Independent from Long Beach, California on February 26, 1964 · Page 25
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 25

Long Beach, California
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Wednesday, February 26, 1964
Page 25
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LADY BEATLE From th fa · JJARY CAMPBELL "jfcj Mrs. Beatle can relax. Shelter husband. 23-year- old Beatle John Lennon, and hit buddies. Beatles George. Pan} and Rings, lived through 10,days 'among American Beatle bugs gone mad and arii safely bade in the British^ woodwork. .While in the United Slate's, the Beatles rocked oot (heir driving Mersey beat an$-.teen-age girls rolled back'With smitten screams. Cynthia Lennon, the only Eeatle wife, and envy of two continents of teen-age girls, stayed as far as possible fraza the tumult, She ducked photographers and panted no interviews. Most of the time she stayed inside the hotel or was taken shopping or sightseeing by one of the 17 public relations men attached to the shaggy-haired quartet's riotous tour. * · * · CYNTHIA is p l a t i n u m blonde, 22 and always described as "terribly shy." Sh? turned down money offers from various publica- tiors to tell "her story" to them. The Lennons met while both were attending the Liverpool College of Art and married before the Beatles made it big. They have an 8 month-old son, John, but they didn't bring him to America. Where was Mrs. Beatle when the riots were going strong?. On Saturday, the diy after DEAR ABBY Guilty Without a Trial INDEPENDENT-- Pagi B-S i Lxx lMdk ClU, *·*» Fk. Ik ! ABBY MR- AND SIRS. BEATLE Cynthia Lennon. only gal who's ever caught a Beatle, sits with husband John in London Airport on Feb. 7, before flying to the United States. By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY: A neighbor who has been my friend for many years told me the other day that my daughter- in-law passed the remark. -Ill be worth a lot of money when ray old lady kicks the bucket" I am 68. in good h e a l t h and have no plans * lor "kicking" a n y bucket" f o r a l o n g time. I h a v e quit speaking to my daughter-in-law, but this doesn't seen fair to my son. Should I see my son without my diughter-in-law and continue the cold war? Or should 1 start speaking to my daughter-in-law? -ALIVE AND KICKING. DEAR ALIVE: What kind of "friend'' would have repeated a remark such as your neighbor quoted? It is even possible that your daughter-in-law never said it I think yon quit speaking to the wrong woman. Talk to your daugher-Ia-law and straighten it out. Life is too short good stuff. They even made sane movies of a couple of his books. Weil. I got my paper back and the teacher had a "C Minus sign" on it When my father saw it he was boiling mad and asked me to ask the teacher what was wrong with it. I'm afraid if 1 do she will find out I didn't write it and then I would be in trouble. What should 1 do?--WRITER'S SON. DEAR SON: Ten your teacher that the story was not your best (It's true--it wasn't) And ask her If you can submit another one. Then, do it yourself, ton. CONTTDENTlAL TO "AN ANNY-MOUSE" IN DAYTON: Misers arc very difficult to live with, but they make the best ancestors. Get it off your chest For a personal, unpublished reply, write to ABBY. Box 3365. Beverly Hills, Calif. Enclose a stamped, (elf-addressed envelope. BE WISE! HAVE TOU1 DRAMJ KUHD AT ORCHID CLEANERS 270« I10ADWAT. LL 61 «-73l« FTM Piciip oa Dtlbtry ( | Reduce Now To Wear New Easter Clothes LAKEWOOD WOMAN REDUCES FROM 170 LBS. TO 136 POUNDS AND IS STILL GOING DOWN a talJ tj M't. Jisrj Clesltr LatiuooJ My nimr u Mary Chester. I'm taking my reducing ti cat- meets at the Lttewood Miss \CaIter interviewed whea 1 went ia to see what the Beatles'arrival here. Mrs. Lennon attended an afternoon rehearsal for the Ed Siiliivan Show, ate dinner with the group at one of New York's most famous restaurants and toured the city with them by automobile. To