Independent from Long Beach, California on January 23, 1975 · Page 77
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 77

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1975
Page 77
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W«4nn4«, itn. 22, IV! Thuivl»v, J«n. 21, im Vinegar is no magic cure for dieter By POROTHY WENCK Orange County Home * :·; Advisor "p,' that this !oo, too solid flesh would melt, thaji- and resolve itself into a dew!" · These words of Shake- ppe^re's Hamlet express the; f e r v e n t desire of many of the 40 million or moij'e overweight A m e r i cans,who wish their extra pounds would just "melt away." And this is no doubt the reason why Americans waste millions of dollars yearly on hooks, foods, drugs, and other products which offer the "magic curt" to weight reduction. T-he latest "amazing" diet -- a "mysterious mixture" of cider vinegar-, lecithin, kelp, and vitamin B-6 -- is a good example of the way peo- ple allow themselves to be fooled. THE READER of the advertising for (his diet is led to believe that these f o u r ingredients h a v e magical properties t h a t not o n l y m e l t pounds quickly but also take the weight off where you want it -- or shift it around! How can this happen physiologically'' Do you t h i n k "hips" w h i l e c o n s u m i n g t h e m a g i c i n g r e d i e n t s in order to direct their action to the fat part of you that needs trimming? No logical explanation is given in the advertisement for this ridiculous claim, and the careful render will note that the wording is imprecise: "Lecithin appears sim- An easy bread Coffeecakes are a beautiful way to greet the day. But if you're not enough with it to s t a r t f r o m s c n a t c h , s t a r t w i t h refrigerated biscuits. Butterflake or plain biscuits f r o m refrigerated tube lake on marvelous flavor baked in a ring mold with butter, brown sugar, orange peel, nutmeg, and pecans. Maraschino c h e r r i e s add color and come from the oven almost. candied -- delicious. Use two tubes for a 6- cup ring mold or cut the recipe in half for a 3-cup moid. Serve warm from the. oven with plenty of butjer. Qrangie pecan coffeecake cup butter cup brown sugar % teaspoon grated orange peel Dash nutmeg 'A cup pecan halves 6 maraschino cherries, halved 2 tubes refrigerated butterflake or plain biscuits. Melt butter; blend in brown sugar, orange peel, and nutmeg. Spread mixture in 6-cup ring mold. A r r a n g e p e c a n s a n d cherries in brown-sugar mixture. Arrange biscuits over cherries and pecans. Bake in moderate oven (375 degrees) 12 to 15 minutes or till browned. Remove from oven and let stand 2 minutes before inverting onto s e r v i n g p l a t t e r . Let s t a n d 1 minute before lifting off ring mold then serve at once with butter. Makes 10 servings. ·Cranberry yogurt dessert- 1 '/·· cups cranberry juice cocktail 1 3 ounce package strawberry gelatin 1 8-ourice container · plain yogurt Bring cranberry juice cocktail to a boil; pour over gelatin; stir to dissolve gelatin. Chill until slightly thickened; add yogurt; beat gently to blend. Turn into custard cups. Cliill to set. Makes 5 servings. ply to shift your weight around to where you want it. And if perchance you are skinny, but have lum- phy h i p s or thighs, it R o o m s t o s t r e a m l i n e them-" The careful reader will also discover this key sentence: "So far, the mysterious mixture of these four ingredients has never failed to take off pounds, as long as a low-calorie r e g i m e n w a s s t r i c t l y adhered to." A low-caloric regimen, strictly adhered to, will take off weight--this we k n o w . So why w a s t e money on cider vinegar, lecithin, kelp, and vitamin -«·. Vinegar is a common ingredient in food. In our bodies it is digested and g i v e s about 1-1 calories per ,100 g r a m s ( 3 % ounce's). It has never been shown by any recognized researcher to have weight reducing abilities. Lecithin is a fatty substance w h i c h is f o u n d naturally in many foods. It is not required in the human diet because our bodies manufacture all that we need. Little is known about the action of vitamin B-6 in the body and the claim that is has slimming effects is based on wishful t h i n k i n g r a t h e r t h a n scientific proof. Kelp, as claimed in the advertisement, does