Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 24, 1976 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 24, 1976
Page 12
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Advertise Where The Buyers Shop ...The TIMES Classified Ads! r I t AA^ / . O J O A C l / C/^D r-l A C C I C l t r \ SCHEDULE YOUR AD FOR OUK LOW-COST SEVEN DAY RUM- YOU MAY CANCEL YOUR Call 442-6242--7ASK FOR ··CLASSIFIED - AD WHEN YOU GET RESULTS. PAY;ONLY FOR NUMBER OF DAYS AD ACTUALIY RAN. 0~Help Wanted ' Call 442-6242--ASK FOR CLASSIFIED 12 Northwe'sl Arkansas TIMES, Sal., April 24, 1976 r.\Yi:iii:viLu:. AKKANS.VS. , . . .' ' ^ ' Times Classified Ads Dial 442-6242 Daily ... 8:00 lo -1:00 Office Closed Sunday Phone Calls Acecpled Unlil 11:00 A.M.- Up To 20 Words 7 Days . 3 Days . 1 Day . . Hich AddJHixuT · ' · . Word . $7.80 39* . $4.80 24 . $1.80 9* Al»v* ar* Ihe cash Discount t you "ill receive by ordering Ad at Ttie TLMRS or by orfle your Ad by Phone and raying fo of the dale billed. 10 addf\1 alter 10 days. For txsi results she full dfscriip- litn and iiart ywr ad tor 7 daa. You may rancel w r ad when r- sulls are obUI red. Yx/U only w eta reed for Ih? actual oumtwr of dis" the ad ran. PLEASE b* jure to rhcrt your aa fcr errors t h e first day oJ publiCA- lion. Adjustments mU b» msda on the bssis of the fits; appcararcc ail* 1 . No cKTCctioM rrvade after ,ad . ws paper reserves tha ntrrit ej-xt arjd properly classify SAVE MONEY! Place your ad tht sperfsl CAt nvte5. » words daily for 30 day* . (27,00 Each additional word ........ St 3) ivwds Attly for 11 conse ittti days . : ................... 513.60 Each additional wx«nl .......... Th! s ne lo edit. all adi. SERVICE DlHECTOftV-- Mm!:mum__3_lliM* daily for -- lo start Sunday ar« accepted nll] 4 p.m. Friday -- lo «Ait Monday are accepted indl 11:00 Saturday. -- to start TUtrfay thrn Saturday ire accepted mtil J p.m. on th« day before- pbblicatioo. -- to part Sunday are urita ·{ p-ru, 'rtnirFd.iy. -- lo start are until P.HL Friday. -- lo sl^rt Tuesday thro are accepted until 4 p.m. before publication. tl ieLfph«w sale* r-ersonnol, full r pJtt Untr. Phone- S3L-1U1. Ml'NTER HEI.P needed. Ap|*ly at Brwv ' , WS \\\ 61 h after 2:M calls. · · ', · .'' 11-- Situation* Wanted MIDDLE asc vMow wishes rcsillm ive-ln coitip.'ulon lo ridcrty \v tf.'-n or i h!M governess. Kree lo travel, e\wl «il driver. Rtflf lo box P r 95] . c/i hwest Arkansas T "^-_'' j i _ j k j i _' ]6-- Service* Offered lOUSE PAIXTKKI SPECIAL - Rcv'ldcn i-ara ex peri met .ifid rrfcrrnce. lo ... rices -- . f r e e o*l i mat p. Insured. Call CHRISTIAN lady wmiJd like to tavp 3 T 3 childien In her home, a£-* 1 lo 5. iVH serve hot luncfiej ard snacks. Phone YAIID W O R K ' -- leaves irmovrd. nit? ;. I rimming, clean up. IK-ponrtsb irk. Reascmble prlws rait 13? 