Independent from Long Beach, California on March 16, 1966 · Page 10
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 10

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1966
Page 10
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DEAR ABBY Family By ABIGAIL VAN BUS£N DEAR ABBY: I am going to be married this summer and 1 have asked my i win- mate to be my maid of honor. (I am away at college.) She isn't a "n«w" frttnd, Abby. we have gone( all thru school i t o g e t h e r , ij wrote my *ls-{ ter, who it 2l years younger t h a n I am,s asking her tof be a bridts-i maid. Here isj part of a let-l ter I j u s t re ABBY peace s hould MM., *Mr. Mb 1-7 ceived from my mother: (Quote.) "Marilyn. 1 am not Ruing to say anything about your choice of maid of honor, except thie: Your sister i very hurt «nd I dcn't blame her. You will have many friends in your life, but only one sister. Think it over." (End of quote.) Now I am really in a fix. How can I explain to my friend that she can't be my maid of honor after she already accepted? I really WANT her to be it, but I'm afraid if I don't have my sister it will cause permanent hard feelings in my family, and I don't want that either. Can you help me make a choice?--IN A FIX. DEAR IN: You know your family better titan I do; to If you fear that "permanent hard feeilngi" will result should you choose y o u r friend fgr maid of honor, ask your sister. Explain your predicament to your friend. She will probably be much more understanding t h a n your sister. DEAR ABBY: I don't know why that wife is making: such a big thing over wush-| prevai ing her husband's b a c k . , Every man likes to be spoiled a little. Take mine. I serve him martinis while I give him a h a i r c u t . -EUNICE. DEAR EUNICE: W a l l , your husband Is on* man who wont have to look for a bartender to tell his troubles to. CONFIDENTIALLY TO, "PROVED MY LOVE" in CLARKSBUDG.V/.VA.: You paid dearly far yoer Isssoa. If he eoaats near you afai*. can tht police. Or to you want to try f Of two? JIMII REDUCING SALON 21 VWn -- SUM HO CONTMCT* THE ZEISLER FACIAL EXERCISER "fw I«W KM tri *MM" ·urns. sun. SUM nun FtM D«NMrsH(s--fn* tMIM It AliHltM ATim-HI I-MTI Oswald Jacoby Trick one is spot to think --SIM PIMM kr KINT HENDERSON Taking a look back Sixteenth anniversary of Long Beach Chapter 21, American Society of Women Accountants, was marked by a dinner at Puccinis' honoring the club's five charter members. Among special guests were Estelle Davis (left), charter member; Eva Davis, current president; and Alberta Crary, president of the Los Angeles group which chartered the Long Beach Chapter in March, 1950. I US? The men in my life-by Sophia Loren CARLO PONTI: "He shaped the development of my personality and tastes." CART BRANT: "I knew he loved me, and that, if-I chose to, I could marry him." SINATRA: "He completely upset my preconceptions." MASTROIANN": "A magnificent performer who tends to be lazy."... And many more candid 'reminiscences by Sophia Loren. Exclusive, in the April JOURNAL Does your family spend too much? "We're not going to sit home putting every penny into a jar," says Joe Simchowitz, whose family can't make ends meet- on $23,000 a year! In the .new'JOURNAL'S "How America Lives" report, John Gunther analyzes the case histories of families caught in the spending trap. And tells why "almost all of us are guilty of at least some overspending." Do blondes really have more appeal? Do they have an edge with men? What's the one very special distinction they do have? Is there really a -'blonde personality"? In '.the April JOURNAL, five 'successful women tell ·Whatit meansto be blonde . . ALSO, an April Book Bonus: Rumer Godden's "The Kitchen Madonna," WallpaperWhizz-ardry. V e r m o n t Y e a r - R o u n d Cook Book, Coping with Temper Tantrums, Amy Vandfirbilt on etiquette... and more! -J0URNAC · 4 CUHTIt PUBLICATION · NOW ON I Rick Rackers note annual dinner date Oswald shows Jim the North and South cards and asks, "How do you plan your play at six spades after West opens the queen of hearts?" Jim: "You've really given me a tough one. I have possible plays in every suit but clubs. I start by thinking along the lines of the code word Arch. Analysis of the lead indicates that it is NOftTB (D) H A S S V A K I 4 2 4 A Q J J # Q J WEST EAST *K A J 1 0 6 V Q J U I » 5 3 · K S S S « 1 0 7 S 4 J I I S + 1 0 J 7 4 2 mom 4 A Q M T 4 Z probably a four or five card heart suit since he would not lead a shorter suit after hearts have been rebid, so my first step is to abandon the idea of trying to break the hearts 3-3 to set up a diamond discard. REVIEW of the bidding tells me nothing. The opponents did not bid. Count of the losers shows one possible loser in diamonds and