Independent from Long Beach, California on March 23, 1976 · Page 25
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 25

Long Beach, California
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Tuesday, March 23, 1976
Page 25
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;'Shadow of the Hawk' - Marilyn Hassctt, who porlrayed the ill-fated skier Jill Kinmonl in "The Other Side of the Mountain," will co-star with Jan-Michael Vincent and Chief Dan George in "Shadow of the Hawk." The International Cinemedia Center f i l m will be shot on locations in and around Vancouver. R f Lonf IM4CJ1, Cllri,, 1 Ml., rSU'Ch 23,1W4 PiiESS-TElEGitAM [PM}-C-7, Oscar winners, losers, whatever Tl MANN THEATRES IELMONT tl.50Mon.Frl. 'Ill 4:30 Sl-USal. 1US:00 Sun, IHol 11 JO'in J:M lOSSMOOt tl.UMon.-Fr! 111 6 X IIJO Sat. 'Ill S:M tlJOSun. I Hoi.'Ill 2:00 CREST. NO. LONG BEACH A(linllc42«-a619 "BIYONPTHIGUVt GUV PG) BELMONT. BELMDNT SHORE 1 E. 2nd 2I3M38-IOOI "TWs Illm !» triumph" R«x R*ed "HISTER STREET' :304:(»-9:*S (PO) IMPERIAL. LONG BEACH . Ocean 435-3873 RdSSMOOR. SEAL BEACH i BucK 430041! . A ust of rhowarris or at "BLAZING SADDLES" 6:304 :00-9:*S(O OLD TOWNE |1MM HmtkotM IM.- By BILL DIEHL Rlmtr News Service With what's popularly called "Oscar Night" just around the corner (Monday), here's a quick serving of Academy awards items a b o u t p i c t u r e s , players, winners, losers and the coveted statuette itself. Al Jolson was the first entertainer to perform at an awards presentation. He sang at the very first ceremony in 1929. The Oscar statuette is made of tin and copper, plated with 10-karal gold and finally covered with 24-karat gold -- and is worth in actual v a l u e under $100. But pictures which win this honor have seen t h e i r b o x - o f f i c e grosses inflated by millions of dollars. The first player ever to win a second Oscar was Luise Rainer. She won two on consecutive years, for "The Great Ziegfield" in 1936 and "The Good Earth" in 1937. OSCAR was born on a tablecloth at the f i r s t meeting of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 1927, according to legend. The late Ccdric Gibbons, long-time art director for M - G - M , sketched him during a dinner meeting, so the story goes. But Gibbons in 1947 TORJtAJVCfi said he did the sketch at that meeting -- but on paper. "Ben-Hur," 1959 winner, is the all-time record-holder among winning motion pictures with 11 Oscars, runnerup is "West Side Story," w i t h 10. That record cannot be broken this year; "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" -- the movie with the most nominations -- has a total of nine, so even if it sweeps all of its categories, it still would fall short of "West Side Story." The most nominations ever won by a movie went to "AU About Eve," 1950, which received 14. The picture went on to win six Oscars. Katherine Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman and Walter Brennan arc the o n l y three : timc acting winners. THE FIRST year's win ncrs were Janet Gaynor as Best Actress and Emil Jamiings as Best Actor. Do you remember l a s t y e a r ' s w i n n e r s ? They were Ellen Burstyn for "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" and Art Carney