Independent from Long Beach, California on February 26, 1964 · Page 26
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 26

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1964
Page 26
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li J«g» l-i-lNDEPENDENT r. I Fresh Command for World's Fair (Continued From Paze B-l) at least until a half-million j Watson resigned as dollars in additional revenue counsel for the fair, and is brought in. At that po^t'-Q^tjojij he win begin receiving a M!-)^ , M1 3 be i Long Beach City Council Actions Scattered Issues Fluctuate City Council actions Tues-'a!? 1 !/! . MtUKTHM \ - ~ additional $25,000 a year ftrred ontil the successful firm, completion of the fair. *l refused to accept a contract." Watson said. *I am WATSON §aid a financial liaison officer also would be convinced that the California appointed to coordinate fi- World's Fair, properly pre-|nandal matters between the pared and ' produced, can fox md the City of Long Beach. make a tremendous economic contribution to aH of South- la a third development era CaWornia -- and indeed to Tuesday, two of the fair's the entire state. I can help do major creditors agreed to ex- this job only so long as the tend their n o t e s -- totaling executive committee and I about $520,000 -- on condition agree on plans, policy and di- that the fair make a total tar laMlw* taa lile* f Asked ' ranc» *«'·*«* » 'ifv ·* M** a:ee*v«.r*an«?'*kf ^wv .*m af masa »r Manwv DJw.Rtvs ·« the ..durnnf CaJitar*a WtrVL . -- Ceunfv« Cav. tnl readtnv ta vdiaanc. crtae.! CMttRhihwiaf In* a«« lea claibhcaflant. ta brvlimar K*_ Mnrw4.iv MerMCtaruS «7. precmux InWn.^^ . .iUO° MOnOiy. M ent tld. ·» Walnut Aj YORK Wl --Trie stock market remained although a scattering of individual issues made · ""·« T J5J*!some wide moves. Trading was active. · ^B«W» m* .»· .·--.p.-- · » · « · H I i ---«f-^---w-» ·"·«·' *-*, · **V »«,v%^«» ·« ·» · buv-w-i^ »v -- -- -- -- - *_ - _ TSftSi J.TSS The trend was a shade lower based on over-»n market of its Univac dmsioa because of a reduced backlog. This but the popular market indicator! ^sagreed. indication rf weakness in a competitor was tonic for IBM *«rri i**. . VrJum* xrai a brisk 5.01 million shares comoared to 5.66 mfl- ,,-v;,*, .~~v.^ . _,,.--._t_ v:_u ._j TM,,«.^ *« *7n » nrt · m. r vt fluM«rtiM cMuflhiriwiM trig M« · · r n l t M«n4Ctar«a tfft pr . · [limits wartncnt tofts' Profit-taking continued in quite a number of issues S rSjwtich have enjoyed a long uptrend. At the same time, buy- __ Speny Rand was the most active stock, off }i at 18 on 120^00 shares. The stock was reacting to news of layoffs - iKS."£SS2i^%"W iH?t tiS5 ing was drawn to a number of other stocks, either on the up P/ t at 21»{ on 77300 shares. N f ext came Westingho iSw'VSKlr^ESSirt? iSSSlSitheory that they were underpriced or because they had Electric, up \\ at 23li. *nd Standard Oil of California, ^.SrABW^^SrWS^K made upside break-out* In their j^e charts. '/« »t 6l»{. · * - " - - which touched a new yearly high and spurted to 570, » net gain of 13V- Second most active was Erie-Lackawanna, up »» at -I ori 103,200 shares. Third on volume was Continental Airlines. Westinghouse off Up Justices tor To* cwr1r»K iiS tvriis«idisi~*^i~ O.V THE WHOLE, THE session was a logical follow . through to Monday's when selling began after the Dow tinued to benefit from a raised dividend. it * » Jones industrial average reached the significant level of 800 " JESJ"*?"