Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania on October 28, 2002 · Page 18
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Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania · Page 18

Indiana, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, October 28, 2002
Page 18
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Page 18 — Monday, October 28, 2002 TV/COMICS <31nMmia (Gazette MONDAY EVENING OCTOBER 28, ^^m 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 2002 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 1 3:30 Broadcast © © CD CD © G<D QD OD GD (a) G°} GD News (In Stereo)^ News (In Stereo) 20 Newshour With Jim LehrwE News Si News Si Simpsons (In Stereo) News. News^l ABCWorid News Tonights NBC Nightly NewsS That 70s Show (D,L) CBS Evening News (in Stereo) m NBC Nightly NewsS News hour With Jim Lehr er 3) Newshour With Jim LehferS Simpsons (In Stereo) Drew Carey (D,L) 700 Club (N)S Friends (In Stereo} m Frasler(ln Stereo) E CBS Evening News (In Stereo) £ Hollywood Squares IN) (In Stereo) ffi To th« Best of My Knowledge Inside Edition (N) £'• Friends (In Stereo) 5 Seinfeld (In Stereo) S Everybody Loves Raymond |ln Stereo) Jeopardy! (N)S: Business Rpt Business Rpt Simpsons (In Stereo) Bishop T.D. Jakes Friends {In Stereo) M Entertainment Tonight (In Stereo) IS! Friends (In Stereo) E Seinfeld (In Stereo) (D) Who Wants to Bea Millionaire Wheel of Fortune "Halfo- wheel" Si OnQ OnQ Wil!& Graced Quick Study Seinfeld (In Stereo) (0) King of Queens "Business Affairs" m Yes, Dear "Mr. Big Shot"(N) (D.LJS Antiques Roadshow "Miami" MS Drew Carey (N) (In Stereo) (D,V)D Whose Line Is H Anyway? (In Stereo) Fear Factor (N) (In Stereo) E Boston Public "Chapter Forty-Six" S King of Queens "Business Affairs" £ Yes, Dear "Mr. Big Shot"(N) (D,L)S Fear Factor (N) (In Stereo) E Antiques Roadshow "Miami" (N)1J Antiques Roadshow "Miami" (N) IE 7th Heaven "The Known Soldier" D In The Kitchen (Live) Boston Public "Chapter Forty-Six" 3- Everybody Loves Raymond (L)S Still Standing (In Stereo) (D.LJS CSI: Miami Horatio and the team investigate the murder of a girl, 5, at a restaurant. (N) S Ken Burns American Stories (N) (Part 1 of 2) S Penn Profiles News (In Stereo) 3E Business Rpt. Late Show Bonnie Hunt, Christina Aguilera. (N) (in Stereo) S. Charlie Rose (N) (In Stereo) S NFL Football: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles. Veterans Stadium. (Live) HE Third Watch "Judgement Day" Russian gangster Chevchenko shatters Sully's world. (N| (In Stereo) 2£ girfs club "Book of Virtues" (In Stereo) Si Everybody Loves Raymond WE Still Standing (In Stereo) D.DS: NewsE Inside Edition S3 CSI: Miami Horatio and the team investigate the murder of a girl, 5, at a restaurant (N) 3E Third Watch "Judgement Day" Russian gangster Chevchenko shatters Sully's world. (N) (In Stereo) 3E Ken Bums American Stories (N) (Parti of 2) D Ken Burns American Stories (N) (Part 1 of 2) E Everwood "We Hold These Truths" (N) (LIE Joy of Music His Piace m girls club "Book of Virtues" (In Stereo) E Blind Date m Crown & Country 13 Crown & Country SJ Blind Date £ Halloween: Trick or Treat (In Stereo) News NewsE Elimidate News NewsGE Green- Works Green- Works Elimidate Set Free-to Be Seinfeld (In Stereo) 3E News Si ( Tonight Show Kiefer Sutherland, Ryan Adams. (N) (In Stereo) E Spin City (Dja Late Late Show Bomie Mac, Charles Barkiey. (N) (In Stereo) '£. Mclaughlin Nighttine a Gufty- Renker.