Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1963 · Page 14
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 14

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1963
Page 14
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j A.t4-JNDE?ENOENT {'.taut »«ac». Can. TT*n. ^Pipeline ^Blasted in ^Venezuela Court to Test Right to Hit Legal Opinion NEW YORK CB--The New York Civil liberties Union has attacked the constitutionality of a rare charge of criminal libel brought against a newspaper editor for attacking a judge's decision. G .f\\r \J T The union, in a brief filed £ C A R A C A S , Venezuela as a friend of the court in * (UPI) -- Pro-Castro terrorists S t a t e Supreme Court Ia jjjlew up a U.S. oil company's Brooklyn, said: ^pipeline in the Lake Mara- -p,^ doetriaa ^caibo region Thursday as the? plm ^ mf ^t cf , Jjovermnent troops dosed in ^ t;ri - TTr| o j yon guerrilla fighters in near-l^^^ "* luf TnfHTnt*in« l ~ ~ ~ ~ Y the for offidll 5pany reported the antigovem- Jfceat sabotage to its Ule- TAmuay pipeline system -- jf:running from the Lake Mara- tTcaibo Installations to its re- rsery in Falcon State, scene Til the guerrilla hunt, ejj · · · · fe; CREOLE officials estimat ltd total damage at $5,500. tire customers was its "scant- fly clad waitresses." K L E I N complained to Brooklyn Dist_ Atty. Edward S. Silver, and a grand jury r e t u r n e d the indictment lot his duties, even of a judge,{against Fme and the Brooklyn l " has been reiterated by the w««*iw *- n~~nTM TV.;I«. courts." · · · · THE UNION'S a c t i o n stemmed from a Brooklyn grand fury's indictment oi Arnold Fine, editor of the Brooklyn Daily, a Borough newspaper. If convicted, he could be sentenced to three Engle Tells Concern on Douglas Jobs · t P-T WaikUftn tartaa WASHINGTON -- Sen. Oair Engle. DCalif, said Thursday that the layoffs of ·4.000 workers at the Douglas Aircraft Company's S a n t a orders investigations aimed Monica plant should be a at tracking down sources of matter cf concern to Los An- news stories that officials nc, the publisher. The union's brief, SThey said some 1,200 barrels ·*»* k Pri*» and fined. ·.-i · -· . _ _ · _ _ i · _ _ . _ » . « . _ r"«*^w f»* r*w» r-i*"!/ 1 *»»»«» i« 1i fbl oa was lost because of the Common practice in libel actions is the filing of a crril suit for monetary damages attack on Creole's pipe-J»ther than criminal prosecu «Ene in the area since "" £2 It was the second dyna The dairy last - J a n u a r ; " The sabotage was attribut-j published an editorial criticiz ?5d to members of the under- ing State Supreme Court · pound terrorist Armed Fore- Justice Arthur G. Klein, who »«s of National Liberation'overruled the city's denial o Guerrilla fighters a cabaret license to the Play ·finked with the pro-Castro:boy dub. City license com :group long have been opera-[missioner Bernard J. O'Con ; jive.- in the 3prthwestem '_ fjilcoa state. mountains of nen had denied the license Venezuela's^application on the ground the " . ! dub's main appeal to prospec E A S T E R SPECIALS DRESSES FOR EVERY OCCASION pOAUTT AT IAIGJUK fUCES Corn* [· Bail Lrowi* Araun4 LAtSEST FOHJU.I F1ICEO STOCK tN TOWN STzlt f to SI anj An Half Siti 'I J V* ta es lor?* Al TbtT Cent* ' ' F1ICES Z ?S. US, S «. 7.55 onj «p Oar J I Z - ? 5 Drill 11 Art Ttm£c out SrECIALS ins Polly Petit e Frock Shop 2110 Arinric A».'