Independent from Long Beach, California on February 28, 1969 · Page 16
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 16

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1969
Page 16
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A-I6--INDEPCNDENT (AM) PRESS-TELECRAM (PM) L«tf IMA e»IH., M, Nk. Mb IH» FROM 9 TO 5 EARL WILSON Egg Sandwich Costly NEW YORK -- A funny tiling happened to me on my way to an egg sandwich. 1 got held up, right OPEN NOON MICHAEL CAINE "PLAY / « "»' WESTCMST DIRTY" JH L Oton tM ' HE 6-4209 ln|» Pvkiflf ACTION HIT IN COLOR Hut Ton Kirk RACING THRILLS IN EXCITING COLOR "SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON" on Broadway. "Give me your wallet," commanded one of the two boys in their early 20s. He was holding something that looked like a gun. I'm not sure it was a gun. 1 was in no mood to inspect it It was about 1:40 a.m. And unusually quiet in the Times Square area where the boys -- and an older fellow, a lookout -- cornered me. It had been snowing. A small lunch counter was closed. The usual prostitutes were absent The street light threw a dim haze over the comer. + » * * "HERE IT IS." I gave them the bills in my wallet, about S75. (The B.W. doesn't let me have mucn money). "Don't take my cards." The boys with the thing that looked like a gun, so s u r p r i s i n g l y young, nice-looking, no hoodlum type, didn't snarl or scowl or even answer. Just took the money. Afterward you think of so many things you should have said "Would you boys take a check? . . . Let me keep my police press card. 1 might need it sometime for police protection . . ." Sweet, is what I was. Downright accommodating. It took them barely a minute, me being so helpful. They joined the lookout man who'd been hanging back like a safety man, and broke into a run north on Broadway. I was amazed at how cool I was. Even "Bonnie Clyde,, couldn't have scared me -- because I wanted that egg sandwich. * * * * I PROCEEDDED to a counter in a hain-and-eg- gery- A prostitute sat down beside me. "Would you lika a date?" she asked. I laughed. Business as usual. "I'm afraid I haven't much money," I said. "I was just held up." "Where?" she asked ex- "When you stay out as late as. I do every night, you can't tell whether you have insoamia or not." Young Folks Matliwa Saturday Only I ·All 5Mil SK (Last Comg. Show 1:40) DDK "RELUCTANT ASTRONAUT" KNOTTS "QHOST MR. CHICKEN" Matura Audiences · TONY CURTIS . "The BOSTON STRANGLER") "PRETTY POISON" citedly. I described the holdup. "They were amateurs," she said. "The way they handled it. Did you call the police?" "Not yet. I wanted an egg sandwich." "You should have called the police!" She was very stern, and I thought it was amusing, coming from her. "Amateurs!" she snorted. "They're ruining everything." Turning from her, I ate the $75 sandwich, every precious crumb of it T O D A Y ' S BEST LAUGH: Larry Mathews hears that the Dean Martin show is in the top three-- right after Canadian Club and Four Roses. WISH I'D SAID THAT: Our idea of a true music lover is a woman who applauds when her husband comes home singing at 3 a.m.--Arnold Glasow. EARL'S PEARLS: Copa comedian Van Harris grumbles that he had three good jokes about planes being forced to fly to Havana, "but they were hijacked by other comics." R o d n e y Dangerfield complains that nobody gives him iiny respect: "The other night I had a fight with the dog. My wife said the dog was right." . . . That's ear], brother. OPEN 6.15 WoltDiinty's "SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON" 6:30-10.40 MSSMOOI etna ROSSMOOR 1253S Los tinnitus 596-164,9 Free omnium IMPERIAL 31? £. Ocun Slid. HE 6-3973 KUimtSM» BELMONT 4J1« E. Sttonl St GE 8-1001 *Playnouse* NOW PLAYING! ON STAGE "Come Blow Your Horn" FRI. 8:30 P.M.