Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 14, 1962 · Page 12
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 12

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 14, 1962
Page 12
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Superior Court Calendar old Toroni, order to show cause thews Traverse, Falk Falk. The calendar of civil cases lo ie heard in the Superior Court jf Mumboldt County on Monday, Xpril 10, has been called. Hon. 'Villiam J. Watson is Judge ol eparlment One and Hon. Don- ilrl II. Wilkinson of Department I'wo. Clerks of the respective ·onus will be Dorothea Marldl .lid Marjorio Willis. DEPARTMENT ONE Prnbiilc Proceedings: Estate of .«· II. Uiedrichscii. final account, vport and petition of Harriet lac'obsen for distribution -- Ma- .an. Harland, Gromala. Estate if Paul L. Pellegrini, return of ale of personal property and pe- ition of Josephine 51. Pellegrini 'or confirmation -- Kenneth D. eviu-. Estate of Lillian Bell - Falk Falk. 'J'. N. Dimmick Co. etc. vs Ward Brooks el al, Jemurrcr lo complaint (Ward Brooks) -- Huber Goodwin; Slough, final account, report andlof Jacqueline and Debra Mar- Mcthcws Traverse with others. petition of Ruby Plymption for shall, minors, petition of Evelyn Edward L, Whitmire vs El- distribution -- John H. Braun. Guardianship of the person and James li. McKHlrick. Estate of Lillian Augusta Martin, petition estate of Armando Frances Floa, an incompetent person, elev- _. enth annual account of Eugene of administration -- Hiiger i California vs Hasor Sons Inc. 'iola -- Mahan, Harland k Gromala. Thirteenth annual account of estate of Cclcnlina Piola, same as preceding. Estate of Thomas M. Woods, final report and hearing -- Mathews Si Traverse. Million of Henrietta Wcslerman account -- Hill k Hill. Guardian- I.p Morlc I) Arlliiir, by Sir T h o 111 a s M a l o r y (Univer- ity Books $151: Hardly an American now alive has not been exposed to the story of King Arthur rind his round-table conference in one form or another, if only in the current Broadway version of "CaineloL" Relatively few, however, have had access to an un expurgated version of "Le Morte DArthur," as rewritten by Sir Thomas Malory from "certain French books" in 1470 and printed by Caxton 15 years later. University Books now offers such a full account, in A. W. Pollard's translation of the ancient words \\i\A printed in 1920 for the Medici Society. The two - volume 1SI20 edition appears here In single cover. Usually suppressed details accompany a familiar recital of the deeds of Camelot'i errant-boys. The Linden Trees, by Carlo Levi (Knopf $3.50): Levi who to .Mime may be better known as it painter, is certainly not the first to raise doubts about the direction in which post-war Germany is moving. But he expresses them in a new way, in the form of a lifzht travelogue-essay, the description of his first visit to Germany a year ago or so. Levi, who makes no secret of his mistrust of (he German, asks but does not attempt to answer the usual question: where is this new Germany of the economic miracle going? "Germany is sleeping, walchec over by its instinctive censors nnd bv a curfew which has the illusory appearance of a rebirth, . . . Will it arise new and more, human? Will it awaken more savagely? Or will it prolong iU bleep?" The Cardinal Spcllman Story, by Robert I. Gannon. S.J., (Don- blcdny $3.95): An intimate biography of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of New York. The author is (lie former president ol Fordham University, and has Ivei'ii closely associated with Cardinal Spcllman for the past 25 years. He has access to (lie Cardinal'^ personal diaries and private files, as well as his reminiscences, in preparing this long Ml? pages) and detailed account of a career that began as an altar hoy in Massachusetts and culminated in (he red hat of a Prince of the Church. BEST SELLERS IUPU (Compiled by Publisher!' Weekiy) Fiction F'iANNY AND ZOOEY-J. D. Salinger THE AGONY AND THE ECSTASY-lrv- ing Stone A PROLOGUE TO LOVE--Taylor TO K'ILL A UOCKlNGBIRD-Harper Lee ·HAIRMAN OF THE BORED -- Edward Strtelcr. Li'HLE ME-Patrick Dennis. T h F IVY THfcE--Mary Stewnrt $r- ;: m L A K E -- MticrCinlay Kantor. n.