--OpM tJ« t* 139 Brooklyn Daily, filed ATTRACT PUBLIC ATTENTION T VsJL JLXJLJLJLV^XJLl/ fri */vJ 'News Leaks'. Now Frequent CHARLES W. CORDDRY ficer that contended there i Rusk to McNamara setting the then Navy Underseae- By CHARLES W. CORDDRY WASHINGTON (UPI-- was "oral abuse" cf persons forth certain tentative ideas The govemment_ frequently questioned ia the Senate TFX Wednesday by its counsel, inanuel Redfield, said in part The prosecution of the de- 'endants for publishing de- 'amatory statements concera- ng the conduct of a judica! officer is an interference with the freedom to publish which is protected by the constitution of the United States-"The conclusion is me sea p able that the defendants can-: not be punished for the expression of opinion concern- tog the court's decision or in condemning it, without violating t h e i r constitutional right of expression. "Accordingly, the indictment fails to set forth a crime and should be'dismissed." The brief said the VS. Supreme Court has held that "officials have to learn to beLj e$ o j strong and confident to ^^"·'hjye 24 teract a sensitivity toward 1 geles and California as a whole. j The layoffs, which began in January and by April 15 will have sidelined 6,000 workers, are the result of the Defense Department's decision to scrap the Skybolt missile program. "This kind of overnight unemployment is peculiar to defense industries where the jobs and economic security of thousands of individuals and of whole communities are affected by a single Defense Department decision in Washington," Engle said. "With California so heavily involved ia defense work, i $ essential that we all under stand the problem and be pre- don't like or consider to be witting or unwitting breaches of secrecy. Sometimes as in the present case of the "leaked' document about the TFX air- vinced that the leak" had nvestigation. · · IT CAN be reported that the Air Force appeared not to be distressed about having :o make the investigation. Its leaders seemed to be con- plans controversy, the search attracts public attention. This one reached such proportions that President Ken- 1 nedy told his news conference Wednesday the investigators made a "mistake" In asking high officials whether they would be willing to take lie detector tests. BUT not often does the public learn how such inves tigations turn out Do the; actually unearth culprits who have dispensed annoying clear weapons and bunding gence was unable to Cad the not come from their sen-ice. but from elsewhere in the Defense Department. The inquiry took on large proportions, with more than 120 persons in the Air Force, Navy and McNamara's office interrogated and asked about willingness to take lie detector tests tip to the time Me Namara stopped it all on Wednesday. reducing reliance on nu- Navy' Undersecretary Dan A. KimbaU testified that the office of naval inteffi- up conventional forces. --Disclosure of v a r l o n i military steps under consideration in the 1961 Berlin crisis. --Disclosure' ***** Russia was beginning to "harden* sone missile sites for protection against nuclear bursts. The FBI was called Into the inquiry. McNamara later told source of the attack. -*. Chairman Carl Vinsan. D- Ga, .of. the House · Armed Sen-ices Committee, wjjs not so baffled. He produced an assistant to KimbaQ wbp admitted authorship,' of- the anonymous d o c u m e n t in question. .· * i* Congress about the Soviet move in ''non-secret .testimony. In a different and much celebrated case 14 years ago, there was an anonymous assault en Air Force war concepts a c c o m p a n i e d by charges of political skull- Lt G«n. W. H. Blacchard. duggery ia the B36 bomber- pared to deal with it," he added. Engle said he has received a telegram signed by over 2,000 of the laid-off workers urging that taken to place more work with Douglas Company . at Santa Monica. . , . . ' ' . Engle said that a way must to use ' f criticism." .fense industry of the nation and I think that we can find 1 run H i -----FAMILY VACATIGH? t^m.T.n ·;*% KiiA 'f PlLlulM arxlu t afrSK Firt TIM U63t teurt ~ ~ In L--ajut J*v.