Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on January 4, 1959 · Page 71
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 71

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 4, 1959
Page 71
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SUCCESS STORY TOID , R. .E. Ibbetson (seated), president of Union Development Co., holds miniature Dutch windmill that was used as the basis of architectural design for '·: the Dutch Village Shopping Center in Lakewood which was developed and is g, owned by the "family corporation." Other members of the firm are E. T. ""· (Thornton) Ibbetson (left), vice president (and Niel A. Fitzgerald, secretary. FOUNDER ACTIVE AT AGE 87 Dutch Village Shopping Center Now Has 43 Successful Stores .· Eighly-sevcn-year-old R. E. r Ibbetson, president of Union More than 1,000 acres of tha ranch is tiled for irrigation DUTCH VILLAGE, still with New methods of experimental ' room for expansion, comprises farming are being carried ou ed early in this century with 43 business establishments that on the r a n c h continuous!; : Development Co., is still active in the family business he start- $700 in boiTowed capital and turned it into operation. a million-dollar Ibbetson's son, E. T. (Thornton), is vice president, and his ?° nT l a f n H y , il ^ e ! : , ests Centered n e p h e w , Niel A. Fitzgerald, · secretary of the family corporation. The Union Development Co. is owner and developer of the multi-million-dollar Dutch Village shopping center in Lakewood; operates a 2,500-acre irrigated ranch in Imperial Valley and is engaged in numerous other development activities. The Title Insurance Co. records show that more than 50 million dollars' worth of subdivision and real estate business has been handled for Ibbetson by that firm. · * * * IBBETSON, a native of Carlinville, 111., came to California In 1895 and engaged in the building and loan association business. Early in 1900 he purchased the 192-acre ranch which is now centered by the Dutch Village Shopping Center. Although the Ibbetson family never lived on the ranch, they operated it successfully as a hog ranch, dairj£ and truck garden center until the property became too valuable for that use. Actual p l a n n i n g for the unique shopping center at South St and W o o d r u f f Ave. was started in 1920, Ibbetson recalled. Holland Dutch architectural design is carried out in all the buildings, which throughout the y e a r s has b e e n sur- rounded by dairies operated by[1950s. residents of Dutch descent. are doing between 15 and 18 S o m e of the l a n d has bee million dollars' worth of busi- plowed to a depth of four fee ness annually. to bring new soil to the. top Another phase of the Ibbet- Ibbetson said. D u r i n g the past year th in Imperial Valley, where they ranch produced a cotton cro took up the operation of their worth more than half a millioi 2,500-acre ranch early in the dollars. NEW COURTS BUILDING Now a maze of steel, this is the new County Courthouse for the Long Beach area at Magnolia Ave., Ocean Blvd. to First St. It is being built at a cost of $5,800,000.--(Staff photo.) " T E S T I N G " .... the basis of better things future progress · MATERIALS TESTING AND INSPECTION · SDH. AND FOUNDATION ENGINEERING · CHEMICAL ANALYSIS Twining Laboratories 1635 W. Gaylord St. P. O. Box 9065 LONG BEACH 10, CALIFORNIA HEmlock 5-7493 NEvada 6-5176 1202-A E. Washington Ave. SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA Klmberly 7-1487 37815 Sixth Street East PALMDALE, CALIFORNIA Wlndior 7-5911 L B. City Gas Dept. Adding Huge Holder Construction Is moving rapidly forward on the Long Beach Gas Dept.'s new compressor plant and gas holder in the El Dorado Park area near Carson St. and the county line. Announced early last summer, the facility on completion will provide *ugmented service for the easterly portion of Long Beach as a part of the city's present and expanding gas distribution s y s t e m , which already represents approximately 3,500 miles of 3-inch equivalent pipe lines. The gas holder is being constructed under contract with General American Transportation Corp. and will cost $1,326,000. It will be 214 feet in diameter and 171 feet high, with a capacity of five million cubic feet of gas. Known as a Wiggins gas holder, it will be the largest of that kind ever built · · * v AT PRESENT, roof trusses [or the holder are complete,! part of the shell has been attached, and the piston is under constructioa To understand the nature of the holder and how it operates, Gas Dept. officials have likened it to an old-fashioned collapsible tin cup turned upside-down. In this case, the rings that make up the sides of the tin cup are called fenders, andCTCEl they are attached together by* * a fabric seal, so the gas will not escape. The bottom of the upside-down cup is like the piston of the Wiggins holder. Weighted with heavy concrete elements, it will press down on the gas in the holder and thus compressor maintain desired' holder pres sure--four ounces. " When completed, the facili ties will include.a compressor vill station building, constructed rigid frame having porcelain- ized aluminum exterior panels panel, and curtain wall design embodying an octagonal floor plan to house four main 550-h.p. gas- engine-driven reciprocating .»