-.u'-.HTER OF SILENCE-Morris West (!·'·("'TAIN NEWMAN, M. D.~-Leo i T r ' f FOX IN THE A T T I C -- Non Fiction ·; ( LIFE IN COURT-Louis Nlzer. O.LO^iub DON'T COUNT-Or. Herman i n - ' . V A K I M G OF THE PRESIDENT. N*" --Ih'HHJnre H. Whlln LOiNC. FREE-Joy Adamson. T M J P I S K AND F A L L OF T H E THIRD n t u H -William Sh'rer T-!': : GUNS OF AUGUST-- of Maxlnc A. Lucas for letters Thomas. People of State of Thomas; Woodman, Leddy * (hows k Traverse. Marjorie R. M a r s h a l l for guardianship -- jector Juanita N. Lewis to reopen Law And Motion: Evelyn L. vs or distribution with waiver of Donald E. Pierce, order to show cause re contempt -- John R. Patricia Lou Dixoh vs Vernon Howard Dixon, order to show cause -- Woodman, Leddy Sautter. Mary E.'Solheim vs Rcidar al -d M. Conry (John L. Quinn) C. Solheim, order to show cause vs Loren Edward Davis -- de-- Blaine McGowan. Nelle Barney fault on litigation. Carrnelo Addon Lee Leaton et al. notice of ct al v« Ray Wallace et al, motion for judgment on the plead- tlce of motion for entry of satis- '·ngs -- John R. Stokes, Hiiger faction of judgment -- Hiiger k Thomas. Guardianship of the persons and estates of three Alora -- , . . . ilnors, notice of motion of ob- Hill. People of California vs El- Si Henderson, Blaine McGowan. rira Stanton et al (Parcel Zi, petition for appointment of guard- Ian ad litem --Robert E. Reed et al. Clarence Leland Rice et al vs Joseph A. Harville ct al, notice of motion for continuance -- Ma- Ijollen Quillen, order to show cause -- Hiiger k Thomas, Joe McClaran. Default: District Attorney Leon- vs Jucliano Addario, divorce -- Leonard M. Conry. Thelma J. vs Kenneth Way, divorce -- Ma- Sautter. R. H. McClelland vs et al, notice of motion to pro- Thomas Carlson, notice of motion Blaine McGowan. Jucc '-- Attorney General, Hill k for entry of; default -- Mitchell Sidney Millsap vs W. W. Beck et :ion of Mildred S. Denny et all to establish iact of death -- Kenneth D. Scvier. Estate of Daisy V. McCorfcle, petition of Coroner Henderson. Estate of James El- W. Lloyd Wallace for letters ol gar, petition of Bank of America administration -- Kenneth 0. Se- NYSA for family allowance af- report of inheritance lax apprais- sen. er; John E. Helgren, petitioner vs Roy J. Thomas, divorce DEPARTMENT TWO al. notice of motion to dismiss inheritance tax appraiser (con- Falk k Falk, Hill k Hill. Stella M. Felthauser vs Carl Felthauser, notice of motion -- Jeremiah jtioncr -- John R. Stokes. Estate of Betty Swanson, report of, in- Scott, Blaine- McGowan. Syble vs herilance tax appraiser and peti- Cabe, final account and petition of W. L. Wallace for distribution (insolvent estate) -- Mitchell k vier. Eslale of Hclrria H. Nclgren, ler inventory -- Carl L. Christen- -- Rader k Truitl. Estate of Carl Joensuu, final account and.-petition of W. L. .Wallace for.:, distribution -- Mitchell i Henderson. Estate of Earl Charles -Awards, Probate Proceedings: Eslale of final account and petition of-W, James Benedict Luchesi, report of L. Wallace .for distribution -- tinued), Lois Caroline Luchesi, pe- Niilo Ranlasuo, petition of Hilda Rantasuo lo establish fact of dealh Hill. Estale of Marcus M. Mc- HUMBOLDT STANDARD Saturday, April-14. I962..P. 12 Law and Motion: Rice Inc. vs. William H. Morgan et al, motion for summary judgment- Mitchell Henderson; (W. C. Brenhan). Patricia A. vs William Morrell, order to show cause- Mathews k Traverse. George'P. Mitchell k Henderson. Estate of murrcr to