- com Weakest Link (In Stereo) X Paid Program Extra (N) (In Stereo) Si Instructional Programming Up Close 3£ Late Night John Tesh, Ice-T, Phantom Planet. (!n Stereo) 3E Other HaH Divorced. <N)3B Last Cat! (In Stereo) 33 . Movie: **'5 "The Three Musketeers" (1993, Adventure) Charlie Sheen. Late Show Bonnie Hunt, Christina Aguilera. (N) (In Stereo) SI Tonight Show Kiefer Sutherland, Ryan Adams. (N) (In Stereo) E OnQ OnQ 5th Wheel Late Late Show Bernie Mac, Charles Barkiey. (N) (in Stereo) E Late Night John Tesh, Ice-T, Phantom Pfanet. (In Stereo) 1C Charlie Rose (N) (In Stereo) S! Charlie Rose (N) (In Stereo) 1= Paid Program Richard and Lindsay Roberts Will& Graces Just Shoot Me SB Paid Program His Place 3E Paid Program Just Shoot Me "Ambtush" (In Stereo) Last Call (In Stereo} m Warship "Sea Power" (In Stereo) £ Warship "Sea Power" (In Stereo) 3E 5th Wheel Shipmates (N) In The Kitchen Just Shoot MeS Paid Program Celebrity Justice (N) CBS Up to the Minute (In Stereo) ABC World News Now 3! Entertainment Tonight (In Stereo) 3£ John Walsh Show (Joined in Progress) Coin Vault (Joined in Progress) Frasier Daphne's lavish wedding. CBS Up to the Minute (In Stereo) Tonight Show (In Stereo) £ John Walsh Show (Off Air) (Off Air) To Be Announced Your Health Jenny Jones 3f Coin Vault (Joined in Progress) Worship This Is Your Day Ricki Lake Plastic surgery. 21 Cable TV viewing Highlights on cable channels for today include the following movies and specials: 5:30 p.m. -— "The Bride." Horror starring Sting, Jennifer Beals. Baron Frankenstein creates a mate for his monster. AMC. * * 7 p.m. — Tattoo! Beauty, Art and Pain. Special. DISC. Intimate Portrait: "Susan Saint James." LIF. 8 p.m. — TV-Ography: "Barbara Eden." A&E. "Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers." Horror starring Donald Pleasence. The mass murderer returns to begin a new reign of terror. AMC. * * Monster Garage: "The Grim Reaper." Special. DISC. "Now and Then." Starring Christine Ricct. Four girls experience an eye-opening summer of 1970. WTBS. * * 9 p.m. — Love in the Ancient World. Special. A&E. Restoring Faces: A Plastic Surgery Miracle. Special. DISC. Figure Skating: Skate America. From Spokane, Wash. Special. ESPN. 10 p.m. —Joined for Life, Special. DISC. LETS GO, FRANCIS.' LET'S 60. TEl>t>Y-' LET'S SO, MATT! LET'S GO, KEVIN I COME ON, BOBCATS.' LET'S GO.'f LET'S 60. ANDY.' LET'S GO, ERIC I LETS GO. BRIAN! WHEN JUNE TA&S me COL&MNS HOM£, THer FIND 8&RNA HAS ORGANIZED MARSHA'S PAPfKS! I WA6 NEARLY WHEN FOUNP THIS, MARSHA/ AN INSURANCE POLICY? I BELIEVE IT/ REX MORGAN, MIX WE^KK. rAX POW6K.TIE. TO 3ack-0'-Lanr e r- s Gonna be EviL...u be Nice.-g IT'6 ZAtY TO TtLL Tflt T\A/0 POINTS-IT'S UP OlSTA^a rnem ••• FRANK & ERNEST a ;* IO-28 MOU PON'T HAVE AN9 PR6AM5, PO VOU? AM GO1N& TO FOLLOW ASIPE FROM THE PANGING MONKEV IN THE CHOCOLATE . FONPUE POT, NO IVE GNtN UP FINDING MR. RIGHT. OH? WHftT ARE VOU GOING TO DO MOW? ON FINDING 1 RIGHT! YOU'RE NOT SICK/ I'LL TELL YOU WHEN YOU'RE SICK.'.' I CANT GO ON THEHIKETOPAY, SARSE. I'M SICK I'M SUING SARSE FOR MALPRACTICE BEETLE BAILEY ...WHILE GEORfiE AND DIN NY PREPAGE. TO DO MOCK. BATTLE... WELL, MY FRJEMO. ARE YOU READY KOft CXJR >Y<T) OP HAS * V_> HEADED FOR THE CASTLE TO VALERT THE VILLAGERS THAT THE DRAGON HAS BEEN SPOTTED... ALLEY OOP V. THAT CERTAINLY { SEEMED SIMPLE V_. ENOUGH / WE'RE OUTNUAABEREP SO TO 1, i BUT IF WE TURNJ AND RUN, WE 1 ALL kNOW WHAT PEOPLE WILL f CALL US, PONJ'T WE?? HAGAR THE HORRIBLE > THEY'LL CALL US SMART//J .A. rrT^^cr--' A KIT'N'CARLYLE '^^^"^^^••^^^^^•^•^•••^•^^^i^^^^^^— The arduous and painstaking process it took Medusa to achieve that naturally coily look

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