for "Harry and Tonto." Irving Berlin is the only presenter ever to give himself an Oscar. When he opened the 1942 envelope and read the winner of the Best Song category, it was his own "White Christmas." George Bernard Shaw won an Oscar in 1938 for his screenplay of "Pygmalion." That work later became "My Fair Lady." Walt Disney is the top award winner: He won 30 Oscars and was also voted t h e I r v i n g Thalberg Memorial Award by the A c a d e m y ' s Board of Governors. The youngest nominee for an acting Oscar was Jackie Cooper, who was just 9 when he competed in the best-actor category for "Skippy." Youngest winner of a non-honorary Oscar was 16-year-old T a t u m O'Neal for her supporting-acturess per- f o r m a n c e in "Paper Moon." Youngest player ever to receive any type of Oscar was Shirley Temple, just 5 when she was voted the Honorary Juvenile Award in 1934. OLDEST winning performer in Oscar history' is Ruth Gordon, 72, for 1968's "Rosemary's Baby." Oldest winning actors on the record are E d m u n d Gwenn, 71 when a winner, and John Houseman, also 71. There have been two ties in the 47-year history of the Oscars. The first was in 1932 when Wallace Berry (or "The Champ" and Frcdric March for "Dr. J c k y l l and Mr. Hyde" were each awarded Best-Actor honors. History repeated itself ir, 19fi8 wheu Katherine Hepburn for "The Lion In Winter" and Barbra Streisand for "Funny Girl" took Best- Actress Oscars. W i l l Rogers was the emcee of the 1934 Oscar ceremonies. Will opened the envelope containing the n a m e of the Best- Director w i n n e r , then drawled, "Come and gel it, Frank." Frank Capra was halfway to the stage before he realized Rogers was g e s t u r i n g toward rival director F r a n k Lloyd. OSCAR was born the year that silent movies died, and there have been no " s i l e n t picture" performers on the winning roster since t h a t f i r s t year. Surprisingly, many top box-otficc d r a w s and towering screen talenls never h a v e won a performing Oscar. Charlie Chaplin and Greta Garbo never won. Kilwant G. Robinson wcul Oscarless, as did Cary Grant, Henry K o n d a , O r s o n W e l l e s , James Mason, Boris Karl- o(f, John B.irryinore, Agnes Moorehead, Gloria Swanson ... Well, the list of top-name non-winners goes on and on. But even so, there's some solace In the thought -- as has been expressed -- t h a t more people remember Watcr-^ loo for Napoleon's detent; t h a n f o r W e l l i n g t o n ' s ; victory. RATIMOS PG Pvrr.UI GukDoce unnM rot jrJmJin) urtctt *cto» witd bt wrml or »u«Sirv NOTTi If to iN'uret luvt rjifterm ;'««v IV rnvc miiKint *·" ft [LATE SHOWS EVERY FRIDAY * SATUHDAY :[ BARGAIN PRICE EARLY BIRO SHOWS ( A T 1IMIS BELOW) Solti 'delivers' the Mahler work By DAVID LEVTA'SON -371-IMO \ ProiouxKv movlm ind b*Mj1lrul | OLD TOWNE I 'JMOO tarn WSi Twin. TemKt Psc. CM. Hwv. * Crmiraw a.) "4 MUSKITIERS"TO "3 MUSKETEERS" («) (b.) "IARIY LYNDON" no DOWNEY AMMM ThMTrt, Dwmy Downiy Aw. m*r FlmtoM "3 MUSKETEERS" M) "4 MUSKETEERS" w «. Mr FlrntM "MAZING SAMtES' SL Like Beethoven's Ninth, Gustav Mahler's second symphony is a large-scale work that culminates in a choral finale. -Like Beethoven's Ninth, the Mahler symphony is one of those great