The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on October 13, 1993 · Page 24
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 24

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 13, 1993
Page 24
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What's on TV today •^•••••••••••^ Bedford, Olin star in 'Havana' on USA, 7 p.m WEDNESDAY EVENING- WEDNESDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 13,1993 THE GALVESTON DAILY NEWS 9-B [Santo EVENING 7:00 CD UNSOLVED MYSTERIES The search tor a doctor's murderer after lha ruling of suidde was overturned; a man claims he can lind water 40,000 feet below the earth's surface H g 5139 Gl MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL PLAYOFFS American League Championship Series Game 7. Toronto Blue Jays at Chicago White Sox. From Corniskey Park. If game 7 Is not necessary, "Hitler and Stalin: A Legacy of Hate" and "48 Hours' will air on CBS. (Live) D 201936 O THEAThea gives Charles permission to take Jam's to his first bachelor party. H P 7416 Q TIME TRAXDarien goes into the boxing ring to stop a boxer from the 22nd century who is competing unfairly with 20th-century fighters. (R) H P 40145 13 BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 Jim fixes Brenda up with a client's son; Andrea and Dan's relationship reaches a climax; Dylan looks lor a new car. A P 39077 O STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION A skittish member of Geordi's engineering staff encounters a bizarre creature white in the process of transporting from another ship. A P 24503 (TNT) MOVIE "Hang 'Em High' (1968) Clint Eastwood, Inger Stevens. A man carries out his own agenda for justice after a judge encourages him to round up the men who tried to lynch him. 738348 (USA) MOVIE 'Havana' (1990) Robert Redford, Lena Olin. An American gambler falls into political intrigue through an affair with a rebel on the eve of the Cuban Revolution H P 987232 (WGN) MOVIE "Bloodsport" (1988) Jean- Claude Van Damme, Donatd Gibb. The exploits of Maj. Frank Dux inspired this account of his unprecedented victory in Hong Kong's Kumite. 630706 (DIS) MOVIE The Three Lives of Thomasina' (1964) Patrick McGoohan, Susan Hampshire. A cat helps release the healing powers of a beautiful witch, bring happiness to a lost girl, and hope to a lonely widower. 532110 (HBO) MOVIE "Doc HoltywoocT (1991) Michael J. Fox, Julie Wamar. A California-bound physician delays his dreams of big-city Rta when ha is unexpectedly detained in tha rural South. rt P 943329 (MAX) MOVIE "The Panama Deception" (1992) Elizabeth Montgomery narrates this condemnation of U.S. polities in Panama, with the focus on the 1989 invasion. H 503313 (SHOW) MOVIE "Husbands and Wives" (1992) Woody Allen, Mia Farrow. Woody Allen's bittersweet portrait of a married English instructor's desire to relive his life as a single man. P 123503 7:05 (TBS) MOVIE "The Blues Brothers" (1980) John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd Two blues singers encounter police, the CIA, neo-Nazis and the Army in their effort to set up a benefit concert. 68259752 7:30 Q RYAN'S ROUNDTABLE Pat Ryan reports on local and state politics. 