Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 17, 1967 · Page 17
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 17

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 17, 1967
Page 17
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Radio Television Tucson Bails WEDNESDAY, MAY 17, 1967 PAGE 17 Movies Comics DON SCHELLIE A Little Something For Dear Ol 9 Mom We are only a few days late in mentioning Mother's Day,,but only because the mails were slow. In hand is a nice note from Mrs. John Wm. Hansen Sr. -Phyllis, if you will -- who had some nice thoughts about the day set aside for Mom. It seems the eight Hansen youngsters had been watching the ads in the Citizen of late, trying to find something that would please and surprise their mother on her day. Mrs. H. thought to assist them. She took the newspaper in hand and checked off items that were "sure-fire winners." To wit: Men's No-Iron Casual Pants ("I do hate to iron. . .") Splash Pool ("For those hectic moments when my teenagers say, 'Cool it, Mom'." Campout Tent ("There are moments when a mother of a large family would appreciate a place to find some peace and quiet. . .") And so on went Phyllis H's list. But it was while she was go- Ing through.the paper that she came across what intrigued her most. It was a restaurant ad that read: TREAT MOTHER ON HER DAY -Dinners from 2.95 CWldren from 1.50 "Imagine -- selling children 'from 1.50," writes Mrs. Hansen. "I wonder," she asks filially, sounding like the mother she must be, "I wonder what they would charge for another blue-eyed blonde to add to my · collection?" 0 0 0 IT'S APOLOGY TIME in this nonsense corner. It develops we owe apologies to a whole bunch of Tucso- nians. Those who entered our late contest in which entrants tried to write the longest sentence they possibly could, using only two-letter words. Egad. What a mistake we made in getting into such a mess. Currently we are knee-deep in two-letter-word entries and can't manage to get through more than one or two at a time with out flipping -a lid, or something. So be patient. We haven't forgotten -- darn it. We'll get the blasted things judged yet and the prize -that Alf Landon campaign button we mentioned -- awarded to the winner. Meanwhile, please pass the eyewash. . . O 0 O IT WAS PROBABLY way out of town at one of those fancy dude ranches that it happened. Wherever -- a dude tromped out to the corral for his first ride'ever, on a hoss. T h e crusty old wrangler asked the city feller if he wanted a saddle with or without a horn. "Horn?" said the dude. "If there's that much traffic on these mountain trails, I don't ·want to ride at all. . ." O 0 0 MAYBE you saw the adv. yourself -- on the Citizen's picture show page. Below the title, "Frustrations," the copy read: What could be more frustrating than not knowing what this movie is all about? (Hint: You have to be over 18 to find out.) And the next line read: PLUS - 2 ROADRUNNER CARTOONS! Action, Please! If you have a question or a problem to be solved, involving any · governmental agency or public matter in the Tucson a r e a , write to Action, Please, care of the Tucson Daily Citizen. Reporters will investigate your queries and answer them in this column. Questions must be submitted in writing and must contain, your full name and address (which will be withheld from publication on request), Electricity In Parks QUESTION -- I am writing in regard to the city park system. I think ; the parks are beautiful and very well kept up by the city, especially Randolph Park, but they lack one thing. The.club I am secretary of holds picnics in Randolph Park twice or three times a year and we serve food, cold drinks'and coffee. But we have to make our coffee ahead of time and put it in jugs and thermos bottles hoping it will be hot by picnic time. Could the "city install electric receptacles in the ramadas so that'coffee makers c o u l d be plugged in? It could either be a coin-operated deal or each club, as it. reserved the ramada, could pay a dollar or more fee for the use of the electricity. I'm sure other clubs that use the Randolph Park facility feel the same way about this. -William. . J. . Hill, 3023 N. 2nd Ave. ANSWER -- You get your wish. City parks officials have made electricity available in the ramadas and there is no charge. This is, as you suggest, for groups who need same for coffee pots, cookers or other related appliances. All you have to do to take advantage of this service is let the parks authorities know that you will need electricity for your outing. They ask that you do this at .the time you make your reservation for the ra- mada. The parks department will then have it turned on for that ramada at the specified time. Naturally, it cannot leave hot outlets on all of 'the time in all ramadas as the electric bill would be exorbitant. But electricity is there for legitimate use by legitimate groups. 