Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 24, 1976 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 24, 1976
Page 13
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IV -- Automotive -- Por Sol* IM» CllliVV wim, (TO. M Chevy Brl Air. n«H nrotor * rslnl. W!. lam V»lkk. i»O TON, CHEVY, .« cjUMer, 3 nrwd. New pilnl Jr, jxxd nhaw tta Saturday / a n d , ; Survey. ; ,' '. L ^Btb^ dunrt *1lh Mcel xririn «ck and tt** rack in ex«**rl ccrcdUinn with only W.OOO milts. $l4-». Them* 611-2383. 3t*lP70 ater 6:00. 1K IATSUN V, ton nhorl bod, 11.000 · mtfcs, SW». 4«-Xrtl alter 4:W, l'J7l VW PawwiEw nil*. Hunt liXc a dioant. New J(ndli! JL750 c«h. [i( 19fi| CHKVIIOLRT pickup, long wide two. 6 cylinder, rec«il overhaul, si and - 4«3174 after 4 and anytime Saturday. 1971 . FONTIAC LcMaiu, pow^r ateerfni! r*wor brake*, A/c. low m!1i«c. cal |«» OLDS cutlass, 2 door hard top. V-S, 75I-6378 anytime. ' 1566 MODEL Internal lonat dump truck good condition. 1 1600. Phorie 761-3417,- W75 DATSUN 1(210. 2 dnor wdan. 4-3pe*d factory ' air. ' radio, mafi irt]«ls, excel knt condition. M,000. Phone 4!24S49. · 1H8-WIHTIS if.l Air. automatic, pnwt ss ri s*44 a aiS. iiiiitcnri * *** *" 571 23-- Llvertock -- For Salt TWO-Hoi « Slldham horw trailer. In pxxi shape, tt«. Phone GU-KW. AT .YTUI) -- ItcKiMcrrd Iron sray liurt- IJutrw bitcdJng. For Information, call 4H-63H. , ' 2^-rDoaj; Cots 4 feH : ; DOG CrwimlnS, Small breeds. Export work, llea sonab!e rates. Boarding and Iralnljis also amiable. Cynth!a Johnson. 412 B5M or 41331*1. - · KOll SALK Pointer Bird, dgjfs. FXiil Wood 24-- Dogs, Cats PeH TOEE pupulc*. 6 weeks old. Call fer p.m. H.2W7. -' K H K B to Bood homea -- a male i-upplw. Cuie Math a nrt wh tc, Short.haired, 7 \vccVs rfd. rho,:c 52163L1. DOC GKOOMNIG -- All breeds -- 1! Hiway 16 E. -- * Phone 521^131 or 4432512. . · · : . . - ' . · 25~Komft Needs-- For Sal* HCA ar No-Frot Cutui'/Aseur l^1n re- space In new houM. Ph-jne 5SI-16M. · West of XAMO radio st align on Hsvy.,7 nxrc fumlurc lhan ever, Wlchcn cab 1net5, old cupboard, bedroom sets, re liberator, drop loaf UWwr, apartmcn prat pieces of antin^e (iim ! liire: dressers chest, £ ihclf, sicjt lahles, TOff« 26 -- For Sal* -- Mlsc«llan««us iXK)], Table* -- new, and. ti«d -- A.rX- atex'» only BnJns^Irk iJealrr -- «rvc1« and mr?lies -- 661-OT79. IJltl* Kock, AlV. ; ' (f^ r yLti ' . ^*« , ., *^^, ^^"^^^ - A d w t i^r A^^'J= o* J*t"r v JlwtUr.GOlt.-CO N i - C L ' M l . MUtCJiL i H I T r U M T N T I - TOOLS .110S KV/AY 71 t ' WIIHGOAU ' GARDEN ri^inji. brush . Eiojttin*. lr« S and 8, Monday through Saturday. 4427571 and ask. for Kick. - ' 100 CKEXUI 1'iisiB. a 'it. lil.M per post. 442-KXC. · . : "i ' ' ' ! - nocia;»/llfcX:LL\ER Jor , sale. Also Call -Mark Price, evening, 52L-3J15. LANK hopei-hest, or.o year old. like new. JTo. Wuher P n«-da repair. 123. Pb-«e 531. 