Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on June 6, 1930 · Page 10
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 6, 1930
Page 10
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HSjft^ti?^" *• flfl PLATFORM Rational Issues Pre. 5d In Resolutions Adopt- ,ftt Meeting of Committee for Reorganization. iff A Strong position nil im- JMftt state and nntlonnl Issnps, .„ Democratic state ronimlltco, i lit meeting held for roorgnnlrB- mt ttarrlsburg on Wednesday, ed a platform upon which ensuing campaign for the *fl ' States srnntorshlp, gover- htp and other stale offices will , JF»gt>d. The platform follows: ilfht To Local Self-Oovernment. lore and more the people are be- governed; less and less do they m themselves. The rights of the ite are rapidly being usurped by the «ral government; local authority 18 way to dictation from Harris- Mtfg. The Democracy of Pennsylvania " ises this trend in government and IS upon the people of this state come to Its support in its battle to intain both the principle and the :tlce of states' rights and local '-government. Democracy and the Eighteenth "*' Amendment. J t paramount Importance is: Pese of the American constitutional «|»tem, menaced by the Eighteenth Snendmcnt. «The basis of free government is in- VMved. "this amendment prevents the repre- § natives of the people from malting changing their laws affecting r private life and local customs; ch right is essential to our form ol government as guaranteed by the ffturth article of the Constitution. The police power of the states is be- absorbed by a bureaucracy at ihlngton. ial authority is claimed by state federal courts and officers, re- Blfltlng in arbitrary and corrupt prac- tfces. Double punishment is inflicted fjj& the same act, which is unjust and iresslve. advocate the immediate repeal £ the state enforcement act, known the Snyder-Armstrong act. •fiffe favor repeal of the Volstead act. "(We favor the removal of the Eigh- ttftnth amendment from the federal Constitution, and. to that end we fa- the submission by congress of amendment to conventions elected 5 the people of the states, as probed for by article five of the Con- adtutlon. J Tariff. •The tariff has gone beyond the lim- t >f being reasonably protective and Becoming prohibitive of all impor- on. This developing policy is not more grossly selfish than it is blind- lj£ short-sighted. While it can and •vrtll prevent all imports, it will at the •fline time destroy all exports, and tS* net result will be to the disadvan- of the American laborer, farmer manufacturer. *' Branch Banking. ^Concentration and centralization of p»Jittcal, industrial or financial con- t»l are all alike inimical to the wel- flre .of the people generally. We vSirn the peope of both state and na- tBn of the ultimate purpose behind pgbpaganda now under way for b5»nch or chain banking. This pur- p»»e IB the ultimate control by a few interests of the financial strength of til* whole nation. Branch or chain banking -would Crossword Puzzle 31 ion 150 HORIZONTAL 1 Sour. 5 Away. 8 Body of ivntcr. 12 Donated. 13 To drink dog fashion. 14 Melody. 15 Verbal. 10 Krn. 17 Requirement. 38 Insistence. 21 Shovels. 24 Large hammer. 28 Hnrbor. 30 Recessed window. .11 t'nit. 32 Brinks. 33 Bora. 30 Pangs. 38 Story. 41 Neither. 4 2 Domesticated. 45 Pitcher. 40 Rather thqn. 47 Foretoken. 48 To opine. 49 To sonk flax. 50 To breathe heavily. VERTICAL 1 Since. 2 Vehicle. 3 Bugle plant. 4 To deceive. 5 Banners. 0 Wrath. 7 Uncloses. 8 Attorney. YESTERDAY'S ANSWER IplAIRI IIAIHI IDIUI 0 Constclla* tion. 10 Relative. 11 To devour. 10 To renovate. 20 Xenr. 21 Yelled. 32 Skillet. 23 Farewell! 25 Xoise. 26 Driving command. 27 Component. 20 To overlook. 33 Restaurant train. 34 Heron. 30 Semester* 37 To halt. 30 Reverence. 40 Shelter. 43 Eucharist vessel. 