5394 IS JOE'S LIFE Joe refuses Stan's offer of half-ownership of the restaurant. A P7955 8:00 ED NOW WITH TOM BROKAW AND KATIE COURIC Scheduled: interview with Ted Turner and Jane Fonda. A P 7787 O SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN FRONTIERS (Season Premiere) Alan Alda is the new host of this science magazine series which begins a fourth season with an examination of bionics. A P 26961 IS HOME IMPROVEMENT Hardware magnate John Binford passes on to the great tool shed in the sky. A P 6856 O KUNG FU: THE LEGEND CONTINUES Kwai Chang helps a physically abused wife who happens to be married to Peter's new work partner. (R) A P 53665 E MELROSE PLACE Billy and Alison secretly attempt to get Jake and Jo back together; Matt considers marrying Katya so she can stay ai the country; Michael throws a party. A P 42597 B MOVIE "Little Shop of Horrors' (1936) Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene. A man's bleak existence in a skid-row flower shop fafossoms when he cutiivales a plant with an appetite for human blood. 48139 (AMC) MOVIE 'Next Time We Love" (1935) Margaret SuSavan, James Stewart. A reporter's acceptance of an overseas assignment leaves a gap HI his marriage which is soon filled by a willing third party. 670961 (LIFE) MOVIE "She Knows Too Much' (1989) Meredith Baxter Bimey, Robert Urich. A former cat burglar and a bungling detective join forces to investigate a series of murders in Washington, D.C. 694416 (ENC) MOVIE "Risky Business' (1983) Tom Cruise, Rebecca DeMornay. A high-school senior from an affluent Chicago suburb takes a walk on the wild side while his parents are out of town. A 4191987 (TMC) MOVIE "Rage and Honor (1992) Cynthia Rothrpck, Richard Norton. A teacher and an Australian cop unite in a martial-arts war on drug-dealing street gangs. A 3588936 8:30 03 GRACE UNDER FIRE Grace and Nadne pay tribute to youth by crashing a frat party A P2771 (MAX) MOVIE 'Next of Kin" (1989) Patrick Swayze, Liam Neeson. The murder of a trucker sparks a battle between a vengeful hill dan and a Chicago crime family. A P 3668329 9:00 CD LAW & ORDER Briscoe and Logan search for a serial killer after an African-American woman's murder matches a pattern of recent racial attacks. A P 4023 IQ MOON OVER MIAMI With Walter's hefp, Gwen tracks down a charming cal burglar so that she can convince him to go straight. A P 13435 (MTV) FREE YOUR MIND FORUM Tabitha Soren moderates an informal discussion of such sensitive issues as hala rock and freedom of speech. A 698232 (DiS) BEST OF THE BLUES BROTHERS Dan Aykroyd and Tom Davis explore the history of the musical duo comprised of Aykroyd and John Belushi. Includes concert and television performance footage. (R) 371416 (HBO) TALES FROM THE CRYPT An ex- con plots revenge against the man who put him in prison. A P 701665 (SHOW) MOVIE "Love Matters' (1993) Griffin Dunne, Annette O'Toole. A career-obsessed husband and his withdrawn wife attempt to pull their ailing marriage out of the doldrums. A 8040961 9:30 (AMC) MOVIE "Midnight Lace" (1960) Doris Day, Rex Harrison. After a woman is married lor three months to a wealthy man, she begins to receive frightening, obscene phone calls 936684 (HSE) TENNIS Infiniti Champions - Final. From Los Angeles. (Taped) 803058 (TNT) MOVIE "Chino" (1973) Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland. A half-Indian man \s befriended fay a 15-year-otd runaway boy who helps him run his horse ranch. 876706 (HBO) LARRY SANDERS Larry and his ex- wife compare notes on their lova life. (R) A P 145110 9:35 (TMC) MOVIE "Double Trouble" (1991) David and Peter Paul, James Doohan. A muscle- bound detectfve reluctantly teams up with his thieving brother to crack an international jewel-smuggling ring. A 9864787 9:50 (TBS) MOVIE "Popcorn" (1991) Jill Schoelen, Tom Villard. A horror-movie marathon turns into a real-life bloodbath when a crazed killer sneaks into the theater. 