0633-1W N. Levcreit 14-A, USED : HA1LROAD' TIES - bailer load minimum. (4M 33L-33il. 1973 THIUMPJI TR6 Convertible for Bummer (un. good condition. AM/FM radio. Na\y Bule. Call S2L-3K3 w Kl- WANTED 73 Volvo ll or 74 Ttf-TA 2oO D. Phone Ml-7537764 HAS your auto Insurance been cancelled. Had nrivtaR record, D1VI, rtr. ' D f t h w . . . On^ rfd set ot Oak I ^a(he r bottom rh airs. I'lts of t-dd chaLiK and tables, air itiwicr, sofa, snlJ]ue Treadle s«w- machine. Tx«s o! garden tools. I T warA Furniture, v.e ha^ H. Sattir- and Sunday only, rain or shine ! earty. . ' THE LITTLE WOMAN 36-- Houses For R«nt nj: rt*m, b-jJl ii ik*V -- shelves; bed- nsci la rec Mody. cfo:«l, TV Mb!«. rt-nlnj?, KActrfTt all elect nc. washer, baih, otnict. dicers table. c«j1e only, no p-Hs. 12 nwnlhi or 1-miier. «26W. fwicrtl -ait). Near University and y^me. H«. 442-;o37. ' ' ' ' VBIIY nice 4 Skdrnom. 2 halh, central heat and air, H«* School. 15 niwlh* h-ufv beginnlnc June 1st. Hefttcr.ce r«- quirrd, MB. 413-1176. North we s1 Arkansas TIME 45 -- Lois For Sale FOR SALE -- Lanw level 1«* in da-.vlarJt AddJUon. All city uUhliei a ab. C.i!L Harmon D"1i SJ Spring*) 5:H45«. 2 ACRES Ttoe covered and best of term* W«dia Woods. , - baths, SrfiooI.'W) month, *1M dtposit. HcJercrce Tt;rjulred. About May 3rd- S21WL1 days! 4J2S613 "You d o n ' t s o u n d l i k e YOU come from the south," FOR Sale: Hoi point .washer aivd tf tor OalJ 442-2W7 be |ween 4-7 *d^-s, ar.d all day till 7;CO ihends. WANTED Car i md Tracts for 1700. 'Must sell, 1K5 4 d like new. 1 7500 m'rtw, autom sfon. 32 ra.ji.s. Cosl M1U. J3193, 431-ffilj. ' 1QB7 LTD, power steering. aSr cot -tioninli -4-door, Burgundy with \"in}l i ,^75. Phor* 415 K13 after S. -JS75 VW La CraiKte Super BeeUe, speed, am/f m, sunrool. radi al tires f2M, and assume pwmciits or 12^50 Call 531-M37 aHor 5;M. .137^ JEEP Pickup. S fT car IOT" trade-in. Blw dryer hair 412-7RM. 1571 14NOOLN ConlLtvental, lull powci DENNIS HOME FURNfSHlNGS OUTLET STORE 327 So. School Phone 443-2163 by and C,H mir fm« selection ol lumiime. . jola and crhslr, yood eovcre . ... ?K Hegulur J39.56 New .. (19.1 ·ra. only .... J50.03 ers starting as low as Jsocl living room suite atartins w IT* as 2 pie Save KG Bean Bag ·y duly iin -~-.;ers, gfr^l Used ch«t of dr ·13,95. OAK shapings dumped outside your ' .' Sa«ilu« also avail- 30--Wanted to Buy iiS'AST (O · huj- ' KI ' a b l e f o r hnulin cr. 531-7311, - ' WANTED: -- STAMP COLLECTION S. Galherins dust or Inherilcd. Will buy or sdl tor jwu.'CaU Jack Moitciief, 6111, daj-s. .',' ;· · · ' 33--Rooms For R«n! SLKKPING room, rnvale entranc*, street rarkirur, ulUiti« psfd. cloji UorA. malp student. 442-933Z. 34--AparlmenH for R«nt 5 2 1 - 5 9 2 0 DM H. COtltfil W-C/-MH.I Good wlccthn of used items- Sane Antiques 66 pounds storage capacity S'O d I10.SO mo-Tth. One used 22" RCA Black WMie TV. like new.- p'cture. (-10 down. ) month One NITS* ga* dr - er. excel- it condLt ton. 5^0 *toviTi, JIO rruxilh, K^'rar Sonlce Sforc. 452-6222, pump i l sell lor ^20. Duncan-I'hj-ife table HIGHEST PRICES PAJJ FOE GOOD USED FUkNITURB AND XPPUAJiCEa ALSO ANTIQUE 8. SHOP U3 FOU TH* BEST BUYS IN TOWN. R A K L I F F ' S ' F U R N I T U R E pry *Q W. - +t Now TWO SUDT** To £*m You. FURNISHED 30SW So- liOc 442-7110. . (87.50 -- OXE PERSON -- Sturipn Ajiirtmcnt. 