Independent from Long Beach, California on March 16, 1966 · Page 9
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 9

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1966
Page 9
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"·* NATIONAL REPERTORY THEATER OPENS i INDEPENDENT--P«u I I lent emu, cam., weei, Mr. la. Players 'Mad-nifique* in 'Chaillot' --AP wiraehole BEERABLE JOB Karen Austin started as a secretary for a San Francisco brewery and still is working there, but in a different capacity. She liked her company's product so well she became possibly the only female beer taster in the nation. It turned she has super taste buds. Karen says she started drinking beer as a child in Brooklyn. Now it's a profession. By SAMUEL A. BOYEA I, P-T orame trine A bright madness descended on the Huntington Hartford theater Monday night when Eva Le Gallienne's National Repertory Theater opened its new three-play season in Jean Giraudoux's classic "The Madwoman of Chaillot." As directed by Margaret Webster, this madness has a charming sweep and choreography all its own. Intricate ensemble c a s t movements weave their spell over and furtively interlock with the whimsical patterns of the play. * * * * ITS TOTAL lunacy wil. strike you as a mad, mad, mad show with its star, Eva Le Gallienne "mad-nifique" -- al the way. In a production which is[camp touch to that mad. mad| voices from her hot water tens Bel Geddus), lighting often uneven, she makes the author's point of view her own. She also has just theltesquely decorated quarters, right magic touch and wand'She also has such glowing 'or dispensing Giraudoux Gal-j young people as Patricia Guianan, the dreamy dishwasher, and J o h n Garfield Jr., with jet black hair and broad forehead like his late fathet and a smooth poetiy to his own individual style. Exclusive Long Beach Showing.' ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATIONS!! 5 HELD OVER/ lunacy-exchange scene in Miss Le Gallienne s gro- ic wit. She plays madness! Guianan, the dreamy ' -- rom the left -- the heart. It is only fair to tell you that the uneven parts occur most with the actors playing the corporate image of high Finance -- the villains in the piece. They carry on a shouting match with Giroudoux's cerebral wit -- and we can't hear the splendid truth. * * * * FORTUNATELY, Miss Le Gallienne has people in this company like Alan Oppenheimer (the ragpicker) who closed far better than he started, and people like the famous Sylvia Sidney, who gives the proper modern bottle, and Josephine, the Madwoman of Le Concorde (Sloane Shelton) who has been hung up on a date with the long deid President Wilson. Their admirably enacted trial in absentia of the gieedy, robber barons who want to tear down Paris and drill for nounced Tuesday his candi He is a coming star. The story calls for the light touch. It demands this approach because the friends in Miss Le Gallienne's life are from the creamy sewers of raffish and looney humanity. They include Constance, the Madwoman of Passy (Sylvia Sidney) who fusses over her pet dog Dickey who really does not exist; Gabrielle, the oil is as gripping as Mme. Chaillot's ridding the world (Tharon Musser) and Dean Fuller's music are highly impressive. Hagen vs. Mathias WASHINGTON I/PI -- Rep Harlan Hagen, D-Calif., an dacy for an 8th successive term. Bob Mathias, former of the greedy by imprisoning (Olympic decathlon champion, them in the sewers under her home. Scenery (Will Armstrong), costumes (Edith Luy- announced last week he will seek the Republican norr.ina- tion for the seat. L R K E U J O Q D CA j 2bJO' .-.. .- llMtra WM KM New Lett 0»e* 4:1 »-- MU PAMINf)' W/UTDWEY DACHSHUND mis Walt Disney Technicolor' Madwoman of (Leora Dann) St. Sulpice, who hears THE FORT INN 2523 E. Anaheim, Wilmington 436-5098 ·IREAKMST · LUNCH ·DINNER Opt* llfll t.«. to 2lN !.·. TONITI ONLY! Harmonica Fats Qe-e* Qlrl* · Dmolnf · tar · Onfalls .^ACADEMY AWARD M NOMINATIONS! 