Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 24, 1976 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 24, 1976
Page 14
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U · Northwe'ri Arkanw« TIMES, Sal., April 24 19/6 47--Real Estate--Fop Sale 47--Real Estate--For Sal« 781-- Attractive 2 tvdKvm hrick Home \» v«-d on Vi afro lo*. Prcivrtj.' tus txvn priced, fcr si!? « $Z!,XO.' TW-- Grtrrt.irxl 'school-- Nkf 3 KMnx*n (wnie, t-ity v,al«r, natural 505, brick and on!j' 2 years old. 763-77 Awes -- 3 yr.-ir oH [vie torn. S very - good l3T$« stwJ( ponds, alwui 41) acre* otvn land win an PMvJlwA stand o( fescue and clovur. Pi-c^nr Is Ifvwtrd In La\e Wolt^tcn area and has w mile good county road Iiwitage. 7J7-- J7 Acres front's very pcwl cwny rwid just elf hlpfway 71. Sonia pasture with a sawU pwd. Less than 10 raJnuws t o Fayettevine. ' · . . - . . · . . ' 7-53--10 Acr«-E\*U«ii "Til. swd frnc hip, kv«l land-Prairie Grove awa and His trailer hcuXup. : 7ol-- LOTRP selection o! cha'.c* urtmprov- M parcels oJ Land Ircm 5 arn-s up. Several W aerc. 160 acre, and 3M acre , highway. .White R:v*r Ircutage. larg. lutive sione FaUo. ivfch outdoor rectaiv cenier, approx, a acres of hind. All ihL and a brimful 3 bedroom hanw w^th : larpe living room plus n larye den "ill native stone ficvp!atv arid built in rah inels. Many cihor extras («j numifroui to 7S?-£$3 Acres .over XK) acres ot-Fcs flavor and Bormu,1j pasiuisa. New turn, corral, machinery rf]£d. 2 near new mwk'Ied hftnw. Frorerty has ' a n . a daace of wsier hi strrattu. pcnAs arid * prints. Progeny has a peim;ler (e of new a strand $ po*nl barb or wo with 4 strati baib ctcis [CIKJR F; Is ID bo so'd completely cquippsJ Undine a D-6 dner. dump irwfc, loo pictep, IS ft, ROC* trailer, 16 ft. flatbed trailer. Ford Tractor. AC tractot acS all ihe nv-c«*ary equipment ind ud in? baler. raXe. mewer, post driver, plcw, t::er, iiise and brush has. Also indudsJ . fcre ap-ptxBcmaU'ly M head mother -cyivs and cahvs. This farm is located !;« E ficm · Ftayetleville jus*, off bbc rtnd We have arranged tor M j«a Da4ion5 wiih Ihe ownw. This ram p_-:ced to scil. ^ V O U ' R E BUYING OR SELUNO YOU V\'AMT REALTY SOLDI No. 8 5 4 . . . Wo told ya. NEAR DOWNTOWN AREA (S51) Older 8 twm home, can uw w apis., or tv-nl * rwnis ,Kitc*ion. 2 Kith: r.irkinR fw 4 C.^IT.. IJtiwl by Wilm 53UVOO, XH.70R7 eves. AGREATfAMILV HOUSE US) All those bt'J uti Cully d«x. i,C room, den wi(h fireplace, tight' ,, nvcnt fct(*en. ^i baths, . .v AJ1 r* fwratwt m R(vd laslt". 2 A/C JL- he.i ..ig units for lone evert T\* cliin,\te,' l.irj:^ loi In O,iV Manor surround by other fin* honKj. Below lociakx-mwil COR. lisiei by L. L, RantTM -oi-SSV. MR. GENTLEMAN FARMER cms en this rot tins W acres vnll pica-* r?*b. TV am., private tel. line, cci fit a i r , ; . . Li's (or iv ,-ivetl thin'' l/$tcd ' by Austin Vilrgera'd Call ,\21-S3\ for appt. 40 ACRE INDUSTRIAL Near, FaycilCYtlle hufust. Park, cily ' ter. street or fr.* $rd, gas. . sew ncatby. Liys vvell for devetppmorrt- \VU sell a!l cr part to (my ens buyer. Lis1« by L. L. Silinim, 521-£=00. WALK TO DOWNTOWN )37) 7 rcom. veilkept older honv t.. ,, SrT:nS- Ha rdiv-cod I Irors. nice balh sulomilfc washer conn., rva ccnvenicrA to sh-ipsi churvhes. etc. Li cd by Austin Fiuserald. ,^-SSOO. 521-8500 '. 