-- places for these work." he said. people to formation and are sent to] Siberia for their indiscretion?, Or do they serve mainly to] throw fear into news sources who may differ from other officials about what the pub- lie is entitled to" know?,Or, do they just get nowhere? Many here are wondering how warm the investigators were getting when their Inquiry into the TFX "leak" was halted abruptly fust before Kennedy made his comment. Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara ordered the Air Force to find out who gave a reporter a non-secret memo Air Force inspector-general he probe, now is ;" the material his and win re-| buying program. In the course of a long congressional investigation. Nite School For Dogs LAKEWOOD PLAZA CLASS STARTS APRIL 9 Time ta tr»la these Xma« pupae*. Comet fftes* culiinc* Joe De Beck, Trainer ME 3-3HJ HA JOtll TELL THE PUBLIC about the dance, raffle, or rummage sale through an inexpensive Classified ad. Dial HE 2-5959 today. prepared by an Air Force of- to be seen whether he has discovered what person or what Pentagon agency let loose the document. · · » * THE Kennedy administration has not been backward about ordering investigations aimed at learning the origins of annoying news reports, although it is hardly unique in this. Among major stories that have been investigated were: --Publication m February, 1961, of contents of a memo from Secretary of State Deaa I/ THf AUTO GLASS INSUIANCf CLAIM} K AX CUD 9UICOT DISCOUNT"^ PRICES - V Marine Glass Co. t:art »coi»iuscan st, Cor. Ula Hip'oili Fkodt HE T-74II 'fi S1I FEDEJ-761 BinflsrtJ n " OWNED AXO erturto IT tana unat rtonx GEO. VERMILUON YtrmilLjai'l t Pktrmacv !3« L I. CUPID'S IOVELIEST 12-Diamond Trio COMPARE ot $229JO 65 PC American Dinnerware Service for 8 RICHARD D TEAO HARRY BROWN tritfl n« Ha. I C3I E. C«ru« · AU BNGS ENUBGED TO SHOW DEtAK tta «»o« «9« c t c i « at t* 100% loppy «M tfn I IOTM ·· pay ·· km f»lt. D T.Ot. GoK Q Wklw C«I4 13t-f~mi In* ** tnm TkMtoM c:moi ntral BMT tiM.M Q I lnn Ba. ftir UMS4 iBj.fc1aaYCratl t M.M M ISD.t. Pitata l.t( I n S» Mmrremi ima i EACH rz «-rz« eM»Ma*. Fit fftaffiM rttx tut m »n fart Dom Target lay TKt J3955 £5ft Dinneraart Set Q C*i,v ts sj ireairt Q Sizi UA. D Si** m Ktaat HAWTHORNE al ARTES1A lEDCNOO lIACM-tOVTM »»T UtOrT «O Ct»Tt» e*ta MMAT. TkprUn. FrKar Erai STAN NICKLE:;; EIU PASCHAa PiidiiTTi DnjjT.rt KH1 til AKintTc 3439 Fiaratcy "Good, better, best never let it rest Until the good is better and the better best" Someone asked us: "Why BETTER Pharmacies? Do you think you are belter than oilier drug stores?" The answer is: "We make no comparisons . . . the name was adopted to give u«, as a co-operative group, something to live tip to! The name is an inspiration to management as well as an aspiration to achieve! We do not claim to be IlEST... but we do intend to be BETTER every day in every way! There seems to be in all men a tendency to self- satisfaction. The name "BETTER PHAR3IA- QES" helps keep us on our toes. It spurs us to every effort to improve our service and to build a belter relationship wilh those with whom we do business. And won't you agree that continuing to improve will certainly make us "Better Phar-. macies" ? EOS WILSON - HIRAM GORDON Goro'aA-Waa.aer Pharmacy 1601 Orangt Art. GORDON ALLREO ATIr*j (nil Dreg 2101 f«=3Tc Ara. TtrmTR* narmacy 4r« anj Tamuao Check the Names Here for the Pharmacy Nearest You P A T R O N I Z E Y O U R A N E I G H B O R H O O D P H A R M A C Y 5208 LakeworBlvd. MI 1*737 o«aa mtuon. TtorWrr an frwttt Irminn

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