Independent from Long Beach, California on May 23, 1957 · Page 38
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 38

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1957
Page 38
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' - VI-INDEPENDENT. , Help Wmttd Men . . l«t| l*«h, brill. Ttwn,. Hr, 33, It 24Help Wanted Men 24 [Help Wanted Men 2 ' ·· Interviewing '.··'' · . , 'in · ·'· - Long Beach · CONVAIR '.'., Palmdale, California · '/The Production Flight Test Center for the Famous ] ·:···· F 102A , v.. JET INTERCEPTOR Prlmo Weapon ol the Air Defame Command .'. . · Urgently Needs Now ..,,'. Radio and Radar ·: " Technicians and Inspectors . " ' - TV and Radio Bench Experience Acceptable H you qualily, Convair will pay you while attend Ing a 6-month electronics school on advance radcn ' lite control system. Recent military radar main .' tenanctj and repair ideal qualifications. : · ' · " ' · FLIGHT LINE :-".-. § ELECTRICIANS ....'. If you are not now making $350 TO $410 ,' -'· per month (on a 40-hour week) act now .*·: Personal interviews in :' Long Beach . ; - ' · May 23rd, 24th, 27th, 28th ,' ' - 9a.m. to 5 p.m. -' DEPARTMENT OF EMPLOYMENT v '- Long Beach Office · " 1313 Pine Ave. ' " ask for .:-.MR. GEORGE. GUGUELMETTI .!Live and Work in Palmdale ' . ·· 3BO days ol smog-free sunshine every year. : ' '. · Trallic Iree -- Just minutes to work. ·£ Plenty of schools and space for children. . . % Right in the hunting fishing country. II you are unable to come in write our Palmdale office today. Proof ol citizenship required at time o! hire. Veterans must show honorable discharge. I CONVAIR Palmdale Airport' · - " Palmdale, California (65 miles North ol Los Angeles) COtJVAlR IS A D1V1EIOH OF GEHCRAU DYNAMICS CORP. Help Wanted Men 24 Help Wanted Men 24 Maint. Mechanic r iKduHrial M a l n t e n a n r a . Kip*'- If · r« A acetylene weldlnr req. Thl , IB a |*rmanant Job w l l l i |uud p« · M Kin*. Rotaltn« ·liifl. . -. APKX HUM.TINO CO. 2211 K, Cara-.n HI. Ulut Wt*\ ttf A l a m e d a i^ P K IU KM (* k- 1* lervkre v t a l u n *l ^emlanl, over 2T. 1?IB AValun Vilmlnnlon. fltlp Wanted Men 24 WAREHOUSEMAN . Foreign Employment ASIA ·' I1l-M««tll Contract) · · E.p.rlanc.d In Oil Fl.ld and Drilling Equipment ' Spoft Parti. Englnt I Tfutki Ai (a ord.rlng, r.calvlng, blftfllig, liming, ihlpplng and maintaining Inventory *·*· «f«)i. Abl* ta arganll* w«rf ·koyio aytUaai. Should ba JJ.SD. *.flip«.rqt* t tactful and pa* tlint ta Inilrgct natl»«i. Eic*ll*nt Salary Family Pravlilon Call · Davo Omellch MA 9-2484 *r Parsons 41 7 S. Olive, Rm, 1101 Lo. Angele. 14. Calif. Automotive Parts Stock Clerk Kxt*rlenc*d at N»hh**p«r, ant oil nl..jit, etc., bul mil necea- ·arlly Iti parti *urk. Keep \*r- IMHU..I inventory recurdi. Nteady, 41 hour* per wMk. ux*l *«Ury and ahar* of nr«- aalea. Liberal inBatrance plan- I'aid vacation) and holiday,. Mliat be Bobet. Prefer local married man. No objection tu partial d l R a b l l l t y . Bo I A -'254 1 , Ind 1'reai-Teleiram YOUNG MEN · ' ] If rtv «»* Ml ween the tfti of 1 l.*Ju. nere U an t*e*ti*ni upper- V u n h v tw en^tte vourwelf ID the IbaDM ami Luan liUiltie*§. KU- lure la Unlimited. Uoud aalary. : Opportunity (or advAhrenianl lo · reipunailNe poailton M a n y em p toy* ' '·ntf.lf IB a lane reputable C«i i T122 pacille i.ltq,, inmtingion Pfc, i ! 2 USED CAR SALESMEN Capable of eompletlnf entire tranaaulloti, 50 flelecled . cari al- waye In elorli, Otx«J finance Ml* up A a d v e r t l n n i profrain. I l l R h eat c-JinmiMiofi- In Ui* Hny area. DAFFY JAFFE 1t40 American HK 3-3.77 " I N f l U n A N C C ·al«im*n (2). eirerl' enced In (Ira A auto, exrellenl f u t u r e , expandlna mmranre aaenry Loni liaarli. Itvwrwy. Torrartfe aretie. Kull »r part time. NK H-fwW; NK K.J73T. KHV r i K i K H , Turrtncf Urt I-av h l H M W A H U K R . IK|.0 Day (IW1.NN 8 Km ploy mint Afctftry 311 Kim. Pee* 1U% Of Ut mo. . Metal Polisher ; ITxperleneed auloifioWle i h o p , T H w l n g e h l f l ( I K fl-lftHl. » BOAT BUILDER ril.erlen.~e4 ueMitary. Tor* wtf«. * MK «-71»t. 202V* W. I f l t h Rt. I)iihwatl)*r A L'lenn-1'p ' yiilt A Shrimp Ktiantr 4J Pierimlnt l ^ h d l r x JANITOH -- 4^-hr. week. Wti]|« J pref. Union tab 8te«dv emplov. ment In l^mf llearh, rh. after* TKAClTi-HnT^Buniilemen. your Inr UA l»«ftU9., Ura. Kdenburn. HE ] Df Hb-alrlpner * camera man e»p, J 58-Hour Wee] DOUBLE TIME AVAILABLE Aircraft Tooling Men Master Plaster Men Able to tnaha pftflilon fain palterna for ·IMtch (ortn dl«». Plaster . Pattern Makers Foundry Helper Die Finishers Able lo f l n l f h plaitlfl fare · t r e t f h form dl«* lo precino tolerance*. LOCKARD Tool Engineering Co 11200 WRIGHT RD. LvnwooD DAVENPORT Operator DIE CAST Mold Maker Maintenance Machinist Experienced in Repair ol Aulomallc Screw Machines Apply ROBERTSHAW- FULTON CONTROLS CO. L.B. Blvd. at Long Beach Freeway, L.B. MODEL TYPE GIRLS Vogue Agcy. 