Independent from Long Beach, California on February 13, 1958 · Page 79
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 79

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1958
Page 79
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P 11 Z5 INDIPINBINr-»Iif-TILIO«AM' Circling Highway Better far Boston Than Bean CARPET COMPANY Where You Are Assured of . . · · QUALITY " VALUE " SELECTION · GUARANTEES . A l l these points go to- wo'd making CUSTOM CARPET one of this areas most outstanding carpet centers. Weekly Specials GREATEST BROADLOOM VALUE STAIN RESISTANT TL.F- TWEED $O95 59. YD. What It IS! · 100% Solution Dyed! · Stain MilcUw Proof! · Perfect Quality! · Luxuriously Piled! · Heavy Latex Back! · Resistant to Crush ft Soil! · Easy to Clean! · Nationally Recogniwd Manufacturer! · Carries Custom's Full Guarantee! What It Is NOT! · It Is NOT Secohds or Irregulars! · It Is NOT Remnants! · It Is NOT Damaged or Auction Buys! · It'll NOT "Tissue Paper" thin! · We'll Never Say. "What Did You Expect!" · They Weren't Made in Someone's Garage! · It Isn't a Come-On! · We Bought It to Sell! W* hav» tried to answtr ·II your qutitioni In ad- v«»c» -- Call in if w* hav*n't!, ME 3-0902 · BANK TERMS! · NO DOWN! · 3 YEARS TO PAY! Now Is The Time TO COMPARE We invite companion of our prke ~r Out quality and savings! By DAyiD PICKMAN BOSTON. UB--It's shaped like'a scimitar, or a fishhook. It has no name, only a number. .It's the best thing that has happened to metropolitan Boston since the bean got on the plat-'! with the codfish. « · answer to - this riddle? Ask any Bostonian and he'll tell you: "It's Route 128." This two-ply, limited-access highway around Boston was started in May 1946! The last short link of'the 63.9-mile artery is just now being completed to link it with'-a speedway from Boston to- Cape-Cod * * * * IMMEDIATE, TANGIBLE results to date include:- . 1.--200 million dollars in new industry. 2.--At least 15,000 new jobs 3.--15 multi-million-dollar industrial "parks" and more coming. 4.--Five major shopping cen ters. 5.--A new face for eastern Massachusetts. 6.--Property values have soared, both 'for housing and industrial and business sites. CARPET CO. 8022 E. CENTER ST. Paramount ME 3-0902 i Bill C of Poiomount Blvd. 9 A M. lo 6 I'M S 'i,"duy 2nd LOCATION 1729 W. Lincoln, Anaheim ·i Ilk. W. of Eutlid. K£ 3-407$, Open 9 A.M le 6 P M, 4 Sol V CM. - Sun. 10 10 4 second-growth wooded hillside that used to fetch $50 to $100 now goes for $5,000 to $10,000 · » * * TOTAL PROPERTY - valuation of Needham in the southwestern sector of the highway has jumped from 30 million dollars to 110 million dollars Lexington to the north leapec from 26 million dollars .to 100 million and rural Burlington increased its worth seven times in the spectacular land boom. Regional planners warn that results -here cannot be count ed on as proof of a magic formula. Route 128 was builf-a' the "right" moment. As a mat ter of fact, the aim ''· of the planners was simple--to ,speec north-south traffic by going around Boston's ancient* cow path streets and the clogged density, of the -suburbs. The plan was born at a time when wartime industry, *m'ostlj electronics, was hungry fo pace.' Wartime ' builders and evelopers of radar,,fire control ystems and underwater sound quipment were moving into he civilian market. : » » * « THEY HAD huge financial acking and were, bursting at the seams in 'cramped down- own'lofts and basements.. ' The new road,, toll-free, now nks new industry with scores f new real estate developments uilt in" the once-rural peri- hery of the defense metropoli- tan area. ,It has brought the labor .supply within · easy 'commuting range from, any point on the highway strip. , The "Golden . Arc," : as one publicist - . described, it, " has brought headaches, too. Communities which .did. not. reap the industrial harvest nevertheless found their "bedroom- population" arid.