Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on November 3, 1950 · Page 7
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 7

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1950
Page 7
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THIS PHOTO looking westward from atop the .48 Inch outfall sewer line, which brings the entire output from the city of Tucson and the lines of Pima county sanitary difltrict No. 1 to the new plant, shows the entire plant with the exception of the huge twin-digesters which are out of the picture to the right. A SECTION of the huge aerators is shown here and a portion of the 80 arms can be seen which will be lowered into the sewage to release air under pressure to speed uip the bacteriological action in the treatment. These basing are 272 feet long, 87 feet wide and 17 feet deep. HERE ARE the digesters at the disposal plant which will handle the solids taken from the raw sewage early in the treatment process. Each of the concrete tanks is. 80 feet in diameter and 33 feet high, A floating steel cap on each collects digestion gas which is used to heat the contents to speed up the .digestive-process. \ · ' --Photo«;to Reigle KusscB A GROUP OF city officials are standing .on machinery in the middle of one of the two clarifier tanks which arc' 100 feet across and nine feet deep. Left toright, rnem- : bers of the inspection party are,'Mayor.'J. 0. Niemannjy City Manager Phil J. Martin-Jr;, Councilmen S..T. Adams" and F. G. Friser, and City Engineer Glentoa Sykes. Another Problem Answered By NORMAN HARRINGTON .The city of Tucson is going tc have' a new disposal plant tha ·will be second to none in the south ·west by Jan-17,1951. -"We are right on schedule and If; we have good luck with future deliveries of machinery we,will be tble 'to. turn the completed plan over to. the city on time." sale Leoir-Wr Jackson, resident engineer for'Headma-n. Ferguson and Ca rollo, consulting engineers. The Million-dollar plant is being constructed'on 30 acres of city property northwest of the Casa · Grande highway by the M. M. Sundt . Construction company and the con- «tructlon,,tirne is one"y,ear.. The project isj about 90 per cent com- ·Dieted and all of the heavy work If finished. ·When completed,, the huge plant will serve the 1 .city of Tucson and Kma county sanitary district"No. 1. It is large enough to haridle the ou£put of v 40 : square miles of populated area and :;: the'- location..was · selected, where enough;roorriexisted »p that the plafit could .be enlarged to,' double, itsj.present .size, when tft'e Greater mauds it.; Tucson growth de- Mhe -new plant will 'absorb the present overworked'city plant and ·will be'operated by the city. The sanitary district Will pay for f the treatment of sewage on a per gal Ion -basis. ' ,-' 12,000,000 Gallons ,'Hie sanitary district, first to b organized in the state, is now Spending · $2.5 million dollars on * 'complete -.-sewer system serving that part of Tucson .lying bey one the. city limits. About 20 miles of- 'collection lines, trunk lines ant outfall lines are being 'constructec in;the project, which is now. about 80 per cent complete, and the city and·; sanitary district will 1 both use some of the lines, i . ' . - - , . r The new plant will have a treating' capacity, of 12,000,000 gallons average,-daily "flow and will be able to handle' twice; that amount during/peak periods.' .Odors will be : practically non-existant and the plant will produce 15 acre-feet of water daily, or 5,000,000 gallons. .City officials _ are' -now wrestling ·with the problem.'of what, to do ·-with this tremendous daily output ot water and engineers! have been engaged to provide a' workable solution to this problem. The water .is ' suitable for irrigation purposes, but so far ho one has offered,to take it off the -city's hands at the plant. · 'A four of the plant as- it now stands is a large..task since it is about four blocks long and over a block-wide. It now contains 6,000 Raw sewage arrives at the plant from the west through a 48-inch reinforced . concrete outfall line which will collect all sewage from the city and sanitary district lines. This line feeds the output into " "grit chamber" where sand and grit is allowed to settle and is re.' moved periodically by machinery, The next stop on the long jour ney*is the agitation chamber where compressed air.is induced'to perform an "air-flocculation" process to solidify the solids. From here it. flows to the primary sedimentation tanks where the solid matter settles-and is collected in a huge cross'.channel and'pumped to the digesters. All cf the movement here is done-, by' machinery consisting" of huge wooden sweeps on endless chains. .- 80 Different Arms These units -are 130 feet square and 10 :feet, deep. · Next, in line are the'huge aera- :ors, 272-feet long, 87 feet wide and 17 feet deep.'