4240 ATLANTIC UA 7-1277 WE HAVE POSITIONS FOR:-Models nflcflp.lon.8ta - * Hostesiea Secretaries ' Dental Aiaistanli Beauticians Demons tralors Commercial Photography Employ* r» *lth n*#«1 f u r above rmlliye«B, call V O | U a Agency dally. DO .YOU LIKE TO MAKE MONEY? CALL HE 9-3411 PETER WHEAT BREAD 1200 eaiti bout rannirad. Wadlad, Aga 25*4 8 UTARTINQ IIAUAKT $525 PER MO. I . K A D H F U H N I r H I K P reliant opportunity for raMd art* vanrement. Tlinee ·« lee led tnuil tte n*al and Imve rar. AGE 21-35 APPLY 642 ALAMITOS SUN., MAY 26TH 1 P M SHARP ONLY SALESMEN NOTICE |!MM) per month tuarantee lo qua · I (led inrtonn*! APPLY Ur. Hcu|«r ^ Mr. Hmokl Sales Representative O H A N n t J COUNTY Jain America's faaleit Krowlng Ind ui try. Our lalfi turre I* Ixirked bv National m a g a i l n a ai TV advertllinff. Product aold on money bark |uar. w i t h no money down. Aver, earning! t^i |ar week. If you tiava a ntit «P- pearanca A can tell a nlmple atory, the product 1oea the reit. far ner. Call PftnipeCt 4*4764, Ana- helm, for ai|)t. PRESSER ( r'tntlilnK. Muit have good rtrenl oca) reference!, Aak Tor "Alec," llfm'APt) A M O H 120 E. Uroadway ·£ WELDERS \ A l r r r a f l rerllfled Arr. II*1lair Welder. Are ateel, Heiiarf. A l u m - rtum and 8talnlen Htvel Uuit Have Current Certification.?. Weldlob Company 1171 W. 132nd Hi. Oardena YOUNG MEN Vail room meMennar*). Tvplnf n»oe**ary. Jr K n K t n e e r fur ·'oilln.r, THE KAYNAR CO. W n v l p p to nivern lo^n. H l r M M O N I * t-ZftHS HARRIS'S FRAN£ perlenred rlottilnt laleiman. per- )»ad to e« ecu live i (n «.tl°n. Apply 240 Pin* Ave.. I.. H. ary *K''t poaltlon In n t f f . plant In N I» n, area, w i t h Hrn aioo mach. Call K r w i n Wt r n.JVM?l. 1 Magazine Book Won nxa at ftihlre. fall l i t e r t f alleratloni. permanent. Applr / H A n n i H A K H A N K 2)(» PtM NTKI.LInKMT itrtoni w i l l i n g to le»4rn our hiii.nm. t a k e over Ainv _ pi»te t f h a r r e . It ft Hi re potential, 4 BchKR. ROUTK M«n For dry . rl*aninff r(, utilprw hunralnw rieaharB, «31 Wllmlnilon Blvd., EXPER. LUBE .MAN fl C A HOMI.PINO Pulrh Btrrk* 401 K A N A 1 I K I K H WTEH AN»"^VHO ~ NBEii ~\V()HK Pay day every Hay for ranvaaatni I A N it WlFK~"21-3^ Travel, (To n thlM, Wife typea, n*p. r*dlo * K TV KB. Ca» n»e, OL B-«7S t . F AHT time eve§ A ft-lt,. 20 hr*. [ 151 »H H«e Ur \\ \tt\tr. 1700 ' K. Arteela, Thliradav. T : l f t f p . m . * or part \lim». Iwl eii»rience p pna tlrtf» with future, .lewerfv BX* * 1UW i.lnh Fa^Tnai.liar "" B AfM ml" rharry Ara. K A paara OfrirarTlliairaarnlnia, N IMJ In M4J.,_B«a ai) I'l. 11. SliPRTlavar «anliii. alaariy work. C " Help Wanted Men 2 4 DODGE-PLYMOUTH SALESMAN tT Need help to tike car* of ekl ^ floor proiperla Intereiled In »h» two Ited Hot Helllni Kronorr Itun winntri. No itlmmlrka. ^ customer diBaatlifac|lon. No ml undentandlnRB. No broken -pent method*, over 60% repeal f u tomera. HalarK tnd commlaalon. Pa holldajra. Uiril per week vac tlona. Liberal Hroop Inauranr Keweil work n i K h l a , No deal haa betltr reputallon Ictiec w l l h your b a n k ) . He* manaiir i nienn K. Thnnia* Co., litu ] Anaheim, Ionn lleach. Help Wanted Women 2 IBM TAB OPERATOF TRAINEE with key punch experience SWING SHIFT , APPLY ' Robertshaw- Fulton Controls Co. L. B. Blvd. at Long Deach Freoway, L. B. JOB SHOPPING? TRY OUR FREE SERVICE TEMPORARY OFFICC JOBS All Kinds and Langlhn Perrelarlea M.ftf Tvput to 11,4(1 Temporary Placement Service Agency 110 W. Ocean Blvd., Rm. 19 SALES REPRESENTATiVE O R A N O K COUNTY Join AtnerlCa'B (aateat growlni i n d u i l r y . Our ··!·· force la Imckrt tiv National maxaxlne A TV ad varllalng. I'rodiivl aold on money huek guar, w i t h no ntoney down Aver, exrnlni* f^iXi per wit. I you nave a ntat appearance * ran t*ll a almpla itury, Die prod U*cl iloea th« real. Car nerenB* ary. Call rKoll-ttl 4*i74i ( A n a - h e l m ) (or appl. ^ Grocery Checkers ·$% ~ J I K A T WRAPPKIIH. . MKN OK W O M K N Can Earn $89 to $125 Wk. Rhnrt Inexpensive coure*. K-Z p a y m e n t |4an. i)ty ur even nn. Enroll How for Mny 27 Clas§ K K K B 1'LAfKWt.NT P K l W I C K Market Training Schoo 120.J1 U H, Hlvd. I.YNVVOOn N K H-4151 H*e Ad f l a n '22 CREDIT ASSISTANT For K U H N I T U H E RTOHK. I'r»f« 21 to .i5 6-day week Including H u t . A Him. and evening work llany M n e f l t i , Rood f ( » r t l n r aal arv A p r l y In l« only Mun. Wed., Tniim. of H a t . a f t e r 10, HADLEY FURN. CO. 1334 ALAMITOS AVE. Nn Phone Oalll PAT WALKER 6 CO. N A T I O N ' S FINEST f U , K N l K I U Z l N ( * H Y H T F M will t r a i n you B.I lalnn l»-hni'-Un. tlpeninga now in o u r . I , » n * Haarh iilor*. Olamouruui. refined wurk. lloeteia I l k a Inh Iti · frlvn1 v. f a i h i o n a b l e atmoijihete No '*· penente neteMitry, Appl* M a m In H p . m . Hon. t h r u Rat., «J6 I»1r»t» Ave HK ft-S:m7. CREDIT A N D COLLECTIONS Kxpetlence N*c*»«arv A p p l y In t'er-nn l» lr. A'iklnB PBX OPERATOR T O R R A N C K Kvperenc«d reteptlonlit. M u t t la a t t r a r t i v a w i t h pood pereona ty. Tvplnf and knowledge or lenara o/rtce work, ft -day wk, I3W per n.0. Pleiie call Mr. Heath. F Air- la * fi-«](l. i iY rai)hy. 1 'THE'JKAYNAR co. Jdovlnir In Rivera Boon, nichrnonil W-2«I*H K t J H H K (of em*r|eney elinie, no rei. clinic, ntvtt cut at |22J n K l ' A H T M K N T Caldwell I'ereQnntl A f mty 11 P I N K SI'ITH S1? IIK S-»(«l N K . n-'l'.tl SAlESLADT Kxr«rlenee1 in HlRh Faihlrm K*uily-lo-W**r for Htierlalty almp, lluil have local fullowmf;. 