2 block campus. Nn pt'j 442-3231. ; 34--ApartmenU For Rent QUIRT APARTMENTS! N1ro location pARlJ^ND GARDEN'S will have noe «r Lwo twdrorim vacandw? for June 1. 197 Summer rales available f Conipteie laundry" Iicilities 24, 1976 : 13 46--Farms Acreages ·10 ACHES by , bMuUful valley, 47 -- Real Estate -- For Sals 16--Farms Acreages BEDROOM unfurnished, private n?. Couple or vomart wanted (or c and )vw5el:ix'piri?. Must, liv e iwi. S*r,d inquiry to P.O. lk« Fayeuevllie. · ' . _ STUDENTS -- " ~ trj'sidt. JO available _ ~~BR c*LaKJ In iu!«i inu!ci to campuj, Ki AJ- iJrt. 412-923, 37 -- Mobile Homes Spaces .· For. Rent ..... ' 'OR R\liE by the Beautiful, esloned o!tJ hiTife, Z3 iciej ol land ar^l ooncrele block huiLdioB of KOO yi. fl, EulUblc IOT ewenerraal puipMes. t!,v e pood 2 bedroom hotiw. ThtJ! property jf loca(*d on highway ju.*-l outside tte I usscUv-ille citi' limits. KxceUtnt oppor- unlty tw home And hnsin*sf combination ' a good InvesUnent. Call 7Jj-2o53. e (urniihed l"o. bcft , see lr appreciate -or mature adult -- HO) ' ~lir-;rjHOO! mobi:« home between ind SprrnEdala on SulhtrJand Driv*. nonLh, vnlor furnished. I.W cJcan deposit. »7-33«. FarminRtoci. , bills pAid. 442"" 3-131 NE1V SUMMER KATESl ; JENNY LYNN APARrMKNTS now accepting appIJca* Uwns tor ono and I wo bedroom [umlshcd or unJumUhcd apaitmenti to be n^ady banning Jun*. 1, 13J6. Clow to UolA campus. Cill 511-7240 after noon.; ONE t Two bedroom a Apart merits. ?00 N. Lcvi JASON Apartment for rent, unfurnished eHroim 1TAHWU5^. FIB5 pc r month, er paid. Call 521^37 after 5 :\ VALLEY VIEW iMobile Home Pork CLOSE TO CAMPUS i three bedronm IMUH! has a teparit* ns roam ar.d 1 a detached g»raj». i'BIC'KD In the Jow leeni. Call Yemen Tarvcr- 531-6SU. nights MI-3GCT. R-300. Lindsey VARGE -LOTS, PAIIOS, POOL 12 BLOCKS NORTH OF UofA 1840 N LEVER£TT SI. 4J2--1367 MOBILE home space on 3) acres, 6 s from square, rough rcxid. beaulitul v, BI6, garden spot, quiet. Phone KIS 19. MAPLE PLACE APARTMENTS TROPHIES Bowling- All your -learn spo;ts, award needs. iry ti\iag. 3ne or w ditLanrjd. s disrosjls, beamed w tec-lop b nd .Mnple er, rates for : ull rs-conleni Across street Irttm -cam o bfrtroom- furnished. Air afi canx^t, swif-tieaiiins o% dishwasher, Fireplaw, .o ilin^s, lotted bcrtrmmfi an alcony. Corner of Arka . Call ' after 6, '52! -5052 or 1570. Also efficiency ananments' avail- SKgO. Contact' before S p.m. 531 4052s aftor S P-ra. 521-3JS6. 1973 FORD Ranger p'ickup, aiUomallc, imwer stwrtn^, A/0, real xharp. IJXVXi. Cull 521-22S5 alter 5 p.m. CliASSIC 65 Mustang body and motor In «xcellent cxnditlcin. Ne«ts brake work, cj»)r 521-7206 or after S coll 52L 6165. BY, Owner: I97S MGB, leaving Ihe coun- Lry/ must sell Immediately. 5214? 14 after ;* p. 1J74 FOKD Ranjer r^kup isith hber- '"ElaBS camper lop. Heavy-duty, automatic. rellwt roiditlnn. (J,1M. 521«311. 1^71 AUDI 100 r^5, 16.000 milfc*. 4 door. AM/FM radio. All options. EsccU«it ror,dilfr«. H.«a .Coll 4-K«7L 1372 GRANDMLL'E Pontlac, excelletit oaTidHioo, air- eoodJtiooed, electric. -win (JffAT' power alccrirg. 4-door hardtop iliisl Sell! 11750. Phone 257^350 after "5iOu. 1»71 VOJJtSWAGEN KAR.MANN GHTA -?i dials AM/FM. 8 Hack. Excellent. I17I5. Phone 442-7415. CUR Tainting and body worX. Jt«*»n SOIJD Manoaani' Duncan-I'hyi and buffet- t3?