The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 26, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, March 26, 1920
Page 3
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THElpAJdL? ERES$ =AT= R. EL GARMA1ETO ET' t B They Have .Dressed Hundreds 6i Ladies to Look Like These F.L. LINGLE, M, p. Ben«r«l Pr*etle« • :f UpaclBl •ttontlori to-^Ey*,;'- I«V ' "~ ' ' ind Threat -'.'•.•• ; : , ."'•• Gi a81MP ; Fitud Phonet,: Residence [330-2, Offle* Stt-' HAMILTON & BRADLEY •..' Attorneys «i U«w . ' Phone 2B2 K • Suite 112-116 i\| ew Hamilton Butldlns More Than : $70000;;}V6rth! of. New Sidewalks^ In j C'dale, Murphysjbi Gaihe Siehediil.ed -for'.Siin-! day.—Bromise For" • '"At;. Legist Six DELIA; CALHWBLdU M. 13 -.,, H.M.; 2u» «f.»r We Have A Suit For You Just As Nil'ty. -r • Remember .our "STERLING" quality relieves you absolutely "as to",any after worry. ' HIGHEST QUALITY ALWAYS ' At prices far-below what you expected to pay. *~" Especially for Easter we have just'fecervied beautiful lines of Dresses, Blouses, Waists, Skirts Coats, Suits, Silk Underwear, Hosiery, Gloves, 1 Vanity Cases, Children's Dresses,.'Coats, etc. Enghest Quality Always. Lowest Prices Always 'Final changes .and other alterations in We.plans,-and .specifications in-the big side-walk project for ,CEia;bonda;le -will be made by the City: Council at -.its meeting tonight. - .. \ fThis weeTc -JjfTe '.commissioners and 'the 'mayor',went:overt he city and-lo- •cated places m^the"''-sidewalks where ne\^,"oTies will-ibe built- r.nd...fwhere (links will be built to connect the other pieces-of .'walk throughout .the city.. • New'-walks will be. bulilt in. every session of the city. The'city .engi- ,rieei~and Iiis assistant have sjibmit- ,-deta,iled specifications for . the wafks. • • The plan subinittarj ctiHs. for ne-w: granitoid'walks in every .part of. ijlie 'city. On soYne streets-new walks will put in^for blocks. .On.. Main street new granitoid,.will .be. ..built from South Illinois avenue wfest on Main 'street.- JThis will be six feet wide, the-widest in the city, not all the .way ; out, : just' as. far as the west •boundry of the Brash school grounds/ The other walks will be five feet wide, .which includes South Washington -street, Normal avenue, both sides j of.the street from Main .street to the j -^pi-mial,campus. Also. Walnut streetr' j The city plans are, to let the cor- i tracts for the walks as. soon as .the plans and specifications are approved. Carbondaie' will' get' to ; use -. the Twin City basebal.l park this season / on the Sundays when 'the -.Murphys- !'• boro baseball te'a'in lias no', game, it was -decided at a ^meeting a- .committee from, Carbonda'le which met . . . ./ .. ' with the Murphysboro baseball me;] last--night at MurpBysboro. —.' After, a failure to agree on the I . ' '.> . • " . terms in which the Carbondale fans asked to . enjoy equal privileges iir the ,park the plan was arranged.'last night. -In connection with.the plan Murpliysboro is to show her schedr ule for the season and~'Carbondale .. " s i KITCHEN '. .-Some Made Candies and io» -Craji-, ' Toiephone 844 Y i'' Telephone No. 159 ...';., JESSE HAYgS' ,' .. Ad Kinds of Moving and Transfer ' ' Work. ' . K. 0. HALL & CO. FEfcD, COAL AND POULTRY SUPPLIES .... Phone 233 :" ".' , : is to arrange games accordihgly. The galnes -that Carbondale plays will be played with a per cent of the receipts going to the management of the park. '' The baseball season for... this year opens April llth,- weather permitting, was . announced ' Thursday. ^Thi-s.will be only,a short time. After phy sboro 'baseball fellows Y i^isixds will be asked for to build- fai " rncas and a wiUl ngne S s '. ing of the walks. More than $70,000 |..worth- of walks will be included in ' the project." It is hoped the walks will 'be built this spring nad summer. At the same time, bids must 1)3 with-in reason, or as the mayor saici, there will be nothing doing by contractors profiteering on the b'u'ild- ing -of, the new walks. -Centenary Conference Held Here Wednesday a 'Centenary conference at the First •M. E. church in this city Wednesday. :I)r. 