42tU A t l a n t i c A«e., U R , M r . V a n . CREDIT INTERVIEWER Fxp. Initallrn'ent Ixam. eontracte, t»we|ry credit. Charge B m a 1 1 branch offlee^ H a n d l e (uhll«. Ha a r y op*n. Call for apjJt, M K 3**lm NF. ft-VlT.'l. M". Parker. I l O U H K K K K P K K w i t h m i n i n g e*|i ln»a!fd )*1y and 2 adulta. Harden Orove. I (Si month. Private room * bath Wed. nit. Ihial have own t r a m p , Daya OA !i-4022: eveB. l.ti H-Sff? 1 *. Top IB). A fomm. Palil vacation. Hmy modern *h»p. Cmarfa. Hi«- hy Knulla. 3i*34 A t l a n t l r . and RBCHKTATiY TO T I l K A H i / R K H Kxac. i-oilllon (or expand Ing ro., f.. B «M« HKL»irT 1'FHHONNKL A ( J K N C V 205 Hrn'idwBy 1U. ft- Hi 31 Bookkeeper Full Charge t h r o u g h P A L A balance sheet. rti.*)! .tcct. h n c k r round. Kicrllrnt aalary. f. H. FlIterKlaia, 1*7*10 r(H,I.K(*TlON r K K I l l T IllHl, Agency »M*r. I-op-il _ ...Op4n 215 A m e r i c a n ' HK 2-?P*l CONTRACT GIRL r M V. detail. Hood worklni con- TO 7-1721 VfKKK DAYH n ORDER TYPIST /PPI.Y A F T K H I P. M. HOWAIUl Z I N K TORP, E BS?irt Paramount Hlvd., L. B. T u r f H K K K K i ' K t t . nvt. r m . , b a t h A lovea rhlldren. 'ideal ror nu 111*0,,.) who w a n t a real home 1 rhlll. f a 1 a f t e r 11 a.m. HK 4-(.H2 1 *. . I t E A l , K H T A T K t f A M - . H W u M K N If YOU are Interfiled In Jntnlni n Rood company with tilth e a m i n M and » permanent «i»tu», call for ntervlew. MK 3-070H. iTA"il lur motel work, 4~IMu"~4iV~y«. White, mnirenla), dt)*nH*hl», Kn.i|, · f f l M . n ! 48-hr wk, tl hr. Write Box ll-a«20, Indep., P-T. REGISTERED NURSE Fnr nuraarT. 3-11 t.m. Oommu* ,, nll» llo.plnl. IIK 1.««39. E Beautician Part Time PAUKKK'H HP:AIITY RALON C 1371 W. willow AliTNEH wllli knowladK* R a n a i n l Inanranc*. No E I n v M l n i a n t ftar, W r l l a Hoi X10M, rANT coni|anlun for a M a r l y ladv. i Frafarably widow. Uond fxmli. l.lva In Wma Jndap.. f-T, UoM J-3111. f (TdllNTS Pay. Ha b..ikkaapar. Kxparlanr* In r a l n l l f u r n l l u r a pra. farrr.!. Halary 1250. AKa rp«n, r Una Bo« A-3SIO Ind., V -T. ' ISfiKllAI, OPPirE WORK. Part r Call ME 3-4HI". .flat 7 p.m. BEAUTY OPERATOR :o.t K. nroactw«v HE 7.«Q»I O U H K K K K r R U . nnrainn cara. good rook. I J v a In. I10U mo. Call .flar n «IA 7-04*4. adr. Klpar. pral, ll.rfia «V KtatiU. ItU Plna. 1 5 HEAl. KHTATK »A|.E»!,A1)|F.(I ·adad. Alarr. Invaatmanl UN H-3S11 Ira. 3^ Thaalndl Plara. - OL'atKPR.. wrk|. rrtlpla^ «HI 9. | lv« In. Rata. 125 wk. TO_f.|l)J«^ ·ANTKBriiahr alllifrBi«bv Knla. Hraa. f)A 7.344A aflar p.m. OOn^WAlTIIKBH-- Apply .liar J P.m. 3-in W. Plka. 'xp»:TnT:Ni I KB di'KHAToit OR ! SPOKTHWEAR 22S" Oranja K A i i T I C l A N . Applr In paraon.! l^on'a 2*143 K. Tarfon, Ioninia| TlilflK^fo ra«r Maa * ihrn.l of. lie.. J«M) Allanllc HA 4-l4«4, DOE~1'.M a, I.B llmpllal. IjB 4^Emp. Agency Women 25 Emp. Agency Women 2 Employment Agenda* ra. ·· Am UwutMl oKi ItxUd by Irw Stat* «f Cellfemk i · CERTIFIED :. P R R H O N N K I . BEUVICK A f l K N C aoi K. HUWV. umn BKAC HC ·-o27I N K v «-6dai , MU1TK 50ft Typiat, I^aarn P-B.X*."TM"!..., W k C'OP'Y \VRITER! 1.07,732 Hteno., Art l»pl IS TypKl, id. at f l f . ( U »..,,.,... 2*1 H«cy.-- lne T Ctfc ......,,- 27 Hleno. -- Oil Co _.,._ 2t T » p t l t . O ' O . U. D -^ 23 F. C. BKPR 37 Kxac. Rray..Hkl)F. . . ._ . 35 Prod. Control. Yypa SECTTMTo PERS'C Mgr! " 37 Hid -H.rr -- I'M 35 HIM K'y Punrh Uln. so Hurr. 7HM opr. --,,.,,,,,,,,._,,___, 32 Aaal. l l k p r . L H w Typlal-Haepl.. f / t . at f l f 22 r t i a r l a A Urtplit. Irnaa........ 2 H i ( _ Trpa -- to 31 SECY, lo V. P lo 35 410] K 2nd * 411 Krao Blilf O M l K U T IN TllVVN PERSONNEL I K M f l A Y M E N T AaflNCT P A I . K H Joba. 9«liy.. . I13l).«» M K I U C A I . Kacya. or 111* I.ab. or X-ray lach |300.*.r. N?;r^,.,. BtC! : ::::::::::::::::::::::.J^ Accla. IUIJT r l k a I3(W Typlata-hkpra.alfnn, . «225.|3i AIJIO OTIIKIl JOHH 41J K 2nd * 414 K f K « BM« HK »-0?l( I I K 7-2*2 Medical Bureau nCPAKTHKNT OP Tarllflad 1'araonnal Karvlra Aiann 2115 E. Hitwy. B u n a 11115 IIK B.«27 K.Na. lift. ote. or lloap. to |33. Wad. Aaal.. lypa, I*b, :«M Mart, flatv.. Z.Vftu :MM llacept., In., elk., lypa, rar... 2rM Nuraaa Aldaa, :|-I1 A 11.7 2H.1 f A N N O N ' X A H E N C T MPT TIIIICK MKi'll. 12 M hr A I I U ' I I A K T A H H K U U L E H H O V K H T I M K 12 13 CHOP 1IKI.PKR ||,| w k ,,, HI'IIAY P A I N T E R (1. 