3128 U3-3-VI7. Termites? Pests? Kay Johnson 521-3750 17- Boatsft Marine Supplies .SKI rip , rc.irty lo so, 1 ~ aboat. 75 HP -)nru lo;\ book to bscl; K- 7J6-W37. 6 foot Chryrioj iIc maior, c.-in ais. ISX. Phcni L A P P - A - D A Y - "I've got some more shopping lo do anyhow, so why don't ,vou just deliver him wilh the chair this afternoon!" 1 -- Announcements SIXGLE5. Ncilce. Beeiunnip Sunday, March 14, Smile Adult Fellowship of \onhwes: Arkansas "ill meet at new Btinania, Ilishway 71 Souih and Piea- sinl Slreel. Sprio£±U*, 9 A.M. to 10:15 for ftiioivFbip and Bible Siody. Inter- a«ioimnalional.' Call 521O511 davst 7511223 ev^nlncs. HOUSE PLANT HOME PARTIES AVAIL\BLE Have a GiVMUp [«"' ln i" 0 " 1 home with 4.1 ualimhrf variety of plants and spreiqaries delivered at your ron- venues, e.lis. r.\TQes, g-iirtes. Call 531-6717, attar 5 cill · -MM134. write: Grwmip Panics P.O. Box 125, FaycUe- ViU*. AR V2T01. ; : 2-- Coming Events YARD Sale: Saturday, 4-34. 1149 Somh ·Vest -Avenue, South erf Wasasdngton Cwn- nir« ral T*cimens, stives, pi ale xiass shelving and man}" moie items 1 . VOVES'G. Must SclM Furniture, lamps. spcoUr. kitchen uiersls, cl«hes. beddine. IX-wige van ar.i! house. Much 1 ' More, May 1, 9 a,m. .Jill ? Comer liny. 35 ard Old Wire Road. Stop by forcer for beUer 5 FAMILY csrpon sale Friday and Sat- urdav. 8 lo 5, clothn^ arid odds tsra f n f a . 163L Arrowhead. INSIDE, oir-sitfc sale: According In "«£· i' er. 14 IS IVesi 6th. Fa yell eville Mi Hwy. EC. \STiaUE SHOW AM! k- Bottles, in- r-itators. Avras. jew-dry, and smaU cN- ecubl«-. Waihcietm CWiiiy Fsirsrwuids. Apnl 2»!h i 25th. 1J 3!25. Center. Usad Iniriiiate. hau=ehtfd items. steamer traaks and toot Ioc;ers. Glassn-are, ioms derrtisioa. .MJ«ceEar.cous, Bsseraent r.ow open. - Qattitae, fcmilTire AEHER'S Trad:D? Post Is raw opcri t» Lincoln, w«t side o! sc;unrP. Open 9:M 5:30- Ustd Eumltore iiod aatiqaes. 824*5175, 3 -- Personals KNOW Your Wood pretsure Day o; Nl^ht sip-." irjtsnUy right on Uic spot, ?a.95. 4 -- Schools Inslructions CO!MUNTn p Ptesdioo! has immediate UofA, m^n all summer. . Call 521 ES33. EIGH SUHftJL AT fiOME. Write loJay fur complete lacU about ouj totne study method- American School of CHcago. Bos 7145, Little R«Jt, 72207. Department AT. ' · · rAYETTENTLLE BiiiltiE-jS College. The ftcfaool where you [earn to earn. 221 South Lccost Pbone +J2-E64. FayeLtevlire. Ark- 5-- Lost Found I/KTT: U^fn r«t whiie-fEcc heifer, wrfghs 400 yyxrA's. Washed dr*n the ^Vest Fork of SV3i;(* Rr,'?r (ron Wyman Coir,mn/ii- ty. Phone S51-2E02. LOST; 'Wedrssday, gtfri bracelet. -*ith inscrjp-tcn '' I LT%-C You", R E\VATIH otlered. 