Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on November 3, 1950 · Page 10
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 10

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1950
Page 10
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Public Resigned To Higher Costs By GEORGE GAIXUF Director, American Institute of Public Opinion 'PRINCETON, N. J., Nov.- 3.--As people go to the polls next Tuesday, the issue of. high prices and inflation is likely, to be one of the paramount issues in their minds. To a very great extent inflationary cycles are the result of public psychology in the sense that if enough people think prices ire going up this fact alone may ielp 'push them up. There is overwhelming evidence today that most Americans do think prices are ;oing still .higher, A' survey on the question finds :hat nearly seven out of every 10 voters believe the cost of most, of the things they, buy w m t, e rent .world and local affairs are greater six months from now. featured at meetings of the Tuc. Lucky Lady's Crew Honored A nonstop-.-round-the-world flight--the first in history--by -14 Davis-Monthan airmen last year earned them one of the top honors in American aviation, officials at .the ' base' announced yesterday. The Mackay trophy for the outstanding achievement in' the Advancement of aeronautics during 1949 will be -presented two members of the crew'of the Lucky Lady II in ceremojiies - a t the Pentago building in Washington. Capt.-James J. Gallagher, th plane's pilot, and Tech. Sgt. Robe: Davis, flight engineer, will receiv the award on, behalf 'of their 1 crewmates, with whom they fle\ around the- world in 94 hours ear] in 1949. Sgt.. Davis has bee ordered to report to Washingto Tuesday. "Begins At Ft Worth . The history-making flight fo which the Lucky Lady and its crev will be honored began at Ft. Worth Tex., Feb. 26, 1949, and terminate there Mar. 2. The huge B bomber was refueled four times 1 its nonstop flight by planes o Davls-Monthan's 43rd aerial refue ing squadron. ·The Mackay trophy has beer awarded outstanding American aviators since 1911, when it wa deeded the National Aeronautic as sociation by .Clarence W. Mackay It is administered by that group and the air force. The first aviator honored with the award was Henry H. (Hap Arnold, who later became air ford commanding general. He received the trophy in 1912 for ji recon naissance flight. Crew's Second Honor' The Mackay trophy is the secont honor the Lucky Lady's crew has received. Last year Maj. , Gen Roger M. Ramey presented al crew members distinguished flying trosses. - · ' . . · . Other crew members who share 1 Ihe new honor are: First,Lt Arthur M. Neal, secon pilot; Capt. James H. Morris/third pUot; Capt. Glenn. E. Hacker, firs navigator, First Lt. Earl L. Rigor second ,,navigator; First'Lt. Roland B. Bonner^-bombardlerr-Tirst it William F. Ghaffrey, radar :officer Capt.-Dayid M.. Parmalee' and Tech. Sgt. Virgil 'L. Young, flighl engineers; Tech. Sgt Burgess G Cantrell and..Staff Sgt Robert Me Elroy, radio' operators;- Staff Sgt Donald G. Traugh Jr., and Tech Sgt. Melvin Davis, gunners. Those who. are still in Tucson Include Rigor, Neal, Bonner, Cantrell, Traugh, Young and both Eavises. The remainder have been transferred to other bases, Capt Gallagher is'now at Ellington field, GiurchToMark Mission Sunday Grace Lutheran church, North First avenue and East' Second street, will observe its annual mission-"Sunday, Nov. 5. Two guest speakers will deliver the day's ser- -mons. Rev. Allyn Schuppenhauer, missionary among the Apache Indians at Bvlas, will preach at 10:45 a. m. and Pastor V. Winter, head of the Lutheran mission among the Span Ish-speaking i n Arizona, will speak at 8 p. m. ·-Grace church will dedicate its new church building Dec. 3. Rev. E. Arnold Site is the pastor. Cotton Queen Is, Picked At U Of A Ellie Tolliver, Marlcopa ball, was named cotton queen of the Univer sity of Arizona Agronomy club at a meeting of the student section held yesterday in -the liberal arts building. Other finalists were Jean Arnold, Yuma, hall; Zeta Hammond Gila hall;. Helen .Wilson, Pimahall and Helen Ann Clark, 'Yavapai hall LaRue Chapman of the agronomy faculty is adviser for the local club. Jury Hearing Damage Suit Testimony ^in a $15,200 damage suit-today continued for a second day ' before Superior Judge J. Mercer Johnson and 'a jury. . The case, which opened yesterday, was expected to reach the jury late today or tomorrow. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Castorino, 1835 E. 18th st, filed the suit against Stanley Ong and Shing P. Lee, doing business as,-the Plaza market, 112 W. Broadway. Four Counts The Castorinos have, filed-four counts against the defendants. They allege false . imprisonment, defamation of character, assault and battery and shock. . The suit is the result of an incident Oct. 9, 1948, at which time the plaintiffs allege they were accused of stealing groceries from the store, held by store employes and threatened- bodily. According to , yesterday's testimony,, the -plaintiffs stated they bought groceries, at another store and-put them in-.a baby, buggy 1 before going.to, the .Plaza market, . * Jurprg Listed , They laid it was these-items they were accused of -stealing. Police they, say, took, them to the ·' first market where -'the merchandise was .identified, as?-'having .been mrchased .there..They never.-were afcen into Custody.. . Jurors hearing the case are Cleahor. M. Bay.liss,.Irene M. -Ruble, Dorothy.E. Smith./JDonald.H. Bell, Elsie M. 'Hamilton, Ray E. Forbes, ?uth D. Kennedy,'Helen . E, Bor- and,,Dell"N:"Stoneback; Marion J. SabatelJo,';-Ruth -B;; Riegel and; Ruth WMtforitzr " · ·' ;'.- THS Club Holds Montjily Debates Forums and discussions on cur G i a n t Plane De P artment Q uick C r a s h Feared GENEVA, Switzerland, Nov. 3. (U.R)--An Air India Constellation reported to be carrying 40 passengers and eight crewmen was overdue here today and feared to have crashed in the alps. The giant luxury liner, flying In Dousing Fire A-fire was extinguished at Pancho's-restaurant, 3364 E. Grant rd., early today by the Catalina fire department, .a private-organization, before flames had a good start. The restaurant was closed at 10 p. m. The fire department received the call about 1:40 a. IE., Chief Earl Ducheney said, from the South Tucson police department. A from Bombay to London, radioed passerby had turned in the alarm, a- 10:43 a.m. (4:43 a.m: EST) that. Ducheney said damage was con- it was over Grenoble in the French fj ne d to a table and smoke smudge Coroner's Jury Rules Death Is Accidental PHOENIX, Nov. 3. (£) -- Lyle Haynes, 38, Scottsdale, died of a head injury received in' an accidental fall, a coroner's jury found here yesterday. · Alvin C. Wels, 31, a part-time em- loye of Haynes, said he gave the man a shove during an argument ind Haynes slipped and fell. Only one in 10 thinks prices -will son High School Debate club, be any lower, while the rest either| Deb ates are held once a month: believe the price level will stay- about the same, or say they don't know. .-' ' Of course, the average American MORTGAGES Low Cort -- Quick SerViee Ufi insnra.cc* money and prJ. rate fund* to purchase, bnild or refinance. Residential and commercial. Conventional or F.HA loant, Metropolitan Realty Co. Ask for Mr. Crady 2525 E. Broadway Dial ME42 has no inside information tin which .o base his fears about prices, and consequently his impressions may turn out to be wholly unjustified. In fact, by imposing recent economic controls, Washington is try- ng to make sure that such fears do not, materialize.' But the existence of these fears is clearly indicated from the following: "Do you think that the prices of most of the things you buy will be higher, lower, or about the same six months from now?" Higher 67% Lower S Same 21 · No opinion 4 100% Ifis interesting to note that only 4 per cent have no opinion on the question of prices -- a n unusually small ratio in a public opinion survey, The pinch of inflation on the pocketbook of the average U. S. family is widespread judging by the results of an earlier survey by the institute in which voters were asked: "Compared with six months ago, would you say you (or your family) were finding it easier, or harder, to make both ends meet?" As reported in October the results were: Easier S% ' Harder"...: :..... 66 ,, . Same 25 Don't-know · , 1 100%' Republicans campaigning for office are hopeful that high living costs and the squeeze of inflation will turn voters away, from the party in power in Washington and result in higher than normal gains for the 'GOP in a midterm election. Material 'is obtained from research in Magazines, newspapers and libraries. Regular. officers will be elected at the first November meeting, according to Miss Fawn Adkins, sponsor. Temporary officers, are 1 Jack Waltuch, president, and Lynne Silvers, secretary. ! To arouse interest, this new) extracurricular club hopes to soon be able to have debates with other, schools. alps.' Hours later nothing more had been heard of it. " Swiss aviation authorities proclaimed a state .of emergency to facilitate the search for the fou.r- engined transport. It was due at Cdintrin airport here at 11:05 a.m. (5:05 a.m. EST). The Constellation had enough gasoline, to stay up for several hours after the scheduled time of arrival-here. But no word came from other airports, in the region that it had landed. It left Cairo at 3:09 a.m. (S:09 p.m. Thursday EST) after a stopover for the leg of the flight ending here. Airport authorities said they understood the big ship carried 40 passengers and eight crewmen. on a wall. He estimated the loss at 350. Some smoke seeped through a door to the adjoining bar, the Spur. Ducheney speculated that the fire originated from a' smoldering cigaret. CALL FLOWERLAND The Leading Nursery, of Tncsori for all your GARDEN needs. Tel. 3-2232 200 South Plnmcr Etttz«t ; Friday Evening, Nov. , 1MO' SALESMAN WANTED Arizona's own low-cost, nonprofit Hospital Benefit Association has an opening for a representative. Hast be neat, hardworking, and furnish good references. Prefer family man; ·« 30 to 40, with sales experience.