Independent from Long Beach, California on February 26, 1964 · Page 21
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 21

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1964
Page 21
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took MALCOLM EPI QH wen, one cant always *·'· start things off on a pleasant note. So here's an unpleasant thought: It's February 26 and that is exactly seven weeks away from the deadline for filing income tax returns. You might; at least, sneak a look at the forms and instructions. pONSlDERING that it's a *-' project involving cooperation among strangers, it's really surprising motoring on Southern California's busy thoroughfares doesn't produce more gripes and peeves. But everyone no doubt has a few, and my peeve today is directed at the people who might be libeled half- tumers. They're the ones who. on undertaking a left turn on a busy four-laned street, manage to mike a half-turn against the traffic instead of holding up until the light changes or the entire situation clears so they can make the full swing. Having made the half turn they stand there, getting nowhere themselves and at the same time holding up a ·whole lane of traffic. Tm not sure this is legal but. regardless of that, it's Immoral. The tooth-grinding caused by this practice must cost a lot of enamel every day. "DECAUSE there is obviously a great opportunity there, people come up recurrently with ideas for doing something about the summit of Signal Hill. This dept. is still plugging for something big and worthwhile on that likely spot. Now comes Jack Baldwin with a suggestion for one feature. When leaving a store In Los Altos the other eve at sunset, he caught the reflection cf the bright orange sun on a windshield. It sent a bright light from the top of the hill that gave him an idea. He proposes a beacon atop the hill, a flaming torch fed by waste gases from the oil field. He says: "Its light would serve not only as a homing beacon for many boats and ships enter. ing the harbor but would serve as a distinguishing landmark for c o n f u s e d drivers to find their way on the el-marked streets of the area. The torch could be erected atop a derrick or other tower that would be symbolic of the oil industry so closely linked with the history of the run." It's a good idea with familiar ring. Fm sure some such suggestion was made to this dept. several years ago. But the fact it was never done doesn't lessen its merit. It takes an awful long time around here to get aroond to doing imaginative things that would be interesting and beneficial to the community. PASSING BY -- Howard ' Jones, new field man for County Supervisor Burton Chace. Politically savvy, per- f o n a b I e. promotion-wise, Jones looks like a natural for the job. He'i got a place cf honor vrith this dept. because he was one of the Tint to contribute to it after I launched this column in 1949. Then a public relations man, he kept me supplied with usable items about various public causes he represented. Later he went to the Chamber of Commerce staff. then to the, di rectorship of the convention bureau where he did a great Job. He became vice president of the late, l a m e n t e d Breakers Hotel and moved from that to the job with Chace. Ai for the Breakers, he told me that what really broke the camel's back was the lack of commercial business. Not enough commercial men find it necessary to stay over night in L.B. while conducting their business. The hotel was short of guests in aid-weeks, when hostelries elsewhere depend heavily ca commercial travelers. Jones is a devoM and loyal Long Beadier. The community is bound to benefit from his work «s the · fopervisor's aid. New Executive Group Readied for World's Fair Watson Named Manager The p o w e r f u l executive committee of the California World's Fair was reorganized uesday and Glenn R. Wat on, former general legal counsel for the fair, was ip- ointed general manager of 1967-68 exposition by unanimous vote of the committee- Purpose cf the committee ·organization is to broaden base of civic interest and participation in the $4 million air, exposition officials said. · · · · UNDER THE new setup, e committee win be com- osed of six members from .ong Beach, six from Los An- eles and six new members epresenting top business and ivic groups throughout South- m California. The committee has been made up of seven Long Beach embers