Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 2, 1963 · Page 28
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 28

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1963
Page 28
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PAGE 30 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N THURSDAY EVENING, MAY 2, 1963 Eai'h run of Daiquiri Mix makra 12 Diiiiinirix. L'rnncil mix Air/u in rrfriteralor. Now--frozen fresh Daiquiri Mix lets you make professional Daiquiris at home in 3O seconds fiat! Frozen fresh Daiquiri M i v is specially blended for use with your favorite brand ot today's dry, white Puerto Rican ruin. G ET frozen fresh Daiquiri Mix at food stores. It is pure tropical lime juice, with just enough sugar to complement t h e extra dryncss of Puerto R i c a n r u m . To make a professional Daiquiri in 30 seconds flat, just follow the recipe on the can. It specifics dry, white Puerto Rican r u m -- n o other rum is dry enouch. K R K K ! 2()-p;ige Recipe Booklet-Write: Puerto Rico Rum Recipe Booklet, 5455 W i l s h i r c Blvd., Los Angeles 36, California. The D a i q u i r i Collins, 'lastes like a D a i q u i r i --cools l i k e a Collins. Fill a lall »l;iss w i t h ice cubes. Add 1 o u n c e of D a i c j u i r i M i \ -- 2 ounces of u h i i e I ' u e r t o Rr'can mm, and a liille u;ikT or c l u h soda. You've gen a D n k j i i i r i C o l l i n s . D a i q u i r i Mix is d i s t r i b u t e d by \Vilhur-F.llis Co., Tucson b r o k e r : H a r n l i i P l a u m fo., 503S I:. C h e r r y L y n n Avc., P h o c n i v L ,.il W l l i i i u - y 5-'tMH). Barkeep Will Face Federal Sentence A bartender charged with failing to pay a federal gam- fa 1 i n g and wagering tax changed his plea from innocent to nolo contendre (no contest) in U.S. District Court today. Judge James A. Walsh set sentencing for May 13 for Robert Thomas, 33, 4441 N. Jay Ave. Thomas was arrested at the El Sahuaro Tavern, 6211 E. 22nd St., the night of Oct. 19 in a probe of bootball gambling pools in Tucson. Fred Salecki, 49, of 4641 E. Bellevue St., part-owner of Fred and Red's T a v e r n , 5556 E. Speedway, was arrested on the same charge. He also pleaded nolo conten- dre and was fined $2,000 on March 11. The fine was suspended. Fred Brown Again On Welfare Council Fred Brown, a member of the Pima County Welfare Advisory Council, has been reappointed to a seven-year lerm by the Board of Supervisors. Brown is business manager of Laborers Union, Local 479. The council advises the County Welfare Department THE NUMBERS GAME Social Security, Bank; Now It's Post'Office By JOHN G. WARNER WASHINGTON--UPf--The U.S. Post Office doesn't want its patrons to think it is neglecting them, so it has decided to issue each of them a n u m b e r . If its patrons observe reasonable orderliness, they ought to find room for the post office n u m b e r right between their social security number and their bank account number. This, of course, will mean squeezing the new all-digital telephone number over a little, and might necessitate throwing out a few direct- dialing area codes. But a m i n i m u m of juggling ought to preserve the license tag number, the insurance number, the credit card number, the book club