Independent from Long Beach, California on May 23, 1957 · Page 34
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 34

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1957
Page 34
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C6-- INDEPENDENT l "» M*r 1f|7 · · Legal Net It* CERTIPICATK OP FICTITIOUS F I R M N A M E . THE U N D K H H I U N K U dn bereb .fortify that t h r y are conducting rane« and Mu*lo Httidlo hu*lt.*aa ASM Long Iteacli Ulrd., City o( Lon lieirh. County ot Lo* Angelea. Hta -f California, under the flctltlot f i r m name of Jthythm pane* an Music studio and fiat aald firm 4*om|H*ed of tha following pur-") whoi« hatiie* and addreaae* are lollow*. to-wlt: llene M. fil.ats. .1717 N, Btudebaka Road. Lnng JJe*rh 8 CaJlfornla. Jtna.1. Ix-nt* l.f-arl. 8. California. WITNK.H .mr Lamia th|a 2SnU da - . * y * "iLKNE M. R It ATI I'AUL 81IATE PTATK OK CALtrOHNIA ) COUNTY Or LOS ANGKLR8 } a*. ON T1I18 3*]nd day of May A.D 13i7. before m*, Hulh C. ]'*rk*. Notary Publlo In and for aald Com ty and Htat*. reK.dtng therein dul ronmilnploiied and aworn, per*on*ll «ipear«d lltne JJ, *SiaU and I'a. lHnat.i known to me to be the |*r*ori who** name* are lubarrlbed lo th w U h l n Inatnnnent, and ark now: -erijre.t to m* that Ihey executed tti a* me, - IN WITNESS WHRHEOr, I hat "hmunln »«t my hand aiul a f f U e HIV ofhrlat aeal the day and year 1 thla certificate lint afx»vr. written HUTU C. 1'AHKH (HKAL · Noian* IMhllo In and for Hald County and Htat* My rnmmlMlon expire* June I ft, I960 May 33. ..0. June d. 12. W7 Ml) LH OFFICIAL. CITY POINTING ·NOTICE I N V I T I N G BIDS - . POH X K K N l H l l I N U AND DK, l . l V K n i N O (1AHOLINK AN I* . DIEKICI. FURL TO THH CITY , - o r LONG ilKACII. CALirOJl- MA. NOTICE 18 HCItKXir GIVEN that aealed bid* will Im rfCflved In th ofric* of u* City Manager, In Hoon .(0,1 of th* City Hall of the City n Long Bear,.. California, until 3:CM! o'clock, P.M., on the 5th day o June. 1*57, at which time and plar aaid bid* will b* publicly opene* for furnlihlng and delivering ti the City of Long Iiearh the follow , Ing approximate iti*ntltlM and typ* , il( gasoline and die**) fuel . Approximately two hundred nine* ty-elitl.t Ihouaand fit* hundred 1798.knit gallon* of Premium Orad · Oa*ollne. Approximately eight hundred MV »nty*thr*e tbouaatid (87:..OoOt | * Join of Itegular (Jrade ti«*ollne. Apf-roxlm-itely twenty-four thou Pand 424.0UQ. gallon* of Dl«*el rue having a m i n i m u m c«tan* rating pi fortytlire* H,U. Appro* intately twenty-fire thou aand five hundred f i f t y (2.550) »l Inn* of Dle*el Fuel having a mini - mum cetane rating of f i f t y (50). - tla*olln*» and d leaf I fuel to be fur \nUhtd and rielltrred puriuant hereto IN that which may I* require! ' f o r the DM of the varlou* d e p a i ' rn«nta of Mid Cltv for the j*rl of time between July 1. 1957. anc J u n e 30. 1958. both lncl.i*.v*. Bald gacollne and dleatl fij*| ahal. be furn|*hftl and detlvei-ed In ao* rordance w i t h "flperlf(ration* No, n-SMH for Kurn.aiilnit and Delivering Carolina and likeael Fuel to the l.'lty of Lon*; Heach, California", and the applicable atipplemtntary *p*c.f.ca1lnn* to which Hprclf (cation* , No. ROM!, together w l i n *upple mentary iperldcatlon* reference !· h*r«by mad* for further part leu lam, ' und the mm* ar» by men refermre. ' Incorporated herein and made a part 4 rn»r*of the, aame a* though fully Mt f o r t h liereunder. Cople* of Mid *peclflratlon* may r» obtained at laid offlr* of tin City Engineer. Room 502, City Hal). Hid* will be rwelted for furntatv Ing and delivering gaiollne and rlteae) fuel 111 accordance With unit. f( delivery and delivery provlalom i-rovld*d In the aupplen.entary ·prcl ' Partial deliveries nf Mid arasollr.. and dlM«l fuel toegther w i t h pay' tnent therefor, ihall b* made a* 'provided In the *up.iltmentary ip-KI ftral.on*. All blda and Nd bund* ahall b* ·ubmltted upon form* to hi* **cunH at the office of the City Engineer. Earn hid Khali be accompanied by a certified check or tank draft, able to the City Auditor of tht City f)f Long Rearh. and drawn on a nolTent nank In Lo* Angelt-a Coun* tv. or * Mtl'factory bond of an amount of not lew than ten (10) per cent of auch bid, a* a guaf* antee that the bidder. If awarded a run tract, will execute, and de- liter tn th* City Engineer. *ucl. OFFICIAL CITY PRINTING NOTICE I N V I T I N G BID» FOK THW CONflTHUCTlON OP 1 ADMINIHTKATION BUJLDINU. NTOUAOK mriLPlNU. '1HK HTAT1ON AND KOUll COM* KOHT BTAT1ONR KOH IIAHlN NO. 1, ALAM1TOR BAY WA- H1NA IN THM CITT OF LONG IJKACJt. CALIKOllNIA, NOT1CK IS HEREOr GIVEN that the City of Long Jleach will receive ·ealed bid* at tha offlra of thi City Manager. In Room of the City Hall uf tbe City of Long llearl California, until 3:00 o'clock I'.M Jun* 6. 1957. at which time am. place Mid bid* will be publicly opened and declared for furnliblng all tiece»ary labor, tool*, material* appliance* and equipment for, anc doing th* work ol count rue tin* Ad- mlnlitratlon Ilulldlng. Storage, uuild rig. *1r« Station ana four Comfor' Station* In arcofilance with "Plam «\ Kneclflcatlona No. It-27:11 for the conitructlon of AtlmlnUlratlon Itulld- MJf, Htor*fte Ilulldlng. Fife Station and Four Comfort tilatlon* for llanln No. 1, Alamlto* llay Marina In the, ^lly of l«ong lleach, California", 01 lie In the office of tbe City En glneer. to which Mid Plana A Hp«rt Ivallon* Nu. n-27iil reference li ier«bv made for further particular*, Cople* of aald plan* and *peclftca lonn may be obtained at Mid office f the City Engineer. Room 603, CHy tall, upon depo«lt of |10 00 per *«t. nit Mid cople* Khali, at all tlmen remain the property of th* City and nuat be returned to the City within d day* after the bid* are opened. Upon the return of aufh roplea, In gtxH, condition, w i t h i n *uch period, a t j deposit ·l.all be refunded, therwlee It ahall be forfeited to he City. Standard S.wclflcallon* No. 71-1D77 or 1'uhllo Improvementi. and Hulld« K Code. (Article VIU Ung UMcli Municipal Code) are on file In the f f l r e uf th* City Engineer where bey may b* Inapected by jiro* pectlve bidder*. I*tir*uant to provision* of Part 2, Chapter 1. Article Vlt of Long lleach luitlclpal Code, the City Council, y Hfioiutlon No. C-lfiOe.i ha* akcer- alnrd and determined the general reva.llnff rate of per diem wagea nd overtime wage* for