The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 27, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 27, 1920
Page 3
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS CHURCH CIRCLES -„-. Si £ •: .'• .PRESBYTERIAlSr i -Sa'bbath -school; •' : 9:30. : ^Morning" .worship, 10:45. -Prof. G.'.W.: Smith' ,wtll speak. Christian.Endeavor 6:30. All young people' should -be' present. ; jEveniiig-worship," 7;gDT "IFrof. E. G. ibentz -will speak. ' . , . 'i CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CHURCH FIRST jyiETHODlST CHURCH A. C. Geyer, Pastor Sunday school, 9:30. a. iri. Louis Rcnfro superintendent. . Services of worship at 10:45 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Morning topic "The Great Decision." Evening topic, "The Togethers of the Gospel:" Junior. League at' 2:30 p. in. ^Miss , McGuire, superintendent'. • Epworth League at 6:30 p. m.. Miss Goings, president. Topic "Our Country's Nctfd of Christ," -w.hich *s an appealing topic. , Our faithful choir is" making persistent preparations for a...beautiful Easter Cantata, to be rendered-at 5 p. m. Easter Sunday. The choir of the Methodist choir, 'assisted by an orchestra of six pieces will present; "The Easter King" and an Ka-ster cantata' by Eloris, -at 5 ;o'clock on Easter Sunday afternbqnr (Director Mrs. Louis Hills accompan- ! ,ied by Airs. Eoss .Ihornpson. - Corner of South Normal -Ave. and" West ;Elm Sf. ' ' Sunday 'school 9:30 a. m. — •Sunday morning—-scrvice 10:45. Wednesday -evening service 7:45. Subject for the Sunday service: "Reality;" The free reading ^om and -circulating library is open every Wcd- Inesday, and Saturday-\from 2 to 4 ' p. m. Authorized literature is .- for loan and for sale. All are cordially welcome. CHRISTIAN FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH J. W..Merrill, Pastor 9:30_ Sunday School.—•• 30:45 Morning worship. '.'The Pai-able of the Talents" . will be the subject of the pastor's sermon. 2:00 Juniors. Mrs;?Stewart Chandler, Superintendent, i 6:4$ Senior and -High School b. Y. P: U. Meetings. 7:30 Evening- Worship. Subject "The Pull 'of a New Vision." "Come thoii with us and we will do thee good." (Every member, of our 4'5(A enrollment is especially invited to be present tomorrow. First, because the young-people who 'attended-the Older -.Young People's conference rwffl. -tell .you about .it, and second, every man and woman in the city as happier •because there is*-a, Bible school and la church to tell of '.the bast things '.and to make safe our homes. .We <are jnaifcinjr history for the cause of Christ in Car.bon.dale. j ;iEvery member'' of t!*e church is | called upon .to serve for the Christ I in this hour of -advance. I' iConimun-ion worship .at 10:46. We ; desire the fellowship of every mem- , 'her of the church at this sacred hour. To remember the Lord. The .Christian Endeavor meets at , 6:30. This is a very important meeting 'to the young people. It is their, meeting. \ •.'. 'Evening: service at 7:80. We are , asking that ithe merabcrs ' make~tfts an evangelistie\service and that every member anake it part of your Lord's day .program to be present and ' 'bring some other person. , JERUSALEM March 24. We are having* lots of- rain and bad .i-oads. • . SCueial Stearns has . soW his farm •to iDr. ..Clau-d -Steams. •Harry Fuller has sold his farm to Jjiaeian Sfearns. •Mesdames <rttie and Lelia Norton spent Friday with- Mrs. Onlena Nobel. ;0ran Puller has bought Mrs. Albert Sexton's place. . Mrs. Ida s N-pbel spent Wednesday; •wita her sister, Mrs. ; Mary.' Guinn. : ATill Jackson _ speat tlie- latter parh «f the week .at Carbondale. ETjVI. Guinn sold his span of mules . and bought a new 'Span. Forest Wilmouth .resigned] as 1 teacher at Macedonia Tuesday. . Wilson Wilriibuth as on the sick' list. •••We now have -.a settlement phone •line extending from Wilson Willmouth's to Jake Kraft's at Eattle-,. ,.