Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 12, 1929 · Page 22
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 22

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1929
Page 22
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THE ALYOOKA , MOVEMfi£R 12, Church, Society and Fraternal FASHIONS AS SEEN BY FRANCES PAGET By rilANCJKS I'AGKT. (Copyrlsht. 1929, hy Style Sources.) NEW YORK, Nov. 12.—The jacket ensemble .has the sponsorship of thi; Diamond "Horseshoe and what more could anything havn by way of prestige? Where once the rveninjc gown -was escorted by tin nil enveloping wrap this bus stepped iiHldn. in favor of the dress which because of its escorting short jacket has been daubed an evening suit. That supmtuouH fabrics should be the choice for such a costume Is easy enough to understand for of course everything must be done to create un Impression of elegance mid of formality in spite of the fact that the costume la modeled more or IC.-SH on suit lines. Metal cloth and velvet were the choice at the oponi premier. The fur-trimmed suit, tins also Uc- velaped to n point where it seriously rivals the long fur trimmed ronl. Many women are (Hiding it amusing n« well as practical to vary their wardrobes this winter by substitutlm: n fur trlmmwl suit for a fur trimmed coal, this being especially true of women who bonst a fur coat, the great, mn- jority seemingly. Blun fox hns more or less suddenly forred nliend us one of the most desirable trimming turn. H Is smart on black and Is also used on color, not- nbly dark tjreen v/hlch la Important thin wlntcp, althoiiKh brown In ceded to be next to black as a preference. FKKI) \V. OIIKKM (iovcrnor of Michigan CJjv. Except the thi-y labor In P.siilm 127:1. (Compiled by vain build that the hoiiHe, build It.— the Bible Guild) Wednesday: novelist. Harold Hell Wrlglit, cout DYSART W. C. T. U. PLANS LUNCHEON STUDY OF PSALMS AT 1ST LUTHERAN The mid-week service of the First Lutheran church, Rev. Marlon Justus Kline, Di D., pastor, is a' period of nible study devoted to the serious and careful s'.udy of the psabms of David, pnrtleitlnrlv with reference to their- application ,t'i present tiay life. The psalms which are being studied wore selected by members of tho con- KreRatlon. The Twenty-third psalm \VI\B the favorite of about two-thirds of the congregation. Dr. Kline Is now giving a series of Sunday evening studies on this psalm. But every Wednesday at 7.45 o'clock In tho Sunday school room of the Young People's division these studies take up a psalm. The Interest and attendance have been steadily mounting higher and higher. Next Wednesday evening, Nov. 13, the Henry Baker Hlblo class will attend in a body. They will have charge of tho devotional song service which "oceeda tho' study and will lead in the mponalve service. Tho prayers will bp Tered by members of the class and a x'clal vpcal number will bo sung by in class. Everybody who has no church home Altoona is Invited. Men wilt And le service of special interest. SOCIETY NEWS The Roosevelt Parent-Teacher association In Pleasant valley will hold its monthly meeting next Thurmlny evening at 7.45 o'clock in the school. All members are expected to lie In attendance. The Ladles of St.'.Theresa's Catholic church will sponsor a FiOO card party in tho American boglgn home this evening nt 8.:!0 o'clock. Mrs. Ed Stnmbaugh and Mrs. Kay Miller will .bo the hostesses ft>r the. evening 1"« publlo Is cordially invited to attend. The monthly mooting of the Mount Carmel Guild will bo hold on Brlday evening of this week in the church auditorium. The regular . meet ng time would have been Wednesday evening, but it has buen deferred until Friday, The business session will Im followed by a period with cards and all the friends are invited to attend. Tho regular meeting of Our Lady of Uourdes guild will be, held this evening at • o'clock in tho school. Following the business suasion, cards and refreshments will be enjoyed to which all friends of tho guild are Invited. The hostess for the evening are Mrs. A. C. McHugh, Mrs. J. R. McDermltt, Mra. William