each craft r ty|e of laborer, workman or me* hankc required In the performance f public work. A cony of Mid eiolutlon I* on file In the office of ie City Engineer, aald Joh dual- cation* and general prevailing rate f per tlletn wage* and overtime jca are Inrorporated herein by eference thereto with like force and [feet aa If expreuly Mt forth h*re-j Any contract awarded hai ti. Any c nd«r anall provide that the co -actor muit comply with the re rat prevailing rat* of per ule age* and overtime wagei u ipe etl In aald Itetolutlon. Progreu paymenla will be ma i tjiid rour«f of payment! of t Ity In accordance with the requlr tnent* ol aalil Standard Specific OFFICIAL CITY PRINT1NU Board of llirbor CommlMioneri ( th« City of Long lleacli. Callfornti mada on tha 30lii day of May, 186 ·oiled bldi Will be received at tli ofllre of the General Manager, 133 El Kmbanwdero, I^ong Beacli 3, Cal fornla. until :o:OU A.M.. on tha 6t day of June, 1967, at which tlm* an placa aald bldi will be publlel opened and declared for furnlihlh all th* iitceiMry labor, materlali except ai otherwtM ipeclfled, |ower equipment, tooli, tranapnrlitlon an ·upervlilon and doln of confltructlhg » «t ilng a! eel et( the wnr ;orag« build Ing at Pier K, Herth 134, Lon llv-aeli Middle Harbor. In accordant with Bpcclflcetlona No. H. D, (08 an tlitj drawing numler* Hated a'-ovi on file In the office of the Cble Harbor Engineer, 1,133 El Km bar cadero, Long Heacli 3. California, t which ·peclflcallon* reference 1 liereby made for further particular* Copies of Mid aperlflratton* am drawing* may be obtained by pro *j)eet|tf bidder* at th* offlra of tli Chief Hftrbor Engineer without de wall. Fiach ropy ihall b* returnee n good condition within ten (10 davit after th* bid* are ojmnffl. The, quantltlea *p«elfled *r* »p- pruxlmate only and are for the con* renlence of the bidder when lump mm* aie Involved. Tb« City or tin floard of Harbor Com tn I "loner., doe not warrant that thi actual amoun of the work will correspond there vlth but may be Increased or de ireaaed In an amount not to exceed .wenty *30 ptr cent. The estimate of the approximate he appro i* a* foll llow* i irlnclpal q u a n t l t l e a ii Prefabricated Steel Slorifre llulldlnc 6,400 H«|. Ft, Puretiant to the prntlilon* of Par . Chapter 1 of Article VII, Long lead. Municipal Code, and Ordl nice No. HD*21ii7, Ordinance* o ie Hoard of Harbor Com mini oner* lie City Council, by He*olutlon No M«(Hn and the Hoard of Harbor 7omml*aloner», by Keev.lut.on No ID-693 bav* aicertalned and deter lined the general prevailing rate o; trr diem watfe* and overtime wage* or each craft or type of laborer workman mechanic required tn reqi he performance tf public work 'ople* of Mid rfteohiilon* are, or lie In the offlc* of the Chief Har- ·Hr Engineer. Said Joh clnMlflca- lona and general prevailing rate ol er diem wage* and overtime wage* r* Incorporated herein by reference hereto with (Ike force and effecl · If e«pre*«ly *et forth herein, and contract awarded hereunder *l.all rovlde that the Contractor inuit omjily with tit* general prerallltig ate of per diem wet[e* and No. 11*1677. All bid* and bid bonds *hall Ubmltted upon form* to Ire *ecur t the offlc* of the City EnKlnev Each bid «hall be accompanied certified check or bank draft, pi bin to the City Auditor of th* Cl f Long Heach, and drawn on a ao *ht bunk In I*o* Anajele* Count · a eatlifactory bond ot art amou ' not le** than 10 percent of *u d, aa a guarantee ttjat the bldde awarded a contract, w i l l ·xtcu nd deliver to City Engineer, with I daya after auch contract I* le ered a contract for furnlihlng i e neceaMry lalor, tool*, materla pnllance* and equipment for. an oli.g th* work called for herein Contractor ihall atari the woi Ithln lo calendar day* and *hi mplete the work w i t h i n 120 worl g daya from the date of executlo the contract. Tbe City Manager reaerve* tl ght, at any triage of thai* prc edlng*, to reject all blda and turn all depoilt* arcompanyln Id bid*. Dated at Lonr H*ech, Callfornl I* 23rd day ol May. 1957. · 8. K. VlCKKHB, City Manager Way 23, 1857 H-- L.U.1, * contract within ten (101 day* a f t e r - aiKh contract 1* tendered to him. . together with a good and pufflclent · corporate surety bond In favor of t he. City of Long Ilaacii, for an amount of not lei* than twenty-five r cent nf *uch contract price, faithful performance of auch Manager reserve* the (25) pe for tb* contract. Th* City right, at any alag* of the*e pro feeding*, to reject all bid* and t( " return all depoilta accompanying ·aid hli|«. Dated at Lon - t h i Reach, California, nr R e a , £3rd day ot Mav 1*57. S. E. VtCKKRfl. n t v Manager RRKNNAN 8. Tl(OMAS general Manager and Chief Engineer of the Long Ilrach Water Depart men ELOI J. A M A H General Manager of the Loni lirarh llnrbtir Department rub. Uay 23. 1857 (M)-L.H.I, NOTICE I N V I T I N G BIDS FOR FURNISHING AND DE- L1VEHINU BC-4 AND MC-4 ASIMiALTIC ROAD OILS TO THE CITY OP LONO REACH. CALIFORNIA. * · NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN tha eled hid* w i l l b« rrcelved at tl office of the City Manager, in Roo WA of the Ctty JIall of the City ' Long Reach, California, u n t i l 3:0 NOTICE I N V I T I N Q BlOft · r o i l K t i H N l H H l N O AND DK- · ' L I V E n i N O ONE (1. TRACK ' TYPK THACTOB KQUJPPKD '···WITH ONF, t i t runic YAHO KnApER. TCM1ETHKR WlTl{ ;.. OTIIFR TKACTOFl ATTACH- !KNTH. TO THE CITY OF LONU BEACH. CALIFORNIA. NOTICE 18 HERCnT GIVEN that ·e«ied hid* will h» received at the of fir* of th* City Manager, In Hoom :to;t uf ih* City Hall of th* City o Long lleacb Calllornla, u n t i l 3.0T o'clock, P.M., nn the 8th day o ·June. 1957, at which Urn* and plac* Paid bill* will b* puhltrly o|»«ne( · and declared for furnlthlnc and d v l l v e r l n g on* (1) track tyi-* tractor ftqulpned with on* U cuble yard · loader together w i t h tractor-acre* aorle* cnnilmtlng of a two 3t tin* pallet tyn* fork and bulldmer hlad* lo th* City of Long liearh. California, In afforrianr* w i t h "Specification* No. 11-2742 for Furnlihlng am Delivering Track Type Traftori Equipped with On* (1) Cubic Yard Ix-ader to the City of LAng Heach rallfornla". on file In th* offlc* nl .. th* CHy Engineer to which Hpeclfl* ration* No. lt-374.1 referenr* I* made for further particular*. Cople* of aald *peclflcation* ma Vxt obtained