and II from Los An- eles. The reorganization wil necessitate the resignation o: ne Long Beach member an ive Los Angeles members and the appointment of six re lacements. The broader base of repre entation on the committee s expected to boost civic an Business interest in the fair throughout Southern Califor nia and provide for a bette balance at the managemen eveL · · · · FAIR officials said it ha not yet been decided whc shall resign or who shall be appointed. Watson, 46, a law partne with Sen. Richard Richards or the past cine years, an i member cf the executiv committee, r e p l a c e s Fre iaH. who stepped down from iis post Oct. 10, after Ion controversy. Loren McCannon, execu ive vice president of the fair board, had served as actin ;eneral manager until cow. Watson win work without a contract, and his continued employment--and his salary --will be based upon performance, he told newsmen. In an obvious reference to Hall and the legal problems of terminating h i s employment last faB, Watson said. "We've had a bad experience with a contract. If I can't perform, I want to go back to doing something else." Independent Tie SouiHanfi M fumi Uor*!*g Pitxxpeper **- WEDNESDAY. 'FfBRUAW 24, 1944 B l ETS 'ALIAS' 'Sealer 9 Averse to Hunt Tag Frank M. Raymond wants t made dear he has nothing o do with hunting seals, and that's why he doesn't want to be caned the County Sealer of Weights and Measures. Under a law passed by he 1963 state legislature, the position now can be called County Director of V e J g h t s and Measures, Raymund said, and that's what he wants. County t a p e r v i s o r s agreed Tuesday and offi- cally ordered the change. "The title 'sealer* often las appeared a bit ludicrous to the public, probably because cf some vague association with a seal or an animal, or the dictionary definition of a sealer as "a mariner or a vessel engaged in hunting seals,* " Raymund told supervisors. --stuff Photo BACKED BY sketches of planned features of the California World's Fair to be held in Long Beach, Glenn R. Watson, the fair's new general manager, tells newsmen Tuesday of executive committee reorganization. Supervisors Still Hope to Preserve Compton Airport i. rt In AoiMtt luru County Supervisors found themselves back where the started ten months ago: seeking a way to acquire Compta Airport and preserve it for smaTl airplanes. They emphasized however they have not yet abandonee efforts to develop a new airport somewhere in the Compton Dominguez area. But. in a flurry of motions and rescinding cf motions Tuesday, supervisors almost lost their lease on the pres- 1 3-Day.OId Girl's Body Discovered The body of a newborn gi was found beside the ent 72-acre field, which lies-Diego Freeway north cf Sa north of Alondra Boulevard Juan Capistrano. the Gran; Restraint on Club Delayed A proposed move to clos hi Standard Club by revok- ng its social c l u b permit gain was delayed Tuesday by the Cly Council because cf pending court actions. Asst City Atty. Phil Brady ecommended a p o s t pone- nent, noting that a Superior ^ourt order restraining police rom interfering with the al- eged gaming center's opera- ions will n o t expire until Thursday. The request of City Prosecutor James T. Starr and Police Chief William J. Mooney for immediate suspension of the permit was rescheduled for consideration next Tuesday, two weeks after it was filed. . REPEATING his contention of last week. V i c e Mayor James A. Hayes argued that, regardless of the gambling issue, the city is free to can-) eel the permit oa grounds that it was obtained through misrepresentation. He cast the only vote against t h e con-j tinuance. la their original request,! Starr and Mooney said or-| ganizers of the club at 4365, Atlantic Ave. described it as a health-building and social venture but that it is actually' a layout for the gambling game panguingue. ' Seven cf the 10 charter members have notified t h e city of their resignations. OK Remodeling of County Building Final plans calling for the »v Staff Arht Pvrttr Marktt SEARCH FOR "CALIFA"-- A TALL DANCER TO STAR 1\ IBC FOR IBC STARDOM A Long-Stemmed Gal Now Needed between Central Avenue aid. Caa:nt y sheriffs office report remodeling of the Orange Wilmington Boulevard. ed Tuesday. j County finance building base- After abandonin»'aa effort! A P«£minary examination ment to provide additional of last s u m m e r to condemn] 1 * ** .«*«"'.