!?.*"TM" 1 * ""lat mid-day. To many this has seemed a well-advertised high gained *j and Mueller Brass «{ while Bucjrus-Erie dipped *J. " ax " a " . . . . association." be major disagreement, we of $75,000.-The notes, held by both should have the rnques- the Del E. Webb Corp. ($350,- tioned right to terminate this 000) and the insurance firm of Bulgar, Cameron and Van- 'der Velde ($170,000) were to fan due April I. Watson said Tuesday that operating income is "certain- Three Appellate Court jus- SSi^S i%5iiSiii. c .*'.» 1 Y£ j tices Tuesday took under s" K 1 ^TM* ci °" "'-**--*· ******' mission the q u e s t i o n whether or not Dr. Jerr. ... Rehman, convicted in Long Control Data, up IJJ. also seemed to benefit from the plight of Speny Rand. International Harvester, up 2J{, con- Following fresh news of dividend increases. Acme Steel AFTER THE MARKET CLOSE came news that Merck T. A. GREGORY Cbairmai ·! lfc« loarrf Beach last Aurust cf trimi! ·""*·' **·*» »»»» ,,.» ».i. * Some analysts believed uus inoicatea tne average:airunes performed indifferently. nal conspiracy should h* ! «'·'«"»*.'XS'iX £KfftZ£?S!i probably soon would top the 800 level on a regular basis. . . Sears. Roebuck sank IJJ following its recent strength. _ _ * ·* * *uwuiu DG tji7lBOi LfYTMi Drjvt kri_tft V»tf L**. ___._._;-IT.. »~^t-u !.».?« t,.-*:+ f ·»·*·*-,»-»KT» «·***· a-n^U ·· f? n *11 !/*·»« ju^^.*.* «:.».j ·» _^.:T_ _»i. _,,. _.^._».__ i^-/*j O-.V+:·« n *- *"* [point at which to take profits would be a wiser course. w iSj Tte Dow industrials declined £3 to 796L59. However, on t! an iatra-day basis--by averaging all the highs regardless of plans to split its stock 3-for-l. The issue, which has been *1wfcen they occurred--a peak reading of 800.24 was obtained, strong, was off *J ia the day's trading. IS 2 !?! topping the 800 level as it has by similar figuring a few Pan American World Airways rose 2V5, to 69^J as it ·arrC^tiines recently. ' imade a chart breakthrough. Delta gained 2 1 /} also. Other Some analysts believed this indicated the average'airlines performed Indifferently. tried also on a chare, of " ? Jutices Walter Fourt, er Wood, and Mildred liffie · . """··"»""'»'** .Slra. ly adequate," that the fair has a "very respectable bank balance- and that "dditional'^^g'^"'thV income from investors of hun-' [especially with help from favorable news, such as final enactment of the $ 11 -5-billion-tax-cut bilL. Of 1344 issues traded, losers outnumbered gainers by Kennecott gained 2 while other coppers loafed. Baltimore t Ohio spurted 3J$. Erie-Lacka wanna prtferred rose !?