--SAT. DARK--40tb Anni» OPEMfclt 1WJUDWIHKEI "THE GRADUATE" "HOT MILLIONS" UNITED ARTISTS 211 E. OCEAK NE 7-1267 Now Showing LAKEWOOD DRIVE-IN Cnm it Uwny 424-9931 Belmont UI1LHMT SHMI · I-INI LONG BEACH DRIVE-IN SANTA FEarfSM TE444IS ST COAST 333 EAST OCEAN HE 6-4203 "ACADEMY AWARDS NOMINATIONS! BEST ACTRESS! PATRICIA HEAL BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR! JACK ALBCRTSON NOW SHOWING IN 3 THEATRES! THROW MWWHJlfBOQK M PlAY DIRTY The story of three strangers A mother.. .A father.. .And a son HARRY S*LTZ«ANp(esents D D «. MOUSED BEN tSDUUH · BfflQUE SVU -TUB BMMiOUEl- HMD KOU5A · SCOTT MtUER ' SADZlN-AiREDelK-imECO TECHNICOLOR" PANAVISION' (Jnitld Artels D-HIT WEST COAST LONG BEACH ONLY! PLUS DAVID NIVEN* COLOR "IMPOSSIBLE YEARS" CHNIBCOPE* TECHNICOLOR* ·----- UNITED ARTIST* 2ND BELMONT "HERE WE GO AROUND THE HIT ONLY MULBERRY BUSH" COLOR Baja Band, Felicianoin the Hound' By ROBERT BECKMAN The "no smoking in our theater auditorium" ultimatum c a r r i e s little weight these days at Mel- odyland. The wacky bunch of cigar-smoking minstrels, the Baja Marimba band, will be loitering around in Anaheim through Sunday. It takes Julius Wechter and his troupe an eternity to get onstage, what with pauses to analyze freshly lit stogies, cold-eyed perusal of the audience and unhurried stretching and yawning. * * * * THE BAJAS finally get organized onstage -- in a cloud of blue thick smoke -- and promptly fail to follow the script for expected musical numbers. That so much music can come out of the sleepiest group in show business amazes even the band's oldest fans. "Illmarimba You" provides the finest marimba music to be heard today -- neatly sandwiched between chunks of comedy chiefly centered around Wcchter's pantomime in which he "teaches" a student to play the instrument. From out of maze of lost cigars (some still burning and wedged here and there -- one In a trombone) and discarded sheet music emerges one of their most enjoyable numbers of the evening: "Sunrise, Sunset." Post-intermission fun is provided by blind guitarist-singer Jose Feliciano, like the Bajas, back at Melodyland a second time. As always, Jose's followers are at first acutely aware of his blindness as his guide dog helps him onstage and to his high stool. It is forgetten, however, as his nimble fingers -coupled with expert timing -- gives fullest meaning to "Malaguena." "My World Is Empty," " C a l i f o r n i a Dreamin" and "Mama, Mania" result in an obviously sincere standing ovation. IN SANTA ANA Pianist Matthes Returns BARBERSHOP QUARTET SHOW FRIDAY! SATURDAY MARCH 14 ft 15 ol 1:13 p.m. L.B. MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM FOR TICKETS CALL 432-8047 ^PAR AMOUNTS 1 1-5 Pandit. I Compt. Blvd., 'innt,\ x TONY CURTIS ADM. | fJ "BOSTON - £ STRANGLER" · "!· --mi -? TOHT i ;/l POISON " PERSON! By DANIEL CARIAGA Music Critic When Carl Matthes gave his official Los Angeles debut recital, for the Hollywood Community Concert Assn., last April, we were happy to report that he had avoided the programming cliches perpetrated by so many other young pianists their first year on the circuit. This week, Matthes returned to the Southland, playing a recital Wednesday night for the Santa Ana Assn., and brought exactly the kind of hackneyed, ultraconventional program we had praised him for avoiding last season. AND -- as if to rub it in -- he performed the whole with considerably less technical polish and musical security than we would have expected after his promising debut. The most familiar items on the program were Beethoven's "Appassionato" Sonata (the inevitable " C o m m u n i t y Concert" Sonata) and Liszt's "Me- phisto" Waltz, but the rest was not exactly esoteric: A Bach-Busoni transcription; the A Major Sonata, K. 331, of Mozart; three Etudes of Scriabin; short pieces by Granados and Chopin. Aside from Ignoring completely the last half- century of music history, not to mention four generations of American composers from MacDowell to Eusley Blackwood, pianist Matthes constructed this program unimaginatively and played it with only occasional insights. HE DID best by the miniatures, though even they were not flawless. Granados' "The Maiden and the Nightingale," the R K E W O O D I IOPM «:IS P. M.