Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 12, 1929 · Page 18
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 18

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1929
Page 18
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"•?'/, - .. i ' f ;'T'>,' . t - . '' , _ < THE ALTOOMA MTRROfc-TUESDAY, NOVBMfigR Htlirtitr PERFECT RECORDS MADE IN SCHOOLS UKM/WOOl). Mouth Side. Grade 1—Glenn Baker, Harlan Cox, Dean Laird, Merrill Laird, Paul Mulhollen, Robert Taylor, Jcnnio Alley, Norma DeReimT. Dorothy Kbbs, Ann Harvey, Norma Hlrsch, Martha Louise Hughes, Bertlia Louclts, Lliu'la Mann, Lulu Mnlhollcn, Sondra Sanderson, Loulso Williamson. Grado 2—Fred Bower, Robert Bork- atresscr, Gerald Cox, Kenneth Campbell, Jack Dysart, i lenn Estop, William Harvey Harold Lovell, Richard Orris, William Stewart, Raymond Wilson, Herbert Younp, Morjnrle Biggins, Marjorle Campbell, Geraldlne Endress, Dorotliy Fowler, Betty Figard, Catherine Henry, Erma Johneon, Norma Johnson, Orma Kuatn- border, Clarabelle' Laird, Marian Mitchell, Jane Ubll. Grado 3—Guy Bowers, Roland CaId- Well, Francis Davis. Donald Laird, John Nelson, Harry Kttmiin, Ann Bell, Zella Evans, Charlotte Hnllcn, Mary Elizabeth Hoover, Arlene Mosel, Aunabclle Noel, Sarah Rclgh, Ida Wbarton. DKMAVOOI). i North Side. Chalmer Burkett, David HCHCOX, James Walters, Blair Cralne, Floyd Perclvat. Eleanor Burns, Susan Dclovett, Evelyn firassl, Nor m a Hagcrty, Zelln Osliell, Margaret Woomer, Betty BathurHt, Naomi Brlggs. Thelrna Conn way, Hotly Bowers, Georgia nmi Bryan, Ethel Hoffer, Angcllnu Canteticr, Hilda McCracken, LaGretta McFalls, Jean Stevens. Grado 2—Robert Burns, Vlritll Hostler, Guy Hollen, James McKlwaln, Cameron Plckens, Donald Robinson, Lenore Barley, Marie CiiHwell, Vivian Caswell, lone Cramer, Marjorle Nearhoof. Grado 3—John Beard, Dean Hostler, James McCaulley, Elwood McFnlls, Mildred Bathurnt, DeRonda Brlggs, Betty Caswell, Virginia Grassl, Louise Hoffer, Victoria. Hoffer, Lewis Mc- Crncken, Sonoru Miller, Marguerite Velgn, Betty Woomer. Grado 4—Thomas Uurkholder, Richard Dysart, Wilbur , Estep, Robert Lupfer, Howard Market, John Patton, Robert Walters, Betty Buasick, Betty Endreas, Eleanor Estop, Sara Guttshall, Eva Johnson, Helen McCaulley, Catharine Miller, Dorothy Shanor, Helen Smlthoover, Marjorle Trimble, Altrm Truscll. Grade 4—Earl Beschlcr, Russol Brlggs, Donald Cory, Robert. Doughman, Edward Fryer, Murlo Hamilton, Rusael Miller, Bernon, Plckens, David Walters, Charles Rumbarger, Julia Ellen Balrd, Verna Burkel, Paulino Campbell, Gladys, Conawuy, Cora Mac Caswell, Violet Hagerty, Virginia Hopkins, Charlotte Marlcley. 1 Iva McCaulley, Elizabeth McCracken, and Franclns Wesley. Grado 5—John Bell, Paul Evans, Paul Gensamer, Albert Hlllard, Samuel Kustaborder, Milton Laird, Harry Miller, JameH Schalles, Paul Systcr, Richard Williams, Maudle Caswell, Dorrls Davis, Winifred Do Rcmor, Juno Estep, Jane Garman, Virginia Marklc, Mary Marklay, Uretta Myers, Dorothy Nelson. Sophia Picliens and Therosna Weight. Grado 0—James Barr, UUHSC! Campbell. Charles Keller. Paul Lynn, Lewis McFalls, Lloyd Rice, Alice Ardrcy, Verna Baker, Jane Bowers, Catherine Bowers, Shirley Evans, Jane Hunter, Ruth Miller, Beverly Myers, Verna j]$oot, Mary Ellen Tennis, Lconctco .W'prthley. GVade 8^-Donald Biggins, Chester CaldVell, John Cornmeaser, Harry En- dross, ilelvln Hamilton. John Johnson, Wllbert 1 McCaulley, William Fatten, John Ta'ylor, Alma Busslclc, Lorna Campbell, Mary Louise Flelshcr, Mary Fryer, ClitJro Howe, Jano McCoy, Agnes Jane Ross, Betty