-snake. The had a mee't- dng Thursday. Mrs. Edna Ncftel called on Mrs. OOrlena -Nobel Tuesday evening. Mr. ar.d" Mrs. -Paul Norton, Mr. and Mrs. -Albert Nipper sp^ent Sunday at Wilson Wilhnouth's. Master John Pirtle had^ a ibirthday last Sunday, be-ing 7 years old. of iCarbon.dale attended the Farmers' Institute in -Anna Tuesday. . Mrs. John Buck -died at Marion Sunday. The body was brought here '.Tuesday and interred in iCohden cemetery. She -leaves a husband 'and fou-r ^children-. . IJbnal-d Conrad, the youngest son of -Mr. and Mrs.' Harry Sweitzer, died j .Friday, .March 5, aged 2 years. The ; child contracted the flu which later developed into pneumonia. He leaves .his .parents, six brothers .arid one sis- jter; The -funeral services -were conducted Monday afternoon at St. Joseph's church 'by Rev. Fischer, In- .terment iri the Catholic cemetery. COBDEN March 23. Mr. liayburn of Mai-ion was a business caller in Cobden. one day the ^as't week. • . •Mrs. Will Jungers still remains. ,seriously ill -at her home. . ; Mrs.,-Lucia -Evans of .Grand Tower v s'pent several days here ithe guest jof- Relatives. ', Edgar Davie, editor -of -the Anna. - Talk, was a 'business visitor here Fri• day afternoon. •Mrs. Addie R^hinehart of Don&ola .was in Uoibden Thursday. . . Qliss lloe of Pinekneyville is; here- Jor -several days' visit .with friends. . -Mrs. Thos. Ragsdale was called to. ' Carlbonclale {Monday on account of her little (,^-anddaughiter, who is seri- otisy ill. . , / -Mrs.'J. N. .Fitch and Miss Bryden When the-body begins to stiffen. and movement becomes pain'fal it 13 usually an indication that the: kidneys !are put.of order. .Keep' these -organs " healthy by taking! PLEASANT GROVE March 15. Mrs. Mike iDillinger -and daughter Irone of -Ca-rbondale spent Saturday •night and Sunday at John Henry's, : .. (Miss. _Flossie Bock is .working at -the garment factory in Carbondale. r W. A. PaiTish 'and family of New Era and Hugh PaiTish .and. family >were .guests of-Mr. -and Mrs. F. P. i Parrish Sunday! . Mr. and M-rs. John -Waller entertained-their .children and -grandchildren at dinner 'Sunday in'honor of Mrs. Louie Waller of F.r.uitland,"Ida. •Several from here atten'ded -the '-Adam Hamman sale Thursday. •George McCos-key and d'aughter Edwinna of Murphy-sboro visited his mothei-^Mrs. -Mildred McCoskey, -Sun,day aii.ernoon. •-. .•Miss A'ddie Phi.fer -and Andrew 1 ..Richrock were in ..Murphy-sboro S:at- 1 .ui'day .-William Ethei-ton Si., who has h.een seriously ill for several weeks, is not so we.H. Miss Jennie Hughes 'and Philip | Allen were elected delegates to the j;boys and girls" .conference to be held .in Carbondale the 17-th -an.d l^ifh. Jacob JTeininger of fll-urphysboro was a business ^visitor at Will Waller's (Tuesday avenin'g. SVlrs. ,0rman Applegate and children have the measles. SHILpH March 21, 1920 James Whitaker of near Anna visited at N. M. Aldridge's Sunday. Bert Casper made a business trip to Anna Saturday afternoon. Sunday school was reorganized at this place Sunday. Rev. M. F. Kennedy held preaching services also. -DeWitt Cast of Bcnton is visiting his- father who has been sick with the flu. I • . E. E. Ballard, teacher of Sifford school, attended the teachers' meeting in Anna Saturday. TChe world's standard remedy for kidney>: liver, bladder and uric acid "troubles. Famous since\I696. Take regularly and iceep in good health. ~Ih three sizes, all druggists. Guaranteed as represented. Look for tbe name Gol»i Modal on every box M1KTHDAY PARTY Mrs. C. T. Hughes er.-teiteined ^ company of little folks at her^home on South-Marion street Thursday aft.. e .