2786077 10:00 Q ARSENIO HALL Scheduled: comic Bill Cosby, actress Lea Thompson ("The Beverly Hillbillies"), reggae group Inner Circle. A P 49416 03 CHEVY CHASE Scheduled: musical group the Canadian Brass, nut museum lady Elizabeth Tashjian. A P 38348 (DIS) FLEETWOOD MAC: GOING HOME A retrospective of the prolific rock group's 25-year career, featuring archival performance and studio footage including their "Rumours" tour, rehearsals of hit songs and interviews with band members. (R) p 512961 (ENC) MOVIE "Doctor Zhh/ago" (1965) Omar Sharif, Julie Christie. Five Oscars went to this adaptation of the novel about the Bolshevik Revolution as seen through the eyes of a sensitive Russian physician. A 2085394 (HBO) DREAM ON Toby blackmails Martin into using her name on a dead author's "new" manuscript. (R) A P 515435 10:20 (MAX) MOVIS "White Men Cant Jump" (1992) Woody Harrelson, Wesley Snipes. An ex-college basketball player and his black counterpart hustle hoops on Southern California's playgrounds. A p 7005232 10:30 (WGN) RENEGADE Reno, Bobby and Cheyenne gat taken by a fellow bounty hunter, then join forces with her to bring down a gang of armed robbers. 469459 (HBO) MOVIE "Red Rock West" (1993) Nicolas Cage, Dennis Hopper. A down-on-his-luck drifter is mistaken for a hitman hired to eliminate a focal barkeeper's wife. A P 8678503 10:35 B3 TONIGHT SHOW Scheduled: actors Danny Aiello and Rob Schneider, music group DC Talk. A P 6625684 O AMERICAN JOURNAL A man found guilty of killing his wife who had an affair with her rabbi. 6514684 10:45 [3 PELICULA "Los Hijosde Maria Morales- Pedro Infanta, Antonio Badu. Las travesuras de dos alegres hermanos pananderos, cantarines, jugadores y solo dominados por su severa madre. 5273787 (SHOW) MOVIE "Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare' (1991) Robert Englund, LfeaZane. Krueger's offspring figures prominently in the dream stalker's plot to spread evil !o other Elm Streets. A P 5746400 11:05 ID LATE SHOW Scheduled: actress Kirstie Alley, singer Gloria Estefan, the "Brain of Britain" Geoff Cotton. A P 5436139 03 MOVIE "Twice in a Lifetime" (1985) Gene Hackman, Ann-Manjre!. A family's placid existence is shattered when a 50-year-old laborer leaves his wife for a barmaid. 38225868 (TMC) MOVIE "Guilty as Charged" (1991) Rod Steiger, Lauren Hutton. A wealthy vigilante erects a private electric chair to rid the worid of paroled murderers and fugitives. A 15131058 11:30 (AMC) MOVIE "Next Time We Love" (1935) Margaret SuUavan, James Stewart. A reporter's acceptance of an overseas assignment leaves a gap in his marriage which is soon filled by a willing third party. 871226 (TNT) MOVIE "The Big Gundown" (1968) Lee Van Cleef, Tomas Milian. A gunfighter sets out to capture a Mexican accused of raping and murdering a young girl. 88411 o (WGN) MOVIE "Home at Seven' (1952) Rafch Richardson, Margaret Leighton. A clerk's anxiety over a missing 24 hours increases when he learns that his friend was murdered during tha same time. 515058 (DIS) MOVIE "Casablanca" (1942) Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman. The Oscar winner about a dub owner who shatters his old flame and her husband from the Nazis. P 3395400 11:35 CD LATE NIGHT Scheduled: acfors Clews Leachman and Craig Shaffer. A 5555077 11:50 (TBS) MOVIE 'Killer Party" (1986) Martin Hewit!, Ralph Seymour. A sorority initiation turns disastrous for a group of collegians at a haunted house.2575923 CNN is on Channel 26 CNN-2 in on Channel 30 Both offer around the clock news related stories m JIL J0 S3 m m m m ED Mnld. Roswnr.a News g 3787 Cops Q 36329 Dos Mitres, in Camino 67226 Guadalupa22145 E! Pefion <tel Amaranlo 73400 "Curly Su>'ft (Cont'd) 'The Falcon and to Snowman* (1984) A (Cont'd) 42363787 Jesus 9369874 jPrism 9237226 6:00 6:30 Cosby 6400 Star Trafc Next Gtm. 24503 Fortune 1139 Cur. Affaif 7:00 8:30 9:00 October 13 "Doc Hollywood'(1W1)Mch*il TJttU Shop of Horrort" (1966) Rick Mofirit. 