· offke WATSOV wUl not onlyj; work without a contract, he Compton Airport and save it will work without a salary-(Continued Page B-6, Col. 1) negotiated a 15-month lease . with its new owners. Valiantl^ 12 " ° f death win ** det "-fe t ?* **"**** by from subdivision, supervisors . . cated the child was about approved ^ Santa Ana were Tuesday by the three days old and had died Board of Supervisors. s o m e t j m e Monda y BiJl for °* $500.000 pro. Investment Co, A condition mined by an autopsy. of the lease is that the county "diligently" search for a new field. · · · * FOUR alternate sites in the Dominguez area were being considered. Jack A. Lainbie, county director of aviation, 'recommended Tuesday that Contract Let for Design of o Two Bridges A $35,500 contract for design of two Long B e a c h 1 the board abandon the alter- ridges estimated to cost'nate site s e a r c h and buy was approved Tues-lCompton Airport. day by the Cty Council. On motion of Supervisor Bole Wilson, Long Beach Burton W. Chace, the board engineers, win prepare pre- unanimously voted to cease liminary plans within 60 days efforts to acquire any alter- and the final specificatians'cate sites. within 90 days thereafter. The project covers a $320,- XX) bridge extending Wardlow Road over the San Gabri- .« ,,,,» . such abandonment might be yssssa sliisffAssj r-«»«;* rw-*«««» r-tit....^! iminating uie Compton Air v-emios uramaze i^nannei. _. . _. · . . . 6 port lease. The board quick Iry reversed its field arid re- Iscindcd the abandonment. At this p o i n t , assistant county counsel, John Maharg, a d v i s e d supervisors Today in L.B. CONCERT -- Municipal Band, 2 pm. Municipal Auditorium. LECTURE -- "Rapid Restoration of Warsaw. Prague and Budapest," Dr. Earl A. Hershmao, sponsored by L B C C Genera] Adult Division. 2 p-in, Boyd Auditorium. Eighth Street »t Locust Avenue. H O M E S H O W -- KomeO-Rama, 2-SO to 10-30 pm, Loc£ Beach Arena. [Board March 31. OM MOTION cf Supervisor Frank G. BoneQi. the board then ordered that appraisers be hired to set a price on Compton Airport and tha the Federal Aviation Agencj be asked if it win participat in purchasing the site en a 50-50 basis. The board further aske that the County Employes' Retirement Association be solicited for financing the airport acquisition. The retirement boaro rejected such a request last year. Meanwhile, supervisors em- jjphasized. they win continue [to s e e k possible alternate If she's lovely, not engaged the week of August 5-15, uses pirouettes wen--and also is more than six- feet-tall in stockinged feet--she may be a midsummer star if International Beauty Congress director Steve Papich has his way. ""It's ridiculous," Papich moaned Tuesday at IBC headquarters. "AH I want is a girl dancer more than six- feet, preferably more than six-two, and Tm having all HT«N of trouble finding one. You can't exactly hide a six-foot girl There must be some somewhereT Papich is in charge of staging four nightly productions of the beauty pageant as well as new-!n-1964 production called "The Gold Ballet." to be the featured attraction at what executive producer Wayne Dailard calls *a special event." In the ballet for this "special event." Papich needs his tall girt "I've tried all the casting outfits," Papich said. Tve even put the word out in the trade and still no statuesque steppers have come forth. My Gold Ballet will be a 5-karat failure if I don't find one." The requirements for Miss Tall Tapper, according to Papich, are that she be "well acquainted and proficient" in modem dance -- and measures more than six-feet sans shoes. -Shell be held aloft by eight Arabian slaves at the most climactic moment of the dance." Papich says. "And anybody in his right mind knows that eight Arabian slaves can't go around holding up any girl of average height. Besides, she is to represent Califa, the Amazon of tha Californias. and she should tower above the rest." Papich is so frustrated la his efforts to find a skyscraper beauty that he's taking an unusual step for a professional theatrical director -he's holding open auditions. "On March 13--that's a Friday -- Ill audition dancers on the stags cf the Municipal Auditorium.'' Papich said. "ITl give everyone a chance- and 111 stay there all day and half the night if necessary to find a Califa." No reservations are necessary, Papich says. Just be tall, be a toe- tapper and be there. Two Council