 1. Otherwise he'd lose his patients. 2. A postage stamp. 3. A telephone. ·*· * * Win a Britannica Junior for Writing About -"My Most Prized Possession" Is there one thing you own that you prize most of all? Why? Write a short letter about It and you may win a 15-volume set of Britannica Junior Encyclopedia. Important: Entries must be addressed "Possession," Tell Me Why, Tucson Daily Citizen, and give your name, age and address (give zip code). Send your tricks, riddles, or puzzles to TELL ME WHY! Give your name, age and address. A Driiannica World Atlas or illustrated Year Book of important events in every field will be awarded for the letters selected each week. Coovrlaht 1947 NEED A NEW ROOF? Fx as little As JlO.Monthlr OFWORLP OJOOIDTHIS B£ IF A PERSON'S Pe^TlNV COULP K CCNTRXL6P BV SUCH A 5TOftP *miN6ASA CHAIN LETTER? WHAT ABOUT TlWr WAMKET PKA6 AROUNP? (I* A CHAW LETTER, IF 5EHD5(X COPIES 19 AND AOR£ AFRAID TO BREAK THE CHAIN BecAO^E M3U "THINK GST M LUCK-CHARLIE BfiOOH, I'M 5URPRI6EO AT VOO! IX DON'T WAKE ME HURT YOU. SON. YOU WERE BIG ENOUGH TO MACHINE- GUN AN UNARMED GUARD. I DIDN'T. IT WAS HERBIE' WHERE CUD THAT KIP 5PEED/ 60?-- THERE HC ' TAIKJN6' OK--you WFRE PART OF IT -KEEP TALKIE.' THE PHANTOM HE SO WE TO SHOT HIM up PUMP-OFF THE UTTLE' RED THE ONE CALL .C.? ....Wfe'uu SMBA.K UP HINA NE NEEDN'T BUTTER ME UP, PAW SPENT MY LAST RED CENT ON A PURT/ NEW GARDEW RAKE HONEY POT THAR'S A CARD GAME OVER IN LUKEV'S BARN ' SNUFFY SMITH KO, THANKS, BUT SOU'RE VERY THOUGHTFUL BOYS. WHY, HOW NEAT/ I'LL BET YOU'RE \ STUDENT OR.WOULPYOU LIKE SOME LEWONAPE? WOULP YOU LIKE TO SEE MY HOMEWORK CPR. SAWYER? NOW,CWIPREN,YOU MUSTN'T BOTHER CPR. WHY POUT YOU RUN OUT AND. PLAY SIR, COULD WE GET YOU SOME ICE CREAM? IP EXPECTED LITTLER MONSTERS. BUZ SAWYER THUS LVIW'OLE RAPIO SAID THAT BQESV AGREES W1F L.J.-'Z') OURTV SET IS^fOUNG AM' STRONG .V1T1L TELL US TH' TRUTH// OUR TV SET LIL ABNE / W h a t about V Chemistry? I think Ive found someone to help you!" When LJOU come over Friday night brinq your Chemistry book! Holy mackerel; Did you have to brinq Now you've spoiled my whole evening' helped me -a lot.Clovia.' I'm qoinq to make it in Latin.' m your Latin quiz! Slim,that's wonderful! GASOLINE ALLEY OH, I DO-OH, I DO.JUDGE, " I DO, DO, DO! MY, MY.' I SMELL ONIONJS COOKING. GOOD MORNING, JUDGE. THIS IS MRS. STEEL. JUDGE MY FIANCEE. ITS QUITE AWHILE HUH? DID SHE STOP HERE TO FIND OUT ABOUT HER FUTURE? WE COULD HAVE TOLD HER TWAT.' DICK TRACY WHAT PIP } VOU SW ? ,,THEY PON'T EVEN "SPEAK EM6LISH HEREl: 2ONNIE1 TALK ABOUT SETTING-AWAV FROM IT ALL!... WAUSAU, KENO6HA 6KOKIE. HEY, MISTER I WHERE'S THIS ROAP 60 ? WAUSAU, EN05H 6KOKIE. CALL US! Free Estimates SMIDGENS t $£!%$ DIP THEY T"HO.' THE/ TOLD HEAR FROM/ME YOU TALKED BETH? ,,/ WITH HER MOTHER EARLIER TODAY.' YES.'THEY SPENT AM |)1 HOUR OR SO HERE TALKING WITH ME.' PIP YOU SEE TOMMIE MARSO TOMiSHT. _ HEAR A PHONE / RIN6IN6.' IT SOUNDS | AS THOU6H IT'S IN I YOUR APARTMENT, V LEr 1 ·^ ^*""* /-rre. *S raw ] IT PROBABLY 15 M* PHONE--AN 0 I KNOW WHO IT IS THAT'S CALL INS --BUT LET'S FORGET IT/ I_ HAVE A QUESTION TO ASK--' : AND I WANT A FRANK ANSWER, PROFESSOR/ APARTMENT 3-G

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