The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 27, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 27, 1920
Page 4
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS Local 'News •L. D. MoWenbrook "was a business visitor in Herrin Friday. .Mrs.''Mark Underhiir of'Du Quoin visited friends -here Friday. , - Q : L: W^ Miller was in H-errin on busmess .Friday. —— „ Sam Mitchell of Charleston was a business*'visitor here Friday. Mrs. E. B. ( J. Bush visited rela-j in Johnston City iPriday. j - Mrs.: J.'E. Beasley is visiting rela- j lives in Paducah for a few days. Mrs. J. S. Harrell and children are visitin'g relatives over Sunday. Eeston JRenfi-o is spending a few days 'at his'home in Grantsburg;. Mrs. ;Emery Kreher "of. Du Quoin visited. Mrs. (ClayHawkins today. •Mrs*. S;- A. Snider and children are tweeksend guests : of relatives in Cairo. Miss Anna Perce has returned to Springfield, after a few days' visit with relatives here. Mrs. Gladys Austin if over Sunday guest of relatives in Morris iCity. ' (City Clerk >W. J. Brown -w.-.s a business visitor in Murphyscoro Friday. ' ' Delicious maple nut- and 'strawberry, at Fowler's. ( Adv Mesdames 'Frank Lingle and Mina Reese visited friends in Murphysboro Friday afternoon. : 0 ''• . Attorney George Dowell of iD-u .Quoin -was .here Friday en route to Cpalterville on business. ~ :•' -Miss''iR-uth Parker, who has been attending the Normal, returned : to her h'ome in Mt. Vernon Friday. .Miss Blanch .Bailey, who. lias been- attending "the'Normal, went to Chicago" Friday for. an indefinite stay. iMrs. -Wayne Gent went to Marion Friday»to visit relatives over Sun^ day. Mr. Gent will join h'er there "Miss Ethel 'Marten of 'the -' (Free Press was a -St. Louis visitor Saturday. -She was accompanied -by Miss Lula Royse. .Special meeting of Sheltinah Lodge No. 241 at 6:30 p. m: Monday for work. T. A. WEAVER;'"w. M, . IT. (C. 'MERTZ, Sec. m27-2-t iMrs. is t>m o-nect the guest 1 Mrs.-iGh'as. Wiley .is. improving, after a five weeks' • illness. 1 Mrs. Lance .Baker is visiting relatives -in East'St. Louis for' a few days. ' :Mrs. Monroe Sisney and (Mrs. C. L. Hall were Muprhysboro visitors Friday. (Mr. and Mrs. -Sam -Morris -have returned to their home- in; Centralia, after visiting, relatives and friends : hefe". -Mrs. George .Robiason and -mother, Mrs.'~D7"'D. Morgan, have returned from a visit with iChicajo relatives -and friends. Come to Fowler's, a fresh strawberry sundae. Adv., Miss May Hayes of .the music department of the Normal is spending the 'between terms vacation at Jser in Dwight. •Mrs. Frederick Langenfeld and little daughter of Centralia have, returned home, after J visit with the termer's sister, Mrs. O. T. Newman, and family. Miss Blanche Milfean', of Oswego, and Miss Hope Milligan of Grounds •Prairie are visiting their mother. '. • o ' • •' , . . 'Brick ice : cream in : all - flavors at Fowler's. ' ' lA&v. Mrs. W.-A. Kanfcrd ,of.;.Park City, Mont., has returned to' " her home, after a few days' visit-.•with. (Mrs. "IF. . Pursell. Mrs. Hanford has' been vis- : itin'g raPattives at Golconda for several weeks. - . 0 "' '• • 'W.m. Allen, doorkeeper for the •Senate .at -WasKrigton-, D. C., (visited •Carbondale friends th'is week. Mrs. Allen died in Washington last' week and the remains were'-token to \Vi. enna for -burial. ' . • '' Mrs. Howard Legg .will leave first of the week for Flint,. Mich., where she will reside. Mr. Legg Kas been there for several weeks, being connected with an automobile concern. IMrs. Elizabeth .Christoph .has returned after a several months' absence. Mrs. IChristoph . visited her daughter, Miss Ada, at Rockyford, Colo., and Mrs. Mary .Schroeder at 'Springfield. She reports Miss ' Ada as improved PAINS SO BAD ,STAYEDJN BED Young Mrs. Johnston Had Miserable Time Until She Took Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Chicago, HI.—"I was-very sick for Eome time with pains in my sides and' I back and I could not I do my work at times I the pain in my side was so bad. I would have to stay in ted for days 'at a time.' My mother- in-law had taken' Lydia E. PihkhamTs Vegetable Cora- pound and reeon> mended it to me. It cured my pains and I am now able to do all my work. You can publish my testimonial and I hope the Compound willdo others the good it has done me. "—Mrs. JtJNNA JOHNSTON, 206 .E. 3lst "Street, f hicago, 111. . For forty years women have been jelling how Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has restored .their health when suffering with female ills. This accounts for the enormous demand for it from coast to coast. If. you are • troubled with any Bailment peculiar to women why don't,you war Lydia B. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound? Itis made from native roots and herbs', and ' no narcotics or harmful drugs. •__ . MOTHERS Should see mat the'whole 'family fake at least 3 or 4 doses of a thoro. purifying, system "cleaning medicine. The-family will be healthier, happier, and get along- better if tlie blood is .given a -thoro purify nig, the stomach and bowels clean cd- out, and' the germs, of. Winter accumulate • in the system, driver away. Hollister's Rocky -Mountain Tea is one ,of the very -best and surest Spring; medicines " to , take bet it and see the difference in the whole family. Their color ' will "be better, they'll feel fine and be wel and—Seibe.-t's Drug store. PIE SOCIAL The -ladies society of the firemen and enginemen: will give a pie so- 'cial at Woodman nest. Tuesday night.—Adv. ,M27—3 BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR LITTLESON WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON HIGH SCHOOL FOR G'DALE IS EXPECTED TO CARRY A New Community High School Expected To Carry At Election Today With Very Little Opposi-, tion.—Fine High School For Carbondale To Result. Mrs. Bert Dillinger delightful!} -entertained 30 little guests Wcdnes day afternoon from three-thirty til five, in honor of her little son Roy al, March 24 being his seventl birthday. The - affair was in the manner of an Easter party, ,and thi dining room was decorated in yel low. An egg hunt was planned, bu the' rain prevented this, so only in door games ivere played. * Refres! ments of ice cream anc cake were served. Koyal received many beautiful gifts and many beautiful. wishes were spoken jar.umd the l.'_rhtrd candles on the- large birthday cake. Thpse present were jack Taylor, Betty Furr. Kathryn Lentz, Jamos Mitchell,'- Gilbert Lcntz, 'Jennie Feirich, Joe Williams, Elanora Lowden, Ralph Thompson. Helen Martin, Ralph Swaine, Ola Williams, j'Sarah Elizabeth Hinchcliff, Gerre. eyieve Lewis, Noel Casper, James ' Barrow, Rhoda May Baker, Paul Thrailkill, John Dale Whitaker, Oatha Williams, Marjorie Womble, Marion Thrailkill, "planch Lentz, Margarcte Brown, Jane Warren, William Sanders. Russell -Brown, and Royal's teacher, Miss King of the Normal. LODGING Those willing to furnish lodging for the teachers attending the Teachers' Meeting are asked to notify Prof. Smith. It is believed we shall need more accpmodations than are so far reported.—Adv. . - M27—2t The proposition of establishing a community High school was voted on this afternoon. • There* was only one voting, place, .which is the City Hall. Both men and .women voted on this proposition. The polls will open -at 8 a. m. <an"3 close at 6 p. m. It might 'be of interest to the voters to know that .there is already a High school tax -being collected and being used to support various High sohocils over the county. This tax is c-allect a non-High school tax. The H'igih 'school getting any part of tese .funds is not allowed to maintain ..'•High school course of more than three' years. -Ai-\ High school dis- iricts of tlie county except those m'- g-anlzed into community or township ffigh schools Wave -to pay this tax. The limit of tax rate under the non- High school law is 75 cents- on the $100. As the two and :three-year Hig.h schools in'^the county increase in number and size,' the rate of -taxes ,in the non-High school territory -becomes,., higher. Another fact which tends to increase the tax rate is the •withdrawal -of large tracts of the rnore valuable property from the no-nJHdgh : school area by the .organization of 'community and -township High schools. For example, E'.kvillo, Campbell Hill and Makanda iha>ve recently voted community High schools. This reudces-.the value of the non- JHigh school territory and a higher ;-ate must be levied, and 'Carbondale, ^hould she~fail to organize the community High school today, must bear ,h'er part of the increase. 