The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 27, 1957 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1957
Page 2
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Page 2 THE FACTS Brazospcrl and Brazoria County, Thursday, June 27,1967 at THREE SISTERS TWO BRAS IN A PACKAGE., FOR LISS. THAN YOU'D EXPECT TO PAY FORGONE! r 2 FOR $100 Homemaker Hints By United Press To prevent white streaks on tho rich brown crust of a chocolate or devil's food cake, dust the greased cake pan with co- coi instead of flour. Ham and bacon can be frozen. But their storage life is shorter than that of uneured meat. If sliced, ham or bacon will dry out and become tough and rancid. Here's a simple dessert for family or guests. Cook 1 package of lemon pudding or pie filling according to package .directions. Add I cup well- drained maraschino cherries and J teaspoon of pure vanilla extract while the pudding is cooling. Place wedges of packaged chifon or sponge cake on serving plates. Spoon on the aged chiffon or sponge cake on ing with^ a. maraschino cherry To remove old wax from kitchen linoleum, scrub the surface with a strong solution of sal sods concentrate. Use a }-pound box to each gallon of hot water. Hinse immediately with clear water and wipe dry. A cop: 11 >• M • n*t M t« Ji C nf. M I* ** All measurements for cakes and cookies should b« level. Even a small variation can cause failure. •ITTHBT • bvy Uuit in «m« f«f th» M w»«th«f... wh«n you Lti'af brw^WMM i«nforfi*4 Cett** Irowfeloth wirK rt* L*nottrfwl elrcrt-tt!Hr>«xl cup that b wiMlly found only •ni £»pamiv« broMferat. Gwmtot4 for »n« yjaw. Stack, v? nawlj MAMMOfftUI HIM <Ml J p.cko,« (4 kr»«) K nnril ^ | • size i!= I _ Check — Money Order. Sorry. I no C.O.D.'s Add 15o for portaga and i handling. ! MM I Mdrm- 1 * i*^ -I*** AUOW 19 BAY* FO« OIUVIIT MISS SUSAN McClanahan'i anfafltmant and approaching marriage to Hand.* Ta«y «a cnnouncoxl by hot ptrent*. Mr. and MM. Doug McClanahan of Laka Jickton. Th« pro«p«ciiTO groom i» Ilia io« ol Mr. arid MM. Hoaa Tarry, al>» ol Lake Jackion. Tk« rrtddlng will bo) a* aranl ef July 4, at 4 p.m. in tht Saint Marr'«: Star of lha Sea Catholic Church )• Fr»«iport. Irmiaiiona arc *xttnd*d through iha p»u. , \/VATCH REPAIR SERVICE ALL WORK GUARANTEED WATCHES. JEWELRY, DIAMONDS AND * SELECTION Or BEAUTIFUL GIFTS ZEMP JEWELERS Fmpott i ijKVAfflWKXMMI •» 211 L Hay Jackson AMBULANCE SERVICE InnllA Coach-Emergency PH. 5-2511 BRAZOSPORT FUNERAL HOME 13R LAKE JACKSON RD. You Are Cordially I TO ATTEND THE SECOND ANNUAL ART FAIR SPONSORED BY THE BRAZOSPORT ART LEAGUE VELASCO COMMUNITY HOUSE NORTH END OF AVE. B-ONE BLOCK OFF HIGHWAY 288 Th» exhibit will be open to the public during the following houra: Friday, June 28, - 1:00 P. M. - 9:00 P. M. Old Ocean Pastor s Speaker For Youth Night Meet Rev. Curtto Mathls, pastor o the Old Ocean First Baptis Church was speaker at Tues day evening's session of "Youtl Night" which was held at Gul Park between Freeport an Jones Creek, with some .5 youth attending. The title of Rev. Mathis' do