Independent from Long Beach, California on February 4, 1960 · Page 34
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 34

Long Beach, California
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Thursday, February 4, 1960
Page 34
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Poly Football Coach Levy Hired by SC * * * * * * * * * -A- * * * * * Record Throng for Fight Twin Bill Tonight Becerra 10-6 Over Halimi; Ortiz 10-7 Independent By DAVE LEWIS Two world championship fights featuring Mexico's ring idols--Jose Becerra and Battling Torres--will be staged tonight in the Coliseum where the turnstiles will click off a new all-time state gate mark. Becerra, who won the bantamweight title last July from Alphonse Halimi, will give the French-Algerian a return go in the feature bout, while Torres risks his unbeaten record of 31 victories in trying to win the junior welterweight crown from Carlos Ortiz. The odds on Becerra to retain his championship jumped .^°.."1L to 10-6 Wednesday and arc i\7i{ainorv There will be no radio or television coverage of tonight's fighls. expected to (avor the Mexican battler by at least 2-1 at ringside tonight. Orliz, the clever Puerlrj Rican from New York, was boosted to a 10-7 choice over Torres on the eve of the show. The bout originally was 6-5 and take your choice, then even money before Ortiz gained the favorite's role al 10-8 earlier in Ihe week. The twin championship hi! will get under way at 8:30 p.m. with a four-rounder followed by the Becerra-Halimi bout at 9 o'clock. A six Talcs of the Tape; With Boxing. Coliseum Has Had Everything They've used the Coliseum for just about everything -- football, track and field, tennis, soccer, rugby, auto racing, dare devil shows, fireworks spectacles, parades, rodeos, political, religious and patriotic gatherings . . . and yes, even, baseball when they said it couldn't be done. Thus, it was inevitable that they'd pet around to sla ing a championship l i g h t in the big saucer. And when they did, t h r y went whole-hug and decided 10 hold two title fights on the same card tonighl. It will be the f i r s t t i m e regular bo.xing matches have been held in the Coliseum, hut it won't be the first ring action. .lack Dcmpscy appeared in an exhibition bout in a .specially-constructed ring on I he floor nf the Coliseum during the 19TJ Olympic Games as part of an a l l - s t a r spoil s show for Olympic a i h i u i u s and visitors. Tonight I h c action is for real, though."' And before (he f i r i n g is o v e r , two of the wildest ring b a t t l e s of a l l - l i m e may become a part of boxing legend. it Por Favor Pase la Tequila clicil (normal) cliesl Irxnanrtrrf) neck It. 3 · 66 I 37', i O R T I Z . ?3 133 . Ctiesl ( n o r m a l ) . chcsl (onanded) nEMPSF.Y Firsl Coliseum Fight rounder will then precede Ihc Ortiz-Torres n i g h l c a p which ijjwiM go on no l a t e r t h a n 10::iO. p, staged one ol" Ihc grcu! a c t m n f i u h l s of I!)fi3 w h e n ! ''"'specls now arc t h a t the Bccrrra won |li? ) ! 8 - p m u i d ..·'·· wn l - f t J u l y in i h n Sport? R : l l c w i l l surpass the old state Arena by knocking out Ihc'baby-faced French-Algerian in l ' pa)rd nf S'2::G,521 by more the eighth round. * ' l l l i l n S'00,000. The latter H a l i m i , who bad out-boxed B r m i a decisively in the " l i l r k w:ls sct i n September ' ·* ! t c\.-o . ..i. JOSE BECERUA AND A I . P I I O N S E H A L I i M I , who w i l l mix it up in Ihc f e a t u r e bout for Ihr b a n t a m w e i g h t c h a m p - i v lonship, staged one of Ihc grcu! act inn f i u l u s of 1953 w h e n ! first f i v e rounds, maiie Ihc f a t a l m i s t a k e of t r y i n g lei punch 19f8, when Carmen Basilio it out w i t h the Mexican in l u e - i u - t o c exchanges in the ncxt'" 1 K O t I Arl Aragon at. Wriglcy three rounds. I-ickl. Strangely enough, Halimi and Becerra both made Thc TMsh for tickets has their American debuts at Wriglcy Field on Nov. (i, 1957. hcc " '«' by e n t h u s i a s t i c fans In the headline event, H a l i m i defeated Raton Marias from south of the border. t o clear