Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 12, 1929 · Page 19
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 19

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1929
Page 19
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* ' ,-iff ft I-1 ' PERFECT RECORDS MADE IN SCHOOLS ADAMS SCHOOL Grade 1—Ralph Harrity, John Houa- um, Wll.Iam Hummel, William Ketrow, Robert McGraw, Louis Muccltelll, Kenneth Myers, Dale Pheasant, Paul Stlneman, Lloyd Suter, Lillian Confer, Eilene Conrad, Martha Jean Cramer, Phyllis Downing, Anna Marjorle Haller, Mona Thompson, Dorothy Mae Young, Elmer E. Acker, Robert J. Bailey, Eugene C. Bell, William J. Boyles, William J. Clabaugh, Faosto Graziosi, Benjamin F, Lyles, Kenneth Moorhead, Robert Moorhead, Wayne Pheasant, Harold Stiffler, Charles Vincent, Audrey Jane Baker, Lena Cardinale, Anna Dietrich, Phyllis King, Anna McCormick, Mildred Miller, Marjoric Ritchey, Jane Stoudnour, Ella Marie Summers, Marian Suter. Grade ^—Eugene Banks, Donald Brown, Robert Dumm, Samuel Dickinson, Charles Hall, John Hyssong, Kenneth McCormick, Anthony Hisca- gua, Gordon Reed, Arthur Rockey, Vincent Shields, Maxine Bookman, Audrey* Boyles, Lorraine Callahan, Rachel Cole, June Lykens, Helen McCool, Edith Price, Geraldine Murray, Alice Booth, Isabella Covert, Mary Debo, Janet Helsel, Lois Kern, Cleo Pheasant, Martha Simington, Geno Graziosi, Glenn Hanna, Paul Hettinger, Ellwood. Horn, Gwin King, Arnold Love, Roy Myers, George Ot\ to, Paul Pannebaker, Charles Roelofs, VRoy Snyder, Robert Summers, Jack IlVorner, Terrence Weston. / Grade 3—Grace Betz,- Betty Book' man, Estelle Bower, Betty Burlr, Joan Cross, Barbara Daugherty, Jane Hepner, Alice Hlxson, June Kabella, Janet Lafferty, Evelyn Lantz, Avalena Maggiore, Julianne Miley, Robert Clabaugh, William Harshbarger, Guy Hoover, Donald Isenberg, Kenneth L/amison, George Lockard , Robert Miller, Raymond Paul, Harry Bailey, Joseph Dawson, Joseph Delozier, Niles Fishell, Leonard Frescoln, Norman Furrer, Gordon Hanna, John Hudspeth, Irvin Hutchison, Albert Mucca- telli, Eugene Wagner, Jane Ansman, Margaret Brightbill, Dorothy Brazzle, Bernice Gates, Phyllis J^an Gren- iiinger, Gladys • Heinbaugh, Elizabeth Lauver, Jewel Lucas, Vivian Lyles, Marian Peterson, Lilliari Stiver, Jean Walker. Grade 4—Marie Cox, Virginia Cramer, Sadie Debo, Beatrice Delozier, Lillian Duncan, Evelyn .Gingrich,'Betty Jenkins, Viola Ott, Phyllis SUne- man, Lois Woodring, Joseph Bayty, Russell Burchfleld, Jack Covert, Leonard Dietrich, Harry Mosher, Clifford Pheasant, Ray Stambaugh, Glenn Weight, Robert Weltmer, Lawrence Yorgy, Victor Bartley, Billy Africa, Robert Barnhill, Delmar Boatman, Kenneth Brown, Donald Burk, Edgar Cramer,'Harold Dawson, Roger Kraft, William Love,' Donald Steele, Austin Williams, Roberta. Brown, Eleanor Conrad, Josephine Delo, Sara Harshbarger, Enid Heiple, Eileen Hess, Mary Rhoades, Virginia Rouzer, Shir-ley Rupert, Ruth Stiver,' Helen Summers, June Sunderland, Marjorie Suter, Margery Vincent. Grade 5—Melvin Acker, Richard Brumbaugh, Allen Clark, Earl Covert, Robert Dively, Lester McCool, Harold Miller, Harold Rodgers, Billy Westbrook, Dorothy Bechtel, Kathryn Brandt, Louise Bubb, Eva De Bene, Charlotte Galbraith, Miriamhope Garner, Evelyn Hoover, Madeline Mock, Leona Porta, Ruth Sponsler, Virginia \Westbrook, Mae Weyant, Harold VBeck, Donald Cassidy, Calvin Cotter, teniliam Crider, Paul Davidson, Mich- /•*ael Di Nicola, Robert Haines, Wilson Hoover, William Kabella, Robert Knepley, Richard Koller, Harold Miley, William Reed, Albert Rockey, Dale Snyder, Robert Werner, Jennie Augustine, Ruth Bigelow, Dorothy Burk, Thelma Dodson, Ercell Fletcher, Susan Jane Good, Louise Mountain, Dorothy Reed, Miriam Rorabaugh, Betty Simington', Anna Stewart, Helen Wissinger. Grade 6—Henrietta Betz, Ethel Cunningham, Elizabeth Herring, Marguerite Hoenstlne, Helen Libold, Matilda Mellott, Lois Miller, Florence Patton, Thelma Pratt, Isobel Stineman, Vesta Keith, Howard Brumbaugh, Lee Buckel, Paul Bumgarner, Richard Cross, George Gates, Herbert Greiner, Russell Harshbarger, John Hooper, Robert Renner, Samuel Robison, Fred Souders, John Vincent, Robert Wherley, Paul Apple, Robert Binkley, Edward Daugherty, Joseph Dumtn, John Dunkel, Joe Ginnick, James Graham, Edwin • Geninger, Joseph Howard, Lloyd Ickes, Thomas Keller, Chester Melcher, Antonio Muc- citelli, Edwin Pannebaker, Clarence Russell, Philip Sponsler, George Whlt- THE ALTOONA MIRROR—TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1929 Crossword Puzzle COUNTRIES FIGHT FOR U. S. TOURISTS (By United Prose.) PARIS', Nov. 12.