1985 N. College COUN TR YSIDE tis-ing i n Grtvnlaj Art We incite TMJ to compare the qoaf and charm ol this -1 bedroom 2 b; home, abund-incp ot storage space techtn and hu?e cabinets. Th!s ISS3 ; Ii. /loor plan fiur the nwsi discriniin. bu-cr. Sun deck, 3-3 rd - [enced ·h oafc, MxW worVstwp and 2 c tg£. Ciui assume a S16.0CO note - ^ interest priced al 'J29,9CO.' Phn ·HI-77K or.'44Z-9f5W. - ' SPECIAL OF THE WEEK 1150 E, SHADOWRIDGE ALL THIS end heaven, loo. Slap into.this enchanting home and feast your eyes on the formol living room, dining room, four bedrooms, family room wilh rock fireplace AND gome room. Wilh : over 3000 sq. fl. of healed and cooled space, thjs lovely home has 'many, many extras. Call today for a (rouble free appointment. Vernon Tarver 521-66U, niqhls 521-3367. - "K-308 -iU-E453 Hal AledUn Lindsey Associates 521 6611 3535 N. College/ Foyeiievilla ASBELL- SCHOOL Kily OTna Block. IWit three bt-dn»ra ha; far t k.ictn.n v. th Emit n oco'c s nrxts A!! r^w wai] lo wall carpet. C*«ra! cir eorxfJUonio*-- Gaidin spc-t, nc-at £ a Pifi. Priue only I30,yja.OO. A Great Say, MOVE IN ttiJ^Tii Too] Bor Heje f en im Isle thrt* bedroom borne, baih t"Mwe D-n eg nxm B^air^l c I am room all ^w)y pa nt?d p:«1tty fenced j-ard willi fin A Re FARM1NGTON ' 442-6640 Beaaly '-- Brick and Irarex tnn .1 m ntea level 'lx with-fere d back j-atd. Thrte bedrooms, iwo baths T» rd [o e]y leu-hen Hiny on ihj i Price is only $2?,;OO.OJ. FARM" acre= o cr half in Tra All /enced ^,upr-d w-lui 3Ca» Icrafn" sh d _nwl bira, corrals, loadirvg diule. Vaiiely o jxon? frail 1 ee Two ponds fire j r.ew hom?. with conUal heat plus w.TM burning lirepl^B, all carpeted, abut.d of butli-Jju:. Price crJj' fSS.OOO.W U "..=r WT![ 'oonsirter Uadt: lor city pro I*;ty 3M will help lircanre. call fo: appointment to see 'a. 521-6700 HI! I'M JO DODSON Ar« ou [ooMr.J e,t a borne? Take a IM-. at If.ese new FREEMAN ' -521-6300 ' i»1 N. CVJMt 47-- Rxil E«tat^-fer Sal. 47-- RM| E$ COUNTRY CORNER BA WO Nkv 3 txroom honw Mlh ; ncrcs leveled East of Favtt*vtUc. 2 poultry houso* (35,000 ba^lrrs) a, plenty ot vralcr Mr twullry arvl can: BA 101ft Dairy arvl roiiHi^' Farm. K 5 tadnxim hcwc. 16.WO c.i?. broiler Kvuw and h.iy harn, ItO news mwtb ·tea rod'H us (vni-h orchard. ,MUk ind h.\v Included. ' BA FSO tt acres \vi*h oldw hontcv \ pond, nnd 35 iert*s opm. 1/icAted kvnnv, AriuRsos. AVgotbKe tornia El\ WO 80 a'ci'oj (X unimproved land W nwrkviable timber. 11A P65 SuuU old 1 Ivdrwm houw on SO acres in ElVins arv-a. Mostl)- d«mxl M.vne UnilMT Intvl. Pnccd (o soil. For more (nfflrmaUoti raB S31-1300 c* JAMES W. BAKER, BROKER BAKER '.ASSOCIATES REAITORS 1618 N. College 521-1300 WE WORK HARDER: ^[rTjL ,T.,. :^.,; U-E G'CT RE5ULTS1 a b3f aisisl ' kSIFET'i'fJ.T^i YOUR OWN COUNTRY ESTATE Have a spring and creek or U acre vvi-Ji a niort spcciaL · home with ' all th comforts of Ihc new, and aJ] ihe bcnuu iu! ttirams cr the old. Freed In ihe GO'S. caL Frarws lAnghain 44KJ15T. BELLA VISTA COUNTRY CLUB This could be ycur opportuniyj Now- Is the season Tor fisJiiu; arJ all Ihc privl se o/ the Ctounlry Otib are youis. onw ihst is reart' to rmve inM today, tmplete with furniture, Cdl! i'rjnce ·M3-3M7. ACREAGE IN THE CITY IJevelopers ,.. build In ih* trees ii XorOivvesu Z«;ed tor a Lcwnhoui- luplex. deck uvh us lcdaj\ CaU fo directions. " ' i 521-2305 OUR BUY OF THE WEEK il acres on a blacktop road with a Mmp:«ely rebuilt, 2 story. 8 room farm louse. 