Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1963 · Page 9
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 9

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1963
Page 9
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NEVADA TEST .SITE MERCURY, HfV VTURNOFF* '/2 M I L E March Jobless Rate Said Best in 4 Years WASHINGTON OB -- Tl^by 417.000 to 4.501.000. still nation's unemployed rate took! 100,000 over a year ago. .s biggest nose dive in more 'The changes were well be- ^;r~^4~ ! t'i"M . j^r^«»3fctfxa ::-/^^r it%s^-a -·:V«£i^M5M .*·«?« V*wt***V tV.-.j-^ii-l^ 1 .^*. JH--.^ *. ** ___T *y', ,j4 ,,, ,, *3-«~»" iaa four years last month, iyond seasonal expect aliens. "_ ' * · _ _ A _ * « _ * «1» «*·"» The I-abor died Thursday onally adjusted KUC rate in, --·*-- -- TM *·» '«,;..;?* n-»rh**4 ;« ^i;/^ D« »^*k******* »~~* b v» .v^**.*. .·^.-.s larch fen to 5.6 percent o f lure »- 1 *' M «* ncour »8inS.mere-J lnissue warneaa in TM a -TM- otnmer Aed by its Appropria- he u-ork force after soaring wiped out a poor *-inter ( ofic, the Pentagon announced- tionj committee. I MEMBERS said they were o 6.1 percent in February, lowing »»1 niarked^a return-Thursday. | ^g ac tioa. on a 212-124 bombarded with appeals from .,,-- -- r Army's Nike-Zeus missile kil-'iiEudation" by postal unions,, . A ._ ... . . . 'Department re-! Sec«*iy of Labor W. Wil- ltr ^ scorcd its (ourth suc . Thursday upheld a $92-mO-p« P«t officewnth a budget Uy that the sea-'^ Vf** 2 put out a «tate-l cessfu| -^^^ ^ t ballistic kn e« ia the Post Office De- of $4335^00,000 for the year sonafly adjusted idle rate in, m «V»JTMg ^ "^ ** rig- LT.,;T. «r,,,H i n mid-Pa.!? 1 " 111 ^ 1 J^ 8 '. 1 "y 2 ' 51 '«" starting July 1 improvement since Nok-ember 95. There was good news in xxh the job and jobless totals. Employment rose to a rmy's Nike House Upholds Big Cut Scores 4th Interception WASHINGTON tTI -- ' iii Post Office Budget --] The" rollcall vote on final WASHINGTON (UPI) le House, despite what ne |member called attempted ' i!- · M«i»^*t?/-m'* fiv r^«+»l »TT^?/ INOErcNOENT-P«c.* X-V ' '. «*ri l rm passage of the bin was 35-17.' l "j The reduction would leave Cubans Halt ! U.S. Cif/se/is?.; fc t 2 Repatriation^ RWANA Ml -lion of U. S. cH'Tfm and; their dependents in Cuba has , WSJ**** on order ,oT ; Castro government,. rt* . . , was the greatest monthly,? 0 conditions experienced dur- But u^ u ^, a difference'non-record vote, can-.e after'organized postal workers to'*" 15 klrned Thursday. .. provement since November ""S «°st of last year. ifrcra the other three sucepss-'opponents of the reduction restore the committee cut. . About 100 Cuban-Ainer- T*...t * _ _ » _ -Tr^.* *»·«· ct^iul ^:-A_J »u _ _^._* . * i A T* -- v._^^. i t »· -- · - - - !i(M n« «nH (h*ir fairtilt** .wlu% iful tests. The target fired predicted the post o f f i c e Hodges Asks Funds some 5,000 miles from Cali-'would have to cut off Satur- WASHINGTON Cfl--S«cre- fornia was propelled by a day delrveries in order to live .tary of Commerce Luther H. Titan was !. a more powerfulwithin the trimmed budget, [and Civil Service Committee. Rep. James H. Morrison.. _^ D-Lal, a high-ranlriiig mem-'P 1 * 1111 *^ to fly to Miami to^f, ber of the House Post Office'«T t 1 *" hope* °t leavinjg' i lew March record, increasing'Hodges asked Thursday that rocket lifting a bigger payloadj The House then passed the predicted "Saturday delivery y nearly 800,000 to 67.US,-[Congress appropriate anotherlthan the Atlas 1CBM used in,$5,997,026,000 Treasury-PostW both city carrier and r 000. up 830,000 from March $500 million for the acceler- the first three Nike intercepts Office appropriation bill and carrier mail will be elimi S62. Unemployment declined ated public works program.;last year. Isent it to the Senate. Cuba dashed. The Swiss Embassy sJjd the Cuban government had eliminat-'notified it of the measure to. 'suspend further repatriations. PICKET TAKES SIESTA Electrician Lowell Wiggins takes time out from picketing for a snooze beneath highway turnoff sign near Nevada test site. A general strike shut down the sprawling Atomic Energy Commission's installation after 2,700 workers protested Thursday against "dictatorial attitude" of agency. Ai'gentine Navy in Truce Talk Cut in Arms Funds Voted WASHINGTON tfl -- The Senate Armed Services Cccn- BUENOS AIRES. Friday tfl| niittee made a surprise slash --Rebel and Loyalist negotia- Thursday 'of more than $400' ton broke up truce talks at t midnight and then went back into another surprise session : a half hour later in the fourth f million below Pentagon requests for new aircraft, mis- The committee went along with the House, however, in voting an extra $363.7 million to provide two more RS70 'experimental reconnaissance day of the navy's blobd- I stained revolt. * Rear Adm. Eladio Vazquez, '^commander of the rebel Mvy! 