at Mid offlro of t h r ntr Kngineer, Koum 03 of the City lUiL Uch bidder rmiit *tat« In hi* hid thai delivery of Mid track tyn* tractor* together with all *p«elfl*d equipment will b* not later than the date ap*clfled therein. The City r»* »*rv** the right to reject any bid In which the lat* of dull very I* lalar than alxty («0t day* after the * exetrutlon of th* contract. Delivery el-all be mad* tn tb* Park * flhop, at 1133 San Franclico Avenue, Long .Beach. California. * Payment for Mid track type trac- , tor ajid *qulpment will b* mad* In due cour*e of payment* of the City of Long Hearh after tbe complete delivery of Bald equipment and ao* reptanc* thereof by the City Man All Md* and hid bond* *haI1 b« .nibmlUed upon form* to be secured at tn* office of tb* City Engineer .of th* City Hall, lloom 503 uf th* .City Hall. Kach bid a)ial| ba arrompanUd by a cerllflM check or bank drall. pay. ' »Me tn th* City Auditor of th* City of Long Deacli, and drawn on a ·oltent Dank In Loa Angele* County, v of ft aatl*factory bond of an amount of not lea* than ten (101 jur cent of ·urh bid, a* a guarant** tliat th* bidder. It awarded a, cnntrart. will *i*«ut* and dtllver tn th« City Kn* Kln-Mr. within ten Uf» daya after *uch contract la tendered, a contract In accordance with th* advertl** . tnent together with a good and *uf* ' f If lent rorporal* mirely bond In fa- ' »or of th* CHy of Long lleach. for an, amount of not )e*a than t w e n t y ' lit* l3A l*r cent of aurh contract rrlc* for (ha faltliful p«rforin.ance of *uch rontrart, t The City Manager re*erv*e the fifht. at any atag* of th**« pro- ce*dinf*. to reject all bid* and to return all depoil** accompanying aald blda. · J Dat»d at Lonr Beach, California, 1 Clljr U«n.J,f 33. 1M7 UO--1*B.L o'clock, P.M., on tbe 6th day June, 1957, at which time and plac ·aid blda will be publicly opene and declared, for furnl*l.lng an dellterlna; and discharging Intu Clty*own*d tank-trailer approximate ly one tlmunnd f i f t y (1.05U) ton* o SC-4 Aaphaltlo Road Oil and ap proxlmately four hundred (4Uit) tm of MC-4 A*pbaltlo Itoad Oil for th City of Long Ht«.fh, California. I accordant with "Standard Specif catlona No. K-1577 for Public In '·rovemenl* In the City of Lon Iliach, California", li.tofar an th .am*) may apply and th* anpllcabl mjpplemenUry epeclf|Cat|On* on til In tbe office of the City Knglnte · aald rily to which Specification together with auppl tlrt rily 11.1577 No. mentary hereby mad* fnr f u r t h e r partlcul nd the MID* ar* by mjch refereno Incorporated herein and made m par ler*.f the Mm* a* though f u l l y *e forth hereunder. Cople* of thla Notice I n v l t l n Idi. Hid Form*. Itond Korni* an obtained at ttald office Of tb* Clt Room 502 of the City Hal of the City of Ixng ll*MCb, Standard Specification* No. n-1577 referred to herein are on file In th office of Mid City Engineer. The City of Jwmg liearh will re reive alternate bid* for f u r n l i h t n g delivering and discharging into City owned tank'traller Aaphaltlo Ro* oil, an follow*: Alternate Bid No. 1i Furnlklilng, delivering a it 4 dl* -..aritlne Into , City-owned tank trailer approximately f|v* hundre twenty*flv* (525) ton* of BC-4 Ai ;ihaltlo Hoad Oil and two hundrei 3iXJ» tont of MC-4 Aiphaltlc Road Oil between July 1. 1957. and De rember 31, 1957. Alternate Did No. Zt lAjrniBhlnjf, delivering and dia Charging Into . City-owned tank ratter approximately on* thouaant ' I f t y (l.OAO) ton* of SC-4 A*pbalti Itoad OH and four hundred (400 of MC-4 Apphaltlc Road. Ol between July 1, 157, and June 30 Th* City of Long Beach reserve! ha right to award a contract In accordance with Alternate. Did No, ; or Alternate Did No. 3. Did* will be received at the unl rlr* per ton for the respective *J.- ilialtlo road oil delivered In acrnrd- ,nc* wltti the provlilon* F pec 11 led n th* atipplernentary apeclflcatlonR Delivery of tb* aaphamo road oil of ether w i t h payment therefor ihall b* mad* a* provided In *alc lupplementary aper.ricatlon*. All bid* and bid bond* ahatl IM uhmltled uion fnnn* to h* *ecure at lb« office of the City Kmtlneer. Each bid nhall b* accompanied by _ certified check or bank draft, pa abl* to the. City Auditor of the City f Lonr Itearh, and drawn on a oltent bank In Loa Aniele* coun- y. or a Mtl*f*ctory bnnd of amount of not If*" than ten (10) _ cent of mch hid, an a guarantee that th* bidder, It awarded contract, will execute and dp- Iver to tli* City Engineer. *uch onlrtct within ten (10) day* alter uch contract la tendered to him. ogetlier with a food and *ufflrlenl nrporiite *urety bond In favor ol ha City of Long Beach, for an mount of not le** than tw*nty*flve 35) per cent of *ueh contract prlre. or u.e faithful performance ot *uch ontracl. Tha City Manager reaervea the Ight, at any MtaKe. of thaao pro- lnga, to reject ajl blda and tn all depoalta accompanying 'turn aald bldn. Dated at Lo hla JJrd day Reach, California, "·r. ·". 8. K. VICKKHS, CHy Uanaier Pub, Majr 23, »57 UO-L.IU. NOTICE I N V I T I N G BIDS FOK TI1K CONHTP.UCTION OF A 8TBKL HTORAUK HUILD- INO AT FIKH K, IlKnTJI 134. 1X)NU JtKAClI MIDDLK HAK- POIl. AS DKBCnitlRD IN SPECIFICATIONS NO. H. D. W« ANJ1 DRAWINGS NOH. H, D, 10843-1 AND II. P. 10849.2, NOTICE 18 ItERKHT OIVKN 'HAT. pursuant to an order of Uit f per nlem wauea and over- nie wagea aa apeclfietl In aald reao* utlnni. The Contractor will alio obierve nd conform In the provliluni of . . - of tlie Charter of the City of Lfinit Beach. ProrreiR paxmenta will b« made In due courie of paymeitla of tlia City of Long lleach. Kenerally mnnthly, by warranta drawn on the City Treaaurer, aa provided In flu' lecllone 8.01 and 6,03 oMH|-cllk«- llona No, II. D. 609. All blda and bid bond, aliall be lubmllted upon formi obtained at the office ot the chief Harbor En Kadi bid ihall ba accompanied by certified check or bank draft payable to the City Auditor of Ixnff ich and drawn on a aolvent bink In Loa AngelrB County, or a eatli' factory bond In an amount not leu than ten (10) per cent of luch hid ai a cuarantee. that the bidder will, If awarded * contract, wltltln ten (10 daya after auch contract la tendered to him for algnalura, execute and deliver auch contract to the General Manager, together with a, Rood and aufflcient corporate aurety boftd e'lual to twenty*flve (35) per cent of the contmct price, conditioned