contain a lot of iodine. Iodine is a component of the thyroid h o r m o n e , and is necessary in the diet in small amounts. But large amounts of iodine are poisonous. And overuse of kelp pills has resulted in iodine poisoning. So not only is this diet a waste of money -- it could also be hazardous if followed overzealously. QUESTIONS Q. My mother t a k e s l e c i t h i n capsules. She claims they are good for her high blood pressure. Wbat's in them and do they really help reduce high blood pressure? A. Commercial preparations of lecithin are usually made from soy-bean isolates. Since our bodies manufacture l e c i t h i n , there is no reason to take it as a food supplement. Health food groups fre- quently claim that lecithin will reduce blood cholesterol levels (and this is supposed to help to control high blood pressure). This claim is not supported by reliable research evidence however. Q. I have a two-month old baby who is very fat. Would it "be a good idea to use skim m i l k in her formula instead of whole milk in order to reduce her calorie intake? A. Skim milk should not be used as a substitute for whole milk for infants (children under one year) except under a doctor's orders. Dr. S a m u e l Fomon, Consultant in Infant Nutrition for the U.S. P u b l i c Health Service, says t h a t "when skim milk is fed to infants the diet will almost certainly be undesirably high in content of protein and c a r b o y h y d r a t e and undesirably low in content of fat. Under these conditions the infant may not receive adequate amounts of essential fatty acids for n o r m a l development of (he nervous system." Dr. Fomon recommends that in order to control weight gain during infancy, modest reduction of calories can be obtained by slightly reducing the t o t a l quantity of whole milk -- for example by slightly increasing water content. This should be done only under medical supervision. Q. My teenage daughter is p r e g n a n t and overweight. She has been dieting rather strenuously to keep from gaining any more weight while she's pregnant. I'm concerned that she may harm her baby with this dieting. A. Dieting for weight control during pregnancy is not recommended. The mother and the developing baby have a high need for nutrients during pregnancy which cannot be met a d e q u a t e l y on a weight control diet. A weight gain of about 25 pounds during pregnancy is recommended. Your daughter should cat a balanced diet, but try to omit all the "empty calorie" foods that are high in sugar and fat. After the baby is born will be a better time for dieting. The good old days. Chaplin. The Rojnng Twenties. Goldfish swallowing.. .and the buffalo nickel. You sure could buy a lot with that nickel. Return to the Old Fashioned Nickel Days at your Hickory Farms of Ohio stoie. Buy any item in the store for a nickel off the regular price or a nickel off pet pound. Nickel sandwiches are also featured. Proceeds from these nickel sandwiches go toward irw Hickory Farm For Boys. Limit two per person. WE'LL BE SERVING A ALL PROCEEDS FROM THE 5C SANDWICH WILL GO TO THE HICKORY FARM FOR BOYS HURS. FRI. SAT. JAN. 23,24 25 *^. · ~^M · ^K · « · ^^ · aH · · ^« ·» ··· A ^^ A I · · A BV* I · · 4"^ · f ^^ ^%% t V" A 1^% ft A ^^ I NiCKEL DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN AT niwrvum ranmoj J.AKEWQOD CENTER Between May Co. Penney's CARSON MALL Between Sears Penney's Of OHIO CS LEADING CHEESE STORES 1 pound round steak, 1 inch thick V ciip fat 1 clove garlic, minced lr i teaspoon salt '/4 teaspoon pepper 4 teaspoons' soy sauce 1 teaspoon sugar 1 cup bean sprouts 2 tomatoes, quartered .Chinese pepper steak. 1 teaspoon ginger 9 orppn npnpers. cut in " f-inch Strips ' 1 ',* teaspoons cornstarch 2 tablespoons cold .water " "'. 4 green onions, sliced Slice steak in 14-inch diagonal slices. Add meat, garlic, salt and pepper to hot fat in skillet; brown m e a t quickly on botn sides. Add soy sauce : and sugar. Cover and cook o v e r high heat f i v e m i n u t e s . : Add bean sprouts, tomatoes, ginger, and green pepper. ' cpver and ; cpok.Jiy.e minutes. Blend cornsftrch w . a . m i x t u r e , 'stirring-xpJi- stantly u n t i l sau££.1s thick. Sprinkle with^reen onion. Serve witFhpt fluffy rice. Makes f o u r servings. 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