number, the record c l u b number, and the dog's tag n u m b e r in proper order. The post o f f i c e number will run to f i v e digits and will f a c i l i t a t e the delivery of the U.S. mails through any adversity except a broken computer. H is the first step. Postmaster General J. Edward Day said yesterday, toward electronic first, the mail sorting. At numbers will be given mostly to large volume mailers, such as insurancs companies, magazine publishers and banks. . . where all ihe nicesf people shop and save every day . . RAM'S butcher shop where ail heavy CHOICE BEEF is ESPECIALLY SELECTED! APR.27 MAY 4 fresh dressed grade "a" u.s.d.a inspected whole . . . Ib. cut up.. Ib. shank portion Ib fully cooked ham A Ac butt -f| C center QA 39 rTM49 s 08 rib roast instant milk 8 " r ±L visit RAM'S large DIETETIC FOOD SECTION scott tissue 1000 sheet rolls (limit 10 rolls per customer) oven ready, u.s.d.a. choice, rich fuicy, Ib. miracle whip by M. M \ quarl .... 49 C kern's, 14 01. bottle 3 ? 49° margarine fi.ishm-nvib.pkg. 3 £ $ l 59* s w coffee ib. ca n 59 C safflower oil ^s^ bottls . 49 C pear halves ^^^ 29 C sandwich bags^ ounl 2 -- 39 C 79 .all meat franks morrell's, Ib. 49 C 'I sausage links, Ib. pkg. ea, 10 websier'i meadow gold cottage cheese 2 ^ 39 nr^nnp rJrinlr w ^ st ri, s meadow IfV CM any t? vjnriiv gold, full quaH- iv/ W M " " I giant size -- reg. 79c OO !aid-in-arizona, extra large grade "a" eggs d«. 45' c / van camp's, no. 2l/ 2 tins ea. 19 garden peas t^t'n 6 ? 99 C % S a i T i n e S nablsco, Ib. pkg JL I puss n boots tVl: 0 r Cdn ':.8 ° 99° , libby's vegetable juice, 46 01, can ; vegetable cocktail 3 ° $1 "·' free keys made for your auto Saturday (with purchase of any carnation item) ; 1 fresh produce r " ~ ' ' strawberries frozen foods extra fancy California basket orange juice Qj cypress gardens cans cantaloupes w summer squash green onions « ,, ...b. bunches 10' 10° 10° hash brown potatoes ^ - ^ sausage or pepperoni, plZZa 19 oi ea. cheese, 15 01. Colombo pizza pineapple chunks'* 1401 TRY TUCSON FIRST At Tlicteti Grcvt, Wf Cmwf 7ui 100 Chomt^r ol Comnvre. (reg. 3 1 e) now available af RAM'S 25 C 59' ,, 49° 2M9' pepperidge farm hot frozen bread, stone ground wheat bread, rolls, and many other fine pepperidga farm products. L; Double National Red Stamps TUESDAY LIMIT RIGHTS RESERVED Prices effective Thursday thru Sunday, May 5 We reserve the right to correct printed error* ·«, · · , . . market FT. LOWELL at DODGE These large mailers will be sked to pre-sort their mail o specific areas, designated y code numbers. The public vill be asked to cooperate y including their code num- ·ers in their return addresses vhen w r i t i n g to these companies. The first n u m b e r of the ode will designate one of 10 t a t i o n a l service areas. The ;econd digit identifies the ervice area subdivision, and he third a specific post of ice. The last two digits will Correspond w i t h postal zones n m e t r o p o l i t a n areas, and vill designate the station rom which the mail is de- ivered. Despite the post office's eagerness, it will likely find inother government number ilready stamped on the citi zen. The I n t e r n a l Revenue Serv- ce today reported satisfac- ory progress in its massive jrogram to give every tax- ayer a code number. The IRS code number will f a c i l i t a t e :he process of making sure the taxpayer doesn't cheat. These numbers will be in use by October. Most individuals will use their socia: security n u m b e r on t h e i r tax return, but those who don't lave one will have to get a .ax number. DIVIDENDS NEW Y O R K , May 1 (.