Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 25, 1976 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 25, 1976
Page 3
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At Medical Center ;;:-'\Uv!ii the multi-million dollar -..expansion is; compli-tcd ;,t ....Washinslon Hcsional 1 Medical .-CoilCT. a M-littl" critical' rai o i-Bjilionl, monilorlnj! 'system will ';;bc installed. . · , . TM-, lAcqulsilion ot Ihc svstem Aas l-ajiprm-cd at a rew.'ril mooting · ··of Ihc WIUIC Board or Cover- ~.nors al a cost of S103.258. :;.: n'lic system includes an eiKhl- .,,JX!(I missive care facility complete with-rairsinj! slatjrm .fur :H pallonL-ol)sci'viition, Fcaluwd in 1 .;. l !! c : 1 ."""'»'ill l o m o d u l a r equip- :;;lTM.iil! designed to continuously ~P) °.. n U " r electrocardiogram, .--moot! .pressure,- rcspiraliori and ,V temperature. The irvxlica] slalt. M.llioui'l) these readings will luive ".'(^'continuous' slulus r e p o r t - o n ".': Hit? patients in the unit; -.; C(M().\,\HV UNIT -·; The coronary care unit wil --have 10 b«ls .complete with a -..'·mirpp's station plus a six-hec ^''Progressive care teterrielry "sys ;.lcm; The facility : wilt-,|je ; aijle " moiiilor. clectrocardiofSraim ^.anil htoud pressure at each bed £· side station as wsll as al the --nurse's station.. . · . ^7-C':Ttj!enielry _nxjrmorir)(?·. is . at S.'liinovalire idea and 'a"'By-pro Urducl tit 'the space program d^flstrqnauls were monitored x:£pn' Overseas' Duty T.'-.;nKiVl,lN, 'Germaiiy-U.S. Ai ^"Forc'e 1 Master Sergennt Jamc ~;".\V.. Bronaugh, son of Mr. am X'lMrs'. James 1,. Bronaugh of, 14 ir.'.Tcrry'.' St.; Fayettcville. h ~;arrivel for duly al TcmpcUlo ^..Centra] Airport, Berlin, Gerrrm ir,"-'- ·^_ ''-Sergeant Bronaugli, a con; j--;hiunications operations super TM~vjsor with I h o ifllGth Com ~Vmumcati6ns Squadron. prc .7~-viously s e r v e d at' MacDi "'.'JJniversily and St Leo College V'.'-AFB. Flu. ' LC.'.-'A ['1053 -graduate of Fayii. ;".~t;c v; i 11 e High School, .tr ~^?,e, r g c a n t attended Tamp ·C,T-"University, and St. Lae College -Swain's Mobile Home Service ^'Anchors in Stock protect- from wind damage. ) Complete Air Installation, we service what we sell! I Factory Underpinning compare our prices! Aulhorjzvd Tnlcrlherm S21-5202 ]lwj'.'62 East/ Lincoln c moon by romolp mslru- dilation just as the new uipmcuL will be able to mom- r crlUcfl] patients from Uic roimry care unit Located In c hospital. Prior to ]»;ivinK Ue hospital patient can be continuously onilorctl , without being wired an electrocardiogram nc. Tlic patient wears a transmitter that trans- With Talks Deadlocked Nortliwost Arkansas TIMES, Sunday, April 25, 1976 9 3A . - . . ' , · . , - : . . ; · · · . - '- ' Rubber Strikers Await Outcome Calmly BY CHOUGH KSI'tiU ·.. AKRON, Ohio CAP) - This city's people arc rooted m the rubber, industry. Akron is the , rubber ot the world, its urse's signal station back to where irsiny staff can monitor the avcform and heart rate infor- Two Reporters Win Awards LITTLE ROCK (AP ircnda Hlagg of-the Springdale ftiws and Katby Sburhis of the 'aragould Daily Press won five rst-place awards each Salur- ay at the annual Arkansas 'rcss Women's Association wards hmcheon. Miss Blagg won in th eedito- ial writing, government-poll- ics writing, social issues wril- ng, page makeup and mulli- 'clurc layout, categories, Miss Sburlds won m feature vriting, historical writing, in- erview writing, -feature photog- ·aphy, and special section cdit- nj* categories. The association prescntcti 105 awards to first-, second-and hird-place winners In various v riling, 'photography, editing, jrondcasting, advertising and iromotionnl categories. Elsijane T. Roy. associate justice of tbe Arkansas Su- jrcme Court, told the luncheon hat, the two