30-P-cr« level and tillable. ,Ap- proxinutdy 15 nillos 'souUiwcst of Fay. Ctlevlllc. H9.;OQ.M. PRACfJCALLY NEW i roam, 3 bedroom home MI Ihis 100 icre farm south b£ Fayettcville Home i» panelled dea ard bjjemcuL Plpniy if good fealures h?re. AH (or 583^300.00. G R A B THIS QUrCK! DO YOUR OWN THING :art your o;ra amo repair shop'in Uvs sarage, o = r-- -with · a liitlc. nemod- . Hint Lh*w t cJiicXen houits (23000 apacity) ' into 'a - profitahle 'chicken or ibh i busies* ,ar.d live in ihis nicely :furt)[s-hrd bomo on. 5 acres ot land i Greenland. Just 411,030.00. JUST A UTTLE TLC 1 i'f]l make this 7. room, 2 irtoo' house. tuatcd isn ID acits of land, a luvtiy ream hgrnii fcr yon Oily ?33,»J.oa, STROUT REALTY H»y. 71 South Access From The Airport DARREL SMITH, 3tanR£»r Telephone o_l 230 NIOiTR AND WEE-avENDS NE1V home Root School.'3 bedroom, full irick homt;. electric kitchen nith loL: of cabinet 1 ! and snack bar. pining room iUi fiieplace and bocksheiver. li room. 2 full ceramic bailie. 2 cai *«e m nj e ra Priced 533 SOO til dqruTi. by builder, aiQ-2a79. 3 bedrw-j : trie Sal* FOR SALE BY PRIVATE PARTY ProfUAW* flVi »cr* boMer ranch, 1 iw stool tniii chicken hc-uwa tM'xTi') Hi honvrtsfo oc 'lra!!er »TV"c »"tfi wat*r MTK; gas well, 6*rtlc' tank, and all boot- ur-s. Uxvlod on Hvy. K tei»«#n I*ra!rie vo and F*armtnjflDn- Pric« (7*.OW, ie- (cmt*. Call Ron Burns ' 8 4 6 - 2 1 8 3 Thli lush. SO-i . u . rroun .Rertltnl l»m lurf corral /.id mate IhL. pnv«l loul for » creni -._«, ranging operalton. c\a!l Ceorse Uuc«(.. Jr. 521.JMS. or oUl nnin(r en lake (i\wt honwl UP «i« JTUT ILf«tjJcI C«U«r *W ,0iis x-dMont · brirk homol! Hciv is a arn wfcich b (ull- nirivled, com. eJy fum'.sh«5 Rnd wcant reidy'fnr to nvovc into. It Is "11 practically and rral'^Kin'. ^wr rtlor Only M Tcvt from ymir (ronl pwh the waters ol E^avcr Iflte. Here Is 1100 sn. It. of comfortaUe livinfi In a frwt limtwrtd location. You'll !ws Iho sp.\. cious, liring dinlnfi area wilii bivft ic*. Rrinj! Tjur tidtiiui tackle and move In tod,iy. Price U .*lj" Wl.SOO. unxisswl fur tmil*r home oomlortil Iliis ·" -H's70' is ' sittln? on ty-o larce loli oscrlooWryt the like, 'Tho'r*j !», An e^r-UtnvuiG sprins of vraler to Irrigate flower? and Kanfcn «ith. Foundati anil iwrchw altrady · buKt . Ncariy ne anrt fumishvx!. Jus 1 , buj- the equity and move in, ' ' ; ' '"·' ' ·' " Dale Newlin Realty;Co. · BARGAIN! PRICE REDUCED! 4 BR,, 2 balh bnawj jud «j on two. level. acres. City water and nd xas, PartiaBj*, fenced. Fu'ly e. d. Ccmplel* tetchcn. Beautiful i v a t . 1 fireplace. Central heat' and air o. And the price is only J39.000, MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE 1202 N. COLLEGE OFFICE -M2.5331 E\-enin?s and weekends ral: ; :laj' : i Res. 52L4CM5 Christine BlondMii Res. 521-3XH Sjlni Djiitoilh Res. 4I2-93S5 CI. c. Paucelle ilw. -H2 :n!a Borers Bc3. 442 Cathy Boyd ' ' Res. 501 Richard Mayrs - " Res. "443 Joe BJckujs - Res. 442-6617 -ffe'Faucetle, Jr. Res. 3(21-T$39 Shc:Ia McDonald k ,' , . .Res. *4347U NEARLY COMPLETED ine St., in BuiWrtteld \ School tkst. Tustom quality by a'bufldcr that'knows · hat the lady-of-lhe-houie «"ants in her inme- ;BeanUCul native Btonc VP, self. Jcaiiirig os'en.-next : to cj(j p parfc mid ihe quality of construction will - pfease Did. Pricerf at £46,500 «-11h wer '1900 s^' !t To see aiutime, call PAULINE Mc-JtK- 't l 531-13(XI or niLei, 521-1J19. :\ JAMES W. BAKER BROKER - ' ·' BAKE . ASSOCIATES REALTORS 1418 N. College 521-1300 WE WORK HARDERI 5 J [13 WE.GET RESULTSL " "" - ROOM home, Prairie Grove, Cornmer rial zoned. 