Rothenberger, Elizabeth Hostler. Grade 7—Albert Ardroy, Till man Castetter H Joseph Campbell, William .Cramer, John Dillon, Raymond Frazier, Clifford Gllmore. Kahl Hescox, Harold McCaulley, Blair Miller, Paul Rumbarger, Glenn Wiley, Adeline Barley, Lavlna Cherry, Verna Conaway, Eleanor Evans, Martha Fox, Virginia Hostler, Edna Nelson, Edna Tackltt. Grade 7—Arthur Aikey, Guy Burkholder, Lemont Burkholder, Thorold Harpster, Herbert Laird, Robert Pat,ton, Paul Schalles, Warren Wilson, Florence Dunn, Alberta Gregory, Ollvo Laird, Amanda Myers, Catharine Ncl- BOD, Sara Rowan, Myra Stewart, Ethel Say Mooney Is Innocent 'Will their nlory free Tom Mooney Who 1ms Bcrvcd thirteen yearn of n Mfo Monlenca for the San Francisco bomb outrage on 1'rcpnreil- HCMH day In 10IH? Above Is MTU, Durii Mon run (shown with her husband, (icorgfl) living on a form Dfiltnlrr, <)., who Kays that her brother, Louis Smith (Inset), eon- fp.iHrd to her Just before his death In Cleveland In 1D22 that ho hurled I ho honib. At the right IB Frank <). Stevens, Inmate of the Soldiers' homo at Dayton, O., who told of Smith's alleged confession In a letter to Senator TlioH. n. Schiill of Minnesota, thus opening the present Investigation. Hill, Naomi Johnson, Janet Kustaborder. Gradfe 8—Helen Lindsay, Elizabeth Mann, Catherine Moffltt, Gabriel McCracken, Helen Murphy, Dorothy Mltchel, Vivian Marsh, Linda Root, Alma Stewart, Rwth Tackitt, Bertha Thomas, Robert Itrenberg, John Irvln, Harry Lotz, P-ul Leonhart, Howard Rowe, Fred Schallrts. Freshmen—Richard Hoffman, Franklin Keller, William Levengood, Lloyd WcCloskey, Mlllard McCoy, Ray Rum- harger, Harry Steele, Ray Troxell, Eva R\uth Kustaborder, Erma Laird, Helen McElwaln, Dorothy Nearhoof, Doris Penrce, Anna Rowan. Kreshman—Dalton Craine, Alfred HoOcn, Donald Lovell,' Eldon Marsh, Paid Matlaclc, Eugene Syling, Charles Walters, Margaret Hummel, Dorothy Long, Ruth.Thomas. Sophomores—Jerre Llnder, Harold Troxell, Jack Williamson, Betty Cramer, Ruth Cramer, Leanore Dick, Beu]ah Edmiston, Marjorio Edmlston, Alice Epler, Marguerite Estep, Sara Gregory, Elinor Mills, Edith Trego, Margaret V-isk. Juniors—Charles Frazier, Willis Gregory, Gilbert Campbell, Eleanor Corn- messcr, Marabelle Estep, Edna McEl- waln, Elizabeth McFarlantl, Dorothy Raugh, Esther Rumbarger, Agnes Steel, Bthel Strickland, Mary Yohn. Senior class—Clifton Hollen, Thompson Rowan, Mildred Conoway, Tola Furner, Dorothy Hopkins, Gladys Mul- holem. AIR-MINDED BRITISHERS SOON WILL FILL THE AIR LONDON, Nov. 12.—Aviators may soon llnd it hard to 'get a plane In the sun over Britain. Following the lead of the'Prince of Wales, society has taken to the air. British flying clubs have more than 0,000 members, nearly 1,000 of whom have pilot's licenses. The National Flying Services' club at Hanworth, with 534 members', claims to be the largest aviation society in the world. The London Air- plane club at Stagf-lane airdrome • is a close second with 520 members. Airplane manufactures report' that the demand, for planes exceeds the supply. One. new three-seater sport model is being sold in advance of production, and demonstrations to poten* tlal buyers will last most of the winter. ALTOONA WORKS NEWS! s**s^>**************s**^ 4HB»«VO«HM>«MMH»<HH»n«il»O«H»4>4*»O4 AI/TOONA CAtt SHOPS. Cloyd Hoenstine, Of the laborers department, has returned to duty after malting his annual expedition into the wilds of Huntingdon county after game. D. R. Hooper and.O. M. Wood of. the smith shop- spent two days at Grafton, Pa., bringing home seventeen rabbits between