greatest forces in .he 'country during tbc Biccn- .cnnial year are free press and "air trial. She said she once wanted her granddaughter to grow up to be a lawyer or a tennis star ! likc Chris Evert, but sbe now wants her granddughler lo be a ncwswoman like Barbara Walters, who h?s recently accepted a five-year,'$5 million contract liom» of the giants oC the dusiry -- Firestone, Gucdyear. joodrich -- which employ 25,)00 persons, one-tenth of the city's population. Now many of them .stand on picket lines. They are lircma- kcrs. union men wtio struck the industry Eor more mojifly to catch up with inflation, for ad* ditional dollars in their pen sions. Altogether. 60,000 workers are on strike, closing 47 plants that make about 05 per cent o! Ihc nation's tires, including the other member of the 13!;; Four Jniroyal, headquartered · in 1 \ T ew York. ! F Eres lo no's last offer was for S1.15-an-hanr wage increase over three years above th.'J cur- renf average $5-50 an hour. The LJrtW has demanded a $l.G5-an- hour increase during the first year alone and more in (h,? final two years of the contract to keep the rubber workers' pay up lo that of the United Auto Workers. The men on the nickel lin.o at !anl No. 1 do nol concerned -- at plants.' Their homes are paid or. Some arc already eligible 'or rMirt'aicnt and pension but will wail lo sec what the new contract offers them. What with inflation, they say, ;hcir pensions that now range up to $425 a month won't quite liack Ihc cost of living today, Some,, like Joe Savage. 40. Firestone seem ne pl overly least outwardly -- t h a t negotiations arc deadlocked, in recess until Monday. MANY W A I T I N G Many of Ihem have mil more than . 3D years in Ihe started . they were years old. Joe has four children, all of them ul home, Three of them are young adults who arc working. His oldest son, 25. works for General Tire. Joe Savage is a strong union man at Firestone? His son isn't; he is part of the management team at Genera Tire Co. in Akron. "I'm not in bad shape be anse oE the strike," says Joe| avage. "I've got Hires kids vorking. It will hurt a younger KMSOJI who married arid just iquylit a new home. ; ' T h e younger people want everything right now." he says, ' i t . ' j a few live f r o m payday o payday. A big percentage of .Sic older people arc foreign ood. They wouldn't charge anything. They wail until they :iave the money and pay cash," WOKKBl't A G I I K K S Ak-x Buliis. 56. and 35 years on the joh al Firestone, .ifiiccs He makes $7 an hour, has paid for "his home and has one sor who works. While Ralas has remained in an old plant wilh old machinery, he has watched the lire ma- kers in bis section dwindle rom 1,200 lo 300, gone through ittrJtion,: their jobs 'eliminated y newer planls in llic South vhcre w;igc rates are lower, even for union men. Biilas. is eligible for retirement now. But, he says,-"It.all depends on the results of the i' contract, 1 wouldn't be able to subside on what I gel under the old contract because o[ 'inflation." ' There arc two more paychecks to he picked up by tbo men during the n,?xl two weeks for Lime worked before they struck at midnight last Tires- day. Then lhcy'11 receive $35 a week in strike benefits. lint those will last only three weeks, if ttie strike continues beyond that, many- will have to dip i n f o licir savtngb Popular Culture Association Study Phenomena Of Today lo co-anchor the ABC Evening News. McCord Accepted CHICAGO (AP) -- Question:' Whal do Shirley Temple and pornography have in common? Answer: For bcllcr or worse they're part of today's culture, and a' thriving group of academics .says they're worth studying. Some 500 members of the Popular Culture Association wound up their three-day an- n u a 1 convention Saturday, presenting