'As th'is tax ,rate is raised Carbondale community .will pay out- more and more each ; year. -.Within a short time it will ipay sh '-amount of $15,000 annually, iaud will never be 'able to consume its 1 own High school, as at present lorganize'd, more than $6,000. iBut -any possible -increase in taxes -is a minor item when comp''.! with the'boys and girls of Carbondale community and the school privileges they 5re entitled to. High school iwo'rk and '-the spirit of High school are things distinct and apart from 'any o'thei' school .work, and High school -preparation is demanded by all higher institutions of learning ,in ;the United .Sfetes. Even Chough the .pupil should not be aWe 'to up liin-iversTty work, if ih-e has passed through and caught the spirit of. a well organizes and properly equipped •High school, ,he is better prepared to meat te dssues of life. • Every community is under the very strongest obligations to give to every .boy and jgirl the opportunity to attend High school. iCarbondale is not, nor'has she :been, negligent in this ma'tter, but the necessity for a local organization has never teen so urgent as now. To •a • extent,. this r.eed has 'been met by .'the Normal Hig.h school and by the small district High school, but the demands for High school train- irig"can no longer be met adequately by -these schools^ All the other Illinois cities in -which state normal scftools are'located, found some time ago that they could not meet "the iH-igh • school demands of their ocm- munity, and there are now in these town's, community, township and district High schools, all 1 maintaining •fully accredited and approved, four- year courses. Of all ..the state normal cities, Carbondale and community alone are without these privileges. As a .matter of- interesting cbm- ,pai'.ison, the following data of state normal school cities from the State •School Year 'Book: iCHarleston has 4-year district High school -with 10 teachers and 276 pupils. UetK.alb has 4-year community High school with 22 teachers and 380 pupils. Macomb has 4-year community High school with 17 teachers and 420 pupils. •Normal has 4-year district High school •vvit!T'!Sr teochers and 184 pupils. . • Bloomin.gton has 4-year district •High school, with 33 teachers arid 776 pupils. 'Carbondale 'has 3-ysar non-High school with 4 teachers 'and 60 pupils. iBfoomingtton proper has no normal school .but Normal is practically a .p*arT of Bloomington. Of this list of noraa'al cities only two 1 , Bloomirag- FARM BUREAU MOVEMENT TAKES ON BIG INCREASE H. G. iSastelly Launches Drive !n Williamson County. With 1000 New Members. Jackson County Shows New Members and New Interest Among Farmers. T.' .The county i'aim bureau movement in Southern Illinois is taking on an impetus as a result of -the efforts of H. G. Easterly, field, representative of the Illinois lAgr'iculture Association and the Faflm Bureau movement. Mr. -Easterly has ibeen working in Williamson county the last week and rep'oi'ts .one of the most encouraging and finest • gains in the number of mem'ber.s in.. .-any .Southern Illinois county. The recent gain in William-, son shows more* than 1000 mem-be-rs. .Mr. Easterly also repents large I'ains in the number^nf new members for Jackson county,. He and Mr. Thomas, county farm bureau .head and'county advisor naive .been wonk- jng together for an increased npem- berslwp in this county. The results have shown a marked interest and activity in the movement im Jackson county. iNext week the drive starts in Union county. Mr. Easterly states he expects to .bring Union county out of it, netting -a large membership in the drive. The county farm bureau of -Union county plans to take up actfve work in connection with more fruit raising, Union county being particularly adapted to fruit growing, the farmer's are pfenning to take up the growing of fruit more extensively. ;Wjth regard, to fruit, growing, /the Jackson county farm era ore ilso planning to -boost fruit raising in sections where at would -be more profitable than straight farming. At the same time, however, making every effort to educate the farmer's with tfie proper methods to rehabilitate the 'Worn out sections of Jackson county. ' Baptist Ministers Return From Planning Drive Rev. J. \V. Merrill and Rev. T. O. McMinn of Carhondale have been in Chicago this week in conference over the allotments to be made to the Baptist churches of Illinois in or.der to raise the $100,000,000 planned by the Northern Baptist Convention at its meeting last spring at Denver. This is to cover a .five year period and Includes all denominational expenditures for, missionary and educational purposes. . . There are a1>ont forty four churches in Egypt which affiliate with the Northern. Baptist'Conven- tion.. Aside from the-, churches at Mnrphysboro, Cairo, Benton and Carbondale these churches are village and rural . churches or stria! city churches. One hundred eighty thousand dollars is allotted to these churches. About half of this amount must be assumed by the four larger churches. A meeting has been called by the two ministers of representatives of thesp churches to meet in Carbondale next Tuesday to adjust the allotments. The canvass for this Baptist financial gathering will take place during the ten days beginning on April 22nd. COLORED AMER1CON LEGION BOYS BECOMING, ACTIVE The colored American Legio boys met Thursday evening, giving out membership cards and sending in for the American Legion button for the colored former service men in Carbondale. y The colored boys plan to arrange for some sort of a social event with which-to raise money for their post. • . • • Henry Chamncss of East St. Louis was a visitor here today. CR1GHESTER S PILLS W -^ THE JWAMOXD BRAND. A. TJl£ DIAMOND BRAND. XndleHl AskyonrDrui '-' Chl.chcB-tcra l>lamond Pills la Kod and «old boxes, sealed with Blue Ribbon.- Tote no other. Bn; - ONI> BRAND PILLS, for CJS years tnorfn as B est. Safest, Always Reliable SOLD BY DRUGGISTS EWOTHERf ton and DeK-alb, have larger population than Garbondale; but all have heard'.the call of their boys and .girls, and Wave done' their duty. Shall we do. ours today?. MAKANDA •: -. .•' '•.•-'.'•.. • March 25.] John G.' Mnlcaster has 'returned £rom Florida without a fish, story. We -had be'en ramaacking : the dictionary for big-.words to use and 1 had accumulatedvthe finest vocabulary of lucid -pictorial tterms aijd phrases you ever looked over,, when.' lo and behold he dismisses the whole matter in .this blunt way: "Two d—— d cold to •fish.'V'Gcw.h'izt Think of oiir disappointment. Holy Moses and the Angels, send your pitying glances down. ! We have f thrown John overboard and are • now pining over' faith ,hope and. aspirations for a fish story to Charlie Hundley. \ . | The I. C. R. R. ha's quit scllintfj tickets for. trains 22' and v 24. Pay! as you enter. . I •R. J. Sheppard and his mother,. Flora J. Sheppard are spending a few days in St. Louis and East St. louis. ' - . Lee B. .' Sheppard amid Enos Shockly have returned fi-cm a -business trip that took in East St. Loiiis. ' Fred Sheppard of Carterville .vis- itcd his sister, Nellie, who. is - at "j tending the High School in Makanda. .'...' ' The Republican primary election for township officers came off last Saturday. Thomas H. • Peak «.was nominated for . Supervisor; Fnank Hopkins for .Assessor; C. L. Mad-| dox for Town Clerk;'Charles Oljverj for .Highway Commissioner and Harry Craws'haw fop School Trustee. '•._ ' The' most spirited and hotly contested - school''elcction ever held in' Makanda township came off- last Saturday:. The question was the. creation of'a high school district here. The territory tq> be included comprises 46 square miles, namely all o£ Makanda township, except 0 sections off the north-side, and takes in 5 sections off the wes.t side of Williamson County. 6 off- the north side of Union county and- 5. sections off the east side of/Pomona township. About 300 votes were cast. The' proposition won by a majority of 102.. Two 1 weeks ago we predicted -the proposition . would win. It is believed -that there were' more' people in Makanda "last Sat-| urday than on any one -rlay. in its previous history. " j The Aurora Borealis, or- great northern light of Monday night, exceeded iri claizling brilliancy; anything of the "kind seen here since that of 1 1860. Judging by .descrip r j tions given by the historian R. M. | Sevens, it was not equal to the Auroral display just prior to the. Mexican war, • nor ' of the display proceeding- tlie Civil War, but \vas fully equal to that of three years ago, just prior to the late- world war.' The vast canopy of gorgeous; crimson flames encircled the heav-j ens, dividing the" earth's canopy into two hemispheres, tb) darkness of the south contrasting, vividly with the brilliancy of the north. An arch of resplendent Auroral, glories spanned the entire north. Tjinumer r able scarlet and crimson columns of almost dazzling beauty-rose, from the northern,.horizon to the Zenith. The arch was sharply defined, ris- 'ing from the'horizon j'ust north of; due west, spanning -the heavens,] reaching the horizon just south -of; due east. The rapidly alternating colors of ^.the columns were truly. awe-inspiring.; Those who' -missed .this sight ha\'e something to. regret. MASONS ATTENTION Special' meeting- Shenkenah . Lodge No. S&l at 7:30 P. M. this evening for work. P. A.