showpieces t h a t make a perfect conclusion to an orchestral series or season. Georg Solti, the conductor of the Chicago Symphony, used the g r e a t Mahler work last week to wind up a six-concert series as guest conductor BEST SURF FILM OF THE YEAR! --Surfing A^«ai/ Bud Browne's GOING SURFIN' Mon. 1 Tun. Mor. 13 J, 23 CMy! Opm 6A5 9n»i 7 9 P.M. BAV. Seal Beach 431-9988 with the l^ondon I'hilhar- monic. Solti got the expected results: wild audience enthusiasm and rave reviews. Solti has conducted the work often, he has recorded it, and the Chicago Symphony and the orchestra's own chorus have made the work something of a specialty. The London Philharmonic is one of the world's great orchestras. So it was hardly an act of daring for Solti to program the Mahler. It t a k e s considerably more courage to program the work with a college orchestra and chorus, but Hans Lampl undertook it with Long Beach State students and two professional soloists Sunday. The performance was more than respectable. Under the circumstances, I trust this vn\] count as a rave review. OLD TOWNE Some of t h e work's tension, drama and grotes- quorie were missing. So, here and there, were occasional small woodwind parts. Hut the broad outlines were all there, In an i d i o m a t i c performance, and most of the details were there, too. Though the first movement was not taken quite as fast as it might have been, everythinfi was In balance, and all the subtle tempo changes M a h l e r called for were handled neatly. More than neatly. The result was Viennese. The second movement laendler was the graceful song Mahler called for, and the power of the third movement and the fifth movement ending were impressive. A larger orchestra and an organ would have helped. But before 1 heard Lampl's performance I would have thought them necessary; r he proved t h a t passion, balance, a f e e l i n g for style, an understanding of the symphony's message and a student orchestra and chorus willing to do their best are all a conductor rcallv needs to make the symphony work. PLAZA ·.PRlNi - A T I'M 1 VIBCH l?V ID'? "3 MUSKETEERS'^ 4 MUSKETEERS PALACE 30 PINI AVI. 4M-4419 MOM 411. «rO«l » M » HON.m. «nt» r M » Ul HIN. t HOttDAYt tl 10 «IM 1 HHIO* CmllHi fti OPEN All NKSMT "DOC SAVAGE" L MAJESTIC" RIVOU: II Jl U O N D A V lhr« F H I O A V 4 13 ) 00 t A I U M D A V I 3 0 - V M · S U M O A Y I HOLIDAY! I J» * J8 LAKEWOOO CENTER- II 10 MONDAY Ihrv t A I U H O A V (lltcpl HelrdiTH U 10-1 TOWNE: II SO MONDAY l*'u r n i D A Y I 00 «OO · I A 1 U K D A V t ? 00 · UKOAY I H O L I D A Y * U W 1 00 UMIRADM: 11 M UONDAY Ikiu S M 1 U H O A Y llMtpl li«4Kll T t| 11 M · t U H D A V I H O L I D A Y * II JO * ? OQ "WWUTmiui VROM BEYOND TH! GRAVE *, HU UOOM' tMAUfl BLAZINO SADDLES in iicouHiswcisriuoniM) MUDAtlY OMNlliM f ACAMMY AWMO _ ._ ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST it) CMI K» wowmut. w rum MAlWIlt DAKY · OMH n30 mtlNPOf 1W1IMI UUIUI MOHK* BRIAKHEART PASS (Ml POSSE t~t lAKEWOUO CENTER WALK IN » ACAMM¥ «w« ONI HEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S N(STii) CAU K» WOWTWU4 HO VAltU LAKEWOOD CENTER ' WALK-IN } A^CA5fMf AVVAU NttMlfiATIpMi 1 THE SUNSHINE BOYS (^ MAT1NIU DAILY · OMN 11JO LAKEWOOD CENIED WALK.IN 7 ACAMMY AWAtO HOMiHATIOM BARRY LYNDON [Mi . . III-JAT, 1,00-tilT T.U-10.W MIL UOOHI' IMA1HI BLAZINO SADDLES 01 Ocno Thai OjuHn'l Stool Stray* IF* fVlN I J,W . MAT1MII DAHY 4 ACAMMY AVfiUtfJ HO«MNATKW41 WILD McCULLOCHSrr. MON.