113 hr K21I7 P a t l f m Hlvd., Hiinllni!. P«rk Phona I.Udlow 2-«23l AMERICAN C O M M k i l U ' I A L l n V l f l O M 215 Ainer. Htilte ]2Ut) HK 7-(H73 CALDWELL Y H PHRSONNE1, AOKH^r t« P I N H H U I T K : * Becy.. leiral ofe., O- Orevt .. |3 * Itecepl-typlBt. Hl«. H i l l 12 Typlit-O/O. In 4fl. L-B W ' F.O. bkpr. relall, · I*H. *J 5 H k p r , -trial |tai. payroll |j 1 Typlita. off. marh., lo 35, lo f 1 ) 1 Itecept.-typiit, · lM*3ii ti ·· l l n e k p n g . elk., Coit« Ueitt »'l Orapha A r h a r t a «|(t., I, H, . $.' 1 Typ|iti-(l/U. Term, liland IJ 3 Hary., girl Krl , Hnltl |2^u Ha In. prefer Jewelry eip ()|*e 4 Halaa. e«p., Wllm 12 Typlit. (I/O, Hlsbr |2 ; ALCO | E M P t / I Y H K N T A O K N C T ^bTRNHILL " * C219 A M K K I C A N fl\ T.Tt ] I.UUKKtifr.l'I'.U Uurr. mach. 12 T y p i i l a -- many |JJft X - r a y lab. tech ( ^ - UP C l e r k - t y i n a l i ,, 127-; Herretarie.. I*RB|, med. I'i"" ; SERVICE ' . ASSOCIATES A U K N C 1 K 3 IX)NO DEACII n F K I C R 110 W Oxtail H u l l , .M}'2 Mr tt-22 nmiiANrn urflce 1623 Crfvana Ava. FA B.RO LEE STEVENS EMPLOYMENT AOENCY 210 K. ram pt oil Hlvd., romplo Phoh* N t w m a r k l-3ait* Prod, ««titrol clh., litcfcl . |?7 Kile clerk, awlnn. blue print* '2'- Hkplng. mach. upr. . feo wk i H'O, (Me type, m a n y ^i SELECT PERSONNEL AGENCY 205 VH^^^-S!' 303 BOWER EMPJAJYMKNT A O K N T T Liberty *-M2*. lititt ^aw..u H l v d . , Co-la Meia. Help Wanted Women 2 Help Wanted Women 2 STENOGRAPHERS Poiltlon rei|ulre« JIM( winn ihor lianj. Excellent opportunity l advancement, lond, a l a r t l h f ma ary, working rondlllnn*. I'mnpa and Inju ranee let«liti. Conve lent to nubile tramonriailon. K tletalU * appt. e*\( Mtm. KHinde LUdlow .1-4(11, Kit. J I J Ftr*iton« Tlr« Rubbsr C 2f)25 Klreolona H l v d , , I,. A. oFFirK ami. roiTNTRK O1HI, A I.ITB ROOK K K K P I N O POMITION. r-art.tlm irym 2 to «. Jicl, 25 A 40 y r a n F O l f l T E R B D NURSE UTVa ofc.. new medkal bldf. Nine, H u r r y titr th*a *t 1300 H K P l C A L IirPAHTVlKNT RKLKCT P E I t H O N N K L A O K N P fI(U.fKKKV;PF:i{~..jdot?! Not i.v 4i, ak|ter. ( live In. Rervnl, Inr refft. j erhool-BKB s(rU, Humrner Mk* Arrowhead, winter*. Arm dla, Prlv, rm. A A TV. |^UO AVON'H 71*1 A n n i v - i i u r y ia ll« emleat t i m e nf the yr to itar HB an Avon n*pr. Blr e a r n l n g a i of itylei, name branda anil valnea In 2nd hand clolhlnf hinlnei.. Apply a f t e r 11 a.m., 3rd (lour, preferred, t y p i n g nee." axe .Jy^t K a l a r y depending on eKrer, I^i WhUe U r r c u r y , J2S01 Bruokhunt Otfdeti Orove. PL' Hkpr.', ».ft, he|lfjo'wef'"."";"|a( I^akewood Km ploy ment A p t n r y 414^ Nnr*« Wav OA «t-w5n 4 tn 4 hour* ridlly Htaady work! A p f r i y r a i t f i t r n l a D«pt. of Em* ploymept, ThtirB 10 a.m. E A R N 11 to us PAILT 11 RH. (lAYl-OHU, H.N. Oirlord Hchoo( N u r i l n f . 1«M A t - ·ntlr RM ad Tl. 22. HR fl-?.244. Laboratory Technician T,lr»n«*d . . Permanent . I)a*i T d H H A N P R 1IEMOIUAU H m p d a l 142* Enpracla. Torr OA H-113 BINOI.K HKKDI.B O|*ralori on A N N ' H Dl'OUHK MFn CO 13* -A N, WUIftwbrook, romp Inn Xtuit be aiper. Halary nnen. Health Inr r^neflta. HF 3-2ill-- H tn 6-B to 12 IVed. A Ant. t^kewood Fmrloymerit A p t n r y 41*:* Norae W«v OA M-!.**, 1 ,, 1 ! i f j H U H A N r K b i l l l n i f clerk-- m t i t t b* rountfl to Iniuratice cf*mp»*ilti. Mr. Hoth, HKmlorh 9-B*TM. Belling rharla f»t|ttdnllon (tar* menu Pull or purl time. (tA 4-434R OlUH-^Il elk., lile typinK Ho. IKwn«v. M-5 ;....»|. 1,100 a*ikewood Frtiploynunt AB*nry |r~K home -t- imall a a 1 a~r"y~ ("o mlitdle-»KB woman, unencumbered, for r a r e of children * a l i g h homework. A f t . « p.m. OA Q-bllT T K U P O I I A R Y PART T I M E " " Nt*d a l r l 3 d a v a wk. Inr 1 motith. Full or part liltie. Divt of BV*I' Kxpertanre not recenoiry. Ph, T 7-4214. A « k f o r H u l l l v u n . 4 4 - h r week Hulary 1213 Oenem ln*iiran''e n f f l o e , TKl H a r t w e l I! M», H K «*2n7^, d i v nr n t r h t rVPIHT-raililer. Ilelflr, Halary l^kewttod Km ploy ment Ar*n*T TH» Ho I,. ' 11, Bird., rnmpron Whlppa RungalDw rieanert, «31 iIK|rtn*a7n~re7n'« lUteTniiTlrnafl aal, while l a a r n l n K , I)*Klev. WOO A m e r i c a n . HR ** a T!ll Flih * Rhrlmp Phanlv ^_ 43 ^Plernolnt Ijnhdln* 21-35. While Hwa'n Cnfa. _\l* B. (llh 8twtt, H«n Pedro, A p p l y In petion only J I M ' B nlllVK-lN 4tort K, 2M K A U T Y operaior wanted, tart nr ul .(Ime JArKenn 7-2rtT. 11.125 .inprtln Blvd. "Cation." rypreai. TJOK fhoip. «ffe* aliont 1220 BH.-.\V*;n'B Frnplovment A«#nr» 2120 rhrrrv HK 4-Ts,'W HE l-i,131 HnNptla) eEp«mn«t. JIr«, T'3, HR (oTHKHl.^SH home 2 hove, 3'i, neH f till* time, houiekeepar. HE VplNn in your home, Contact MM Ha ey, 3TT £. J a n l r e N.L.U Brlnpj KB m pie of typing. ?ANT"fi.,per. finrlit for fi 4my wk, ·XPf.HiENrirtrU'AlTHHrffl. Appl/ Comp, Operator Blaa.ilw, I n t a r a a t l n y work tor 4 Ihaaa OMlalor. 