keep from being trampled by mobs, she stayed inside the car. MEDICINE AND YOU Seeks Re-Evaluation of Tonsillectomy By BEN ZINSER Mt«CW-SCI««KC Ctfltt Doctors should take a more con versa live view cf tonsil operations, contends Dr. A. R. HoHender of the University of Miami. In a report to the South- era Medical Association he said tonsil surgery doesn't g u a r a n t e e against subsequent r e- generatioa cf Jymphoid tissue at the operational site. Tonsil a r e little masses of lymphatic tissue located in the mouth ZIXSET near the back of the tongue. In his own experience, he says, he found recurrence of tonsil tissue in 65 out of 95 persons in whom a tonsillectomy had been performed before the age of 12 years. He also r e c e i v e d 165 answers to a questionnaire sent to throat specialists: 10 to 25 per cent of their own patients experienced a recurrence of tonsil tissue following operation. Says Dr. HoHenden The t e x t b o o k indications (for a r e o u t - tonsillcctomy) moded and the whole problem should be reinvesti- gited." · · · · A NEW DRL'G known as AHR-43 has proved "very e f f e c t i v e " in inhibiting sweating over large areas cf the body without inducing signs of toiicity. The preparation, chemically related to the anti- ulcer drug Robinul, is applied to the skin surface. la trials to date. AHR-4S3 has caused no irritation or discomfort cf any kind, according to Western Reserve University researchers in a report in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology. · · · · ROUTEVE administration cf atropine before surgery, to reduce bronchial secretions, can no longer be justified, contend London researchers. A study of 24 patients in H a m m e r s m i t h Hospital, London, shows that pre- rnedication w i t h atropine causes a significant reduction of oxygen in the blood. The report is in Lancet. SHE SHIED away from two rehearsals and the Sullivan broadcast on Sunday and appeared at none of the Beatles' day-long press conferences on Monday. At a paclc-'em-in party given by Capitol Records Monday evening. John was asked over the hubbub whether his wife was present "At this party, are you kidding?- he yelled back. Mrs. Lennon stood in the wings during the first of two exhibitions of Eeatlemania at Carnegie Hall on Wednesday, but remained backstage during the second. And to one reporter who did manage to ask her reactions, Cynthia replied with c a l m understatement. "I think they're a bit wackier than the English girls." Oswald Jacoby No Finesse for South Sometimes you don't want a finesse to win. Thus, if West holds the king cf clubs South will have no trouble making five hearts against the diamond opening. A!! he win have to do is to draw trumps and concede a trick to the club king. Unfortunately for South the king of clubs is surely reposing safely in the East hand and £t first glance there appears and it has made reducing en-| joyable for me. Tea married and hare a :er. For years I overweight aad iwould have to live with because in the past had worked DEAR ABBY: May I put in a good word for beards? My husband has a beautiful beard. Let's face it. Some men can grow beards and others can't. Mine can, and I wouldn't make him shave it off for the world. Some men envy him because they can't grow one and others because their wives won't let them. A man who is real man will grow a beard if he wants one. Besides, he is very distinctive. Not one person who has ever met my husband has forgotten him.--PROUD WIFE. DEAR PROUD: You are proud with good reason. A bearded man must be above reproach at all times because he is easily identified by the hair of his chtnny chin problem. They have been worurfnl to rae, all cf them, Vf all wa s the flatty tis- [Start Reducing to Wear the New ? Spring Clothes ~j a " Jsue I had accumnlatei I hue reduced from 170 founds to g weight :4 to and lay face rasn't become u it had before. and n looting I'm a great Dodger baseball f in and love to go to the games. 