·». Relaxing from their most recent upsurge. New York on Jan. 21 had granted the ·en.TM, attorney's office a re- after 550 to 528. New highs for 1963-64 totaled 51 and new lows .Central lost % and Pennsylvania Railroad ._ ',2120. I Prices moved irregularly lower on the American Stock The Associated Press average of 60 stocks rose 2 to Exchange. Volume wai 1.41 million shares compared to I.S3 *w ^5£5Si»"1S! ! 296.6, another record high, with industrials off .!, rails cp'miffion Monday. UK "buff it im tort and. _ ' ._ _ . dreds_cf thousands,cf dollars * $ h o u l d ^ soon is to be negotiated. The brought to trfa , ^ 1Dg2 most important matter confronting the fair now is construction financing, he said. Watson, legal counsel for the fair for the past three | years, several aj legal adviser 1 on the J1.75 million Feather I _ ,, 'is, Wi-ivi ·£·££**-. city attorney for several. Southern California communities and has authored their municipal codes. He is a resident of La Canada. the manslaughter charge but! no longer could be prosecut-jKS vm'mm ed because of a legal ·--«·-* ·?·*?··» -·"! " cality. The alleged c r i m e concerned the 1953 death of n'tSSS^JSS* ST*7n."Sici £·»·._«·»«»_ l/C's Irvine Campus Gets $2.9-Million OK DOW-JONES AVERAGES TUESDAY .» · "« » TM - « . !S3K.. 7T" 1 " ««» «* Fret Cnfoifttr f arliaoj ot 345 ELM AVE. IONS HACK 1(104 11.4. e.r lit Killer Convicted BELLEVILLE. Ill Ifl John Edwin Myers was found ilty of murder Tuesday. Trie jury recommended the death penalty for Myers, charged with killing 10-year- old Carol Ballard of Belleville. of when the three!" justices would deliver their'Jj opinion. I 0«*tvetf acTIm tar Close 30 Industrials 796.59 m SACRAMENTO -- The leg-'James E. Whetmore. R-Gar-j^ u^'fties""!""" 141x43 S'islative analyst's office has dea Grove, was informed 65 Stocks ......... 279J4 IS dropped its objections to a' . ".budget item for a JiS-million Tuesday. ' development program A. Alan Post, ·- analyst, had refused to ap- Change .03 1953-64 High 797.12 1S9.13 144J7 279.24 1963-64 Low 646.79 112.03 129.19 223.67 STANDARD POOR INDEX ·-·-- -T~^I.-V. ·-- ---_ --TM .-- jiif C«twirssi« r.tcomrr.«iidatierr» Onanment CWJIKI me«rinv considers far r - . ... the University of , ':nia at Irvine, Assemblyman prove the proposed Irvine campus outlay on the grounds Myers also three other is accused murders in cf Illinois-to-Texas in 1%1. crime spree WASHINGTON /D -- Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey. D... sustained a broken rib and a cracked rib in an auto the injuries until Monday. BEFORE YOU INVEST-CHECK PAST PERFORMANCE Humphrey Broke Rib in Feb. 18 Car Crash ,, ^ ... Humphrey was nding Councilicomaii Thinks Cross Merely an 'A(P SAN JOSE (UPI) -- San Jose's only councilwoman church crosses are like Stocks 41.82 66.53 77.19 42J2 67.03 77.6S .03 .14 the auto of aa official of thejany other form cf advertising] Post said his original ob- American School Adm: 'llantic City on ! the driver slammed on the NEW YORK (.«--Standard and Poor's 500-stock index: High Low Close Change \rc^.