-I*)--Dividends declared: Rate--period--stock of recorc -- payable-- REGULAR Am Invest III K Q Am Inv III pf 1.3125 O Atlas Chem 15 Q Alias Chem A 9375 Q Jayuk Cigars SO Q Sliss «, Laugh 40 Diam Crys Salt .10 0 Eagle Picher 30 Q arrett Corp 50 -fudson Vitamin I7S O Yiagnavox 175 Q tonsingwear 275 0 ^ewmont Mfg 60 Q Newmont pf 1.00 Q Flintkote 4 of 1.00 Q Phelps Dodge 75 Signal O8.G AB . . .20 Q While Motor 50 Q White Motor pf . . . . 1.3115 Q Flltrol 45 .. en Tire Rub . . .10 (5 Vanad Alloy Stl . . . .35 0 Avon Prod 45 Q Fllntkote 20 Fllntkote pf 1.125 Q Flinlkote pf B 5625 Q S-13 (S-14 5-27 5-27 5-31 6 - 1 4 5-10 5-17 5-15 5-15 5-24 5-14 5-31 5-31 5-17 5-23 S-IO 6-7 6-74 5-15 5-17 5-1(1 5-15 5-17 5-17 5-17 6-1 7-1 6-10 S-10 6-17 6-28 5-29 5-10 6-24 5-3 A-15 6-14 6-15 6-15 6-15 6-10 6-10 4-2 7-1 6-1 5-3 6-1 6-1 6-1 6-1 6-15 STOCK Buckeye Pip» L . . . . 100 DC.. 5-7 5-2 Garreff Corp 3 PC .. 5-15 6-2 INITIAL Buckeye Pipe L new .25 .. 4-3 4-1 Singer Mfp new .425 .. 5-17 6-1 I R R E G U L A R Chi. Burl «\ Q RR 2.00 .. S-.l 4-2C INCREASED Federal Mogul Bower .425 .. .S 17 6-1' Gen Goods id .. 5-10 4-J PRODUCE LOS ANGELES, May 1 Wh-(FSMN)-- E99S and butter unchanged. Live poultry, volume prices, at ranch Fryers 42,900 head, ? pet. 15.5, 19 pd 16.5, 8 pet. 19, 64 pet. undetermined roasters 12.300 head, 21-25; light hen 13, 500 head, 5-5.5 weighted average 5.2J crosses 21,500 head, 6-6.5 weighted aver age 4.18. No turkey prices. COTTONSEED OIL NEW YORK, May 1 (.r--Bleachabl cottonseed oil futures closed unchange to 2 higher. May I2.45B, Jjl 12.70, Se 12.86, Dec 13.01. Closing bids: Ocl 12.91, ( I 9 6 J ) Ma 13.11, May 13.15. B--Bid. COTTONSEED MEAL MEMPHIS, May 1 W--Cottonseed me bulk, future quotations, prime 41 per cen protein basis: May 60.00-61.00, Jul 62.00 63.00, Sep 56.50-58.00, Oct 57.00-58.00, De 57.00-58.00, Jan 57.50-58.50. ACC Chief Defends Link With dark A. P. Buzard, Arizona orporation C o m m i s s i o n chairman, yesterday defended his teaming up with John Clark, a Republican, for a najority vote on the three- nan commission. Said Buzard to the Young Democrats of Greater Tucson, 'I put my duties to the people before my political ob- igations." HIS REMARK was directed at questioning from the floor bv Rep. Forrest Pearce, Dima. Pearce requested reasons for Buzard's a t t e n d a n c e at Republican meetings and coalition with Clark. Buzard declared he was a Democrat--always had been and always would be. But, he added, "1 promised the people I would do certain things and carry out certain programs . . . I'm going to vote with the man (on each issue) w i t h the best interests of the people at heart." Asked by Pearce, "Where has the other Democrat (Commissioner E. T. Williams) gotten off the track?" Buzard countered, "I did not come here to criticize anyone." As for results of Clark's cooperation, Buzard said, "I feel