Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1962 · Page 50
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 50

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1962
Page 50
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17* Autoi for Sal* __ LANCER · 1962 6.T. LANCER : ,»jaiSr · ^ktottfa^* G'LENN^E. TiToRXs co. DODGE Dtaitr CstotUskod Hot Si last Anaheim Ht144t\ ~~- LARK $50 ON. M LINCOLN Prtmlert. rttll lacltrv eowtrrUJtt. IM»y Jrtt Irlai ·xchey*M- TM d~ kxntal. Mercury. .,,,,,. deaitr. Over isa used can tor vwr s*l*ct'on at UJJ tin. Bead! Blvd. IIEfaMI. Open r.«nKn. til II and ail ^ _. tundav. -rtiX-r-^fik.lS?! gt traiia Roan. Artesia. fit LINCOLN Caprt. jna trio. miles. I .owner car. mil cert- Iralla Head, Artesia. MERCURY IDEAL FAMILY CAR THE POPULAR 1tS« MERCURY Moor sedan Is ei^DoeSwim Ra«o. Heater-Auto- mane transmlsuon. V4 engine, WMt* sld* wail tires. Original let wa* tMlsh this car shows inv cart, · real tin* buy RAY FLADEBOE ·gunvoif with rad«, healer, *uto- manc transmission, whito side wall tires, beautiful llonc win lnter»r to m»lcti. Your lty to buy a blfl Utt ar at · low, lew pnct. RAY FLADEBOE Mercury- Meteor - Cornel ml; Bellllower Blvd. Btlltlower _ TO i-Ud ^..... tin'sh. Au^mattc, radio I. heater. Power steering. tun. i»dty tret trial, in fact, any used car you purthau can to traded as many rimes as you wlsn at OUFFIELO, Continental. Mercury, Meteor, Comet drtler. tin !_ B. BXd. HE ]«!. Open evenings til n t, Sunday all day. itdav trial tioiann. Any used car can bt traded as many times as you wish until you are satisfied at DUFFIELO, Contlnertal. Mer. cury, Uettcr, Comet dealer, IU1 Lent Beach Blvd. HE 7-xtl. Open ·venlnss til 10 an d«v Sunday. Choost from over ISO c«rs. , . monn with normal down. Ca'l credl manaoer, CA 7^tS7. WHY PAY MORE SEE--SAVE MORE 3'U CHERRy_acrcss trem Harbor. r iS MERC. Monterey Sot. Cpi. Utt Rad^ Mr.* pwr. steering 1 brakes. ''eek RUSHINO USED CARS 1S3 LONG BEACH BLVO. L. B. ·U MERCURY hardtop, fully eqwp. J77 «, n. Trans. Oet. 12; mo. an. Ca:t Ms. Carter Idr file horn* trial. ME *4ig 'aOWEBCURr, Full pr»er. Call »«. TiM. rIE 7«o;. Assumt car centract wifll U.11 Mr WK. an. Dlr. CE I'iiBi iafuTi. ·14 MONTEREY HSrflTOD Cour*. Oean. Bargain. US. ME ! SJ MERC, f-'dr. Kr. new eno. or best. \VA SB4 alier 1. niETROPOLITAN HARDTOP SPECIAL TNI IIS» METROPOLITAN 1^.. Is specialty matfe for fht economy minded folks ond Is touieced wim rad'O, hee*er. }-lort tmtsh. wtiltt swt wall tires. Matrhino Intener Je.lrBi cl l»t. TODAY ONLV JTN ; RAY fLADEBOE iralrfeeuilower* Blvd. · Betintwer To H7I ·'56 HARDTOP J595 trenomtcil M*tr« In turnuoitt 1 'whit|. H» rW.0, N«ttr, ttc. Low ·nulMQt. : SEVERIN RAMBLER .1110 Lent Beach Bird. HE »«W7 fi METRO HardKD. Nice Intencr ·Rado heater. Needs minor ·work. (OS. 3115 Setasac. J MA MHI LIKE NEW, Slin .. .., lets thai iXO ml C. *OB *UT«EY W010R1 -lira LB two. HE i-ut NASH · · · o e · '54 NASH $395 ·Vaiesman Cvstem 4 floor. RMa · heater, economical suck ih ·reclinlr^ff seats tnat malt ml · twin travel Dee!s. · SEVERIN RAMBLER ;u« Len Be.cti Bin). HE HW OLDSMOBILE tttr artER. cA'an?4. T ia OLOt, tso rat eniy. An. ma will not_tit_s»la\_t41_Lcs_Al(o ?i OLDS iuoer. it tar, sed. tiee reels t win. t:i«t-NE(mi.eir HAS YOUR CREDIT BEEN TURNED DOWN? ft DUE TO IANKKUPTCT « RtPOISf IIION H POOR fftCCMT « RECENT ARRIVAL IN TOWN WE CAN HELP YOU ·UT A CAR. CAM. RALPH WILKINSON UN 3-4705 WELCOMES AIL IRANCHES OF ARMED SERVICE DIR. [JeadiQily ! Clearance ; 1-Day ; "Hurry" Specials , '(ICkir.BlUltSldli Economy a, powtro' de. rrtf 9. , neater, air l t: Uir. la;li . Soort iedaa Powerj'nlt aM ^SRS. '1999 . -57 Fird -C.JDO" CIA. v I. 1AQQ outomatlt steerina^ OH3 » mi' Won. I. row t, ' II Piitlu Cklilti, HT Cr. k Automatic, v o w t r s*etrtpj. · r Needs a l.tre KldQ k liini'j as is ^H» , -CLOltD JUND»T1- 174 OLUSMOD1LE A-J ·5 OLOS'MOBILE "as" MttfMr; rrMUIU. IMt. hee'tr. Mih rvcotr, whitt wot 3 tiraitje N*. HrcM. $79? MEL BURNS FORD ' JOSJ LONO ili« H.VO. 4i oios -ir HoCJ.y $tden FvU powtr, axL tlettrte window! 1 twar sealT Beaul** canov apple maroon. V^QO actual miles. Looii IIM hnt rawed tit BM sntwroom lioer. . COTTER Cadillac Center Main lot ki Lex* teach ?lt5 L ». »l»d. HE t-TH4 HARDTOP SPECIAL OBILE 2-door IUR- avftmaflc power steering, power brakes. Itont misn, whltt sloe wall Urts and shows eiceetlonal on« owner car. priced la sell today at only . . · $477 RAY FLADEtOE irii/BeiiiMwer Blvd. Bemiower Tp_iJ«l ·42 OLDSMOBILE 71 4-DR. 1VT.-H, pold minor. .lil mint. OFFICIAL LIST PRICE SUM.M Local. 'iOcvu cxd. son* » OSBORN'S 70TH t CHERRY 1 OLDJ. -Sttrtirt. lto dtitvtrs with . 1U.I *kl». Call Mr. SMtt al SP 4CT1S. qr. J» OLDS tl IDr. Hrdtro. Full mwtr. Facfery air. xw. rand. IllTV RMonm at E. Pie. Ctt. Hwr. Dlr. CE 1-rm. a OLDS hdtn. bulll ·» en». beet nroro. 411 rear end. Make of-can. ]}4] Wilton. Act J. 5-23U an. S PJ«. SI OLOSMOBILE tl Holiday CM. Full power, ur del. with pvmts. S144I wkly. Call Mr. Short al SP iOJIj. pir. St OLDSM08ILE. Ml power, -- dtt. wim prmts. til 01 wkly. Call Mr. SBert al P 4SI5 L dlr. 31 OLDS II Holiday 44r. Full pwr. Air COM. Will traot tor trans. ir. Slltl. DA 7-IMX jtr II Hoi. . »J» down. l» · I7SV Dlr. 'cond- Rees. CE P-n?4. U OLOS letter. Perfect ance. RtH. Clean. »1M. 1 PACKARD PLYMOUTH jt PLYMOUTH station wigon, take ever. Ul delivers. II n* tlner cam lint pay lit ·umt unpaid ML ( F A O - J J I - « ttner and as- ir. Loni IHI'PLVM. convert. V^ Make a.- fer. DA»isim da»si OA inn afer 5. 5lt? Olive. 57 PLYMOUTH 7 dr. stick. CE I4KI. Beiy. black. Autot for Sol* 174 Autoi for Salt PLYMOUTH Kas bew ht PLVMOUTII/ NEW ENGINE htslaUad ea sMs cart. Ilkof M»y al RAY FLADEBOE Werrury . Mttetr* Camtl ______ Ji.*.,. ItSI riYMOUTH I 4-OR. StOAN - »»« r. Hu _«mj,AH».tK. OA4MBJ ~'l»n«)NliAC V*. JtlU IIUH. UIM Car Dot* U1 E. ·it PLYMOUTH savoy 1-door covf*. V4. automallc, 1-ton*. wNtewslis, NewlowtTI ·rnonth aner normal down payment. Call credit man. ·per. (SAMtif. WHY PAY MORE -SEE SAVE MORE. J7U Cherry across from Harbor. FAMILY SPECIAL-- ,1077 Ptym. 4r. Autonu pwr. llrg ·St Pt * MOTORS iai E. PAC. CST. t- ». PONTIAC '62 Ponliac Bonntvil!