1W fa* (rontjso. u; dn-p ^nliiuc. furniture, -^mc cliero- some valnut. sw^with or without lh« (ami. ure. Plimc MS.33M. FOR SALE BY BUILDER tiliJ home on: 5 acres, o^yt s from Bent/n«lle square on . 72 Eait in'Benton R[d« Estates. Open garden entry, suafceh family room v-itli " e, fireplace, "orcning onio large, red- deck v-ith fabulous -view-. Formal procTJi, 3 bedroom, 2 Ml bath Lwids of cabinet! and o\tra larze -; oar garage. Many mare extras. s\ landscaped and rwidy to go oblj- ; 513,^00 273-2993. or 451-6525' ' MiAT litUe Z bedroom house in Fay etteyillc n^th walkout basemonl. live ii it or us« for'rental.; J10.900. For appoint mail, call ' I.i cry-Holmes, 736*311, AT catle Real Estata Corp. 321-56%. EXTRA SPECIAL;:; Buyer needs to sell This beautiful home is ideally located in the Washington School District, CHy Pork and Washington Regiorcai Hospital District. Approximately 2,000 sq. ft. of living area and more than average built-ins. 'Carpet, paneling, fireplace, game room, den, stereo closet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, patio, fenced-in back yard. Attached garage with builtins. This is truly an exceptional-home and needs to be be appreciated. Please call us now, and let us shov/ it -to you/ · YANCEY REALTY P.O. Box 281 '. . Hv/y. 62 Downtown Prdiric Grove. Ark. ; : ' OFFICE PirONE ; W-J153 Boo Ya^ccy i aw«s} IHJ] Yancay 1HS-KM OPEN HOUSE 2143 SWEETBRIAR SUNDAY, APRIL 25 . 2:00 to 5:00 3eouliM 4 bedroom, formal living and dining room, cus* lorn drapes, 1800 sq.-ft. Bufferfield School dislricl. COME BY t, VISIT SE YOU SUNDAY 521-3900 MURL STEED REAL ESTATE EXCHANGE 200 East Poplar 47- 47--R*ot . 1; "J^Vf? "K*!**. 1 "! "-B In mo- tM'Jc. CUH $».IOia r* Tra^WI. : · ' TERRIFIC : INVESTMENT POTEMTIAl l. 1» JUM'IO tme . - ra » U m n . UotA canals. This 4BR,. brick FATOETTE Country Living ; coitanporary oonvenJcnc* M - this Jtiful 3 bHroom, IW baLJi. ail clco- i-«dar-and-slon« home located oa c abcw-a,mile oif ol Hwy. IS Ea-J, t-ui- todaj' anr]- ask : about the ntanj «trAs that are intruded In ibc price of ft COMPANY : 45 E. . E. AR. ,521-2400 crrtiood, Broker ' . - +12-15877 521-7K5 S.ile by. Owner Itte row 3 bctf- with soparat*. dininfT, carpet and man)' r.\tras. Convpnicntlj' located to shopping and schools, ?I5,3». Hurrj won't tnsl! 4W-2S59. L L : For'Sale By Owner: 34 acres all zoned R-2- Frontage on Zion Road, easement ·to. Old Missouri Rd. r approx. !/2 mile east of NW Arkansas Mall. Call; 521-4789 or:52I-4960 - ACRES approximately Z miles .Vorih- «ast · oJ Uncotn. 4 Bodraim, plenty d water. CalE RMsJffM between 1:CO and 3:30 and anytime after 6r30. EDUCED'NOW S23.500. 1310 Mission. bedroom. c«i!ral air and hea(. Wall-tu wall carpel. Includes refrigerator and - ' MOVING SOON'"-' i*t ihe clwmlnfi nmp,in- clean 'your vacant' Itouse and naLntaln JTXIT yard until jsrtd, ReasonoW itei. .Coll 7D6«29. Sale By OUTICT. 314 acre cj and broiler . ranch. GO.030 broiler pacity, automatic equipment, nbundant r airf srass. 5 b-.-drooin Itrick dw^l- 6 rormi iwiatH house. M-2423.. ilEDUCED--Novv 52n,cOO. 1KO Miwicn bbdiwom. - cv-nlral nir atrf hedt. WalH ·all cAtpct. Inclwlos refrigerator, stovi ·-idler t dr'cr.' 521-4104, NEW HOMES - .BISHOP ADDITION SEVKHAL UNDER OONRTRUCnTON Bidroomi, ! Inn Iwthi. c.nwf. dlsh- asher, disposal, electric range central eat and air. all brick, fireplace op*lonaL ttxitte woe! piaelrf 4jobl« 'faraje. $28,500 to -$31, 200 VA Loan-- No Sown pajin'eirt FHA Loaa-- JUr* dowa" payment SCHOOL DISTRICT WADE BISHOP -- BUILDER 521-6569 BRICK HOUSE FOR