them. • Sam B. Kiser of the passenger shop is driving a new automobile. J. W. Ashman and D. K. Grove, both of the estimating department, are still talking about the rabbit dinner served them at the home of "Be 1 be" Roth, also of the estimating department. For a 'while it appeared that "Bebe" would have to run out and shoot a couple more rabbits a'nd a grizzly bear to satisfy the ravenous appetites of the two lads. "Bebe" says "They sure did lick the platter clean." A. F. Hess of the machine shop Is absent on vacation. Elbert S. Allison, messenger, -was a spectator at the Johnstown-Altoona High football game at Johnstown on Saturday, Nov. 9. HUSBAND GOT DOG. BERLIN, Nov. 12.—A judge settling a divorce case awarded the husband custody of the family dog, but stipulated that the wife shotild visit it once a week and take it for a four-hour walk. • Protect your hands with € mi cur a Soap Always in view, your hands should be as attractive as possible. To prevent redness and roughness caused by daily tasks, use Cuticura Soap every time you wash your hands; always dry thoroughly ... Assist .with Cuticura Ointment if necessary. Soip 25c. Talcum 25c. Ointment 23c. and JOc. SampU inch fm. Addntii "Cuticura" P tllUT ¥ Maiden. Mass. Troxell. Office—Burton Hollen, Harry Hamilton, Alda Boyd, Sara Margaret Campbell, Dorothy Caswell, Eleanor Carr, Mary Dysart, Anna Mac Gllmorc, Eleanor Goshorn, Isabel Gensamer, Helen Troubled with sour stomach? Better see that food waste isn't clogging the system. Epsotabs— the safe, modern laxative will cleanse your system without in* convenience. They are Epsom Salts compounded in tablet form and sugar-coatcd.Easy and pleas* ant to take. At your druggist's. Refuse imitations. Write /or Ittt THE DILL CO. Norristowa Pa. 25lnabox/or25c 60'nabox/or50c Save On Footwear 44 44 Kitmey's Bargain Basement Hundreds of Pairs Women's Shoes Plenty of styles. A 1 1 luutherH. All wlzes. Growing Girls' $4* .98 and c h 11- tlren's shoes. Many styles. All sizes. 1 Boys' Sturdy Shoes In Black and T an. Every popular style. A1J 1 1417 Eleventh Ave., Altoona Two Stores: 1230 llth Ave. 12th Ave, . and 12th St. SITNEK'S DRUG STOREJT Dollar Day Specials One Day Only-Wednesday Other Low Price Items At Big Savings! $1.00 Gillette Blades...59c 50c Squibb's Tooth Paste 34c $1.00 Listerine 67c 35c Freezone Zlc 25cJ. &J.Talc.......l4c $1.00 Nujol 59c $1.20 Sal Hepatica 89c $1.00 SquibVs Petrol... 67c 50c Pompeian Face Pwd. 36c $1.00 H. S. Wampole's, 59c 25c Noxzema lOc $2.00 S. S. S. ......$1.59 Tooth Brush, FREE with two 26c Tubes Colgate's Tooth Paste $1.00 Value Rubber Gloves $1.00 Auto Strop Razor 79c 10 Blades, 1 Strop, . Special .. Noxzema Soap FREE with every SOc Jar Noxzema $1.50 Vacuum Bottles 98c $1.25 Pinaud's Lilac 35c Palmolive Shaving Cream Both for $1.00 Boncilla Traveling Case Including 1 Jar Vanishing Cream 1 Jar Cold Cream 1 Box Face Powder $1.00 25c WOODBURY SOAP 6 cakes for lOc PALMOLIVE SOAP 14 cakes for $1.50 WRITING PAPER special 25c COCOANUT OIL SOAP 7 cakes for 40c YARDLEY'S LAVENDER SOAP 3 cakes for SOc PHILLIP'S MILK MAGNESIA 3 for SOc PALMOLIVE COLD CREAMS 3 for SOc PEPSODENT TOOTH PASTE 3 for SOc MENNEN'S SHAVING CREAM 3 for $1.00 IVORY COMBS 2 for SOc BEECHAM PILLS 3 for SOc JERGEN'S LOTION 3 for SOc JUNE DAY FACE POWDER 3 for 65c POND'S CREAMS 2 for Mary Lee Candies 70c Ib. Hot Water Bottles Regular $2.25 value. $1,00 $1.25 Bon Tone 2 for $2.00 Whitman's Chocolates One, two and three- pound packages. Always fresh. VICTCK RECORDS 10—75c Victor Records for $1,00 Large Table Full to Select