after two years the people will f i n d they have the most efficient program ever given." ANY DOUBTS as to the po- l i t i c a l composition of the commission's work force were erased when an employe stood up to tell the club, "There are 103 employes and they're all Democrats." Key personnel of the commission accompanied Buzard to the meeting to explain the f u n c t i o n s of the various divisions. An interesting statistic supplied by William Howe of the Utilities Division was on the preponderance of private water companies around Tucson. Of the slightly more than 300 water companies in the state, 100 surround the perimeter of Tucson, he said. There are only 50 around Phoenix. BUZARD LATER said the commission is getting tighter on private franchises, if it feels a city can serve an area. As for private service, Buzard said, firms have to prove they are capable of providing service as needed by the people. In conclusion, Buzard described the commission as a money-making arm of the state. He recalled that last year $5 million was turned in to the state general fund, whereas the commission's expenditures were only $700,000. "We hope lo exceed the state's take this year," he said. MUTUAL ·FUNDS 7,23 8.61 I0.1» 5 5 0 A.I* 9,63 4,31 10.55 15.78 NEW YORK, May 1 Ml -- Null. A»sn. Securities Dealers, Inc. Bid Asked Aberdeen Fd 1.14 Advisers Fd * 54 Affiliated Fd 6 . 1 4 Am Business Sh 4 . 1 4 ·Am Inv Fd H I ' Am Mutual Fd 9.31 Atom Physics 4 7 4 Axe Houohl A 5 6 7 Axe Nought B 8 8 4 Axe Houoht Slk 3.94 Boston Fund '.45 Broad Slreel Inv 14.13 Bullock Fund 13.41 Canada Gen Fd 17.1* Canadian Fund 17.43 Cdn Int Growlh 10.84 Cap Life Ins Sh 10.78 Century Shrs 14.26 Chase Fd Bos 4.28 Chemical Fd H.OB Colonial Fd 11.53 Colonial Grlh 12.39 Comw Income 9.98 Comw Invest 9.95 Comw Stk Fd 16.25 Cons Invest Tr 20.25 Corp Leaders 20.14 ·de Vegh Invest 17.74 ·de Veoti Mul 40.08 Delaware Fd 11.38 Divers Gth Stk s.63 Divers Invest Frt 9.19 Dividend Shrs 3.J2 Dow Th Inv 4.B2 Dreylus Fund 16.SB Eaton 4. H 8*1 12.67 Eaton S. H Stk 13,93 Electronics Inv 5.51 ·Energy Fund 21.43 Fidelity Cap B.J5 Fidelity Fund 15.99 Fidelity Trend 13.60 Fiduciary Mut 18.94 The Daily Investor F. I. F. Founders Mut Fundament Inv Grp Sec Avla-El Grp Sec Com Slk Grp Sec Petrol 4.34 6.21 9.91 No 13.42 No Growth Ind Sh 18.18 Hamll Fd HC7 5.09 amil Fd HDA 4.97 mperial Cap 7.99 mperial Fd 3.3A ncome Found 2.43 ncome Fd Boss fl.25 ncorp Income 9.62 ncorp I n v e s t 7 . 2 1 nslit Found 1 1 . 9 1 nstil Growth 10.41 nstit Income 7.21 nvcst Co Am 10.27 nvest Grp--Muf 11.4! nv Grp--Slock 18.65 nv Grp--Select in.4,1 nv Grp--Var Pay 6 . 7 0 nv Grp--Inlercontl 6.08 Johnston Mut 1 3 . 4 7 eystone Cus K! 9.55 Ceystone Cus K2 5.2? (eystone Cus SI 21.93 (cysfone Cus S2 12.87 Ceystone Cus S3 14.62 eystone Cus S4 4.20 Cevstone Inll 14.33 Cnlckerbock Fd 6.37 nicker Grth 5.B7 .ife Insur Inv 14.95 .lie Ins Stk 6 . 2 9 Loomls Say Can 30.29 Loomis Say Mut 15.53 Viansg Fd Elec No Invest Tr 14.73 Wass Invest Grlh B.T4 Mass Life Fund 23.20 Mutual Shares 14.63 v\utual Trust 2 . 8 8 Matl Investors 15.26 Sec Balan 1 1 . 5 4 Sec Div 4 . 