™ honor of the third birthday of her liftle daughter, Lula. 'Refreshments wire served. . MAY LOS Backwardness of;'-Southern Illinois May Cause Auto Travel To Go Down Thru Indiana Instead of. Illinois. Must Rush Roads In This. Section. ^Because of .the backwardness of the State of Illinois . in building hard roads, Evansville, Ind., is likely to enjoy the distinction of being gthe crossing for -the. north and; south continental line stead of Cairo says the Cairo Citizen. This will mean that instead of all through motor travel going ovcri the whole .length of Illinois, and ( seeing what fine rich farms and I wonderful orchards exist in Egypt! all of this .' travel wil : be ^diverted 'down through "Indiana, to the benefit of the Hoosier .state. Illinois Worked Against Egypt . And the State of Illinois has been a party to this by .building . as one of the first federal aid roadh a IMe £foili Chicago down to Dan- vile, to connect with one running off iiito Indiana, while .breaking its. promise to build the next federal aid road from. Vamlalia to Cairo. The City of Cairo has just 'received an invitation .from the .Automobile Club of Evansville inviting the city to send representatives to an Interstate Good Roads meeting to be held there on April 22, the purpose of which- is to create sentiment for a trans-continental route through Evansville from Chicago? and Detroit to the south and south-; west. And. they have the boldness |" not to say the nerve, to ask Cairo j and the people of Illinois to JoTuf in the movement, having extended; an invitation to Gov. Lowcten toj speak at a ^banquet to be held during the gathering. State Broke Its Promise It was at a Good Roads meeting' in Cajbondale on June 13 last tliacj Director Frank I. Bennett of the State Department of Public Works; made the direct ''promise that, t'ne| next federal aid road would bej built from Vahdalia to Cairo and| that work would b.c statrt'cid on it; last fall. What came up to switch I the Southern Illinois road from a.! federal, aid to a bond issue roadj and then defer it indefinitely is an-j other story. But Mr. Bennett stat-j eel to Cairoites at that meeting "wej hope to have dirt flying this fall| on the. federal aid road to Cairo.! We will begin at a point six miles! north of Cairo and will work ^oth ways. The road will be a concrete- road as we.are not building gravel, roads." , I At the same meeting Mr. Ben-' nctt from the-platform of the acini-: torium at Carbondale tokl tl'a I Illinois Hard Roads '! ciation that .the next federal ?.;ci- road would be built on the line of, the third principal meridian,, and would start at the Cairo end and go as far as Vandalia. Federal Aid Money Available In the opinion of those'who. have kept up with road 'building, there arc still funds available in the federal aid fund, and this promise ofi Director Bennett can still be kept,! it the people of Southern Illinois | will insist upon it. It is tire program of building bond issue roads that has been abandoned, becausr of many reasons among, them the! condition of the bond manket. If the Illinois Highway Department is interested in the development of Southern Illinois and wants to have through motor tourists the whole length of the State from Ch-.- cago to Cairo on their .way soutfi, instead of going from Chicago to' Danville and then off'into Indians*,' they wilt keep their premise made- last'year and build this federal aid road while they are waiting a more favorable time to resume their bond issue program. / People of Southern ( Illinois who are not asleep should get together at once and insist upon this federaT aid road being built this' year. It the State only furnishes half of the cost it will be w*rth the investment even if the price is high. Hgypt has been neglected in the building of hard roads -f!y the State. It is about time that something .