Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 8, 1968 · Page 23
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 23

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, March 8, 1968
Page 23
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FRIDAY, MARCH 8, 1968 T U - C S O N D A I L Y THE GIRLS "If you should run into any bluebirds, would you tell them to drop around to Mrs. Simpson's as she's most anxious to run a line through them on her list!" Area Civil Rights Director Named WASHINGTON - Philip Montez has been appointed by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights to direct all phases of the commission's program in 11 western states, including Arizona. The 39-year-old former executive director of the Foundation for Mexican-American Studies in Los Angeles will supervise commission contact with government officials, communities and civil rights organizations. SPRING CLEARANCE SALE OF NAME BRAND APPLIANCES AMAHA Reg. Now Side by Side 22 Cu. ft. Refr.-Freezer, 649.95 Side by Side 19 Cu. FL Refr.-Freezer_ 529.95 Top Freezer 19 Cu,Ff. Refrigerator...,^,, 469.95 Top Freezer 17 Cu. Ff. Refrigerator.^ 349.95 11 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer ,,..,_ »,, 239.95 KELVINATOR Side by Side 22 Cu. Ft. Foodoroma .-,..559.95 Portable Dishwasher.. .,, ,,...,,.. 229.95 SPEED QUEEN SPEED QUEEN WASHER ,,..,, ,,, 288.00 SPEED QUEEN WASHEIL... __.. 249.95 SPEED QUEEN DRYER ......209.95 EASY EASY WASHER.TM.. ,, , 289.00 EASY WASHER...TM.. ,,,, .,.,.339.00 EASY DRYER _ ,,,,, 179.00 EASY DRYER.,.. ,, 209.00 TAPPAN 400 EYE LEVEL RANGE 529.95 2 PC. BUILT-IN GAS RANGE OVEN.TM 279.95 2 PC BUILT-IN ELEC. 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TUCSON'S LARGEST, EXCLUSIVE ZENITH DEALER TELEVISION IN REVIEW APPLIANCES OPEN NIGHTS 719PM · CLOSED SUNDAY 5527E.PIMA PH. 296-2515 By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP Television-Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP) - Television variety specials--at least most of this season's crop-- nust be consumed while fresh and crisp, like lettuce. Even a ihort period in the ice box has a endency to destroy their flavor. Even if ABC's ". . .And Debbie Makes Six" had been broadcast as originally scheduled, .·wo days before Thanksgiving, t probably would not have been i candidate for an Emmy. But at least some of the jokes would have been fresher than they seemed Thursday night, and the .poofs would have had a more nquant quality about them, ".el's face it. The audience would not have been suffering :rorn a surfeit of one-shot programs which, except for changes of faces, seem to' be running on the same lines. Miss Reynolds, in the second TV outing of her career, again seemed determined to demonstrate her virtuosity. Her guest itars were chosen to comple-. ment her talents, but she really did not use them very wisely. She sang with Jim Nabors. She danced with Donald O'Connor and she did impersonations with Frank Gorshin. And she did passably well with each. The most elaborate part of the program came when she and Gorshin kidded the elderly movie, "Grand Hotel," and although she did a pretty good job of imitating such immortals as Garbo and Bette Davis, and Gorshin played John Barrymore and Sidney Greenstreet, it was