1 0 V a t Sec Pref 7.18 Sec Inc 5.76 Sec Slk 7.93 Sec Grlh 7.90 Shares 12.41 One Wm St 12.96 Penn Square 15.15 'hliadeiphla Fd 11.38 "loneer Fund 9.42 'rice, TR Grth 15.45 'uritan Fund a.63 'utnam Fund 15.00 'ulrtam Grth Fd 8.47 Scud St Clark 19.38 Scud St CK Com St 10.39 ;«lect Am Shr» 9.67 iharehldrs Tr 11.07 ihares Am tnd 14.10 State Slreet Inv 39.25 elev Elecl Fd 7.47 exas Fund 11.99 Unit Accum Fd 14.J8 Unit Cent Fd 4.88 Unit Income Fd 1 2 . 3 7 Unit Inll 9.7B Unit Science Fd 6.45 Unit Fd Canada 18.39 Value Line Inc 5,32 Value L Spl Sit 2,96 Wall St Invest 9.29 Wellington En 13.59 Wellington Fd 14,56 Whitehall Fd 13.58 Wisconsin Fd 4.83 EARNINGS DETROIT, May 1 m--American Motors Corp. today reported a profit of S10.29 million, equal to 54 cenls a share, for the first three months of 1963. This comparec with S3.85 million, or 48 cenls a share, in the similar period a year ago. The quarter is the second In AMC's fiscal year which began Oct. 1. Sales for the first six month of the fis. cal year were a record J609.8 million anc profits totaled S22..W million, or SI.19 a share. The previous high In sales was se In the first six months of the 1962 fisca year and totaled $564.6 million. This year's profit compared with S1B.07 million, or 98 cenls a share, In the firs six months of last year. Second quarter sales rosa from $272.7 million last year to JJ94.6 million this year. NEW YORK, May 1 W--Cities Service Co., reported earnings of $19,011,000, or SI.65 a share, for the first three months of this year, compared with $14,012,000 or $1.37 a share, for the 1962 first quarter The company produces petroleum products. .YOUR BEST BUY · N PAINTS! ^^^ss^mssss®^ 8 ^ SEEING'S ELIEVING! Most house paints look good when freshly applied. The important thing is how your home will look 2, 3, or 4 years from now. We can show you homes in your neighborhood that prove that Sherwin-Williams House Paints look better and last years longer. · 4620 E. SPEEDWAY, Near Swon · 825 E. FT. LOWELL, Amphi Plaza · 6331 E. 22ND, Oxford Plaza 1S.75 18.84 11.64 11.81 15.58 4.86 12.05 12.40 13.54 10.91 10.87 17.76 21.75 21.99 17.94 60.49 12.44 9.46 10.07 3.75 5.21 18.35 13.49 15.05 o.(12 21.43 9.18 17.29 14.6B 20.50 4.76 6.75 10.76 NO 14.69 No 18.69 5.57 No 8.68 No 2.64 9.02 10.51 7.88 13.02 11.38 7.88 11.22 12.34 20.16 11.16 7.25 4.57 13.47 10.42 5.71 23.98 14.05 15.95 4.57 15.50 6.99 4.43 18.53 4.B4 30,29 15.53 No 16.10 8.90 25.34 14.63 2.94 16.50 12.41 4.48 7.85 6.5t 8.67 8.43 13.56 14.16 15.15 12.47 10.30 15.61 9.33 16.30 9.48 19.38 10.39 10.44 12.10 15.3B 42.00 B.l/i 13.10 15.83 7.52 13.52 10.72 7.27 19.99 5.81 3.23 10.15 14.77 15.87 14.68 7.38 Quotations furnished by National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. which slates they do not necessarily reflect actual transactions or firm bids or offers but should Indicate approximate prices, and unless otherwise Indicated, ar« as quoted by the sponsors or Issuerj. "Net asset value. OVER THE COUNTER Bid and asked prices are obtained from the National Association or Securities Dealers but do not represent actual transactions. They are guide to the range within which these securities could have been sold (bid) or bought (asked) at the time of compilation, intended as a approximate Bid Asked 34 »9'/4 51 /4 69 '/2 75'.j 82 96'/3 IV,'* BANKS Arizona Bank 3('h Bank of Amer 64V» Chase