two possible losers in trumps. If I have to lose a diamond I must play the trumps for no losers which means taking a trump finesse and finding two trumps in each hand. If I don't have to loje a diamond I can afford onej trump loser which means that the correct play will be to play my ace of hearts to see if I can drop the singleton king. If I don't drop the singleton king I go back to dummy and lead tov ^rd my queen. After all this preliminary thought I decide that the best play will be to test the diamonds first. I come to my hand with a club snd try the diamond finesse. Does it work?" Oswald: "Yes." Jim: "Then I lead a trump to my ace." "You drop the singleton king and the rest is just picking up the marbles." Advisory committee and sponsors of Rick Rackers, Junior Auxiliary of Assistance League of Long Beach, will be honored Wednesday at a dinner party in League House. Before the traditional event, Mrs. David Tallichet, Rick Racker chairman, and her husband will entertain guests in their home. Advisory committee members and their wives to be honored are Dr. and Mrs. George Paap, Messrs, and Mmes. Malcolm Epley, Norman Jaques, Don McClure and Reed Williams. SPONSORS are: Mrs. Melvin Campbell, Dr. and Mrs. Mark Kuffel, Dr. and Mrs. Don Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. John W. Brooks and Mr. and Mrs. William R. Crail. Assisting Mrs. Tallichet as hostesses will be members of Rick Rackers governing body: Mmes. Richard Miller, Joseph Whisenant, Don G. Gill, Malcolm M. Lucas, Hunter L. Richmond, Jack S. Stanley, Dale Drum, David Berg, Richard SuK- man, John M. Nisbet and Kenneth S. Wing Jr. · 14 *AK Both vulnerable North last Seatk I V P.S. 1 * Pus 2 * Pan 3* Pus 4* Pan 5* Pw I V Pan « * Pan Paw Pan Optninf lead--V Q. Amiling Child Violin Virluoio ENDRE BALOGH Coming MARCH 20th--2:30 P.M. OJVE PERFOBMANCE ONLY! Long Btaeh Municipal Auditorium (Concert Hall) TICKETS $2.50, $1.50 i SPECIAL RATES FOR SENIOR CITIZWIS ft *»r «««r»oH«n« Humplirty'i Mult --HE 7-371* FUR SALE OFF SEASON PRICES FANTASTIC SAVINGS A Bit O'the Irish Van de Kamps Quite a bit: four delicious bakery treats- specially prepared for the Irish-specially priced for the Scots. Join the celebration! Everybody's Irish for St. Pat. Especially the D u t c h b a k e r s at Van de K a m p ' s . Van de Kamp's featured bread of the week: IRISH OATMEAL BREAD--made with oatmeal flour imported directly from Ireland. Fine Assorted Chocolates, 2 Ib. (Reg. $2.89) *2.59 1 Ib. Milk, Dark or Assorted (Reg. $1.49) *1.30 Special Savings featured through Thursday, March 17 Mk. AND MRS. HENRY AHRENS Couple to celebrate golden wedding date Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ahrens, 2259 E u c a l y p t u s Ave., will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary Sunday at an open house gathering from 1 to 3 p.m. in their home. Married March 21, 1916, in Milwaukee, Wis., the Ahrenses are parents of a d a u g h t e r , Mrs. Robert Haehle, Long Beach, and grandparents of Henry Horvath and Mrs. Harvey Stock- children, Robin and Rex Stockham, Long Beach. ACME MATTRESS FACTORY RENTS ST. PATRICK'S CUP CAKES -- two kinds in each package: gold and milk chocolate cake. Both covered with creamy green icing and topped by candy Irish hats, harps, pipes and shamrocks. Pkg. of 6 (45* value) 39C ROLL-AWAY · EDS MANUALLY ADJUSTABLE HOSPITAL BEDS SELECT-A-REST ELECTRIC CONTROL IED 30"*. ham, Long Beach. F|ri( mlWt rw|1| ^^ Mr. Ahrens retired 18!S!£ ,J R ^ E£W. D , years ago as the owner of a sheet metal business in Mil-. vvaukee. He and Mrs. Ahrensi J A N T A AMA ,,, ).4 7 ) t have lived in Long Beach «iiLHOW,l» «S-lfI! for 16 years. I 3415 E. ANAHEIM ST. Among the 25 guests in-i LONG BEACH vited to the event will be the couple's great-grand- 438-9451 411 W. 5th St., Sont* AM Lafayette Hotel PROUDLY PRESENTS Luncheon Show NEDRA SCOn Models Ftihioni SKown from Loading Shops in Aro« WEDNESDAYS 12:30 to 1:30 CAPI LAPAYim Iroodwoy a* Lindon D»wn«cwii Un( |M*)I MINT CHOCOLATE CAKE--rich chocolate devil's food cake, four layers tall. Creamy icing between each layer. Covered all over with an appropriate -- and delicious -mint green frosting. Sided with chocolate candies. ($1.29 value) $1.09 Half Cake 59* SHAMROCK PASTRIES -- tender sponge cakes with a smooth butter- cream filling. Each covered with creamy white icing, and crowned with a green candy shamrock. We call them our 'Patty' Fours. Pkg. of 4 (45* value) 39C Van de Kumps V B A K E R I E S · SHAMROCK BUTTER COOKIES--shaped to biing a smile to Irish c;ycs. Baked to a tender perfection. Speckled all over w i t h green candy dots. Pkg. of-in (45* value) 39C ® LOOK PO* THI BLUK WINDMILL AT SELECTED MARKET*

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