52127X1. I.OST Mixed Cff.ts, rciri3lc. rcd'lL=h colored, has ID with O:e name Morta, Lost 3 miles south nf hjpaAs on Calf) Spnr^s Roid. Rfe-*ird 130. Call 521-522.1 or 541 NEW /mm FRANCHISE J i .'.Sni^al in.enmcnt p. 0 ,Bo» 153? V/r! IE o: HO LI D A Y Tu Iw, 0V. 7d 1 01 o,ir:r-r Call Jan HCT.S/CT, Trumbo A- O FOR SALE w teaso crjin opo rated laur.d *P-ste f'lr ar.othcr ftasins*^ /or lurthc f.'HtX-K ywr arl Jo: citors the Fins' fay of poblkaHryi. Call Tie/r-re 4 (.·-Jlwir^ dJ»y, 412G2J2. Aik lor CLAS IKIED: ·EV Kodak ·»} Qrjaiified I r / f ^ i ^ M l M^'c ^r Fero.i!n r^ U'rts ".vo SEf.r.iNG OR sourm\r ? -- Salespersons Wanted ,. ^ FOOD | SALES £ ; · · - L · is Timpany ncpds a direct salesperson for gQ "on Snfuh ar.(I surrwundki R area . Pre- TM er e\r*r;ei;cel in mute · work, but rvol f^ -=.?er.iia (. Exoelltnt orpcrtunitj' tor cap^ -bio pctiicn. FF Rood frmea bwichts. hosphalizaUfln, life J ^ nso ranee snd rcU:emenl program. Must (umish own tiucfc" arnl be eb!e o ptircffflsc starting inveiitorj-. I'iease Mn«, sianu? quauiicatons to , jg ? ' Box P-97 » TIMES, Foyetteville «? 10-- Help Wanted J» VA.VTED ]idy lo hetp d n % c hi tara ^, May 3rrt see Joftn G:b»n, Brent wood. ^-^ 16 AVON ^ Flsxibic hours moan e\e,i you c.ui s^l FO oday i 10 442-9836 K.XPERIENXED TV t S«-reo Ttchnirii . o work in Kaj'eUevfUe. Top wages, pajd lionj, P-5S c/o TIMES .' 6 I'ART lin\ J ! pet^le · to work e\ eniries and Saturday. ?300 monLh if you qiialily, call 521-9750. WANTED Journeyman plumber for ihriv- na rrjsTncsy. «"aees based oa experience, ar.d pcrformanfe. Call T9-3M1 after 6 p.m. SITTKR «aiHc.l [or 1 year rftl Kir], m' homo or *our5. .Must be reliable. Ilex- Iblc, and ha^ e · references. Phone 53L- B125 atlcr 5 p.m. BREAKFAST Waitress wanted. BLUEGRASS GRILL, 727 S. School, Fay«lt- villc. )AVC-ARE tvnitr his permanent lull imc immediate opening /or derc-ndab'e person to ivork ^1th 3 olds. Will train. Also must be able lo drive standard Shirt. Hours 6:15-5:15 Monday tfirouah Friday. CaU -JS2-7472. ; PHIVATE Rird:cal cJinic nereis lab^ra- Viry lechniclan wLlh tJ.pcrienL-c in gtai- ar.d baclcnolocy. Prefer JIT. Available May 1st, i976. Hours -- (!atime only viith libe-ral pxlras. Salary open. 4435145, from S to 5- . - ; ENUMKBATORS wanted. C\(y Dircclory office 1/» update r.w Oty Dktctory for 1IT76. Mart Te 19. Hacv good tianriwritin; ar.d must have car. Office focalcd 1765 N. CcUe?e (Buiban I1a7a) Itooci 2, We COLLEGE Suil^l or j n u n g nan (or liglil deanup awl bartender. A|-ply at the liccir^'cod Club. 412-KM. LOCAL nmccrn needs -1 [XT^-I® ais-^; mr n my htisinets. Must bt r.pat, Bharp, aad atnb^ltws. ItspJi immediate earn- In?? wIJi prorrt, ahanr?, paid vacations