-WEAVER, W. M. H. C- MERTZ|.:Sec. ' ' M-27—Itj HOW IS YOUR CASH REGISTER? iFrecl MbBride, a repair. man on .National C3(^i Registers (formerly •with the'company) is at the Terminal (Hotel lor a few days. Better .have lyour's attended to. He knows how .•and ..does it.hei'e. ' . m27-2t ATTENTION Baptist Ladies' Aid will serve supper next Thursday, dinner and supper-next Thursday, and supper Friday in Baptist Annex. All members and friends contributinsj please send, supplies to Annex early Thursday - or Friday. Proceeds will pay for interior decoration of Annex. MRS.. WAHu, President. . M.-BUCK, Treasurer. M27—3t Mrs. Hamilton Entertains For Sisters Mrs. Ralph Hamilton entertained a company of young people at her. on West Walnut Street last night in honor of her sister, Miss Eva Eyris', fourteenth birthday. The evening was spent in guessing contests and music. Easter decorations were carried out in the refresh.- ments. • : ' |. Those present were Misses Lucile Van Vand, v Dorothy Fnrr, Eleanor Steel, Dorothy Miffert, . Morean Sill, Dorothy Fox, Mildred Scot't, Cecil Childers, Helen Armstrong, Helen Hamilton,'Eva Eyre;-'Messrs. Phillip Lewis, . Wm. Phillips, Raymond Flyj Bert Terpiniz, Francis Hewitt, Win. Pels, Bert- Morris, ' Francis" Renfro, Joe Hickey, Robt.j Spain, Stanley Scott, and Owen Ward: '• SALE OF BRASSIERS Beginning Monday, March ' 29 t every brassier in stock gr.eatly re-', duced, making.-ready for new things. Mrs. H. E. Lightfoot—Advertise-' mcnt. . - ; . and Mrs. B. E.' Hill .and daughter, Mrs. Margaret, were St. Louis visitors during the week-end, \ In the last! 8 months of 1919 there was paid through this agency the sum of. eight .thousand dollars in losses; $1000 per month; about $1-25 per capita. ' " . See Us .For Insurance. • GARAGE To the Auto Owners of Caroondale' '•-.•'. .1 have open;ed a 'repair, shopTri the .Bain building, south of the Roberts Hotel, and shall endeavor to give to auto owners a. better class of repair work. If you want your car patched up, don't . bring it to mie, but if you want a fi-rst class repair job I would'likeJ:o do it.—I will also handle batteries, tires and accessories. E. A. SPILLER Dodge, and Maxwell Service a Specialty • . ' / Telephone No. 273 P- S.—I have been in the auto business here' for the past nine years] it is unnecessary to say that all work is guaranteed. East' Side of the Square Carbondaie, 111. T *1 i trails to Two Moons / ' Do you like a story of the sort .that's called "red-blooded"? Of the big, open country, of "men who fight for . right, of life and death, of wometf who love sometimes not wisely but too well? ,, . A romance full, of .thrills and adventures? Youdo? Thensubscribenowfor <TBe COUNTRY GENTLEMAN .and start with the first installment of Trails to Two Moons. It's a story that is like THE COUNTRY GENTLEMAN itself—bigT outdoors, vital, throbbing, virile. r Within the past two months there/ has appeared in THE COUNTRY GENTLEMAN a splendid complete/novel that you will pay $1.75 to get in book form. Folks who subscribed /or a year two months ago have read that story; they will read Trails to Two Moons, and four or five other novels to follow for only$1.00. Ifthatisn'ta bargain I don't knowonc. And, better still, these , stories are extras inTHE COUNTRY GENTLEMAN. All the rest of its many pages each week are'filled to overflowing with fanning, farming, farming. Read it! Get - to know it i Let it help you make more money! Buy it TODAY! Through Me—52 Big Issues—For Only $1.00 BLOSSOM HILTON Hilton's Feed Store / ' Makanda, 111. , . " * • : ' < Tie Country Gmtlrain The Ladi-t'Home joorial Tie SaimrdtjETeniif Port 1 52b..M-Jl.M " 12 biiM-Jl.75 52 iune.-K.Ot

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