*^^r^TMTM^ «-«i «·" *"° --« naUy, a $3J-milI«on spending' project was proposed. But Post and university officials worked out differences reducing the proposed outlay by $400.000 but still budg- ig the project in time for scheduled autumn 1965 opening for the campus. Dividends incrt«s«- CHICAGO ^JWBjying fceewre rairv oen. tt'wnt Airlirn eral at ttie erai«* fytum m*1irt Turadav u^^'c* and IM Iti. .wlv afternoon ready .1! United C«s contracts wer. *rm ff ifrona ea ffie 2*f*Je*eirr »oar» of Trio.. l..^^..A c«lief »Lat Irte teresftoremed rnlsrit - Probation Cost May Curlail It SACRAMENTO tf) -- A Mrs. Virginia Shaffer voted ' ^.^j.^. that there were ex brakes at an intersection, against the other six council- cessive costs for a campus ij H'jmphrey. sitting on a jumpWa Monday night when they,underground utility system, I*'"""*" tutu seat, was thrown against a approved plans of the new! The error was straightened !mlr3f*Z__ c |i? doorhandle, an aide said. (Pilgrim C o n g r e g a t i o n a l out when the university ex-i*"* '-« W »*e; yi-a vM-*fa,~rn* r ~^IZ.i*if.-»-i*-. »**» uncti»ig«d 10 H fcigner, MarcrrMoudjiIt. Inaal _ Aar. 1 Nn«r. I cmti; r»« V/» * r* - · i H»H The senator believed his Church to erect an IS-footlamined its figures a second ribs were only bruised and'stone cross on its property in time and the new figures putl^cojn flew out list week to make'the Willow Glen district here, the price tag in line, accord-1»« 3 '_Z some speeches in California.) Pastor Reverend Malcolm ing to a letter from Post to sect. ~ MI'* - \-y ~ Cto. «*·«· O.I j TM , jii |Ut«rtY lou , " ?i!"'iF.S.»fGn Jjgj }·}« ««'· 'Rig." cTS j.'i ' . ,, |-- ·-- -- ^-^»*--,-.-- u« ^rv.*^ w.tuw.1 ,r .aatuA rit» v* K^JU J.»*-AL\-OJUJ* state advisory committee was ( Upon his return, he went to'cwaltaey admitted that Mrs. told Tuesday soanng costs Bethesda Naval Hospital and'shaffer might be right about may force counties to put x-rays showed one rib was the cross being a form of ad- fewer cnmm fewer criminal offenders and'Broken deliquents on probation. Contra Costa County Probation Officer John Davis told a state Board of Corrections advisory committee that probation and Juvenile hall costs rose 300 percent in his county from 1954-55 to 1963-64. The rise, he said, comes primarily f r o m population growth and greater use of probation by the lower courts. attend to his Senate duties as assistant Democratic leader. another cracked. is Whetnore. Whetmore. informed thitjjf"^ Gov. Brown's budget item'gjj -- vertising. j' w ' as under fire from Post.! 0 * 1 -' -to| However, he suggested that contacted the legislative in-.jjircf. Citrus Market Permits "maybe it's something that,* 1 ?"'* office and issued Hu^SR should be advertised more." statement: |5 *°* There certainly should no unnecessary delay in the'""' rvine Campus since we need ' C. Relcfi.rd. literatim, IT? BM Explosion Rocks AEG Installation MIDDLETOWN, Iowa (UPI) ·" JU: --A chemical explosion Tuesday rocked at Atomic Energy installation. Military Funds OKd WASHLNGTON (UPI) --^, _ . . _ . f r The Senate Armed Services £** Committee Tuesday approved',* a J17-billion military author!