McCann, and Mrs. A. McNeils. X. ' —o— ' I Altoona encampment, No. 120, ot the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, will celebrate Its seventieth anniversary on Thursday, Nov. U, with an elaborate entertainment tomorrow evening at 7,80 o'clock 'In the canton hall at 815 Twelfth struct, third floor. This celebration will bu In the nature of a get• together'event and all members of the order in-all l.ranehes and •their friends are cordially Invited to attend. —o-— The Onelda chapter of the Delphian society will meet in regular session on Wednesday morning, Nov. 18, at O.SO o'clock' In tho Ponn-Alto hotel. Thn topic for tho session will bu "Europe from A. D. 1000 to the End of the Renaissance." Mrs. John Vlpond will bo the leader of tho meeting and tho ladles to take part In tho discussion are Mrs.'C. E. Roblson, Mrs. O. W. Shaffer, Mrs. A. Lsach, Mrs. E. R. Collins and Mrs. Paul Vlpond. All members are asked to be present at the meeting. —o~ * A bazaar and play entitled "Miranda's Mlnstrola" will be hold by tho Women's Organized elass of the Richland Methodist Sunday school In the old sohoolhouse at Rlchlaml, near Dysart, on Saturday evening, Nov. 18, at 7.80 o'clock. The public Is Invitud to attend. Circle No. 16 of the Ladles of tho G. A. R. will have rth inspection at Its meeting on Thursday evening. Mrs. Mary Corbin of Huntingdon will he tho inspecting officer. Tho meeting will bu held in the post room at 1)11 Chestnut avenue and Is called for 7.SO o'oloe.k, Following tho Inspuctlon, u covered dish luncheon will be surved .—o-~ Mountain City en nip, No. 908, of the Fraternal Homo Insurance society will ' sponsor tt card party In the. hall at 10UH Twelfth avenue ou Tuesday evening at 8,30 o'clock. All membors and their friends dro invited to aUund' Circle No. 8 of Hie Ladies of thu G. A, R. will onlortaln ft number of visitors from Johnstown this uvenlng at 6 o'clock at a dinner at Urown'H restaurant and at. a meeting held In the O. A. R. hall following the dinner. The members of thu circle will muut at the restaurant in timo for dinner. The business imicUiiK will be featured by an Inspection. CHURCH NEWS The Loyal Workers cluss of the Fourth. Lutheran Sunday school will hold Its monthly meeting on Thursday CommlHeos have been appointed by Airs. A. P. W. Johnston, president of • Dysart Women's Christian Temperance union, who will have charge of llio covered dish luncheon to be served In the Viral Presbyterian Monday evening, Nov. .18, Ella :hureh on ;it G.30 o'clock when Mrs. B. Black, Btale president ot the W. C. T. U., will be thu honor guest and speak- A cordial Invention is extended to nil county officers and directors, local presidents and members of the W. C. T. U. to be present. Tho officials who will extend greetings to Mrs. Black will bo announced later. Tho following committees were appointed: Reception—Mra. .1. Banks Kurtz, Mrs. 8. D. Cox, Mm. J. 15. Skilllngton, Mrs. W. M. Boor, Airs. J. W. Carter, Mrs. B. J. Imhof, Mrs. T. J. Trout, MI-H. .James Fount, Mrs. H. B. Martin, Mrs. J. C. Pulghtal, Miss Sarah Martz, Mrs. J. W. Parks, Miss Alice Rowe, Mrs. IT. O, -Raugh, Mrs. E. M. Lotz, Miss Ed'na Stlnogle, Mrs. Emily Taylor, Miss Anna Wilson, Miss Mabel Young, Miss Ullin Gelser, Mrs, J. K. Hamilton, Mrs, Herbert Bolger, Mrs. Clairo Culhoun, Mrs. Nan Flldes, Anna Gliirth, Mrs. E. M. Lotz, Mrs. Gcorgo Ranck. Invitation—Mrs. C. T. Wltherow, Mrs; J. W. Francis, Mrs. J. McK Uolloy, Mra. J. K. Bkilllngton, Mrs. C W. Karns, Mra. Carrie Murray, Mist Hettio Hamilton, Miss Elizabeth Pat terson and Miss Hattle HulriH. Menu—Mrs. Irene Tate, Mrs. Marthii Willis, Mrs. H. B. Ayers, Mrs. Clara Dole, Mrs. Harry Parker, Mra Charles Maloy, Mrs. C. L. Halyards Mrs. W. K. Mn«loughlln, Mrs. B. W Jones, Mrs. W. N. Swan, Miss Ann Gwln, Miss ' Florence Gwin, Mrs Margaret Ovcrdorf, Mrs. William Louder and Mrs. Ruth Crlssman. Table and decorations — Mlas Jess McBurney, Miss Grace Parker, Mrs A. C, Tauber, Mrs. Joseph Ulsh un Irs. J. J, Slmonton. ELECTRICAL FIXTURES At Special Price* ALTOONA ELEC, SUPPLY CO. 1120 12th Ave. Olal 2-MU7 tOBIAS & LAUGHUN