—There's going to be a big fight in tl\e Mediterranean. Nations have all kinds of .vav, but the next war to bo declared Is the tourist, war, which looms between Egypt and Algeria, that la, between England and France. French tourists agencies, steamships companies and railroads, are spending millions of francs annually, particularly in America inviting people to come to France, to see the Riviera, tho Mediterranean and the exotic lands over which France exercises a beneficent patronage. But it has been discovered 1 that once the Americans and other foreigners arrive here, en route for the lands of sun and romance, they are beset on all sides by alluring bill boards depicting the seductive charms of tho Nile, the historic lure of tho Pyramids, and all HORIZONTAL t Parisian tough. 0 Capital of Portugal. 11 Ewer. 12 Bird-like. 14 Reverence. 15 Turf.. 16 Boundary, 17 Novel. 18 Adorned with Incc. 20 Swift. 23 Proportion. 20 Metal. 27 To strike. 20 Fen. 30 Portions of « drnma. 31 Vnit. #2 Confined. S3 Icy rain. its Verbally. 39 At ivhat fort was the Civil mer resort in U. S. 13 To fancy. 18 Coal boxes. 10 Moist. 21 Portion of a circle. War begun? World AVar? 44 Whose sweet- 2 For, heart was 8 Conjunction. Juliet? 4 Dragged. 43 To depart. 5 Bad. 40 Conquered. o Secular. ' 47 Marred. 7 To bury. VERTICAL 8C , U1 ' SC '. , , t 2!>lvnfM,> 9 To be indebt- ££ Kettle. IWliat country ed. 24 Pedal digit, started the 10 Famous sum- 25 Electrified particle. 27 Sacred. 28 Golf devices. 38 Black haw. 34 Bulrush. 35 Eye. 30 Eggs of fishes. 37 Wine vessel. 38.To permit. 40 Males. 41 To mnkc lace. 42 Preceding YESTERDAY'S ANSWER MBQH HBIS HOK1H ITIAIWIAI msm night. 43 Carmine. bred, Ruth Breidenatien, Mary Burket, Elsie Busch, Elsie Fleck, Virginia, Harris, Jane Heesa, Marjorie Kennedy, Clara Kincaid, Sara. Lantz, Dolores Lego, Mary Murray, -Marie Newton, Mary Elizabeth Orr, Olgo Ramsay, Beula Rupert, Margaret Summers. Grade 7—Mabel Barr, Wilma Deitrich, Anna Harriet Fasick, Dorothy Graham, Lydia Hamm, Eleanor Heller, Geraldine Hoover, Nellie Hysong, Aravllla Kennedy, Anna Bell McKinney, Kathryn McCool, Oneicla Meyers, Virginia Moorehead, Betty Plempel, Marjorie Powell, Martha Reagers, Cecil Arbogast, Richard Bryant, Benjamin Cassidy, William Cross, Frank DeKose, John Olnrlch, William Hughes, Jrick Jones, John Lantz, Clifford Mendler, Herbert : Miller, • Joe Mountain, John Stambaugh, Penrose Zeiders. • Special—Theodore Baughman, Elsie Burlchart, Janet Crum, David DaVer- sa, I\niel Delozier, Donald Johnsonbaugh. . : REGATTAS TO 1030. NEW YORK, Nov. 12.—Regatta dates scheduled for next year include: Albany, July 3 and 4; New York Athletic club cruiser race, July 12; Gold Cup; Aug. 16 and the Ohio River Yacht club, Sept. 6 and 7. The recommendation has been made'that the Gold Cup race shall be held on Manhasset bay at Port Washington, homo course of Richard F. Hoyt, present holder of the trophy. Yott think its CATARRH! Your Doctor knows it's Sinus Trouble Dripping of mucous into the throat from the nose comes from Infected sinuses. Wash away this drainage ol mucous secretions with SlnaSlpteo and give the sinuses a chance. Try It tonight! SlnaSiptec sold at all druggists' on money-back guarantee. g« SINASIPTEC ';. CLEARS W-'THe NOSE ' •j>(>l!LAABK.UV KNOWM AS the delights and dreams of a, sojourn in Egypt. British agencies have very skillfully organized their propaganda concentrating their advertising devices us the tourists proceed toward tho south. Riding toward Marseilles, tlio passenger on a French train is intrigued by the story of Egypt. At a particularly beautiful spot, tliero will be a large painted board describing the blue sky and beaming stars oC the Egyptian night, at