48139 "—' ~~~'~ l •!'•' — " I - ' ' ' ' t " " " " 9:30 GoHsn G. DroamOn Fteatwood Mae: Going Homt Q 512961 | "Ca«aUnc« (194?) p Personal BilyJori: Gray 40597 Mama 28435 JMama 30329^ Served 54232 Major League Baseball Playoffs: ALCS Game 7. Blue Jays at White Sox 201936 flayed/Hilb. 90210 Q 59077 ,T>ieaq7416 |Joa'8 Ida 7955 'Tha Advanturx of Baron MunchauMn' (\ (Cont'd) Homalmp (rYrace 2771 Valentina6435 o 42597 Ntw$ 13597 [Siega 12961" Moon Over Miami pi 3435 |"^ ' ~ '"• •«*»"• «,\* I •/ •VJvir o Morir" Mario Almack, Haria Rubio. 39481 10:00 10:30 11:00 Design. W. 11:30 Night Court 12:00 TwiJght; Trimmili Equal Tin* [Mclaughlin 6425329 |TomSnydef CharS* ROM ft 98042 Araanio Hall ft Q 49416 |lovg Cai News 7784690 Tonight Show ftp 6625684 AmJournal late Show ng 5436139 ChavyChasa ft P 38348 MghtSns MacNsRshrw 68313 In tha Heat of the Night 61304! Late Night ft 5555077 Las Brown M'A'S'H flush L 97771 Training "Twit* in a Lifclin*' (1985) 38225868 'Doctor Zhivago'(1965) Ortuf Sharif, Julie Chritfo. ft 2085394 •Tht Panama DectptJon' (1992) ft S03313 | "Next ot Kin' »9») Patrick Swaya. ft P 3663329 NoHci.UnL Notes 63936 Viewer Call-In (l»e) 37058936 Joy-Musb [Stories PurpfeRo* Stories 261597 Sanlord Comedy Major Dad Sportsdf. Bugs Bunny'a All Stars 2919QS Event ot the Day 454110 Wings g "Lw Hjet d* Maria Uoi afa»«' Ptdro tet»>l». 5273787 Futbol:EE.UU.V9 Mexico 12110 "White Men Can't Jump' (1992) Woody Harrdton. ft —— — •- • •-— . - - i - *V_* _ J »'wuy mmBvn. i » ,_Ra9e and Honor' (1992) ft 3588936 | >Double Troubto" (1991) ft 9564787 | "Guilty a. Chafed" (mil Rod Srto* OftrtMff* C7£M1C1 l,ii_ .t • M ,*,__ /.. ! * 1 1' * ' *^ Portraits 5763351 JWorship 6319495 Homeland "Huttands and Wim" (1992) Woody Allen, P123503 | "Low >httef «• (1993) Griffin Dunne, ft Happanin [ComicyisiV )vid8oSo!jl9!)05^ ~~ ~~ "Havana' (1990) Robert Bodord, Lena Olin. ft g 987232 Event ol tha Day 35787 Everyman PBA Bo-Ming: Suncoaal Senior Open 675416 JBoxing: Ptinca Charles Williams vs. Booker T. Word 445597 WkinSWC HS Extra Mutley 452232 Loonay450874 Pet Con. Women's College Vollg/bai: Texas Tech at Tsxas AM 607435 BultwinWa Living Planei: Earth 165329 Watens 979139 Griffith 3. Htofcs Design. W. Jetfersons "Hang 'Em High" (1968) dint Ea«twood, Inger Stevens. 738348 Partridge |G9tSmart Young RidGreg 601706 Wings ol tha Red Star 174077 Dragnet [Newtiarl Beyond 2000 632923 Father Dowting Mysteries Major Dad Speedweek "Fraddy't Dead: The Find Nightmare" Wings g" Sportsctr. Odd Couple Tmber 704752 'Chino' (1973) Charfet Bronton, Jill Ireland. 876706 Tennis: InlinKi Charrpions - Final 803058 M.T.Moore 'Tha Blues Brother»' (1980) John Bdushi, Dan Aykroyd. 66259752 700 Club 690690 Living Planet: Earth 432400 [Lucy Show "Or* Hour With You" (1932) 305145 "Bloodsport" Beavis-Butt. |Beavis-Biitt.' MTV Pnroe ft 763145 In Search Of... 886435 Dance Una jCliy News Civil War Journal 232987 Unsolved Mysteries 975313 HsrenciaMaldita 75416 1968) Jean-daode Van Damme. 630706 [News P 293684 —— N«tTlm»W.Uv.