Funeral Service 2036 Broad Ave. Phone 9810 veiling at 7.30 o'clock ut the homo o lira, anil Mrs. Wurron HarHhberK<M' 'o 07 Walnut avenue. Every mombe t tho clana in urged to bo In attend .nco. —o— The Women'n Home Missionary so luty of the Fifth Avenue MethodiH hurch will liold an important anil In cresting meeting thlo nvcnlnp; at 7.3 I'cloclc in the church. All members ar equewted to be preRcnt. Tho 7'egulnr meeting of the Pano hnlii. MlHHlonary society of tho Secon rosbytcrlun church will bo hold I ho lower lecture room of tho churc hlfl evening at 7.4B o'clock. Mrs. H A. Brenaman will have charge of th ovotlomil.1 and Mlsn Agnea El way wl iuve charge of the program. Th oplo for tho evening will bo "Slam, nd nil membcrn of the aoclety tire re |ue»ted to be present. . A, HAS MONTHLY MEETING Tho November meeting of the Adams 'arent-Tcacher association was held i the school building last evening. Charles Wherlcy presided at the osslon In tho absence of the president. Jevotlons and community singing vcrc led by Rev. F. R. Greninger, ustor of the Temple Lutheran church. Much routine business was transact- d and the report of the various ffloors heard. A motion wan carried or a committee to purchase a mimeo- raph machine for the school, Mrs. Burchfleld, chairman of the member- hip committee, gave a report showing 52 members enrolled for the current erm. The secretary read a note of thanks o the patrons from Mrs. Rennor, the iresldent, for the flowers she received rom tho association at the time of her accident. The attendance fern was awarded to the room taught by Mius 3race BrumbaUch. Miss Anna Campbell gdve an interesting talk on "Books" with many lelpful suggestions in selecting books 'or children. Mrs. G. F. Harold enter- .aincd with some very pleasing read ngs. A piano duet waa rendered by Blalno and Joseph Bayley. Ruth Brldenstein's reading, "Patsy' Enter .alna," was much enjoyed. HARVE TIBBOTT NAMED FOR CAMBRIA OFFICE AILEEN LAMONT'S STYLES OF TODAY By A1LKEN I.AMONT. Staff Correspondent. (Copyright, 1629, hy Altoona Mirror.) NEW YORK, Nov. 12.—No evening material Is more sumptuous that the ew chiffon lames in brilliant flower atternu threaded with bright gold or pastel shadlngs with a. dull gold heen. One frook of soft greens, ellows, and oranges in a dim pansy attorn shimmering as If gold-wash- d, has a plain bodice relieved at the middle of the front by three rows of birring. The bodice, cut low in back, nds over the hips in long points from which fall floor-length folds of the material to form a circular skirt, lightly shorter at tho front. The nly ornament is a small buckle of rllliants on the narrow belt at the ormal waistline. Mules with a. Kick An unusual pair of slippers for the toudoir are mules fashioned on the eslgn of footgear worn by Persian vomen theae thousand years. The oes turn sharply up, and the vamp so long and ills the foot so well, hat, though the slippers have no icels, they do not fall off or olop- lop at every step. There are colors o harmonize with any sort of negligee, ut not the least attractive is a pair n gray Hid with the vamp topped by little collar of silver and gold leather. Grandma's Gewgaws Qrtindmother's earrings are "In" .gain; yes, even with the long, lumpy gold ones which you've been wishing vere platinum. Those women who desire to be authentic about their 1830 lisgulse have suddenly remembered hat grandma and great-grandma, poor hings, never heard of platinum at all but decked themselves in the great ;old brooches, big gold bracelets, and mposlng gold ear 'ornaments which heir feminine descendants are now snatching eagerly from faded jewel loxes. If you diden't have a grandmother, you can get copies of her ewelry, anyway. Now Bottle* Since Paris has decided that per- umes, soaps, and cosmetics are among the chic Christmas gifts this seaon, .he manufacturers of these things are •nthuslastically turning out new bottles, jars, and boxSs which are nothing short of magnificent. Cracked and frosted gloss lined with gold, vanity cases of silver or gold combined with enamel dr semi-precious stones boxes and