Independent from Long Beach, California on March 16, 1966 · Page 7
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 7

Long Beach, California
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Wednesday, March 16, 1966
Page 7
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She's Home -Jltft PM* ky TOM IH»« Nuclear-Powered Cruiser USS Long Beach Moves Slowly Into Long Beach Harbor USS LONG BEACH STEAMS IN 3,000 Welcome A-Cruiser By BUCK LANIER Nival Affair* Reporttr The USS Long Beach home at last. 13,000 persons were on hand yard Employes Association to greet her and her 1,028 is 'men. The ship left her The home folks gave her a . old e pnrt, Norfolk, Va., two weeks ago for the trip here ------- ..... big welcome Tuesday as the via the Panama Canal. -sun pint* by ioi SHUMWAY Deck Division Sailor Tosses Out First Line 4'/ 2 -year-old nuclear cruiser arrived at her new home port, the city which gave the Long the Long Beach inner harbor Beach her name. Independent The Southland's M fines! Morning Hempaptr WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16, 1966 SECTION B--Pag« B-l MARKETS ON PASES C-6 AND C-7 BEACH COMBING mssammmmimmmsiiimKK MALCOLM EPLEY PERTAIN staffer of a Los ^ Angeles radio s t a t i o n must have gotten something of a surprise when he saw the nuclear cruiser USS Long many other groups and the City Council took up the cry, there was an essay contest for school kids, and Navy Secty. Chas. Thomas was Beach as it came into its new snowed with pleas from L.B. home port here yesterday. Other cities competed, but Thomas said he couldn't ignore the big effort here and This fellow called Captain Frank H. Price on ship-to- shore radio prior to arrival. When told how fast the ship _ . was proceeding, he remarked fTOR certain Long Beachers the ship got our name. Fulton started it all. that was pretty fast time for f who were there, an a submarine. amusing highlight of Prince Philip's visit to Los Angeles T HE Long Beach is official- was a challenge hurled at ly designated CGN 9, the some secret service men letters s i g n i f y i n g cruiser who were mistaken for gate- guided missile nuclear. crashers. 6 It happened at the Beverly As for the number, our. Hi , ls Hote , at a rece ption man Buck Lanier, who ac- honoring t h e prince set up companied the ship from the by tne B r i t i s h - A m e r i c a n canal, found there was noth- Cnambe r of Commerce. Noring magic about it. man pi umme r, the chamber On a roulette table at president, was determined to Panama City, he played num- keep the attendance "pure" ber nine five times straight, an d kept a wary eye on the drew a blank and (he says) cro wd milling around outside went to bed. the reception room while the Prince was awaited. ·RALLOONS which shipyard Suddenly four strangers ·° employes prepared for s h o u l d e r e d their way release upon the arrival of through the door. Piummer the Long Beach were in- rushed over to them and flated too soon, and many of them fell as duds into the water instead of filling the air around the ship with red, white and blue spheres. Pier Work Planned for Atom Ships The Defense Department Tuesday asked for funds to provide better berthing for the three nuclear ships as signed to Long Beach. Congress was asked to al I $1,638,000 for additions to ers 7, 9 and 13 at Long ;ach Naval Station. In addition to the cruiser ong Beach which arrived uesday, the frigates Bain ridge and Truxton are due ere this summer. Bainbridge ow is deployed off Viet Nam ith the nuclear carrier USS nterprise. The Truxton is to j commissioned in late July The new facilities wouk upply the greater amounts o ectrical power and steam eeded by nuclear vessels. Also included in the fun equest was $111,000 for ad itional fueling facilities a le Navy Supply Annex an Pedro's Outer Harbor. WHEN the tall cruiser,orator set up a harbor cruise moored at Long Beach Naval [to greet the Long Beach. Nation's Pier E at 10:02 a.mJMembers of the Naval Ship- Enough got up, fortunately, cried, "You can't come in here!" As the stony-visaged men kept moving in someone whispered to Piummer that these were secret service To make'a showing, and the agents assigned to the water surface was colorful. Prince. They were, and His "Friendship lights." visible Royal Highness was n from Ocean Blvd. and other behind them - shoreside advantage points, plummer ^covered his strung all over the ship and composure enough to re will be shown nightly while "ive, with dignity and be coming modesty, the Orde British Empire be upon him by tin of Prince. the unique craft is in p°rt. It will be here steadily until March 27, then wnl begin sea operations lasting until April 15 but will drop in on week- -rvRIFTWOOD--Is it an i ends. *-* suit to San Francisco o Long Beach when somebody PINALLY, lest we forget, describes the current chilly, 1 top credit for the fact this f og g y spe H "just like San ship is the USS Long Beach Francisco?" . . . Against ac- belongs to Harry Fulton, cidents such as that multi- present city publicist and million dollar one at Chats" worth the other day, railroads carry a $1 million- deductible insurance policy 1, r T SUM lurtau SACRAMENTO --Gov. Edmund G. Brown confirmed Tuesday night he will sup- Public visiting is scheduled .m. to 3 p.m. As the vessel steamed into speeches. unleashed a barrage of balloons. * * * * AFTER the ship tied up there was a round of welcome streaming water and a flotilla of 35 small craft, many gaily aturday and Sunday from 10 decorated and some playing seagoing songs. One enterprising boat op- crew, "You will soon find out this is the finest home port in the Navy." * * * * REAR ADM. Walter H. Baumberger, commander of Mayor Edwin W. Wade, she was greeted by fireboats calling the arrival "one of Price Jr. and a watch to Mrs. Price. Wing pledged that "the city wiU be worthy of having its namesake here at last." Capt. Price responded, "Th« escort as we came into the harbor, this welcome and th« Pacific Cruiser-Destroyer many events planned for us. Forces, said the Long Beach is the forerunner of a pre- the great days in the history dominantly nuclear Pacific.whelmed, of the city," presented a key fleet, to the city to Capt. Frank H. demonstrate the city's sincer* w a r m t h . We are over- Harry Wade, president of the I n d e p e n d e n t Business Men's Association, offered AM well aware of th« tremendous effort made to have our superb ship named Rear Adm CarltonB. Jones, i IBM A assistance to the ship's if or our city and the contin- commander of U.S. Naval personnel, and Chamber of ·-· '----"· 1 -TMTM ·»··· th « Base Los Angeles, told the Commerce President Kenneth Brown OKs Speeding State Office Building Assemblyman Joseph Kennick, D-Long Beach, who introduced the budget amendment last week, previously lueauay mgiii. i«- »»n» uw^ ------- · · port a budget addition of disclosed he Jiad^ the backing 5750,000 for purchase of a " " " J »--*·-- , site for a central State Office Building in Long Beach. DOUBLE TAKE Bold Burglar Acts Like Boss Acting exactly as if he owned the place, an assured, business-like man walked into the all-night restaurant of the Wonder Bowl, 7600 Firestone Blvd., Downey, at 6 a.m. Tuesday. The man strode purposefully to the cash register, removed a cash drawer and walked out. Suddenly, the employes realized they had never seen the man before. Police, who filed a report, said they may never see the bold burglar again, either. Theft Is Crude but Effectual A thief who didn't wasti time by simply looting a pa; Medical Unit Warns of Crank Caller A man claiming to be a physician is telephoning Long Beach women late at night and a s k i n g embarrassing questions, the Long Beach M e d i c a l Association said Tuesday. The telephone voice says it is conducting a survey for the medical society and then, ater on, becomes insulting and obscene. The Long Beach Medical Association is conducting m: survey and has never con ducted a survey by telephone among the laity, a spokesman ! or the organization said. Pier 3 Finished and Paid for -It's Official Jier J--all 311 acres of it, is now officially complete and paid for. of the Brown administration and key legislators. The amendment, calling for acquisition in fiscal 1966-67 of the building site, was approved earlier this week by an assembly ways and means subcommittee. * * · » PREVIOUSLY, the site was not to be acquired until 1970. A few weeks ago the tentative purchase date was advanced to fiscal 1967-68. Kennick insisted