Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 14, 1962 · Page 7
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 7

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 14, 1962
Page 7
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The POWER of FAITH **»«·»* ·ma 1 ' v ^ v^ ^^'^.^·ifeU THE EASTER STORY "By now it wai about midday and there came a darkn tailed until ihree'ln the afternoon. ...And the curtain o( th Jeius gave a loud cry and laid, 'Father, into thy hands 1 ct wardi ha died." \ r , '«»!# * § § -III BIS over the whole land, which B temple was torn in two. Then mmit my ipirlt;' and with thesa ·*" 'J^""'- ·.'""·· Modern Vers Would Neves Religion In America By LOUIS CASSELS United Press International "Thou shall not steal-- much." "Thou shall nol bear false wil- ness -- unless you're in a jam." "Thou shall not commit adull- ery-- excepl when you're really in love . . ." Moses would never recognize this version ot the Ten Commandments. It is a modern version. 11 has never been written down on tablets of stone, but, according to U.S. religious leaders, il appears to have acquired a wide following. There is greal concern among Proleslanl, Calholic and Jewish leaders about Ihis popular lenden- cy lo add convenienl escape clauses to Ihe Commandments which have been the basis of Ihe Judeo-Christian moral code for thousands of years. Theologians call it "moral relativism." The moral relativist, they say, doesn't ignore moral laws. He just interprets them to suit himself. To A Point He is honest, up lo a point. He Is trulhful, a good part of the time. You can trust him, especially if you keep an eye on him. He would never think of rob- b ng a bank. That would be criminal, and also dangerous. But he sees no great harm in clipping the company for a few bucks on his expense account ("They ought to pay me a better salary anyway") or in pressing a spurious damage suit ("The insur- annce company can afford it") or in defrauding the governmenl somewhal on his income lax return ("They'll lake il all if you let Ihern.") If he reads in Ihe newspaper aboul a janitor who returned a sackful of money that fell out of an armored car, he sits down and writes the j?jiilor a lelter-- telling him how "stupid" he was. If he happens lo be an electric Industry executive who is caught fixing prices, he blandly explains [o a congressional committee that ne didn't do anything really criminal: He just violated a law that was inconvenient to his business. Okay By Him If his favorite TV quiz shows turn oul lo be rigged, he doesn't jet sore at the well-prompted "geniuses" who played him for a ion Of Ten Cc r Be Recogniz sucker. After all, he asks, who wouldn'l lie for $64,0007 He does have a code of sexua morality-- in fact, two of them One, which he expects his wife and children to follow, is base( on Biblical teachings. It forbids sexual relations outside of mar riagc, with no ifs, ands or buts. The other, which he privately regards as the only suitable rule for a robust man like himself, is borrowed from romantic movies uiandmenls ed By Moses and novels. It holds that marital infidelity is excusable if it results from a mutual, if fleeting, passion sanctified by the name ol "love." Don't get the moral relativist wrong. He doesn't want to repea! the Ten Commandments. He thinks they are a great guide to conduct, especially for the other fellow, and provided, of course, thai you don'l carry them loo far. Finding The Way by Ralph W. Loew, D. D. As you mrn from the beautifu waterfront and walk along th quaint street with its membrle of its days under the Danish flag you come to a decaying buildin which may soon be torn away s that a school mighl be erected. Here was the old slave marke in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands Men and women were brought he from their ancestral homes, sold I Ihelr colonial owners, and a neu paltern of life begun. Today, slavery is gone, the tour isls have come, and the old pat terns seem as unreal as woult the rumor of a snowsotrm i this semitropical atmosphere. Just 38. minutes by air. on comes to San Juan, Puerto Rico where the publicity releases an nounce thai the gambling casino are run with integrity. Watching the glazed eyes, th faraway look, the passionate in (ensily of Ihe players and the glib ness wilh which money in large denominalions is exchanged one Dates Revealed For Conference MINNEAPOLIS (UPI) - The fiflh quadrennial Melhodisl con ferencc on Ihe Town and Country Church will be held at the Uni versity of Minnesota from July ! Uirough 12, 1903. Delegates wil be chosen al the Methodist an nual conferences this spring. Purpose of llic Town am Country Conference will be to en large the home mission of th church with stress on the smal church, changing patterns in population and culture in city and country and the ccumenica movement. i"g.»" :ii k First Presbyterian Church '·feiiiSi! V WORSHIP SERVICES H^ilHpl "THE HORSES OF 1 - THE REVELATION" JiMttl M. Brown Mlnlll*n 11-00 *-w- ~ Service Rroidciil -- KENL 1340 wonders who is slave and who is free. It will take a moral revolution lo free Ihese slaves. Once more history is reminding us that freedom is not only a sodai climate; it is an inner discipline. The volatile subject of freedom arouses passions. Its emotional battle cry has been raised by people who all too often have been ill-prepared for its responsibilities. Sometimes the patterns of behavior set by those who have known the blessings of freedom have encouraged no understanding of this responsibility. New Evidence Each day brings us new evidence that tremendous inner discipline is required of a generation that aspires to know the far reaches of space. Our technological adventures demand emotional responsibility. Our freedom of speed and power cry aloud for a moral sensitivity. Our power to destroy, which we use as a prelection to our freedom, demands thai we use the same amount of power to enrich, that our freedom be meaningful. Real freedom is not only unrestricted use of the highway; il is ,he freedom lo restrict one's speed. Real freedom Is not only shedding the ancient shackles of an outworn slavery; it is the de- terminnlion nol lo be enslaved by self. It is still true that the Christian man is free, the slave of no one. Therefore, he is the servant of everyone. This is freedom at its responsible best. RIGHTISTS DENOUNCED NEW YORK (AP) - The