necessary to clue in the under-40 audience by flashing on the screen the names of the per- Debbie Reynolds Special Lost Flavor PAS'E 2? formers--mostly retired or dead -- they were impersonating. Bob Hope appeared for a quick turn with a double handful of grade B wisecracks, then dis- a p p e a r e d . Nabors sang 'Maine" and never came back. Jokes that seemed funny before the ABC technicians' strike postponed the program no longer were even amusing. In spite of elaborate sets, big name guest stars and Miss Reynolds' passionate desire to please, the program had an old-fashioned air about it -- after all, it predated the current "controversial comedy" that there is so much talk about. The word now is being passed around that the three networks have all but terminated their recent love affair with television specials. The industry theory only a few months ago was that specials added excitement to a iS YOUR PIPE SICK? NEED REPAIR? WE CAN FIX IT! Prompt Service pipe repair our specialty TUCSON'S t WtGESt SSIECTION OF IMPORTED DOMESTIC TOBACCO CATAL1NA DRUGS 2310 N. CAMPBELL 327-2697 O.D.MAll ORDERS ACCtPTK) ASARCO NEWS SERVICE For Information On The Copper Strike at ASARCO'S MISSION UNIT CALL 623-1 876 ASARCO American Smelting and Refining Company J Tucson Radio Independent Stations KEVT (690)--Spanish language, Latin music. News at 8 a.m., 12 noon, 5 p.m. Broadcasts 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. daily. KHOS (940)--Country and Western music. News on the half-hour. Broadcasts continuously. KTKT (990)--Contemporary music, news at 25 and 55 after the hour. Broadcasts continously. KMOP (1330)--Country music. News, sports and weather at 20 minutes after the hour. Broadcasts 5 a.m. to sunset daily. KAffi (1490)--Contemporary good music. News on the hour and half-hour. Broadcasts continuously. KXEW (16001--Spanish Language. Latin music. News 8 a.m., 12 noon and 5 p.m Broadcasts 6 a.m. to sunset. KCEE-FM (96.1)-Simulcasts with KCEE for news on the half hour. Adult music. Broadcasts 6 a.m. to midnight daily; 6:30 a.m. to midnight Saturday and Sunday. KIKX (580)--Top 30 contemporary records. News 20 minutes before the hour. Broadcasts continuously. Network Stations KCEE (790)--(NBC) Popular, semi-classical and classical music. News on the hour. Broadcasts 6 a.m. to midnight, except Saturday, 6:30 a.m. to 1 a.m. KCUB (1290)--(MBS). Adult popular music. MBS news on the hour and half hour. Broadcasts continuously except midnight Sunday to 6 a.m. Monday. KTUC (HOO)-(ABC) Adult popular music. News 5 minutes before the hour and at the half hour; special newscasts 8 a.m., 9:35 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 5:45 p.m., 7 p.m. Broadcasts continuously. KFMM-FM (99.5)-Simulcasts with KTUC (see above) for news at 8 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. Monday-Friday Classical music, 6 p.m. to midnight; popular music, midnight to 6 p.m. Broadcasts continuously. KOLD (1450)--(CBS) Adult and pop music. News periods: 7-9:10 a.m. 11:30 a.m. -- 12:35 p.m.; 4-6:15 p.m. Broadcasts 6 a.m. to midnight daily. FRIDAY, 2:55 P.M. COLLEGE BASEBALL. University of Arizona vs. University of the Pacific. (KTUC, 1400) SATURDAY. 