on a 1966 de amendment ap- ears to face no major legis lative opposition. In endorsing the project Brown stated: 'The area's rapid population growth means the state should move rapidly ahead with the project. "Delay would mean rising josts for land and for construction and would mean denying the people of the state's fifth largest city for another year a vitally needed project.' The initial $750,000 appropriation would cover land ac juisition and preliminary plan nine. » * · · TENTATIVE state planning calls for construction in 196869 of a $2.75-million building. :ision. Kennick's Approved The City Council Tuesday approved a $194,294 contract award to construct a 6.5-acre Marine Park as one of a long list of new public works. Sully-Miller Contracting Co. will install a sandy b e a c h , landscaping, lighting a n d other improvements in a 1,400-foot strip along the shore of the Marine Stadium north of Appian Way between Davies Bridge and Upper .Alami tos Bay. The park, mainly for boating and swimming enthusiasts, will be paid for from tideland oil funds. ued interest shown after th« commissioning when Mayor Wade presented the ship with a silver service designed and created especially for th» ship. "Although we have circled the globe, it has not been our good fortune to visit Long Beach. Now we are in our namesake city and not just to visit. "This is onr n*w home, he skipper concluded. "And we want you to come out the next two weekends and visit Long Beach is the largest; A $43,777 contract went to the state without a Eric L. Peterson Co. for city c y n . . central State Office Building, widening and landscaping Elm "'"" L " Los Angeles has two such sprawling office buildings, and a third, $9-million Los Angeles building is projected by the state for 1969-70. Way between Ocean and Seaside Boulevards. Now only 15 feet wide, it will provide a four-lane link with the Arena- Auditorium parking lot. It 4 Youths Booked in Post-Game Row also will be financed tideland revenues. from PORT OF tong Beach I» losting top brass today at noon in the Reef Restaurant Crewmen will be guests at an Armed Forces YMCA dance. A City-County-State Day on the Long Beach starts at 10 a.m. today. Guests will Include government official* from th* area. The big welcome as the cruiser came into port mada a visible impression on th« crew. The crowd at docksld* was admiring the ship's 10- story-tall forward superstructure. CONTAINED in the boxy foremast is the longest-rangs radar system in the world. Twin Terrier and Talos missiles are displayed on their i launchers. The bow rises * * * * Isharply 32 feet above the TO SUPPLY more working l w a t e r The Long Beach's top space for the enlarged Engi-' spee d j s classified. ineering Department, the coun- j ne sn ip has twin nuclear- Icil approved a $39,605 con- propulsion plants, each nor- j tract with Loyd B. Striplin fori m a jiy operated independently [remodeling the seventh floorjt_ o drive a single shaft and Four youths-three of them Long Beach Poly Highj° f th « Cit y """- The si»«|propeUer. The water-moder- 1 ' , _ b . . ,!has been unused since the ated-and-cooled reactor uses School students-were arrested Tuesday as suspected oM cjty jaj , there was Bban .Jf^ s to produce heat for th« participants in a parking-lot brawl that injured coaches done(1 when tne p ub j ic Safetyj st ea-rcdriven propulsio- *"and players after the GIF basketball playoffs in the Building opened. ihines. Long Beach Arena Saturday. Amnnn nthcr nnhlir works; Tl«, custom has bei Booked on suspicion of as-| " sault with force, a felony,.by "40 or 50" teen-agers ,.- -- |were: Ray Ledesma, 20, and^he Arena parking lot about The Board of Harbor Com-| ms brother Robert, 17, both 10:30 p.m. alter Poly had lost missioners has approved a fi-| 0 f 2280 Wardlow Road; Gary the AAA championship ' nal payment of $138,028.99 to;L. Workman, 17, of 3171 Sierra. t h e C o n n o l l y - P a c i f i c Co.,'Goir ' . - - . - . . . p r i m e contractors on the JIG. Among other public works! The system has been de- -iactions, the council: :signed for maximum safety, --Authorized a bid call for and since the Navy's nuclear he construction of u new program started 12 years ago isi '°" r f" r '^ e gymnasium at there has never been a cas- ( 0 lPan American Park at an es- ualty. jtimated cost of $5,000. telephone at a tavern at Pacific Coast sought Monday by police. General Telephone Co. em- ployes reported the phone was torn off t'.ie wall--back- the C o n n o l l y - P a c i f i c Co.,'Golden Ave., and Merle Cole.l Bellarmine Athletic Direc-i --Scheduled a hearing for p r i m e contractors on the|i6. 