Central Conference of American Rabbis says that right-wing groups such as the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade and the John Birch Society are "inimical and dangerous lo the American democratic way of life." The 'executive board of the conference, representing the rabbis of the reform wing of Judaism, said such rightist groups are trying to "turn back the course of social progress" in their Apposition to the graduated income tax, social security, unemployment insurance, racial integration, slum clearance and civil liberties. HUMBOLDT STANDARD Saturday, April 14, 1962, P. 7 Thoughts So Ihe victory that day was turned into mourning for all Iho people'; for the people heard thai day, The king is grieving for his son. -- II Samuel U:2. Grief should be Ihe instructor they who know the mosl must mourn the deepest o'er Ihe fatal Irutli. -- Lord Byron. And he did what was right in the eyes of the Lord, according to all that his father Uzziah had done. -- II Kings 15:34. True wisdom is to know what is best worth knowing, and to do whal is best worth doing. -- Laurence Humphrey. Who will listen to anybody and can never arrive at a knowledge of Uie truth. -- If Timothy 3:7. In troubled water you can scarce see your face, or see it very little, till the water be quiet and stand still. So in troubled times you can see little truth; when times are quiet and settled, then truth appears.-- John Selden, And he healed many who were sick with various diseases, and cast out many demons; and "he wuold not permit the demons to speak, because they knew him. -- Mark 1:34. When I look to my guiltiness, 1 see lhal my salvation is one of our Saviour's grealcsl miracles, either in heavsn or earth. -- Samuel Rutherford. All wrongdoing is sin, but there is sin which is not mortal. -- I John 5:17. Not only commission makes a sin. A man is guilty of all those sins he hateth nol. If I cannot avoid all. yet I will hate all. -Bishop Hall. The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, God, I thank thee that I am not like other men, extortioners, unjusl, adul- erers, or even like this lax col- ector.-Luke .18:11. And from Ihe prayer of Wanl, and plaint of Woe, 0 never, never turn away thine ear! Forlorn, in Ihis bleak wilderness below, Ahl what were man, s h o u l d Heaven refuse to hear! --James Beattie. For the Lamb in Ihe midst of the throne will be their shepherd, and he will guide them lo springs of living water; and God will wipe away every lear from Iheir eyes. -Rev. 7:17. That which is boundless in you abides in a mansion in Iho sky whose door is the morning mist and whose windows arc the songs ai.d silences of the nighl. -- Kali:il Gibran. 'Courage' Topic For Methodises Sunday Sermon "Courage -- the Word That Holds Life Together" will be the theme of the Palm Sunday services at 9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. i\t the First Methodist church of Eureka. Rev Oscar Link will be continuing his Lenten series of talks on "Words That Change Life" in the worship hour. The Sacrament of Baptism and reception of new members also will be part of the service. Special music will be sung by Lhe youth and chancil choirs. On Wednesday at 7:15 p.m., the paslor will give his final Lenten Bible talk. As part of Holy Week celebration, members of the church will observe the Sacrament of Holy Communion at 7:30 p.m. Friday. The Great Lakes form the largest hody of fresh water in the world. With their connecting waterways they are the largest in- and water transportation unit. APOSTOLIC FAITH CHURCH, 739 P Street, Eureka. Tho Rov. David Me- folium, paslor. Sunday school 9:30 a. m.i morning worship H a,m.» evening evangelistic service fl p.m.; services Wed- nosdayi and Fridays at n D.m. FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD: Wahaitl and Union streets; the Rev, Johnnie Smith, pnstor; morning worship, 11 a.m.i evangelistic service 7 p.m.; family night ;30 p.m. Wednesday: Cartels (boys uf to 1? years), Mssonettes 1 girls up lo 12 years), CA (13-35), and adult prayer and Bible study. CALVAKY BAPTIST CHURCH, Dr. Mln yard M Barnott, pailor, 3350 p streat Sunday school 9;4i a. m.j mornino wor. ship 11 a. m.; Training Union ; p. m.i evening worship B p. m.i midweek service, Wedneirfey, 7:30 p. m, CALVARY LUTHERAN CHURCH, Pros pec! and South Avenue, the Rav. Roy Maldc, pastori Servicoj, Sundny School grades ono to adult 9:40 a. m. age* 3, J, S, at 11 a, m., worship 8i30 a. m. and 11 a, m,, junior and tenior Luther League) 4:30 p. m.; midweek Bible sludy 7:30 p. m. Wednesday. CHRIST CHURCH (Episcopal), Uth nnd H ilreels. The Rov. John L. Thompson ill, Rector. Holy Communion fl n. m.i (milly sorvlca and church school 9:15 n, n. with Holy Communion the third Sunday ol the month; mornlno, prayer nnd sermon 11 a.m. wilh Holy Communion tha tlrst Sundny of thn monlhi Holy Communion 10 A. m. Wednesdays nnd Holy Cflyi. Your O CHRISTIAN CHURCH OP 6UKBKA, Svvenlh end K Stiectj, the Rev Hat old E Rnntun. paslnr Church scno*i ·Mi a. m.i mining wotslilp 11 a. m with nursery cere tor young ctiUdion during toe service i CHURCH OP CHRISI, 1300 CnlHorma itreel, Furwka. Lyle Bonnaf, minister, i/ AS Heuef drive. Bible sludy 10 i.m i lermon anrl worship n a.m. and / o.m.; SitHe study. WHimrJav /i30 0 m. Sunday school 9:40 a. m., morning wor ship 11 a. m., evanyel.stlg seivlce /:30 UN II ED PENIBCUiiAL CHURCH, J/Ui Irinlty strtJOt, Eureka, Gerald Sm th. a.m.) wouh'p 11 a.m. and / n.m.i pray er and Bible study, Tuesday l p.m.) young people Thursday I p.m. p, m. Saturday. 