Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 8, 1968 · Page 27
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 27

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, March 8, 1968
Page 27
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WELL, IF VW PROMISE TO DO AS YOU'RE TOLD. WHAT ARE YOU DOIN6 THOSE ?/ TAKE SOME GOOD! IN THE STORE WITH ITS OKAY, MOM/ ffl AND LOIS LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE CITIZEN COMICS FRIDAY, MARCH 8, 1968 PAGE 27 HEX MISTER, IT'S FIVE O'CLOCK OH.PEAR, IT'S MY DOG- THANK GOODNESS HE BELONGS TO A STRICT UNION auna '8 'HSIdCHOO '9 '3aOiS T 'H3IHI -- ~" -SO 'B-'aiYHM -C--UMOQ -39NIH 'It '»Dld '01 '81HD '6 NANCY 'aNOHdoxvs Y 'aavzn 's 'MOTIVMS · i--sso J3V 'saaMSNV PARTNER 7 WIZARD OF ID vM/P CARRIES HZ To A PARXEP TAX/.... fJPA CLIMBZ ABOARD THE "$UU- -fll L BRENDA STARR E^ 7 y WELL, I CAN DO IT/ r~ MR. DITHERS,YOU SAID voutxsive we A RAISE IF I COULD THINK OF TWENTY GOOD REASONS BLONDIE T?S GOM3TO /TALK' ABOUT I HAVE MV CA!? CUT5IPE/ . BEATDUC-H CAMPAIGN/ TKAVEL -- IP J I'LL PRIVE TO THE AIKPDKT MORGA« o / VEAH/TWIS SHOULDN'T 'N/ *A".COMPANy NOT 7lE 8E DRIU-IK6 )tf ]l ARCTIC THIS WEATHER, /V-N FOKCE/ you HAVE A POINT BEETLE BAILEY 'C HAVE GOT IN TO T BITSY THE ,, , ^ HAPN'T ,,. J,^ 1 *?/ SHAME ON J-^-4 VOU HAVE DISSRACED ] SHOWN UP.' FOTEETTHE j --YOU KEPT S 7 YOJ TWO! CAKING XTV OUR STUDENTIWI- I Uziz^rr CHEAT/ . -/ME FROM SOINfi :OW IN THE HOSPITAL , CORRIDORS' THE OIRUS ARE SO ABSDE.BEP IN THEIR QUA2££L THATTHEY DC NOT SEE CKAPUE VMILLA BEH/NP THE/A. ..BUT HE POESN'T EVEN GLANCE THEIR WAY HE CHEWS H/S WATCH.. STEVE CANYOI1 TELL ME WHY! Win a valuable prize. Send your question, name, address and age to TELL ME WHY! care of this paper. The New Book of Knowledge 20-volume encyclopedia for school and home will be awarded for the letter selected. In the case of duplicate questions, the author of "Tell Me Why!" will select the winner. Today's winner is: RICHARD MILLER Waterbury, Conn. What Causes ^ Mirage? When most people think of a mirage they imagine a person n a hot desert seeing a cool body of water ahead of him -only to find it isn't there. But he fact is that you have probably seen a mirage many times n your life! Try to remember some time vhen you were riding along a country road on a hot day in :ummer. As you looked ahead of you, a small, silvery lake -uddenly appeared covering the ·oad. Of course, when you ar- ·ived at that spot, you found the road was perfectly dry. The fact is that you didn't really see water. And it is that appearance of. water that we call a mirage. Why did that water seem to je there? It is caused by some- ning that happens to light rays when they pass through the air. Usually, the light by which you "ee things travels through the ai- in straight lines. But this is only true when the air is all at -he same temperature. Now aii-, like most other ma- trials, changes when it is warmed. It expands and becomes thinner, or less dense. As i result, light is bent aside when it goec from a layer at different temperature. On a sunny day, the pavement of the road becomes quite hot. This warms the air just above the road, while the air higher up stays cooler. Light coming down from the sky through these layers is bent upward again to your eyes. And it is that bright patch of light that looks like water. Exactly the same thing happens in the desert. The air close to the desert sand is made very hot by the sand. The air above this lower layer is cooler. Light rays passing from the cooler layer to the hot layer are bent up, and they form an image of the sky that looks like a lake. By the way, the twinkling of the stars is a kind of mirage. There are warm and cool patches of air drifting through the earth's atmosphere. They affect the light coming from the stars and make them seem to twinkle. * * * FUN TIME The Riddle Box 1. What can you serve but not eat? 2. Why should a horse never be hungry on a journey? 