12 NOON METROPOLITAN OPERA. Verdi's "La Forza del Destino" (KTUC, 1400) rather gray season and attracted sponsors who were not interested in weekly investments in series. But ratings to date have been generally disappointing. The president of at least one net- work is convinced that by upset- ling Ihe regular weekly schedules with one-shot specials, hard-core viewers are annoyed at missing their favorites and are likely to flip their dials--and never return. r i ANNOUNCEMENT! Tlie REVOI.UTIO.VAKY Y A M A H A MMMC Course is Av.iihhle in Tucson. This Course is De-signed to Draw Out the MVIM:.I| Abilities ol Pre-Sclioo! Children Ai;c i ,*: . Thru .in Imcrotint; New Technique, cadi Child e:%prose.-, his Musical Feelings Pk.uf- antly and Naturally... Call Atiae McCiititv for Detailed Infnrniatlnii- BROADWAY ORGAN-PIANO 4530 East Broadwy 3 2 5 - 1 5 6 6 NORM FISCH SAYS: HERE IT IS - The World's Lightest and Most Versatile Portable Color TV ORTA-COLOR by ONLY $ OO95 t S f ' F __ del J1210BBN "Magic Memory" Color Controls I · Revolutionary "In-Line* 1 Color Picture Tube Weighs only 24 Ibs. We Accept I Trades NO MONEY DOWN FABULOUS FEATURES Brilliant Color Picture 60 Sq. Tn. Picture Handsome Drown Cabinet of Polystyrene I Precision Etched Circuit Boards 1140 South 6th Ave. ot 22nd St. NARDA, TONIGHT'S BEST TV IS ON CHANNEL 13 6:3Op.m. Comer Pyle -USMC 7 p.m. Wild, Wild West ROMANTIC TRIO --· Peter Fiich (teft), as a Belgian admnistrator, and Roger Moore, as a wounded airman, vie for the romantic attention of medical missionary Angle Dickinson, fn "The Sins of Rachel Cade" on "The CBS Friday Kight Movies" Tonight af 8, In Color, on Channel 13. 10:00 pm. Niteline News George Borozan FIRST IN TUCSON 10:30 pm. Raymond Burr PERRY MASOM KQLD-TV^TUCSON WALLY SEV1TS SAYS: NOW IS THE TIME TO CON VERT TO YEAR-AROUND AIR CONDITIONING HEATING OFF-SEASON SAVINGS! n .. .. , , ,, f Provides Year Around Dusr-frce, Pollen-free Filtered Humidity Cnntrolled Air. Our Rxperts Offer 1-DAY Installation. · No Seasonal Conversion Needed · No Dampers To Change · Complete Automatic Thermostat Control Costs only $10 Afore Per Month to Maintain Than Old Fashioned Cooler Furnace. FABULOUS NEW DAY NIGHT "DUO-PAC' EXTERIOR U N I T HEATS WITH GAS COOLS WITH ELECTRICITY! FREE! $125 SO*! TV QUTDOORS ON GROUND - OR,.ROOf. TUCSON \ K f c G f f t COOllNG « HIAIlNC OMIi* Afternoon 12 NOON Q Days Of Our y ves Drama about a protestot ohyslclan Q Newlywed Game CB From the Border Varlely show from rloaaies. (2? hours) CB Many-Splendored Thine Serial. 12:30 P.M. O The Doctors Melodrama Q Baby Game; Doctor Tips from « pediatrician follow «3me IB House Party ; tf ^. Variety show. 1:00 P.M, O Another World Dramatic Episodes O Genera] Hospital Medical serlM GD Tell the Truth; CBS News ·uesjlno wme. 1:30 P.M. Q You Don't Say Panel show (0 Dark Shadows Suspense olav |B Edge of Night Serial with Laurence Huoo. 2:00 P.M. O Match Game; NBC News Afternoon Movie ,,--- 1954 musical comedy with Jack Lemmon ond June Allyson.CTwo hours) CB Secret Storm Problem play 2:30 P.M. Q Movie ^PMlow^ Talk" with Rock Hudson and award-winning Tucson Television Local Channels 4 KVOA NBC 5 KUAT UA-NET 9 KGUN ABC II KZAZ INDEP 13 KULD CBS Friday QJ Telecinema Unn norn de Telenovefaj CD Mike Douglas Show Mike nreela ouesta M'A houral 3:30 P. M. QJ Bingo Game show. 4:00 P.M. Q Dating