44 Males. destroy all locally owned banks with their local management and local sympathies; it would concentrate and centralize the banking resources of the whole country into' a limited number of very great banks controlled by a. very few individuals. Public Service Commission. We advocate that the public service commission be adequately equipped and that its members be relieved from political or corporate influences, so that it can be made to serve faithfully its high public function. The remedy of existing or past evils in the administration of the commission docs not lie in its abolition. It must be free from all coercion, even from a governor, and it must be subservient to no interest except the law impartially and equitably enforced for the benefit of all the people. Taxation. The people are overburdened with taxes. This condition causes increasing distress in city and country alike. The Democratic party pledges itself to the honest effort to reduce taxes and thereby lessen the burden now Footer's CLEANERS AND DXERS 1111 llth St. Phone 5179 weighing so heavily upon the people of the state. In this connection we mention specifically the present gasoline tax, which should be cut in half under a sound business administration without hindering the progress of the good road development. Coal and Iron Police. We favor the abolition of the coal and iron police, and we are opposed to any such body's being vested with the authority of the state, but selected and paid by private individuals or corporations who are free to control and direct them for their own coercive purposes. State Constabulary. We oppose the degradation of the FOR CONSTIPATION effective in smaller doses SAFE'SCIENTIFIC r "YES INDEED Madam—you'll find that this Inlaid Linoleum will give you exceptional long service and that it is of the latest design . . . Yes, this would be fine in the kitchen and this pattern over here would be fine for the bathroom ... We are offering it to you now at a 25 per cent reduction in price . . . any color or design. A Real Home Outfitting Service to— BRIDES-TO-BE We help young couples, about to be married, with their home plans . . . and we give a service without any dollar mark attached to it. A homey home, you know, isn't in what it costs but in what taste is used in selecting the necessary furniture and furnishings. Besides, we help in the extension of credit, when needed . . . Ours is a good •tore to come to because we do more than talk about service—WE REALLY SERVE. W. S. Aaron 1429 Twelfth Avenue «ate eoWslabfllary to th« fftfc «* W» and infdrrnerS. ' labor. We affirm labor 1 * Just claim to the right of collective bargaining. We favor restriction of the use of injunctions in labor disputes. We advocate needed revision of the workmen's compensation law, particularly to make its administration more humane and truly just. And, we maintain it to be a duty of our state government to study and treat the matter of un- imployment in a sensible and intelligent manner. Old Age Pensions. We favor statewide old age pensions for those of our citizens who have served faithfully in the social order of our state and have arrived at the time of life where work is no longer possible and whose only outlook' is to be committed to an institution as a public charge. Hnnpltallzatlon of Veterans. We advocate adequate and proper hospitallzation and care for the sick, maimed and incapacitated from our wars. Appellate Courts. The fourteen supreme and superler court judges are all members of the Republican party. Impartial administration of justice requires in each of these high courts representatives of some other political ;hought and legal philosophy. Public confidence in decisions would be 'strengthened by the knowledge that in deliberation, conference and result some mind and voice representing the political opposition had been a factor. Uncontroverted Subjects. We favor good roads and good schools. We approve liberal appropriations for hospitals, for humane prisons for criminals and for reformatories for delinquents, with due regard to sound economy. Fledge. If entrusted with the peoples' power, we promise a decent, honest, lion 6t ow state settees, it elected ffbm <rt» d4t*8 tot office Ift tH6 ftatfoftftl *o» »oAt>. . LONDON, June 8.