-Ig" 1 - zation bffl that inchzded ' ^·4- «S: Pacific Jmt.nerv cotv| Jsf o one was injured but SIX 2°' .*" .t«Et~. arm-ation. 4a» iWXr i ctr s in a control room sent to a hospital to be ·cumm, ast rnck* it jexamined for possible ear «* Country BuMSen. ai+'3m£ec. "^i!m'tSiita a t!iirSSaft E- w - G i I e s. Burlington t. auanon. «j *avtr,ru Branch manager for the AEC, said no radioactive materials were involved in the explosion--only "conventional high ' 0»e ef 11, «« S t btneetb.1 cf o eompcn/i vorti e o» f^i* ^TlSS il'lK^iS, faml-eit h post _perform 8 Bct Tie 19M Id look trocn j^lc^Srf jjg^^U^.Jff'Bf.JS'rf; «p!osivei-' 1 tie Irsforj of e*ery hsae fisrtd on tte Heir York enJ Americas Stock E«tms«, g^ct price ranges linct 1929 for itjclj anj since 1910 for ton is, eVideaJs tj years since 1957 eni capital clangti since 1920. t very badly." Foreign Exchange NEW YCBt 'X--Fo-er e»c?i«-ce OH.D md orclm.M ef a donv: Otufn 1.7942; *_d*v fcrturn J.Tff faa* "jture* 17731 »C i«Mow ll»2t; No. 4 villa* Mi-17. Mol Active Slocks _4.. and nef* of th* 15 «·*! atrv-VV _i"»il iixflon ir«rferfi w*rt ... -KtrtSttYt DTlCW e* *!*-- ti-^t vrad* 56s 4 tZ. 77s * 3*. .,,, H3» t«, I33S XJ», U» 3JT, L1L Choice econ3 tr**- 5*» 11i " ·It ns 2.M, IUS llL UH 171, Markets at a Glance NEW Y O ~ K UT-- Shockk--LBwer; profit 1 Coron--Irresul* CHICAGO: *,'he,rt--M:Mrrf; *'$ crop monffis firm, Conv--f rm; sfwrt eawerirs. Oat*--STtatfv to firm w:m com, - . Sovbtam--Higher; otntrtt mod«r**« C» u'ar; new croa mvr.nt. !S7 Y i Sweden Ocron»* .1930. S«tiTT»r1»ntf (tr«ncj fr^«) JJil, Denrnvlt (krone) .1444. latin America: Arperrflra !£*« «*e*l .OTei Bruit (cnntirel Itrcc) .0017. fid . Cant Airt »-'«Tj E lee sd oJ C*i . RCA wl BCA SI *OD »ooo i W.3DO . Vcnczut!* Cboflvar) JET. Far East: Horg KORO dalar J7SL 2S ««rrti -Stronfl fc tee i*K» _ x in t In Hay JIarket LOS AMCEL.S UP (FSMN-Arfa:f«i ^ Ha. 1 natMO.OO. US Ko. 2 34.OfrIS.08 JS Mo. J te-fV 3».OD-37JO UT5 Wo. I 0rKff 3.00-3*W. Ho. * o«t» 41 .K-C.PO nomrnH :*i-1or ·rrrv*n; 1 wrwat, 1 cor* I «cr jnum, 14 fiour, 4 barley. 71 riav. The form e! TfrifieatioB m.T b« obtained Jrom aoj crtie. of th. A« saTtstor ccn Icll et a gfancc tie ligi, eaj lav for eit rssoe in cock cf lie Int fnre jcorj ord lie closi for lit Int r*3 jtsrs. Tke 1964 Red lock els 3 jrres lie four-jear prke 'end fn'dtei record ef more ttan 1,100 issue j tro^ei Orer- Tie Cottier end e llree-jeor tea-ion in WtfasI Taslt. Orttr ysor copies ef tk'is I04-pa9i look hie]] Gel cm for tffic* -- cne for lomr. U3£ IT TO .WfSTWZTf fOSS/llf IWIS7MIHTS -- TO ond-r Ui« Urtitino. firm CAEDEXS . tliat «Jt»r e,,j « r rrbruarr 25. IX«. l« vill t br rr.pcnfiDle lor atr ^^Vtj. bllltk*. r-r «bnr»tior« hlrurr*d anf prrwn* ethrr lhaa Ltmn^lf nt, Varc- 4. It H, IW4 t ^« T l « l r r r d CARL R OD JP_ . rr. 1x4 lai-Lm CHICK rW/OWVM IWD CWTU. GAIHS M TAX TIMtl 1964 RED BOOK NOW AVAILABLE TO INDEPENDENT-PRESS-TflE- GRAM READERS FOR ONLY $1.00. 