papers ami talking about the meaning of such cur- renl phenomena as science fiction, blue jeans, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and country and Western music. The participants \ver« serious aeadchitcians -- speeialists in history. English literature, journalism, speech, sociology and other fields. . What can such studies leach? For "one thing, the advocates say, all sorts of information can be obtained about a curren 1 hero or phenomenon thai can'l be learned about sometime or something 200 years in the past. i · One researcher referred I her subject -- Shirley Temple AmcriCrin hero - as "myth 01 James N. McCord, u Fayello-l the hoof." vilie attorney, has been accep ted for membership En the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, ATLA president Ward Wagncr.Jr. .announced today; The "association, with ·"head- quarters at Cambridge, Mass., is dedicated to the. administration of justice for the public good and preservation of the Irial-by-jury system''. Buy a DELUXE Central Air ': . Conditioner now for add-on or : replacement and 'get a cash refund 'directfrom General Electric. You get cool air at a cool price! Then, -loo. saysMhe associ ation's founder, Ray Browne o Howling Green Slate University "n Ohio, popular culture lei jtudents examine- the develop mcnl of their own values. Tha throws the values into question shaking students up and -mak ' ig them think. ' '··»*·".' · -" P c Dpi c are le r rif ied soni c limes of, the world aroim them," says : Ralph Carries, ph losophy professor and d e a n " ? Roosevelt University in Ch cago. "If. \ve : lcal with i h present, w£ have to deal wit change." ' v r . : ; · .·, -One common theme at conference was that images ar important in current socLety -sometimes more so than : rea ity.,' · ' . ' · ' - ' f ,'-:· , Games' wife .Valerie, an En, lish professor at Roosevolt, sai in iv?r paper that promoters. i denim clothes, otice made f the poor and working classe cxpluKing tlie young by mrging outrageous prices for leap goods. Games main- aincd that today's body build's arc more interested in ap parancc than strength anc ealtb. English Icachcr Michael Scott ain oE Catonsville, Md., Com lunily College, said Counlrj nd Western niusie is being de- j'oyed by Madison Avenue im gc makers. And Phyllis Bor ig of tlie Rutgers Universils Iianlsti dcptirtment found Ilia i grownup ambassador ti jhana, Shirley Temple Black as failed to match the succcs: F child star Shirley Temple -- arMy bccaujv; images of chil" nd adult conflict. · Browne says popular cultur udie.s are- 'catching on, an liat the "open hostility" fron raditional academics that h ound 10 years ago is dyin; lown. · · · The association, founded i 969, now has about 2,000 mem jers, with perhaps another 1 00 who belong only to r/?gloiu groups. At least 1,00(1 college nd universities are ottering 5 000 courses in subjects whic can be considered popular lire, Browne suitl. The Garners and Brown Tgreed on one reason for the in creasing acceptance of popu' ctil f .11 re: It is good bu si tie Studeiits enroll in these course arg° number, they said, an liuil is where the money, is. Airman Assigned A i r m a n " Adrianc P. Qum daughter of retired Air For Major anil Mrs. Alva E, Qiji of. Route .'I; Rogers has be assigned fd Sheppa'rd'AFB; Tc a[ter ; : completing Air For basic; training. ^ - , i . . , During the six "weeks tfaihi at- Lackland AFB,^ Tey., t airman studied the:" 1 Air For m i s s i o n v ,orgahizalipn .a customs and .received '· spec instruction in human relation - A i r m a n Quint will 'n receive specialized training the ^ civil o n g i n e c'r mechanical a o n g i n e nd electri ical fie Live It Up B V H, b. MCCARTY Chaplain of the Ratorbacks ·'-.8r. The words I offer today arc! med at those on