arrf other compan- horusTM. Csl] 521- W30. WA1TREJSES ntedcd. musX bt 21. Apply SpeaV^isy Hfessauranl . alter A p.m. WANTED carr^Mers helj«r. Studerjl or mired pcrsn wlv rftprfs to suppu-meri Ihelr incmr-c-. Call 521- 5SM, After 6 p.m. cf.ll Wl-WA,. PAJIT Time Fr^p wcdcrf f!ay Bh;ft «oly, apply ejlht-r Mir.ule Alan lxa\im, Fiy- eltev;Hp, MARIIIKD man or man and vite learn '.a r.pcraie ST/A- farrrrt*TOS Ivwse. -Totra Abb-/JJ. Kitrf'-n:a, Kansas, Call 31577?- COtiPI.K or woman wanted for rfijWrare a r.(J htriseiec-pi n?. Must In C «i rrc- m'^es 1 . I'nvatc hfrfimK, Z bedcvym un- Stnd inquiry in P. O. iv« f/SI I.PN'- (i :xd hw rly haw: p!u.^ 1 M D U l O R POLAROID ANTED GE H11ILU' HOLSON ALBUMS liKtiVlRKIt.'' .MaJ-^ ihss y**r year Icr CALL Mr. ^fa^^in (T-J! f i r e ) I .»»« lifjO I,T Cnll'd AM-za-lT^l Mw.dsy lo rr.A*y, 3 a.m. 10 6 p m . K S,T. Or \Vrjle Firiruonp P?.'Xa C'/, FirtslOM BuJdf-^ -- S.rK« I?W 162 .V. 3rd S , Ctfumtj-j*, CWik. 4^215 NURSING ASSISTANTS Posi Jons available nov^ for (rained aids on our 3-1 T ant 11-7 shifts. At least 6 moribs previous experience in a hospita required". Also have opening for an RN to work our dialyiis onil, I am - 7 pm v/ith Suncfa/s off. Apply in Personnel, V/ashinpton Regional Medical Cenler Equal Opportunity Employer U' LOSESTAR sJd rip. 40'h.p, ] ' trailer. SHWO .5 M. hiding glass unit, Wi._ 1'rtone.32MSGQ.. . ' 16 foul FAUUGLASSi Sla boat" with «m- ^® Motorcycles top. full co\-cr v; 60 horse 18--Camping Sporting Goods See Ihe New 76 Solid Slale APACHE Camper Trailers at Sfnes Body Shop 2425 Old Farmington Road go. Mui . mhani till trailer sc* to appreciate,- re.nly 72 H.\RLEY Davldvm Z90, under 2iO 16 FOOT Sport Craft boat, 45 h.p. i Lfcd Irailer. sM w fishitw: rig, le iblc. Phone 531-2S6. BOAT IJocfc* -- bailt lo last totalled at site. Call 435-5564 daj- or evenings. Ka'es, Rogers. FBKE -- 2 mtvnihs Stall rent Do first year's renlal. Losl Bridge Marina. Phon* 333-3222. P.O. Rfr( 3i, Dartield, Ark. 18--Camping Sporting Goods ! MODEL Sarvraft camper, excel- rendition. Set ps 5. Pho^c 3S7- 1 or SPR at Hwy. 62 West, ' IH mile DLDEV Falcon 17 [i. trailer. Sleeps 6 -- Kcorrtflined, awning ove, oven i- relrigei kept. Call 442^077, (xaint. · (SCO. S*c ng wide bed. S100. FT. AVALON Sale by T, self-con mode-J. osei -JS592. er. Sunflower tr 3d, 21) fooler late w month. I3MQT. tJ] 1S[ 121-0181 aftei ii!c*. 