* ConvarKpU -- Buclel Stah Electric windows, drtvMVt mllel ·nly. Never registered. COHER Cadillac Center Main lot ki Uxg Beach 2165 L. B. B)vcl. HE 0-7J14 SPECIAL $1077 F»H Prico HALE YOUNG FORD 3580 E. Pacific Coast Hwr. GE 4-0777. 3 bloch welt ot LB. Traffic Circle. ·B PONTIAC v-a, automatic radio 1 heater, lltl down. IKIay fre* trial eichano*. In lad, any vsed car can be traded as many times as you wish 111 you ar* satisfied. Select from IS9 cars at DUFFIELD. Continental, Mercury, Meteor, Comet dealer, IU] Long Beach Blvd. HE 7-itll. Open evenings 4 all day Sunday. ,, PONTIAC *door. ONLY »Tf. Over 70 oood lrampontt«n cars from \n tor vour selection. OUTFIELD, conlincnlal. Mercvry. Meteor. Comet dealer. You can traot cars as many times as you wlsn until YOU art satisfied. Select from 158 uted cars. 1U1 LOT Beach Blvd. »- * eveninas 'III II I. i $50 DN. ·Jt Ponliac cpnvettlblt. futl power. Beaut.fut acua wMMte lop. B.I. ov. pmt. I contract. Can M linanctc) OA.C.. LB. IHI PONTIAC. Eitremeiy Hwmlle- ag«. many extras. Owner will sec- mice D'enty tl oet back home. UN S-fm. Jt PONTIAC Bonntvllle. . ..._ ·vtgm^ R1H. t}} del. car. Pymts 111 wk. Call Mr. Beech, LU t-JITlDir. ^ONTIAC hardtop. Fully equio. r » II tr -- -in I 11 trans. Del. J77 mo. on. Call Mr. Carter tor tre* horn* trial. HE t,J440. ·U PONTIAC Bormevlllt 1-door Hardtsp. Fvll power. Call MR. JONES, HE 7-O3C7. Astumt cen- fract wim I14I per wk. dn. Dlr ·it PONT. l«n- good cond. tits. Eves. 1141 Sen Amehne. NEW 1962 FORD 2-DOOR SEDAN S1AODN. SCA7S no. Tu t LleiBtl Wltkla 10 Day! With Appro*id Cridlt Mel Burns Ford 2000 Long Beach Blvd. at 20th St. GA 6-3311 GA 6-3315 I i j FULL DOLLAR'S VALUE FOR EACH DOLLAR SPENT ·41 CHEVROLET ImpolaCoBpn. V.I. steering, radio, Beater, whitawall tires. 6 to choolo from. WHITE. «LUE. TURQUOISE ·SI FORD Foirlaao "SOD". 2'Door Hardtop. V-l. Fordomalic, powtr llesring, radio, htattr___ $999 ·51 CHEVROLET Cotvtrtibl*. V.I. Automatic, radio, dealer, whiltwoll lires _ S 1299 '57 CHEVROLET Bt! Air. 2*Door Hardtop. Poworglldt, powtr ittcrin^. rodto, htaitr_ _ $ 1299 ·40 CHEVCOin CORYAIR Z.Door. Powtrglidt, radio and neolir... J13991 '55- '56- '57 CHEVROLETS 2-DOORS -- 4-DOORS -- STATION WAGONS INCLUDING 1tS7 NOMADS VARIETY OF COLORS. MODELS. EQUItMENT ·iO FORD Faitloa. -500". 4.Door. V.l. Automatic, radio, heater-- $1499 ·51 PLYMOUTH 4-Daor Hardtop. V.I. Automotic. radio and healer $899 ·St CHEVROLET 4-Door Dtlm. V.I. Powtrglide, radio and healer $799 ·SI FORD Static. WCTCJH. 4-Door. i-Pais. V.|. Fordomalic, powtr slitting,, radio, heater ^10991 ·tl CHEVROln V-to» Pickip. Long widt bed. Heavy duty rubbtr... $ 1699 BEACH CITV I CHEVROLET · [ M tltaal MM ::320I '· ";;·-'-«'!