The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 26, 1920 · Page 2
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 2

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, March 26, 1920
Page 2
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E DAILY FREE PRESS THE t>AlL¥ SP&EE PRESS Established y 1903 Weekly 1877 e Press Publishing Co. ftRS. JOHN T. GALBRAITH Editor and Alanager • Telephone - - 218 Terms ibscriptioK 1? "cent a week/ ; iyertising bills due weekly. ' work strictly cash. NUAL 'SUBSCRIPTION SA •be' the following places: Precinct No. -1, W. .W'. Hamilton's ,coal qffice. '. [Precinct No. 2, town cleric's office. •Precinct No. 3, .Sullivan's garage. • Precinct No. 4, A. P. Smith's paint store. . The following officers are to elected: •Assistant Supervisor. Highway Commissioner. Town. iClerk. Assessor. , School Trustee. / Poundmaster. ; Th'e town meeting will open a towre clerk's office, Carbondale,^ 111., 'at 2 .o'clock p. m.,<and after clvoos- 'jng a moderator, will .proceed to^hear the STUDENTS OF ' ;NEf ANQTHEfi REALESTftlE TERM VACATION ntered at'the postoffice. at Car- >.? 'consider the reports of oncers, '•dale, •• Illinois,''• as ' second class Wo appropiate money to defiaj .the filer. Office in the Free Press necessary -expenses of the tunwship Jding, -West frtain Street. ( a nd -t 0 deliberate and decide upon •vr t, •>& i07n : i'such measures as .may l>e in puvsu- Maicn -o, iy -° x > ance of (aw before the The judges that conducted tlic last .BOND ALE . TOW'iN-;; .election \tell be expected to conduct SHIP ELECTION NOTICE otice is hereby given to the legal of Carbondale .township, Jack- coutitty, "111., that the annual nship meeting and election of offi- jthis election. ; Given under my hand this 25tli:day ' of-, ila^h, A. D. 1920. .W x J. Brown, Town Clerk, • NOTICE KNIGHT TEMl'LARS • • All Knight Templars are requested 'of-said township" will take placS -to meet at the Masonic 3ial: Friday 9 o'chwk. T ; his meeting is to con- y, Aprn 6, 1920.. he'election will begin at 7 o'clock fer with the inspector. - .anci.close at 5 o'clock p. m. in' =»" ^f COMMITTEE. are qeis ALLIED ROBBER OF The Normal .winter term closed today. The jtudcnts, for .the most pa'rt, went to their respective homes in the various parts of Southern Illinois to spend their 10 days' vacation between the closing of this term and the opening of the spring term,' which opens" Tuesday, April \Sth. Practically all ' the stti- de"nt attending the ^winter term will return for the spring term; also . ,,.11 ma'ny new students, which made ap- » tatos clerer crooks *° s • plications point to a larger atten'd:4i? oods ' *> a person whose business is . • * ,. '. . '• i_i_'__ _. _1 _.^~ n «4- -f-U/1 rt-PR/»C1* .("IT T.hP ance the next .£erm than the- term just closed. . | Fallowing the Man Arrested At Elnioy Mo., , .and Draught. To Garbpndale To Face A : Charge of .Taking Shoes From Car At Pinckney- vffle Last Sunday. Said To Be "Old Timer/' opening' of the spring: term/i week'from next Tuesday, the mid-spring term will open little more thar. a month iutc.r. May llth. With the opening; of the mid-spring term an increase of uiany students, is i expected—those whose •• schools qlcvse about this time,, which "were not out in time for _f'heir .'teachers to enter the spring term. -R. K,-.Bridges and Anna Bridges,..; his.wifej to S.. A.. Killer, all of'Car-; -b'ondale, lots iO, 11'and .12'in R. E. Rehfro's: addition -to ^iibonclale,.' $150.' Joseph .K. 'Crawsbaw-'' and. Sibyl. Crawsifew/'his 'wiSe,' to Fred-Lewis! and Jessie Lewis, boridale, lot 486'.'in' ( .wife, Si! of ercivalsS addition to;.Carbon ; ctale, $1600.. ' ' I .William _,S. Winchester ani Ida -.Winchester,''his wife, to. J. : W." ghi'nri, all of Carbond'ale,-. part ofo utlot.113, i it .being, a, tract .3.95 .by. 64.-feet,; in-;! Carrbondaie, ¥4500'."- " . '' STREETS STTLL ; JXA RK STRIKE ' HOLDS' OUT .IN 'C'D'ALE F.OR..-!!Al.E:BY DRUG TAKE A BOX HOME WITHIYOU TO-DAY 2 1-2 Jjfe. Michigan ,hand- i picked navy beans P'canis, small; size, Pet milk l -for .' ' ." i '.