SALE BY OWNER 3 bsdrcxwn, i« baUi. living dining are; kfaM area, central heal and e( paii» and large double carport et erA location in H«X School District Available .May 1st. Call 4W.3006 a Tier p.m. · · ike SALE TRICED near UoM. Extra nki thice Iwdroom, 2 bath, den, :rarpefed Large, level lot -- p]^ swi onli- ?K,5W. Will FHA or Realty 751-7222, 75G-3SJ1, " YOU WANT A QUALITY HOMB YOU WANT A MELTON HOME!. (37,rXO--(-S3,000 1757 SIOUX CT. 3 BH, separate liming, carr«i«i, al cwras you would vranl, lifeplacc, caihcd ral ceilings, custom cabJwts by Darrell CORNER OP SIOUX CHEROKEE 3 BR, covered porrfi. carpeted, aJ] ex tTAS. Buy now t nick your oTM ortors See our Domes by Coming by during tha day, or oali builder. MELTON HOMES 442-2826 , 521-3895 SUNDAYS ON YOUR OWN DECK ...Jls j-our husband walks t» the' gfllf »urs« [rom. Ihis bcsuiifui new thret bedroom two balh contemporary TIOITM wilh wira fjuality fa) orw of FajoKc- %-ilIe s most popular new additions. Urge living area wiUi ca I bed ral ceiling, e Sone (ircpljice, fullK carpeted, custom drapes, Ui mnripAne wlrwltMs nit n appliarccs, gc*» o/ storage rx- ·fwive lar.dscaptng snd red cedar prfv-acj , t we in avcelbriar AMMiyn for ocb H7.SM. Call 52M2K. ' ^ 47-- R«*t Developer'* Delight icrv* of b^auUfuJ OTMI land nff Jc ail sullaUo fee Vvcloiln Shertoood SOUTH rf IXirtwn wSih 1,000 H. Ol nly road trotiUi^o. We' hnve C3 acres h n new 5 room hovise plus nti wW' . 3 room cnWii. 38 ocrc« In iwsturc. 2 Txvute and a drilled well. Prit-od al 5IO.DOO. areut Hcally. 531-7130 n! J -- 3 YKAR old 3 btHlmom brick in secluded rcUhhorhood, lli balh, panel ami iiisuhlcd sarase, (ully p^n^l living area. O^'ered pallu. wlrig*inl washer dr-cr. " drapes ftn/CA, 3H1 I.^rthvwd, lhone' 92M-151 \-illcr S. FOR SALE BY OWNER 30.3 Acres 1 , 20 acrsi jMsfuiv, 10 acrts ivxx«ied. In Madis«i Cowity. G(\xl coun 1y read. Spring and oM building on premises, socrf hoiMCiitc. 511,000. Oil! 412- 50ia Btter 5:00 p.m. LOVELY FAMILY HOME n eslablisJied nplynborhocd, Lar^e Hvl room, formal dining room, library/family room, 4 bpd rooms, 3 bath*. Large fenced acfcyanL HJ.OOO. Call 443-2530 "GARDENING JI^E" This Is iho plact to grow'a garden and ' ' f Ihe .\i«\v ol the valley. IJko new 3 odm Mih tvatins Umo fireplace all on over 2 aeres, dll MARY EDNA SCUKA at 521-1300 or S2M333. "ROOT" : · , 6 bodroom, a two Icvd hrxiso on 2 level lot;'just Ihe place lor a JamiL Call TARV EDNA SCUKA nt 211-1300 or "6UTTRFIELD 4 bedrnom, corner lot, treei. arwl a ^ x ^ ( . average garden area. Gall MARY JA SCUK-\ at 531-LJOO or 521-1333 ;IN THC rHOBATE ' C O U R T OF \VASHL\CTON COUN*iY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTEK OF THE ESTATE OF . , . ' ' · MARTHA SUE .McNEAl., deceased : i\.'P-76-72 : . ' · · . Ijist 1 knowii arlJresi a! - ilccedcnl: Fnrmlngfon, "Arknti««s Data of dcalh: Fchruarji 19, 1375 The underslpncd was appothled ad mlnlsfrnLor nf the. ctale ot (ho' above naiti«d decedent on the 131h day o: April, 1S7C. " ' . ' ' · ' · ' All persons · having claims «RalnsL the estale [nusl exhibit Ihrm, duly, verified to Ihe undersigned wllhla six months from the dntc of the firal publication ol this' notice, or (liey shall be [orcvcr l»arre d and precl iirfcd /ram riiiy bencfi In Ihe Pslnte. This iiatlcc first:'.published 17 day o - . Charfca D. McN'ca · Adhiiniitrato. C-0 P u t m a n , nnvls llnssel P.O. liox 477, Faj'eltevJIIc, AR - . 