1 RINI TV LUTHERAN CHURCH, Mis iourl Synod Church ot " 1 he L utheran Hour" and 'This is The Lite". Hen derson and K Streets. Eureka. The Rev W, H. Yotissl. pastor. Sunday morn no worship 10:30 a, m.i Sunday school Bible classes 9:15 a. m. UNITARIAN ?ELIOW5HIP OF HUM BOLDF COUNTY, Fellowship Hdll, 1418 A streal, Eureka, Kenneth Thompson, fellowsh'p chfl'rman, HI 3 J9«; Sunday meetlno at 10:30 a. m. lollnwed hy cuflee hour and discussion period. Sunday School also at 10:30 a, m. CHURCH OP GOD OF PROPHECY' /87 Victor boulevard, Samoa. The Rev. Rosla G'.bsflrt, pastor. Sunday school 9:4i a.m.; morning worship 11 a.m.j even n( service 7 p.m. Mid wfeh seruice, Tues day 1 p.m. Young People's service Friday J p.m. CHURCH OP JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS, ilrt and. l streets, Bishop Richard Miller; prlesthooc meeting B:JS a. m., Sunday school 10:30 a. m., sacrament S p. m.; Re- llcf Society ID a.m. Tueidayj MIA 7:30 p.m. Wednesday; primary 4 p.m. Thursday. CUTTEN COMMUNITY METHODIST CHURCH, 3020 Campion Road, Rev. Frank Gehman, pastor; church school 9:45 a. m.) mornmg worship 11 a. m.; youth fellowship 6:30 p. m. FOURSQUARE GOSPEL, Pratt and A Streets, Rev. Larry I. Brlney, pastor; Sunday School 9:30 a, m.; morning worship 11 a. m.; evangelistic service 7:45 p. m.f prayer service 7:45 p. m. Wednesday. FIRS! BAPTIST CHURCH, Del NorlS and E Streets, the Rev. Gregory S. Mgrorr,', pastori Sunday school 9:4i a. ·1st Youth groups 6:15 p. m.j even rig services 1:30 p, m., midweek prayer service 7:10 p. m. FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, MadQSjn anr l strejls, Rev. James P. lentur, paslor; Sunday School 9:30 a.m.; church service 11 a.m.; Pll[jrlm Fellow ship 6 p.m. FIRS' CHURCH OF V.HRIST SCIENTIST rievenlh and « stitiels, Sunday school 7:30 a m.i morning worship 11 s. m.i Wednesday ev ^ning service S p. m. A supervised children's room n mo n tfllned at /21 Mth stieel, next door io the church Irom 10:30 ID 12:15. so par enls may attend services. A reading room r 426 5'xlh streel 's open dally from 10 a. m In t p. m. except Fridays, 10 a. m to 4 p m. and 7 to ? p. m. vls"ors are welcome. FIRST CHURCH OF 1flE NAZARENE, -lumroldt and K streets, the Rev. Paul D Mangum, pastor. Showers ol Blessing radio program B a.m. KDAN; Sunday school 9:45 a.m.; morning worship 1 i.m ; youth groups 6 o.m.; evening evangelistic service 7 p.m.) orayer and oraisc service, Wednesday 7 p.m. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH - Del lorte nnd F streets, the Rev. Oscar E. Link, paslor. Church School lor all ages 9:30 a. m.; worship services 9:30 a. m. and 11 a. m. THE FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, ISIh and 1 streets, the Rev. James M. 3rown, pastor; Services, Sunday School 7:30 a. m., worship; 7:30 a. m. and ll a. m.. high school Presbytcens 7 p. m.; Wednesday, Westminister choir 4:45 p. m., adult choir 7:30 p. m. PINE KILL BAPTIST CHURCH, Pine Hill, (Arabella street), the Rev. Max Kelt, pallor, Sunday .school, 9:45 a, m.i worship 11 a. m.; Training union 6 p. m,; evening service 7 p, m,; teachers and offers meeting Wednesday / p. m.; jventng service Wednesday 7:45 D. m. HENDERSON CENTER ASSEMBLY OF GOD: Wood and J streets, the Rev. Martin Engebretsen, paslor; Sunday school 9:45 a. m,, worship 11 a. m., evening evangelistic 7:30 p. m.; Christ Ambassadors service 7:30 p. m: Wednesday. BETHEL ASSEMBLY DP GOD CHURCH 7734 Huhhero Lane, Eureka (near Redwood Acres). Hillside 2-70BO. The Rev. Oenn Rlggs, paslor, 4746 Anderson Lane, HI 1-7A09. Sunday school 9:45 a. m.f morning worship, 11 a, m.i evening evangelistic service 7i4S p. m.i mid week service, Tuesday, 7:45 p. m ; young people's Christ Ambassador ,iervlce, Thursday, 7:45 p. m. GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH, 320 Bunna Street- the Rev Scotl Janlkula, paitor. Sunday school 9i45 a, m.i morning worship service 11 a. m.f young people's group meeting 6:30 p. m.i evening son0 and worship service 7:30 p. m.i prayer service Wednesday 7:30 p. m. HUMBOLDT HILL CHURCH OF THE 1AZARENE, Kipling Drive, Rev. Donald look, pastor; Sunday school 9:45 a. m. with classes for all ages, worship service 11 a. m., youlh and adult meetings 6:45 p. m., evening evangelistic service 7:30 p. m., prayer and Bible study 7:30 p. m. Wednesday. JAIV4RY C W i M U N I T " ; CHURCH Fields Landing, Oladwyn N. Nichols, pastor. Sunday school 9:45 a, m.) mom- nq worship H a. m.j youth fellowship 5.30 p. m.; evening service 7 p. m.t Bible study 7:*5 D. m. Wednesday. JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES: EUREKA CONGREGATION: Kingdom Hall. 1324 Fifth Street; Jamos C. Bohannan, presiding minister. Congregation Bible Study, 8 P. m. Tuesday t Theocratic Ministry school, 7:30 p. m.; service meeting, 8:30 p. m. Friday; public Bible eclure, 6:30 p. m. Sunday; Wfltchtower study, 7:45 p. m. Sunday. LANDMARK MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH, Runeberg Hall, Wabash and Jnion Streets; Elder G. A. "Sonny" Williams, minister; Sunday School 9:45 a. m.; morning worship 11 a. m.; even- ng service 7 p. m. FIRSl COVE NAN! CHURCH, Carson *nd J Slreets, the Re-/. Gerald V. Steiv Derg, pastor. Hillside- 3-239*1 church ptiane, Hillside 14774. Bible school 9:45 a. m.j worship H a. m.j avenlng ser- ·ice 7:30 p. m.j Wednesday Bible study and prayer service 7;30 p. m. MYRTLE AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH, 3131 More avenue, the Rev. George E. Wiiiell. pastor. Sunday school 9:45 a.m.l morning worship 11 a. m.; evangelistic ervicfi 5 p. m.; training union 6 p. m.; prayer meeting 7:30 p, m. Wednesday. NORTH SAMOA CHURCH OF THE NAZ- XRENE, the Rev.' Ray Hibberd pastor, Sunday school 9:45 a.m.; worship service 1 a.m.; youth service 6:45 p.m.; evangelistic service 7:30 p.m.; prayer meeting 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. PENTECOSTAL CHURCH OF COD 400 A Street, Eureka. The Rev. W. E. Wilfolg, pastor, HI 2-74SO. Sunday Lhnol 9 MS a. m.i morning worship H n. m.t evening service 7:3 Op. m.j midweek service, Wednesday 7:30 p. m.i week service, Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. PENTACOSTAL HOLINESS CHURCH, 470 Snnla Clara street, Eureka. Trio Rov. C. A. Tuttle, pastor. Sunday school 9:45 a. m.; morning worship 11 a. m.; evening worship / p m ; mid-week service Tues- I,iv anrl Thursday 7:30 p m. RIDGEWOOD ASSEMBLY OF GOD, As- emftly of God campgrounds, 6400 Redwood Drive. Eureka; the Rev. N. R. ln- irnm, pastor. Hi 2-7659J Sunday School 'MS a.m.; morning worship 11 a.m.) evening worship 7:30 p.m. and Wednesday worship 7:30 p.m. RIUGEWOOD HEIGHTS BAPTIST CHURCH, Egg en and Rltigewood Drive, he Ritv. Alvle Chadwlck, paitor. Sunday school 9:45 a. m.) morning wor- hip 11 a m.i training union 6:30 p. mj evening worship 7:30 p, mj prayer meeting, Weclnssday 7:30 o. m. SEVENTH-DAY ADVENT1ST CHURCH, Harris and B Street, Eurakft. Elder L. L. Bennett, pailor. Sabbath school Snturday 9:10 a m.j morning worship Saturday 11 a. m.i prayer sarvlcn anC liblri study hour Wodnoiday 7i30 p. m.i DorcM Wnltare Society Wadneidey 0 a. m.i choir raheiuial 7; 30 p. m. : ridAvi Painlmdcr club mealing ' p. m, Monday) mKsioiwy volunlter lorvlct Friday /:30 p. m. THE LITTLE CHAPQL, intardnnomlna- lonal, 37? Pint