1 told the manager cf the salon Walker s»js start reJuc- L vcu!J ^ , lot ,,,,,, foa ing cow before buying your'tmg the games now that new Spring clothes, that allow^., hlve c f no room for bulges or bumps, f^g- ,, j $0$, the stairs tc Start reducing now to join'my seat. Also. I won't have that the "aster Parade" with a new' | £ uilt T "' ihouWaV *«, attractive figure. Crt yourself |»'kca I' m waiting »t the hot .nto stupe to wear fashionable £ stitu! - shtas, iwimwcar and all the iwimwcar other warm weather foa clothes. Let's Explore Your Mind THERES NO SURE CURE FOR ADOLESCENT INSUBORDINATION/ TRUED NORTH II V A K S « A l t + Q J 1 0 I WEST (D) EAST V Q I 4 K Q 1 9 I I 2 « 7 S J SOUTH A K 1 C V 1 0 I 7 C 4 3 I · J + A» Ko cne rolnera^le Wttt North Zut ' Sasth 1 « Dble 3 * 4 V 4* rui s » sr Pasj Pus Paa Openinf lead-- # K By SYLVA.VUS AND EVELYN DUVALL 1. Thert'* no sure cure for Research, Inc. does; He adolescent insubordination! True, and there cannot be. Adolescents have to rebel from authority in order to establish their own autonomy. At times the teen- ager'j efforts to grow cp and stand on his own feet are clumsy, crude and uncomfortable. Bat there is no panacea, because he must grow cp and out from his earlier dependence upon adults. As he matures he becomes able to take authority in stride as an adult most, la the meantime, tome insubordination is to be expected. · · · · 2. Does anyone understand people's baying habits? Yes. Burleigh Gardner, executive director cf Social says that better than asking the consumer what he wants to buy is cnderstand how his motive* are shaped by his personality, the social groups he belongs to, and the style cf life he leads or would like to lead. This involves competent, high- quality research based upon sound applied psychology. Recife Vows Mrr. NiHie Baldwin cf Long Eeach and E d w a r d Neumann of Findlay, Ohio, were married Feb. 22 in East Long Beach M e t h o d i s t Church. The Rev. George Stump read the wedding vows. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Myers of Fmdlay attended the couple. to be no way for South to make his contract. Further study will show that South has a rather sensational variation of the avoidance play at his disposal He starts by letting West hold the first diamond trick. West won't have ^fvhir.g better to do than to continue the suit and South win duck in dummy and ruff in his own hand. DEAR ABBY: I had to ·write an original story for English composition and I had so much other stuff to do I didn't get around to it until the last minute. To make a long story short, I asked my father to help me with it and he wrote the whole thing. I copied it word for word and thought it was great. My father happens to be a writer. He has written some pretty Did You Know? By MILDRED K. FLANARY t, P-T Fio4 Editor Did you know that there are many Lenten recipes that can be prepared in minutes with an electric blender? Also, dishes traditional of the Jewish Passover week which begins at sundown on Friday. March 27. And to assist you in your menu planning during these special fasting days, the Oster Blender people are offering two booklets which are yours for the asking. *New Flavor for Lenten Meals" include recipes for a Norwegian f i s h pudding. cheese blinUes, oyster bisque, creamed oysters, and asparagus with crabmeat au gratin. Other dishes include cheese rice casserole, baked rice fluff, curried rice ring with mushroom fiHing. and noodles supreme. An attractive blue and white booklet titled, "Passover Menu Favorites" con tains such centuries-old, tra ditional dishes such as fresh horseradish and potato pud ding, and others which can be made in seconds -- »rv without skinned knuckles! Just write ta The John Oster Co.. Milwaukee 17, Wis. Best cf all I have bought nice stylish Easter dress Tm go- Start rciiudng now tad let tag to be proud to wear thi your figure flatter yocr clothes Easter and with »U cf this I am and your clothes will flatter still going down.