- Excellent opportunity. W r i t e , .phone, or stop In for employment application. An Interview will then be arranged. · HOSPITAL BENEFEC. ASSOCIATION 706 Valley National Bank Phone S-5391 ERNEST 0. ROBERTS, 1237 E. Linden st.,.was charged with reck-i less driving and. leaving the'scene of an accident today when his case came up' for trial in city court. His case wac continued until Nov. Roberts was arrested at 1:40 p.m. j'esterday at the Wigwam cafe, North First avenue, after police said they had traced his pickup truck. They said they had followed him from an accident at North .First avenue and' East Drachman street. Roberts was arrested on the complaint of C. G. Pahud,'2907 E. 21st st. Pahud said Roberts' truck had collided with his automobile. Deputy'shDriffs aided police in the with Lifetime, Ventilated K O O L V E N T ·AWNINGS^ ·PORCH ROC ·CANOPIES ·DOORWAY COVERINGS FHA FINANCING 30 MONTHS TO PAY 111 J, GO o ALUMINUM AWNINGS 3743 B. Speedway Phone 5-1211 3 · E X C E L S I O R · H O H N E R · A C C O R D I A N A FREE! FREE! FREE! Learn to play a PIANO ACCORDION : \ Absolutely Free Use of a Piano Accordion to Take Home for 30 Days Plus 1 Month's Free-Private lessons in Our New MUSIC CENTER-TONY LOMBARDO Hemember, It Costs You Absolutely Nothing to Enroll For Further Information -- Write or Phone: CHICAGO STORE 105 W. Congress Street Phone 2-1461 815 N. 4th Are. r««r "round heating and cooling Glover-dark, Inc. RE-ELECT About NATOROPATHY and its Practitioners: Writ, for, FREE Copy-ef Health for Yoa fima Counly Natitropathic Physicians Society P.O. Box 2344 r Tucson, Arii. LAMBERT KAUTENBURGER On His Record DEMOCRAT for County Supervisor DISTRICT NO. 2 For Transportation to the Polls Ph. 2-5701 or 2-7554 Chandler Cowboy Wins Steer Wrestling Test "BOSTON, Nov: 3. (/5--Jim Hailey of Chandler, Ariz., won the steer wrestling-contest, during last night's rodeo sessions in the. Boston gar- dsn. His time'was-5.2 seconds. · Another Arizonian, Les Connelly of Benson, placed second, in calf roping with a time of 18.8 seconds. Do ¥00 Knovr .. ? ' PARKER-KERR 215 N. Stone. Ph. 3-2521 Furuisbei « COMPLETE FUNERAL (Including Casket) SI Ail For Only __J: *1UU Safer Cough Relief When new drugs or old fail to stop your cough or chest cold don't delay. Creomulsion contains only safe, helpful, proven ingredients and no nalr- cotics to disturb nature's process. It goes right to the scat oi the trouble to aid nature soothe aod heal raw, tender, inflamed -bronchial membranes. Guaranteed'to please you or druggist refunds money. Creomulsion has stood the test of many millions of users. CREOMULSION n!!fiM -esuJft .CMS '· ItM, PkM»f (mlMOn.. S-Uifc. IU.. OMta. Mttr.. ·« OriMH. « - i f f / . In dim-lighted bars do things happen that arouse neighbor hood resentment? Con it be the 25 deaths and 700 injuries on Arizona highways monthlv? could be the number of barroom murders. ny sales to teen-age lxys and girls, ^sphere of a barroom encourage gambling? lances and other amusements? ,ed by the 23 per cent increo$* fn drynk by the huge police and charity costs due ·ecause protests against the planting of new barroom* fcve so futile? they resent being disfranchised regarding this most serious local problem? . Are they fed up with the influence liquor has over th« Legislature and the State Fair? We challenge the liquor industry to explain why local option can mean prohibition in even one Arizona precinct. 38 STATES CAN'T BE WRONG Thirty-eight states, with 85 per cent of the 'nation's people, hove Local, Option. Some hove had it for 100 years. No other method of dealing with the liquor problem has been so thoroughly tried, nor provdn so satisfactory. Thirty-eight States cannot be wrong. : · · ' ' ; " . - ·'" ' f Restore democracy to Arizoha. ! ^ ' i V O T E 3 0 6 Y E S EHii VV ' Storing, pro.; /oicph $ Jorvii, vice prci.; Gordon H. Jomei,' scf : C S Phillipj, lieo« , Milton L. Ollcrton, offy., t.bf ' ARIZONA TEMPERANCE ASSN. M| J 604 West Von Buren, Phoenix

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