Stfoet, Eureka. Moot- run ovnry nljhl axccni Monday o\ 7i4Ji iundny morning Diblo iturty 11 a. m.i Mrs. Auttin* Fernieat, paitor. lurch Gu THB SALVATION ARMY, 300 Fifth Stj Brigadier William Millar,, officer li charge; Sunday prayer meeting 9:15 a.m.; Sunday School 9:45 a.m. with classes for all arjest morning holiness meeting 11 a.m.; street meeting at second and F slreeli 4:15 p.m.; evangelistic service 7 p.m. UNIVERSAL CHURCH OP THE MAS IER, (ho Rev. Grace Coniad, pastor; /Valker Polnl Road, P. 0. Box J/8A IOUSB ·*, ph.ins HI ?AHI9i Sunday ser / ces 2 p. m.; Wednesday ESP class /j3d P. m. CHURCH OF GOD, HSO Myrtle Avonun the Rev. Leo flruner, pastor; Sunday Sctiool 9:45 a.m.) murnlng worship 1 a.m.; evangellillc service 7:30 p.m.i ihursday night services MQ o m. SEQUOIA BIBLE CHURCH, 1477 Call fornlo Street, Rev. C. L. Stovor, paslor; Sunday School 10 a, m.; worship service 11 a. m.; evangelistic service 7:30 p m.; Victors Throuoh Christ Young Peo p es' Service 6:30 p. m.; Bible study anc prayer meeting 7:30 p. m. Wednesday. CONOECATION BEIH EL- Ryan Mem orlal; Herman Bistrin, president, tele ohone Hi 1 6714; Jewish services con ducted twice monlnly at announced times A f t C A l A CHUKCHEi ASSEMBLY OF GOD, Revival Taber naUe 4/5 Fifth Street, the Rev. H. C t afterty. pastor, VA 2-0611; Sunday school 9:45 a. m.; morning worship 11 a. m.; evangellsllc service 7:30 p. m.; Christ Ambassador Yaung Peoples' JET vice 7:30 p. m. Wednesday. ARCATA CHURCH OF CHRIST, 1139 D street; Doyle Farnsworth, minister; Bible school 9:45 a.m. morning worship ll a.m youth fellowship and adult classes 6:30 p.m., evangelistic service 7:30 p.m.; mid wcRk Bible study and prayer service 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. ARCATA FIRST UNITED PENTECOS fAL, ona biock east 10) Highway near r. P. Tire shop* L. A. McVay, pastor HI 2-6002; Sunday School, 10 a. m.f mom ng worship, 11 a. m,; evangelistic service, 7 p, m.; Youth service, 7:30 p. m Tuosdayj Bible study, 7 p. m. Thursday ARCATA SEVENTH DAY ADV6N TIST CHURCH: thirteenth and 0 Streets, Virgil C. BecraM. paslor; Sati lath school. 9:30 a. m. Saturday; mom ing worship 11 a. .m.; young people's meeting 4:30 p. m. Safurdcy. BAYSIDE COMMUNITY CHURCH: John F Stubbs, pastor. Sunday school 10:30 a. m,; church services 9:30 a. m. CHURCH OF CHRIST, Woman's clubhouse, 13th and J streets; A. P. Spur- ock minister, T6 9-2530; Bible study 10 a.m.; worship 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.; Bible study 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. ARCATA COVENANT CHURCH, services at 'hi Arca'e Seventh Day Adventist church, corner 13th and G streets, Gor aon Anderson, minister. Sunday Schonl 10'OOe.m.; morning worship 11 a.m. Tele nhone VA 3-1136 or HI 2-67/4. CHURCH CP JESUS CHRtSl OF LATTER DAY SAINIS. Prospect nnd ilih, Arcata. Bishop Jesse B. Smllh, branch president. 1 lofi H Street. Artala VA 2'179I Pnpsthood, Salurdav 9 a. m.j Sun. day school 10:30 a. m.f Sacrnmnnl meeting. Sunday / D. m.; Mutual Im- orovement Association, Tuesday 7:30 p. m.; relic* society. Wednesday ':30 D. m.f primary association, Thursday 4 p. m. CHURCH OP THE NAZARENE, 131h and A Streets, the Rev. Donald J. Beecher. lastor; Services. Sunday school 9:45 a. m., worship 11 a. m., group fellow ships, all ages, 6 p. m., evangelistic hour 7 p, m.i midweek service 7:30 p. m, Wednesday followed by choir prac- t cei Naiarene Foreign Missionary So clety 7:30 p. m. every third Wednesday. DOWS PRAIRIE AbbfaMbLl UP GOO, Highway 101 and Grange Road, the ^ev. L. E. Blurt, paslor Sunday school ';4i a. m.f worship it a. m,j cvange Fstlc sep'ice /:45 p. m.f prayer and Bible ttudy Wednesday /:4i p. m.f young people's Christ Ambassadors p r'- day 7;45 D m FAITH TEMPLE: 11th and H Streets, Arcata, upstairs; an Interdenominational churchi Rev A. t. Cogan, castor. Sunday school, 10 a. m,i morning wor ship ll a. m.i evening service, 7;30 FIRST METHODIST CHURCH, 17S1 11th Street, Rev. Karl Ekaas, Interim pastor; Services, Sunday School 9:30 a. m.; worship 9:30 a. m. and ll a, m.; youth groups 6 p. m. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF ARCATA, 1703 Union Street, Arcata, the Rev. Michael P. Petrlllo pastor; Church school °;30 a.m.; morn'ng worship 11 a.m.; Baptist Youth Fellowship fi p.m.t Sanctuary Hour 7 p.m.t Yokefellow groups a p.m.; midweek servlcn 7i30 p.m. REORGANIZED CHURCH OP JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS, annex to hall, Redwood Park; Prlesl Dick Grlggs, Rt. 1, Box 21A, Eureka. Sunday service 7:30 p. m, to P p .m. AMERICAN BAPTIST FELLOWSHIP, 753 School Drive; Jack Legate, pastor, VA 2-4466; Sunday School 9:45 a.m. both adults and children; morning worship 11 a.m., evening worship 7:30 p.m.) prayer meeting 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH-Hlh ind G Slreets, the Rev. S. Martin Sldsatch, interim pastor. Church school ?:45 a. m.; morning worship 11 a. m. FOURSQUARE CHUK.CH, 770 Fourteenth Street, Arcala; Sunday School 10 a.m.; morning worrhip n a.m.; evening worship 7:30 p.m. WednesOav mid-week serv- ce 7:30 p.m. FULL GOSPEL DELIVERANCE MISSION, 112 G ttreet, Arcala, Rev, Lola Goforln, Rev. George and Nora Barnotl, pastorsr Wednesday night prayer meeting, 7:30; Sunday night lervlce, 7i30 p.m. FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, Scientist, church rending room, 647 Mth street, Arcata ( Sunday school 9:30 B. m.; church iervices, 11 a. m.; nursery next door. Reading room open dally 12 noon to 4 p. m. except Sundays and holidays. BETHRSOA CHURCH AND BIBLE INSTITUTE. Baysldu, V\ 2-2935, Old Jacoby Creek fchool, Sunday School 9:45; Wor. ship hour 11 .1. m College and high school groups 6 p. m.i evening service 7:30 p. m. Bihlo itudy and prayer, 7:30 p. m. Wcdncday. Choir practice 7 p. m. Saturday. Wttst Morton, director; The Rev. Lawrence Evcnson, castor, MANILA BAPTIST CHURCH. Victor Boulevard, Manila, the Rev. Neal Alord, pastor. Sunday school 9:45 a. m.j worship ll; Training Union 6:30 p. m.; fivening worship ':30. Prayer meeting Wedhfisflav ':3fl Q. m. JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES -- ARCATA CONGREGATION -- Kingdom Hall, 1374 5th Street. Eureka. Theodore Henry, Presiding Ministers. Congregation Book Sludy, 8 p. m Tuesday; Service Meeting, 7:30 p. m. Thursday! Theocratic Ministry School, 8:30 p. m. Thursday; Public Bible Lecture, 3 p. m. Sunday; Watchtower Study, 4:15 p. m. Sunday. SUNNY BRAE BAPTIST CHURCH, 267 Beverly Court, Arcata; the Rev. William Page, pastor; Sunday School 9:45 a. m ; morning worsnip, 11 a. rn.f training union, 6:30 p. m.) evening worship, 7:30 p. mj mid-week lervice, 7:JO p. m. Thursday. ST. ALBAN'S EPISCOPAL, 1675 Chestor Avenue (Sunny Brae), the Rev. Alan (.halfant, rector; Services. B a. m. Holy Communion, Sunday School fifth through 12th grades 9:30 a, m. and nursery through fourth 10:30 a. m,, family service 10:30 a. m. with Holy Communion observed on first, third and tilth Sundays. TRINITY BAPT1S1 CHURCH, the Rev. Robert Rooks, plastor, 2450 Alliance Road. Sunday school. *:45 a. m.; morning worship. 