Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 12, 1976 · Page 10
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 10

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1976
Page 10
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PAGE 10 Sheinwold On Bridge By ALFRED SHEINWOLD When your opponent makes a good play, be sure to give him polite encouragement. "You're playing better these days," is useful, although many swear by "Not bad -for you." Just don't give him too much encouragement. South dealer Both sides vulnerable NORTH + J 9 4 ? Q 6 O J 1 0 9 5 + A Q 9 5 WEST EAST * 6 3 4 A Q 1 0 8 2 ? J 9 8 2 S 7 1 0 7 4 O K 8 6 3 2 O A 4 SOUTH * K 7 5 V A K 5 3 O Q 7 + K J 1 0 4 South West North East I N T Pass 3 NT All Pass Opening lead - 0 3 East takes the ace of diamonds and switches to spades since there isn't -much future in continuing the diamonds. If East leads a low spade, you will let it ride to dummy's jack. You will still have the king of spades as a second stopper, so East will get nowhere. East must switch to the queen of spades at the second trick. Here is where you make your little speech of encouragement. But you mustn't play the king of spades. Otherwise West would take the first diamond and would lead his remaining spade t h r o u g h dummy. East gets the rest of the spades, and down you go. That's far too much encouragement for your opponent. If you do that sort of thing he'll get the idea he can win from you. (What's more, he probably will.) When East leads the queen of spades, pal him kindly on the head, but play a low spade from your hand. You are still sure of a spade trick, but you can develop your diamonds without fearing a spade continuation. West will be out of spades by the time he gets his king of diamonds. DAILY QUESTION QUESTION: Partner opens with 1 NT {16 to 18 points), and the next player passes. You hold: S-A, Q, 10, 8, 2; H- 10, 7, 4; D-A, 4; C-8, 7, 3. What do you say? A N S W E R : Bid " three spades. The combined strength should be enough for game. You are ready for either four spades or three no- trump, depending on how well your partner can support spades. Candidate can *t use POW designation EL CAJON, Calif. (AP) Ed Murphy can run for the City Council, but he can't list himself on the ballot as an "ex-POW," City Clerk Mildred Kennel says. Murphy, who manages a recreational vehicle dealership, was executive officer on the Navy spy ship Pueblo when it was captured by North Korea in 1968. Murphy and 80 other crewmen were held for II months before being returned to the United States. The city clerk said that Murphy, 38, cannot call himself an "RV Dealer -- ex- POW" on the city ballot. Far one thing, it doesn't accurately reflect his current occupation, she said. And for another, it's over the three- word limit set down in the city election code. The election will be March 2. VALENTINE W-, MINI'DIAMONO® RING. 14K YELLOW OR WHITE GOLD. -HELZBERGJ " CO:. TIME" f'.IFlK V.Mu GRANT ROAD LUMBER CO.I 2543 E. GRANT ROAD · 795-4160 Open 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM Mon. thru Sat. OPEN ALL DAY SATURDAY DAP TUB TILE CAULK 6 oz. Tube 1 09 Waterproof sealant with excellent adhesion and flexibility for sealing showers, around tubs, sinks, lavatories, grouting between molding and walls, resetting loose tile. 39 ha** *J «·"* r*f c 4 CHOICE 1 ALUMINUM JELLY Cleans and brightens aluminum quickly so it looks like new. Great for storm windows, etc 8 oz NAVAL JELLY Dissolves rust from iron and steel. Just brush it on -- v/ash rust off. No scraping or wire brushing. 