-{»35)CT)961 Wings of ihe Red Star 409955 Policy 693511 Univareat Quantum Leap A q 243874 PoweiboaU |Powrboal9 "Tfa Kg Gundown' 854110 Soccer: Mexico vs. U.S. 49905 Hitchcock Superman Bey. 2000 Donna R. Bofdertown "Popcorn' (1591) Jill Sehoekn, Tom Villafd. 2786077 [Renegade 469459 Paid Prog. Kill* Party j"Hom« at Seven" ( Funny Business XIII ft 201053 LA Law 501752 American Justice 169145 El MaWido 97077 Naghvile Now ft 166226 Free Your Hind Forum 698232 Our Century 337351 (Evening at Hi a Improv 662428 8eavis-8utt. Alternative Nation ft 769329 "Sh« Knowt Too Much' (1989), Robert Urieh 694416 EIDereeho de Nace/ 6598 [Club Dance ft 976771 [ctry News" CM War Journal 494023 LosPo 586961 Unsolved Mysteries 500023 S48 tabel! flacar923998 Funny Business XIII ft 994935 Am. Justice Nashville Mysteries Thirtysorreihing 315690 Todojia [ca/abina [Apriaa 47356 TV conversion table Sneak Preview KHTV - Houston (IND Ch. 39) THEDISNFYriHANNFI THE MOVIE CHANNEL SHOWTIME Community Bulletin Board/L O HOME BOX OFFICE KUHT - Houston (PBS Ch. 8) JCTXH - Houston (IND Ch. 20) A - in Stereo P - Close Captioned (R) - Re-run Gal. KPRC- (N8C Houston Ch. 2) KHOU - Houston (CBS Ch. 11) FOX- Houston (KRIV Ch. 36) KTRK - Houston (ABC Ch. 13) ENCOHE KXLN - UNIVISION TCI 763-5321 KTMD - Telemunclo find. Ch. 48) KHSH - Shopping CINEMAX VH-1/The Comedy Network EWTH/TBN - Eternal WoroyTriiiTy Broadcasting VISN/ACTS- Religious Network TWC - The Weather Cha/me) C-SPAN - House ol Representatives TNN -The Nashville Network LIFETIME SET- Black Entertainment Television USA - USA Network ESPN - National Spons Network Gal. CNN - Cable News Network TNT-Turner Network Television Stqrer Cable (713) 645-2311 43, 99, 62, 81 HSE— Home Sports Entertainment TOG - The Discovery Channel CNN 2-Headline News NICK - Nickelodeon FAM - The Family Channel WTBS -Atlanta Suoerslalion WGN - Chicago Superstation AMC -American Movie Classics MTV - Music Television A & E -Arts & Entertainment Channe! CNBC - Consumer News & Business Channel GALAVisiON COURT TV ~ ~~~ Request 1 Request 2 SO MLffCSIUKUMNlT X-V TV Week&!sr' in " m Available each Sunday in The Galveston Daily News • 24 Hour Listings • VCR Plus Codes • Prime Time Program Descriptions • Sports • TV Movie Descriptions POP CULTURE Struggling actor Sylvester Stallone had already written 32 scripts - all of which had been rejected - when he wrote "Rocky" in three days. With a baby on the way and just $106 in his bank account, he held out for the lead in his own project. 1. What is Rooky's surname? 2. Who played Rocky's wife? 3. Name the character played by Carl Weathers. [STARGAZING Associated Press Check isn't in the mail NEW YORK — Did WINONA RYDER forget her address? The actress is being sued for $93,600 for allegedly backing out of a lease on an Upper East Side apartment. John and Anne Janus said in court papers that she signed a two- year lease Dec. 31 for the duplex at $3,900 a month. Their lawyer, Charles Sloane, said Ryder gave the Januses a check for $7,800 for a month's rent and a month's security, then stopped paying. Ryder, 21, has appeared in the movies "Beetlejuice," "Edward Scis- sorhands," "Bram Stoker's Dracula" and recently "The Age of Innocence." The struggle continues '( ©1993 by : NEA, Inc. •L 10/13 P33JQ onody (o (q eoqieg (e :sj9Msuv Ryder Bearse NASHVILLE, Tenn. — DON HENLEY'S at it again, raising money to save Walden Woods. A variety of country music stars got together to record "Common Thread," a collection of songs made famous by the Eagles. "Everybody flipped out," said James Stroud, Nashville president i -f- r»i/iU* of Giant Records. 