'Bui-ris, financial director of the BIRTHDAY SURPRISE The members' of the Five Hundred Club very pleasantly surprised C. D. Centenary (movement, was here from | 01, Henfro Wednesday night, the oc- St. Louis and had charge of the j casion .being Mr. Renfro's bjrthdyj The -ministers of the Carbondale ! meeting. About twenty ministers of i. The evening was spent in playing district of the-Methodist criureh held this : district were in attendance. j Five Hundred. Child Dies At Hospital Thursday About Noon The first game will be,- between Murphysboro and Anna.- It is expected Carbondale - will get' to play at least six.'games, at the park ^his season.. The Alur- sliow a to cooperate with Carb.ondale in securing crowds and making. .arrangements for the games when" 1 the Mur- physbor'o team is not playing. Efforts were made ea'rly this spring to have Carbondale and Murphysboro play ball on. the park, one town^one Sunday and the other town the next. Carbondale fans bougHit $1500, worth of stock in the park'being sold to- Carbondale ball exponents. The proposition .'was then presented - :- ;o Murphysboro and I afte rconsiderable • partying, the Fcorcntino uampaneilo, aged years. 1 month and days died Thurs- to Holdeii hospital about noo .day. The" remains -were taken the Iionp of the child's parents,'Mr. and Mrs. Ben Cairipairpllo at' Du- Quoiii on No. 6 'Thursday, where ! funeraj,-and burial will • be-held. 3 plan was rejected,, being fought by a. persistent group of stockliolders. at W. 'A. BRANDON,' M. .D GENERAL PRACTICE AND THi EYS - . -•• Eyet Tested Qlauet Mtt* Vfrelnla Bids. . H.H.ROTH Practice limited to Diseases- of * -EYE, NOSE, EAR ^ancT^rflROAT Over Woolyvorth. .fetbrei../ 1 ,."'. Murphysboro, III. " '/;.'. ' LAUKAK.SWA-RTZ > PHYilCiAN Chroj>Jc D1s«aBc« a 8pecl«ity P'fflce .In Uaudsr-NJehctt W.W. HAMH.TQN '' Coal and Ice: IMACKEY COAL, Ot-FlCt . - ' Phone 204 - •'•'•'•'.-'•"". , •j ^ f • DR. J.W. BARROW .NEW HAMILTON BUlLDIftQ Houra 9'to 11 A, M. and 2 to t '^'. k ... . PHONE *8 - . Vlralnl* Building . ECONOMY COAL YARI J. B. WOODS, PROP. -'• Washed Nut, Egg and Lum» "• •"-" PHone"K9,k. '.^'"- '•.± * HENRY BAIN TRANSFER l GET OUR Phone-342 K ""'. v « .-•'"'• Mew • suit ; designs for mien :''•>' & • and exclusive, fine fabrics of are Clothes—famous for quality, for Ion T. A. .Wo t-.ike.this metlrod of notifyir.g- tlie electric -Ught -and power consumers that for any reason should your meters not be read you should' 'Only pay the minimum rate of $1.00 as re- 'quired'by ; your contract. Should you .pay more thin- the minimum rate you a - re j'aying for something you ci'O -not know whether you are getting or not. Demand of. the company that your meter 'be read before you pay.-more than the minimum. This is our method of notifying the 'pulb'ic that you are -about to be imposed upon. .CARBiONCDA'LE TRADES attv miifi the' Carbondale plan however. FOR 'HOME SHINES-SAVE THE DEATHER ;THE BIG VALUE 'PACKAGES, PASTES AND LIQUIDS Fc ' EU *'SS > ^ I S'stocS|"* Blow »' F. DALLEV CORPORATIONS LTD., TIJE COLUMN Cath In Advance. One month,' per word ...;.. AS ,.1t One week, per word V.V — -M One insertion, per word .;..,.... jOl Three insertions, per word .01 ing ? ls. the calendkr—if not really 'in the -auv" Hadn't you pettier he thinking about-what you're go- '-. ing^fco way 'of. a. Spring. 