··'· GLENN JONES CHEVROLET I I492S PARAMOUNT BLVD. I = PARAMOUNT ME 0.5844 : H OPEN DAILY TIL t P.M. --SATURDAY Til i P.M. = = CLOSED SUNDAY \ 'iimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiC 174 PO.VILAC 55 PO A- 1 LOTS of CM ran NTIAC CATALINA tutor Harsntf. Green Md wiuit with lull letUwr toterttr. H«re- Malic rM. Meter, wtdlt slat $599 MEL BURNS FORD RAMBLER ·60 WAGON _ $1895 t- PASSENGER Rambler. Economical stick shin, rad*. heeler, 1177 Long leach Btvtf. HE «-roet g RAMBLER KKor. t cylinder automatic This car refltcks irs I owner cart. Payments as low ·s S34U9 with normal down. Any used car cei our tot can b* traded as many times as you wish until you art complefe'y satisfied. DUFFIELO. Continental, ', Meteor, Comet dealer at ·a Beach Blvd. HE iattl. .jtlsfled. Mercury, IO3 Long '41 RAMBLER, sncjr. shirt, radio (. heater. 15447 t moniti with small down. Call Mr. KJrton al CE t-02]4 for fret home trial or visit us at Halt Young's Ford Used Car Deft- JM1 E. Anaheim St.. L. 8. . RAMBLER led. Standard trans. Radio 1 heater. S1«tt bank n- "CJHI'E'B CHAMBERLIN FORD IJSB Paramount Blvd. Pat amount ME 4-MO to RAMBLER sedan. Take over, in delivers. II no ether cash turf pay 13t mo. and assumt un. paid tal. Call Mr. Long, FA 0-1311 Dir. 41 RAMBLER drluie IDr. Stick. Na down. Take over paymts. 4M4IW between 4 pjn. » pjn. LI RAMBLER American, stick shift. S71 del. with paymts. 1S.31 weekly. Call Mr. Short at SP 4CTS. Dlr. 9 RAMBLER. Call MR. JOHNS. HE 7-OSOd. Assumt car contract with li.lz per wk. on. Dlr. Avtot for Sol* 174 SCOUT STUDEBAKER ·41 Shalt. GftaJ Twisi-e, H«1 Hardtop Sport C..M F«U tower. »U wNlt Wt1» Mace, t wtJti Mttrttr, IMS UK h Ml bit N tamt on IN tlwwroem Uttr. *-$3295-* COTTER CidilUe Center HUM lei M Uot IMC* 1I4S L I. IU. Hi 4-TH4 THUNDERB1RD A-l ' T-Bird Roundup WE HAVE THEM! ·55s 'SBi 'S9i All III TIP TOP thai* ALL PRICED TO GO Set in tin! for IM Best selection ^EL^'URNS FORD i UJ17 ·40 T.BIRD HTP. With twoal UOO »ndln» wnreot. 4 new urn. Immac. ttmiout. Bank flnmtint wlltl MOO *. + lax. 0 " ADVANCE MOTORS HO LB. BLVD. HE »- '» T-BIRD Haretoa. Fviiv JWCPM. I ton* paint. wMlrwalli. First timt oHtfrt at JtWT. is; a rnontn wim normal down. Call credit mwv ioir. GA MW.WHY PAY MORE --SEE SAVE MORE. Tli Cherrr acrois Ircm Harbcr. ·aa~T-BlRO. Fvtl pwr. Tatt over tor «f mo. II wllh no cain. tnen assumt unpaid bai. of ta;£ Mr. Marvin. NE I-HH. II T-BIRD. Full powtr. Must SMU TO t-aa. ..». ^siff ^f ^f ^iF ^s» ^f ^aF ^tF ^§F ^f ^kF ^»F ^»T ^P» ^»" ^»" ^T ^.k · ' 6 2 L A R K S : NEW SHIPMENT · FACTORY EXECUTIVE CARS · DAYTONA COUPES--SEDAN--WAGONS J ONLY 1 + PRICED AT DEALER 1 * COST OR IELOW ·k LESS THAN 5000 MILES * 'tZ LICENSE PAID -.V NEW CAR GUARANTEE $ 195! DOWN t* UK. Cttdil ·VILLAGE LARK; I860 LONG BEACH BLVD. 0 Long Beach GA 7-99270 Autos for Salt 17. TIIUNUEHBIKO 3Y I IMrQ rlel* i Factory Air CW. Eloclrlc wtMMi I Mall fclatk t wUtt Uwlor. AD wNtt coie». Loau Ha II Ml cam all IM aMtiroom Door. * $2795 COTTER C.dltl.c Center Mans tot ea Lan« Stack 7IUL tin). Ht4JH4 · '41 Y-imi ffleft «NIt wit* Auferneiic. tr traits. windows I.FWII pewar w/aircftnd. new. normal dmnvUI ___ ""* k HAU YOUNG FORD 3510 E. Pacific Cetil H«r. GE 44777. 