-"''-' '- - VARIETY PHONE, 332-Y With hardly any hope of the strike of the linemen for bhe 'Central Illinois Public Service Co.' being settled, Caiibondale is still in the dark, as far as s'treet lights are concerned. fPhe linemen are-/asking for $1.00 an.hour. The company .lias offered them 85 cents an hour, but no agreement has 'been reached. The men were getting 65 cents an hour before the strike. f It is hoped She company and the' linemen come to an agreement so the public • will not continue to suffer from a condition for which . they are in no way responsible. VERQENNES the ini- Just let-mother cdll, ."Biscuits for Brecikftist 1" We;re sure there's a treat that can't 'be beat in store I .for us — light, tender: biscuits — toasty brown and all puffed up • with goodness! For mother is sure i bf \. her baking poydei-— Calumet. She' never disappoints us because OT ; MAKBY1 BAKING -never disappoints her. It's dependable. '" Results .a/ways the same-^tl^e best. Try 'it. " ; .' Calumet: contains only such ingredients as have been approved officially by the U.S.Food Authorities. You Save When You Buy It. You Save' When You Use !t. ffiGHESTS \ March 24 Misses Minnie Hack and Blanch Cornell were business visitors 'Murphysfooro Monday. Mrs. Mary E. Allard and daughter Dora •returned from Mt. Vernou this week. ; . • •Emmet Couch has moved to Mur- piiysboro. Miss Harper was moved to Claude Bradley home. She i; proving slowly. Miss. Stone,' one of the high school teachers, was called home Friday on account of the serious illness of her mother. ,. Miss Ida Eastcrling has returned from Denver, Colorado. H. Porter was in Murphysbovo Friday;, on business. "Orth Quiglcy who "has spent the winter near N Jacksonville, Florida, returned Saturday. Miss Lucind a Carlisle^ Jackson county Sunday schb'ol Association Field Worker, spent a few days at home last -week. Miss Carlisle rt~ ports a splendid conference at Murphysboro, Ava and Carbondalc. Mrs. Cooper Hail .'and .children left: Monday evening f for Moore- haven, Florida. •* Thomas Blucklock of Mexico, Mo.. is 'visiting his aged mother, Mrs'. Rlacklock, and' other relatives. J. C. Mench, supervisor of the "Keeping Fit" campaign now beinp: made by the U. S.' Government and state o: Illinois, made a very instructive talk to our high' school and grammar grade boys Monday morning, March 22. Mrs. -.Mary E. Allard, daughter; Miss Dora, sons, C. N O., C. J., Roy and grand daughter, Mrs.-' Claude Bradley, Attorney' Harvey Allard and Mrs. Jane Dickie "attended the funeral of their brother and uncle, Frank . Virbcck at Pinckneyvillc Tuesday. Attorney .Harry Allard, of ..Cape Girardeau and Mrs. Jane Dickie of De Soto "spent a night last wcek with their mother and sister, Mrs. Mary E. Allard. Mrs.- Arch Easterling, who underwent an. operation for appendicitis at St. Andrew's hospital' at Murphysboro is doing' nicely. Harry Grain returned Sunday evening from the. Mayo hospital, and was Creating friends Monday. Thcvinterior of N the Methodist" church-is being remodeled. "Misses Vesta Schimpf and Inc.: Haghey and Mrs!, Mildred- Robinson took the teachers examination I last week. | Messrs Rash and E. Grain were : in Vergenne's Saturday looking af- i [er business interests'. Mrs. Roy Geycr who lias b'een in St. Louis for some' time caring for 'her daughter,' lias returned home. i:v[iss Dorothy is very much better. nything else except the officer of the law, but w.hen a man attempts to sell stbl'eiv goods to officers, he's .flirtino; nvith the iron checkerboard. Such' is the case of Clinton iBillings, said to be an ,old timer,'arrested'by the au- -.thorities at/Elmo, Mo., ^and brought to iCarbondale and thence to the. JVIurphys'boi-o 'iail 'by I. • C. . Special Agent C. E. Rogers. Billings was arrested at IHmo Wednesday followinig an attempt to sell some shoes to 'railroad officers at that .place, Mot knowing .who .they were. .He is said -to. have confessed to the theft,, talcing three pairs ^ of shoes, he says, from an Illinois .Gen-; tral railroad car at Pinekneyville last Sunday. When he was .arrested he had on- one pair and was trying to sell the other two pair. He told the officers when he tried to sell the shoes to the men at IHmo '.ho happened'to be railroad officers for the Cotton Belt and the. Iron Mountain, he ttemght it was/queer that Just as soon -as'he'began talking to the' men about selling .the shoes, a crowd '.began- to gather .around him and.-the men,..the. people knowing- who the. officers .were and ,'he did not, lent a peculiar aspect to his situation. Finally after, the officers Looked tire shoes over, they began questioning Billin-gs as to where he got the' s-hoes and so, at^length .the officers sprung it on him, telling .him- he was the kind of m'an they were looking for and that it was ROYAL. ARCH; MASONS W'ortfc in the mark incl past master decrees .Friday evening. .Work also.. 