From every mart n the Cefttre-Clearfleld region who is a devotee of hunting, was out Monday, art ideal day for flrhall game hunting, the rain during the 1 night having made the ground like a piece of velvet carpet on which sportsmen with gun and dog could walk without fear of making the crackling noises resulting from stepping on dry leaves and which warns game of the hunter's approach: Bright sunshine prevailed. The report of firearms could be heard :hroughout the day in every wooded Tact, and hundreds of rabbits were tilled. Some rlngneck pheasants and turkeys were also bagged. CURWENSVltLE— The chamber of commerce here is endeavoring to raise !60,000 in invest in a hosiery plant Which will be established in town If the money is subscribed. The company which is seeking Curwensville as a plant location will subscribe $26,* 000 and deposit the same with the chamber of commerce as sobft as assurances are made the additional $60,)00 needed is subscribed. The plant s to' be operating at full capacity vlthln eight months after the money s raised, and will giVe employment to a large number of persons. J. Thomas Dale is campaign manager for the commercial body.'. PHILIPSBURG— Wesley B. Fouss, ixecutlve secretary, . will make his emi-annual report to the membership >f the Enterprise association, Philips- jurg's booster body, at the meeting md dinner at the Philips hotel, Monlay evening, Nov. 18. The report will over a lot of matters of interest to he -members and other residents of he town and vicinity. NEWS f ftOM CENTRE AND CLEAftFIfiLD COUNTIES TONE and TRUE RECEPTION If you want both you can only find-them m the new Victor Radio R-32 and RE-45 Vector Radio and Electrola, says Mrs.. -—-*- (name on request), Last night 1 had the pleasure of-hearing Havana, Cuba, just as clear and sweet as though it was from an orchestra in the next room. Join Our Christmas Club Now $6.00 deposit will make you a member of Wolf's Christmas Club. Victor Radio R-32 $185.00 less Badiotrons Victor Model RE-4S, $275.00 1.688 RatUotroiis EASY TERMS Wolf Furniture Company 1501*03, Eleventh Avenue "AMOONA'S MOST POPULAR FURNITURE STORE" ALTOONA BOOSTER STORES ELECTRICAL THINGS IMPORTANT SAVINGS ON MANY ITEMS VERY SPECIAL Table Lamps With porcelain base, in red, green or black, mottled gold band, parchment moclernesqiie shades to match. Complete 5 A LAMP VALUE THAT ALL WILL APPRECIATE Table Lamps A selected group of Table Lamps, chosen particularly for Dollar Day. Two way canclle- abra, all metal base, polychromed green and gold with pleated silk shades in rose, green and tan. See these today. JUG LAMPS Something new. You'll like these jug base^ of porcelain with antiqued parchment shades to match. Complete 1 CURLERS The popular Sampson Curler, with cord and handle in colors .00 BOUDOIR LAMPS China base in any color with parchment -shade. A big Dollar Day special ; $1.49 BRIDGE BASES All metal bases, polychrom- ed black and gold. Extraordinary value ............ /t» «f «P I JL, SHADOW LAMPS New design in Shadow Lamps, frosted glass shield, graceful figure. In jVde green only 1 IRON CORDS Always an important Dollar Day, item. Have a spare cord in your home for emergencies .00 MARION TOASTERS Finest quality Toaster on the market at this special price ..................... <i> *T> »p J* ^J BED LAMPS A few specially selected Silk 4, <ij f\f\ Bed Lamps in various col- «f> I •'-'*-' ors for Dollar Day only ____ JL Many Other Big Saving Values Offered For This Great Event •' , PENH CENTRAL

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