1300 6 p.n )IONDA ScrAniWer, In oxcdlcjit n ' w i t h only 7,000 avAes, I4M. 73 SL100 Honda io tvce11*nl condition S2S5. ne E41-Z369. HONDA 750, llent condition, 1M fS16 atter 5:00. , CHOPPER' 1 -- Bonneville 630 -- never r.dden. J-ots * ehronw. Keels woik. 1700. Ca]] 521-6337 slier 6:OJ p.m. VAIIAJU MOTORCYCLE 350, roa! bike for ?a!e. fSffi. Good sJiapc. Phone 321- 1371 KAWASAKI id] Vcrj' (as(, recent It overhaul never ni«ked. J673. M« spars paitir. Phone 442-7415. , 21--Automotive--For Sale 21--Automotive--For Sale fl. fully carpcli sflaK, side swts ll«t tonveit Ui bed 12.950. Call 531-2114. . KXTHA nice, 71 W convertible. alue, vriili beige lop, all -in cxot iwidillon, has 38,000 actual miles. 1 1973 "SUBAIIU M=00 ffr Iwst rade f o r . K o i d Piclsup.. Phm'e 1576 HO.\I)A CS\-ic CVCC SlaLicn U'agn noiv broken tn. Take over pa Is. 521-mi till 3:M p.m. or ! w ROD K value [9« VW \'an, passenger, dean, boo); jiri«? [2775.. a*l i? J24W, 521-J707 after a and wcdcend: CHEVHOLETT pirkup. Call ]S74 LJN'COIA Conlincrtal, bnm-n, .v. "'c iin-| Inp. fully CIULPIH^. IcAlhar _. s. Wilt npg^ialp, ndc-r a arxl mill-, 53L-8157. BUICK EJetlm 225 exfeLletil um eof,dition, lull pwei arJ air. ras [Pim^. Phrvne 2B7-11-52 or filler 5: 267-3112. 175 PINTO MJ'G, 1061 C|(E\T. sirvAcA, !«"'. Iffn nault'.- runs 'period, "1957 Drxl^e, : S cylinder, s'Jck. 5273. 1953 Oicvj-, clea ' 5i FORD. \4 xrheclf A- int* Call SJ9-233. 1B62 CHEVY 1 pickup, K25. 1957 pickup, super nice, S5;0. 1!H^» {^ie ton, clean. J275. Phone 153 W6. 1371 GRANDV1LLE renliaL-. nil We believe in you. We want you to believe in us. ")ur "J. D. Wants to Go Sale" was a huge success and we sincerely ippreciate Fayetteville and N.W. Arkansas for helping us win his contest. We ran our new cor stock down a bit but we have .1 truck load of new models on the way, so come on by. If you're looking for a used cor check our "Double Checked" trade-ins, like: 1975 Buick Century Wagon 1975 Buick Estate Wagon 1975 Buick Century 4-door 1975 AMC Pacer 1975 Chevrolet Monza 1975 V.W. 1974 Opel 1973 Opel 1974 Audi 1972 Chevrolet 1974 Ponn'oc LeMans 1974 Buick Apollo 1974 Buick LeSabre 1972 Buick Skylark 1971 Buick Skylark 1971 Thunderbird 1970 Chevrolet Malibu 1975 Dodge Pickup 1974 Ford Pickup Pickup FISHER BUCK- 2396 N. College MERCEDES-BEN/ -142-4261 WE FINANCE OUR OWN CARS YOU CAN BUY A CAR TODAY Small Down Paymeni or Trade-in and $15 to $25 Per Week WE GUARANTEE DEPENDABILITY COME BY SCHOOL STREET CITGO Corner of School Mountain, 103 S. School, Fayetleville o r C a l l 5 2 1 - 9 o O O - - 7 : 0 0 AM lo 7:00 PM .- 6 Days a Week!!! TOYOTA TOYOTA TOYOTA TOYOTA T O Y O T A SELL-A-THON IS HERE! 40 CONTINUOUS HOURS OF SAVINGS ON AMERICA'S BEST SELLING IMPORT CARS. You can shop for special savings now . . . around the clock . . . til Midnight Saturday. LYNDALL BROWN MOTORS, INC. 68 EAST SPRINGDALE, ARKANSAS 756-6841 TOYOTA TOYOTA TOYOTA TOYOTA SERVICE DIRECTORY --Air Conditioning-- Oil Ain CE.EANEIIS, Am CONDITION. C. HEATING AND HUM1D1FIEHS. \LL SHEIJTON 1 SALES AND SEnVICT. 