- "war baby" population booming. ; · . ' ,.. · ' Low-cost housing,. and consequently, low -pen-family tax revenue,, flooded classrooms and forced construction .of huge I new school buildings.'The building and teacher salary bills drove tax rates .sky. high, often as much as.60 per cent higher than - before the boom. .The cost of. police.'and fire protection also'soared out of proportion to the higher tax revenues. · *' * * ·* BUT THE ADVANTAGES far outweigh the hardships that are incidental to 'any form of economic progress. The road has proved to be fron- tier for progress, the basis for a new way of_ life.. · Not \only have manufacturers moved to "The Route," but doctors, dentists and professionals of all kinds have followed to put down their-roots. An insurance company is putting up an office building at one point. 1 . · ' · · Merchants of crowded Boston also took advantage of this trend.-by moving or "branching out" to -the wide-open spaces only 12 miles from town. Mb 13 SALT LAKE CITY ttE)--A superstitious motorist mailed in his application for 1958 auto plates here along 'With a request they'· not c o n t a i n the number "13 in. any '-combination.". The, Utah Tax Commission; promptly mailed him 'a' set, ending- with the unlucky combination. When he sent back the plates with a protest,' Hie ommission. mailed him .« "hew lair. . .-. .-*. MEDICAL Reducing , »«f I »t., MUH.WW DR. I. L COLUMN «. IIAFF ·TO «-»«J 1 Mk. L. Mlftemr llvd. · Windows · Glass Tops ·; Mirror* SPECIAL! ... FULL LENGTH $Q QQ DOOR MIRROR: . ._·--_ O.OT HAL'S GLASS GO. INC. '431 I. Art«la, IELLFLOWER PKon. TOri»y *-37»7 (Market Everybody l$VE8 a Daigam AND HERE ARE 53 OF THEM / THE NEW HOT CEREAL BETTY CROCKER" Protein Plus 33* Wheelchair Mother Has Big Schedule CHICAGO (U.B--A suburba: Floosmoor mother, handicappe by polio, attacks her househol' chores each day with vigor. . Mrs. Kay Johnson, 33, raise her children and keeps .hous from "a wheelchair to which sh has been confined since poli robbed her of the use of her legs and right arm. .' "I can iron and do light housework, like dusting and straightening up," Mrs. Johnson said cheerily. "My three children (Ron, 10; Dale, 6%;. and Donna, 4) keep me busy · enough," she added. ' "I draw up the shopping list and plan meals but I can't cook." ''Of course, Don '(her husband) has been a great help. He even cooks." MKS. JOHNSON'S handicap earned her the Polio Motner of the Year award for Cook County (Chicago). Mrs. Johnson was 'stricken in September, 1955, and spent almost eight months'in a hospital before she returned t o _ her eight-room, .two-story home. Her husband, a carpenter, made many alterations to thei house for her comfort. He" turned the dining, room into. a bedroom and built a shower room downstairs, and even added a room at the back of the house for a therapeutic pool. Mrs, Johnson said there was hope she eventually would be able to leave her, wheelchair and walk with the aid of braces, "I don't,go out as much^as I used to," she said, "'but then we entertain a lot at home." . PRICES EFFECTIVE THURSDAY, FRIDAY; SATURDAY SUNDAY* (·In Starts Open Sunday) ADD SALES TAX TO APPLICABLE ITEMS. BRACH'S BRACHS ' --*-i,«. »"·"· ». Miniature Chocolotu " 35' MARKET BASKET QT. JAR Salod Dressing STA-CRISP j|ji Crackers '^ 20 U.S. NO. 1 .RUSSET HEINZ -- 10V4-OZ. CAN . - j. '. jm Tomato Soup lU- jj HORMEL (WITH BEANS) Chili Con f w -° z Game CAN TO MAKE CHILI PIZZA ... PILLSBURY --UV4-OZ. PKG. Hot Roll Mix 25' w. V.