Mart. N.Y MJ* Chemical Bk. N.Y. Tr 84;n Cont. III. Chso 17Bii 1st Natl. of Ariz 41H 1st Natl. City N.Y 103**i Irving Tr. N.Y 48V* Manufactures Hanover 57}« Morgan Guar. N.Y 117 Valley Natl. Bk. Phx 45 7 /n INSURANCE COMPANIES Beneficial Std 27 23 Continental Cas 75 7 /n 79 Fidelity Bankers Lllo 12J/4 13 Franklin Life 641b 48 Govt. Employees Ins 70^H Georgia Intl. Life 16^n Hartford Fire 69V» Home Ins. N.Y 78V« Jefferson Sid 92^ Nat. Old tine 2I'/* Travelers Ins Ifllto UTILITIES Calif. Int. Tel 25^ Cltz. Utl. A 23Vi Citz. Utl. B 22?'Continental Tel lOVa Hawaiian Electric 28*Ji Pac. Pwr. S. Life 26" Port. Gen. Electric 24~» Pub. Scrv. of N.M 35V« Trans. Gas Pipe 24/» Tucson Gfls ?2Vi INDUSTRIALS Albertson's !4"i Anheuser-Busch 54 v i Ariz. Bancorp 20'/3 Arden Farms 15 Ariz. Agro. Chem. Corp -Oil A z t e c Oil J- Gas 17 Bayless Markets 12U M. Blalt Co I 1 ! Bonanza 5V* Brunswig Drug 14V» Cadn. Sup. Oil 13V. Commonwealth Oil Ref 7-"i Consol. Frt 12',« Delhi-Taylor 17?« Del Webb 9" 1 * Denver Real Estate 9" Frontier Airlines -IVn Futterman 6'/7 Greater Ariz. Savings 4^1 Horizon Land . 5',i Inters!. Mir. Frt 52 Lone Star Steel 8'i Lucky Stores 1? Lusk Common ''' Mayfalr Markets 4'« Pnbst Brew 19'. Peter Paul 33 n « Pickering Lbr ^ ] '' Pubco Petrol 12'.« Scott Forcsmart 251* Searle, G. D 122'» Sees Candy 13' So. West Rsch. A Gen. Inc.. 4'4 Tex. St»r O. G 2Pi Thrifty Druo 34V« West Nail. Gat 13'i Weyerhaeuser ?9}i By WILLIAM A. DOYLE Q--My uncle has some old bonds, issued by East Prussian Power Co. The Communists look that part of Germany. So, I assume my uncle's bonds are worthless. I am writing you to be sure. What can you tell me? A--Don't be so sure. If your uncle is the owner of East Prussian Power Co. "dollar bonds" (bonds sold in the United Slates for that company many years ago) lie's evidently due for a most pleasant surprise. The bonds do have value. Anyone holding German dollar bonds should write to the Validation Board for German Dollar Ronds, 30 Broad St., Suite 3GOI, New York 4, N.Y. That board has the chore of validating hundreds of millions of dollars of old German dollar bonds. But no settlement can be made on any of those bonds u n t i l they have been validated. Most of the bonds involved were issued in what is now the Federal Republic of Germany--West Germany and West Berlin. But some of the bonds issued in territory t a k e n over by the Reds were found to be backed by assets in West Germany. There are still large amounts of unvalidated German dollar bonds around -often held by people who bought them after leaving Germany years and years ago. Q---Why is it necessary for people who hold old German dollar bonds to have I hose bonds validated? A -- Because, when the Russian Army captured Berlin, some $350 m i l l i o n of such bonds were taken by the Reds from bank vaults, The purpose of the validation proceedings is to see that only legitimately-owned German dollar bonds are or will be eligible to be paid off. It's an old story that the Communists have tried to peddle those looted German dollar bonds in the world securities market. Q--A man came to our house and attempted to sell my husband and me on an "investment program." He said that, if we invest $25 a month for 10 years, we