Upon the f a i t h f u l iterformance of inch contract, and a Rood and a 1 'Iclenl corpor.ite aurety bond eqi o f i f t y (601 per cent of the contri price, conditioned upon the pnynie of all labor and material clalmi. Tha work eueclfled ahall lie cor menced w i t h i n the number of cale: dar daya and completed within tl number of calendar day* to be atl. ulated by the. bidder In hla pr tl. dating In each Instance fro he date of eiecutlon of tha contrac The Board of Harbor Coniml ilonem, arttne; through the danager, reaervea the right at ai Ime prior to the award, tn re]e all blda and to return all depoil cconipanylnp aald hide. DATED at Lone; Hearh, Tallfornl hla 20th day of May, 1957. CHARLES L. VICKEM8. Aealitant General Manager o the Harbor Department, CH nf Long Jleach. California. Pub. May :J, 1967 (It)--L.U.I. OFFICIAL-CITY PRINTING di lions and covenants therein provided, recorded May IN. 19?S In book 16727 page 3h«, Official Kecord*. Bee, n. Aa a condition to the pur rinse of said property, there *ha be obtained a policy of title Iniur ance issued by a reputable till company doing bu»Ine*s In Lo* An gelea County, and satisfactory I and approved by the City Attorney In a beneficial sum not less tha the purrha*« price, Insuring title t r* veiled In the City of Long Head free and clear except aa ipeclfled 1 Beet I on 3 and aa may l»e *teclf|i pursuant tn Section 4 hereof. 8ec. 4, Title may b* subject t ·ucb additional taxe*, assessments conditions, reservation*, exception! restriction*, defect*. Hen* encumbrance*, a* may and/o , approve In writing by the Ueneral Manager Bee. ft. Thla ordinance ahall be ilgned by the President or Vic President of the Hoard of Harbo Commlislonera and attested to b the Secretary. Tbe Secretary aha! certify to the pasMgn of t h l a ordl nan re by the Hoard of Harbor Com miMlonera of th* City of Lon paper of tha City of Long Death and eauia a certified copy of ihl ordinance to ba forthwith riled will the City Clerk of tha City of Ixing Heach; and It ahall take effect on the 31at day after Ita f i n a l paeaage, II. E. RIDINGS, JR. ATTEST! Vlca Prealden J. f. BISHOP Acting Secretary I hereby certify that the foregoing ordinance, waa adopted by the Iloan or Harbor Commlnlonera nf the Clt' f Long Reach, at Ita meeting o ·lay 20, 1657. by the following vote Ayea; ('ninmliiloneri! Davli, Iilihop.Rldlnga Noei: CommlReioneri: Nona Abient: CommlRilonera: Harrington,Uauhney J. F. I1IHHOP Acting Secretary Pub. May 3.1, 18S7 (U)--L.11.1. O R D I N A N C E NO. C.1742 AN ORDINANCE ORDKR1NO, PHOCI.AIMINO. CALLING, O1V- INO NOTICK OK, AND I'ltO. VIUINU VOn THE HOLDINO OP A GENERAL MUNICIPAL KLRCTIUN IN THK CITY OK LONG UEACIl. CALIFORNIA, ON TUESDAY. THE -ITII DAI? OK JUNE H5T. TOR THE I'llII- POSE OK ELECTING N I N E JIKlinr.llB OK THE CITY C'OUNCIL, EACH TOR A VULL TERM OP T I I H K K YEARS, COMMENCING WITH THK STII DAY OK JULT, 1967: K8TAII- 1 . 1 8 H I N O CONSOLIDATED ELECTION PRECINCTS FOR SAID ELECTION AND DESIGNATING T H E P O L L I N G PLACES IN AND APPOINTING A JJOA11D OK ELECTION KOH EACH OK SAID PRECINCTS; AND FIXING THE COMPENSATION OK SAID ELECTION WHEItEAR, puriuant to the pro lilona of law governing the nuni- latlon of candldatea for the offlcei r nine membera of the City Council t the City of Long Oeach, cer- iln candidate! have been nomln- led fnr aald officer the Hit of hlch he.* been regularly certified y th* city Clerk; NOW. TIIKHEKORE, the City ouncll of Hi* City of Long Beach ·dalni M fellowa: Section 1. Puriuant to the pro elona of tha Conetlmtlon and law : the State of California, arid t provlilona of the Charter of tti OFFICIAL. CITY PRINTING GENERAL MUNICIPAL KLEC TION PRECINCT N U M B E R JO ahal of Long lleach City Preclude: Noi, 4« and 534, ai eitab- llnhed by (aid orilrri of Mid Board of Hupervleora. Tolling Place; neldence, 2W1 K. till! Street Inspector: Lucille Davla · Judge; Dona U. Etlenne Clerka: Virginia H. Cifle Utrnlce Lea GENERAL MUNICIPAL KLEC- TION PRECINCT NUMUKIt 21 ahall cnnelat of lleach City Pre- elncta Noa. 4 and (41, an eitabllihed by eald ordera cf uld Hoard of Supervlaora- rolling Place: Reildence, 3001 Poppy Street Ineptclor: Hllne U. Clark Judg«: Helen I, Pact Clerka; Carol K. Gahau Kathryn L. J. Durham- GENERAL MUNICIPAL KLKC- conilit of Long lleach City Preclude Noe. o7«. 679 and 643, aa eitahllahed by lahl ordera ol aald 3ard of Supervliora. Polling Place: Re.ldence. 3606 Arabella Blreet OFFICIAL CITY PRINTING G E N E R A L MUNICIPAL KLEC' TION PRECINCT NUMBER 3 ehal conillt of I»ng lleach City Pr* rlncte f\i. 307 and 4t«, ae eatab- Ilihrd by aald ordera of uld lioaru uf Bupervliori. Polling Plac.; neildence, 1(8 E. «Mh Hlreel Judge; Clerka: llernlca U. Wllllami Agnea M. Hodge Avynelle L. Horlon Viola M. Lara GENERAL MIWICIPAL ELEC TIUN PRECINCT NUMUER 4 ahall conekit of Long lieacli City Pre- clnrln Noa. Jill, 4'ii and 471, ai eitahllihed by eald ordera of aald Board of Hupervliori. Polling Plac*: Ileildetice. 3JI Marker Lane Inipector- Mildred r. Anderion Judga: Shirley H. llennett Clerki: Klorunce Kim Inei M, Foot) ·GENERAL MUNICIPAL , ELEC- 'ION PRECINCT N U M U K R t Ihall conilit of Ixing lleach CHy Pre- Judge; Clerki: Marlon 8. Hoodie Ruhya E, Gent Gladya M. Huher Wary E, Denipiey GENFRAI, MUNICIPAL KLET- TION PRKCINCT NUMI1KH 2J Ihall conelit cl . ._ ...... ._ iy aald ordera of laid Hoard of Hupervlaor*. Polling Piece- Heeldence, Iluu Polniettla Avenue inelRt of Long lleach city Pre. Incta Noa. fi and .1*5. ae e.tahll-hed Judge: Clerki: Lena P, Ciatro Maria Dunbar : Marie K McClendon Sylvia L'. Payne GENERAL MUNICIPAL KLBC- onilit of I^ong Reach city Pre Incte Noi. .'146 and 4«.1, a« eitab- lihed by aald ordera of aald Hoard f Snnervleora. Polling Place: Residence. b41ft Cherry Avenue Inflpeclor: Muriel II. May Judge: Mary A, Rhodea Clerka: . Virginia Stephen* Marguerite JIagthrop GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELEC- ION PRKCINCT N U M U E R 25 ehall clncti Noa. and !W, ae eitab- by aald ordera of aald Hoard of Sllpervleore, Polling Place; Realdence, 147 E. Korhan Street Inipector: Loulia Vollmer Judfa: fieri rude Lay Clerki: Dorothy 8. Perry Uayell Andrewa GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELEC- ·IUN PRECINCT NUMHER b ahall conelit of Long Reach City i're- clncti NOR. 41*. 