votional was "The Architect o Your Life'" and It- presente the Christian plan for a young person's life. Those attending the session met at the Freeport, First Baptist Church at 6 p.m. and were given transportation to the park. ' While games of volleyball, horseshoes and baseball were being engaged in, sponsors for the evening, Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes Smith were busily engaged in preparing hamburgers over a charcoal flame in a portable barbecue grill. When the meal was finished, the group gathered around a park table covered with plates of hamburger trimminga including the extras of Fritos, potato chips, olives and pickles and a variety of cold drinks. Saturday, June 29, Sunday, June 30, — 10:00 A. M. — 2:00 P. M. — 9:00 P. M. — 7:00 P. M. Pecorino Family Pays Visit To De Bidder Victor Pecorino, minister of music and education at the First Baptist Church of Lake Jackson and his family were recent weekend visitors in D« Rldder, La. at the home of Mrs. Vfcorlno's parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Young, who wer» observing their aOtb. wedding anniversary. The Young's have ten children and eighteen grandchildren and all were present to help them celebrate except one son-in-law and two grandaugh- teri. About 36 members of the nunediate family and a number of friends were on hand for the celebration. Pecorino directed tha music at Temple Baptist Church in De Ridder at the Sunday morning service where the Young's attend. Another son in law of the Young's, Dr. Ranal Mixon, of Chula Vista, Calif., presented the sermon for the service. A concession stand will be operated by members of the Brazoaport Art League, with profits going into the Leagues general fund. HOT DCOS HOMEMADE CAKE AND COKES WILL BE OFFERED FOR SALE. COFFEE WILL BE SERVED FREE. • FREE ADMISSION • Door Prizes Will Be Presented Each Day THIS ADVERTISMENT SPONSORED BY THE FOLLOWING BUSINESS FIRMS Brazosport Savings & Loan Assn. Brazosport Plumbing .. - TT 1 ^ »„ ,JS. v ™«PORT U» N. GULF BLVD. PH. J-JMl Haynts Lumber Co. IM N. GUUT BLVD. V*. i-Zi Iraiosport Shoet Metal Works Pat's Floor Covering Bill and Tom with — K. U * O PH. J-«n* V. FREEPORT JOUMH Hvfflblt Station HWT. Ml * QVUf K-VB. PU. i-KSl N. FREEPORT N. CULT BLVD. V*. 3-256S N. FBEEFOKT M. If fit. •-*•*» . VKECrORT «• W. BROAD PHL J-4U8 FBEEPOfc* LOCATIONS Servlu* lha Brawiport Arta 24 HOURS A DAY 10» N. ParUoc, L J. Ph. 7-Z41 101 W. B oa4, Praeport J-*« Cut-Free Pickup * DeUrerjr Rtflttcied PhinmtfUt duty at ail Umaa. Nl«bt (Nur Pbooeat 1-6191 : ' at 1-ZU1 Tom GARRETTS' PHARMACIES HOME CENTERS CLOSE-OUT PURCHASE! OMCt A YlAft TM» CLIAM HOVIII MIN'S SHORT SLItVl SPORT SHIRTS N 2.W Included In ttil. front •to Iwoorttd C»Ho« »•• tiii*, w««« puid« »od Overololdi, C«>( Gwik. •d CeH»» *•««, C«mk- •4 9l*fhami **J N«v*l- ty Woowt. AM iW« Modfe tfrHMttf. <rf LOW CUT SNEAKERS! SINfATONAL PUtCHASII ChiMrtn's WmhfMt T0nnift Oxfords Ai hiv« arch iwppvrf InMUl and mortal puN- pr»*l aydtH. T • « fl h c • N v • f *ppo>ri wHh heavy <My< RMI thM niblwr !