-V AnU'lue Dunca wfa. (7S. of all for $275. 442-Sf FOR EL«£-Kenmore washer an Escvjiieiit condition. !300 or bp i'rono 631-2257. 26 -- for Sal« -- Mlscella INFANT GM Car scat, fll sriiKtfn? vhw), exwttent dii w cUr iocXcr Phone WJ-32K IIIDINCi Lawnmowor, Win-el EIo Lor. 48" mower, awl fclt Unl firm. C^ll «?-Wi» TWO E.OW "BTU ah 1 coud-lf 443-1WS \ VMMIA 2jO motorcjete Jti hauled S"22i. Vista Jspecd. 26 \i bike. J25, Phme 731-4977. TH1PLE-T1ERED Siwnl* TJ-st delier, fold lipped w-ith 3 ma(« pieces. Also various items erf irid American antiitws. Phone ONE 220 volt «itvlo\v- ajr condit On« Walnirt flrrfsh cnflec (able Porma w«3l Spaiu-sh CredenM SpKte wheels vrtLh snwv tires One rec room refrifittator 17- PURVIS SPORTING GOODS 2335 North College 3 ROOMS 3-aid, . .May 1st. 4 LOOKING TOR A PLACE TO THIS SUMMER? GLENDALE APIS, FURNISHED ONE BKimOOM UTILITIES PATO 1«\U.\DHV WAI.KLNG DISTANCE TO UofA SU1MMING POOL MGEIT SEClfRITV GUARD JLj 1'ARTIKS ON' OCCASION. A NICE PL:\CE TO LIVE. YOUR CHOICE LEASE OR MONTH!-V. CALL ANYTIME «2- 663H. 631 PUTMAN. 'COME SEE OUR VILLAGE. ITS QUIET -- SHADY AND FIUESDLY/ PRIVATE PA ElKING AND \VIDE PAVED STREETS. VERY ATTRACT- ire TO HETHIEI) FOLKS. COUNTRY LANE MORII-E HOME VILLAGE PHONE 521-4666 LAKE SPECIALS FOR SALE MOBfLE HOME, riKhL a t ' t a k t . in b!at* Lop, has Qty water, elsaUicily, t*te phonf hue tlirre. and tt is only about 18 mi]*s from raj^lteville awi 9 miles iiii size of mobile home is 12 by 30 isi central heat arri air. tu-o hedro vorfc W skirting. Price $14,500.00. .AKE CABIN. This whin J T *lxwl trie fnm Lake, and has beautiful ' arxe lot with trees, and is on blacktop l · M on Ciiy Water, elertrk-iiy, ·xjhne line is dose. The living and bedroom are carpeX«d. and tin -hen and diirins erca partly carpeted t has a tare* ledivond perch or riccK ihouV 14 by V) ALsa has 1 small .screens n-porrfi. O.VE BATH WITH SHOWEB. Jas electric slave and relrjgerator and s insulated. Price £14,500.00. Vacation and Jishins. time Is here if yoa are Interested in either ol these places clal 412-5356. plies. Call AIM Lincoln. Rogers. S36.6M7. ment sales. P.O, bni fill. Phor ^ LARGE . extra . nice 1 bcdrwm lumLshcd ipartmmt. Carpcled, paneled. JIO p- ercciricily. No pets. East 45,/ 443-4BOo. 22--Machinery Form - Equipment ^\Ti are~*eilinfr our (arm tractors «at lor the rest oj ApnI. Selling Cub b3Je4(« at cost plus (cO. 5 ft. bmshhojis n't .53G5. 3 ft. hay binds, $3WO. Lincoln CUTERFJLLAR Dceer D*. For informa -yon 8JO-364DL ' " bed ar-d frame f20 10 fnlton 1 KlXs5 aquarium yith stand and ; 1cs (2S. One 411*3 J] Wack and « RO One stud enis A?slr or K fir) One antique Irunfc SM. 1 trn plant Mands, J5 eari UMfcnvtxxI (n^rt-riiM- SSa: O drpik carber.iilor J35. Snwll reo inct-J5 Banjo make offpr. Be other assorted Items. Saluruay. AM/FM RADIO, good condition for MG car must set Phore Rogers, Arkansas. 23--tiverfock --- For SaU TAKING APPLICATIONS J (500 lers. 3 Phone t over ~h boy*.i 1 chan- ryr waU Oriental 75H977. mc-r *S5. 