11 a. m.; Training Unfon (nil ages) i p. m. evening worship 7:30 p. m., nursery c*re available for infants and toddlers Affiliated with Southern Baptist Conv«ntion. FAITH LUTHERAN CHURCH, Church a' the National Lutheran Council. Slrombcrg Avenue and Wyntt Lane. Wpslwood village, Arc«ta, the Rev. Robert A. Rousc'ie, pallor Sonrt/w school '-45 "· m - nn d morning worship 11 a m. Parsonage 17flQ Stromberg Avenun FREE HOLINESS CHURCH, Sam 08 road at Manila, F0 Box 977, the Rev. Bob Holden, pastor; Sunday school 10 a.m,; morning worship 11 a.m.i ovanlno tervke ;:30 p.m.; Tuesday night inrvicas 7:30 p. m.f younrj people's service 7:30 p.m. Saturday. PENTECOSTAL CHURCH OF OOD, 13lh and H Street!, Arcata, Rav. T. C. Wll- hlte, pastor. Sunday school, 9:45 a. m.i morning worship H ». m,i EvnngeKstlc service, 7-30 p. m.f Wednasdny nighl prayer flnd praisn 7:30 p. m.) Frldny night, young people's service. 7:30 p. m. SUNNY nRAE CONQR60ATIONAL CHURCH, 910 Croieent Way, Arcalaj the ROV Claude W. Albright, pastor; morn- Ing worship and church school 10 n. m i Bdull church school class 11 n. m. with nurtfirv cart pnvtdadj PlymotMh HI- owihin (coins: sntf high school y.../lh) 6 p. m. ide-For PAITHWAY BAPTIST MISSION: 119 D Street; Elder Wtxvliow Splati, rrns sionary paslo. ; Bibi» SUiool 10 o. m , airship service ll a. m. and 6 i. m. ·JUk KEUCHM2K CUIHCNAN -HUKl,t 141(1 and 0 Streets. Art.ata l hr ttmrch (ji th» Lu'heia" Hour i^t KI' Donald Cl*asen. VA 7-OOSJ. Sunj(j, //or snip service 10:4^ n. i\ FOR (UNA CHUMCHEb H U M B O L D T L I B E R T Y BAPTIST CHURCH (independent}; FoMuna Won day Club, 620 Main street; Rev. .i:itinb A. Miller, pastor; Sunday School for ai ages 10 a.m ; worship 11 a.m., evening Wednesday. ASSEMBLY OF OOD, I/J6 Mawinrrg road, Foiluna. Kau Sinmel L. San't--n oastor Sunday School *:4S a m ; rnuin ng worshio II am.; evening WMIIMP ·J m t evangr-llillc 1 4S orn.i lui-vMv prayer menlmg ':45 v m i Thurs'Iay 1'ble study 7;45 o m. CAMPION MEIGHIi 3 A P I I S T CHURCH meulings in Rohner tirange Hall. Fhr Rev, Robert Seamar nnslor. Sun'inr tchool 9:45 a. m.; worstiip II a m ; ··vangelistic service ;:lu p. m.i Blh F itiirfy and orayer mtellng, Weaiies'i t. ':30 P. Ti. ICTHOUS PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, School and Thelma 51s , Campion Hi-f(j Is, RA 5-Jft70; Rev. Janici Hardy, minister, RA 5-3749; Sunday School V:d5 a.m.; worship, ll a.m.; women'* group, 8:00 p.m. second Thursday of each month. Beverly Court, Arc.ila; Ihe Rev. Hdr- CHURCH Of- THE M A / A K E N t , ijtn and L Sltoeti, Forluna, the RBV. Liny G Hubtwd, paslfir Sunrisy school 9 ·»' a. m.i morning worihip II B. rn ; young people's soclnty A:30 D. m.; Sim lay evening *ervice /;30 o. m.; m d week prayer lervlcc. Wodnesdov 7:30 a m FIRST BflPT'ST CHURCH, (Southern Convention), 1976 Scenic PMvu, For tuna; thp Rqv. Genrge flrdritt'v, psstm RA 5-SW.1i Siinrtny school 9:J5 a. m; morning worship 1 1 a. m. ; training nnlnn 6-30 p. mr evening worship, /:3( P. m.; midweek prayer servtco Wednos day " p. m. ST. JOSEPH'S CATHOL 1C CHURC (. c ourteenlh and N Streets. Fortune. Thf Rev. Michael Vinnngun, pnttnr Simnny mass a and ll a. m., also al 7:30 D. m HOPE LUTHERAN CHURCH, IMIsim M Synod). Tho Church Ot thfi Luther in Hour William D. Dlehl. pastor. Sflr vices now Doing held in the Odd Fo 'ows hall. Warship service 5; 30 a . m.. Sunday ichanl 10:30 a. m. PIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH, Ninth and o strppts. Fnrtuna. The Rev 0(tntlrt Whtiney. pa»tor Blhie School 9'45 a. m Qmrlay; worship service 11 a, m.; yo ith me^'lngs «nd Blhie s'urty 6:10 p. m : overling snrvlcfl 7'10 p m i chnir prnc lita 7 p. m '^nndny; Oil Palnllnp C U^ / p. m. W-rMfiaday; Prayer Meeting 7:30 P. m. .Thursday. F-ORTUNA SEVENTH DAY APVBNTIST CHURCH, 301 Rohiiptvlflfi R n n'!, Sahi^lh School 9:31 a m.. wotshfp gervlr.fl 11 a m , Malcolm Maxwell, pfl^lor. Services Sat urday inclii'ln SnhhAlh Sthnnl tfir nl ages at 0;30 a m.i morning wnrshl'j 'I fl.m.r y^trth service ^ p m.; midwppk prayer and study service, Wednesday 7:30 ii.m = IRST CHURCH OF CHRIST- SCI6N TIST. Forluna, $i Thlrtconlh Slrcr-t Sunday ichnol 9:30 a. m ; mornlno wot ship 11 Werinfuriny sprvlce R p m A siinprvlseH children'^ room Is pravldnr and a rending room is located on/ 1 door to trip church ST. FRANCIS EPISCOPAL CHURCH-- 16th and L Streets; Rev. W. Bar! Kendrick, vicar; hctdy uucharltl 7:30 p. m.; family eucharlsl, llrst. Ililrd and fifth Sundays 9:30 a. m.; morninfi prayer, escond and (ourlh Sundays 9;30 a. m.; church school all ages 9:15 n. m.; holy nuchnrist all holy dnys 7:» a. m. Mid 10 a. m.; dally morning praysr 7:30 a. m.; eveninp prayer 5:30 p. m. FORTUNA ME1HODI5T CHURCH, inn 3cv, Ray F Magnuson, minister. Morn- ng worship services 9 a. m. and It a. m.; church school 9;4i a. m.; Inter- nedlate and nsn'or yourh (eltowship 6:10 m. CHURCH OP JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS, 14lh and L Streets, Forluna. Prltuihcod meeting 9 a. m., Sunday; Sunday school . 