-is .done for this part of Illindis in.the,; .opinion of people who live south'-of Springfield an'd' East St. Louis. •- M:P.R : E' FOR P.ULLMAN BERTHS Interstate Commerce Commission Grants Permission to Fiie<'r§pecial .' Tariff's--f or' Sleeper!. '•"•'•' •• • Washington;: March" 24.—Permission hns been grunted .the Enlljnan. cow- pnny by the Interstate toinraerce commission to "file special tariff's increasing both rates .approximately 720 pel' cent. ' ' " / .-••.- ( The company is seeking an Increase on, standard lower berths to a min-. Imnin of $2'and ou seats to a.mir.iinuin of 50 cents. . • •;: •Under the commission's rule's protests may be lodged against;, the 'in-, crease within thirty'clays-uml'hearing then will, b,e held. IE no protests are rnado the commission may grant the Increase. ' ' ' l HANGED DATAFTER CAPTURE Texas Negro Caught Monday Is'Pub- . licly and Legally .Executed the • Following Day. . ?:m Augustine, Tex., -.-March 24.— John Hiioil Price; .n negro was jmblicly execute'ii liere for 'tlio murder of .Tqhn D. Kennedy, a white • farmer fo-ui^l sliut to death fn his home last, week. Price was 'captured late. Monday unjj tried at a. specinl .court .session at nine .o'clock »t' .night, the .grand jury -having convened .specially in. the evening to. return -nn indictment. Two thousand .persons saw the hanging. GUARD JUDGES mi-i »»in IRELAND LOOK OVER Raymond IJagler and Commissioners Patterson and ' CraMel-'Looked 'At-jQak- land -Cemetery 'Sites for' •MaQsdleum for FOR SALE—Five room house. Telephone 466-K. M23~5t .. / - Cash In Advance. One month, per word . .*. ........ 1C One week, per word ........... ..03 One- insertion, -per word ....... -.i.01' ' • LOSI LOST — Between. Oak street and Earth -Theatre, on down town street, cameo pin. Call -166. hreo insertions,' per word ."; .....02, WANTED. WANTED—Houseni others, State Commissioners James A. Patterson and J. W. Crandel with, Raymond Hagle'r" of' Mur'physboro, made an inspection .of : the sites around Oakland .cemetery Jn view of building a mausojeum for Carbondale. . : Th csitc for the mausoleum is" one of the first things to be coi>-- sidcred s ih connection with the erection of such a structure T - -- ' - lieved a favorable The' dec Training- School for jGirls, Geneva,Illinois. Knowledge of pl'aSn. sewing, cooking .and gbneral house-keeping required. Address Dr. .Clara E. Hayes. ; —' Teamster. Apply Sttftlar's..lumber'd. m27-3t ifft - .wiring, /repairing, gtc. Ectc'es r.easona:-ble. Call- 4931£ and estimates will be furnished gladly.—iWil'lis Bowers.. m27. ••WANTED:—Young "men and .girls for factory work. Experience 'not required. Goo'd'e's. ^Tine-hour day LO§T—Between Oak street and Barth' Theatre, on down town street;, cameo pin: 'Call Mrs/E. B; Eckhard. General Hp»cl«l attention • K«a« 8»d Throat ataaMc^ittod Phontt: Raaldence ,330-2, Offte* S3S-1 • » & BRADLEY " 'Attorney* »t L»w . " i Phone 2SZ K Sulta 112-118 New Hamilton Bulldfnfl, ' DELIA CAIJJWELL,, M. D, .211' Main . It is be- —; _ i ' • 'ed a favorable . site will- be! WANfl£D—Married man aged 23 to 'he 1 size-of the mausoleum is 1101 40, by i a v ge Eastern Life Ins:, Co.. idcd .upon this .early, when on- collecting and soliciting. Salary and ly prospects of ..'-uch is being con- sider.ed . Ten.tatixe plans, howevei-, would have /it contain abput cripts. • It will be constructed 111. Justices Taken to Court in Armored /; Cars Surrounded -by .PoMce and Infantry. Dublin, i March 24.—Armoi.