--Marj dies your figuie. jt«. Here you see Mrs. Mary Chester, with Pat Waller, the rational figure authority for Staufftt System. Mrs. Chester ha reAareJ from 170 pounds to 136 pounds and ii still going down. After trying so raany other wap to reduce she fce- licvcd trut being overweight was a prctlera she would have to live with. I HONOLULU WOMAN REDUCES 48 POUNDS IN ONLY 10 WEEKS AND IS STILL GOING DOWN THE ACE and king of trumps will account for the next two trick) and South will be careful to hold on to a low trump in his own hand because he will ceed to get to dummy later on with that five $pot. The next pJay win t* a successful finesse of the queen of clubs. Then South will cash dum- ny*i ace of diamonds and discard his ace of chibs. This will make it possible for him to lead more clubs t h r o u g h East's king. It doesn't matter when East pJays hi! king. South- will ruff and get back to dummy with that five of trump* for the rest cf the clubs. YOU HAY HAVE Here you see Mrs. Ana Fry ai she looted 10 weeti «go. She weighed 192 poundj, ind wore a size 20 dress. UTien she waj married she wore i »:ze 12. She was overweight for so long ihe had forgotten what it wn Me to have I !rcent fgure. Here you see Mrs. Fry with Pat Waller, the national fig- cre authority foe Staaffcr System. After only 10 *ctL« Mrs. Fry has cone from i size 20 to a liae 14. She reKed 43 pound?, has lost 7 inches frrm her waitf, 9 iruhei from her Kips, 4 inches from each thigh, 2 irxhcs frtxn each arm »nj is still going dow n. tj loll Ij [years old. \rnuu muu cou!J not hiJf. down] UTien my vn Rkley learned Mn. Asa Fry, Ulen I was married I wore «o a size 14 and I'm well en my Jut I was going to be phrto Uonol*!* a size 12 dros. Until I went to *«J « "T oripn*' «* J JRTM^ »'* Mist WIV ". »»« I Pat Waller's Salco to reduce. I My husband says he is very ( war.tcJ t. ste 'the rme lady Ify name is Ann Fry. I ha^e'had forgotten what it was lite r'«sed with my losi ni also^mho was making his mommy so AMD NOT KNOW IT L^LU £*****£ ^^ * **· ** *' Saloa and reducing for .weels cow. I have IrieJ Honolu^ for almost a year with have a decent figure. It.^P* *«".*!.'*·»'«» t««jj_ , »«»-j.irkizi. » torront-'tay husband -who wort i for the 'li l i 0 *" 0 TM*- I'd be tverweight that I had tried all ercited became I'll become the size 12 girl he married. The time I've spent in the I I guess what has also f teased my chiUren is that I now feel «*j Ftrutn tl»t nr4k* expmi I love living here and so wrets I have cone from anngfy, · _ _ caa put a bathing suit en and cf diets and exercises but *alon has Kern so relaxing and gn to the beaih with them helped Now after 10 P' easlnt lrK ' ' ^«' *o mmh!without feeling ashamed cf ny - - ---- [figure.--Ar.n Fry. TVtjr^ ftni not knov ft. ,°T «*"·""*· '" 6 and 4 bulging size 20, which even C T tb»T ITI Ki Kottjpff. TUt'l «- ' tm'i tow Ibrj ia It: rmt--· ·eiraAr. Onln. IV*-- Ji « »ork-- »". cuxt- can V«ncjf=r»--T-W for R-W for Roond Worms rial rizyi for (c; Raul V TRUL TRIATMLM AND FIGURE ANALYSIS Under Pat Waller's scientific'deririag a pleasure. r»n*»'persoralizej guidance, women] Try it! Yon can have a *"* " treatmcrt and ; figure analysis at rx cfcligation. t. i ti A j Most women tee changes in 10 v have soccessfnllT red-jced , .^ . . J , .. . ' oayi. Vrsiti are or.fy J2.00. ,, . , ,1 For more information You tan lose where yoa need * ,, . "_, ,,, , . ' [MEtcalf 4-0672 er HEmtocl 8 a ta. to 9 p. Collect calls as the 5 raillkn women 1 , P*« Waller'! iiei ,£,, serviie males slca-.invite J! xtter. PAT WALKER'S STAUFFER SYSTEM SALONS LAKEWOOD CENTER 4998 Faculty -- MEIealf 4-0672 DOWNTOWN LONG BEACH 423 East First Si. --HEmlcck 2-2973 FRLE Validated Fading Nert t» IXjwntcwn Saloa HOURS: 8 a.m. fo 9 p.m. Mort. thru Fri. OTHER LOCATIONS Honolulu Reseda, Pasadena, San Francisco

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