'Suit? Tom, Dick' 1 Harry- and.,all your :old-iriends; will'soon blossom" out clothes, so': .. ' "... .•'-•• : - but get busy- and order^yours^tpdajC' ; Remember tha,t our woolens- are'--REALLY, /woolens^-iOOfo puj-'e - an'd o.iiir tailoring speaks'for-itself; •'./' ' ' ; '* WANTSa . WA-NTED^-Young men and girls foVl'aetory work. iE>x.parience not required. Good wages, Nine-hour dat with ten hours, pay.—TPne Oliver 1 Typewriter Company, Woodstock, III. -' ' ta24tf WANTED— Married' man aged 23 to' 40, by_ large Eastern Life Ins. Co., collecting and soljcitirig. Salary and commission. Chance for promotion. Work in Carbondale. Address " E. Warreii, ' Assistant Supt., Room 1, Borgcr. Hardy Bldg., MurpSysboro HI- '' . • M23— 6t or gentelman in Carbondale. f or Watkins Famous Products. Walking goods known everywhere Big profits. Write today. Watkins Company 51, Winona, Minn. FOR KENT. / FOH R! IES,T—Furn i: FOR' RES,T—Furnished room. Modern. preferred. 2fO Hospital Drive. Telephone 69.' M26-<3t ?OR RENT— 3 •• connected rooms, good location, ' furnished or un- 'uenished.. Inquire at' Fox Drug Co., Phone'276, '-• U22—6t 'FOR'RENT—Large garden. 216 West-Main street. ' .- m20-€t ^.OR RENT—Two furnished .rooms. Modern. 460- West Oak St. • "EOHrRENT—Two iront rpom«-OT«: Style Shop, for office or sleeping room*. Apply Mise Rieth, Normal md Monro* at- . ;••' ; - • - i . ' FOR" RENT—Farm, 40 acres, east of Carbondale, good orchard and fine place .4 for cantaloupes. Also grain crops. Reasonable terms to reliable party. Apply. 3tiiss Maggie Kieth. FOR RENT—Storage lor honaehoK gooda.i In the one story.brick buliainj, cement floors, on alley baak of »aw Barth Tlieatrs, Apply Mies Rleth. FOR SALE. FOR SALE—Willard. storage "bat- ' :ery—6 to 8 .volts. May .be seen at l Settlen).6irs' shoe . hospital. .Good as.- FOR' SALE—Several hundred loads dirt,'cheap. Phone. 59, or 163—W Sam.G. Hill. .. M24—2t F.OR SAL-E—Gas range. 'Good condftaon. r Call at 810 West Main. i*24-3t r OR SALE—Five room house. Telephone 466-K. M23—3t ,Oak street and . Bar'tb Theatre v .ott down town street, cameo pin. v Call Mrs. B. B. Eckhard. • .'•':?'••' ' • ,j/£ -Flower Daince, E?lks Closing Feature Qf The Dancing Season FOR " SALE— Restaurant. Good ocation for Tjusin-ess. Party leaving town. Bargain if sold at. once. Apply corner 12th.. and Locust streets, Mur.phys-boro, 111.'' m23-6t 'OTR SALE — Vv'c buy, raise and sell fur-bearing rabbits, and other ur-bearing animaTs. List what you lave with .us -, stating your lowest irices on l:irgc lot shipments. The "ur .&' Specialty Fanningji;o., 51517 N. 'P. Ave., Fargo, N. Dak. : ' . M19— Imo. . LOST — Between Oak street and "tJjrth i:; 'Theatre; on -"down 'town street, ?ameo pin. Call 166. The' Elks closed their season of feature dances at-the club last night by . giving a floral feature dance. The ladies wore 'corsages of flowers, which were sent to them be-^ fore ; the" dance by the Elks witlT: whom-they had the evening .engagement. It was a beautiful array of flowers on the dance floor. The men were^ presented buttpn- aires by.the club. .The flowers of the buttonaires were of sweet peas. Dancing lasted until one o'clock. CARD OF THANKS . .We wish to thank the many friends and re'l'afives for their kindness ' shown during the illness - and death si? pur. wife,' daughter and'sister. Also-, for- the beautiful floral offering. • LV A.'RENKOEMAN'. ' •:' • ' ..MR. AND .]VJJRS...J..tF.,;THR.QG- "" MORTON AND FAMILY. tL- '

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