-m ti» · IAr.-»UH. lit* ITNOIM mm. HAcUUM. nuHSuu LUCKY LADY irai WILD McC\IUoCHS MofL-ni. 4:00 . Ul.-WN. H llMOO Hnrtm IM. PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRES KUili rtttnu i (Bri FROM BIYONO THE GtAVl tn»i| IT'S ALIVE ffoi * 6 ACAdcmy Homrrwtloni "DOO Oi\Y AHIBNOOfr : 9:10 R ^'BREAKHEART PASS" HELP nGHT INFLATION ATTEND OUR FAMILY NIGHT Fun For The Entire Family Every Tuesday y Children Under 12 Free \ -.'-* When Accompanied by a Parent ALL SEATS $1.50 ISPECIftl CWDSENS PICTURES EXCLUDED) ·INBUBMr JULIA FRANKLIN IN COIOR - RATED X Stars i/w incred'Dty se versatile Kim plenty of hot segments. shof vwfrt great care' TOO ADULT S MERMAlOS AND F I S "BEYOND THE GRAVE" J:OHOi30(PO) "BLACK CHR ·tUTCH CASSDY » f Oscar Nom., Jack NtcrtoJson "ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST" *, CtlJ/omJii Si*t« University LOOR Br»ch hr fn«r1 mnrt of TrVwIrr Alii prwii( ROYALL TYLER'S WfflUIfUFEVn DEVIL WITHIN HER" Sin OHIO F»J It Briilol 541-13!! GABLE AND LOMBARD 7:30 IRI "GIVE 'EM HELL 217 East Ocean Blvd. 437-1267 Boi Office Opens: 10:45ra TUESDAYS-STUDENTS S2.00 THE CONTRAST "GONE WITH THE WIND" BLACKBEARtyS GHOST" STORY OF "0" "JAWS m m AMERICA'S FIRST COMEDY R THEATERS INC. offer for yoor ptaroire- COLOR --- n i l U I II'CHINA EM 1 r--· X ANNETTE HAVENSn BLAZINO SADDLES m TtUT UVAUU INSIDE OUT to) 1 IHAtH tUCKLHtft 1 AU IYAI CAtYt 3 MUSKETEERS CMI 4 MUSKETEERS (M ·oun tmtoto · PAW WWIAAN I. IVICtt OUWT1 HMMNa I» |M| 1. MCI WITH THI MVIL ,fo] ». HYONO TM1 POO* HI t ACABIMT AWAM NOMWAnOMt ONI IILtW OVf I THI CUCKOO'* MMT rt) Mil WOOU' UUUKI BLAZINO SADDLES m RUT MVALAt INSIDE OUTm i IWA4H KKKUII 1 AU. IYAI CAITS 3 MUSKETEERS (FO) 4 MUSKEHER5 (MI OOUUI TM»UA A CHlTlS ! FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE mi HIM. IT'S ALIVE IMI Mil M00*f UUW1 BLAZINO SADDLES rt) - _ ONiif WIA'CMVWM tun THUAXIEDRIVMw HARDT1ME8(M1 « ACABUTT AWAtO MMVMnOMT ONI f UW OVIi TH* CUCKOO'S MlfT m THE DEVIL WITHIN HER PLUS · in BLACK CHRISTMAS - OAfcLI A LOMBARD K) PAIT II: WALKING TALL MI OMT AMA MM4N IUM MMurrnmio THE TAXI DRIVER on HARD TIMES tra) Wi WO04U' UAA1HI BLAZINO SADDLES 01 nUTUVALAS INSIDE OUTm I I I I t l l l l l l l l i T I I I l l I I I I XXVOO«»0-i GRAND PRIX ADULT THEATRE E. Artttla, No. Long EMach rTJJ *^ MOTHER'S WISHES" (X) "THE WAY IT WAS" (X) 'All x-ro1«d filmt ^^XOOOi^CvOO' "OUOMCULA"t«)i ·2:10-5:30-8:55 "FOUI (USOTEUS" ^ J.25-42i-10}i SUMDAHaKID 1100-J-406 35.1005 "RACE WITH THE DEVIL" 100-4,45-8.35 U-3S-' »«·» 1 05-5309 i5 "BLBHE IN LOVE" , H.OO-3JO-745 u iO-3.0.7,IO-l3i 'TALES FROM THI CRYP7" . 35-5 ?5-8.i5 3,45- -7 Oi -10 J5 "THI ROLLING STONIS" J.?5-- 5 15-- 90S AND SUNDAXa KID ?»- 400-9 35 "RACE WITH THE DEVIL" iro-x jo-- eoo LX^ESNT UVEHERE /INYMORE "TALES FROM- i THE CRYPT" i ? 10-- S 35-- 5 10 l ? 5 5 4 ' / i « 1 0 0 MUSKiHERS". "4 MUSK!TEERS", ' Nombvitlentl "JAWS" (MI "MEATWALM WfSTMINSTMl MAll, SAN DffOO »WV. AT BOtSA AVINUI . »MON« 1 ».» 4) i»J I3dj

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