'in .the m-ost excellent and Epyal .Arch degree 6:30 Saturday evening. J. E. YOUNGBLOOI), H.' P. J. E. ..WlixOTJiGHiBf,' Secretary: adv. ' • ./ ; . • - THE THEATRE —IN— A more than likely he would have .to .account for the shoes, before • the judge. This led -to a confession from Billings, telling where Ire got .the shoes and when. .The Illinois .Central -offices were notified here and 'Agent Rogers was immediately .sent after 'Billing's. •Billings .appeared before . .U. S. Commissioner iFox at SYTurphysboro Thursday and waived Ms' hearing. He is now in the county jail bound ovai to tfie Federal grand ' jury. SALE OF BRASSIERS Get Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets That is the joyful cry 'oi. thousands since Dr. Edwards produced-. Olive' Tabletsvthe substitute for caloinel. JNo gripingi results' from these pleasant ' little tablets.'-They cause the liver, and bowels to act normally: They- never force .them to unnatural action. Dr. Edwards' OKve 'Tablets are a soothing, healing,.y'egetable compi^pd mixed with olive oil.- If'ybu have a bad taste, bad breath, feel "dull, tired, are constipated or- bilious, you'll find quick and sure results from Dr. Edwards' little Olive Tablets at bedtime. lOc and 25c .Slie first saw'her fiance-<vith a rope around his neck.—.Complicated fix 'to be in, isn't it?—Corne and see how. Lila'turn's the tables. ' . ' . -•-...-••;• - ; , Also FATTY ARBUCKLE , 7:00 and 8:30 P. M. — 11 and 22 Cents ' Saturday—CHAS. RAY, in "BILE HENRY" • 6 B IO -*i-Al F * JL>_a v-?/TL£-^l-^ • « : ^ . .......... Men's,-"Vyoilneji's, Boys', Misses', Oxfords and PumpsxValues up to $9.0.0. All styles, all heels, all; widths—hew and nifty. For five days. only. $4.95 A. 0. WOLF & CO. REMEMBER JU&T^B DAYS Beginning Monday, March 29 every brassier in stock greatly, reduced, making ready for new things. Mrs. H: E." Lig-litfoot.— : Advcrtise- ment. . ' . ' NEW HOPE March 15 , , Our 'Sunday school number was somewhat increased. We extend invitations to all for a larger crowd still.' - ".'.'' - iiabert Tomlinspn took supper with Mr. and -Mrs. Alva .Baker and children Monday hijiht. After Supper was spent .very pleasantly in conversation and listening to'music. •N. J. O'ain .was a .business .visitor in 'Carbervi'lle one day last. week. •Ross Brewer, substitute mail carrier on route 3, was .on the route last week'.and took dinner inY the home'of G. D. Wray and Alva Baker. Helen and Mabel MoMimi spent >. .over Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Er.iv- est Watson of Progress. They returned home Monday. Jaunita Fox vi-sited New Hope school Thursday. . -Minnie Harris spent Tuesday with Mrs. Lizzie Patrick. . ' Edgar' Harris was, called to White- ash iSSt week on account of th'e' death of his sister. • Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Wray attended the funeral of Mi's. John Rich at. Drury. Lizzie Patrick arid Edith McCamish 1 called on Mrs. James iCox.of Cottage Home Monday. . '' Alva Baker spent 'Saturday ,and Sunday _with relatives near GoreyiEe. and'-Progress. ' ^Misses Myrtle and' Fay Rushing spent'.Sunday with Mr. and'Mrs*'Ed- gar Harris. ' . . ',. Al'faert Eendleman attended the funeral of-his daughter-in-law, Mrs. Lawrence Ker/dleman, Sunday at Car- bon'dale. • • . . ' - •DaMas iChamness and family,-Ar- 'vel Ha-rris, Veilma Christie and-Ber- .nard Grain \spent Sunday .with Mr: and ..Mrs. .Sam McCa.mish. /••Wayfre 1 and Leota MaCaraish- and "Bernard Crain- spent .Saturday night with Mrs/ A4va, aker. and children, whale Mr. Baker was away. "'•. Your We Cater to Fixy People Who Want Good Looking Shoes Woman's P ; uii^ps, Patent and Kid, .plain and High ".grade Same as ; a : bpve in ribbon tie,^ Patent and Kid ... $12 112 Women's Oxfords and Military Heel, '' . • $6.75 to .;....,.; and -Pumps, LOLUS In S'our feat-can ]o : ok. good without hurting. Classy ".English pxlords, light and dark brown, |8.50 to ...... Wide Toe Oxfords, black • and BfoVn, $6.5,0 to '.'•: ''...... ..... Br.own English Shoes -for ;the does not wear oxfords, $7:00:to .,...'..'..v.:;...... ,.... \ We Are Especially, Careful of Growing Feet. \ - ..- » - • - v A big and varied assortment of shoes and ^slippers fpfHhe. children in black-kid, patent, white,., etc:, priced less' than your'will expect to find them. ' • " , ' BIG STORE

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