-erl cars,'police with dnnvn swords, and a fnntry Rtiiu-rl wearing helmets 'escorted ,1'uilL'ps of the Assizes court at Gnhvuy to tlie courthouse. M23—6: -_' 'i .300- 3tone and will probably be 25 by p feet. ' ' ..'' " ; The commissioners expect to in- .yestigate as to a possible .ducts. Wa'uInV gooIs^knWlver^ - ocahpn of -the proposed_ niausp- where Big profits. Write today.' Wat-' leum. Tliey will report their find- '-•-- " ' • . .. ings at the next "meeting olS the city council. Every feature in 'con- One justice in nection with the ^mausoleum will be" ; addressing the grand -jury, snirt tlierp • g °" c -'" to - ver y c^efu.Uy by the' ' city officials; --Favorable expressions have been hcacd_.frfcm "many lliartcrs .in -regard .to the proposed lincl been -four murders, two robberies with arms nn'd many other crimps, K-.itli UK .sliootinsf..iu .the lioiuse sinco the last ussIzesV The Tippecary urhiiri I mausoleum. district council h;is ailoptecl rt'^oUi- tion coniUMiiniuK tlio tn-urder ot Thoni- ns JlayCurtriin; lofd nuiyo'r of Cork. ' PLAN RECOUNT Arrangements Made for Check of Ballots in '. Ford-Newberfy . Sen- 1 ' atorial Elebtipn. Washington,. Jforch ' 24.— Arrnnge- monts were ninde for a recount of ballots in the Forrt-Nowberr'y senatorial election in Michigan by:u;siib-conimit- tne of the senate privileges -anti elections coinmittce. 'CpnsUlerable time was consumed by the sub-committee, oC which".- Sonntor Watson |(ORep.) of Indiana is, ohainiian,-. irystsUusting tlio oxpensos to 'the task 'of tabulating about 40,000 ballots cast in the elghty- t\vo Jlicliigan eotmties. . . . ten hours -pay.—The Oliver pmc« Houro—3to iu«iM.;.2.te4.?,« i writer Company, Woodstock, 111 " ~— '"'•"'"— -r — '• 1 - ' ' m .2itf - CARBOBTHALE CANJ&Y .- ••<'•• KITCHEN"- : - •: <-!omc Made Candies and ice, Cna>a ; '-Telaphon* 344 ¥ Telephone No. 159" • .. -JESSE HAYES All Kinds of Moving and Transfer .''•'. Work. 7H. ,O, HALL & CO. FEED, COAL'AND POULTRY SUPPLIES Phone 233 d 'i sioii. Chance for promotion.! Work .in Carbondale. Add ress E. M'.- Warren,; Assistant S'upt., Room ,1, Borger Hardy Bldgv, Murphysboro' -— iWANTED-j-Latiy or gentelmin in) Carbonda'e for Watkins Eamous Pro-' , kins Company 51, Winona,' K(i FOR RENT. .' (FOR KENT—iFuraJsh.ed. , room, WT'A. BRANDOISf, M. D. GENERAUJ».RAQT1CE AND TH» Eyes Toetod Modem. Gentlem'an preferred. 210 ! Vlrolnla Bldo t Hospital Drive. " Telephone .69. m27-6J- 1^. Giacsec Fittest Cirbortda!*, 515. DRURY FOR REXT-Furnished room. Mod-! . DR. H. H. ROTH " em. Gentleman • preferred. 210 j. Praoticexlimited to Diseases of .Hospital Drive. Telephone 69. EYE, NOSE, -EAR and THROAT M26-6t .0. S» BEYER, JR, ' March. 23, 1920. Church and Sunday school were, well attended Sunday, and Sundav night. Mrs. Florence Holliday'and, children are spending a few days 'at her' mother's.. Mrs. Lewis Chapman and Mrs. Jennie Hnlsey .spent **" on day .last week with Mrs. .-Mary Troutman.' : Several from here attended the saie of Mrs. Archie Joje.s' l^st week. Rudie Holland moved. Tuesday- .Cha to RENT— 3 'connected rooms,j good location, furnished or' un- j furnished. Inquire at Fox Drtig Co., Plione 276. M22—of "FORTIENT—Ewe furnished -rooms. Modem. 400 West Oak St. '• •FOB RENT—Two rront rooms ov« Stvle Shop, for office or sleeping rooms Apply Mlse Rieth, Normal and Monrb* St. • ';' '"" FOR RENT—Farm, 40 acres, east ol ! Rcnd.l7man l •farm'.Tvhcrc' Cai ' bontlale ' S°° a 'orchard ^and flue e expects to make a crop for. h Ralph Brandon Mr. and Mrs. John '-Killer spent Sunday at Rudie Holland's. Several of the neighbors- took dinner at Jas. Holiday's - Sunday.- Thurman Foster sold some hogs to Ralph 'Brandon Saturday. The Dairy church will server' -,,,,,, lunch at the sa,lc .of Joe Trout-man's 1 f ' _,. .April. 1, for the - benefit of thcgZ; Church. Everybody invited to . come. l.' rew> - ^ Mr. Troutman is. going to- move to! .'