419 and 4C, «· eitabllihed by eald orderi o[ aald Hoard of HuiervliiorB. Polling Place: Reildence, l«6 Alllnnton Hliv'l Inipector: Evelyn II. Ilrlicoa Judge i Reba K. Wllllami Clerki: Mary K. Johnaon Charlotte M. Janien GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELEC- 'ION PRECINCT NUMUER 24 Ihall TION PKECINCT NUMUKR 7 ahall conilit of Long lleach city Pre ·hitl- Nul. IS and 437, an eatah* l-li-cl ly aald ordera of aald Hoard f Supervliori, Polling Place: Reildence, 1J2 Jaymllla Avenua Inipectorr Alberta, R. Stratum Judgat Francea L. Jacoba Clerki: Either M, Rllllngton Edith U. Berrler OENEnAI. MUNICIPAL ELECTION PRECINCT N U M H E R « ahall TION PRECINCT NUMBER 41 ehal main of Ixing Heach City Pre- conilit of Long Reach City Incti Noa. II and *, ae eeteollehedlrlnct* Not. 1147 and SIS ae eitab- y aald ordera of aald Hoard of llehed hy eald orderi of eald Board uperviior*. ' " Polling Place' Residence, 124J Polneettla Street Inipector: Uladya Judgi Clerki A, Ilarr'i Anna May Mlckelaon Irene C. Tlerney Helen M. Arnett GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELEC O R D I N A N C E NO. HD.44I AN ORDINANCE AUTHORIZING THE PURCHASE. IN TUB NAME OK THE CITY OK LONG HKACH, OK CERTAIN PROPERTY DF.W.RIRED HEREIN KROM T1ESHIR M. JOHNSON, AN UNMARRIED WOMAN. Tha Roard of Harbor Comml ilonera of the City of Long Heac »rdalni aa followi: Section 1. The General Manage a hereby aulhorlied to purchu n tha name of the. City of Lon ! B ech, and to enter Into any necea. ary eicrow or other agreement! I onnectlon with the purrhaie. there f, the following dtirrtbed property ocated In the City of Long Head bounty of Loa Angelee, state allfornla, for the ium of 120,600.00 Lot 20 In block 7 In Hark Hay Tract Nn. 1, In the City of Long lleach, Cnuntv of Loa Angelei, State of Calliornia, aa per map recorded In book n pagei 170 to 174 Inclusive of Mapl. In the office of the county recorder of aald county. EXCEPT any portion of ealil land lying outelde of the patent llnea of the Rancho Loa Cerrl- tol, aa auch llnea exlited at the time, of tha tiiuanca of the patent, which waa not formed by the depoilt of alluvion from natural cauiea and by Imperceptible degrael. ALSO EXCEPTING AND RESERVING unto the grantor here. of. her aucreiiora or aailgnp. all nil, gaa and other hydrocarhona In, under or that may be produced and aaved from thoie, por tloni thereof located more than one hundred (100) feet below the aurfare, together with all rlghti of every kind and deacrlptlon whatioever to drill for, develop, take, remove and aever the aame, or any part thereof, from -ald landi. provided that aald grantor, her aucceiiori or anlgni ihall not have the right to uae the aurfaca of aald landi, or any portion thereof, within one hundred (100 feet of the aurfare, In connection with the development or removal of eald oil, gaa and other hydroc*rboni. Bee. 9. Tltlo lo uld property ahal i eatlafartory to and approved by je City Attorney, and ahall be free nd clear af all tine*, aiaeaimenti mdltloni, rriervatlonR. eiceptloni '·trlctlnni, defeeti, llena and/o ncumbrancei, eicept inch a* ara cceptable to the General Manager nd Hie following of which the City ow baa notice: (a) General and apeclal county and city tanea for the flecal year liH7-l»s, a lien not yet payable. (b) Second Inptallment, general and apeclal county except of mining rlghta taxea for the rural year l»J(*m7, amount, plua penalty of $8.19. (c) Covenant!, condltlona and re* trlctlona contllned In tha deed from Long Heach Land and Water Company, recorded prior to Kebmarv 16. ItW In book 671 naga 76 of Deedi. (d) Covenanti, condltlona and re- atrlctlona contained In derd from Loi Angelea Dock and Terminal Company, recorded prior to February 15. 1950 in book 3113 paga 2:3 ot Deedi, (O Any adverae claim to any K rtlon of aald land which .a been created by artificial meana or hai accreted to ·uch portion ao created. [f) A community oil leaee, cov* rrlng aald land anu other lamia, dated December 2, 1937, executed by Uelllri Smith Johnaon, la owner of eald land anil by other per* aonr, ai ownera of other land! In the community area, aa leiaori. and by Interatale Inveitment Corporation, a corporation, aa leiaee, for the term of 3 yean from date and ao long there, after aa oil and gaa ara Produced In paying quant)' tlea, upon tha ternu, COB* Ity of Long Ueach governing tli oldlng of General Municipal Ele( ona In aald City, a General Mu . ' Election la hereby ordered reclaimed and called to b« held In Id City of Ling Reach, Callfor nla, between the houra of 7:1X1 o'clock, A.M., and 7:00 o'clock, P.M. on the 4th day of June. 1957, lo tha purpope of electing nine mem bera ol Urn city Council of uld City, namely, for tha Klrit, Second Third, Fourth, Fifth. Sixth. Seventh Eighth and N i n t h DletrlctR. reipec lively, In eald City, each for a ful term of three yeara, commencing Ith the Slh day of July, 1957. Thi following l Hi* Hit of the candl datei nominated aa required by lav for eald offlcei of nine member! o the city Council, which Hit hae been regularly certified by the City Clerk to wit: CITY COUNCIL Flrit Dlitrlct-- Raymond C. Kealer · William L. While Second Dl-trlrt-- Gerald Deamond Fred E, Wllkei Third Dlatrict-- Stephen A. Pace. Jr. L«wta D. Reeie Fourth Dlitrlcl-- William T. (Hill) Daleul Alfred D. Wllliama F1«h Dlitrlct-- Raymond T. Conlln Charlea M, Garrlior) SIMM Diatrlct D. Patrick Abern Edwin J. Wllaon Seventh Ulilrlct-- John K. Uiker Donild L. WllkJni Eighth Dletrlct-- Charlea R. Doolev Oeorgn M. Vermllllon Ninth Dlitrlcl-- William U (Hill) Andrawa Virgil H. Spongberg The naniei of tbe otflcei to be. 'Hied and of the candidate-, for election thereto Rhall be arranged on tha ballot In the above order. See. 3. Notice li hereby given of he holding of aald election and of he time and place of tha holding of the aame. Sec. 3. The polla for aald General llunlc.pal Election anal) be open at 7:00 o'clock, A.M.. nn the day of aald election and ilia]! be kept open mtll 7:l«J o'clock, P.M., of eald lay when the polla ahall ba doled; xcept that. If at the hour of cloi* ng there are any votera In the jfilllng place, or In line at the door, who ar« tiuallfled to vote and who lave not been able to do eo alnce ippearlng. the polla ahall be pen a aufflclent time to e hem to vote, but no one who aha rrlve at the polling placa after 7:00 I'clock, P.M.. of aald ilay Rhall he iTION PRECINCT N U M U K R 28 ehall TION PRKCINCT NUMUER cnnalit of Long Reach City Pr*- connlit of Long Rjaeh Clt clncti Noi. 323 and 630. m* eHtab- llphed by aald ordera of aald Hoard qf Bupervliori, Polling Place- Reildence. 