750. One (; TWO 10 each. I\abl" one, all Tiitn T\ Mi WWe r\ro til* i. Oti ne c»:tt Tird rah aoks sw 105 -Pal designed :«J-4523 DRUMS. Ludvvig, metallic Kuo, Holly, wood model, drumsot including cymbale or vile. Excellent corrfitlfln. t250. Call 21*343, after -4:00, GUITARS, ban)o, mandoline, \1ollns, i* olai. cellos. uhe]«les. flctM, coronet nunpetj, dariaeLs, taiaphonw, drums, £Ctordlans and "many other murtcal In Miumentc, Real barealas. 1 Rochler Jewft* ry. 4 irast Center Str*gt 28 -- An1lqu»v -- For Sal* n.M.nwiN Antifiiies located 5 milca'Eflrt o! Faj'«tevillo on 16 E.iM has beei stocking anrf retinishlnE the Interior o shop all it'inlpr. We have 'good £le«*n pcaermj line antiques and coilccta^c lor jxrnr Inspection. Open 103 Monday Silurdaj 1 . 1-1 Sundays. Pl«asc oonw an sw us. OAiwrs Jan ft I^rry Poage. \VMLABIX May 1M ar.rt.June 1st. One it'drown [urnlshed apartinent iM»r tlrt ers-iy. »ai' for su'mnvr c'r indefinile 130. Phone 531-?«» after 5:00. COMTEMPORARY · laise «i* bedroom apartment across from campiw. Archl- ecturnlly rtcsicncd interior, biult-ln fuin Hire cove liphtinR, ASr-conditioned , ccn tral heat. (150 summer TBI«, water paid. Of (street parting 531-1917. FURNISHED one bednwm, air condj .tnrjcd, carpet, panelms, private parking, rto pet- 1 ;. S110. Phmc. 'il?^1538. LARGE onei bMroom. 1 dishwaihet, sir- condilioninsf, quiet complex. CaU Vic after 5 p.m. alt-1564. KURNISiren apartaicnti May 15, rental. Oro bcdiwmi or ftHicinc-es, qoiM close to campus [or ffinfle student or married youples. No pelt. 44S^S. Colonial Arms 1211 N. LEVERETT/521-2110 1 BEDROOM . 2 BEDROOM $115 $134 All utilities paid, unfurnished, quiet, family atmosphere WASHINGTON PLAZA APIS. New Two and Three Bedroom Homes Villa MOBILE HOMES Lease W i t h :Option To Buy. Monthly Rent Becomes: Your Down Payment! 521-8450 Entrance Across From Holiday Inn Associates i! N. Colleja "Developers of Hyiand Park" R. L. Anne Slanb^rry Hil Mcdiin M26M3 MM10B 521-77*2 443-W25 4126523 COUNTRY CORNER BA 1CW 23M i ranch, nice large Ivwiw, ; of good pasture and Moil of land ia lillaWe, S miles from Fay«Ue- B.\ 19JO 1M acr abcut 100 am plenty of ivaiei Located about ille. ntxxl t?i 1060 170 acres rnnrh, remodeled home, j'Xd bam and hay shvl, Atyul acrK M paslure and hay nicadgWs. f d to Mil. nepoUable lerms. Kor e intormat)n call 5*1-1300 or nilesi Arch W. SmilJi horraplace, 1 mile i ol Te\arka;ia on U.S. Hwy. E2. Highly improved; 14.000 frq. It. horse bam; 20- acrft lake and can^i house; shop ar.d hay b a r n ; 5000 si ft. mwlern brlrk home. Idea! for horses, razlstered catUe. or development. EMale sajs sell. SANDERSON REALTY CO. 315 Slate Line DY . 30 Acr Madison County . E miles from Hunlsiille. 22 miles fr FayeiteuUe. ('rood counlj' ~m- MreUy PA -a nrr Old buldinK And sums S14 MO. S3000 dcrAn. Gocd homesile. Call M2-5013 atier S p.m. JASiES W. E.VKEH. BROKER BARER ASSOCIATES REALTORS 1618 N. College 521-1300 WE TVOHK HAHDEEU WE GET_KESULTSI CHOICE -W ACRES rolling .-pasture, tew TIM*, [win and .olhcr fauildln?^. Neai VJoam. For quick sals. f3o,500. Osvn 524I37. 