2-5MO lAT'S a heal pump? Call Pascha! Air- iJ'tlnnlns. 731-0195- Onmmerclal- Re« nllal Sales ."Jervlcc. aU ma)tet. --Antiques rjnSITURF, nFSrORATlONS by StfiVi axis. Relinishlng. ccpairj, exp*rioncert iuch up, anU^ues. 300 \V. Dlrtstm. 521- --Asphalt W6rk-- and flrlveways bnl![ or Rravel hauled Motor Bra' - linscn Asphsll Co. 5214179 Automot'vfl-- HADIATOIl HEPAITt XNGTN K REPAIR. Biahcs, Tunt- js. electrical. Bnh Mayes .Au1o Setvir*. LW X GarlAnrt 443-tt!7, 42 935ft Bob fc larKn Mares. --Bulldozing- 1 - ' A R M FEATTTNG. corrJIi An chutes free cttimatei i^ir T rook *.t 751-7530 6r J51-352I OOZING--Top SoK-Gravel-Kxcavalion - RacIJioc and Tractor Work - Landscap- n? - Uvellng - Dumplnck Work Do z and pourwl J a Jon" ***· Carpenter-- I.1T\- woilc on additions, remodeling exterior · and InlorlorJ roofing, s' (orfc, and Hrcplaccs. Call Joe I! JTW'2J3i or Tim Duko 83D26I3. CARPENTRY. ROflFlNfi. PATNTINO ~ i i n u , shod rock, .ilumlnum s Mficr sidins Windows, doorr, . RfFcrencea. nay Ragsdalc. 42 /on are [NTETlESTEn In Iho Be Cabinet Work. Home Building, Rcmodc na. C-r TEXTUI1ED CEILINGS rail 44 6171 EMOOEI.INO, carport additions - ?a' is - house levclind -. roofing - palrt 15. Phone 4U4076 Of 5217713. Ccrpct Cleaning;-- SPUING fl.KAmtJ? CC ProfcRf vi ' aram dranlng at IJic low«* :s in ^roa. Phot* 442Wil. --Concret* Work-- JIOUSR (loirrs, 'pfl1i«, drive *ray«. « walks and footings, call Jim Slavci S39'32$0 allor 5:W. Palios, PHv^vajs, netaininff Walls, EXc Quality Work Call n-,h1iy Livis, S21-3M2. MACK .MINER Concrete Conjun rallr, Driv«W(ti. Rttalning VinVs. ncms, Drain«sc. No job too small. Ca njlime 4434^13, 521-GWO. cnrp'.nlry. R e l n l n l n ? walls, itrAlnaire. Uon 71/nmernwiM - Scott Mm** «S-T --Dirt, Gravel, Top Soil-- ·i^. CASK Cra«r»:r ivilh (rnni-cml ,.«...^ A- S y1, dump [rucJt Snmo of the boat I op (nil In N\V Aikansa.f, lime. TOP SOIL rjMESTO.NB SM%cl and wit lf| jvcrerf, Inr hire, iviiil ritrtort I J DiV Dmcan. iftVfn alw-r 6;W, --Dirt, Gravel, Top Soil-- OP SOU. for sale, any amounl frrrni ·t4 barrnw to Murk-load, for flower s or whatever. Call -H3301 alter 5:30, TEVE Harris -- Backhoe work -- 1\p. ecfc Ervcl, fill dirt, --Dilch Digging-- "trciIWrrCH IrencIiinR' for ss'alcr. ga cctric, drainage, dc. Narrow. 2V dw ·cnch, '2(X: f t . Mininnun J*, S25. Gn mdscy, ^-12-2518. mp Tnxk Work. Jolwi EXPBRIKNCED pa! oh for the least -- Exterminating -- (AYES TEltMITE tc PEST CONTROL Cr(pcrien«!tj Sanlce for iuallti p conlrof, ·all 756-65K, flUAT,TTV Itotuepainllnu inside and out, ;iC:srau(ion snaranlcctJ For Frc«--e,Elj. iralc, i-nll collect. EJncoln 83)5673 --Fence-- ---Garden Plowing- ! A H DEN plcnvjnp, harro\%in'ff, brus ;Ins, dijwHng, yard leveling, salts ii.iran!cttl, iuick tcrvico- I'hon .