1'laiannl worklD coadlllona. Kmploya btnafltl. NATIONAL SEAL DIVISION 11934 Ptllrm lliud Down, TOpaa 2-H183 NURSES-- R.N. Olarallng Hnom. ?·] (lanar.l Dutr. 11-7 P.Ik lluipllal--20 Ilrda «?fll K. I D l h HK H.3II) HUHSES-- REGISTERED luritary A nuraary. Hood aglary III lir. »«ek. ( l l h a r lianaflla. T i l K K A N l ' K M U M d R l A I , lln, T ,|l» CAHlliKll."~prar\ ralill r l u i h i n harkgrourwl aiip. ft dav wk, *nm pany h e n r f l t a . ]nmi«4. fipanlna I I A H K I H M K H A N K _ l.akawoo.1 I ' a n l a r Xlnt iHtaltion ., ' ' al »300 Hf:il|CAI, IIKI-AHTHK^T IIELKI.-T P K I U O N N K L A U K N r Y H K C K K T A I I Y -- Iliclifliiina, ~ali,.rl liand, InauraDca baiiaflli. all hra M-A. H a l a r y rnmmanaurata lo qualiriraliona. U l n i m u i i i IJIK) \VAITKF.HSFB. many "inlia liica * ha.rbY lowna JIS-I.MI wk Ho dapnait, Faaa 111% of lal mo, ' I W I N N ' H Km|loyinanl Airatirv 3H K i m , Ion, U,a-h IIK T-31«l SECRETARY [.e^al eiperienre en/hlhl. Good ·alary. 1021 H«*urily lildg. I(K 7-4U4 Ti PluT, 'personnel dept. a n y Ini. exp. helpful, H:uu-4;30, L'nmpton it. to |3oo I^kewftod Kmployment Agency "i*. IlKI'U., 11. fl/H, 1|« F not over 33. local _ -_...$323 E M l M ^ V W E N T A f l K N C T S1.1 Am trim it HK 2-7M1 V A N T lukp, A practical nur*e fur ady convalescing I rum hroken h i p at El«lnnr«, (·»[)/ u n o mo., Itve in. Write Uox il-3tilT ( In- '1»»pt., P-T. rien^*d on Union Hpecial. M u j t b« experienred on patio f u r n i t u r e , ruihloni. I'lefa work. HW4 Tex- arn HI., Paramounl. H K I P T H A C K K CHfUtlT COLLKOTOR PULL ( M I A M f l K H K P H . TO T.R. Omul pay. I f f ; n-2125 B f t . 10 a.m. CATALINA ISLAND All*arauhit BRAUTY OPERATOR, Iu i H l I J ' K I t J1KTH. Pay tltwir c:he«kerB |8rt-$UO wk. Work n*«r mm«. Our m k t . ejii-eMe Will t r a i n U. Day-nltt rim*. K-Z termi Mrwire H r h . , OBB-I 2'J. U K fl-H1^2, 5 day* *erk, 1 'week end o f f a mo. Mint live In, H*f, 1100 per mo. HA fl-mi. Klderly couple, «x'»an-front home. HoUttl I*teuni. Prlv. bfnch. Itoom A hlh. H Y a t t 4*2771 a f t . |O a.m. ^llPON HAl7f;« -- TerriftiT'desT Full ii r liart-tltne. No exnfr. No phona calin. A i ) * t i n ' i studio. 1H I'lne Ave. l a O t H R K K H U K U K H E M P L O Y M E N T A O K N P Y !(,'« LAH. TKnt »,ri,-i 4*ni K 2nd' A 4|« Krem iiidR, HK ».OT1* HK T-?";^ ·uH UOHTKHH-- IntereellnR ft round Job* ABk ue for lamporary |ob whU* t r a i n . Day or niptht, 1.I-. Mth*. He* ad rlaaa 72 »,V) wk. fi daya. A n i w f r phone. tvte, r t l a nn1 ceneral, Phone f u r appt- I I H 3-7*W. n l n p j work. Apply a f t e r ii p.m. Hnack P«r. Lhft It»»ch Drive In Ttientr*. H*e Mr. Price. ·UiDiner a i v l i n m e n t , , |2(Nl mln, For «ppl. write TR, Hrh Ho« H-.1T20, I.-P.T. ( f l v f n n phone No. XI'tjH- InMuranc* aecrelary wanted hv old eitab. Iniuranca agtnry. Val Moor* Agency * HR fl-6375 A I It Htyllit w i t h clientele f o r «*· rln tlve atr*i*nndltloned N.L.H. money |my plan. OA 3-13H2. For Dr**. office. Kiperlenca r*« oiilrtd. ph. OA 7-it*n. HKI'U. worklnK rpla. H.PV I y n . elrl 11 yr. Hat. A Hun off. Prlr. rm. 1*0 mo. HE 4-7^.1». l o n H K K R K P K H , llv* tn, 1 Phil.l OK. UN 3.Q513 after «;3u or week vn\*, n trv von. Karn ta yu Itarn. Pull or purl time. NK fl-S730. OUT ot~\H buy. 112 ti f f t d a i l v . New mtlhod, new product. HE *-M37. OH*\ 314 hra. A.M, : 2^ lire. P.M. ·i-day wk, r'aiv. pleaiant woik. I'avn w*H- OA "7-0471. OAT- p«llo pallet.!, needa r«p. t*t- tend a n t . 2 d a y a wtek. HK h.04*2 aia W. Plhf, a f t e r 5 p. m, ^r,m.,r. - t T n r n » n R . HK T.mai Help Wanted Women 26 Help Wanted Women 26 SALESP For Temporary and Extra Wo Experience Nol Inttrvltwi -- Monday, Thundery TuMday and Widn*«d APfLl M A Y LAKEWC 5100 LAKEW( Employment Offl EOPLE i rk -- Full or Port Time " Necenary j- t Ffld«y -- 1 1* 7 P.M. '· y -- TiIO rt 2i30 F CO. 00 '" DOD BLVD. c .· Downstair* jy Hilp Wantad Women 2 IBM KEY PUNCH Operator DAY SHIFT APPLY Robertshaw- Fulton Controls Co. L. B. Blvd. at Long Beach freeway, L. B KEYPUNCH OPERATOR IHM 024 E X P K H I K N C K I I P R K M A N K N T or I'AIIT T I M I llaifular r a v l a w a p r o f i t ahtrln matllcal nlan. paid vacation. DA ur NIl'K KI11FT Inl.t'ltlnl w COMMERCIAL BUSINESS SERVICE T.Vl A m e r l r a n I I K ft-SHI SALES-SECRETARY Key aupervlaory poiltlon n youn iruwiiiK i'o HaUry A NK* «P*' CD, ipnnaoreil I n i u r a n c e plan paid vai-jilion. pleaiant work in foiiflltiuni. '2 work tireaki a i ·' b:\tt p m, Nefd own traniporta llun. (Jail LU i - f l l K l fur aptit, H A H K « n A L P VAI.VK!! JOBS^KWIK 77 " Factory lraln«ti,*tall _ to |t.B Comp. (Ipra. -- T y p u l a -- Jr HUno and Hecyi -- Uecept.