'fleet, told newsmen whc^retary of Defense Robert S. asked about the prospects of jMcNamara insists are ade- cnding the uprising: -We; I u ? te . , ,, 1 i B u t shall see. ' a Hous^pprove,! increase of Another rebel officer said aj,, 34 ^^ to ^ ^ i^plit was widening in «»ne ' udear _ ered ta , attt . Katl loyalist ranks, an assert.on submarines in addition to the Ken- enemy President Jose Mana Gmdos jsbc ^^ b jiovernment ha 5 denied s e v - i j y to seclc « ral time*. underwater craft. ^ ^ ^ THERE VVAS no word from , F TO £ S t NATE .pproves tl,« Loyahst tanks and troopsU ,,, ^^ ^ 8(Mition , o Wered Thursday to march wifl mean a reduct jon o a i the remaining rebel strocg-| $905 ^^ bdtnl ^ ^^ h. M, Puerto EeJgreno Nava!;^ g authori zat ion voted by the R ise. 350 miks B\ lenos Aires. south of starting next July 1. The At Eahia Blanca, a city of| authorization mea sure fixes 1C 0,000 persons 18 miles ^ings for military hardware! from Puerto Belgrano. ru-| to ^ uirfuded later in the' DV irs persisted that the Loyal-1 deferise money bffl which win is« f were encircling the base j^j ^^g ^^ $53 7 billion, srvj if truce talks fail would tryvto strike * knockout blow. Chairman Richard B. Russell. B-Ga_, called his cozn- The base was under strict ' m iuee's economy move "a security and appeared readyl Tery modest redaction in the f fir showdown battle if neces-'^nntiers of aircraft, missiles, sar). But the base command-[ J p are paru for them and re- tr.i'Adra. Jorge Palma, re-] searc j, ievelopment." rtuEated rumors that other; ^s sent to the Senate by ra7/ officen had fallen out'the committee, the bill car- witli Vazquez, the senior cf- nw $lt951^9!,000 compared Heir of Argentina'! navy. to $15458,691^)00 asked by .Vjizquez ordered his fleet [the administration. The House hade to Puerto Belgrano had raised Kennedy's total IbtuTday, r e m o v i n g the request* to $15,856,391,000. thrjat of an attack by sea on' Rutiios Airej and satisfying a rnn'iStion for resuming the DOVT JHSS the fine selec tion of home values offered 15DCS that broke cp earlier in to you in "Homes for Sale" ir.a day. !ia the Classified Section 139. Cash Deal Sidetracks fi3-Story Suicide Leap I r LOS XNGELES tfl--A man dimbed onto the roof ca* the BiJtroore Hotel in Los Angele* Thursday and "tVeatened to leap. Crowds gathered 13 stories below as Wju!d-be rescuers attempted different techniques. A policeman tried to order him back from the brink. i ret back." the man shouted, moving closer to the get back. ccTge, ·I A minister tried prayer. "I tried praying with him." said the Rev. Clayton McCoy, "bat he prayed a little ' stopped." Then the hotel phyiiciss. hiirins the man eonspJaia of monetary woes, tried money. He put $503 ia twenties in an envelope. "Can I tend it to my sister?"* the man asked. "Certainly." *aid tie Rev. Mr. McCoy. -Here's a pencil. Write her address ca the envelope." · , The """ reached for the envelope, the minister grabbed his wrist, the officer grabbed the man. the doctor rtvvvt:cd IV $SG3. and the man was hustled away to a hospital far psychiatric observation. He was identified as Harold Hicks, 24, of Los Angeles. -He said he was npset." said the minister, "because tli ::it£r was being mistreated in Kansas Cry and he wanted to bring her here." lOND'S LA«WOOO CINm. 5224 LAKEWOOD BIVO. Does your taste say GO! but your budget say " Try this tin Slip into acouple of suits and see this... Meticulous style (from oar top designers). Correct classics. Natural shoulders (with no droop) TIus flawless fit (2 SO different sizes and shapes). Plus big-name fabrics (proudest in America). r Jus superb needle work (famous Rochester tailoring). Sec all five in every handsome suit. Then--look at the price tag! Ask -how come so little," and youH be even more impressed. And satisfied. It just happens that Bond's is the biggest maker-and-merchant-in-one.This cuts out all the usual big in-between costs. Saves important money for us-andforyou. And always assures superior quality at sensible prices. No wonder more men wea r E ond clothes thananyotheri-anywhtrc. 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