--Fra* Firth* " ONE Of THE FINEST FILMS OF THE YE»«! ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE lESTACTHESS-fATRICIANEAL ItSTSUffORTING ACTOR- JACK ALIERTSON j MGM pfiwnu iha Putiuti Ptin-vffnt'tf ·* "Minute" Waltz of Chopin, all three of the Sena- bin pieces -- these wer« charming- But the profundities, as well as the stylistic individualities, of Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven, wert neither achieved nor projected. Worse, we had to tolerate, in each, strange rush- ings, inexplicable pauses, a heavy pedal, regular clinkers, and long stretches of frankly mindless playing. PACIFIC MS 2nd I1G COMEDY HITI MY FATHER IS IMPOSSIBLE... MY DAUGHTER IS IMPOSSIBLE, BUT.. ANtTHINQ IS POSSIBLE IN. ' PANAj/KION' -FwmMGM / METKQCOIOR Hey Kids! Special Matinee) TOWNE TOMORROW OPENS 12:30 C» 2-1221 ALL ACTION! ALL COLOR! ALL SEATS SOc · ALL SEATS SOe "KING KONG VS. i "ROBINSON GODZILLA" f CRUSOE ON MARS" NOW SHOWING I TOWNE BOX OFFICE OPENS 6 P.M. ALL COLOR ADULT PROGRAM! 2 BIG HITS SHOWN TOGETHER FOR FIRST TIME! SECRET CEREMONY" I IN TtCHMICOtOir ' '.muss LMUOIWW lit" S'-«K"U"iiK ·I.M .---'-yiiiLs HUH(I*** NOW PLAYING! Show Starts at 6:30 ALL COLOR ADULT PROGRAM! CIRCLE DRIVMM LAKEWOOD CENTER OPEN S:ti, STARTS «:IS Suggested for Mature Audlenceil JOANNE WOODWARD · COLOR "RACHEL, RACHEL" "HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER" COLOR LONG Bf ACH TOWNE SMAntMit OPEN i F. M-, STARTS CM Suooestn for Mitura AudMnctsi Elliabtlh TAYLOR · Mia FARROW "SECRET CEREMONY" LONG BEACH STATE LOcwnjIPint, 437-2721 ' OPEN NOON SuogBSttd for Mature Audtcnctil JOANNE WOODWARD · COLOR "RACHEL, RACHEL" PLUS -- "THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER" A ft* 41|C ~» T msro» tON'BWCH 'RIVOLI Long Beach BW. at 6th it · 436-3207 OPEN P.M., STARTS 4:M JOHN WAYNE · COLOR "HELLFIGHTERS" PACIFIC DRIVE*IN THEATRES! SHOW STARTS AT »:» CHILDREN UNDER II FREE ADULT PROGRAM! RAQUEL WELCH · COLO* "THE OLDEST PROFESSION" PLUS-NATALIE WOOD · COLOR "INSIDE DAISY CLOVER" lOSfllTOS Sin Oi*f o frtff J tttiMowii.l HA 3-74ZJ ' Suootsted for Malura Audlances! JOANNE WOODWARD · COLOR "RACHEL, RACHEL" PLUS--"THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER" LONG BEACH IAKEWOOD DRIVE-IN PATRICIA NEAL IN "THE SUBJECT WAS ROSES" COLOR "IMPOSSIBLE YEARS" 534-6212 THE OLDEST! u »,,,, PROFESSION!! IP *"· Suggested far Mature Audience! I EMiabetn Taylor · Mia Farrow "Secret Ceremony" "COOGANS BLUFF" 2ND NATALIE HIT WOOD "INSIDE DAISY CLOVER".| WHIP'S WOMEN IN GORGEOUS COLOR SiitlCTLY AN AtULT HOTIOH WCIUK 3RD ADULTS ONLY PROGRAM COLOR "JIGSAW". ly Dbfltyfoftd' MOT MCOMMCMDEO F BUDDY Mar.7at8:30'Mar.8at710'Mar.9at58:30 SEATS HOW It MaMrlaw! Thnlrl N Offln · St. Cam. Marie Ct., H7 $. MM St, Ln Antata · Walllcta Mink dlr'a · All Kirtwl Amelia · Mtimi'' Dili TUM TldiS Onlrad PlfTMiil *m°aunt Men W.M, W.50, U.M, HM PIMM (714) 776-7220 Charge to my BlNMMERlCiHO £ . Please Print ADDRESS PHONf_ CIIX- _2IP CODC. ^ Hetta aaclan *tif-idJ{at»d ttimpej tnnlopi lor rtlufn sf yaur tJ STARTS TONIGHT - 8 PM -1969 PACIFIC INDOOR PERFORMANCES IUMHM Mr Matura Audicncu! JOANNE WOODWARD · COLOR 'RACHEL, RACHEL" SnniM fir Mann AvdMMtti MICHAEL CAINI · COLOR "PLAY DIRTY" TRACK OF THUNDER" Suwslld lor Mature Audlencul ADULT PROGRAM! RAOUEL WELCH · COLOR "The Oldest Profession" Plus--NATALIE WOOD · COLOR "Inside Daisy Clover PARAMOUNT mmm DRIVE-IN Suggested for Mature Audiences! JOANNE WOODWARD · COLOR 'RACHEL, RACHEL- pLus--"THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER" ADULT PROGRAM! RAOUEL WELCH · COLOR . "The Oldest Profession" Plui--NATALIE WOOD · COLOR "Inside Daisy Clover" SAN PEDRO SAN PEDRO DRIVE-IN Suggested for Mature Audienccsl MICHAEL CAINE · COLOR "PLAY DIRTY" "TRACK OF THUNDER" FOR INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS CALL LONG BEACH ARENA 437-2255, luggtmd f»r Matura Audlmeail MICHAEL CAINE · COLOR "PLAY DIRTY" "TRACK OP THUNDER"

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