•(•«. C«m*i In R«*i «• MM. ShM Lit. •' S«nf*riM*J SPORT SNffiTS 77- Par TM UMky In 1*« WMN MM 1» «f 11 $m»r»ly f«iUrt4. mnki«» wuhibU. VtnforllW ««J «»Ur- fai«. "lu»»tii Ttiru p««k»ti." J-w«y llntd eolltn. M«H'I RiUM POLO SHUTS M<4. fr«« flw «w«WJ ••««<• wHk n y I « * r»inf»rc»J B«tk. Hu«« iiiortmmt e( colon. Ml tut, shrink rtilitinl. Hlfhly Ik- >»rk«i*. C.l»rfirt. S-M-U FOAM SCUFFS f« *• y«llii|, Iwiagtag »r ihow.r. C««(4«*«ly w«ih«W» ind €ol»rfn». ftltk fufcfc«r »la wHt. li«.4 pltrtlt »«••« »^p»r. R«t«Ml (MitaatlM. lit «- wrtm»ii» e* bflgM »I»M. «•« 5, M, L UUMIT "TIXAN" SANTOKIEW COTT9N PDAl PUSHEK 1.97 L.«W CM! KiSH NttFS Airy llfM "••*' k ' u **- '*•* rithl f*r w«r» w«««(»f. S«4t '•M o«», «wy Jtv ta MMirtai. DeuW* eroMi. WhIH, pink n»lM, «« bl«*. Sh« I t* t. LABIII' BLOUSE «* SKIRT SITS n. wttMw* »•«« la ••*•»•;•• »SU IMMD .'. . v»ry i<«p»iW« t* etiiul ft 4»My MMI|«M. W.nJ.rfnl waih*klt mlrteli »•*• III in fltttwliif ifH«« tafort. 4-PC. D«c«r«l«*J ^ALAD SET 1.99 Comiiti ol klielt wrought !r>n biit, 4«*p d«c*Mt«d b«wt, !••3 u»r«J *«rk i«4 ipooit with •c*nt»d iirimia h«»dl«i. F«r mixiM «id ftrvfna ulads. At* 3-Pc. P«rc«Uin SNACK SET 99* f PVAn. CUP ANB SAUtll D«lio«t*ly dtil«n*d butfirfty tli»r«tiM with tilTir trim «n whit* trtnilueent bstk-qraund. Cm b* uud lor inick pirti«l •r bu(f«fs. Girl*' Cotton Blouses 1-te 49c SIHS 7-14 71c MIX-N. MATCH, NO I»OM COTTON PtlSSE CHAMMAY O* IROADCLOTH. Ms Color - «ln««d BofuntM . to mU on* milch. Fl»a TU«lily Suifor- Itod popll^. In rod. block, choreoil, t«r- 01 pink. _^ prlc«d. 2 55 MOULI SALAD MAKER OUATK, SHIRDS, SLICM, CHOfS WITH 4 DISCS 2.98 Will M« lUln, ttriiMi, •r rart. C««»t ••» yew hind *r i'«nt«k yww irruetUM. ft** ft lit «•••«!». C«m)ilitt l»- wlMlnf r * • I • • k»Utt •••(•(•d. JUMK> 4.M GIRLS' FANCY PLAY SHORTS A. AdtvittM* D ii»«) wolrf atdl !•« e»«»i«|. I »»(k»<«. Poplin pltyihort wlti. .Uitl«b«d b.«l In >>•• !•»« « alp- M' btck In 7-H. WMU. «.M, nd. tkortl* »k«r» wl«> >«»< w>iit <»d .Uiti.lMd b«rk. I. Av.nd.l. dubli.. All Sl«(gtl»d • • d W4«tl«kl«. Jtdo <iid fold. "Fir* Kfitfl" BAKE PAH 49* far boking «r itr tood 1 y>«fi o o i • 1 1 01 •• 54"x54" Ckcclurad TAILECLOTH 49* *t»l»k to 1*4. »«»•, yollow or MHO. ld«l <>f pfc- •i«4 *r>d outdoor <bl» «nd roMtil*. COOKIE JAR 99' Uu |w wirk fruit dotlyi hi yoHow, tyrquoiio old wh'rto. Ltrgo lUo with HI«« firtinf oov- or. Idotl for kooplrtf oookloi dry *nd fr«o of imo«fi. Utility Basket 59* Split btnboo tkot U kM>d W»VM by Monicta ludiou, fc«- Ufoif.d ildo k.ndl.i. Porfoot far oil torryiof purpato. 24"x72 Nylo* 2.99 Nylon for dur.bility, vlieoio IM ro>ll!o»y. Oirt roilttoit. lUbbor ««<tod bicki. Chooio fi*ai t BO* >Br1«i ond mmmor ultri. 22"n44" BATH TOWELS L<™«, *lok, tWury t.wot. «Wt M4k »• molitufo l» o IWy. Celorf.rt. Writ c^lrry. la « 1 »la STRAW RIKS 99* wooriM. A v*rtoiy ligni. Vl»ld . L<M« Horol 40- o.fortmoM to add • t««u tt <*y ro«« I* TRAIN CASE (tM «• 2.99 U..rHy ityUd >«•»• }» ««* « tiny prl.o. Irftf »r»»«4 fcai^- w«ro. lluo only. |»UM «•!*<•

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