complaint and notice of dor to show cause -- Morrison k motion for change of venue -Mahan, H a r l a n d Si Gromala; and for probate of will -- Hill k Pugh k Webster. William D. Reid etc. vs Lonnie Beard ct al k Pa- cific Retail Lumber Co., notice of molion for lien on cause of ac- lion -- Falk Falk; Woodknan, Leddy k Sautter; Mahan, Harland Groma'a. Ward Brooks vs Howard R. Allard, notice of motion for order dismissing cross complaint -- Hill. Hill; Gushing and others. People '."of California vs Shiela Kinney et al, petition for appointment of guardian ad litem -- Morrison Morrison. Lennon.vs Oscar Davis et al,. de- Yvonne vs 'Harold C. Wade, or- Morrison. Default: Willo Mae Willis 'vs Leslie G. Willis, divorce - Mathews Traverse. 11,. IrrMt , ...,, . IS BENT-J,ick Paflr NE.V ENGLISH BIBLE: The New it.inlflt. a [ i ( ) N OP SHFEP-willlflm Ledtjrer IN I .VO v.'ORLDS--Theotlora Ai Rail Crossing NAI'A UIPH--Joseph D. Korlz, (,!. Santa Ilosa, died Friday when ins i-.-ir slammed into the back o( ,-i mirk I,-inker at a railroad cross- ii,.: seven miles south of N.ipa. Trurk driver Sanford E. Gray, ;i:,. V.-illejii, said ho had sloppo'l tile lanki'i at Hie crossing when i: \\;is struck by Korlz' car, FEATURING HIS PAL By ROX CRANE W. HOOTEN, J'AA BILUE WHIFFLE, ANP THIS \6 /W HU5BANP/ CECIL. WE WANT TO HIRE YOU TO GET W CECIL A W; IN PAY. IT'S LIKE THIS: MY CECIL-WORKS FOR ME. L10NHEAET, THE MEANEST, · STINGIEST, OLP PENNV- PINCHER THAT EVER LIVER AND I TOLP CECIL IT'S , HIGHTIMEHEHAPAPAI'pE. ^ DON'T TELL ME WHO YOU ARE! YOUVE GOT A GIFT, MISTER. YOU MAPE THOSE CUTURS AT THE CONVENTION 50 ASHAMED THEY ACTUALLY i CRIED! OKAY, TH ATS WHAT I WAtfT YOU 13 PO, TO OU LIONHEART. SOFTEN HIAA UPi TRY. HIS OFFICE 15 RIGHT UP . . THEEE. START / f\ PLAYING. HOI AT ALL, CECIL, SIT PdWN, 1 WAS JUST LISTENING TO THAT HAUNTING VIOLIN MUSIC. IT HAS A STRANGE EFFECT ON ME-I PEOPPEP THE MAM A*10 SILL, I'M GIAD YOU PEEL W WAY, SIR, A / DEAR BECAUSE... WELL...YOU SEE, I HAVE [ ME, CECIL. A WIFE AMP SIX VCID5 AW I HAVEN'T } YOU'RE HAP A RAISE IN TWELVE YEARS, A OVERDUE.' AMJ5T MAKE AMENP5 AT ONCE' 8UT JUST LISTEN TO THAT MUSIC. 50MEHOW...SNIFF...IT MAKES M£ FEEL SO SMALL.., 50 UNWORTHY. CAN THIS AW IfAAGINATION, OR DOES IT DO THE 5AME TO YOU, CECIL? IT IS PRETTV 5W?. mi, AWT THAT RAISE, CECIL. I'LL LEAVE IT UPTOYOU, YOU JUST TELL ME HOW.MUCH MQNEV YOU THINK YOU'RE STLY WORTH, ANOTHWS WHAT IT'LL BE. WELL, WHEN'I STOP TO THINK. WHAT L.L. 500... I'M REALLY WORTH, BECALMED HERE, LIKE A S1TTIN' DUCK, LESS'N A MILE FROM TH' ISLAND/ WELL, THIS SURE DOESN'T BECALM MY NERVES WORTH A HOOT! [HERE'S HO SUCH THING IN MATURE, AND YOUllDRAW A FAULTLESS MONSTER WHICH THE WORLD NE'ER SflW: SO SfilD JOHN SHEFFIELD (1CTB-1721) "' BUT 1H HIS DAYS HE HftDN'T SEEK EVERYTHING! IF ANV OF THAT \ MURDERIN' GANG JUST p HAPPENS T'LOOK OUT fc THIS WAV»-BR-R-R! fe iVUT ALL EYES ON THE ISLAND ARE GLUED IN HORROR OH A THINQ SO TERRIPY1HG THEY STARE STUPIFIED.' OF COURSE, COMRADE COLONEL! i HA-HA! ONLY A DUMMY! ' You HIT IT! W-W-WHY DOES IT NOT COLLAPSE ? BEHOLD, COMRADE COLONEL! THE THING TURNS TO STARE AT US! BOMBINQ THE SHIP BROUGHT UP PROMT BOUNCED FROM ARMOR PLATE! STAND PAST; YOU FOOLS! A SEA MONSTER CAN NOT COME ON THE SHOI , can IT? OUR COLONEL! ONE SWALLOW/ AND HERE IT COMES FOR US! OUR TEACHERS SAID NO SUCH THINGS EXIST RUN! TO THE CASTLE ! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! Y/JHILE FAR AWAY, ABOARD THE ATOM- POWERED R T. BOAX THE ASP PICKS UP A FRENZIED SCREAM FOR HELP! THEY SAY A GIGANTIC MONSTER HAS RISEN FROM THE CRATER HARBOR AND IS DEVOURING ALL ON THE ISLAND! / HAVE THEY HAD AH ANSWER 1 ? YES. THE REPLY IS,THOSE ON THE ISLAND MUST HAVE FOUND THE CAPITALIST SWINE'S WINE CELLAR; THAT THERE ARE NO MONSTERS! AH, IT MUST BE QREAT TO FEEL SURE THEY KNOW EVERYTHINQ!

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