another spot one wi'l read in English all about the sunshine, health and romance of Egypt. And when the passenger arrives at. Marseilles, ho ivmy take a boat for Egypt, instead of pursuing his way to Algeria, Moroceo or Tunis, or remaining on tha Riviera. Tho battle of billboards will be more bitter next year when tho centenary of Algeria will tnko place. The highest waterfalls in the world are tho Kaleteur Falls, 741 feet, in British Guiana. Authorized Denier* ^SPAKTON EQUASONNE HA.DIO On Sale at The J. E. Spence Electric "Store 1310 12th Ave. Alttl 4191 A large grouping of Cinderella regular $6 shoes featured for Dollar Day at 3.00 pair Broken lots and discontinued patterns—many very unusual values—como early! Dollar Day Compliments —In the form of a new One Dollar Bill with every purchase of a pair of Cinderella Regular $6 Shoes . . . Tomorrow only! Small grouping of Hosiery at 50c pair. A 1 1 Rubber button Shu- Glov Boots— at $2 Pair ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^as^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^el^^i* «.ftU* «tj* *UH, .»iU> *!>. *il* -»U». »4i* *U<. *U* *u« *£i* *U* *iu. .*u*. •>!]* *Ij*. *il* *U* +4** +lL**^*i^A&*^*^*U**^+L^^^*L**41**U*,*UA.*UA,*ii**iUAt]. backache? No matter bow bad you feel, you've got to get up, got to work all day.- Sloan's Liniment warms you like sunshine. Ends the soreness. You can work with comfort. Get a fresh bottle, SLOAN'S L i n i m e n t ,rf^| rnpi j f The Trend of The Times —is in the direction of "Beauty In Glasses." Old fashioned "specs" will no longer serve. You will find a superlative service at our OPTICAL DEPARTMENT May we show you'all that is new in today's style of Frames? A college-trained State Registered Eyesight Specialist will attend you,. Featuring for Wednesday THE BERKLEIGH A white, gold-filled high bridge frame with velvet pads. JVill not cut or mar the nose. 5 .25 Your Lenses Inserted Free Gable's 12tn AVENUE ARCADE 41 €1 « f C VALUES ONLY LIPPMAN'S This great 40-year old a lore IULH always taken an active part to boost local enterprise. For this great Dollar Day event tho entire stock has been carefully combed for every article that can possibly bo given to tho public for a dollar. Each urtlclo i» exactly as represented or tho money paid will bo cheerfully refunded. Neatly Boxed 3 Piece Carving Sets .00 / See to A Customer Genuine Stag; Handles First quality stainless steel 'Stainless Steel Blade Knife Sharpener Carving Fork A real $2.50 value Every Home Needs This Good Sharp Carving Set Knives, Forks, Teaspoons, Soup Spoons, Ladles, Salad Forks, Servers, Cold Meat Forks. Many useful articles to match up your own silver sets. Silverware Every odd piece of silver la tills big store—regardless of cost will be offered to -Altoonu, on 'Dollar Day. The list Includes 1847 Rogers Bros. Community Silver, Wm. Rogers and even Sterling Silver pieces. 1 .OO Alarm Clocks A reliable, guaranteed Alarm Clock, made by the famous maker of Big Ben. Will give unlimited service, and they arc attractive too, in all bright new colors! 1 .OO One To Each Cimtomer Beads A large part of our huge stock of Beads and Necklaces and Novelty Jewelery tor Dollar Day, $-».00 1 Necklaces, Pearls, Crystal Necklaces in all colors. Pendants and the newest fall colors—brown, blue and green, Metal Wrist Bands for ail watches, $1.00 Glassware Pink and Green Breakfast Sets — plain and decorated Console Sets — Bowls and Vases. Regular $1.75 to $2.50 values. Dollar Day ....... .................. 1 .00 Dressing Pieces All odd ivory, such as brushes, combs, jewel boxes, trays. All lo be sold at.. «OO Pay $1.00 a Week at Lippman's JEWELERS FOR OVER 4O ii™ AVE «. I'y* stRiE $1.00 Opens An Account at Lippman's $ IDay N and ber ovem Hat Sale This Is the Mid - Season Sale The Ladies of Altoona and Vicinity Look Forward To Door Opens at 8.30 A. M. One Lot Hats Ladies and Children $ 1.00 1 One Lot Hats Felt and Velvet $1.98 1 One Lot Hats One Lot Pattern $/t.98 Hats Formerly $7.50, $8.75 and $10.00 4 One Lot D resses $O.98 Formerly Were $4.98 1419 Eleventh Ave, >>-, i .. _x i • .< ?-

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