this earth lo use lli£ words of o u r j ord, "are hungry for right- msncss". The bailie for the linds of ! men rages. The drift despair is maddening. Con- ision. turmoil and complexity re dcslroying hope. In all of lis the Christian is bound to u f f p r mental anguish. But God is in conLro! and they ho put .tlicir L rust "in Him will iumph in the end. Eternity eclares that we will ultimately Lady, Pryor Discuss issues FORREST CITY. Ark. CAP) -- Democratic gub ITU;) t oral atutidatc Frank LaiJy of JOIIFJS- mro called on Gov. Davit 'ryor Saturday to discuss Uic ssues confronting voters during ic current campaign. ? iniidc the remarks in a peech prepared for delivery at a political rally at Forrest City. "I have brought forth several ssues during this campaign of r Unl importance to the voters if tins slate-," Lady said. "And is of this date \vc, stilt await he benefit of Gov; Pryor's opinions on (hose issues." ; . Lady again said tlie primary issues are Use Equal R i g h t s Amendment, the right-to-Avork law, taxes and constitutional reform. " "Four years ago David,Pry offered himself before the voters of Arkansas as a candidate for the U.S. Senate and claimer to be conducting d 'issue' oriented' campaign," 1 - Lady said "This .'Is a Far cry froni \vhat we -see today coming from this same candidate now that lie is lodged in the Governor's Man sion." be'victorious. Kor the present nowcver, I offer the following words as you pngage in your own spiritual combat. The poem is untitlcd and the author u n k n o w n , but they are some of .lie greatest words L h a v c ever read. I encourage you to stav in the baltf," "When God wants to drill a man And thrill a 'man, .And skill a man. When God wants Lo mold a man To play the noblest part; When He yearns with all His heart To create so great and-bold a man That all the world shall be amazed; . Watch ; His methods',, watch His ways! How He ruthlessly perfects Whom He royally elects! How He hammers him anc buftsjiim, A nd \vi I h -mighty blows converts him : Into trial shapes of cla which Only God understands 1 , , While his tortured heart' i crying ' " " lifts C«nti«l Air.CondiUoneu TA-H1 Modell FROM $50 TO $100 CASH REFUNDS on DELUXE Central Air Conditioners, depending on model and capacity. Make your best buy now and gel quality cooling 'at a moder'ale.cdst. March! through April 30, 1976 is refund lime for GE DELUXE Central Air Conditioners at all participating GE-dealers. All units have two-speed fans to control outside noise, and they are available in capacities of 24,000 to 60,000 BTUH. Equipment must be 'installed by May 31st, 1976. Your Refund Wilt Be: UNIT CAPACITY ' RERINDAMOUNT $ 50 S 75 -5 TONS $100 CAUTODAY FOR A FREE ESTIMATE AND HOME SURVEY. H E L T O N A L E S E R V I C E 451 E. Township Rd. Foycftevillc, AR - , 4 4 2 - 9 3 4 0 Doyle Shelton (Offer volet-in areas where prohibited, fixed or restricted, by law,) · Time To Move Outdoors With .Our Elegant But Casual Furniture. Brown-Jordan and Meadowcraft. Visit Our New Arrivals Soon. HOME CENTER Open Mon, and Thurs. til 8:30 J And nris! low caks When e bends His good beseeching hut neve He under How He uses whom ooses,, : And with "every purpose fuse 1 m; By every act induces him To try-His splendor out - God'knows what He's about ENTER THE ENSEMBLE with its sleeveless poly/cotton dress and matching jacket tn perky railroad stripes In white black by Bayberry $4498 BETTER FASHIONS SECOND "FLOOR you re a standout in black and 1 white! Especially this safari style skirt set by Phase One $40.98 SOFTLY STYLED in a polyester-linen blend, this smart skirt set features a betted split neck top with detailing In yellow or green by David Warren $59.98 BETTER FASHIONS SECOND FLOOR

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