-- Illli bllle PBX -- K f v ,'iinrti ()pr». KWIK K M P L Y O M K N T A O K N r T 751U P a c i f i c AV* M u n n h j i o n Pit LUd 7-12^7 C O M l ' A N V 1'AVH t'VK fUcy |W Typut-- (I/O , J^7 KEK JOU» Hecy., Oompton i «;,m Hlrno-Clerk it. I2H Malea, dep( itore exp to \M IH('K J O N K B K M P L O V M K N T A l i K N C Y 11472 L- H lilvd r Lynwoo« ASSISTANT CASHIER FiturUnred. BK* 25 to 4«. R-da 4U-liDUr week, ttelnrv. paid \HIH tion, Inauranc* ,ian, retiremen ptan. Mr. PMIllpa, fl'M to I Z ' I O MONTGOMERY WARD 111 K. f l r n a d w a v HK 7-22T ~V MO'THERS i» . Tn work p»rl lima ll'iiira rnri lia arranitil. · J40 FE« WKCK 4 HOURS PCR DAY Apply U::1'P A. M. H t i a r p . 2-iHt F:, Olive. I'omptnn. 2 h) k K w*ft of A t l a n i l f . CO. PAYS FEE Rteni),-Kne; T [Jepl ...,, lion Ue'n. Olfice, lir*"tv"|.*"",'".*TM »25t U\V FKK FactrV t r n r « * n i l a r e a N tn |1,3S · I J K K Wll^ON A H E N l ' Y inJVSai L.H. H l v d . Lvn U) T-OMS OFFICE HELP P*liry open. P e r m a n e n t poaltlon P K a i a n t w o r k i n g r o m l t l l n n i . A P P L Y I N P K H r t 4 t N GILBERT'S JEWELERS 122 Pine Ave. TYPISTS f u n . I n i u r t i n c o benvflli l n t » r e i l Ing at r*iF«»nilble w o r k . A p p l v a( Tr4n«-Oc*itn V a n Hervir*. is^tK! Hn. Hll^nntia ltd, Oir, I « n g I t v u r h lilv.l., betwn. Ufl Amu A A r t f i i a H l v d . i B f H i K K K K P K I f -- ')/fl lKal , ,, 12:,. PltX-l.t t y p i n g vnR.. local »2li TVPlHT"-- ileii. ofc. Itowntown. 4^-hr Nn Hal. , t^SU 8TKNO, yni . train legal. Wilm t27,^ Ix»ng lleacli Krnplovment Aafni'v 115 Pine R u i l e 220 HK ^-l»2 ( * 5V NURSCS, LKelimB Career riactimi NIIMCI I ' f ^ n i i v iMeaded 18 TO $15 PER DAY t.arn W h i l e l^artiinR Cflll J l K O-OlOa or rout* (o .120 Pma Av*., I t O o m ' t t l l Nlir«»i T r n p . I m t i t . Hr« Ad 01. 22 IF YOU have Ih* putienca of Job A know th* lladley Ryatrm. tier*'* your inh _ |iw \ f K l H r - A l . DF.PAKTMKST Patilwell Periunncl Atrnrf 1« P I N K HI-ITK 112 HB 2-H1N1 N K v H-S.M7 Perm., Part Time OFFIOK (leOeral all aruiln'i experienced KAKMKIM INHUKANO: H H O U P »»\fn t Clalmi OA B-74U . Dictaphone, n v e r ?· |3(H M K I U C A L D K P A K T M K N T r n l d w e l l Pertonnel Agrncy 1(» P I N U S1IITK S12 HR 2-^«tSl N K v *-*2M N T H 3lwt T H A I N K K iOS* Facility" I^kewood Center H 1 K R K A K M P L O V M K N T A R f n c y ( F d c u l l y KhiipB-- K a n t of May Cn 1 LK r i l U H H K K -on P U K K ' m o N OIIIL PKTKrH C r l . K A N K I U J D U P L U ' A T I N O O P K K A T O H K»peri»nr*d in Two Culor" A f i i h n m -- IJ/.SO S3j~ H I K H H A E M H L O V M K N T t e n r y WM Facul tv Lukewoofi l n t e r Facility Bhop*-- Ki-Jt ft M«v Co. t I » K K I K N ( * K I 1 Women 1 1 Rj-or l a wear H*lMiAity. Opi«ort u n i t y for WfilTE'S^SroRTSWEAR .(W K. 2nd Ht. Helmont Hhora COMP OPKUATOK E»fi*rlenr.N| In all 4 Phap**-- rm\t 11/3%-L.ll »o »:ilO n i K H H A K M P L O Y M K N T A**n-v »M F a c t i l t v , Lakewtirt,! Center (Faculty Mnon-.-- K i « t of M a v 4 ' o l ~ TltKWKKlfl-, A O K N C Y 113 Pin* Km. H20 HK 7-1W1 $2:li to m:, I ' A l r i i l n t o r o|eratora ( 2 ) *r!V' rfKIt- Hec'y Iir Lkwd: M.I). a.m. off ·»· 1273 ,akewoo«l Kfiir.loymtnt Aicenrv 414.1 Nor-e Wav OA 'i-ft«*M .VANT reliable w u m i n f'»r baby ilttinc. ft:au p.m. t i l l 2::|0 a.m. A nlflit* Wk. 1HH5 L*W!B Ave. hf- twe«n tl a.m. * 4 p.m.. Aft, 11. iTKNO.-- fl/lt, WO wimi.. IHM · l e e . tj/^wrller. t*:30-5,- L-H.-nivby Knolla area $275 .akewoo.1 Employment A K * n r y M M k a l iMpt-- Mn. Von BRLKCT PEHHONNtL A U K N C Y ·lOS K. Broadway HK ft-»»331 blAU fur email lioepltal. KKperi- a need only apply. A p P I v V a.m to 11 A.m., «1K1 Fountain flt. (1 tlk. f i n f l h A n a h e i m A T r r m i n o t . f|H otitery H K A M H T H K H r t A CUTTER, Kiixrlenred only; on re- rover w o r k . Phon* MK 3-2383; evening! I!N 3-TiO. 1 ,. ·ItOlt. CONTROL CLK, Lt. ty 1*11.1. '"*' IZA5 UHJIHK . X P A N D I N O OUT -talaa force. Need ·2 women for lirip*rttt and r«r« pet H»l«" In Tne Home. Apply 20U9 L. H. Hlvd.. Oompton, 'KAOHKRfl. iiit.plement vour in.-. OA I'ttSiri. Mri, fcdendurn. H£ 2-3437. ' f O l J H K K t K l ' E H -- Full r h a r n e 3 tlllldren live In or out, Own Irani- lortinin, TO ^.^.7ri,^. ) K N T A L aBalatanl W«i|led, excel- Torrtinr. are«, F A I r l » X K-oZjM). r AMKltA Klrli wanted. No eipet. nee , Rondi hri., |ood pay. Ur. Al- X P R I U K N C K I HII.K. V I N I H I l r . l t . M»l V I L L A O K HP. OA ft-l 1 1 -*" U H H K f l -- PracllMla * aide*. Xlnt. XP. denial c h a i r aaalii. A aip. / dental recept. TO -2-4212. It. nun*, a a n l i n r l u m , ld, ··.). IJve in or out. 527 W. llepitnt Inglwd. 1 lelp Wanted 27 (MIH. WOMIH) T^fl-C- K- K^li~K m" ploV nient Aftvhvy , The Per«on«l Personnel Hervlre. I I S P I N K HOOM *'i\. HK 2-SM-t7 COUNTER * OHILL WOKK PORTKK'H DHIVK-IN I4J2» Mkewond Hlvd., Downey g d u p l e k In eiehnnft. for m*l«| ·ervlr* A g a r d e n i n g . I I K 7-*}44«, PLE. w,th am. mod. trailer, for lit. dutlea In tr, p*. T. -2I44. MAUfiropr. Wonderful or}part»n- 6 Htlp Wont** I CASHIER PART TIME Evenings 5 lo 9 Many Company , ' Konnlitg Ollermi WK W1LI, T J t A I N ROBERT HALL CLOTHES 4300 E. Pac. Coast Hwy Nico Couplo 35 to 55 TO f ! A R K FOR I'OHT POLl PATIKNT MVK IN. P A R K KHTATKH. xmt SALAR ''.'i;i' Cherry U K 4.7D4* M K J - h l MAN A W I K K , B|. 