7, Bwt Picture ·V Bit! Actress (Julie Christie) But Direction* But Story and Screenplay Best · U J J. Costume f 1AURENCE HARVEY DIRKBOGARDE JDIIECHCTIE AN IMBASSY PICTURE! KtLWSf LAZA NOMINATID BEST ACTOR ROD STEISER ,,, "THE PAWN BROKER" The Pawnbroker is "Full of emotional shocks, it burns into the mind!" j AdultlI PIMM j Polo Vtnft Spring. T.I. 429.3012 ONE NIGHT ONLY! MAR, 25--8:30 P.M. Long Beach Municipal Auditorium Tlckitt ivilliblt it Box Offlci ind Wtllloht Mutlc Oily GIRL WITH GREEN EYES A WOODFAU FILM AGE 3 TO 22 YEARS KIDS WANTED TO AUDITION FOR NEW TV SHOWS See Independent and Preii- Tekgram Wednesday Theater Pages or call for Information 426-6493 JIMMY LkOYD PRODUCTIONS ARTIST MANAGERS BOYS and GIRLS Ages 3 to 24 To audition for TV Commercials and Movies NEW FACES NEEDED NOW! Noted Hollywood Director will be Interviewing Kidi THURSDAY NIGHT MARCH 17 7 P.M. SHARP at 3tH INDUSTRY AVE. Ill LAKIWOOD I (lock Eoit of 36th Cherry in the Trantoetan Bldg. Came Early to get a leot. Under 2 1 years of age must be accompanied with parents. NO IAIIK OR ·UISTS, fltAStl Start LicHtied Arfittt Manaqtrf JIMMY LLOYD MODUCTIOHS UUFlOWEft IUIEL (Uiklut Li|D TO 7-T1II "MAOAME I" "»IIT OF LOVI" DOWNtT NORW4U MEKALTA, 0«wmy TO I-IIII "IK WHO CAM! l« | r«OH BOLD" ·OnWALK, Mrwilk REDONOO IEXCH IT RAH "MADAME X" '·WAR LOUD!" FK 1-HM ANAHEIH IROOKHUMT PI M44I "MADE III AHII" "HOW TO MUROER TOIU WIPI" 9AKDIH GROVE "MADE III mil" "00 HOT DIITURI" WILMINOTON miADA (lueklit tor") TE 4-1117 "TO EL MUJEniCOO" "EL REMIADD ILMIO" SAH fCDHO ITRAII (All lull Hi) Tl Hill "THAT DARK CAT" "FIAIH, THI TEEKAIE OTTER" TOftMNCE UDITIt AITIITI III I Cm 111-4111 "IH WHO CAME III FROM COLD" "IIHOU TKRIJO" n, Flrultil Ul I-IIII "HILT DAIHIHUIO" "wmilE THI rOOH" "LAUIHIII »'«" MIIIMOIIIT, 11711 FiriM. ME MM! "WHIM THI Iflll A«E" Unili Airirm-- "UE" imiiffi, ill w. wt.m«ti«. wtmur "UJLT CACKSHUID" "Wl«»ll THE POOH" rwil WE, Fllltni It II1H OA « HIT "PAWmitOKEK" "HOUIF II IOT A HOME" Buick'si,ooo,ooo°°SweeDStaKes. You may have won $ 2332°° cash! A new list every week from nowunti! MarchSlst 429 first prizes. 014 OJ4 OK4 114 21135 21235 21535 21545 262 263 . 264 2E53 2E72 2F42 2G26 2G63 2G64 2G67 2G69 2J71 2J72 2J74 2J76 2J78 2K42 2N26 2N63 2N64 2N67 2N69 2P71 2P72 2P74 2P76 2P78 2R31 2S32 2S42 2S53 2S72 2U51 2U52 2U61 2U62 2U65 2W53 2W72 2Y83 2Z53 2Z72 31545 31565 31635 31735 352 353 354 362K 363K 363S 3A43 3A47 3A63 3A65 3A66 3A69 3E52 3ES53 3E53 3E54 3E61 3E62 3E65 3E68 3F49 3G72 3G74 3G76 3G78 3J2 3J51 3J52 3J53 3J68 3K48 3K49 3N60 3N64 3N66 3N68 3N72 3R31 3R32 3R41 3S47 3S48 3S52 3S53 3S68 3U43 3U47 3U63 3U65 3U66 3U69 3W67 3Z52 3Z53 3Z54 3Z61 3Z62 3Z65 41135 41235 41535 41739 41839 452 453 454 45315 45415 45537 45837 473 4A60 4A64 4A66 4A68 4A69 4E45 4E63 4E72 4E74 4E76 4E78 4G51 412 4J4 4J45 4J63 4J72 4K4 4K6 4N52 4N53 4N54 4N61 4N62 4R31 4R32 4R41 4R42 4S45 4S63 4872 4U60 4U65 4U66 4U68 4U69 4W45 4W63 4W72 4Y87 4Z45 4Z63 4Z64 4272 4Z74 4Z76 4Z78 614B 614C 621M 622L 624F 625T 628K 628W 630K 632T 635C 635L 636C 638A 639W 654 662W 663P 611 618 6J4 6K4 732 762D 762L 774 7J4 7K4 804M 814K 814M 824P 834A 834L 844M 854W 862P 863L 864L 864W 874T 884L 884P 894K 816 8J4 8K4 962L 962S 963A BJ4 BK4 L74 If the first part of your vehicle identification number is here, you might be a winner. Here's how it works. Look at the first symbols (the prefix) on your vehicle identification siip. Then look at the symbols listed above. If you find yours on the list, you've taken the first step toward being a winner. Now go see your Buick dealer. He has a list of 72 winners posted in his showroom. If you see your entire vehicle identification number on the poster-the symbols pjus the rest of the numbers-$2332 cash is yours. (If your prefix isn't listed in this ad, don't give up. Your numbers may have been posted during the past few weeks. And every week there are 72 new winners posted on the showroom wall. So watch for next week's list of new symbols in this newspaper.) No slogan to invent, no puzzles to solve. In fact, you don't even have to own a Buick. to have a winning number. While you're in the showroom, get a good look at the Buick Special. The $2332.00* happens tO be itS price. ·Manufacturer's suggested retail price for Special V-6.2-dr. coup*. Prio* Includes Federal Excise Tax and suggested deafer delivery and handling charge. Contest Rules. Residents of Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska may, if they prefer, send in a postcard to R. L Polk and Co., P.O. Box 1347, Detroit, Michigan 48231 and receive the weekly list of winning numbers by mail for comparison with their own vehicle identification number. An official entry form will be included. Sweepstakes limited to persons over 21 living in the continental U.S. Not valid in Florida or states where prohibited by law. Buick's aooaooir Sweepstakes There's an authorized Buick dealer near you. See his ^Double-Checked used cars, too.

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