3 bedroom, m bath. 2 decks, nvcrlonk- 1ne the lake at .the Lost. Bridge area. Completely ,_furnl5!icd and with nil the - ol membership in Ihe club plus ing poo!, and lakeside club house. For an apoinlmsnt 10 see rail AfARY EDNA 9CUKA al 5314000 or 531-1333. JAMES W. BAKER -- BROKER BAKER '· ASSOCIATES' REALTORS 1618 N. Coll«y._ 521-1300 WK WORK HARDERI WE GET RESULTS L : ' IN SWEETBRfAR new 4 bedroom brfch home, S baths, ccTii ij-stem, wet bar, and all IN LINCOIN Phone 'Builder GARLAND. SMITH 267-3393 TO BE MOVED almost nervv one bed m house, hardwood noir ar^J parUa cled. Priced lo cell. Phone -H26 after 5. SVVEETBRIAR ADDITION New 3 bedroom nil bricfc home. 2 fill baths, lully carvdcd. v-ood buminK ftrc place, TTicrmnpanc wnricnvs. all electric heo, doubto garage W1!li electric tlwr Builder R.H. MORGAN Phone 846-2624 BEAUTY OF COUNTRY yd dose (o city' in beaull/id area North west of FayettcviJle. Two new 3 b«l. room, z balh homes, \i'ilh I arse gaine- rcom. Formal Hvinff and dinfrvg. ]^rsc iEyroom wilh n a live slonfr fireplace approximaioly 2 acrts of nic« lane each home. FAyeileville schools $39.000 earii, , . ' Mayes Construction Co. Phone 443-2669 FOR SAl.rJ :ry owner: . IXj acre valley and all in permanent pasture. With throe ·finis. Near recreation lake, one mile rom raved, roarf, phone 50I/SW2736 irier 6 p.m. OPEN HOUSE 5AIURDAY SUNDAY - APRIL 25fh 26th ' 2 : 0 0 lo 5:00 ; Y Threa bedrooms, 1 full; baths, 2 car garage, centre! heaf and air, alf brick. Fireplace optional. Butterfreld School District ; '$28,500 - $31,500 : FHA-VA Financing Turn wesf on Appleby Road at south side of Drive-In Thealei-,.Hwy, 71 North. M mile to Addition. '.' WADE BISHOP, Builder Phone 521-6569 For S«l« LUXURIOUS NEW'HOME 11 h 4 bedrooms, Z baths, XltchCQ wilh Inland work urea, brcaklast room fcrinal dining room. Skylighted i^an rown, IHTRO stwiu RrcpJace, recreatla room and wet tar.' Located'm pafiancll SI. (n Bulterfidd AddiUon. Priced 1^ 70's, . . · . , . Holland House Inc. X42-2740 : FOR SALE BY OWNER ^mprovxd land. Good' roarf. a mllM '« off Highway 71 South. West Fork .'awful anil o_uJ(H. KM down, '?32,0( ffr month, Indudo* Inlcrwst !15/\4750 do^Ti. !73 per month. Inculdcs inlorvrt; 20A-JIWO dortTii'JIOO per month, indtidcs [crest. Also 2 riiolcc lots at Ilo.iv o mia Park next to lake on blacktop rMd. Itural water and cl«:LrirWy avnil ible. No permanent Each JIM kAvu, Kil ixir month, Includes interest. (bit Donald Weawr (honie) a«-3506J tbusincss) W-331B. ' Legal Notices - i'UBLIO NOTICB Thn WnshlnEton Counlj- IVinrd Is ccplins u ' bid on (lio [lerfarmancu oj nprecmonl lo . pick up ,nhanrfoner oars in (he nnlnrorporfiled areas ,o[ W.^shlnRtoti County. Copies ol Hie agicc nient may bfi picked up nt (he Counlj June's Olfke, Persons c\|)0cln? (o bid on the a ent nrP mtiucslctl lo nppcjir bo the Plftuning Board," Monday, Mny 3 197C, at 3:1)0 p.m.. In tlig County Judge's nrrtcc. A Md may he mfllled lo ihi County Juiine's - Ollice. WaEhinRloi Count)* Coiut house, Faycttcvillo, Arkait, snj 72701, with Ihe .envelope clearly mark«l "Soaled Bid". , ; n i d opcninB 1 will be May 3, 107f 3:00 p.m. in the County Judge's Olfii Bids received, nflcr (he schcdjlcd (Lmc .nrf opening dnle vlll not be conslde ITense· note Ihe npitendcx III, 1 It ·c lillwl out coinptcicly. For further information; ]lea»e co Dud Allen, S21-8IW, e\t. 160, ' ; ! Bud Allen Adnilni^lralive OKicer County Planning Bonn: 3fc23. 