31 to 40. h e l p build ealf* otKunitatl-.n Harbor area. Part t i m e pueubl Writ* P.O. lloK aui, Munruvi C B l . V overtime evenlnv work! M i n i over 1«. lx)a Alloa Drive-In Th . attr. I n t e r v i e w tetween T-S ii.ii 2niM) ll*:in«wer H l v d ColJpLB ror~y a rd^*~lT«lf.~inTnr.i . LlviriK (|UartrrB avail. Call T 1 7-I.Mti (ur appt. COUpLK over W \n Hie f UK* Hot in Punion*, n f W r i t * Ho *-lM* Indep.. 1* -T. ''loons 31 t lii«ir, AUTOI. ruiNiruii) · CASH TODA^ J25450.$IOO-$300-$500 Up to $1000 1. BORROW ON YOUH BALAR · Kinpiovad people lit all llnee o * work itiay guallfy for a *clar !»*» ' 2. HottROW ON CAH OR FUR r N1TURK Tiiia eireiient t*curitr m · p*nnlt faat on**d*y aenric*. ». E-pfcciAL P A V DAY LOANS 123. $5O or inor* loart*) unt ''pay day" or loftier. Pay on · for th* actual number or day you ke*p the money ,, «» COMT IS" FOU ONF^WIEK | HO OTHEH CHARGES. i Phone lor Your Loon ' Local Loan Co 1 204 L. 4th M t , , 2nd Floor Corner 4th ai L»cu*t Ht 7-4 13 AaK fur aid Hheeran, Ust. Fr*« I ' a r k l n K . 344 or Jrt I^N-III! LOANS THE FAST COMMONSENSE WAY O*' taih foi billa uneiiected ex u i h * r KIUMI puri«M I'HOilPl i. w i t h a t - o m m u n w e a l t h loan. Phon v m t Ji*rv.te . or w r i t e o «uni. tn ' LOAtJS J25 TO 12,000 COMMONWEALTH LOAN CO. 17123 ». Ballllowar Illtd. n.nil.i.a, Tu 7 - I 7 W Property Management 3' K X I ' K K I K J J ^ t l l t-ou(iia l,J l..».,^. Iri u n i t al'l. liou^a. Hgla. .^l. t u t - nlahttl. Nawly .lacor A naw lur- n i l n r a . N o ^ r l n k a r a . I I K 5-*fA4, rOUI'U: TO a f A N A I I K AI'TH Nr ll»y * Ocaan. IIK 4-72)0 IK :i-nl'»T lor a|,(t. U h l H l t ' K I ) Urnt ror iunn*ttnt 4 lurnlilir.1 a|l IIK :i- 1-'*.,. Work Wanted (Men) 35 V K T K K A N wllti l a n i l l y naaja a n y kinit o( w u i k . Trala l n l u l l r i n a e w l H K ma~nin. inri-lunlc, ll J-H512 bal»ia 1* nr a l l a r «. I I U I I U O D I I JOII H K H V H ' K N(t Joli lixi .rn. I'aim. 1 l a f t a r w a l l wsali.. Miaaonry. r n i p r n l r v Kr.a »·! I'all any n m » . _ I I K _ J . 2 y S I C l i H I H T I A N m a n ' .la.irai ,.lil li»ln yil worn or i i a l n f i . i K . t i . i o nr MK U-4761 n a a l i n j ^ HaaM ,* Fl1 ' 1r " ( '.'|"if,, STJliru Mk«"lo~"liT'll«M»iilni.Tu] Inni l l H v a . lit', l-ilti. ayaa. I I K 9.2I6V I I A N I i y M A N -- Ih, aiiyllimil. «» |,laaaa you. Jlaaa, IIK «-2»Jl l I A N U r . U i n -- A n y ki.ij "' I"" 1 "' inn or r.|.ilrliiK- IIK 7-17.W I.KK t J A C K « D i l l ) J'lHr* AM typ»a wk. (IA H.S7Ht_Tll_7_-:jy! ilONKHT b«»y w a n t a any lyi-a of work. Dapan1nbla. OA U-o433. J O U H N K Y M A N roinbinatlon wal.lar A N Y kln,| of o.ia )ol,a, ll.ya own I n i C k * r n l l l n K oilllll. I I K S-»«17 Work Wanted (Worn.) 36 EXf, wa iinkar w i ' n a , » M I O ,»,r- t.rla. or liakrry. l ) » v work |jral. IIK 4-J01S ( J K N K l t A l , liomawork ar b«bv .11- tine wanta-l llilill*a|(ad woman. (.'AI'. nii.l-aa"! l"ly, ·'" "·' Jtl| i k or »m»ka Will :i p.m. -12 mltlnlta. Ilo A-IOrtT. lt"l "T (ll.KANISU. Wiiilt.-tAl-., i"".. '·'· C M I I . l t day caia by »««k, UA I I O I ' H K W O K K by ila/ 01 lioui. I I K r t - 7 » 2 4 OAI1Y 8ITTINO -- Ilallaula at ax K«r.l. rala. I I A 1-S5 1 TnoNlNd n V IioUR. lojj k. itn. Hn. IIK 8-37M. DlrTAPIIO.NE aac'ly. aarylca lyi.- Ill Will pli-14 u n A ilal. (IA 7-725S T V P I N O ^ - A L L K I N I W - a l V H O M E TYPIHT^ |TT« f l e r k . k-enaial o f f i c a ^l!Hnfc7^rit^7akMi)«r W H n t a I n y a l i d Imly Uy* I n , I I K T-ISJi V r A L I . A l i A N ' 8 HANI) I . A U N I I IV liwl N«w|K,rt ln. IIK gjjziia. illONINIl In my hu'm. I'in pitk up A nallv.r. I f K 2-^274. Clill.l) C A I I K -- llfJ"')nabla. Rail. IIA 2-I7«H ^ T,JlArJtNa, iiaw k 7 Wliita. Hy^hr. KKcal Ironing, rallalila. HK n-42hO iTHKKI'li. in niolharlaiia nonie ur for aldarly roupla. MK U-52.17. lnj( lor all«rly |,aMin._llA_4.7r)yo^ L'O X » K K L l«lv, ax(*rlaucau, d a f i r a a ditv work IIK ^.^'*^'*. r Y l ' I N H all kinila. r n y Innna. N»«l D A Y w u r k w.iilf,!. H.2.1 l i r . » i'ar- f u r a . HK 7.|«.4. ( (i.m 10 1 P rn. It.lnl llallabl« ..lull. IIK 5-72W. ~ITK liouaawurk, D-day wvak. Uya In. I I A 2-7^.