10:30 a. m.? Sac- ram en 1 meeting, 6:30 p. m.i Relict Society, 10 a m.. Tuesday; MIA, 7:1S P. .n. Tuesday; Primary, -1:15 p. m., Wednesday; Weslon K. Hodges, branch president, FORTUi^rt LUTHERAN CHURCH,, 2133 Smith Lane, Fortune RA 5-2995. The ?ev, Theodore Mendenhall, pastor, far. sonag*- 455 16lh street Sunday school 9:4S a. m.t worship service li i. m. JESUS NAME PENTCC051AL CHURCH Sunday survices and Bible study held at 10 B. m. In the Mooso hall. Evany* Istlc service at 7:30. JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES: FORTUNA CONGREGATION - Kingdom Hall, 754 10th, Street, Fortuna. Stanley Enevoldsen, Presiding Wnlitor. Congrepallon 3ook Study. B p. m Tuesday; Theocratic Ministry School, 7:^0 p. m. Friday; Ser. vice Meeting, B;3Q p. m. Friday; Pudlfc Bible Lecture, 6:30 p. m. Sunday; Watchtowcr Study, 7:45 p. m. Sunday. OARBERVILLE CHURCHES CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE, Red way. Rev. Norman McKeougn, pastor. Sunday school, ID a. m.j morning worship, 11 a. m.i young people, 6; 30 p. m.; evening service 7:30 p. m.; mid- wefik craver meotlng ':30 o, m. CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, Charles H Hudson, psston 10 a. m. Bible school; 11 a m, morning worship. FIRST CHURCH OP CHRIST, SCIENTIST, east end ot 61m Street. Sunday school and church service! a. m.i Wednesday evening meetings B o'clock; reading room on Maple Lane one half block east ol Highway 101 open week days, 1 to « p. m. FORT S E W A R D BAPTIST MISSION, he Rev. Mel Russon. pastor. Sunday school!, 9-45 a. m.; morning worship, 1 a, m,; Training Union, rt:3Q p, m.i evening worship, 7:30 p. m.; prayer meeting, Wednesdsv. 7:30 o. m. p m GARBERVILLE-REDWAY FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, Ihe Rev. Robert Rooks, pastor. Sunday school 9:45 a.m.; morning worship 10:30 a.m.; training union 7 p.m.; ^reaching serv'ca Sunday fl p.m.; Wednesday evening prayer service ft p. m.i oc-ition, Redway Drive. THE MIRANDA CHURCH of the Evan qel-cfll Frnrt Church; the Rev, H, E. Starr, pastor; Services: Sunday school. 9:45 a. m.; worship- 11 ft. m.i young people, 7 p. m.i evening service, 8 P. m.; mid-week service, S p. m. Thursday. GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH, Carber- ville Civic Center, irt block east ot Highway 101 on Maple ttreel. The Rev. aryl Bierxe, pastor, Sunday school 9:45 a in.; morning worship 11 a. m. HILLCRR5T BAPTIST CHURCH, Brlce- and, the Rev H. R. Clnybrook, pastor. Sunday school 10 a.m.; morning worship 1 a.m.; training un'on 6:30 p.m.; evn- ning worship f:30 p.m.; Bible study and Tayer meeting Wednesday 7:30 o.m. JEHOVAH S WITNESSES -- GARBER VILLE CONGREGATION - Kingdom Hall, 101 Highway, Redway. verna E. otinston, Presiding Minister. Congreq.i ion Study, 8 p. m. Tuesday; T i Minls'rv School, 7:30 p. m. Friday; Ser vice Meeting. fl?30 p. m Friday; PuMic lible Lecture, S p. m. Sunday; Watch ower Stuily, 6:1S p. m. Sunday. MIRANDA SEVENTH DAT AOVEN TIST CHURCH OF THE REOWOOOi, S. Graham Joyce, pastor. Sabbath school, Saturday 9:30 a. m.i cnurch service il a.m.; pray or service and Bible tlun/ tour. Wrrtneirifly '^30 o,m. ST. ANDREWS EPISCOPAL PARISH CHURCH. Reriwny, Brier-land Ro/iO, 11,1 Rev. Richard lumHly vkar Sunrtiv Holy ro-.i.Tmnion * and 10-30 a. m i Church school 10:30 o, m.r Holy Diyi j m.i Summer schedule luna IS thru Sept. 4, t a. m. »orvlce. FEDERATED COMMUNITY METHODISE CHURCH, P,istors: JShn M. Me W nth. Thomas P. Mills. Church School Superln ondtnt: Harland McDonald; thmiiiin hip services, 9:45 and 11:00) Sunday School, 9:Ji and 11:00; Youlh Fellow snip, 6:00 to 0:00. fHB COMMUNITY CHURCH QF OAK- (1ERV1LLB, Maple Lano at LOCUS I. Rev. Van H. Bakes, pntLtor. Church chool, 9:30 a. m.i morning worship, t n. m. Senior fellowship, MS a. m C A L V A R Y ASSEMBLY OF GOD, Fort Sownrd, the Rev. H. li. Sllvlus. nailnr, '0 Oox 6; Sundny school 9-4.S i m.i morrlng worship, 11 a. m.t ovnngciiivlr: ervito 7 p.m.! luitidny youth, CA snr- vice 7:30 p.m.f Blhlo study nnd prayer. 7;30 p.m. Friday. CARLOTTA CHURCH :ARLOTTA COMMUNITY CHAPEL, in* \ev. Leo Hnrdman, psilori Sundny School 9:4S a.m.i morning worship n n.m.j cvoning so'vlca 7:30 p, m.i C, A. 7:30 p. m. Tuniday. Sunday CKEHUNl C I T Y CHURLMbS CHU«CH OF CHK1S1 (CHRISHAN) ^onrlh anrt F SlirMs, ( rti ent Lily Si'f«l«iy S'.'ivK-'s, " ** a rn Gu,iv iclutoi II a tn, Wonfiip iPfviio, t p m. Kmn' '(ens 1 f'julh h-iur ). 1 p. in. FI/«WII\ si'ivici-; UiMrhit.iv /:30 p m mi'UM'h "-nui,- « mttf tltu. 1 hor Ml*v /:.K) O.m. 1 ble 'tud/ and orayer. il KAUL'S cPiiCOPAt CHURCH 1 1 a rn service every Sunday nl ths notilh UtL NORIfc CHURCH OP CHKIS1 ^nnMur Pan Sflw/.ri, mt-Hts dl Cres -mil City Gunge 'Mil on L)-. Hn,li Strecl Smi'Mv lor B'hli- C'A^ I" a m ACifihin cirisn H i rn ; flvwloii service · id o 'n GRACE LUTHERAN, Cnnpcr and AA'.fl, CresnTiit LH/, thtf Rfv R W HI her, p.istrr; Suntpy serwiL«», 8'10 a in anrj ll a. ni.; S'l'i'iny St.honi ami n'tilr c'aiit-5 9 4S a m ; yrmnq ppnpte's meet figs llrst anrj th'rd Smi1*/» 7 p. m n,,ly amitniirihin 8::iO a. rn. f u s t Sunday of miititti and 11 a m second Sunday NOIMHCRES1 CAP MSI CHAHGL, irm Rev Troy Kelly p«l(ir Simrtay iclunl ' - 4 5 a rn. i morn'ng wir stito H a o( A-tinhip /-30 p m.; orayar mestttn; A'.'driRsday, /:30 p m. OCEAN VIEW BAP1IS1 CHURCH. Df Nnrle and 0. Durlsr.h I'flct. Creitfto ·" ty the R-'v Jirr.ftj Gnndrnin, pastor ^unrtay sdinol, ' -IS es m.i wwihin, l ihip, /:30 p m i otayer moelmg, vvta i^sdriv ' 10 D m SI JOSEPH'S : A T H t H 1C CHURCH 719 E Strent, Uresrenl City. Ihe Rnu J p Farfftl. D-wlor; the Rev Chatlir v.nihKfltist'fls. 3!si^t?int rflMor Masse on ;iiiiflflys a« B, 0:,10 and 11 a m JEHOVAH'S XV IT NESSES, Crescenl City ronorefntion; Kingdnm tinll. 20! Dt Narte ilree'; Ror-.irt C. flenhrnnX, ore Aiding mlnKl^r; conyrnrstion Bible itnly B p. m. Tutwlfly; Iheiicrallc ministry (cliool 7:30 p. m.; s e r v i c e meeting B:3H p. m. Frlriayi putill^. Blhtc lecture. 3 p m. Sunday; Watchtowcr study 4.15 p. m Sunday. CRANNELL FOURSQUARE GOSPCl CHURCH, Rev P. N. V.aii.irson, pastor, VA 24.141 Si nday Sctioul 9:45 a.m.: mnrntng a erv ce, 10: 4S a.m.; evening sitrvice /:3 F K R N D A I E CHURCHES FtHNDALE ASSEMBLY 01= GOO CHURCH, Rerdmg anc* Rose street, th Rrjv H^i nlrt J S'lfilrjruve, pastor. Sun .Ifly ichnol ":iS a. m.; morning worship 11 a, m. ; ytiing oeople's meeting 6:3 P. m ,- Bvangp'Ulic i vice ':3 op .m. iVe:!ne:.(lf y prayer necllng /:30 p. m ST. MARY'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH iho Rev W flnrl Kenrtrlth, vicar, hoi/ f f iciiarist, tlrst nnrt third Sundays, 11 a tilth Sim-lrivi. M n, m.; cnurch schno cornbinpc 1 «vllh SI. Frnncls, Fortuna, and *ioly cuctiarist all holy dnys 9 a. m. D b!e clnss. 9:JO a. m. Wednesday. F E R N H A I E B A P I I S t CHAPEL, b4 Derdlnci, Pernrfflie, 'ho f:ev Larry Me f'aln, pastur S'mrtny school 9;4S a. m. morning worihip H a m.; lraln*n| Union, 6:10 p m.i evening worship. Ml p m.i prnvrjr mentlng. Wednesday. 