21, 25 . - NOTICI; ; ' It? THE PROBATE COURT Ot \VA5H1\GTON COUNTY. ARKANSAS IX THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE · . . -. Lasi known a.idrcss ol decedenlE. B07 liotn.ia, SprlnRdsb, Arfcanias: 72761 Dale ol dealh: December 19. 1975, The undersigned was npjwinfed Ad ilaislralor c[ the taiafe o t ' l h e - aboi-e- amed deccdonl on lie 2nd day ot April. All persons having claims against the vtntc must ejchlbif Idem, duly verified the undersigned ivj ihih six tn'nilh; from the data o ( (h Hrst publication. ^l thk notice, or Ihey.shHll be forever barivd and precluded from' any beneJL ]n (he estate This notice firit [iub]]ih«I 17 day ol April, 1976. · Leo Al Kngeln, It: C-0 Murpby. Carlisle Tayfai _ Adorneys a( La» ! Notice* NOTICES OF AVAILAHIUTY FOB · ruiii.ic ; 1NSPKCT10N OF ANNUAIi REPOHT ,- Oh' T1L FUI.QItmilT FOUNDATION , The nnimol report of The l^lbrlfchl 'wiixlallixi, a vrix-ale foundation wiiiiin" Iho tncanliiK oC SecUon SO? (n) o| Hid Internal Hcvcnuc Code, k avallnblo »l lac prlnclpnl office - o r the toundallon Al 2k2 Nurlii Knsi £t,,'Kaye(levLllo, Ark: for inspccllon during regular buElnc.u hours hy nny clllzcn rc([ueiling tl ulllitn' 160 djys aJlcr tbc d^tu of rublfeaUon ot thh nolice. XULBRIGHT FOUNDATION · . : 212 North East SI. FayeKevLlle, Wnslilngbn, Ar. Ha] c. Dou^Ua , Trincliul Manager · · NOTICE OP A PUBLIC HEAK1NQ f PI«VNNINR COMMISSION IIEAHINGS UNDKR THE CODE OF 'ORDINANCES OK -THE CITV OF FAYETTEVlLtEr AUKAMSAS. - NOTICE" is iiKhEnv GIVEN THAT PURSUANT TO THE PHOVJSIONS Ot-' TJIK COUK OK OltOlNANCES OF TilB CITY OF FAYfrTTEVIbLE THE F O L t O W I N G PKHTIONtS) FOK KEXO.N ING I tA VE DEEiN SETT P'OR HKAEtmG BKFOIIE THE PLANNING COMMISSION IN THE DIRECTORS H O O . M . . CITY ADMINISTRATION imiLDIN'G, FAVBTTBV1I,LE, ARKANSAS, ON MONDAY, MAY 10, 1976 AT 5;00 I'.M. , , ' - : · _ . , ' PETITION N O . HTG-H: ' . . · ' . The ncllllon of Irvin D".' Haylea lor proicrty located at 1963 · Green Acres Itond at Ihe Korlhivcst corner of Gran Acres noad ' niirl I'oplar ' Street moie particularly.described as follows: . Pail of Che K W » , S\VW, of Sctlicn 3, T-16-N, .]1».\V, described as: Bcsiri- ning fit n paint 1B7.72 feet norlh and 10 feel c a s t - o f ihe"soulhwicst. corner - «I said 40 acre (ract, and running theuta narlh 165 feel. Ihcnce enjt 4.W.3 fcelj more or, less, to Ihe tenter of the road; Lhence soulh atxiul 2 ilegrc'cs east' with the ccnler «l the roAd 155 feel, .more or [MS, lo Hie ccnler ol Pcplar £(re«t, thcnco west IIB.7 feel, mt-re or less. L o . t h c polnt--ot beglonrng. To mons from R-l, LCTA- D e n s i t y Ftesidwiiial nitric L to i H'O, j 'Rcdenlla'l Ollke 1'KTlTION'' NO. Rtt-llr 1 ' "' , Tho pelilion ol Oiark Forcil Products a Division o r - l a v e . .Box Company ; Qr pioiwrty located soulh of Highway Ko, E2 between. . : Hollywood ' Avenue and Hcechwofx! Avenue mare , particularly dcscrjbed as follows: P.irt of fhe: "SEl!" ot thy SWH tl SPclion. 17 .ind pnrt of ihe NEM of the KVfVi of -Sccllon H), nil In T-16 N, K-30-W mure particularly described u follawa: Ueginning at a point which is 'north 8 dCRroos 1 S3 mUutes west 11 fct'l and north 0 degrees 15 minulci cast JW feet from ihe SE corner of NEH of I h f . *i\VVi ol said Section "JO, iaid point of beginning being on (h* west right-of-way 'line of Beerhwood Avenue nnti ninnlrig I hence iiorlh S3 tlcRrees 53 minutes worst 811.39 feot-; Ihcnce nortlrO degrees J9 minute's cast 911.81 feet lo the wulheriy ripht-flr-wny nt'-VJS. Hlslnvay No; f,2; thence noxlb- easirrJy along snid rlphl^f-wny (o