--Garden Tilling-- ;AHDI:N TIU.TNO wih hea nmwvlng -- Vntrn and smal service. Haulinif, +B-3W7. . --Grrridlnq- OZATtK Grinding Seivlce. £33 lluntsvllle Id. 921-3000: Carbide A hifth-spfMl 10 rden tools, chair aaivs, hard · *« :issot;, papor cultlnc kth-t* ' ' ,' --Handyman-- CAH PENTB Y - Palnirnj! - Roo fnclng - HI -"'hADling - tree m!ng - Yaids - Free Estimate* - Odd Jobi. Encdlenl relermeM. Ken Ro«*r*, Landscaping - SCAI'ING .-- Yard rait, pruning izirtp, sortdj'ng, sead'ns- tree topping rcninvAf. For Ire* Mtlnultfi. call --Lawn* Giirdens-- i'LirrK IAV^TI and yard care service, ing, tdjiiDB. irinniln?, AnjIhinR. Call 562-=57;or/J6fi-2IM, ask for Chuck n^lc. ft Paper · Fabrioali-m and Distribution. or plasllcs Protoiypts made (o yijfij E p e . rincauons. Special order*, Free "cwwult*. lion. Mountain Flatties. Inc. 521-xm, ·-^·Plumbing Service--?: IJGHT n.UMRING 9ERVTCE~~ - - - Call .«HiW , ' = -·.* TACV.PIT'S PLUMBINO CO-*' --Poultry Servicft- 1 ^- r 7S9-ZH2. »« --Roofing--- £ MCCOYS nooriNG -'"AiFliypcT'iS' isilh 1 j'car HTiHen piaranldt' fHitnalcs, at\\ 1-273-7202 "J kv Owner. ' * ' nopFTNfl --" k l n f f ) , Cranked? fTr» Phone JS1 Dfifis nob Etab^nks. --Hauling--- ! Hauling, mnvins and lra II --' we naiJ I I I lipa C 4-13-2179 bclore 7:00 p.m. ARKANSAS. Armed Goarf Stale an* locally llctnied anllormed guards. -Avail' hour An,f««. ally l aWe I . I C i l l T h a u l i n g And lawn irr^s, .shrubljpry· romnvcd n l n f f . RnliaWe and~rcas TRASH ItAUIJNO.-TltEB TIUMUTNG-^ Garapc n n d Atlic C l f a n f n B Oil befoi« S a.m. or after 7 p.m., 443- -- House Design -- CONTEMPORARY Uouse Design -- Coin- pTrtfl planning services -- HemorfaU'nB A conrtrucLfrm, riwt O f f i c e Hoi 1583, cUi'viHe, 72701, · · ,'_ -- Horticulture -- IXOtXKJY F.NTBUPniSES INC. i ring t h e opcntnfi of our ^holcw and ivlll n w j T m e a , a,i ir m ymir sixjciftcaHotu. Open B u 5, culil i . Monday thru FiMay. Phjna 531 -MM. c feel vcrmlculilo, J3.M, 4 cuhlr. fo« c u i l c ee v c r m c u i o , . , u . [icrilite, J3.50. 6 cnhfc (oal sphagnum, [cn moss, *7,M. IM Ibi. humus |» W. 2i !hs. (op«oil. V5C. The corner Ml, comfort Hoa4 ind Rupplo Mn --Security Guards--; --Tractor-- BILL'S TRACTOR SERVICE Gall after S p.m. 531-MM. PAUL'S TRACTOR SERVICE PHONE S2I 5669 TRACTOR SERVICE ' PLOWING, discing, bnninhoaainji, Lar:« " -.mall Johs, toll 5I1-6H7 aftw sijo p m. --Tree Service AfcA T U K E SPFXTIAI.l.STS pTia^es lire *r riiruMwry carp Ov«r 10 years e^^o^lenlv. -1I1-21J5 Free rt|. MYBRS TI1FE SKnviCF, ~~ inn -- Irlminins -- topplnfi --^ ' ' P " y ' peri wi c«. 'A* ~- Venetian Blinds CALL Oahe vrnelun 540 E*A

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