Sessions Hear Signal Hill's Master Plan By VINT MADER ihours of discussion, the coun-jrezoning would adversery af- The good ship Signal Hulltil devoted most of its time to feet prospects cf future sec- Master Plan Tuesday night points raised by Mrs. Harry ondary recovery cf ca from sailed through a total of two Nickles, of 3370 Lewis Ave, the land or its development more City Council sessions secretary-treasurer cf the'as commercial sites. and was then sent to another T a x p a y e r s ' Association cf] Mrs. Nickles and Fischer Signal Hill, and Conrad A, engaged in a running debate Fisher, who said he was repre-jthroughout most of the eve- senting his mother-in-law,|ning with Lyle A, Stewart, cf one to be held next week. Tuesday night's first session was a hearing called ex «ssly by the council to take wblic views on the voluminous zoning ordinance that Turner Petroleum Co. would put the long-pending master plan into effect. THE SECOND was a con- Mrs. CetileG. Turner, of 1139 Eisner, Stewart and Assod E. O c e a n Blvd, owner of»tes, town-planning consult~ ""etroleum Co. mis' from South Pasadena Mrs. Nickles and Fisher who have worked with dty objected to the master zoning officials for 2'/J years oa cre- ordinance's proposed rezoning'ation cf the master plan and of o f l - p r o d u c i n g property'its zoning ordinance. tinuation of a Feb. 18 council'owned by Mrs. Nickles and Stewart said he along with meeting, but was mainly de-|Tumer Petroleum at 32nd ^ Gt y pimnin'g rrmmi*. voted to further debate on ( Street and California Avenue i^g) which drew cp the 178- issues that had been raised from M-2, light industrial, t°pag8 ordinance after about in the public hearing. JR-4, multiple-unit residential. 35 meetings, "didn't feel it la a total cf about three] They said they feared theL,, j., tj, e J^t interests cf the dry" that California Avenue be a commercial street because it wiH cot interchange with the new San Diego Freeway. Fischer said that although Overruling the P l a n n i n g laid they would put up a.tfcere are apartments ia the Commission, the City Council 'smaller market if the special 'neighborhood the Texas Co. ,...,,., * ...... Icermit were denied. The site *Iso has a sizable oil develop' for commer- ment thera and oa Monday Council OKs Big Market Near Pacific Avc. Homes mit for construction $750X00 market at 2100 Pa- dil for dential zone. Councilmcn acted unani- ! sites. NEW SURFSIDE '.MENACE* Surf side, the tiny Orange County community that sits beside -- sometimes in--the sea, is accustomed to being pounded by high-tide breakers, but Tuesday morning woke up to find a partial replacement for aH the washed-away sand--a pilot whale. Robert \Vohrman, county senior animal control officer, points to one of scores of barnacles on the 27-foot-Iong, 4-ton mammaL Kitty Knox, of 17175 S. Pacific Ave., stands in her front "yard" to get a closer look. mously after hearing lengthy pro and con arguments for the i e c o n d time within three weeks. Backers and opponents of the project filed confliaing petitions, each claiming sig natures cf a majority cf property owners ia the immediate area. According to a count by the city clerk's staff, the ac tual tally was 53 to 44 ia fa vor of the permit. Spokesmen for Phil Shanedling Investment Co, which construct the building proposal will lower values of |wouU probably continue for residential property, especial-[decades. \y along Pine Avenue in the vicinity of the market's 101- ,t begaa a secondary-recovery, [water-flooding program and dfic Ave, adjacent to a resi- U S £ b j e c t o r i ^t^^that «1 production t h e r e car parking lot. WHEN F I S C H E R said. "This encroachment cf cew laws and things is cakicg it real tough en the operatcr." George Papadakis, planning commission chairman, re- and lease it to Lucky Stores.! Danes Chib. Free Square Dance Open to Juniors ,, p ,, Junior square dancers are torted that oil operations have invited to attend a free dance been holding cp development at 8 p.m. Friday at Mayfair of some dty properties worth Park, South Street and dark a quarter to half a miffioa Avenue ia Lakewood. Spon- dollars. sor is the City Recreation] -I think," said Papadakis. Department. j"»hen we get the cocpera- Purpose of the affair is Ionian cf these people ifs time organize a Junior Square'then to show them a bit cf Ijrace," t

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