1 bl«l» »** c( LB. Traffic Crtla. lit T.B1RD. cwr. txrln brkl* ·ood tiiaea. $1^50. Mnroart ^53tf, Autos for Sol* 176 THUNDERBIKD NO!riNDINT -- Tlwtv Aartl L IS4I ··(IITIUOIAU. TlSi *Ml £ INI '40 MIRO i . lauucbjato ELECimc window! 1 saal. Mi »l taienor. MW iroinlm nts. COHER CtdiOie Center Main let as Low teack :I4S L i. ILVD. HE Mill ·54 MIRO HARDTOP Powtr Sleeting, ft Iraitl COTTER C«dil!«c Center WERE : : ROLLING: OUT THE · ·- ' RED CARPET: ··« t-Bim). Wl cower. 11.000 actual ml. Air cond.. ail titret. . ·«. u»f ten. IM! tioeii \rx£. men. tavtl»tett tO « 5»H WILLYS SAVE THE HALE YOUNG WAY THUNDERBIRDS GALAXIES FAIRLANES FALCONS HEADQUARTERS OVER 200 TO CHOOSE FROM WITH OK WITHOUT AIR CONDITIONING IMMEDIATE DELIVERY HALE YOUNG FORD 2641 E. ANAHEIM STREET H LONG BEACH GE 8-1156 DRIVE "3" MILES Save»'300 '195 DOWN irkts Tu a Ucettsel COMPLETE SELECTION I9E2 RAMBLERS HUNT RAMBLER SALES 402 t EDO W. ANAHEIM WILMINGTON TE «·(«« n N E W L O W U S E D C A R P R I C E S A T P A R K W O O D WISHING For a Good Used Car WE'RE LOADED WITH TOP QUALITY, LOW PRICED USED CARS '53 BUICK Riviera Coupe Transportation car. Exceptionally sharp! 399 '55 FORD V-8 RH, Fordomatic. Runs excellent. Priced low at [ust $, 499 '58 CHEV. Brookwood Wgn. Radio, heater. V-8. Powerglide. Sharp! Priced to sell. 1099 '58 FORD Ranchero This Is a gem! Radio, heater, Fordomatic, V-8. Extra sharp! 999 '62 CHEV. Lkwd. Sta. Wgn. Economy cor. RH, auto, trans. Loaded! .'58 CHEV. Impala Coupe Everything on this car! ONLY .'55 PONTIAC Hardtop Good second car. Radio, tomatic transmission. Very nice! 599 '54 BUICK .Original throughout. Radio, heater, Dynof low, whitewall tires. '59 CHEV. 2-door $ Radio, heater, stick shift. Beat this for only 1099 '57 BUICK Riviera Coupe Radio, heater, automatic transmission. Priced to sell! '54 FORD Ranch Wagon $499 Exceptionally sharp! Radio, heater. Fordomatic. '58 FORD Fairlane 500 Radio, heater, Fordomatic. power steering. . ·IM7*M«llfCMm- PARKWOOD CHEVROLET ACROSS FROM MAY CO. ,5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0781 OPEN EVENINGS--OPEN SUNDAYS "Nobody But Nobody Beats Parkwood" g, *T»t Wuasi ttttett- N E W L O W U S E D C A R P R I C E S A T P A R K W O O D TO THE VIP 5 (OUR CUSTOMERS) · ON 14 1 /* 2 ACRES · OF THE · GREATEST : i AUTOMOTIVE : · BARGAINS · IN BRAND NEW : CHEVROLETS · EVER DREAMED OF · ° OVER 200 MODELS · ·READY FOR DELIVERY; EXAMPLE '62 CHEVROLET 2-DOOR SEDAN Includes All Tax and License Down On Approved Credit IS A V El BECAUSE OUR OVERHEAD · IS LOWER WE CAN { j PASS THE SAVINGS j ON TO YOU · AT IGLENN JONES; ! CHEVROLET 1 0Corner Compton Blvd. V and Paramount Blvd. S 14925 · PARAMOUNT · BLVD. · IN PARAMOUNT · HE 0-5861 J NE A.I 777 J OFIM DAILT · TIL 1 P.M. · SATUIDAT TIL i T.U. ft CLOttO SUNDAY

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