6000 CAPACITY chickens eled hon« with 40"acres, m On WWtt,River, 6 miles Phone «V233i. P.O. Box 20 ACRES odjanmg I^ake Wilson .-and CSty Tarfc, tolal price" ilS.OCO. Fboai 21-5172 or B333293. IS 2 BR collag 10 mbytes lo cam e May 1st: 44I-92R3. TOWER APARTMENTS, i A- Sshed aparfmenls. S^nui se to University, llione ONE and tiro bedroom furnished apart- menis. gfls and wafer paid. Available [or Eununer ar.d fall. Kerr I/iv, Co. JASPER Executive stic. Walnut d«l( ivith over hang and Klass top. Excel- ipnt condtion call 521*730 May be se«n afler S:W. tack. WOO. Phone 531-1613 tent. 442-4309 SANTA GERTRUDIS Bull ay* 3. n hftfns. ataj'j in. pasture. Call 4425065. 'ftO-VFS for sale '-- Baby calves an Martrf ealvu." Sec Bill LjTX-h or ca ta-1135. If- no -ansivtr, call area r«1 LABOR top granV. HoTstclTi Heavy .Spring er.',4 years old. Also 3 female Australian Stwphcids rtady to tratn. exwllenl slock. ' Phon* R4SO3L4. ' . excdlcnt condition, 257- 72 MODEL John WEED EATERS, JARI MOWERS 'St IAWN GENIES WASTED: Prfled Herrioni Bull. Phone ' ' HORNED HEREFORD BULLS Service Age ,.,, RAGSDELL FARM ~ r Prairie Grove 846-3583 Jari M^-ers--Sickle Bar VW»TT« Lawn Gerte--dtJ and Sweeps 'crfEastw --· Cuus-wilh FisiTJS IJr.' Full Year Warranty DF Iriformatlwi or free detncostrAtin ill 731-1062. 731-a»3 or 11 r/ answer ill 531-7371. LAWN EQUIPMENT SALES POOL LAUNDRIES STORAGE ROOMS DISHWASHERS BALCONYS 'CARPET AND DRAPES WATER AND.GAS PAID (Heat and Air Is Gas) TENNIS COURTS AVAILABLE $25.00 RESERVATION DOWN .PAYMENT WILL HOLD APART, MENT FOR JUNE 1. Ken Claire 1900 GARLAND/442-8981 SHENANDQAH VILLA Mobile Home Village KMT- 16 Bypaw Fool, 1aun±T7, paiios. itocast- CaU Today SH-C360 ACRES, lurj cd, small doisn B333292. eefc, mosOy « (inaticc. 521-5172 ACRES, larse mosUy level, t-V Phone o2!-5172 o wX and hickory t (IwATi. owner fin SM-32S2. 159.000, 761-3615. lachinery Liduded. :s beaWiiul woodland. On roaa awl oniy 20 miles eaM. with cwner ftnanrins at Ed Torbett Land Brokers 443 4541 or 521-2855 W1LVT a ,k laTii ly ne! fb Root fTchtwl illoci! ' A lulH, wdl-k^pt whiwd high on a hill In listrict, boastine an IKO com.' 2Vt batli home with h?ai/ar fenced bacV j-ard dech i -view, green hous« tcrf Call tcdaj- at 521-5063- , - -- .·u«ume FHA loan. «2-9183. BOTH t and 3-bednxitn NnJjfied, ai rixidltloned."· no pets .ir ;inei« \(fiic and gas paid. Phcnie 2C7-KI9 Farnrinao 38--MobiEe Homes For Sale EXTRA clean 1071 SWme 12\50, front Vilcfcen, I wo bcdrounia, central Iieat and irr rinohlc inwlntfrf.' Phran- 5214W7 larnoon; 52I-51M evening. Now Renlineft for Summer CUMMINC5S APIS. 1 and 2 Bedrooms 443 4757 .- . 1Z\;0 MOBFLE home, unfurnished, lake over EXX52 tntmthly paj-ment. Phcne a. ' "" VALUE ra(«J 12^70, 3 bedroom, 2 Iwth mobile home.'CH/OA, fully carpeted arrf furni shed, underpinned, porrh. Portable diiPLwafher J7.EOO, (Xvner «txi!d oonsirici finanring uj r er. Phone 751-9333, 52140.T6 ikdted .,_ _ B?:DROOM ._. . ..,,,, niched, centra! heal ard air i tied (own. Call 75C-1J7 AlK 12x53 MOBILE home. Good condit Central heal and air. 2 b*rfroom t carpeted , ReaMtnably priced. CaU 5763. KLEETiVOOD 157!) Mobile home TyiO riuartcr hor»« g'd(tings, on* black one pinto, Also tr«l fr»y 5 year nit piare. BUck Bailed geldinjf. All y«nd FOR find brolie gentle. 