.:'. Colorado. > • . .:.'•< We have had some high water 1 place for cantaloupes. Also' grair crops. Reasonable terms to reliable p^rty. Apply Miss Maggie Rieth. FOR RENT— Storage iorhouBehoU goods, in the one story brick building, cement floors, on alley back ' of Barth Theatr;. Apply Miss Rieth. FOR SALE." a 1 8 volte.- • May bc-seen at ™ 8ll0e ho ^ ital; Good as this -week. SALE—Several hundred dirt, cheap. Plione 59, or 16*3—W' j Sam G. Hill. ' V ' M24—21 F ° K - SALE —Restaurant. v Good' TO BAR .GERMANS FIVE YEARS-^0* for busine™^ ^ v . - * ' ! -tovfli. Bargain if sold at once! Government of India Issues Ord.e ; r! ply comer 12th "' •- Prohibiting 'Their Entrance—State I •' Department Gets News. ' The famous' congressional card index of tlie National Woman's party is' to Imve Its counterpart in the Plumb Plan leu.gue. 0. S.-Beyer, Jr.,' former-1}'. In the"'war ••department and'before that a iTiilWiiy engineer and economist, is -to -haye charge of this and other j-ose:ircli work'as head of .the league's ..research bureau. and other ;Oyer Wooiworth S.tor;, -Murphysbero, 111. LAj^KA E..SWARTZ OST^OP,ATHIC P : HY.ilC;!AN "^ . J ••" " J . . s Chronic Diseases a Spaclaity Office In -Laudor-.NIchc!* BIdg. ,-W. W. HAMIJLTQN Goal and Ice MACKEY' COAL OFFICE Phone 204 DR. J. W. BARROW .NEW HAMILTON BUILDtNU H«ur», • to' 11 A. M. and 2 to 8 P. Ml .. PHONE SB Vlrflnl* aulldlne ECONOMY COAL YARD , J. B, WOOD*, PROP. Washed Nut, Egg End Lump - Phone 149 K. HENRY BAIN TRANSFER GET OUR PRICES ~ Phone "342 ~K DoRiestit Scien.ce Club Entertains Husbands S35SSSS The Uom?stic Science Club entertained .their husbands at 7 - o'clock .dinner ait .the !i,onie of Prof, and lfc. ment of Incliji has-issued mi order jiiro-' furb.,,..:.,,,",.-, , , .- ... hlbltlng the entrance of Germans into - ! , D -'"."'° amri1al s. List what you! W. A.' -Furr Thurscfay evening. Ea=- Indla for u po'rjod of live .years from i a ?'° l . us . stati "S your lowest ter flowers were used for decoration-:, the sigiiing of the ' Versailles ' treaty, i P nccs °" hlrsc lot 'shipnicnts. The) This is an annual affair and is much Consnr General Smith at'cutta ,rio-i.? ur & Specialty. Farming .Co., 515- enjoyed by the .members of the cluo tiflea-tto^ta^doparhi.ent;-' •" ' = j M7 W. p. AVC-> Fargo _ ^ ^ | ar,d'their :',usbands. -About fifty at- -M19.—Inio.' tended-the dinner Thursday evening^. I Manning Hays of Eldorado, Ark., who h'3s been visiting relatives arid | friends here, has returned home,- ' | Newlyweds- Lost in Dense Maine Woods Lenox, Mass.—A story of how Mr. and Mrs. Adelbert I. Newton were lost in the northern waste of tlie Maine .woods and wandered about for four, days without shelter or foqd v,'as revealed In a letter from Mr. Newton. ' '• The Newtous were married in Exeter,. N. H. Both loving the wilds, they. went .into tlie. .Maine woods for thqir lioueymoqn. From a camp they started for a walk and lost their way. They were without a compass 'dn'd followed, a moose trail which led them'suvay'.frqiii aii.fiuman'habi- .tntion. :--.-•-: ^ •- - -_ -. , locate tlieit.canip : pr n qftbiii they' -passed i 'nights out''of Ooo'rs, subsistiuff' on' dried berries. Finally'.ther canie oiit on a streiini _and. follqwed It to a hunting;'lodge. ;* ;: ' '•'-~ '•' ~ ' Spripg Is, Almost Here au-. -according to the calendar—if not really -in ' the Hadn't you better 'be -thinking about what', you're going to wear in the. way'of a Spring Suit?' Tom, Dick. Harry and all your "old friends will soon blossom -out . in' new clothes, so !TJEE A TRAILER but get-busy and .order yours today. Remember that our'woolens are REALLl^'wpolens-^lQO^ pure -and .o'ur tailoring speaks-'f6r itself. •-."•..• . '.. ,,j- \

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