'They wanted to L316 MiyHI be a part of it." Vmce Gill sings "I Can't TeU You Why," Diamond Rio sings "Lyin 1 Eyes" and Clint Black does "Des- perado." Travis Tritt, Little Texas, John Anderson, Alan Jackson, Suzy Bogguss, Trisha Yearwood, Billy Dean, Tanya Tucker, Brooks & Dunn and Lome Morgan also sang. The Eagles, including Henley, Glenn Prey and Joe Walsh, broke up after releasing their last studio album, 1979's "The Long Run." A portion of the album's royalties will go to Henley's Walden Woods project. Opening the closet door LOS ANGELES — The woman next door has come out of the closet AMANDA BEARSE, who plays Al and Peg Bandy's perky neighbor on the Fox series "Married... With Children," acknowledged her homosexuality on Monday, National Coming Out Day. She said she wants heterosexuals to know that gays and lesbians are normal people. And she joked about her decision to come out. he'd kick some you-know-what if given a chance on late-night TV. Jay Leno "is a brilliant stand-up performer," but that's about all he is, Stem told Entertainment Weekly in its latest issue. "Hell be out of the late-night talk- show business," Stern insisted. "I like doing Dave's show," he said of Letterman. "But sometimes Dave gets a weird vibe on me." Of Chevy Chase, Stern said, "You have to be a pretty dull, pathetic person if you cannot talk to somebody one-on-one and at Arthur Hiller said Monday. Ford starred in the "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" movies and "The Fugitive." Cameron co-wrote and directed the "Terminator" movies, and Zaentz won Oscars for "One Flew Over Ford Stern "There I was, staring at my wardrobe, totally uninspired," Bearse said at a news conference. "Then I said to myself, 'Amanda, come out of the closet.'" NEW YORK — Dave's weird, Chevy's pathetic and Arsenic's a no-talent, says raunchy radio host HOWARD STERN, who boasts least make it somewhat interesting." And as for Arsenio Hall: "Arsenio has no talent." Stern said if he had his own show, "I think I could go on the air and kick all their (expletives) right into the ground." For the next generation LOS ANGELES — HARRISON FORD, director JAMES CAMERON and producer SAUL ZAENTZ have donated $50,000 each to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Center for Motion Picture Study. "These contributions will go a long way toward preserving the history of film — a history to which each has contributed significant chapters," academy president the Cuckoo's Nest" and "Amadous." Cinema casualties SANTA ANA, Calif. — SEAN ASTIN says shooting a football scene for the new movie "Rudy" wasn't all fun and games. He had head-to-toe bruises, and even his stuntman got hurt. "He ended up needing knee surgery by the end of the shoot," said the 22-year-old actor, who also appeared in "Memphis Belle." Astin, at 5-foot-7 and 148 pounds, said he kept photos of the bruises.' But there were some thrills to go with the spills in shooting the "big game" scene for the movie, which opens Friday. "Your heart starts to beat faster and you can't believe it, but you get caught up in this thing," he said of the scene shot during halftime at a Notre Dame game. "All of a sudden, you're running out of this tunnel in a whirlwind of excitement." The movie recounts the real-life exploits of Daniel E. "Rudy" Ruet- tiger, a walk-on who played for the Fighting Irish in 1975.

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