-., tm.», i»5» Ind'epenjtnf-Preu-Telegram PARADE OF PROGRESS--21 *fc*w**rf » _ W-*s TRUSSES IN PLACE Roof trusses for the giant gas holder under construction for the Long Beach City Gas Dept. are shown in the picture 1 during construction of that part of the structure. Below the trusses Is the piston which, floating up and down atop the stored gas, will exert the proper pressure and permit a variable supply of gas to be stored in the holder. units and equipment. A SMALLER attached to the main house offices and of room including a central instrument recording and which will control entire plant automatically. The design of the octagonal milding is believed to be lirst of its kind ever used related this purpose, according to M. A. I Nishkian, whose consulting en- STRtJOTURE gineering firm is the design in building engineers. At the center of the employ ] control octagon is to be a ten-foot an electrical supervising control sphere "for the compressor gas selector indicating suction, and a "doughnut-type" the pipe ring manifold surrounding close the sphere for the side, thus assuring an ideal dis- the tributlon of gas to and from I (or the compressors, radially from system. the octagon center. The central control iystem the attached building will pneumatic controls anil srvising control panel, at which ytha operator can remotely open and I n d i v i d u a l valves or discharge groups of unattended valves located as far ai two miles dil- tant, in the city's distribution unAtk fiitun of ISM SI ASH A new gas compressor plant and giant gas holder under construction just off East Carson St., near the County Line, set a new pattern for gas service in growing Long Beach. It is an investment by the 'City in its own future -- the homes, businesses and industries here now, and the many, many more we expect to come here. The advanced design of this plant and the vast size of the holder bespeak a solid faith in the future growth of the Eastern part of Long Beach. This area does not have to grow to make this plant, vitally necessary to good service. But East Long Beach will grow, and when and as it does, this modern installation will be more than adequate to the demand for years to coma ··*» ·'.*·»; man iituidiii i. L/uieaai, ju. n» iniimian, uesign engineer, councilman, ueraiu Desmond; Vice-Mayor Virgil Spongberg; Councilman Lewis D. Reese; Gas Dept. Superintendent Leonard L. Bendinger; A. D. Skillman, Jr., chief engineer, M. A. Nishkian Company; City Manager Samuel E. Vickers; and Councilman Charles M. Garrison. Built by General American Transportation Corp., the holder will be the largest Wiggins-type holder ever built. Used to store excess gas during off-peak hours, it will be 214 ft in diameter, 171 ft. high, and of a capacity of five million cu. ft. of gas. The holder will be ready for use near the end of this year. In the construction of this great holder, more than 2,000 tons of steel will be used. The steel is fabricated into the necessary trusses and other elements by welders right on the ground. In operation, the holder incorporates a so-called piston in a gas-tight interior, and works something like an old- fashioned collapsible tin .cup held upside down. The bottom of the upside down cup is the piston, moving up and down as the volume of gas changes. The sides, or fenders, are tied together by a rubber seal to keep the gas in. Thus the holder can expand within the outer housing to contain great quantities of gas, or contract for smaller quantities. The -heavily weighted piston keeps up the pressure required in either event. William Creasy, engineer inspector, (left), Leonard L. Bendinger, superintendent of the Long Beach Gas De. partment, and M. A. Nishkian, (right) design engineer, view construction work on the giant gas holder with .which the Department will add to service in eastern sections of Long Beach. A plant, adjoining the holder, ,is also under construction. Location of the distribution, plant is on a site near Carson St., and the Los Angeles County line. The gas holder mil be the largest Wiggins- type holder in the world. The octagonal floor plan of the main station building will conveniently house the four main 550-hp gas-engine-drive reciprocating compressor units and related equipment. A 10-ft. sphere will be located in the center area for the compressor gas suction, while a doughnut-type header will surround the sphere and serve for the discharge gas. The compressors will be situated around this header, affording the shortest possible header connections. The smaller building will contain offices and a control room, which in turn will contain a main control panel through which the. operator can watch the operations of the entire plant. Also installed will be a system of pneumatic controls for opening and closing gas valves up to two miles from the plant. To exert this control, the operator at the control panel simply dials coded signals into the system, like dialing a telephone. Thus the great station can be operated with a minimum crew, expandable as growth of service may warrant in the years to come. This is another reason that Long Beach enjoys and will continue to enjoy DEPENDABLE NATURAL GAS SERVICE This is the engineers' drawing of the completed gas plant, showing the octagonal main building which will be just to the north of the holder, and the smaller service structure attached to the main building. GAS DEPARTMENT 215 WEST BROADWAY LONG BEACH 2, CALIFORNIA

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