^. Loons · 30 lumr, Airrai, nnNinjin · ' Money on ' terms you select Wb«n roil ipplr for l loan it HFC you *ra ihown · ftf ' own repayment plan. lloui«v boIdmikeilDintuptollSOO p and you can taka up to 34 ; montba to repay. gSl NANCE " ^f§^iptvto*~~~ * LONai[ACH205C.Snadw*y F PhaiHiHtmlMllMta eOMfTOH 5» C. Comploo Bh«t _ lUfLOWIR 17tll Baimu««fi*l(d. E PhlMl TOirar '·'*· ', UNIWOOD IHOfPINI W, 5010 Faculty AM. manaiMIlMllMMI ' Jf 17 Work Wanted (Worn.) 36 C A l ' A l t U ; In.hJI* |.dy. (00-1 rnoh, ffi»1, wfthee la |« MOu«*ke«l*«r hr 2 adulle. Perm.mei-1, l*mg Ii*«rh araa, iNi neia ur profe*i-tma| n»4lJle rfe- f erred. Btn I'-KHlM, |nd., P-T. neat, e f f l r t e n t , now employed it atnall Buburban dr«M «lvp. toobid Ilka to lorate n I, It. UN J 3J^ or W r l l a Hox H-327.1 Ind.. P-T. tXI'KIt nun* Ahil, houatkeeper. Own rar. Will · A n y ere*. A - l ref. IM w M k , Will U»e ID «r NIM1HING A tKiUKiTTC IIF.I.P UUal,fi*l rereiinnel Available. N U K H K H P K A O K M K N T AOKNcr 32'F fine Ave. Itm «U H K ft-l'K* pitv«Mliem«nia, poet canla, rlrrti- -- l«r., teiriitiori* work, Fkat. e«p*r t 1'itr IIK 7-'JA7M 0 U A Y I . O K h H'MiHl* Of I'RATTI- CAI, N i i i t H i N n , nr, 4.f:^. V H»« sd In clatelftrttion 2?. 6-7*7i. i K l h m. * Canml. n D t n N I N O my hume ll.iiU hr. 241 ,,. K. *yn»ei Bl,, N-UH. ur call l . A N l * laiirnlrv «fci«rtly done |n my ? linj( * III* houMViini 13^ »K. ". W O M A N w i t h email rhlll w*n(« U 'er. ^.!* K. ISlh- HK ..·4M2. nl her work lo be dude at mv i, riotne. Tele(ft(me work. YE ft-M^*. TlloNlNt»~in^niy~h.7n.,i, ptekup A ) Work Wanted 37 (MfN, WOMIN) r u K K I C U m.lnlananr*. raap . rale ahla. rvaa. ralva. I;K A-.VI21. Contractorv-- Bldn. 39 No Salesman . ! SAVE ; up to 30% , Remodeling . Additions ' . Kit. Cabinets Ex pert workmartehlp · jtt, i« t»y--Ho moDey dawn SEE DISPLAYS IH OUR FACTORY · C. A. Hale' Gen. Builders HE 7-T229 · et Serving OVER 10,000 Satisfied Customem U our best advertisement Exp«ft construcllon cralt*- men on bedrooms, dens, living rooms and a!| typei ol general remodeling. Free e«nm. r tn 2d-yr f i n n n c t i i f . NO M O N K V IH^\^'N ALL STATE BUILDERS . HE 5-4811. BUILD NOW AND SAVE .1 V K A I t K TO P A Y N O T H I N O I X I W N FIlA TKIUIH W I L L ASSIST IN I'I*«NI« A N I A D V I T K ON COUOIl CO( J l t l ) I N A T I )N. g U A I . I T l WOHK BY CXPKHT C K A K T H M * N . ROOM ADDITIONS AND REMODELING Mills Const. Co. 357.) ATLANTIC ( I A 4 - » j l 3 A N Y T I M K SPECIALIZING IN Room Additions GARAGES FREE' ESTIMATES " · Wallkamp Const. Co. ' TO 7-7656-- TO 6-2755 REMODELING Alterations -- Additions Kltrhjni ll.ilhraemn I'l.frooitu UUIl-r-IN UAH A N D GLbUllUU 5 Years to Pay FREE ESTIMATES Norman Keith, Inc. «.1B W, Paeira Cat. Mjr. HE T-1?1T $ 3995 S I.RR IIOMK. COUNTY AKKA. U N A N C I N O AHIIANOEI), Opart u A . M . It * I' H- 7 Par* UNIT HOMES 4101 E, Corrpton Hlvrl., Comptml ,sV; «.»:.'o DON'T BUILD Belora You Conlacl R i R CONSTRUCTION NKwu.rk y-u\M NlOwmarli H.lltl ' l i U l t U K l i OF llGT-fKll IIOliErf AIM Comruarclal or IMuitrlaJ YOUH PLANS OR ()UR» nnanrln; a r r « n « * l Fraa Mt. MAX {imaKU (i.O'l CWIr. SMI!, A l l . (IA 7-47IH; IIK 4.H.US ADD-A-ROOM romplala or partial. Hn down. Krra Kat. NE 2-Who; NK 6-««l« Inif,' raiiioilallntf, (liaplacaf. Lie. Inaiirvt. IIK H - ^ M M ; (IA M-43H7. _ U A K A I I K H -- KAUli.V (III I I K I I H U . I - M H T K K I N I ) * C K M K N T K O H I C Fraa aal. J u t i n I^xl'l Crt. IIK «..17^ I f I t ' a buil'lalila wa |IUIH| II. J. R J-inaa (l«n. ('finil. (IA 2-Ktin ADDITIONS-- HEMODLUt.'G F r a a t a t . Ahlhalm I'onal. (IA .l.|l»T (lA^T-TiH IJK »-"»» * aalm riyda «nilaTM!lB t-MH. SANIKHH roNBTllUcTloN CA 1«1» BOUTII BT. OA a-7».-.r ^ 1 I ) J T I O N 8 * ramuiiallnic. Kraa a«l. Jamaa n Mnirilt IIK «-J*« MJU1TIONH raiuulal. w tatalr. ^ r*. aillnittaa rhavron Klac. Co. WK 3-1392 tLIX'TllU'AI, WOKK. A N Y _ K I M ) . " T KLKO'l'lllCAL CONTltACToH 4 I A O A U A Elao. Corp. 225« A l l a n l l * 24-hr. aar«. Praa aal. OA J-IWX iTEfflilCAI. «ork. lllahair q u a H x» rala Hoa* Klao. IA 3.«4«l. Ivl^lr JL a^aim«aif Wflrk 42 PATIOS 6 B-B-Qa Fra. Kjlim.'la.-- Mo now.. ME n.»i»a NK 2-inm CEllt*T Wdlik »ATIO11 -- Plain of euior»4. Patio rooll. ilrHawara. ««IMa, founil.' " ^CEMENT WORK Ttj Kr»« Kat. Ph. HB mn««. . "JTiTVrNT WOHK -- No tntt lo« anull. DtlvawAfl. waJKa. purrliaa A 1-alloa IA rl-JMM. K A H U N A l l l . K 1*I1ICKH un amall loba Kraa aal. Ua. aamaot conlr. Iliy I.UH.IIM..U IIA 4-4.»t Wmk walla, tatloa, .K. I'm aaliniataa. I I H «.«I2I. OOL DKCKH. luilliM. i l r l v a w a k a . air, Kr«a aallmalaa. nA -4VO4. Ok! H. K ^ A N H . llralu«d camani runlraclor. Iraa aat. IIH «-ottl, F.HT In aonarat* wk. All tyfaa. Ua. · * Ina (IA 3-711" i UA K-3MT 1.A8TKH natflilna: ramant wurk. No lob loo .mall OA I-J.J1. fcuKNT CONTH. Do own wruk, ·Yaa aat. Mti 3-StW, IIK I-472J SEM KTfT -- ANV'tYl'S: Lmnaad. IIK 4-7H(.'V S(l'KliT «m. wrk. PUnlara. al«. l,le. fonlr. HE O-llHI, HB *-4«ll IXK"I4 (an«a. p»ilna «n.l caiuaol ' wofk. Kr«. aat. HK 0-14«'. Lir. mil- IIK 2. »«('·: TF! 4-IJ3II TIONl), alt. UN 3.114" OW 7-002« . · "A LlTT"y PVfTSK ui'.NT Wolfl^ Praa a*t. No }4b tno ami. HR 7-77Af jR H K V A N H lkana»1 ramant ronlrarlnr. FrM aat. HK tt-Mfit. · ince 42-A il-A-n-o-l-A-N ror C-II-A-I.N 1.- - N - K lf.K-N.C-K.«. No ln. r.Z l a r m a . Kor a a l l m a t a a . fM 1. 11. Him. OA_-HM ; ^_ ;mvooi rnf«a I n i u f i H A,-ia "la 11.7} IU t-i- Utma. illi l-45«,«. ·

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