6«t your copy c» »rit coster's eeunfer on ttt firil floor in «e lnd«p(»ia «r)», PrtJi-Tefegrcm la^ng 604 Pin* A»«. Or yoa can erj«r by moll »«mg |h« oeeompatiyina C C R T i r i C A T I OF Bin IKES*, FICTITIOUS N A M E NOTICE Of IMTtNTION TO CNCACC IN THE SALE OF ALCOHOLIC ft.VCRAGCS FVH-u»rT 17. IW4 Whrtrn I! M t j Ccnrrrm: Fu»j*ct to i-vmanr* t t^« licrr*^ PVlirfl f'T, *'rt»r* If hTf by fi' *t N O N - R t S P O N J I B I L I T Y N O T I C E iSUt« f.f Oil J. .mil. N"tlre li b*T«»by f*T«*m ty the.Ln» Jint*\r-» Ccunt/: mflrT»irn^J Keith P. Vilttitine. n~\ On rebruarr 5«. 1S6I, bffore ...-. , _ .,, __ i l j i n j *t 11S{I Cra, XfMTr-TH, Call-!* Jfolary FuM* IB and f u r P*r5 EvUEJiilT II- RICIitT '"t-nim. that after Hi* date cf State, p^rsona^j arp^arrd Tora rub. r».. 3S. li6« lt_ hVbruarr 2C. 1K4. he vLTI fi'it b« Kltano and XXtfoj (t. Ed ward* rt»5prnv_bin lor aay drbti, Uab.Utir.Jknn-'a to m« t» 1« the jx»r**n« ·r ib!lratkn* tncnrrfi! t»y aay jrcr-im^o-t* mamfs tr* fubarnbfd t» th^ »cin« «t^^»T than fcknwir Ivithtn tsKtmnvnt ami arknowl- (·irnrrj) KCXTII P_ VALEST1XE tilzeJ thrr ei'*rtit'*d rub. Tfb. a. 37. CT, iMi a-LriJ o. w. r \ O N - R L S P O N 4 I B I L l T V NOTICE i*^^ 1 -! , ^C^AT Poblie Nottvt l« lnnrtby rlTr-M IT the' J*' Ccmmiay.o- ezpirr* M_y md-TiLcB*"* Carl R T^ckwxd, Jf-'ify,*- l Nctio i LeQjl Notic. i L*J»1 Nctic» C E R T I F I C A T E OF BEJ.1NESS, FICTITIOUS N A M E Ths imd^ritijTifd do reriify tify 423651 CERTIFICATE CF BUSINESS, FICTITIOUS NAME ^ V*jj?JL N --*-^3-T ·»I4~" l Nctici ________ anii that aafd fLrtn U eoreposed of . ( th. Ccrnntj JU- f *· '"" «n* pl»cM ff rtjiipoct »r« cordrr of t^J Coontr- . l». «cta«T. rtrtt penon., im fait aad places d reaideac« are a* follow!' Uarrt* Martin*. E*l Sorjnrl DriTe Santa Cn». CalU-orma. Donald G^m**!, 1V3 E. Cars^i (Domtnra*i. l~n« E*-«rt K, Cati romta. Dated JVbrnary H. 1M- KART1.V 1IARTI*3 1XXATJ ft*le n Cat.for-Uu tx» An*;»»l»» County: Frank BUtKana. r:« So. Fadfic. to Apt. .7). £aa Pedro, Cal f Teljka RadoieicK 2ST2 IT«.. San Pr-dro. Calif. ercept th« A ·rrin! thereof. and occupy an of laid kt voizthverterly 7i feet ., _. , Zxerptirr and mcrrxig froro Harry MrPhrr«rm, 700 Hevj Tcrd **Id parcel 1 th-l cxctosiTC rifbt ATI*., Lore Btrarti, Calif, t» sac and cccitTT ^* .io_tliw«*t- ~ ! Febr-ary 17, XKI. ritlMC 1UES3ANO. VCUKO RADOVCTOI H AR RT Vc niEE-SOX Slat» r.f Califonia. '·« Jinf-lft County, fm Frbruarr 17. 1344. teforl m«. S'tarr rubltc ta tal for »ai' a m e n t f o r J Btifctita cr»r Oi« .xnitheastrrlTi; and | RED BOOK DEPARTMENT I INDEPENDENT. PRESS-TELEGRAM [ 604 PINE AVENUE | IONS IEACH. CALIFORNIA M i l 2 Frm Torrrt. _ ZViroiky 1. Hdwarda. 2T.J B. Jrn«ra the War. rfctlrrtoti. Califi-rria. Cltrt rrkniarj II. IXI TOM XtTA-VO DOEOTUT 1 Ce I tltott itnd trt coprti ef tli* rtw 1964 RED ! | EOOK ot } I per cop/. Enefoicdl i* my cdtcl For $ I J NAME ..._ _ } ADDRESS I riTY I * -I STATE.- 21? CODE, -- I | I - I I er none/ crJ«n rJcoit. No coili er tfampi.) NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS IF YOU DO NOT 6ft TCXJI ItSUtA* O t t l H DElfVtitO (^Independent \ itH any crfftr* rf CERTiriCAT£ OF BUSINCSV C AVoboIk EfTT- FICTITIOUS N A V E Os Van. 1C. 1H4, at 11 00 ·'clock itrrrT. aitlua 30 dayi rf th* Tb« »B_«.irD.