. From the sides i arid .center of the. huge basinsj| wing 80 diffusion arms which will ,e.10M£effied into the sewage to in- roducje^lxygen to, aid and speed up the-bacteriological action. Gigantic motor-,driven blowers will force 10,000-cubic feet of air per minute in to [the tank to.perform this operation.. : . . . - . Beyond the pair of aerators are located the two clarifier tanks which provide the secondary sedimentation process. These tanks are nine feet deep and 100 feet across. In the center of each-is a electrically-driven series of sweeps which The the constantly, stir the sewage. solid matter. is collected in Labor Leader Accuses Taft CINCINNATI, Nov. .3.. (£·}-- The presidenf.of the Holders and Foundry. Workers Union of North Amer- .ca, (AFL) said today he has asked U.S. Sen. Robert A. Taft to give his 'personal views" on. Taft's law 'irm's'part in a. damage suit against the r union. ·-·... · ' . ' . . . . A : federal 'court jury .recently awarded- the.' Hamilton 'Foundry and Machine Co. of Hamilton, Ohio, $37,500 judgment against the union for alleged · breach of con- ract. The company contended the union violated its contract by going on strike. -· Chester A, Sample, president of the union, said Senator Taft's law ir;n represented the. company' in center · bottom and then pumped I into the digesters. - Effluent from, these tanks flow into the chlorine contact' chamber land after .It passes through this operation where chlorine is intro duced, it is then ready for irrigation purposes. This is the final step in the purification of the effluent'after the solids h'ave been removed. We. have covered every part of the treatment .now, except .the digesters. These are giant concrete tanks, 80 feet in diameter and .33 feet high, which collect the: solids. Each is covered with a floating steel cap and gas from the digestive operation is captured under these caps .arid used to fire special heating plants "which raise the temperature, of the solids as they are forced into the digesters. The application of heat accelerates the digestive action. Sludge from the diges- tors.will be pumped in-the seven- acre sludge drying bed. Here It is W A L L IS CXEANI.VG SERVICE c Cash and Carrj Discount 135 East Ninth 8t Dial S-l382 -- WE DELIVER -- NEVER BEFORE CHRISTMAS CARDS LIKE THEM! ·',·'£ »"··! · , · . t"''.,,". '·! , i V U' collected after drying out and will be "used as fertilizer on city parks and other property. where' all controls, valves and checking instruments will be located. Here the superintendent and "Nerve center" of the entire op-jresident chemist will be able to| eration will be the laboratoryikeep a constant check on every part of the plant and samples can bejlast word in sewage treatment drawn from every unit to deter-|plants and it'is large enough to mine the actions and progress ofjhandle the Greater Tucson.area for the sewage treatment. , ilo years'-or more before any ex- Engineers say this will be.'the|pansion is necessary. fluramt Bath? OlitfzKi FrW«y Evinlng, Nov. t, 1»5» Tun, in HENRY J. TAYLOR, MC NOwai, .vsry McWoy evening ride iftafsDur of ibisrartif? cubic yards of concrete and 700,006 pounds of structural steel. A staf] of, eight .persons will be required to -operate the massive project which .will be one. of · the.\most modern in the state. Bnllt In .Duplicate "All but one of the structures'in the plant are built In duplicate. It was designed that way so that in case of trouble with any unit It - could be closed and drained while ttie other section is in operation. All of the units are open to the air with the exception of the digesters which are covered with a floating . steel lid. ;0ne of .the most amazing features of the plant is the entire absence of the use of chemicals. The entire treatment process is -.accomplished by natural bacteriological action, assisted by machinery, until the final treatment of the effluent with chlorine as a safety measure. the suit. :He made public a letter -he said he sent Taft which, said: ·"Your law partner In this case took the position that it is wrong to permit the union membership to finally determine what conditions they would work under, and that their representative should make the determination of working conditions even if the men do not want them. Do you agree with that position, Mr. Taft? 1 "We want to know if you condone or repudiate the action of) your law firm in this case." In his letter to Taft, Sample reiterated a union claim, brought out n the trial, that the : agreement between the '.company and the union ·\*as only verbal.. He said he urged .he .men to, try out a -company, wage scale proposal but that the men went on strike after their wages '-" " NO,151 ~~ *IKOUCTTI'* The Delightful New Three-Dimensional VOLLAND Twirl' Arounds Mailed flat in envelopes lilts, ordinary cards. NuART CARD SHOP INSURE A CLEAN COUNTY "rr 7"ANT to be free from that nervous W tensing up for a jolt every'time a rough spot looms in the road ahead? Want to enjoy the relaxing feel of a sure-footed car beneath you, that stays level even when the road doesn't? 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