up Ihc US-pound t i t l e piclurc, bin in a supportinj;|Thc.v'vc been pouring i n t o bout Becerra was knocked onl by Dwighl H a w k i n s in the: l o w " by t h e thousands for the fourth round. ' |PTM' couple of days. Five months l a t e r Brcerra f a m e back lo K.O. Hawkins; ''"be Mexican fans arc com- and a l i t t l e over a l a l c r become champion of Ihc w o r l d . ' i n g n o r t h c o n f i d e n t t h a t harcl- - -. - . " p u n c h i n g Becerra will suc- IN T H E SECOND TITLE BOUT t o n i g h t , u n b e a t e n B a t t l i n g Torres, Mexico's' laiesl ring idol who is w o r k i n g on a win streak of 31 s t r a i g h t , w i l l a l l c m p t to wrest Ihe junior welterweight, crown from Carlos Orliz, Ihc speedy and clever Puerto Rican. The junior welter division (MO pounds) was revived the past year m a i n l y (o create more a c l i o n for l i g h t w e i g h t s who were being bypassed by Joe Brown, the 1.15-pound king. This division was fairly popular through Ihc 1920s and early ISIlUs. Mushy Callahan, who will o f f i c i a t e one of t o n i g h t ' s bouts, was one of Hie division's more popular champions d u r i n g its short tenure. Others were Tony Canx.oncri. Jackie (Kid) Berg and Barney Ross. Torres, incidentally, won'l be Ihe first Mexican to hold Ihc junior wellcr crown if he should win tonight. BACK IN 193:5, A YOUNG Mexican f i g h t e r , who was born in Laredo and who fought under t h e name of B u t t l i n g Shaw, dclcalcd J o h n n y .ladick for Ihe l i t l e in New Orleans. ccssfully defend his t i t l e and hopeful ( h a t Ihc sensational Torres will be able to over- Facls and Figures Printing: World banl.imwtiohl chanv nion JO0 H f f r r r a of MOMCO and c* champion Alnhonsc lullml of Frsnte; Orlu of Nrw York dnd rh.-tllcnoor Kw- mundi IB.ittlmo) Torrpi of Mexico. Each 1} i'0'.inds. Dale and Site: Tonlphl me: F i r s t bowl X rpirnH L. A. Coli. picliininaiv . Television-Radio: [Jn . . Punts: Becerra S30.000. Hal, nil S30.000. t-'u SI7/.00. Tnrrcs '??,500 SMI Prices: S30. S?0, SIS. 510. 57.50 SCOrinn: I' T-:-n-.nd must svs- er'i. 10 IP Ihc w-nnrf of a round, nine r less !.- losfr. of 1010 'f even Officials: Rpfrrrr and Iwo ludocs, lo r announced ,lt rlnosirie. nower the clever Ortix and become the youngest fighter ever to hold a world t i t l e . He won't be 10 for a n o t h e r Three months later, t h o u g h , Shaw lost it lo Caiuoncri . . .'month. and the records show t h a t the Mexican never won a n o t h c r j Both Mexican b a t t l e i s cn- joy superior p u n c h i n g power while I h c i r rivals boasl more (experience and boxing skill. The b a t t l e s f i g u r e to produce some of Ihc most spirited ac- lion of Ihe year. The f i r s t Bc- c c r r a - l l a l i m i go was one o f j f i g h l . Mexico is producing in n r o a n d more prominent Fighters (liese days but none ever have been able to make a lasting mark as a champion. You can't count Manuel Orliz, the former ban!ie k i n g who was born in Ibis country. Lauro Salas was t h e n r x l n a t i v e M e x i c a n lo win a t i t l e a f t e r Shaw. But Lauro lost Ihc l i g h t w e i g h t crown right! back to J i m m y Carter. (Continued Page 0-1, Col. Macias gained, recognition from one q u a r t e r as b a n t a m weight champ, hut was soundly bcalcn by H a l i m i when « ~K they met to clear up the m u d d l e . ,*,, y-v. ~ n V Thus, Becerra faces some sort of a j i n x in his title vl A / I i ' I / I . defense against Halimi t o n i g h t . . . a l t h o u g h he's a strong I I'T'TI | ( ' I. favorite to win again and become the first. Mexican to hold]'1 ' ' *·*"· * a championship for any length of lime! 5 Tied for Spa Lead 53 Crack Par in First Round By J E R R Y WYNN PALM SPRINGS--Tempo of ;iction is Rxpcclcd to quicken today a f l c r an u n e v e n t f u l f i r s t round Wednesday in the $io(),0(JO Palm Springs Desert Golf Classic. 