1404 E. 63rd Street inspector: Lilian Hamilton Judge 1 Ethel E. Gregory Clerkir Eitelle E. Ilanka Kather M. Shelby GENERAL MUNICIPAL KLEC- of Hupervleora. Polling Place: Reildence. I'Jt Hullett Direct Inipector: Mary K. Parlln Judge: II. Katharine flliul-r Clerki: Mirle K. Nladfrhaua Myrtle Phrlpi GENERAL MUNICIPAL KLEC- , 9 ihall clnct-i NOH. City Pre. 13 and 4:i«, ap ntab. . , by eald orderi of laid Iluard of Supervieora. Polling Place: Residence. 424 Janice Street Inipector: Amy B. Gaynor Judge: Clerki Melva E. Hal.Ion Jean Rodnar Mary L. Daniel G E N E R A L MUNICIPAL ELEC. TION PRKCINCT N U M U E R 27 .hall TION PRECINCT NUMHER lo' ihall ' ' - Ity Pre- cnn-lit of Long Heacli city Pre. tahllehed'clncta Noi. It and 629, aa eitab. ' ' ll-li-.l by laid ordera of aald Hoard of Huperviaora. Polling Plac-: Realdence, 6967 Linden Avenue Inipector: Fern D. Chanowelh Judge: tlaa Coffin Clerka wrri\.i/... bi i T f n i n i i n u - G E N E R A L MUNICIPAL EI.U' 1 TION PRECINCT NUMBER M ahal t* conalat ol Long Beach city Pre · rlncta Noi. 29S and 12.1, aa e.tib- u Ilihed hy aild orderi of aald Hoard of BiipervlRora. Polling Plare: Meeldence. 6.I W. Mt. View Street Inapector: Frtncea Auth Judge: Jeiile A. Marihall Clerka: Iva N. Laraon G. Arlena Auguilua - GENERAL MUNICIPAL KLEC 1 TION PRKCINCT NUMUER 37 lhal - of Long Ueach City Pnt- R clnctR Noa. 294 and 4.H. e. e.l.h- d llRbed by aald ordera of aald Uoart of Bunervleora, Polling Place: Realdenre, ll* W. iDml Street Inipector: Marguerite Kramer Judga: Mule c. Kiln Clerki: Joiephlne McKlnney Jean L. Ilerborn - GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELECTION rilkXINCT NUMUER 3l ahall . conilit of Long Ueach City Pre* - clncte Noi. 2*13 and 427, ai eitab. 1 Ilihed by aald ordera of aald Hoard of Supervtpore. · Polling Place: Reeldence. 48 W. Pleaiant Ulreet lfnp*clo r ; Ocla Earl Judga: . Ina Belle Walker Clerki: Elila W Karl Flonle French · GENERAL MUNICIPAL KLEC- 1 TION PRECINCT N U M U E R 39 -hall - con.lpt of Long Heacli City Pre. .Icliicti Noi, 26 'and 49:{, aa e.tah. llah-d by aalil ordera of laid Hoard of Hupervleora, Polling Place: Reililen'e. lltt E. Suniet Street Inipector; Geraldlna Vanderpool Judge: Jenla U. Duewel Clerka: Annetta E. Cleland Mary Juna Slmlch GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELECTION PRKCINCT N U M B E R 40 ihall oonplit of lxng Heach City Pra. clncta Nua. 24 and 2A. aa aetabllihed O P r i U I A I . t GEN E H A L TION PRECINC ronilal nf Long Nni. 410 and 6t ·aid ordera of i vlROr.. Polling Place 457S K Inipector: L. Mi Judge i Mlldre Clerki' Iflldre Ann 1 GENERAL M TION PRiiClHC" conilit of Long Noa. 151 and 41 ·aid ordera of a vleorp. Polling Place: 4243 H Inapector: Myrtla Judge: Marguc Clerki; Malana Mergu. GENERAL M TION PRKCINC" conalit of Long I MOR. 33R and Jf aald ordera of n vl.or*. Polling Plice- 4ns R Inipector: Alice K Judge: Inea M Clerki: Doroth Anne 1 G E N E R A L M TION PRECINC1 ronilit of Long 1 Noa. 314 and 6!3 aid orderi of aa vlaora. Polling Place: .1916 Re Inapetlor: Llla B. Judge: Retty J Clerki: Agnee. E. Mar GENERAL M 'ION PItKCINCI onilpt of Long I M U N I C I P A L ELEC- Reeldence, ever Avanua ia Calvin MUNICIPAL ELEC- hy Raid Supervlaorp. Polling Place: Reildence. 101 E. Ml. View Street Inipector: Ad* E. Smttll Judge: Evelyn D. Schneider Clerka: I.lbhle Rope I'liylll. L. Trimmer GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELEC conelit of Long llearh city Pre clncta Noa. 20 and 674, ai emab- l.hed by paid orderi of aald Hoan of Bupervl.ora. Polling Place: Reeidence. 401 E. 63rd Street Inspector: Verna C. Alexander Judge: Katharine N. Rlewer Clerka: Margaret M. Graham May F. Zepfel GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELECTION PRECINCT NUMUER 43 ehel . iiplit of Long clncti Noi. 27 lleach City nd 4(1, Uhed by aald ordera of aald of Sti Polli Pre. atab- ipervUon. ling Place: Reildence conilet of \Mtig Heach clncta Noi. 0 and 11, ai hy aald ordera of aald Hoard , Sunervleorf. Polling Place* Re.ldence, 6K6 Orange Avenue Inipector: Farol R. Haya Judge: Violet E. Jprum Clerki: 1,'tlia E. Spauldlng Ida V. Leppert GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELflO TION PRfX'INCT N U M U K R 28 ehall ulit ul Long Heacli city Pre clnctR Noi. Ill and 631, ai rilab- liiied by aald ordera of aald Hoard of Sllliervlion. Polling Place: Reildeuce, 69 U John Avenua Inipector' Margaret S. Dickion Judge: Jeiila M. Culp Clcrki: Ora L. Lannrn Eugenia Kork*-r GENERAL M U N I C I P A L ELECTION PRKCINCT NUMHER 29 il imilit of Long Reach city Pre- clncta NOR. 18 and 19, aa entab- Uhrd by Raid ordera ol aald Hoard of SupervlRon. Polling Place: Reildence 1329 E. 67111 Street Inipector: Clara L. Willlim-on Judge: Clerki: Helen J. Shield! Mabel R. Weldnian Hazel H, Ariimtron? GENERAL M U N I C I P A L ELECTION PKKCLNCT N U M U E R 30ahall onilit ( Long Heach City Pre- Incti Noi. 4U7 and 921, ae ertah- Inhed hy aald ordera of aald Huart if Bup^rvleon. Polling Place- Residence, 1631 E. 55I1| Street Inipector: Lena Coldle Martin Judge: Maria B. Fchrenbach Clerki: Francli A, Epperaon Eula Ver* Thllmdeau* GENERAL M U N I C I P A L ELEC Opal C. Miller Vlcto :torena SJolander GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELEC. TION PHKCINCT N U M H E R 11 ahall cnnelat of Long Heacli City 1're. clncta Noa. 12 and 32*. aa entah- lihed hy eald ortlera of aald Hoard of Hupervlnnra. Polling Place: Reildenee, 5373 California Avenua Inipector: Blanche C. Dodd Judge: Jeiila II. Tliua Clerki: Ella Lee Uaum Marelllena Ruckman GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELEC- conelit of Liri£ Jleach City Pre. clncta Noi. 353 and 409, aa eitab. by eald ordrri of laid Hoard uf Hupervlanre. Polling Place: Y.M.C.A., (095 California Avenue Inipector' Joiephlna L. Corbln Judge: Blanche A. Overmyer Clerki: (lolda D Ko-owaky llernice M. Mauk GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELEC 311 £.' Pleaunt Slre«t Inipector: Jennla L. Scott Jud|a: Elliabelh Peaaa Clerki: Thelma Puckett Amy P. Stack GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELECTION PHKCINCT NUMHER 43 Ihall condil of Long Ueacli City Pre by laid ordera of aald Hoard of Supervleora. Polling Place: Reildence, 4492 Linden Avenue Inipector: Hallla L. Nya Judge: Mildred V. Leaiura Clerki: Anna M. Reckwlth Annabella McCarthy GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELECTION PRKCINCT NUMUEIl 44 Rliall conilat or Long Hearh City Pre. ClnctR Noa. :57 and 426, ae ' ' lihed by aald ordera of Hid of HupprvleorR. Polling Piece: Reeldence. 