Game Q Danny Thomas Show H'Tnorou* snrfes CD Merv Griffin Guest personalities visit 4:30 P.M. CJ Girl Talk Virginia Graham moderates discussion ABC News -- Young QJ Uncle Bob's Cartoon Kiddle show, locally oroduced 5:00 P.M. Q Reports Q News On Nine 5:30 P.M. Q Huntley-Brinkley Report Q Divorce Court Courtroom drama QJ Discotheque; Financial New; Tucson a r e a teen-agers dance. Peler Hynlinqton May hosts. Business repor follows. CB Cronkite with Newa Evening O 6:00 P.M. 0 Weather, Sports, News CJ Adventure Episode called "Voyage of the Ko- maiwal." CD McHale's Navy Gruber borrows Sweeny's camera and phologrnphs sailors danclns with native sirls. This results in stranoe combat foot- r-ge. Re-issue. CB News «:30 P.M. Q Star Trek A computer replaces Caolnln Klrlc »s commanding otlicer of the Enterprise. (One hour) 0 Folk Guitar Laura Weber demonstroles the snyco- pared strum and the Latin American f.'rum. She teaches her closing theme, Freedom Calling." Best ot Movies The stormy career of a bumptious sports- car champion is told in "The Racers," a ecod 1955 drama starrlna Kirk Doualas, Bells Darvi, Gilbort Roland, Cesar Romero, Lee J. Cobb and Katy Jurado hamed races In Southern France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and Southern Germany are shown. (Two hours) CD Gilligan's Island Game hunter Jonathan Klncald promises J- 0 m r - cturn lhe castav/ays to civilization If Gllligon can elude him for 24 hours. Re- Gomer Pyle 7:00 P.M. O What's New Exolorino Our Living World turns lo the salt-water porllons of the Everglades On Independence Adventure some of the'rea- sons and arguments proposed by the colonies for protestlno British rule ol Ihe American colonies are seen and heard £0 Secret Agent Murder takes John Drake to Ihe West ' in " A Man *° M Trusted." Re- 0«)( DALY Hit 5325 C. SPEEDWAY EA 7-6301 ?4. HOUR fMr»crwcr srivirr ON in BDANOS (D VVild Wild West Secret agents West and Gordon hunt for a stolen samurai sword 50 valuable that us Inctt means American loss of fsilh v/itrt the government of Japan. (One hour) 7:30 P.M. Q Hollywood Squares Milton Berlc, Edie Adam:, Buddy Hackett, Raymond Burr and Don Adams will b": nuetJ panelists, QYoung Musicians Violinist Sanford Allen and pianist Law- '·-,',c^ en :h 'jr.'--",-! SoviM in G rtv r- oy Mozart, the third moverrjent of Wll- li'im byOeman's Duo for ViGliri and Piano, and Preeludium and Allearo by Fritz Kreister. 8:00 P.M. Q Telephone Hour A pro-rile cf Ballet dancer Edward VII- lella- .'jppearini with Patricia McBride and otner members of the New York City Ballet. E x c e r p t s from Balanchine's ballets "Tarantella," "Jewels" and "Glin- kiana," are seen. (One hour) f? (-real Decisions "Vietnam a n d t h e Pacification Program" is Ihe title of tonight's discussion. i~D Burke's Law Hour-long detective story. Reissue fF) Friday Nieht Movie Ansie Dickinson, Peter Finch and Roger Moore :tor in "Tr-e Sins cf Racial Cade." a story of a young unmarried me- dir.al missionary (W," Dickinson) in the Conao te'cre the country became independent. (Two hours) 8:30 P.M. Q Spectrum An examination cf cne of the coming fields of the future, ftuidic',, a space-aoe technology spawned in government re- starch laboratories, which is on the threshold of maior commercial