The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 26, 1957 · Page 19
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 19

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1957
Page 19
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.1 TH« FACTS Bmesport a«d Sfti(fft> Pointy, Jrttta 'Dryman-Thielemann ; Rites In FP Church ; In a double ring ceremony,tilly lace and tulle over satin. •Tuesday night at the Assemblyj The full skirt ended in bal• of God Church in Freeport., lflt lengt h with a scalloped Deloris Faye Thielemann hem)ine ,„ match the .„.„,. MtTrH.Srai.-P- «* •"- *« *> T Rev E (.'. Allen porforminR which wore complementd by tfle -'ritei. elbow-length satin gauntlets. ThB parent* of the bride are A shearer! satin cummerbund Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Thielemann' came to a decn point in the and the groom is the son of'back. Her fingertip veil of Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Withers. : illusion outlined by hanrt- Both families ire residents of'clipped insets of Chaniilly lace NArth freeport. ' fell from a coronet of lac? over Lighting for th* ceremony sheared satin lightly sprinkled was provided by tall white;with seed pearls. She carried taoerj in multiple candelabra a cascade bouquet of gladioli by th« altar which was flank- and white carnations. *d 'with baskets of white car-! Serving as maid of honor nation*, gladioli, and a large,in the ceremony was Miss palm on either side. Myrna Loy Koepprn of Ros- Mrs. M. W. Wright played enberg. She war attired in a the traditional wedding music ballet length sown of ic ebltie at th« organ and accompanied chiffon featuring s portarait Miss Mary McKenzis as she neckline with a long stream Mitt "Because," "I Love You of flowing chiffon down the IrTilT." and "The Lord's Pray-, back to meet the skirt's hem- gj"''' ;nne. Her gauntlets were of Given in marriag* by her;blue satin fashioned like those father, th» bride wore » gown'of the bride, and her brief t>t her own design which wa.«'veU -raj held by a coronet of fashioned of handclipped Chan- i sheared blue satin. She carried : cascade bouquet of pink ca- should *i»i bettwd »t all—for, at th* instim**, on «air landing* and rtairn. head aft* toot et th* US Hospital Jobs Waiting 1 CHAM P W. * houseWif* Wfce NEW YOTIK m Two They felt a need to "palish "P • houseWi ;,.„„>• »„„ »hotild b» -/» Thp "throw j eaferulj luinl n,h«,; e "7flnS^nnry:;Pa«l« l in-couain.--- i A University of 111**.! iing job? are happily at work Both,girls said they are "de->safety specialist, O. !>. Hef- in Presbyterian Hospital here lighted with oxir jobs and with j scM| ,,„„ -j^f t h<w* handy scatter rug* can turn Into tha. worst hind of hazard if not properly tired. There are even sont* places in th« home where thro*' rugs —and "loving every minute of the apartment." it." Ann-Marie w'as trained a* a Ann-Marie Yvonne _ Owner. sur gieal mlrj . e an a judit specialized in obstetric-!;. They are. both assigned now to the \vom- jmellia*. I For the ceremony, the bride's i mother wore a dress of beige jlace with pink accessories and ia pink carnation corsage. The j mother of the groom chose a {two piece blue suit with white • accessories and a corsage of ' Ml* Genevieve Zirlott of (white carnations. 1 *^ ort wai r,r tu^a^nar r^:;; held Saturday, ^ Ufh( . rf ,„,.„ A , hpr , Under weekend with his parents. Mr, Pottery, Crystal Shower Is Honor For Bride-Elect MH. AND MRS. ROBE RT ANSLEY DRYMAN —Phoio By Don Wilnon Angleton Briefs 24. and Judit Paulson. 23, came from Stockholm "hoping to help reduce the shortage ^of nurses in the United States.' 1 Their photograph in a New York newspaper caught the eye of Eleanor Lee. director of nursiiig it Presbyterian, and i Margaret Wells, assistant dircc- j tor. who tracked the girls to j Iheir hotel within hours after ! they had come ashore and settled Jlieir employment the same day. "We had not Ihought we would find work so soon in * hospital," .Hidit said. "When we first came we had planned, to take a position in a family i jto learn the language bnvter. ! But wHen Miss Wells called us, • we had another thought." ' : WelMrained Miss Well said: "They are both so well- i trained'in such first-rate nursling schools that we are really [very Rlad to have them." The itwo airls lived only u tew ' blocks 'apart in the Stockholm suburb of