44JKT77 days; J'rairie Chris Giwc B61-2051 »M-pn!rrgs, Sundays a n d ^ M F L ei I 6. HOT 611, Farelleville. Art- Mot complete \'ux of We*d-Ea(w part In NW Ark. . Sewing machine, artlfiowl tree, childrens encyclopcd ia. rfw-Crfc football, vacuum deancr. and veil. Phone 321-1 TRUCK ON IN AND SAVE »*« ^*i JCLIPTHISCOUPON "^ V · I AND TRUCK ON INTO UNITED FREIGHT SALE WHERE YOU'LL SAVEfl FURNITURE. STEREOS AND BEDDING. . LIVING ROOMS ' VS' PC. wfa fr cJw ir «(· '·?0dd Sofai BEDROOMS 'All'Wood * pe. **'.','.'.,... »».» All Si» B«l Frarws M't 0(1 United Freight STEREOS , . .- - AM/FM 8 Track * 3 Speaker* (99,93 HcadphoiM-i RPZ. $».« Now I.'.?; Carsette. Recorders W9-M BSH Pro£ess.1aia] -nimtab'M .. (13.95 BEDDING Full S:» Orllictp«lic WU tM.K 4n«Mi Si?* OnhojxxLc eels .... SI53.93 Extn Firm Fall ffw CHATEAU APARTMENTS 521-3313 UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Efficiency Shag Carpet 1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 3 Bedroom Central Gas Furnished or Air Conditioning Unfurnished Two Swimming Pools Disposal Dishwashers MAPLE MANOR IVhttr QtKet Country . IJvtaj BMMBM A Suburban Life Style ' KoM IdaaTFor-Tb* Fimllr Pour Flwr Plaid' ' A Small Deposit Htfdi , Your ,Cboic* CALL. 501 521-7HW 3001 (VedirEton Drt%e WIvSTERN Tllirs ApansmenU, 2 or S bedrodTn'/nmlBhEd'apirtniinl. So pets.*In : qtilre 53A Galibard, or rhone 521-4"~9 roil HUNT -- Apartment nt TERRACK .\L\MOR. Available durin it .iiimrner- termA, J'hore -H2-5029 |N1 BLOCK RENTALS 3 Locatlorw with 1 a n " d 2 Bedroom (ur- I SBTTIJ-SHIP AND FAntCnOUNDS APf.. isy 1515 NetUeahlp. Oualily unils all etectiic with disJiw aster and dl posal. 2. MOBILE HOMES, NiUoclus Mo V.le Rcmie Tk. Ail udU with air. N pels. !all S1I-5311 01 521-3372 or 521-551 JJUl'LEX for rent, ur.tum:sh«I, Ii montWy. aH efectric, 2 bedroom. ceMu heat and air, water paid, stove nr refrigerator furnished. Individual *torag ?heds. Phone S21-W17. THE CLEANING company special ji m in apts. and renial imii*. April and .Ma Special General clean up J25. CCarpe tliampoo 5c'per vj. foot). CaB 1M 0625 [or details on deanlnp and IS-ATI tare. UNFURNISHED \Vfd bedroom duplex in tjglH r««(t*n4(al location. Wfliher/drje cveiMctioivf-. fully rarpeied. AH electric fJ3i per month plus deotric utility. 521 1168 irtoralnKS or leav* mesia^e, AVAILABLE .May 1 -- Extra nice tv bed rormi unfumi shrd Autfcx. Cnr( ra heal/air, carpeted, drapes. *love, re/nfi rrator and disposal. Walking distance U campui. IWVm«Y-h, wMet paid. $iO r v i t ?1-00 Call or tnsat -W2 77-o D vice B H Uestem HJls Fajelte%ille " Shivay 62. 'ACIOUH' i37i 'CUSTOM EXFcrniVE c 2\7Q skirled, carpel t-d, drains, mini afi . washer, drj-er, extra nice JS.rOO. txine 521-3381. ZvGO 'OOVEXTRV 'mnhlle' hnmc. 2 brf- twnij partly furnished atxt carpeted. of,-W3.01. Call 442 5?M or «5 -33H). 4*6,1 AtOBH.E Home, lw bedroom, t w o alh comp eteh carpeted fumnhed CII/C.V u-a-iier-drj-fT.