application, f-l Guns of Will Sonnett Will and Jeff try to helo Charlie W,o»s convince his intended bride that he's v/eallhy and his former partners that he's not, 9:00 P.M. O Danny Thomas Hour A drama of gangland and gambling, "My Friend Tony," stars James YVnltmore, Walter Pldgeon, Jeanne Craln, Dorothy Provine, Hal March ard Enzo Ceruslco. (One hour) Q Playhouse "A Passage to India" stars Dam* SybT Thorndike, Virginia McKenna, ant) Cvri Cusack In a dramatization of E. M. Forster's famous r*ovel about East faillnn to meet West in lh« India of th« IWO's. Two hours) EDWARD VILLELLA, PATRICIA McBRIDE Appear on ballet dancer profile Channel ·!, 8 p.m. Third Reich i,m! 1wo 0| a ""'"·part special based on Vllllom L. Shlrcr's hislorv of Nail Ger- i t,h, ca ,K Cd J' T t" e Road lo W a r -" » * Si.'f 1 lhc , Nfli!i successes from 1933 hen Hitler seized abosluie power lo the all of France. Rudy Waxman speaks of his ordeal in prison camps. (One hour) QJ Gypsy Rose Lee Jack Sheldon and Paula Wayne will be gypsy's guests. 9:30 P.M. Q) News, Weather, Sports 10:00 P.M. O News and Weather Q News on Nine (D Western Theater 'Siivagc Gringo," a 1965 adventure, stars en Clark, Yvonne Bastion and pclcr lours)' ndlsns s " ack a mall-coach. (Hi CD Niteline News 10:15 P.M. Tonight Show Johnny Carson greets guests, t-15 mirts) 10:30 P.M. Q Joey Bishop Show Comic Rodney Danserfleld and linger D Aldo Romano loin Joey tonight. (IVi hours I © Perry Mason Episode called "The Cose of the Meddl- Ino Medium." Rc-issuc. (One hour) 11:00 P.M. Q Movie A good 1958 horror-drama "Monster on llw Campus" stars Arthur Franz, Joanna Mcorc, Judson Pratt. Troy Donahue. The blood oi an ancient tish millions of years old turns humans, doss and dragonllles into monsters. RUDY \VAXMAN TeJJs of ordeal Channel 9, 9 p.m. Q Campus News 11:30 P.M. QJ Horror Film 'The Slrarvje Counless," a 1963 mystery, sMrs Joachim Beraer, Brloltle Grothum and Marianne Hoppe. No explainable motive can be found for the altcmoled murder of a young girl. ffi Movie; News An adventure drama, "The H'.ih- Dayman,' stars Charles Coburn, Philip Friend, Victor Jory and Wanda Hendrlx Selling Is pre-revolutlonary England. 12 MIDNIGHT Q Anthology; News Story called "Long Long Ago." atarday Morning C:50 A.M. C0 Farm, Ranch Roundup 7:00 A.M. O Super Six Three cartoons: "Super Bv/olng," "The B r o t h e r s M8t?ar[lev." and "Super Chief." I New Casper Cartoons } Captain Kangaroo Guesls nre DcLage and Margaret, magi- ciani and the Old FoIX Singer entertains with new sonss. (One hour) 7:3U A.M. 3 Super President fiero fries lo preserve freedom. J Fantastic Four Ccmlc DOCK cfiafjcierj f r ^ v ^ i outar space 8:00 A.M. I The Flintstones f In a Stone age suburb. 1 Spiderman SuDer-hero MaMj und«rv/or[d. © Shazzan Adventures ot a genlo · 8:30 A.M. CJ Samson and Goliath A boy and his 0.09 battle evil. Q Center of the Earth A science-fiction corfocn ~) vSoace Ghost Space-aos hero encounters evil 9:00 A.M. I Birdman: Galaxy Trio Secret aoent adventures; "Galaxy Tri"" 'ollcv/s 7) King Kong Giant oorilla fights evll-acers ® Moby Dick: Mighty Mightor Anflcj ol a whale/ adventure ot T Slant Ape famllv 9:30 A.M. Q Atom Ant; Secref Squirrel Cartoon chamutons ol rlgtit Rl George of the Jungle Story ol 9 bumblfnq oro'ector ot Ihe weak CED Superman; Aquaman De.'rlnv-do in r»ntaiv (One nour) 10:00 A.M. Q Top Cat Gtna and tciine leader bcn4 the Q The Beatles Mad mod moeneadi otter cdventurej ind song 10:30 A.M. O Cool McCool Secret agent and Girl Friday stalk arch criminal!, American Bandstand ^ck CtarK hosls a pop music hour. Jonny Quest :ntiflc advsnlures " ' 11:00 A.M. Swords and Spears : ^!?.?,, in . " u Jy."