^ An certify th^y A M . , at Jm Wil*Mr.j BonlerarA. rf ii\\» a^lre. vtaUr.ff ar« coadortizr a tu*in.**» at WT..i5.aiut* *302. City «f Errnly HUl*. I.T d-ntal aj pro^'1»- »y;najr_ta, InAo»*r, CaHfortia. _a-ICaltf-^rala, SOtTHULXD COM- frtmijw* ar* »ov br^ajwd *T the nrtltn_j fin» taaag o PAXT. a« Tnurf* trader tt# d-f d ial« f alc.AoIW: bfreracei.t WATXtTS CACXHOC RENTALS 1.-^ tmn xnad« _y FATSHOEJ: ad that -wild firm fa coro,x«-.»d *f ( TOTTERS. IXO. A Corw.rat^m, tb* fnllo-rtsr prnmrt, *bo« eamej wbicfc acQQirrd Ctl« aj Lea Alata f«a aad plarfi cf retrld^ar* arrjmjt^i Land and CatUe Company, a* folio*»: IDC.. A CorporatV*a. and recor-^d, WayM At* JohzfKT., IfTOJ IV Defertib^r 3, IHt, t* F--:k T.1M. «. wtTI vfeHver it f. O«r tirvTc* «f«porifn«i* ri eptu k*fi] 16 f.»i. »er»W»r» * n ' · ntil 10.3ft ·.m. SunJ.ry«. Ait f«r ff* cVci^t*** rftpt. IEACH »i4 UirwOOO HI S-IUI if TO H721 Tt 1-7.04 A toterfft tbreoa from 196X «* t« *-^ -'** » 4 »rtpal eocp y .afllVid. i «» »» lit Tm-*l«»i Ey G^raldine Par* . mmta. EeOnover. CaTX Tirrtnia Le« Jobn»m. 1CO Bxnti »nno«er. CalJ. Cited It«-uary I«. IKI WATTCI A. JOFINSOW Pan SM. IV Ix« An^-l j f a i o r c,l P«erty Satirti and Lran , . ORx-ial P.rcordl of County. CaTiforal HiJ!l rederal A«.^aOom. A 1 *« j . »ar. I. » » t -L.E.I. r.r O R M O R N I J iMMrr »«** «^-- *f Trust, La and.of the d-*ced*-nt at the tiai* cf t r t to the follovif; described profrrrty, Idrati and aiT the ri.p_t. title, kni . . , - , _ _ .._ -.a the Cotraty of Lo* Anjelei, intcrert tta estate baa. ky ej*-ratlr,« Tie tm4er»ii^ifd do certify th'T t* Tit: *··' I** 1 ° r otb»*r-'i*e. acrjTiired cth^t art rondurtinic a ba-rirn-s* it 2541 Aa unitTidfd otv-batf intfrfFt talthaa nt la addition tr that of t f « W. 15tb Street, fin Pfdm. Califir-'and to Lot *) of Tract No. 1TL97.fd^cedr*nt at the time of ter dfat\ nia. nnaer th* fictitious fira Dacne'ia tt« eity of X-onr Itrh, eountyita and U that crrtaia rrij tropttlf tf Loa Aurelet. itate of California,;located tm the Ormnty of Ix* Aa- COASTAL. TACHT CO. |u per map recorded ta _ouk «^S cele*. Slat* of CaJiTontia. d^rribei ' ~ aid firm Ui compowd of paf* (3 to U tnrbuirc of V-P". aa fonovi: .. 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I 'i. r-f No. 22U2 NOTICE OF SALE OF R E A L PROPERTY AT P R I V A T E SALC KoOre 1* t«r*by r1»e» that t* n after Uarra 10, 1W«. th* vnd'-- " Vabel H. fivtri, t* Cv fb IJ. *· to titf*. Xir 4."ll. 1M (4t) LT-I.'U and ov freld by hijrTievt fc:dd*T for rub, payable tajexecutor of th* esltti of^ at*th* r ^ n *' 1 ' - * raafT _ __-..,, Era'-h i.irma. Trie cnderrfnei] re en th* rijht ta reject any ar-i an t-iifs. DATED: February M. 1H4. MABEt. IL SWART. ' OK «nn Liuiea »l»lF,*|»cvi._*».(m. ·rtr»»»-». -mm m^n ·!. - » , , -- » r * T r « o* nX -ritaoot w.r- rrtrate aa!« I* t_« Hjt--it btdd-r.l5"^.*^i*J .* rev ·Vint*** to w«f"»m"tj" thi»': WUiiant R OeW.if* erftT.T*J abft»e-*_th4 Swp*rVrr rocrt. »n, Attsrfl *l |p Tar »-**c«t* T '» Trc*tee,th* rlr-t. title, inirrfit, and crtatr.reb. 7% 2C. Hir. X tKI C-i L E I

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