't or Dan Gonzalez, and his A P ril 19 on the formation of project. I Several other Poly High brother and two 17-year-oldi a special assessment district I The project, started in ! s c hool students were picked! p i ay ers were less seriously unde r which the city and the Hwy. w a s M a r c h , 962 was bu j| t at a ; u p f o r questioning by juvenile'hurt when struck in the me-' area Property owners will total cost of $18,628.839.221 authorities and later releasedJ] e e. share equally in the S21.064 according to final figures sup-| , . » » | , » ,, « cost of plied the board by Charles i THE BATTLE involved, be- board and all--while the bar was open for business. The loss, including replacement unit, labor and in estimated $20 in coins was figured at $202. one time i, P-T staffer. About 1955 Fulton noticed the U.S. was planning a nuclear cruiser, started a , Vickers, general manager of! s jdes Poly High students, per- the Harbor Department. sons f rom Bellarmine-Jeffer- · son High School in Burbank Renamed to Panel land Sierra High School, Odd-Lot Loot A burglar, possibly using a passkey, entered the Wright|way Co.. 1936 E. Fourth St., a street lighting sys- on Cherry Avenue be-.GONZALEZ said the gang tern . . . . . . apparently mistook his party'tween Artesia Boulevard and . --wearing the same colors as|the north city boundary. ,"J those worn by Sierra players' --Scheduled a similar hear-!-! --for the team which justhadl ing for the same day on a $10,i . Seen on E. Fourth St.: A jand stole a toaster, type-lpointment, praised Mrs. Aus- t l l v I ' a l l U o i c i i r t i iip,n uv-iiv/vi, -- n n I M C Lcaiu r r n i v / i i J M J V nuui --r -- J - · -94 in 7!"jiWhittier. One assistant coachlbeaten Poly. |405 lighting system on Coun-;| on has'was hospitalized and two Sierra High School Princi- try Club Drive betw-.n I b e n n t coun?y|coache s and some 20 studentsjpal Roger Weeks, however,]Stewart Way and Pacific^ supervisors to a three-year j suffered less serious injuries.; said at least four groups of Avenue. ··? term on the Los A n g e l e s ! The seriously injured man,-whittier p l a y e r s w e r e --For protection of tne s Countv Music CommisMon 'Bellarmine-.Jefferson assistant!roughed up after the game. 1 Long Beach Airport's diagonal ;- - -- "·--- coach, Steve Tilton, 24, re-'but none hurt seriously. |runway, directed City Any. ;j mained in Burbank Commu-! Investigation by both po- Leonard Putnam to file a con-_ Supervisor Burton W. Chace. who recommended the ap- nuclear cruiser, started a . . . seen on c.. rourui ai.; /\ janu siuic a i^aav^i. *JH*- ipwnimn-ui., ^io,^^u *.,,.,. campaign in his column to fellow with a camera leading [writer, adding machine andjtin for her "valuable i -. ^j *__ T ,,_,, ,, « n «., rvn tliAT* *fili +«1^A K«n/li ttrinAttr total vnlitp trihiitinn" In tn£ f.ntTlIT) have it named for Long a pony. Do they still take Beach. First the IBMA, then kid pictures like that? bench $237. grinder, total value tribution" t 0 date. nity Hospital Tuesday with j lice _ a broken jaw, smashed ttethjSchool Dis' ---- Beach Ur.ifisd!d=rrr2ti"n suit -., ..,-, ithorilies isJ6.7 sere hnd pare*! i" er "valuable con-a broken jaw, smashed tteth School u.iuiot aatnonues :sjc./ sere isnu ? » TM « ... .-.^to the commissioniand other mouth injuries. continuing and more a rrests wood bordering the north west I He was in a group atuckedlmay be made. [end of the runway. Sold Renault Quickly With an 1, P-T Ad "Very pleased with all the calls from our I.P-T want ad, we sold our 1961 R e n a u l t in no time," reports Jack H. Corker, 12325 E. 213th St., Artesia. If you're looking for a way to speed up your selling results^ use « rast-artion I.P-T classified want ad. For the hot line to easy ad placement phone KE 2 5959, frrxn Bellflower phone TO 6-1721.

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