« Asalnst CD clc O Me OUT r -KJ riiiria. | B Lone Ranger "he Ranger ana Tonto fight evil 11:31) A.M. ' 13 Happening' 68 ??«,i lhc Ra ' rf ? rs ar e Quests. Also t« red: a slyle 5 n 0 v; of fashions f ^laoers and an amateur band contest B Roadrunner ;omlc antics ot a cany bird. Afternoon 12 NOON 3 Action Theater linoty mlnule anthology ED Frankenstein Jr.; Impossibles :omlc3. 12:30 P.M. EB Herculoids - :artoona '· 12:40 P.M. QScout-O-llama Special 1:00 P.M. O World of Golf . Knu ) *n versus Al Geiberoer In a from Victoria Golf Club, British . i a . Can.ida. (One hour) °i-'ii»" (B Outer Limits / Hour stories ot the supernatural. 1:30. P.M. .;.; Q Pro Bowler's Tour -..-' Ir0fn 2:00 P.M. Q WAC Basketball lav/a Stale Cyclones avid Kansas 'J hr.vks In a b(j A game. (Two noun) ·· CD Doral Open Ac|ion frnm Miami, »s the PGA swings through Florida. (One hour) four CB Golf Classic The team ol Tommy Bolt and Tom Wels- :onl meets the team of Al Gsibcroer "and D,ive Stockton in a first-round match at Firestone Country Club. AXron, Ohio One hour) -M~. 3:00 P.M. : Q Wide World of Sports .he lOih annual Daylona 500 Slock Car Race from Davlona Beach, F|a., ond Ihe nternaf l 0 I £n^ rji v | ng charm- a S er,da:-(, V3 "'h C 'o r u r s) Me)ICO are Oa . lhe CD Tele-Cinema · ' ; 'Prlmero Soy Mexicano" con Luis Aoul- ar y Flor Sllvestre. (Una hora y media) CB Championship Bowling 4:00 P.M. - ': EJ Tarzan - ,, 'iirzan oroceeds to Ihe authorities.-WJ Ws prisoner, outlaw-leader RamonlCo Inej (Fernando Lamasl, but a iB 4-H Action Club ' : ; Program for boys Ana alrls nine R) welve years old, members and non-mem- aers ol Ihe. 4-H club, wim do-it-yourself 1:30 P.M. ; '!J I Sea Spray 4 Adventure series. % CD The Stonemans ' ji nllv folkstngers entertain. I" 1 I CBS News - Roger Muddi DAME SYBIL THORNDIKE; In Forster's story '^T/ Channel 6, 9 p.m. [.-*'· 5:00 P.M. "j 3 Frank Mage. 'Reports ' ' Nev/s and in-depth features. J 3 Steeplechase ' · Jame show featuring the Irish Interri. ftonai Sweepstakes. ^ CD Bowery Boys .) Leo Gorcey and Hunt! HalJ star Wi» comedy series. Premiere Is «ted "Ll*t //Ires" and In ir Slip (Gorcey) IrndSja o · -is process server. .*, J Have Gun Will Travel , Ricfiaro Bocne stars as Paladin in lalej of (rentier says. « 5:30 P.M. ; EJ The Saint . « ·eicr Bourne stars as on: of the Sainf'i /'ends vjt\o finds a nipple Chelsea coudle .Charlotte Selwyn and Caron GardneV) Q Dating Game ^ A celebrity contestant select* an «$irt aflcr questionins candidates tor the date, . ) Jackie Gleason Show 'The Honeymooners" visit roman|ic ome In the rebroadcasl mujfcaf-comeoy romp. Jackfe Is joined by Art CvnA' Sheila MacRae and Jane Kean. .(Oh» Information in these listings Js provided by the television'ju works and local stations. Citizen asumes no responsibjl- Uy for errors caused by:,tatf changes ta scheduling .

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