1:30 D m. F RST METHODIST CHURCH, Ferndalc t io Rev. Nnthan Whllllesfiy. pns tor Church sctinoi 5;4.S a. m.i morn ing worship 11 a. m.! coHee fellowship Sunday nguru cfmlr ruhnnrsal and lab nratory ol orayer We'inpsflny R p. m N irscry carp provided during worship OUR SAVIOR'S LUTHERAN CHURCH Rev. Robert EichQle, pastor; Sunday School 9:45 a.m., morning worship 11 a.m ST. MARK'S LUTHERAN CHURCH Forn and Berdlnn Slreets; Rev. W. D 0 eltl, pastor; Sundny School and Bible classes 10 a. m,; Morning worship 11:00 a. m. FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH 712 Main Street, Ferndale; the Rev. H Raymond Woodrull, pastor; worship ser v cei 9 a. m. and 11 a. m. with nursery care .it latter i Sunday School, nursery through adult, 9:45 a, m.i Pilgrim Fellowship (high school) 7 p. m.; choir rohoarsnl, 7 p. m. Thursday; forum discussion, fl p .m. fourth Fridays; church open doily from 9 a. m. to 5 P. m. ROHNERVILLE CHURCHES ASSEMBLY OP OOD, Rohnirvllle, (tie Rev. .Joseph Murray. paslor, phone RA 5-4341. Sunday school 9:45 a. m.; worship, 11 a. m.j Young People') services Wednesday, /:30 p. m. (Chr'lt Ambassadors in charge) and Sunday, /:30 p. m t evangelistic servicu Saturday and Sunday ':30 p. m. ROHNERVILLE CHURCH OF CHRIST-Main Streel; Htarwcy Stow, minister; Bible Study 10 a. m.; worship 11 fl. m. nnd 6:30 u. m.; Bible stuly 7:30 p. m. Thursday. HOPE LUTHERAN CHURCH, Missouri Synod, 14BO Ross HIM Road, Campton Heights. Rev. W. D. Dlehl, pastor; morning worship 9:30 a. m.; Sunday School 10:30 a. m. KLAMATH CHURCHES FAITH LUTHERAN CHURCH: BrooklnQS meetings at tho Seventh Day Adven- ' st church. Sunday school, 9:30 n. m.i worship. 11 0. m.i Youth League, Sunday 3 p. m.; membership clnss Thursday. B:15 p. m.i Continuation class Saturday 10:00 a. m. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, Terwer Valley; Brother L. G, Camp, |r., pastor; Sunday School 9:45 a.m,, Morning worship 11 a.m., training union 6:30 p.m., evening worsnip 7:30 p.m.; prayer meeting 7:30 p.m. Wednesday; brotherhood each second Sunday at 7:30 n.m. Women's Missionary Society each Ihird Thursday. KLAMATH COMMUNITY MEIHODtST CHURCH, The Rev. Raymond T, Squire, pastor Sunday school 'Mi a.m.; morn- ng worship, ll a.m.; prayer and Bible study Thursday /:30 p.m. WSCS meeti at ctwrch I P.m. first and third Wednesday of «ach month. MCKINLEYVILLB CHURCH BS McKlNLEYVtLLE CHURCH OF GOD, 2006 Suiter Road, McKtnieyvilte. The Rev. Doylo Zachary, pnstor. Sunday school 9MS a. m.; Sunday worship 11 a. m.; evening evangelistic worship 7:45 o. m.; Saturday servlco 7:45 p. m.; Y. P. E. Thursday 7:J5 p. m. MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH, 2257 V/ilnut Drive; Pastor Richard B, Joncsi Sunday School 9:45 a. m.; morning worship 11 «. m.; BPC 6:30 p. m.; evening worship 7-30 P. m.; prayer meeting 7:30 p. m. Wednesday. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, 1490 Murray Road, 'ho Rev. Rouert E. Orr, pastor. TE 9-2355. Sunday school ?:S a.m.; morning worship 11 a.m.; training union 6:3C p m.i evening worship / 30 p.m.i Wednesday evening prayer service 7:30 p.m. FIRST CHURCH OP THE NAZARENE, McKinleyvillo Aye. and Dei Now Lane, AAcKlnleyvlllo, the Rev. Lloyd Johnson, pastor. T6 9-24J(i Sunday school 9;4S a. People's mretlng 6:30 p. m.j Evangelistic iprviccs /:3fl p. m.i Cottage Prayer looting, luesdavJ 10 a. mj Prayar meeting, Wednesday /:30 p. m. i J £N I ECOS1 AL CHURCH OP OOD, Retread Drive. McKinieyullle. (he Rev. ,m(( Mrs Lee Bruner. co-pjnlorv Sun day ^chol 9 4\ a. ni.j morning worihip ' -i m.i evangelistic service ':30 p. m r PYPA y-jiilh -cr *lcf Friday ':10 vci; Sunday H p m.i Wednesday ev«n no prayer mot ling B D. m i location. Roelw.iy nrlur A I R P O R T IESUS NAME ASSEMBLY Ijtirlcfwofid Road, WtKu\l,jyvtHe, Or. ,\V!u.n R .IrihrcKVi, nnstor. Sind«y ',[.lvMi|. n» ·- m ; ^-01 shin. Hi Evnno« list:, -,,-rvicc. /:20i B'blp study. Wed MeKINLEYVII.l E ASSEMBLY OF 000 -Church ivi!iuii'. )(!· Rev. G-'ntqc A)corn, twt-ir: If: t- \l?1; Sunday School J 4^ n m., worM».[ servlco 11 a.m., young :irrt;ilf'i ft -30 n 'i. iind cv'-nmq *?rv(» /:30 p.m.; l.imily mqlit /:30 p.m. Wi'd ii':,cl,iy. 0 J 0 O SHEPHERD PR EStlYT BRIAN CHURCH. Bo;,«-on Club House, HumnoKII mun.y asrrjort, MtKinleyv'llo; the Rev. Miiric Huhhel (i"^'or; worship services : i m. Sum! iy ; church school 9: 45 a.m., Viiss S.illy H ( cKj, sunenntRnrttnt; Oililn 8 p.m. Thursdnyi United Prnshy- Mmn Womttn lltsl and Ihird rhursrt.iys; Youth group flit and third Sundflys fi:30 n.m. ULUE LAKE CHURCHES FIRSl PHESRY . ERIAN CHUKCII OP BLUE L A K E slurtont uulpll supply, fcM .v.trt! 1 Alor/i. Snndiiy iclnxil 9::\f)i Sun t.iy mornmg wnrship '0 4b; Wrslmlnsli'i l "ciiow*hip, ) P m.i UPW circlfli mfot (ml wnnnrirtsv. r*oolar mciilinfl UPW~ '.pctind Wi'dnc'rtny. Sirncl^y tchool tonrh- ·r', rnr.'t- IftDith luosdiv. ASSCMflLY OF GOO: Rev, TruBtt Bobo, o, slor; tiunil ( iy school V^S n. m.i morn n;i 'vprsliip 11 .1. m.; evening worship ! M p. m,; Biblfl '.tutty 7;.in p, m. TUPS- i ,«y ; Yourin Prnpfc'^ men tint] 7; 30 p. m. "''imvi.iy nnd Lfldii's Mlwlonftry Sorii-lyi nHi;rn.ito Wcdiwdnyj nl J;M Services FIRST BAPTIST CHURCHi Rev. Wal- iflto L. Krone, psilu/j NU 8 S63/J Sunday School 9:45 a. m.i rr,ornlng wor- stiip u a. m.; ev^nrnp service 6 p. m.i prayer meei'ng 1 p. m. Thursday. FlEl US LAmJittG CH'JKCHEi C A L V A W t COMMUNIIt CHUKCH, "leidi Landing, the Rov Ronald Gf«ea i.'ittor Sunday sch'xn *:4i a. m.i morn- iy wurth'p n a m i grayer and Bibla · tiiffy fun^iftv tvfiiiinc f:30 O. m. FULL GOSPET ASSEMBLY OF GOD, Fields Ldndmti, Rev. Carl Bowles- pastor; Sunday School 9:45 a.m., morning worship 11 a.m., evangelistic service 7:30 Thursday. ORlCK CHURCHES F.RST 9APIIS1 CHUMCH, Orlck, thn i'fv Giwi Li'ti-jii, pfliior. Sunday school 9-ft s ni i mrunmj wnsrup II am.; Ira'n- ·ng 'rnion A:30 pm i avnnlnQ wors'iip ':30 o r n ; piayar meeting Wednesday / p,m. ORICK P R E 5 8 V I ERIAN CHURCH, the Way. Or-n ^ranK, paalor; Mrj. Lester i aylnr, Su. day school siiperintendanti Sunday school 9.4$ a. m ; worship ser- ^ce 11 a. m.. hflhy ctre availsnie; Wornnn': Sen taty, first and third fhurs- lays, 6 P. m.i v;estrnlnif:er Peliuwihlp, 6 p. m. ihursday. HONE LAGOON P E N T E C O S T A L IAB t R N A C l E , the Rov. 0 C. Sandars, .mstor Sunoay school 9:*i a. m.; morn- ·ng worship 1 1 a. m.; ovmiing ttrvtf^ ''30 p. m.i flltile study f:30 p. m. luet- idy; young people's service* /:30 D m. · htirsday STONE LAGOON CHURCH OF COD. Ihe Rev. Elhert AflcHnall, pastor; Sunday School 9;J5 a. m.; mnrnlng worship 11 a. m.; evening worship J-.JO p, m 1 young people /:30 p. m. Friday, WEIICHPEC CHUSCHE5 ASSEMBLY OF GOO CHURCH a» Ihe Rev. Pearl Clement, .'