flacons of metal and wood patterned after those found in Egyptian tombs—these are some of the things you may flnd in tour stocking. SPECULATIVE ISSUES DEPRESSED IN LONDON TROOP MOVEMENTS ARE COMING Chinese Making Every Effort to Improve Military Position Before Entering Peace Negotiations. Hurvo Tlbbott, Bbensburg druggist,' a member of Jaffa shrine and well known in Altoona, has ^een appointed director of the poor of Cambria county. Ho assumes.the duties of the position Immediately, being sworn into office today. Mr. Tlbbott was appointed by President Judge John E. Evans of Cambria county yesterday and succeeds Walter H. Dovore of Johnstown, who tendered his resignation to the court last Friday. The appointment ia for the unexpired term of Devoro. Tlbbott is ono of the Shrine's most active members, frequently visits the city and has a wide circle of friends here. He is widely known as a vocalist. Tho Women's Missionary society of the Second Avenue United Brethren churoh will meet this evening at 7.30 o'clock in the church house. Mra. Ecltles and her group will have charge of the meeting. A large attendance of the members Is expected at this session LONDON, Nov. ia.-rSpeoul»tive issues were depressed.again today on the stock exchange, especially Anglo American stocks influenced by a pes simlstic view 'of the situation in Wai Street yesterday. Interest was mainly confined to few favorites with some further re adjustment in transatlantic issues on the basis of New York selling. Quota lions, however, were about on a par .y level. , Activity on the market today wa i considerable contract to the quie f yesterday which waa due to th oneral observance of Armiatlco day British funds generally held atead t the opening. The government' ew conversion loan was in good do riand and experts believed the lie vould be closed before Friday. Home railways were neglected MI ncertain. Oils were traded heavily Rio Tlnto opened at 45*4 pounds, ft from yesterday's close. George Washington received nothing for his personal services during the Revolution. His expenses, however, wore paid him, and for these ho collected more than $64,300. Almost all the steel engravers In the United States work for the government turning out money. > ' 4' ' < ''*-> <*> 4> NEW MERCHANDISE 'At Dollar Day Prices Silk Hosiery .......................................... $1.00 Voile and Crepe Gowns ........................ $1.00 Novelty Jewelry .................................... $1.00 Washable Gloves .................................. $1.00 Boxed Handkerchiefs .......................... $1.00 Soiled Chemise and Step-ins ................ $1.49 Silk Blouses .......................................... $1.00 Corselettes and Girdles ...... $1.00 and $2,00 Coat and Dress Flowers .......... SOc and $1.00 Fall Millinery ...................... $1.00 and $2,00 All Coatt and Dresses Reduced for Tomorrow Only 4 4> 4> •i > 1309 Eleventh Avenue By PAUt WRIGHT Special Cable to Altoona Mirror and Chicago Dally News,) HARBIN, Manchuria, Nov. 12.—The movement of troops from Mukden to 10 border continues, many of them assing through the streets of Har- In en'route. This fact Is interpreted two ways; rst, they are troops to replace the ;irln troops whose morale is confess- dly bad; second, they are to partlci- ate In an offensive eastward from rfanchurla with Vladivostok, Prim- eeya. and the province of Siberia as he objectives. It was the Klrln troops that ran rom tho Russians at Lahaausu and Fukdln. • From the beginning of the ampaign they have had the reputa- lon of lacking martial enthusiasm. Jany of them are boys hardly- able o hold a rifle level. Both the Mukden and Heilungklang oldiers have a better spirit than the :irln troops. The Chinese offensive is regarded in Harbin as mostly a gesture rendered lecessary by the debacle on the lower lungarl, which disclosed China's lack f defensive power to be so complete hat continuation of the stand on former lines meant exposing the troops o disaster. The next logical step, therefore, was ither settlement of the impasse or tronger military activity. For ten ays the