4536 Deal Drive Inipector' Ruth L. Keepera Judge: Lydla M. K-ene Clirki: Roia M Carroll Ann R. Elllnoy GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELEC MUNICIPAL F.LET* Reildence. ia Avenua llllngiworth M. Beni MUNICIPAL ELEC- «· eatabllh*d hy Reitdenre. » Avenua " . Biughman MUNICIPAL ELElS CT N U M R K R M -hill Reach City Preclncta Noi. 110 and 434. aa eitabllihed by laid ordera of aald Board of Super- vleora. Polling Piece: Reildenre. 3131 Walnut Avenua Inipector: Lenlca Davenport Judge; Ruby M. Bemla Clerki: Irma petraaek Gertrude Seymour GENERAL MUNICIPAL K.LET- TION PHKCINCT N U M B E R S7 ehall onilet of Long Reach City Pr*clneta Nn». 304 end S3", ae eetabll-he1 hv aild ordera of aald Board of Super- vl-ore. Polling Place; Reeldence. 3H53 Role Avenua Inipector- Gladya B, EIIU Judge: Helen M. Dlxon Clerka: Leola A Law Evelyn M. Harrla GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELET- Tlu. J'llliCINCT N'UMHER l ihall conilit of Long Reach City Preclneta Noa. 40 and 403. an eitabllihed by mid ordera of aald Board of Super- vl-nre. Polling Place: Residence, 3716 Gundry Avenue Inipector: Martha A. Fogleiong Judge; Mary L. Hooper Clerki: DeMle V. Reienrla Dora M. Henlon G E N E R A L MUNICIPAL ELEC- clnct* Noi. 390 and 429, ·· eitab- TION PHKCINCT N U M B E R !S .hall 'onilit of Ixn» Beirh City Preclncla N'n.. 41. M. 93 and (33, I. ··Uh- l.hed by Raid ordera of laid Hoard of Hupervt.ora. Polling Place! Reildence. 35S3 Gavlota Avenua Inipector: Hazel Bracken Judge: Marguerlta Eddy Clerki: T.aura H. Pmlth Jean Terrell . . n R N R R A I . MUNICIPAL ELEr. u * TION PRECINCT N U M R E R 8 0 Hull uoara ron( |, t o( j, onl( n,. c |, city Prei'lnrtR Nf... 39 and 12.V «P eit.blleh-d by laid orderi of aald Board of Super* | Polling Piece- Reildence. 3547 Cerrltoa Avenue IllPpector- Anna Hobden TION PRECINCT NUMBER 12 Ihall TION PRECINCT NUMBER 45 Hill cunilit of Long Reich City Pr* clncta Noi. 491 and 673, ai eetab lihed by eald ordera of aald Board of Mupervl'ora. Polling Place: Reeldence, 105:1 K. 45lh Way Inipector: Kl.le L. Gelger Judga: Maria P. Reynolda Clerka: Dorothy E. Lee N u r l n e P, Stanton c o c , . . . o a a a y e a e nulled to vote, although the polli lay be open when euch one arrivea. See. 4, In all particular! not here- n let forth, Mid General Municipal Election ahall he held In accordance with th* prnvliloni of law nuvcrn. Ill the holding or General Munlcl- al Election! In the City of Long leach, t Sec. 6. That, for the purpoe*- of oldine eald General Municipal Elec* ion hereb Nlahll ereby cal lpheil Th called, there are hereby ree Hundred Twent ·12(11 GENERAL M U N I C I P A ELECTION PRECINCTS In tha CHy f Long Beach, whleh, for the pur GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELECTION PRECINCT NUMBER 16 etiall onelat of Long Heach City Pr*- Incta Noa. 41* and 62, aa 'Man- pi,,, by aald Orderi of aald Board Polling Place: Realdence, 636:1 California Avenue Inipector: Uernlte M. Land Judge: . Ava M. Klmball Clerka: Conitance M. Hendrlcka Mary Ellen Knapp GENERAL M U N I C I P A L ELEC clneta Noi. 327 and 483, aa eitab* TluN PHKCINCT N U M U K R 14 aha k rP- TION P R K C l N c r ' N U M U E R S I a h a l '*'"' cunilat of Long Heach City Pre lihed by aald ordera of aald Boart of Btlparvleori. Btlparvleori. Polling Pine*! Reilden ling , 6498 Myrtle Avenua Inipector- Sarah II. Cavatieaa Judge: Mildred F. Fox Clerka: Marie M. Denend I^ila a Horning GENERAL M U N I C I P A L ELECTION PHtCINCT NUMBER 33 ahall conilit of Long Heach City Pre- clncta Noi. 17 and 620, aa eitab- Ilihrd by aald ordera of aald Board of Bupervlaora. [ Supervleori. Polling Place: 7141 Lima Avenue, (Realdance) Inapeclor: Either B. Miller Judga: Zont Z, Kliar Clerka: ^ Betty Klier Irma V, Stanley GENERAL MUNICIPAL ION PRKCINCT NUMRER 17 ihal on«lit of Long Beach City Pr« ncta Noa. 1 and 430. aa aptabllahei y aald ordera of aald Board upervlaora, Polling Place: Reildence, 6766 California Avenua Inapector: Kdna C. Walea Judge: Erma C. Milhea Clerka; Phpeba C. Johniton Gladye M. DeLoiler GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELEC* ION PRKCINCT NUMHER U ehal jnplit of Long Reach City Pre- ncta Noa. 3 and 317. aa eilabllRhed aald ordera of aald Hoard ol upervleoM. Polling Place: Realdenre, C666 Hoee Avenua Inipector: Uladyi M. Dola Judga i Ircna C. Arnold Clerki: Ruby M. Nelaon Helen M. Graham GENERAL MUNICIPAL KLEC- ION PRECINCT NUMBER If Rhall nil.I of Long lleach City Pre- ncta Noa. 91 and (42, aa hed by aald ordera of aald Board Bilparvllora. Polling Place: Reildence, H70I Orl.aha Avenua Inipeclor: Vivian Ptltaraon Juilfe: UyrtU B, Nagel Kllaabeth J. Herlbbarger Marltu. r. Croft Polling Place* Realdenee, K616 Myrtle Avenua Inapector: Florence M. Jennen wie of eald General Municipal Election, a li a I I lie k n u w n ai G E N K R A L MUNICIPAL ELFC TION P R E C I N C T S NUM1IEIIS ONE TO T II R K E HUNDRED TWENTY, Iwth Incluilve, anil ihall be the election preclnrti exletlna; aa of the data of tha adoption of thle ordinance, or the consolidation of one or more thereof, aa laid election b reclncta were heretofore eilahllihed y orderi of tha Hoard of Super- vliora of the County of Loi Angclei, Slate of California, for tha holding of itate ami county electloni. aald ordera having been recorded and entered In the nilnutei of eald Hoard, Said preclncta are defllgnHtel In laid ordere ai Long Heach city Preclncu S'OR, 1 In 65.1. both Inrltliive. T h e following p o l l i n g placet wherein the voting for aald General Municipal Election ahall he held are lerehv deelgnated and the following nameil pcrRoni are hereby appointed and named offlcera of election for auch preclncta. re.pectively, to wit: G E N E R A L M U N I C I P A L ELECTION PRKCINCT N U M U E R 1 aliall conilit of Long Heach City Pra* rlncti NOR. 317, 401. 