.islor Sunday school at 10 a m j round people's sen/Ice 6M5 p. m j ttvonycllstic sr.-rvlce, 8:CO p. m.; even- ·ng service, Thursday 3:00 p. m.; prayer meeting every morning at 10 a. m. ^ECTAH P R E S B Y T e R I A N CHURCKi Rew Leo K. Brown, Minister, Worship lervice, 7 p. m . each Sunday Sunday school tor all ages following icrvlea. WILLOW CRCEK CHURCHES CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATIER DAY S A I N T S , Willow Creek orancli. Sunday scnsol 10:30 a m ; 'iaeramenl service ; o. m. Chapel located fl top of stocklon market roan in Willaw Creek. WILLOW CREEK BAPTIST CHURCH, Sunday schaol 9;« a. m.; morning worship 11 a. m.; Training Union fl-30 p m.; evening worship 7:30 p . m . W l l l O W CREEK COMMUNITY CHURCH Willow Creek. The Rev. J. Q. Hunter! ·MStnr Sunday school to a. m j wor- ihip service, 11 a. m.i young people's neutlno, 7:30 p. m.; Mid-week service, FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD, Rev Fred Howe, pastur; Sunday School 9:45 a.m., morning worship 11 a.m.; Bible stud/ 7 P.m. Tuesday: young, peoples' meeting 7 p.m. Thursday; Women's Missionary Council 10 a.m. Friday. RtO DELL CHURCHES ASSEMBLY OF GOD, Rev. R, 0. Shamp, castor; Sunday School 9:45 a. m.; morn- Ing worshlo 11 a. m.; evangelistic service 7;30 p. m.; Bible study and prayer meeting 7:30 p. m. Tuesday; CA meeting 7:30 p. m. Thursday. STAFFORD MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH, Rig Dflll Community halt. Elder F. C. Creel; Sunday School 9-45 a. m.; morning worship 1] a. m.; BTC fi:30 p, m.j evening worship 7:30 p. m, I'ENTACOSTAL' CHURCH OF GOD, lownsend ilreet, Rio Dell. Tha Hev. J. /V Wilson, paitor. Sunday scnool 9;43 a. m.j morning worship u a. m.i evangelistic service MO p. m.; midweek service /:3D p. m. fhursdav, RIO DELL BAPTIST CHUKCH, the Rev Wayne Turner, paifor. Sunday ichool 9:45 a, m.i morning worship 11 a. m ; Training Union 6:30 D. m i preaching service! / D. m, RIO DELL CHURCH OF CHRIST, 102 Stcond Avenue; E. Gilbert Cays, mlnljttn Bible ichoo! 9:45 n. m.i morn- ng worship, 11 a. m.t evening avenge* llsllc service, /:30 p. m.) prayer and B-iiie study, e p. m. Thursday. UNITED PENTECOSTAL CHURCH OP 910 DELL, 37S Monument Road, the Rev. R. 1. Stephens, paslor; Sunday school, 9:45 a m.j morninfl worship 'll a.m.i evangnllsilc service, /:30 p.m.; prayer meotlng 7:30 p.m. Wednaiday; young people's service 7:30 p.m. Frlfl.*/. LOLBTA CHURCHES LOLETA COMMUNITY CHUKCH, |he 3cv. Robert Lokkesmoe, pastori Sunday School 10 a. m.f morning service ]0i45 B. m., young people 6:30 p. m., evening service 7 p, m,; midweek aervlca 7i3fl P. m. Wednesday. ST. PATRICK'S CHURCH, Lolela, Mail at 9:30 a. m. HOOPA CHURCHES HOOPA ASSEMBLY OF OOD CHURCH) me Rev. M. L. Fuller, pastor. Sunday school 10 a. m.i worihip nnd children's church. HI evangelistic service J:30 p, m.i Wednesday prayer meeting /:30 p, m.r Young Peopla's meeting Friday J;30 p. m.i Women's Missionary Council, every other Thursday at 10 a, m, PRESBYTERIAN CHURCHi Hi? R e v. -eo K. Srown, minister. 9;30 a. m, Sunday church school graded and departmentalized lor all agesi U a. m. worship aarvlcni / o. m, Sunday Uirv lor nigh ano high BCMOOI you*?; grout". Wednesday, /i30 p. m. Bblo itudy HOOPA BAPTIST CHAPEL, the R B v. A, K. Bonnam, pastor. Sunday school 9;43 a.m.; morning worship 11 a.m.; evening worship 7:30 p.m.) prayer meeting Wednesday mo p,m. CHURCH OF GOD PROPHECY, Hoona. Hi* Rev. Maurice Anderson, paitor* Sure Jny tchool 9:45 a.m.; morning worship M a.m ; uvnaaeHstic servlc 7;30 p.m.) midweek prayer meeting Tuesday 7:30 p.m j Young people's service Thursday 7 D.m. CHURCH OF CHRIST, theatre building, Hoopa; Sunday Bible study 10 a m i morning worship 11 a. m. FULL GOSPEL CHURCH, Rev. Harry Chlldress, pastor, Box U3, Hoopa; Sun- dny School 10 a.m., morning worship 1] a.m.; week-dey services 7:30 p.m. Thursday and Saturday, HYDESVILLE CHURCH HYDESV1LLE COMMUNITY CHURCH, he Rev. DeWayne H. Flohr. pastor Bible school 9.-4S a. m.i morning wor- ihlp M a. m.j young people') meeting 7 p. m.i evening lervlce 7i« p. m.i mid-week service flp m. An independent unalflllated community church, standing for Ihe Book, tha blood, lha blessed nono. KORBEL CHURCH KORBEL COMMUNITY CHURCH, Roy Horton. pastor Sunday school 9:30 n. m.; morning worship 11 3. m.i SUn- flay evening service /:3d o. m. Every- ine welcome SCOTIA CHURCH SCOTIA UNION CHURCH, Presbyterian, tie Rev. Hacketl Johnson, pastor Sunday school 9:15 a. m.' Worship H a m Nursery cars provided. Evening worship 7:30 p. m. WEOT1 CHURCHES WEOTT HE.OHTS ASSEMBLE OP GOD CHURCH, the Rev. Martin S Engebretsen, pasfor. Sunday school 9:I5 a. m.; mornlnfj worship 11 a. m.i evauge- Istlc service 7:30 p, m. W f c U T r C H R I S T I A N IHURCH, nn« Dlock ast of post office. The Rev, George C. WeilBfeldr, mlmsler. Bitile school 9:4S a. m.; morning service 11 a.m. nursery Pro- idcri; y-iung ppople's meeting fi:30 p m.i evening service, 7:30 p. m.) midweek or ay or meeting and Bible study, liurscMv ''10 D rn. WEST HAVEN CHURCHES ROSE OF 'MiROIJ B A P T I S T CHURCH, he Rrv. QttSierl ThornhHt. pastor. Sunday school 9:41 a. m ; morninr) worship 1 a.- m.i evtmino, worship 7:30 p. rn.; prayer mealing Wednesday 7:30 p, m, W E S T HAVEN COMMUNITY CHURCH, he Rev Homer 0 Yerlon, p.istor ; Sunday chont suppi intention). Mrs Cladort Holt, tintlny school 'i- a.m.; mormnq worship 1 a m ChrUHnr Pn^oavor youth group, p.n-..i mldwnek Olhle itudy and prayer :30 p.m. every Wednesday. TRINIDAD CHURCHES ASSEMBLY OF OOD CHURCH, Ocean Avpnue, IHnidad. ohonn ORcnard ·34?2. The Rev. F. H. Brlley, pastor) undny athonl 9:45 n. m.; mornlnp. wor- hlp, 11 fl. m i evang tils tic service, 7:30 ). m.; O'h'o study and prayer meeting ue?.diy 7:30 p, m.i Christ Ambassadors nei't Thursday!, 7:30 p. m. All are wel- RINIDAD COMMUNITY PRESBYTER. AN CHURCHi Ihs Rav. Orln Frnnk, tastori Mrs, Edward Craft, Sunday iChool super In'endent: Church services :30 A. m., bnliy c^ro nvAUnhla; Sun- av school I O - 4 S n. m i Marlha Guild :30 p. m. until Otfihrr 30. CVENTH-DAY AOVEN1 1ST CHURCH, rimdnd, atiove Iho Iroiwayi Virgil C. incr,itl, pastori E. A. Sthonerl, first idr.ri Sflhnalh ichool 9:30 A. m ) morn- no worihip 11 a. m. SMindAyj prayer nceling 7:30 p. m. Wednesday.

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