3. What has a mouth but doesn't eat, and a bed but doesn't sleep? Answers 1. A Ping-pong ball. 2. It always has a bit in its mouth. 3. A river. * * * THE PUZZLE BOX There is a four-letter word (hat means "ocean." If you change one letter in that word you get a word meaning "dry land." What are the two words? See tomorrow's paper for the answer. Scud inir tricks, riddles, or ptix/.lf), 10 TKLL A f K WHY! Give y o u r iKinir. ago and address. A INcw Book of Knovlcdgi: ^'cnrbnok will lie awarded for the leiitrs selected each week. Copyright 1968 Coui't Appraises 3 Local Estates Estates totaling $608,256 were left by three Tucson women, appraisals filed in Superior Court show. Mrs. Emily W. Buggle of 3032 E. 6th St. left $260,102.41, mostly in savings bonds and stocks. She died in Tucson Nov. 10, 1967. The bulk of the estate went to three sisters and a brother. A total of $165,509.77 was left by Mrs. Mary Bloom, who died Nov. 26, 1967. Most of her holdings were stock in the J.C. Penney Co., which was willed to relatives in Seattle and Chicago. The estate of Mrs. Ruby Bernice Heap-of 3919 E. Holmes St., was appraised at $182,645.32. A resident of Tucson 33 years, she was killed Nov. 10 in an automobile accident. Her as sets, consisting mostly of Tuc son veal estate, were left to her husband, Eugene. HURRY/ THE PHANTOM B.C. SNUFFY SMITH THERE'S ANOTHER 6000 THINS ABOUT YOU'RE PlTCHINe A LOUSV 6AME, £K, ANP WE oJAWTD 6ET - I THINK WE'D BETTER STICK TO HAVE TO 00 \$ COME OUT TO THE MO(M AW eWO OUT iWR CANDLE! CHARLIE BROUN.. YOU LITUElTAKEITAWAy/ Now cur THAT ourl LOOK AT I'M STflNDIN ALL TWO PAW!! COME LOOK AT TATER-- HE'S DOIN'TH' CUTEST TRICK VE EVER SEEN- HE'S STANDIW'OW HIS ALL FOURS!! MENT: IF PRESSURE IS LOST WHILE CONNECTING THE HE'S UNCONSCIOUS. GET HIS DIViHO CHAMBERS, |T WOUUPMEAN INSTANTPEATHTOPR.UNe, GEAR Of F... LAX HIM ON A BUNK IN THE DECOMPRESSION CHWA3ER. AT LAST THE ATMOSPHERE OF OUR DECOMPRESSION CHAM8ER EQUALS THE PRESSURE ON LANE'S CAPSULE '5 DOCTOR ENTERS. rM^jiiifTi 11-- iCTRgjj S4. ^ BUZ SAWYER #?-6W-P-PREPARE VQUR GASTRIC JUICE 1 ; PQR TOMORROW NK5H77//AUBAMMUS? PSsTf- IV£'#£ SERV/NG THE I'LL WAIT BUT ON UNTIL TOMORROW/'' THE PRESIDED CORD1ALLV INVITES VOU TO'DINNER- ·ER- Et(jSH.'"~ l/ '-P. r . r TOMORROW NK3HT. r . LIL ABNER maybe, Joel,but not can qet another ballast! I'm not crossing this. toridcje.' GASOLKVE ALLEY IT WORTH TRYING TMENT? 'FINGERNAIL r BLADE MARKS, TO GET AN INDICTME PERSONALLY, CONVINCED PURDV FALLAR MURDERED THIS MAN -BUT- MARKS -THEY CHANGE EVERY DAY.''' STRIAT1ONS LEFT BY TOOLS, BALLISTICS -ALL SIMPLE- BUT-* BEYOND A SHADOW DOUBT?? NEVER! DICK TRACY 60RRY TO BOTHER YOU, BUT Y'KNOW THKT ARTICLE YOU WERE HOPING TO 5ELLTO THE SROPER^S PI6E5T? WELLJHEV SENT IT BACK WITH A REJECT SLIP! IT DOESN'T LOOK. LIKE ANYONE EVEN REAP ITJ ANP THE TITLE PA6E15 COVEREP WITH COFFEE 5TAIN5! IT LOOK5 LIKE THEY U5EP IT FOR A PLACE MATl NOT ONLV THAT.',,,THEV RETliRNEP IT BY ZUNK HAIL! SMIDCENS IS SANDY UP M YET, HORACE? . WOJLP 1 THINK I HEARD i THAT 8E AT THE POORBELL.'A SEVEN IN T)1E w , v MORNING? 6k SWELL OF SPRING IN THE AIR THIS MORNIN6, ^sH^ ^ HORACE' ^m WOULD YOU LIKE BREAKFA5T SERVED OUT HERE, MR PRICE? APARTMENT 3-G

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