Russians have been reported o be concentrating men and munitions iastward of Pogranlchnaya «s if ex- .leoting ouch a resolve by the Chinese. Meanwhile the rivers are freezing rap- dly, hastening .the moment when the Russians can initiate a winter campaign. Coincident with these events, re- lorts of peace negotiations carry some lope .for both sides, The conference s likely to occur at Mukden, But it a obvious that China could present arguments if her military position is mproved. A white Russian river captain, just returned from Fukdln corroborates the ort made in these dispatches last summer that the Russians have on the Amur Sungari two gunboats drawing, four and a half 'feet of water and capable of submerging 1 to within one foot of the deck level, leaving nothing to shoot at except two turrets, eaoh housing two 6-inch guns. The boata have Dieael engines and crews of fourteen to twenty-forr men. The same authority says that an airplane which fell near Fukdin contained two Russians who were killed and one Japanese, who suffered a broken arm. (Copyrlfht,'U1B. Chicago Dally News, Inc.) MANY UNIQUE FEATURES AT MERCY BARN DANCE USING ALIENISTS IN SOVIET COURT By CAB11OM, BINDER. (Special Cable to AHooim Mirror and Chicago Dally News.) MOSCOW, Nov. 12. — The soviet courts are employing alienists in the familiar American, manner to. help ascertain whether the leaders of a peculiar organization In Voronezh are mentally irresponsible religious fanatics or clever counter-revolutionaries. % Forty-two members of the group are employing paraphernalia of the Ku Klux Klan,. such as white robes with crosses. They are being tried In a crowded courtroom, the proceed- are being broadcast BIBtJ CLASS MEMBBRS £tf JOY OYSf Bit SUPPEft Ings of which over the radio. Whenever the prosecutor asks lead- Pi th ing 'questions, the defendants refer their interrogator to the."Gzttr of the heavens," or merely shout, "Christ is risen." Tha government claims that these zealots, led by the Monk Feodorov, gave dinners to thirty persons »t which terroristic acts were planned against the poorer- peasantry. More serious ia the charge that the organization, 1,000 strong, marched through the streets of the villages, commanded by a former white officer, who served' under Trotsky. W^ien thia leader prophesied deliverance from the bolsheviks at the hand of the archangel Michael, he really agitated for a white rebellion, says the prosecution. The use of trl- colored flags inscribed, "God Save the Czar," is considered conclusive evidence of a deliberate counter-revolution. That, with the opposition to taxation, grain collection and the cooperatives, which the Feodorovists designated anti-Christ, will likely doom many of them to death. (Copyright, 1929, Chicago Dally Naws, Inc.) BANDITS GET $3,000 IN DARING ROBBERIES The Brotherhood Bible class of the First Presbyterian Sunday school held Its monthly meeting at the church, Twelfth /jtreet and Fourteenth avenue, last evening with a good representation of the membership in attendance. It was marked by the enjoyment of an oyster supper. - • The members assembled at 6.30 O'clock and a short time later President Thomas Bromley piloted the class to the festal hall where a supper of fried oysters and other good things •was served by ladies of the Dean class o'f the Sunday school. Rev. Dr. J. W. Francis, pastor, invoked the blessing after which the classmen en- Joyed the excellent menu. Following the supper there was a meeting and social time with talks by Dr. Francis, A. Russell Aukerman, superintendent of tho adult department, 'C. EJ. Tor- ranee and others. SPECIAL PERMANENT WAVE Guaranteed • Months .75 I_J Beauty Shoppe 227 Central Trust BIdg. Dial 7306 NOW, there's a SOLO* in NON-RUN RAYON The Mercy hospital barn dance will be held Wednesday Nov. 26, at the Penn-Alto hotel. Oh, yes we promised to tall something about the milk maids. A very inquisitive ''Beau Brummell" asked if they are blonds or brunettes. Both of course. Are they pretty? Quite pretty and very charming in their clever costumos t They will serve you in a most gracious .manner, with elder, gingerbread, sandwiches and pumpkin pies. .'