lha N W curncr ol Robert T. S(out properly as described at Book' 72], Page 499, Washington · County, Arkansas; thcncB soulh to n point which is 15 feet Jiorih" and 103 feet west /rom [he SB comer or ins E3V.OC lae SWH of, Section 17, T-16N, R»]-Wj thence east J13 feet lo the nt-st o f ' Decchwood Avenue; (hence soull] 0 -tlegrers 19 minutes west 150.81 fi-ct aiong said right- of-xray to Ute northerly right-oi-waj- of Ihc Si. LoitLv and San Fiandsoo Radlwij" Co., thonco soulh 14 , degrees one inirv ute 37 seconds" cast [00.0 'feet lo th* 'rfiterscciinn of Iho southerly rlghi-of-wvi'v o[ the'St. Louis arid San, Francisu* Rail* way Co. and 'the \vcst -right-0-w.-ay ot Bwchsvood Avenue; thence along the w«t right of-way ot Bcechwood Avenue Souib, 0 degrees 19 minutes wc*t .6.4B . reel o Ine place or bcKliiQini;, con*riininf Hie railroad rlphl-cr-waj-. To redone from M, Heavy Coniineririal and Light Indus- Irial Dislrict (o 1-2, General for Heavy! Industrial flislricl, . ' · , r ·-'· All'in!erc£led pnrllcj may'appear and be heard at saEJ time 1 and · place. A copy ol Ihc prorwjcd amendments arid olhcr (icrlinenl data are open and avail-able for iiifneclion In Ibo Office or Cify learning, . 'Gly. Adminisiratiwi Building. Fayeilevllle, ArknhfAS. . ,; Alt Interested piulicj , are Invite*] , t« rcvJcw lhL pt'titlon(s) . ED said Oflic« nrid dhcuss Ihe details w5tli ihe Planning Adnunilralor. GlVtaN UNDER MV HAND Ihi IBth D4Y 01 APRIL, 1976 R«a DavH Secretary of lh» Planning Commi ioa He 21 Two ways beautiful! Use as bedspread or as cozy cover! EASY! Stuff each:. section as j o u sew, then join to form fascinating qtiill No lining, interlining qu Itmg It's rcver sinle. Pattern O.H, patch patCem pieces, directions. $1,00 For each pattern. Add 35 cent a each pattern for first- class airmail and handling Send to: Laura \Vhcolcr Necdlccraft-Dept. 450 Northwest Arkansas TIMES Box 161,"Old -Chelsea Sta., New York, NY 10011. Print Name, Address, Zip, Pattern Number. NEW! 200 designs lo knit, crochet, quilt, sew. plus 3 FREE inside · NEW 1976 NEEDLECRAFT CATALOG. Send 75 ccnls. Crochet with Squares .... SI.00 Crochel a Wardrobe · $1.00 Nifty Fifty Q.iills ....... ..$1.00 nipple Crochel $] on Sew plus Knil Book ..·..-...$1.25 Needlepoint Book $1.00 Flower Crochet ··....'..-. ..$1.00 Hairpin Crochel Book $1.00 Instant Crochet Book ......$1.00 Instal Money Book ,..;.. .$1,00 Complete Gift Book $1.00 Complete Afghans No. M $1 01) 12 Prize. Afghans No. n 51) cents Book o 16 Quills No. 1 .50 cents Museum .Quilt Book No. 2 50c cents Quills for Today No. 3 .. 50 cents Book ol 16 Jiffy Rugs . 50 cents Printed Pattern PUT TOGE.THEH a princess- prcLly dross and romanlio cap* -- it's 'Ihc very nicest wny for a young l^dy fo look · on her «ay lo a birthday party or dinner al Grandma's house. Sues 2. t, 6. 8 Sire 6 talcs yards 45-inch fabric. $1.00 for each pattern. Arid 35 cents for each pattern for first- class airmail and handling. Send lo: Anne Adams Patlcrn Dcpl. 4 3 3 . . , . . . . . : . Northwest Arkansas TIMES : * 243 West 17 St. New York, NY loon. Print NAME, ADDRESS. ZIP. SIZE and STYLE NUM; HER. Get a jl.OO pattern free -i choose it from NEW SPRING- SUMMER -CATALOG! Packed wilh hundreds of great sun,sport, city, travel styles. Send 75 ccnls for Catalog Now! '·: Sew plus Knit Book $1.25 InsUmt Money Crafts $1.00 Inslant Sewing Book .... .$1.00 Instant Fashion Book ,....$1.05

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