472 and 6*2, IH eitabll.hed hy aald onlera of laid Hoard of Bupervlaora. Polling Place: Healdenee, 6740 Delta Avenua Inipector: Flora D. Pateraon Judga: Hope 8. Day Clerka: Annamaa Johnion Katherlne Wonacott GENERAL MUNICIPAL Kt.TjC' coniiit of Long Heach City Prr cinctR Noa. 261 and 429, a. eitab [lihed by aaJd ordera of laid Boan of Hiipervliora. Polling Place; Realdence. 6S44 Cerrltoa Avenue Inipeclor: Lola E. Traywlek Judga: Charley F. Mola Clerka- Mary C. Holmei l^itta L Yletcher GENERAL Mt/NICIPAL ELEC TION PRECINCT NUMDER 16 lhal coniiit of Ixing Heach City Pre Incta Noa. 2 and 7, ai eetablfRhet ly aald ordera of aald Uuard Bupervliora. Polling Place: Reildenee, 6711 Myrtla Avenua Inipector. Ilaiel 8. Uyera Judga; Jennla II. Eular Clerka: Audalheo L. Miller Lenora K, Hendrlcka Judge: Blanche Ilaynei Clerki: Anna Riga Dally Mi Ewoldt GENERAL M U N I C I P A L ELECTION .PRECINCT NUMHER 33 ehal coniiit of Long Heach City Pre Incta Noi. 16 and 619, ai eitab. Inlied hy eald ordera of uiil Hoard at Snpervleore. Polling Place: Residence, 409 E.'66th Street Inipeetor: Hlancha T. Rhoadea Judga: Mabel B. McCray Clerki: Marllta K. Yoil · Hernlce L. Geralha GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELEC. TION PRECINCT NUMUER 34 ihall coniiit of Lang lleach City Pre* clncta Noa. 21 and 22, aa eetajillihed hy aalil ordera of aaid Hoard of SupervlROre. polling Place: Realdenre, 301 E. Loulaa Street Inipector! Anna, E. Culp Judga: Suala Krogh Clerka: Edyth L. Yancy Etta n. Hlatt GENERAL M U N I C I P A L ELECTION PRKCINCT N U M U K R 1 ihall TION PRECINCT NUMBER 36 Ilial. ·onRli". n( Lung Reach city Prn-|conilit of Long Haach City Pral u r l - Noi. 616 and, 6.14, a" eilah- cliicti Noi. 23 and 3*6, ae eitab' of SupervlPora. Polling Place: Residence, 1079 Terraca Driva . Inipector: Alma Hoyar Judga: Ruth G, Stubba Clerki: Anna B. L. Reynolda Hernleca A. Rainiuurn GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELECTION PRECINCT NLMBBR 47 ehall conpllt ot Long Beacli City Pr*- clncti Noi. 428 and 4x0. ae e-tah- liiied by vald ordera of aald Board Judge: Clerki: Irma L. Reynolda Marlam TV. Irwln Alleen B. Lemley of Supervleora. Polling IMace: Reildence. 1411 E. 63rd Street Inipeclor: Claclca E. Gill Judga: Wllla Bea Bolen "' Viola R. Weetenhaver . Mayma E. Moora GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELEC TION PRECINCT NUMBER 4S aha! run-Hi of Long Beach City Pre rlncta Noa. .1:16 and 3S4, aa Mtab- lihed by laid ordera of laid Board of Supervlpora. Polling Place: Reildence, 1610 E. 63rd Street Inipeetor: Mae Klrkman Judga: . , _ ,, . Lula B. Reck CUrl "' Helter M. Brodla Dorothy Mtndenhall GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELECTION PRECINCT N U M R E R 49 .lull onilit of Ixing Reach City Preclncta Noa. 364 and 623. · mtabllihed by aid ordera ot aald Board of Super* IIOM. Polling Place: Realdence, 1601 Hardwlck Street Inipector: ' Sadie 8. Maynard Judge: Mary J. Martin Clerki: Nora Tyler Ollv. GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELECTION PRECINCT NUMBER 60 ahall nnilil of Long Beach City Preclncti ,01. 3311 and 471, aa tetabllihed by aid ordera of aald Board of Super* leor*. Polling Place: Realdence, 1721 Luray Street Inipector; Lorayn Munn Judge: Edith A, Bemedea Clerki: Francea at. Holm Gladya 1. Crabtrca GENERAL MUNICIPA ora Tyler live M. Walton OENERAL MUNICIPAL KLEf- T1ON PRECINCT N U M R E R 61 ehall of Long Reach Cltv Preclni-ta NOR. 29 and 3(3. ai eilahll.hed hy .M ordera of aald Hoard of Super- Polling Place: Re.ldenre, SS60 Myrtla Avenue Inipector; TereRa Van Buikirk Judge: Myrtla A. Welle Clerki: Lucille W Condra Dorothy E. Conly f S E N K R A L MtTNICIPAL ELECTION PRECINCT N U M R E R 6J Rhlll 'on*i.t nf Long Reach City Preclude \OP 40'« and 627. aR eatabllRn»d by «ld nrdera of eald Roard of Super- Vl»nrp. Polling Place: Realdence. 3733 Lima Avenua Inipector: Vera O, Bayer Judge: Pearl E. Goedda Clerki: R. Lenor* Tolbert Irene; Woodruff G E N E R A L MUNICIPAL ELECTION PRECINCT NUMBER »] ahall ronelet of Lon* Reach City Precuiftl Nn*. 37 and 303. IP eitabllRh'd hy iflld ordera of laid Board of Super- Polling Place: Reildenee, 3746 Lewla Avenua Inipector: Chrlitlna A, Morrta Judg«: Viola E. McOahan Clerki: Dorothy M. Shaw . Inea R. Ingram GEftERAL M U N I C I P A L ELECTION PRECINCT N U M U K R « 4 . h a l l conplit of Long Heach City Pre- clncta Noa. :i8 and 438. ai e.iah- ll.hed by Raid ordera o( aaid Hoard of SupervlRorR. Polling Place: Reildenre. 3866 Marron Avenua Inipector- Hernlca G. Holland Judga: Myrtle I. Vaughan Clerka: Krank J. Reran Lillian Kl-h-r GENERAL MUNICIPAL f.l.KC- TION PRECINCT N U M U E R 65 ehall on.lit ol Long Rrech City Pie. rlncla Noa. 459 and 626, aa eitah- by .aid ordera of aald Heard of Supervl.ori. Polling Place: Reildence, 127 Marihall Placa · Inipector: Charlea C. Auten Judge: , Ethel M. Mulligan Clerki: Cinclnnatua McDowell Kathryn L. Garver G E N E R A L M U N I C I P A L ELECTION PRECINCT NUMUER M Ihall eoiiplat ot Ijong Heach City Pin. Incta Noa. 324 and 45:1. ai eptan- lih'd hy eald ordera of aaid Uoaid ( Sup Poll ELEC. n c i i oi. a n , . , ai e i a - c n c . oi. a n , « . - · - · · - - - · - - · . . ,, lined hy ealil ordera of aald Hoard l l x h f d hy eald ordera of aald Board *a |(1 ordera or aald Hoard of Buper- Suj)ervlenri. Polling Place: Rnldencr, 28 W. Forhan Street Inipector: Gladya O. Bogart Judge: Iva P. Lawrence "' Vivian A. Ferrell Mildred I*. Scott ol Supervlsora. Polling Place: Retldence, SO E. 61th Street Inipector? e Mabel I. Bentl-y Judge: Zola E. Berg Clerka: Helen R. Ryaael Ora U. Sherwood luparvlRora. llinff Place: Realdencej 1051 Uurllnghall Dr. Inipector: Ruby D. fltinforit · Judge i Evelyn R. Davla Clerka: Vera Corlew Lillian A. Knrney _ GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELEC* ION Pltr.CINCT N U M H E R 61 ihall ITION PRECINCT N U M U E R «I Ihall »naiet of Long Beach City Preclncti rnn ,| (t m i^ n g n tac h City Pre- OR. 97 and 492. ai eitabllphed h y ^ l n c l i Noa. 28 and .11. aa eetahllehed vlaorfl. Polling Place: Reildence, 4549 Goldfleld Avenua Inipactor: Virginia D: Vance Judga: Anna M. Ryan Clerki: Helen M. Mitchell Juna K. Roach hy aald ordera ol aaid Hoard of Hupcrvlaori Polling Place: Reildence, 4401 Lima Avenue Inipeetor' Alia L. Stlpp Judge: Mlna Jaquea C " rk§i II...1 Llff Lauren* Uupero

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