(••• Do you dance or do you merely wish an evening of amusement of a moat unusual character—then come to the Mercy hospital barn danca and party. Wa shall be telling you about the farmerettes, jockeys and some unique specialties as soon aa we are "let in" on the secrets. PITTSBURGH, Nov. 1?.—Bandits secured cash totaling nearly $1,000 and $3,000 in checks in two daring robberies in the Squirrel Hill district here today. Robbers entered Fishers restaurant- and after holding up more than a score of persons, escaped with the contents of the cash register, taking with them a small safe which contained four days' receipts, according to the manager. He estimated the loss at between $450 and $500. Donohoe'a store in the same district was entered and a 300-pound safe was carried away. Officials of the store said they believed the safe contained $500 in cash and $2,000 in checks. PRESBYTERIAN MEN GIVE SUPPORT TO PEACE PLAN PITTSBURGH, Nov. 12.—A pledge of support of the world peace plan was contained in a telegram sent President Hoover yesterday by .the.600 delegates attending the convention of the Presbyterian Men of Western 'Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The delegates were addressed on the subject, "World Peace" by Rev. Gill Robb Wilson/Trenton, N. J., who was the only chaplain for the air forces of the United States army during the war. Because it s so much MINERS RESUME WORK FOLLOWING CAVE-IN ASHLAND, Nov. 12.—Two hundred, miners, working on the second and third, levels of the Potts mine here, returned to work today after'a cave-In had made them idle for three weeks. ..Several, deaths were, barely escaped when the cavq-in occurred. One worker lost his life during the reopening of the -slope. • _ Thjs simple little three-in-one.undie style has been so popular that rayon "fans" will be delighted with the news. A vest, a brassiere and a pantie x all in one and tailored in the new, exclusive Kayser "Noh-Run" rayon. It is simply a lovely fabric, in appearance like fine silk, and exceptional wearing quality. The solo is a perfect foundation for 'the mode of simplicity.. . there's no bunchiness, no elastics, just flowing graceful lines. Style 9895. $O50 ATSEI T HE supreme test of a sanitary pad is its comfort during outdoor activities. That is why women say Kotex is absolutely indispensable. Kotex is made of the lightest, coolest substance that can be used,.. Cdlucot- ton absorbent wadding. Surgeons use it in 83% of the country's hospitals because it absorbs so much quicker, so much more than cotton. Why Kotex is better Other features that make Kotex especially desirable are its rounded, tapered corners that assure concealment under the most clinging frocks ... its special deodorizing, process ... and us easy disposabtlicy. Buy Kotex today. KOTEX IS SOFT... I— Not» deceptive softness, that soon packs into chafing hardness. But a delicate, lasting noftncss. 2-Safe, secure ,, , keeps your mind at ease. the sign of true daintiness. 4-/» hospitals,, , . Kotex is the identical material used by surgeons ia 85% of the country'i leading hospitals. Kfll«-45c foe J2-21 iny drug, Qt dtp»rascnt sewe, Kotex Supcr-Si«c-6}c (ot 12 KOT6X The New Swltuy Ptd wWeb d*odorl»s» DCLL/tR DAT SHOPPERS Will Find Many Worth While Savings at the BRETT-WAYNE INC., WALK-OVER BOOT-SHOP Women's Pump} Including Many Walk-Oven As Low As 5«!Mid-Season Sat Wonted'* Pumps and Oxford* in a buc« variety of pattern* »t bug* $£.40 6 1429 Eleventh Ave. Next Poor To Sears, Roebuck and Co. 1429 Eleventh OUR ihre-Chirisfmas Sale Offers Big Reductions On Our Entire Stock Now $85 Diamond Ring $67.50 See Our Window for Dollar Day Specials Values lo $12,50 for $1.00 $l2CutSMBag.,$l $2.50 Bon Bon Dish $1 $2.50 Bread Tray .$1 $2.50 Compact! .. $1 $3 Cigaret Caset ..$1 $2.50 Mesh Bands..$1 $2.50 Cuff Links. L .$I $3 Costume Jewelry $1 Pocket W»tche$....$l $2.50 Brooch Pins.. $1 Many other itemi too numeroat to mention 4 Small Deposit Will Hold Any Article Until Called For J323 t

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