^ I T^. I '' * W - r f W f c r · POTATOES ONIONS ROMAINE ,« SWEET SPANISH NABISCO HONEYMAID Graham Crackers l-LB. PKG. DROMEDARY .. Gingerbread Mix '£. 29* 23* ^ ^ LAMB OVEN-READY, SHANKS REMOVED WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANtlTIES Math Experts Are in Demand LOS .ANGELES (UJ!)--Attention girlsr Want to make sure of a job after college? Study mathematics. UCLA officials report there is a .staggering- demand by schools and industry Wr college math graduates--and that includes girls. The UCLA Office of Teacher! Placement reports that' during! the 1956-57 -year it received 616' requests for teachers with, backgrounds in mathematics. Only seven math graduates- one a coed--was available to answer .the demand. · ' ' . . | Although industry drains off] the majority of math graduates; through more rapid promotions! and salary increases than of-' fered in teaching, it faces a 1 severe shortage of its own. -This is especially true in the mushrooming electronic computing field. Overall, in industry demand for math graduates is three times that of supply. Officials pointed out that salary discrimination against women is rapidly disappearing in-Jndustry as demand increases and women career mathcma'- I ticians prove their professional skill. - PlNBONjE; LOIN CHOPS SMALL LOIN CHOPS 89 LB $119 MARKET BASKET BRAND. FRANKS 55 ALL MEAT * ^ ' MARKET BASKET BRAND SALAMI ALL MEAT., ROUND OR SQUARE, SLICED FRESH, CRISP LETTUCE' LB. SWANSON EACH · A MAIN COURSE 49 CHICKtH--Ilif--MtAT LOAF' · ^ ROSARITA - ~ . ft ' flfl TACOS 3-99 1 · .' MARIE CALLENDAR ' CUSTARD U.S.D.A. GRADED CHOICE' BEEF. ROUND STEAK 79 ALL CENTER CUTS, LB.. OVEN-READY - ' ' RUMP ROAST L ' ·· MONTEREY Jack Cheese 45' LB. SKIPPY DUNGENESS READY-COOKED NO MUSS- NO FUSS CRAB MEAT LB. 89 FRESH FILLETS BABY SEA BONELESS, SKINLESS BASS 49' BIRDS EYE FROZEN-FILLETS : OCEAN PERCH COD 2 j.2iOZ, ^TjPl PKGS. / 3 - PATMAN'S. TRULY FRESH VACUUM PACKED RING IOLOCHA «r KNACKWURST LR \ · -- . . -.-i. -.-.. i i i · · . SWIFT'S PREMIUM READY-QUICK FROZEN BUTTER BEEF A 6 : 0 z STEAKS * PKGS : HOUMEL'S- MIDWEST BRAND .· SlICiD BACON VKJ 69- iZEN 79' 59' Dog Food 6 15-OZ.AO^ CANS, f W . FOAMS AWAY GREASE Ajax Cleanser 2 U.OZ.'01) CANS A, I MARKET BASKET Detergent ALL PURPOSE GT. PKG. STA-FLO KINGAN'S HYGRADE PURE PORK SAUSAGE Liquid Starch , Vi-GAL ' QT. BOT., «c BOT. l-LB. ROLLS HORMEL SLICED--6'OZ. VACUUM PKG. COLD BOILED HAM 65* FOR MARVELOUS SUDS Yei PK! GIANT PKG., He ^CANNED FOODS SALE TOMATO JUICE 3 HUNT'S YELLOW CLING-- HALVES OR SLICED PEACHES CATSUP HUNT'S TOMATO c SAUCE " 5 HUNT'S WHOLE ' 'Mf* UNREELED, -IN HEAVT SYRUP ,** _ HUNTS FRUIT COCKTAIL 2 HUNTS --30-OZ. CAN, 19c ' PORK a BEANS 4 HUNTS'-SQL ID PACK.- j* TOMATOES 3 3 HUNT'S NEW POTATOES HUNT'S - · _ TOMATO PASTE 4 28-OZ. CANS 14V2-OZ, CANS 6-OZ. CANS ' ' /J 3-PIECE POLYETHYLENE MIXING BOWL SET REG. $1.98 FOR..HOT OR COLD FOOD. BOILP"ROOF. CHILDREN'S '. LUNCH KITS DOME TYPE,. RED BARN DESIGN. WITHOUT THERMOS. RAZOR PLUS 11 (T^fl flfl BLADIS * \T Mil PLASTIC «JJ I UU TRAVIL CASI. · ALL FOR ' I . * ENTER EVERSHARP-SCHICK'S ' MIL-LION PRIZE CONTEST! EVERYONE WINS A PRIZE ' WORTH AT LEAST $1.00 . . . SEE OUR DISPLAYS FOR DETAILS.' 5-COMPARTMENT POLYETHYLENE JUMBO CUTLERY TRAY UNBREAKABLE, NOISELESS. . mauLAR *lc 59° WI KIIKVI THI KIOHt TO-llMIT QUANTITIES . LAKEWOOD -- NORWALK -- BELLFLOWER

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