Bromma and had ^been friends for years. ' • Surprised by the hospital's immediate offer of employment.' the girls asked for a Mar-Len JUNIOR SIMS * MI8S18 SIZKS SPOBf WEAR LINGERIE dASUAL DH1MM-HATS BAO« HOS1 PI. _ Tl 7-10 at 7.JO MAHTE BETH JONES Gens Sebesta spent fare\ nome. recet the 'has served in hon™ in honor MiS« Faye Thielemann, bride-!a" 1 •Iwt of Hobert Dryman. table was set DavenD{(r) _ bo , h ' ' as pastor of thei First Assembly of God Church Freeport. ! Freeport O f,and Mrs. Eddie A. Sebestn ot, ot Angieton for several tears.i Angleton. He is a University' ant) ha!; heen act i ve i n ' B O .V : Community House of Houston student, and will; S cotit work with the church! ,,,. ,,.5ne of a reception work at Radio Station KILT ;t ,. oop following the reremony.lduring the svtrnmer. i Bible games were enjoyed i 'The table covred with lace! Also al home with hit par- :by those present, and refresh-) £ i ballet length gown of ice blue>»<-'• recently was the other. m , ms n r coo kies and fruit: ieichtff»n featuring a portrait ;Reb€fta son - Ji mmy. who is ^ unf ^ Wer9 served. Farewell! small silver candelabra now in Dallas, where he is also gi({f for th( , Robisons were : efrcshmentslholding candles. Miss Rebecca:employed by mints, i Warren tha C9rC9 topped with wedding i ind a Iruit juice punch!and as refrcs of Freeport presided presented!at the punch service and Miss orchid corsagt fromjMyrna Loy Koeppen of Ros- Th« shower gift j enberg served the four-tiered from th* hostess was » piece!wedding cske. Miss ,lo«nn ot tin protpwtive bride's crys-'Dryman of Freeport registered tal 'Many other gift* of pot-(guests for the occasion. terT and crystal were present-; When the couple left on a •d to the bride during the i wedding trip to Austin Ihe bride wa§ wearing a pink dress radio station, brought by many of those attended. Brazoria B&PW Elects Officers For Coming Year Camp is one of the main J ^^^.^ topics of conversation among| ^ esohjtlon , of r< , spect were younger set in Angleton: read at g rec{mt meeting o( Citizenship Is Topic For Churchwomen ' Miw Judr Townund wnt*d tha program for • swcUn^ °^ Iba Lake •Prwbytarian Women of embroidered satin with a these days. Five local girls plan to attend Camp Arrowhead at Hunt, beginnig July 14. for a fiv« weeks session. Those scheduled to attfmd include Margo Montgomery. Bet- tv Jamison. Becky Clements. the Angleton Chapter of the I memorv of members Adriance lr Mun.son and I,. R. John«on. P 1 "'... Mrs. Helen Hardman. wor . present; thy matron, and G. Last week Mrs. J. A. Withers, treasurer of the Brazoria who lousiness and Professinal Women's Club, gave tha final fi-; nancial report for th« ninth year of the club's activities. Election of officers for the 1957-1958 slate put Mrs. A. E. the post of presi- 8 ' pleted a whi^rorsage t«k- « from th. bridal Upon th,,r return. Mrs. t)r»-man will make their pr»-i residence in Freeport bouquet ; Made , y . Mr. and: c ' (jlrls who plan to at- imp Mailha Foster an official Girl Scout near Oomoe. include Joyce Kay Meyer. Dianne Kaston, Betsy Hearn. Diane Duthe | • The bride attended Jac)c«oni we ,, tern Bjbl(> of the lW , TahArhi( , , nd th , l(rnr)rn L(jna D ^ Lsugh , in Dianne i served refreahments. and Mrs. Brazojport B eaver . Brenda Plentl, Judith,Ona McGaughey wos on Ihe South-j^,., f.^ obenhaus. Jeanetle Stanley. Linda Hargrove. in ,at th* meeting, the first of the new fiscal year. Mrs. Ethel Merritt, junior past matron, Mrs. Carla Sheffield, secretary, and Mrs. Cora Mae Meyer, tieasurer, gave reports for the past year. Mr. and Mrs. Joe McFarland president; Mrs. So- loefle. second vice Mrs. H. W. Toell- ,, 'ft.., net. recording secretary: Mrs. nr"sirferf- w1ther '' corresponding seere- Installition ot oMiceri will be held during the July meek- ing with Mrs. Charles Ren- drix acting as installing of-; ficer. ' of OUT on World devotional was) to the group by! "Jericho Road. . A «onj fest wa» conducted •fter which refreshments of eookit* and ooHea were ter». •d. en '° r o , Srho °'- U Church Plans Saturday Event Corsan. Linda Ann Ottpp. Vera decorating committee for the CMPP. Vicki Collins. Gloria .meeting. j Howard, and Susan McMillan.; The Raymond Carr family Mr. end Mrs Hoyt Carr Jr.i ——— 'has been plagued with mea- ; The Bev. John Gordon Howard Bechtel and was art> in *• I'roces* of painting: Mr. and Mrs. Bill Legg andUlcs for the past few weeks. Swope Jr. will be instituted as 2i "lorl^hn Rn»d" jtheir house, and moving their!Mr«. J. R. Badger entertained The oldest ion. Ricky, ha« re-'rector of St. Timothy's Episco- two daughters, Janice and Car-; Rev. and Mrs. B. V. Robison. covered, but the two younger* pal Parish in Lake Jackson on olyn. upsraira. j Bonnie and I^eta Marie, at a>boyi. Randy - — ' - - still 'ill. Also on the sick list with measles are the children of Dr. and Mrs. G. B. Brown Jr. I Lucy has recovered, but the J two boys were still "spotty" at Th« banquet hall of themems held a variety of dec-j lasl report. Freeport First M e 1 h o d i > forative jandwiches and cookies : Gary and Dick Jones, sons Officers of the WSCS were:"' - Mr - a "d Mrs. Walter Freeport Methodists Honor Pastor, New Union Auxiliary j Famj | y At ReC eption Sunday Night Elects Its Reporter 0.™r«, wa» elect 'Church was th. icene Sunday « , r^ent se« 'evening newly orgamze'd: by and Timmy are \ Saturday dt-rinff the commem- i oration of the Feast of Saint Peter at 4:30 p.m. The Right Rev. Fredfrick Percy Goddard will institute Rev. Swcpe. A covered-dish dinner of a family ityle will be served for those present following the service. The prayers and presence of the church members ^••are invited. the for a reception given ' included Woman's -Society odHeceiving th. with hou« th, parly. honor ! Jones of Angleton, were hon-i with a joint birthday their home. Kridav^ ored asters vided piano selections Tor the ciruiKs were nvillea occasion. .present. Favors of appoint-; The honor guests wer« preJminiature prehistoric ., . ... . . ,. k ^ rented with an old fashioned and bubbl. gum were pre-.ments will b* furnished Everyone who bal!oon». I tend the evwnt monilers.ia picinic lunch plan? to at- ttiould bring and refresh- 'pounding of groctnes. John sented by the hoet. iPosey, acting an Master of t Ceremonif*, WBI a$M5t«d by H. W. Wood, Keith Polk and Upton Barnard in tin presentation. Party *rrang«m«nt> were I under the direction of Mri. Carter, Mr». Poaey, Mra. Marun and Mri. Carl Siddall. ladiei auxiliary. Homemaker Hints By United Press i If you ar« on a reducing diet, don't be afraid to «al potatoes. It isn't ili« potalo mat add« calorie*. It'i th« «x iras such an butler and gravy i that inak« thfm falttning. ' Tfc»x the fci Iai>ric finish by crushing yuuf hand. how wi'il H iind s(i«d* ciu when you of H stop thn md'snal in This wiil .sriow i* wrinkle!: SHIFLElf JO BBOOKS' •nsag»m«nl and appcoacb- tff mtiiitg* to RubMt E»il Upton ba> b»«n tnoouaud br k*f puaaK. Mi. and Mi.. Hak. Btaok* ot Fr»«pc.rt. Mi. Md Mil. E. E. Upion of Coehr»n», Ala., ai. lh» p»i»nu tt tb. proip«cliT» gioom. Th. w.doing will b* an *T«at •I faMudajV Jtu»* 1>. >« >b. bricU't bom. wiifc Ba*. Boa- jfjf lf*0MU t« 'Mi*.. Dtodoiiz* jiii and boulet, : by puling a *olution of waifi iai>d diy mustard jjito tin-in, tnen letting them stand lor, ifrVtii'al hours before washing. ' To prevent de-tufting a can- ( 'dl^wick beti»p6r*d while laun- idering, place it in a pillow slip ibetora putting in tb« washing i machma. ' Wli*u naaking cotton draper- :ia< put all hems in by hand. iUa. long, loo«« stitches. Hand finuhin* m«an» 0»a d«»«ru>s • MISS MARILYN COLtGHOVE'» .n 8 »9»m«»» ^ annount- wt by h»i par«.-iit- Mr. and Mi«- William Dao» CoU- gror. ei 608 Wino'og W«f, L»k« J.ckton. Th. pioip.clly. groom it Victoi Ensliih Mannino, »»» o< Mi. a»d MM. Claud. L. Manning ol Butk, T.x.. *nd Ibt d>t« Jof lh» w.ddinj h» be«n >•) loi Aug. 1 itt U» filtt M.IhodUl Cbt»Rb at tak* ;*C|MOIU SIZt 6.70-15 Blackv/aH SIZI 4JO-15 Mockwafl Nationwkio Lll«fl(n« Oo»ranl*«-l De Luxe Super Champion NYLON 95 Ptvt tox and r«eappabl« f::e w« tor details All SIZES ON SALE . . BLACKWAUS . . . WHITEWALLS . . . TUBED . . . TUBELESS! RAYONS NYLONS 6.70-15 7.1O-15 7.6O-15 8.OO-1S C.OO-16 S7.6« 3O.3O sa.aa 9.7O-18 7,10-15 7.WO-15 8.00-15 «k7O-15 7.1O-15 TRAVELOG ComtoVMMofxW tM 41 Stt^n, Canoda and M««*a» TMKKIRS SAW w Transport I9 95 • ^y IIM.I»» Atbvw THESE FIRESTONE PRODUCTS AR* ALSO AVAILABLE AT TEXACO SERVICE STATIONS DISPLAYING THE FIRESTONE SIGN. "JACK GRIFFIK TIXACO STATION"- HIGHWAY 288 AT 19th ST. FREE PICK UP AND DELIVERY VELABOO, TEXAS DIAL 3 i871 Tiresfone STORES 110 -Vf. 2nd St. FREEPORT.TEX. Phon« 3-9608 FRE1 PARKING

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