-'skirlFd, lied rm t hatn Bnk pen, $7,?00. -5433064 Brier 5. M O B I L E HOME SITE rt acre). Trc* covered. Paved streela. Central water »ttem- Best at term*. 443-2465 39 -- Office Spac* Buildings For Rnnt OFFICE jpara avaitaKe IMYA- c« Highway 62 in Pralrlf Hrm-e. Pall ,lo Gain for arrcrnimcnt. BW2113. nwminjt. EiSJiU FOR Uas: Ifcrch St. New 1S«I H[, [1- build-JiT. Heat and al/. Ideal for office. Warehouse or light Induslrial use. Will complele to ymir .^eciticai ions. For further informattctt phone 4I3-MS6. 60x40 BUSINESS BUkDIKG For L*a*?, /xccllrat locBTkA. WeatB* « Shopplag cwl*r. Write lo B« P-i9 c/« rvonn^fesi Arkansas tiaTES. P.O. Dr*w« D, Fayetievtllc, Ark. 77IQL 1^00 SQUARE fee* For leas* for pro- Hi^hwaj- S3 Wwt Iniiitriei may b* sent to P.O. Box SU, FayetUvllIe. 3 42-- Wanted (o R*nt Building lol on Sycamore SI. 77x150 for $3750.00. $15,00000 will buy you Ihis 3 ° nc residenl In town, all city utilities, cleared and ready to build on 70 acres, about 25 wooded acres on Hwy 265 South, all fenced and creek through property Owner would divids into smaller tracts. This home offer casual, comfort living iri Ihe family room, kitchen combo and have your coffee en these pretty mornings on the screened porch 3 BR , 2 8A, Approx 1600 sq. ft. heated space, listed at $39,900.00 Close to Mall, between'Fay. Spg.' 3 Br., 1 Ba., central heat. Fenced back yard. Fayelleville Schools. Won't last long at $20,750.00. Prime commercial property North of Sprmgdale on Hwy, 71 1500 sq ft building Has been drive in restaurant in past. $70,000.00. Good terms, CALL OFFICE FOR TROUBLE-FREt APPOINTMENT, or NITES Jan Hanson, Residential, 521^6509 Howell Trumbo, Commercial, 442-5167 Bob Whitfield, Investment, Commercial, 521-601° TRUMBO CO., INC. 908-A Rolling HHIs Fiyetteville, Arkansas 7270] 501/521-6800 PARADE OF HOMES APRIL 25ih Ihru APRIL 30ih cnunlry rail as before the . rtpns'i required S1L M78 or 531- MARiA H. APARTMENTS Stow under same ownership as Murray Hill and Helendale, and Waverly Wood Towntiouscs, 1, 2 and 3 Bedroom apartments. and : 2 bedroom townhouses. Full time main- fenanco personnel, maid service available, 60 ft, swimming pool, laundry facililies, shag carpeting, dishwasher, and garbage disposals. ; OFFICE 1900 MELMAR, APT. 100 7£l SUMMIT. 2 bodroom unlumistied Aacx. *IM r*nt. No utiUt:«. Call 5212761, FU Et MSI IK1 1 bedroom du tfex v, Air rnndiLirnrd, (rnc*d yard. iinn off 16 SVVst, SI25 month., P M7-322.1. or lease COUPLE wishes (o rrnl 2 bedroo f.thcil or p.irUnfly lumlshod h plcx v i t h M-a sTicr/rfr cr connec miiuf Jur.e 1. I'hirfie 442-7531., TWO twrfrwm durlf^. central fwa( ani 1 air. svasbor arri do'*r «(wr.pctlocis. Shflj r arri · 531-W13. FURNISHED M 36-- Houses For Rent BKDROOM ^ r ^ K C . V.MP a 3tO nwnlMy, 10 ROOM 6 bvdrrtiin h-i'i" S3TW r*r Esrt Cawer (U. K* phon* call* $.'*«·. arly Juli'. I'leaw wril* ,ill co'leet 973 (H92, COUPI.B want* to rvfA nnMmbhwl bcdmnm hmis« \r duplex. Prefer l*n j'ard Imt not necessary. Call Ken at ! 7TCO MVfhdays OPEN SUNDAY 1:00-6:00 OPEN WEEKDAYS 11:30-1:30 4:30-6:30 SPONSORED BY ARCADE REAL ESTATE CORP · COMLEY CONCTRUCTION CO.

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