19 Nabbed At Dump QUESTION -- This letter, in part, is a written "thank you to your newspaper, t h e Pima County Health Department and the Pima County sheriff for the "trash clean lip", campaign they have started in full gear. I had started this inquiry and complaint some months ago, and these two Pima County departments have taken it from there. This an additional appeal from me to please use the specified dumps for trash, not just an empty spot of ground where there are no houses visible. We happen to live "out in the desert," approximately 700 yards east of an area where people have been dumping everything from "soup to nuts." The last straw came when someone dumped a dead jave- lina head, and the smell was something else. People have even tried to burn their trash and left the fire still smoldering. We are doing our best to report any license number, but some people must come at night. -- Mrs. Beverly Martz, 3832 E. Concord Strav. ANSWER -- Agents of the Pima County Health Department are onto this dump and policing same. Their actions, coupled with the cooperation of law enforcement agencies, have resulted in 19 arrests in the past few days for illegal dumping. The campaign to curb this type of illegal dumping all over the Tucson area is growing and picking up force. We'll hope that other citizens are as cooperative as you are in furnishing license numbers of any vehicles they see dumping or throwing anything out in other than the a u t h o r i z e d city or county dumps. ANN LANDERS MAYTAG MAY SALE! CECIL GAVER'S MAY is MAYTAG month. We are "celebrating' Best Deals Ever, during MAY on MAYTAGS! "LOOK FOR THE BIG GREEN TAGS" Fantastic Values EXCLUSIVE HALO OF -WORLD'S FINEST AUTOMATIC WASHERS HEAT DRYERS --FltxIbtafinsmJZ- rifywashlniKtion. 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Fufleyt W - . .f ITJ L-ll Lt t*i rii»il ' " · · » - - ·»*.- . . · KUStpfOOC IM Mn IHTIJ** · · « I lUim ·tnictiU* pump ... To«*,t»«woeryft: fin!?tt. SERVICE GUARANTEE! YOU WON'T PAY I e FOR PARTS OR J Homely Hannah Resents Doggy Descriptions Dear Ann Landers: I never expected you, a person concerned with molding values for young people, to use a coarse and vulgar word when describing a girl who was not born with a bountiful measure of nature's blessings--namely good looks. You began your advice to a young man who wondered if he was obligated to take out a newcomer to the city, by saying -- "if the girl is a dog . . ." The term "dog" for a plain- looking girl is a cheap and degrading manner of expression which I bitterly resent. I would like, to know who sets the standards. By what shallow criteria are they judging? Some of the so - called "dogs" have a fine set of working brains and a sharp sense of humor. Several "dogs" I have known h a v e sparkling personalities and are ·timulating company. How about setting an example fcr our young people by putting ui end to such crass a n d thoughtless use of flie language? --HOMELY HANNAH Dear Hannah: If a girl has a fine set of working brains, a sharp sense of humor and a sparkling personality, she is no dog. Moreover, beauty is no guarantee that a girl will be popular. Many a good-looking dame is sitting home nights with her beautiful face and spectacular measurements because she is dumb, and poor company. (P.S. No letters please from you birds at Yale requesting the names and addresses of these dumb girls.) Dear Ann Landers: I agree Completely with your praise of individuals who are married to wheelchair invalids. Now may I add a. word of praise to those who are married to another kind of cripple, the cripple whose incapacitation often cannot be seen, for it is emotional instead of physical. The unsung heroes and heroines in my book are those who are married to life's losers -the severe neurotics, the alcoholics, the hypochondriacs, the bom failures, the weak sisters. What strength and dignity is required to hold up one's head, and make no apologies for a stumbling mate, j have seen such people and my heart goes out tc them. One cannot say, "You are noble. You are brave. I admire you." One can only write a letter to Ann Landers and hope the right people see it. Thank you for allowing me to speak my mind. -- NO BARGAIN MYSELF Dear Bargain: I agree with every word you say. It's your signature I don't buy. Insight such as yours makes you a very big bargain, indeed. Thanks for writing. I hope, with you, that the right people see your letter and take heart. C 1767, Publishers Newspaper Syndic*!* \ 1 ·H ·}- -^ ^7 **** \ % T * * A NEW BIG SCREEN RECTANGULAR cdlOR PICTURE IN ·NEW COMPACT TABLE COLOR TV! ALL NEW 1967 HANDCRAFTED COLOR TV BIG NEW 227 SQ. IN. 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