— A new type of motor coach to be seen on the roads by gasoima Aft i flanged Wheels tot dfWIngf ott th« tracks. A contrivance will adjust the pneuttiaUc tires to the cofccn when it wishes to travel the open highway. --SATURDAY IS THE LAST DAY OF OUR BIG 600 Pairs ANNIVERSARY SALE Of Women's Pumps, Oxfords and Ties at E-X-T-R-A-! Special values for the last day. $ ^j^^ M f^ "V Our shelves are filled with 9 ^B ^L^J ^^ women's and children's Jr • * *"^ ^W smart summer" shoes which we are sacrificing at extremely 1 o w Embracing patents, satins, blondes, whiles and "V P"ccs. combination colors. All sizes. Values to $6.00. ACTORY SHOE STORE 1429y 2 HtH Ave. Glasses —may be the means of saving your vacation trip from disappointment due to an accident to ybuf glasses. Insure yourself a pleasurable trip. Come in for a scientific eye examination before you go away. HAVE YOUR EYES EXAMINED Specially featured .95 White gold filled, high bridge frame. Beautifully engraved. Your lenses inserted without charge. GABLE'S 12th AVENUE ARCADE Where Hundreds of Altoonans Choose Their Summer Apparel Very Economically 350 New Summer HATS $1.95 i To £3.95 Values White and pastel color felt a.nd stitched crepe hats as well as the new panama toyos in white, black and colors. You can afford several for wear with your new summer frocks at tK Saturday price. Girls' Knitted Berets, All Colors, 49c GABLE'S DOWNSTAIRS Saturday Features In Summer Needs Women's Slips of rayon flat crepe. Deep shadow hems. White and pastel colors. Regularly $1.29. Special for Saturday, 88c. Children's Hose, s/ 8 and % length hose in a variety of patterns. 39c regularly. Pair, 25c. Women's Hose. Fine silk-to-the-top hose, full fashioned. $1 regularly. The wanted shades. Pair, 77c. Women's Undies of rayon flat crepe. Flesh, Nile, orchid, peach, mais and other pastel shades. 79c and $1 regularly. Garment, SSc. Women's Bloomers, panties and chemise of rayon. Outsizes only, Pastel shades. Garment, $1. Children's Wash Frocks of lovely new summer materials. Guaranteed washable. Sizes 2 to 6 years. Each, 79c. Cushions of fine quality satine. Colorful floral and chintz effects. For porch, auto or canoe. Each, 39c. Tots' Garden Sets consisting of dainty printed voile dress with hat to match. Sizes to 6 years. Each, S9c. GAJBLE'S DOWNSTAIRS Men's and Boys' Saturday Specials Men's Hats with soft or stiff brims. Sennits, milans and trueciollas. Plain color or fancy bands. Each, 95c. Men's Shirts and Shorts in plain colors and fancy designs. Regularly 75c a garment. Saturday, 44c. Men's Union Suits of pajama-check material. Athletic style. 69c regularly. Saturday, 47c. Men's Rayon Hose in assorted patterns and colors. Worth 39c and 50c a pair. Saturday, 25c. Boys' Washable Play Suits of splendid wearing materials. Sizes to 8 years. $1 and $1.50 regularly. Saturday, 79c. Boys' Knickers of Belgian linen. Plaid patterns and plain colors. Sizes to 12 years. Pair, 94c. Men's Shirts of fancy patterned fabrics. Also plain colors. Neckband and collar-attached styles. $1.39 and $1.50 values. Each, 99c. GABLE'S DOWNSTAIRS Sale! 400 Lovely New SILK DRESSES for Summer Days Actual $7.95 Values Choose from street frocks, business frocks, models for travel, for sports. Pastel shades, street colors and prints. You will want two of these dresses when you see them Saturday. Sleeveless, short sleeves, long sleeves. Sizes for misses, women and larger women. Washable Silks New Georgettes Printed Chiffons Silk Prints Sport Silks Other Dresses Smart dresses for summer wear. Of rayon pique, silk-and-rayon, Celanese prints and rayon flat crepe. An endless variety of models for misses and women. Sleeveless, long or short sleeves. Outstanding Apparel Values Women's Coats of white flannel and basketweave. Sizes 14 to 28. $5.85 and $9.85. Only 100 at these prices Saturday. Girls' Coats for dress and general wear, to 14. To $9.75 value. $4.74. Women's Coats of broadcloth, silver- spray and other materials. Light and dark colors. All sizes. To $19.50 values. $10.85. Girls' Dresses. Lovely silk prints and plain colors. To $5 values. $2.88. GABLE'S DOWNSTAIRS 600 Pairs SHOES Made to Retail at $3.50 tc $5 $1 .88 Kid and calf leathers, patent and satin in black, blond, parchment, brown and other shades as well as white. Twenty different styles from which to choose. All' heel heights and all sizes. 1 Boys' Tennis Shoes Ladies' Woven Sandals ' Splendid wearing Tennis Shoes in brown and white. Durable rubber soles and heels. Sizes ll l / 2 to 6. Regular $1 values. Special for Saturday. 78c The most popular summer footwear. In all white, white-and-black, beach-and- brown, tan-and-white and natural. Sizes 3 to 8. Actual $4.50 and $5 values. GABLE'S DOWNSTAIRS v

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