'J'hcrc were no e x c i t i n g ! - ' good rounds, Ihcrc were no'fcw tournaments, and a I r i o startling poor ones, and above of n lc i, u n o r y young pro there wasn't a l i o l c - i n - r i n e ( V a r i c l y -- Bob Goalhy, Hasort '-" ?r.O,OnO R u d o l p h ; ,nd Tony l.cma. Of the five, A r n o l d P a l m e r d e f i n i t e l y is t h e central figure. He l e f t here thn all, to snatch bonus. Five players are lied for I b e lead at G7. They are Arnold Palmer. champion last nine- year a f t e r shooting a the m u s c u l a r s t a r from La- " lmt | cr |1;lr ( ;2 final round lo i robe, Pa.; J o h n n y Palmer, - l l - ' m , , n, c f ,ld T h i i n d e r b i r d I n v i - ycar-old veteran from O k l a - | i a l j u m i i . || 0 | c h t h c Bermuda lionia C i t y who plays in v e r y , D u n e s l i n k s Wednesday in Ihc -k LEADIiKS MONEY CHAM Art Wall, last year's money-winning champ, chips from base of palm tree during first round of Palm Desert Golf Classic at. I n d i a n Wells. Wall's shot stopped 18 inches from cup and he m a d e a par, but a 72 for Ihc round l e f t him five strokes hack of leaders.--(AP Wircphoto.) samr bkmiiM fa.-h'on a f t e r n a b b i n g birdies on Ihc last f o u r holes. THE sn-YKAR-OLD former Masters c h a m p i o n was IliB ilL'Sjonly one of Ihc leaders lo i:"l*sPl«iy at Bermuda Dunes in !y,~Jaithis four-course event. Johnny St« Palmer and Goalby were at | ;-j_^;Indian Wells, and Rudolph 1 :;-*?|and l.cma al Tlunidcrbird. :-;-«j Tamarisk is t h c o t h e r · '.;·'--« course, and low t h e r e was a I j j ' j M i S by Earl Slcwarl f i t Dallas. '·'·\i-ii I t is nurd Ihe toughest of i?. *-'thc f o u r l a v o n t s , abtiut one .t~!3;slrokc s u p e r i o r l o I n d i a n ; i'lJ?jWclls and Bermuda Dunes sK-Jo, 1111 '' |u ° stronger t h a n T h u n - J'3J""i(lcrbird. Tar is 12 cxccpl nt. A t o t a l of li.'i of Ihr s t a r t - ij.ii.. in'C-onlinurd 1'age D-,i, Col. 7) etes *. lly DOUG IVLS jglad Ihc men were available Davr Levy, who co.ichfd al Ibis lime." iPoly High to two consecutive -A- I V ' 1 * Sports on Kailio-TY ; T o l a \ ° s Sports Card R A D I O Palm bprlnns g o l f , K F I , 1 30 n :· :'fln}rt Alita r f t f C re (..-cal.o.r,, l l i » ) on d u l l . S ' J O fl.n 7 F L E V I 5 I O N '·"I'.U A.'.U POM Ti'-.'. K M I '· VI, T l o r k r v K r M i l l Today's weather forecast is for partly cloudy with little or no rain. If, however, rain causes postponement of (he fights, they will he re-schcdulcd for Friday niphl, and if ncc- rssarv Ssliirdav aflcrnnon. Levy, 27, who is a graduate of UCLA (l!)f..|) said, "1 con; u l d j,.,,^,.,. w i | l j c ' , }r()Wn ''JiSoutlicrn California football titles, was hired as assistant sidcr it a tremendous oppor- coach at thc University o f j l u n i t y . I regret leaving Poly, couldn't pass up Levy produced f o u r prep all-Americas: Guard Jim Smith in I9o7, halfback Dec Andrews in T)S Wedncs- hut his chance." Levy's appoint- and guard Mike Gicrs in '5!).| anc l He was born in Carrolton,1(28-20 Mo., but Levy's family moved State), to Long Beach when be was a boy. "I don't remember In sistant UCLA Southern California day. Levy became the eight ii m a n ' m c n t becomes e f f e c t i vc'srmi on Coach John McKay's s t a f f ; M a r c h 1. (any other hometown," he iwhich includes Ray George.' Levy posted an astounding says. .student assistant at I.BCC. He :Mcl Hem. Jim .Sears. M u r v record, considering Ihe caliber: Levy played football and.was named Poly's l i n o (oach ·Guux. Norm I'ollom and IJon ; of c o m p e t i t i o n in Southern put Ihc shut al Poly, was in '56 and look o \ e i as he,id -Coryrll. C a l i f o r n i a picp fooihall. jgraduatcd in 1!)50 and piaycd coach in '57. j "We are very happy to got; His three-year rccoid as'tackie al Long Beach C i l y j Levy is married in the- for |a coach the c a l i b e r of Da\o."jPoly's head coach was 2K-] -2, : Col]cgc in '50 a n d ' '51. He : mer Marlys Bray, his ( f i l l c g r McKay said Wrdnosday. ' T h i s Ihc lone kss In Wilson in hisjwas .switched lo guard a t j s w e e t h c a r l . 'I hey have twn lit ihr M n f f I \\,!nird and I'm f i r s ; ,11 i h r h r l m . j l ' C I . A in 'S? and '.".'!. ·.-.oni. .Inhn. 1. and Rohrr'. i. DAVF LEVY Over N r w

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