8 oz. NJ1 MYSTIC MASKING TAPE comes 60 yards in length. C1220/1/2/3/4 %" Wide 45 1" Wide 59 1-'/i" Wide 89 2" Wide 1.19 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 12. 1976 SAVE (,ET QIALITY AT DEL MO\TE *. S.-tl'E MO\EY PEYTON'S RANCH BRAND (WATER ADDED) FULLY COOKED 3 to 8 lb. avg. BONELESS HANI SHOULDER BEEF ROUND BONE ROAST No. 2 Store FEATURES USDA GOOD -- No. 3 Sforc FEATURES SWIFT'S PROTEN BEEF \\ TENDER PORTERHOUSE STEAK LARGE END ft JP RIB STEAK 95 Ib. BAR-S 12 oz. PKG. JP F WIENERS OD BAR-S (Regular) 1 2 oz. PKG. Sliced Bacon $109 BLADE CUT CHUCK ROAST TENDER T-BONE STEAK MORRElL's 4 Ib. PKG. PURE LARD $125 LEAN BONELESS BEEF STEW MEAT $109 I \ BONE-IN ROUND STEAK FRESH COUNTRY STYLE PORK RIBS 'Ib. USDA INSPECTED FRYER SHOULDER BEEF ROUND BONE SWISS STEAK CHEF DELIGHT 2 Ib. (oaf Cheese Spread $145 FROM MEXICO LONG GREEN CHILI ^^faj^ SOLID GREEN CABBAGE FRESH PRODUCE ] ARIZONA TANGERINES SUNKIST SWEET JUICY WASHINGTON RED DELICIOUS APPLES ARIZONA CARROTS 2 PKGS. FOR LARGE FRESH ITALIAN SQUASH GRAPEFRUITO-c MD4rollPAK T TISSUE * BORDEN'S's7oz.PKG. CHEEZ KISSES 2| Q$ DEL MONTE 16 oz. can DEL MONTE FROZEN FOODS WESTERN VALLEY CUT CORN MONTE 10 or. PKG. MINUTE MAID M f\( GRAPEJUICE49 DEL MONTE Vi's I PEARS IGoz.can 39 1 2 oz. Can TROPICAN A CONCENTRATED, Orange Juice 4 i DEL MONTE CUT 1 6 oz. can GREEN BEANS DEL MONTE 1 4 oz. size CATSUP 37 16 oz. BANQUET PIES 20 oz. Size APPLE, PEACH or CHERRY DEL MONTE ASSORTED FRUIT CUPS CO 4canPkg V V BANQUET Sliced Turkey 32 oz. Size With Giblet Gravy $119 4canPkg _^ IRIGH-N-REAOYGALJUG ORANGE DRINK 99 .WMTEXIOOtt.roll WAXED PAPER 45 . FRWTCOCKTAIL ,...,,.. ^^ ,^J|»^ 8oz. can ^^ TOMATOJuicE^ 49W TOMATOSAUCE ^ « ^ · . · « M « * ^ · H B H . ^ ^ . ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ E .^^^^k ^^H^k _ ^M^^^Z DEL MONTE W. kernel or cream Golden Corn 17 oz. can 3! VI DEL MONTE ASSORTED Pudding Cups 4canPak. DEL MONTE 16 oz. can O F f t / V Mix Vegetables JS 03 APPLE TIME 16 oz. can f%F"Jf\ APPLESAUCE O S / 9 689 ye* ·^ GIANT ROLL PAPER HEALTH BEAUTY AIDS DISPOSABLE DIAPERS KIMBIES DAYTIME S O 2 9 1 Box of 30 2.59 value . ·· MOUNTAIN PASS 29 oz. can Mf\i REFRIED BEANS 49 LIBBY'S12oz.can I CORNED BEEF 99 9 LIVES 6 oz. can 9 LIVES 6 oz. can I" F C-f CATFOOD Qg*| WESTERN VULEV 32 oz. size · WESTERN VALLEY 32 oz. size m fl ANTI-PERSPIRANT I PRUNE JUICE 49 DIAL VERY DRY SPRAY 5 oz. Can 1.46 value .1 MOUNTAIN PASS 4 "_ _ can Taco Sauce 214 - O F O A GREEN CHILI Jg89 REYNOLD'S 12" 125'roll FOIL WRAP FLUFFO GOLDEN 3lb.can e SHORTENING * WONDER Long Grain RICE 2lb.Bag TOOTHPASTE 1 5 4 off ULTRA BRITE 5 oz. Size 944 value . . I Vo. i? Store at 1542 W. Welmore (?d. Cock O' Walk Peeled 28 oz. can WAGNER ASSORTED 32 oz. SIZE LIQUOR DEPT. 80 PROOF O29 Light or Dark W fifth BOURBON Wr Rt\tt\e T»«f R.ghi To l- QuJniihrt-- Sort* Sold To DfJlt , 2 Stnre at 5. 12th Avenue GIN OR VODKA O09 W TULIP PRINTED 25 Ib. Sack ^·^% ·»*· ^v«^rv §FLOUR

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