will be able to collect when my husband retires in 10 years. We would really be able to use the money then. Do you know anything about this plan? A--It might be any one of hundreds of such plans now available. The results of such plans have ranged all the way from very good to very poor. It would be easy to make noise in this corner by rapping "doorbell - ringing" securities salesmen and say that they are out to fleece the people such as you who evidently know nothing about investments. And some do just that. But, without the efforts of the many, many ethical door-to-door securities salesmen, a great number of people would never make any investments at all. At this point you should know a good deal more about that particular investment program than I do. That salesman should have left some literature. Study it. If, as I suspect, t h a t investment program involves mutual fund shares, the salesman is required by law to give, you a copy of a "prospectus," which gtves you all the details. Some people make the mistake of buying into the wrong mutual f u n d , simply because they didn't read the prospectus. Mr. Doyle will answer only representative letters of general interest In his column. He cannot answef phone queries. Copyrlnhl 19*1 3011 2B1n 2754 37'/j 253'. 57V3 1 6V« 5", A 1«V4 H'.i 19', 'i KM lO'.'i H'.t 231 k Wt 201 ; 1 '/· 7V, M',i 3SMi 8Vj U'/. 27'.* 23 "s 31',3 GOVT. BONDS COFFEE NEW YORK, M»v 1 WV-Coffe« spot Santos No. t ex-dock closed flt 32.35A. Cost «nrt frefoht ollerlnat Include Sanloj Bourhons 3s M 33.MA nnd is 32.50*. "B" futures closed quiet, nn sole*. "M" Mum closed ai'lel, no NEW YORK, Mav 1 un--Closlno over- the-counter U.S. Government Treasury bonds; Bid, asked, net chanoe and yield-''/as A3 99.29 99.30 no 2.60 3s 64 loo 100.? nt 2.97 's 45 vp.J 9 9 , 4 no 3.1.1 3 V S 66 100.19 100.21 - 1 . 1 3.57 3s 66 9B.2B 99 K7 3.37 31^5 66 99.27 99.24 4.2 3.45 2"js 67-62 96.20 96.22 -Kl 3.3rf 3s 67 99.31 100.1 +.1 3.A1 3V«S 6S 100.25 100.27 ? 3 is 6(1 100.1 100.3 ?'/!S 66-63 94.19 94,23 4s 69 Feb 101.7 101.6 JVu 69-64 Jun .. 93.70 93.24 4s 69 Oct 101.2 101 .A 2"is 69-64 Dec .. 93 9 3 , 4 2',7S 70-65 ?2.18 92.22 no 2V3S 71-64 91.26 91.30 4., 4s 71 100.26 100,30 3'/«s 71 99.18 99.20 + .2 3.70 + .1 + .1 no ·Kl no 4 . 2 4s 72 Fcb 100,19 100.23 B9.16 S9.16 98.29 102.18 7'/js 75-67 Jun 4s 7} Aucj 3'/is 77-67 Scp 7'/jj 77-67 Dec 3*»s 74 4'/«s 85-75 4s 60 ........... 99.15 3V7S 80 ......... 93.30 3'/Js B3-78 ....... 90.20 3Vs 85 ........ 90.16 4'/.s 97-87 ....... 102.16 4s 93-88 ......... 99 4'/js 94-89 ....... ICO. 1 1 3'/}S 90 ......... . 91.10 3s 95 ............. B7.B 3Vii 9B ........... 90.U 90.4 90.9 100.19 100.23 Prices seconds. 89.70 89.70 99 102.7A 99.19 92.30 90.78 90.34 107.74 99.8 JOO.I3 91.18 87.16 90,72 3.74 3.55 3.77 3.65 3.79 3.6R 3.71 3.69 3.87 + .2 3.92 l - . l no ·t-.l no no + .2 3.9D 3.77 3.70 3.81 3.79 3.98 4,05 4.03 3.99 4.2 3.91 no 3.8* no 4.0? no 4 . 0 4 --.] 4.in no 4 . 0 7 no 4.367 no 3.99 4.2 4.1 4.2 quoted In dollars nnd Ihlrly- HAY, FEED L O S ANGELES, M»V 1 - Alffllra: U S . No. ? 33.00-35.00. Gfflln h«V uncnnnoed. Csrlct arrivals: » wheat, ' barley, 6 corn, 7 oMs, 1 torohum, M flour. I onal, loj h*y.

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